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Code of Ethics by tp2z42o0


									Code of Ethics

What is the Code of Ethics?
A set of guidelines that establishes the morals and behaviors for the profession

What will breaking the Code of Ethics probably not lead to?
Criminal charge

What will breaking the Code of Ethics probably lead to?
Job dismissal depending on the publication

What is the first section of the Code of Ethics?

Explain the first section of the Code of Ethics?

Name three Ways to seek the truth and report it?
   Test he accuracy of all information and sources

      ID those sources

      Question motives

Name three ways to minimize harm
   show compassion, especially with children

      be sensitive

      show good taste

Name three ways to act independently
   avoid conflict of interests, either real or not

      refuse gifts, favors, free items

      do not take on secondary employment, political involvement, public office, public
       service or anything that could question your integrity

Name three ways to be accountable
   expose unethical practices

      admit your mistakes and fix immediately

      clarify and explain news coverage
Why is it important to tell readers when a photo is altered?
Because when they look at it they assume that all the photo is accurate and true

What alterations are ok to make to a photo?
Color adjustments, cropping part of it out

Explain the viewfinder test?
Does the photograph show more than what the photographer saw through the viewfinder?

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