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									          How can we avoid plagiarism?
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Use quotation marks.   Always cite your source.   Paraphrase.
              When to Quote
1.   When language is especially vivid or
2.   When exact wording is needed for technical
3.   When it is important to let the debates of an
     issue explain their positions in their own
4.   When the words of an important authority
     lend weight to an argument
5.   When language of a source is the topic of
     your discussion
                  (from The Bedford Handbook, page 597)

          Christine Haughney reports
          that “accidents caused by
          using the phones dropped by
          75 percent” (A8).
 Christine Haughney reports
 that “accidents caused by
 using the phones dropped by
 75 percent” (A8).

                         Page number for
Original author
                         original quotation.
                         The complete source
                         is listed on the Works
                         Cited page.
            In-class Practice
      Efforts by the music industry to stop Internet file
  sharing have been unsuccessful and, worse, divisive.
  Industry analysts share this view. Salon’s Scott
  Rosenberg, for example, writes that the only thing the
  music industry’s

a) “laws have brought is an increased sense of
   community among Internet users” (2).
b) “legal strategy has accomplished is to radicalize the
   community of online music fans” (2).
c) “efforts have accomplished is a greater understanding
   between Internet users and musicians” (2).
d) “propositions have brought is an increased
   cooperation among music lovers around the globe”
            In-class Practice
Not all writers lead solitary, sedentary lives.
 Novelist Alice Walker, for instance, is also a
 vocal and committed social activist. As
 Walker’s biographer Evelyn C. White argues,

a)“Walker directed the screenplay of her novel,
   The Color Purple” (1).
b)“Walker is the mother of one of the most
   influential people under the age of 40” (1).
c) “Walker’s advocacy on behalf of the
   dispossessed has spanned the globe” (1).
d)“Walker enjoys traveling, knitting, sailing, and
         A Quick Illustration
You probably paraphrase all the time.

                  I’m so hungry.
                  Let’s go out for

What did Julie say?

She said she wants
     to go to a
restaurant because
   she’s starved!
          Do one together.
“He failed the test.”
“He hasn’t finished the project.”
“The car didn’t start.”
     Example of Paraphrasing
Raul Fernandez: “The computer upstairs is broken due to
the power outage” (39).

Raul Fernandez reports that the loss of electricity caused
the PC on the second floor to stop working (39).

                                         Page number for
Original author                          original quotation. The
with a signal                            complete source is
phrase                                   listed in the
                                           Which sentence below is
Point out Pitfalls                          the best paraphrase?

  George Tan: “Henry is very open about
  his illness” (26).

  A. Tan reports that Henry is open about his sickness (26).

  B. Tan reports that Henry wants to discuss the lab results from
  his recent testing (26).

  C. Tan reports that Henry’s disease is not something that he
  hides (26).
How to Paraphrase

1. Be sure that you have a good understanding of
   the original sentence.
2. Use synonyms for the key words in the
3. Change the word forms to help you alter the
   structure of the sentence.
4. Read the sentence, and then put it aside.
   Imagine that you are telling a friend what you
   just read.
        Paraphrasing Practice
“Yet an expensive degree does not necessarily a literate
citizen make” (Kingsbury 337).

  a) Discuss the meaning of this sentence with your
  b) Together, choose synonyms for some of the
     key words.
  c) Write your own sentence with the same

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