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									Senior Parent Night
     October 10, 2012
• Winterball: January 12, 2013
  at the Embassy Suites from 8pm-12am. Doors close at
     9:30pm and reopen at 11pm. All school rules apply.

• Prom: April 27, 2012
  at the Monterey Hyatt from 8pm-12am. Doors close at
    9:30pm and reopen at 11pm. All school rules apply.

• Winterball and Prom are sponsored by ASB and both are
  formal event. No t-shirts, tennis shoes, vans, baseball
  caps or denim allowed. Ladies, practice walking in your
  high heels and gentlemen, definitely make your dinner
  reservations early!
Senior Dinner Dance- Boat Cruise
• March
• Students will be excused from 5th and 6th
  period to get ready for the dance.
• Transportation from Salinas High to San
  Francisco will be included in the price.
• Leave- 3pm
• Return- 2am
                 COST: $125
           Senior Sweatshirts
• For sale in the ASB office before school,
  during lunch, and after school.
• A table is outside to purchase yours today!


    All money goes toward Senior Activities!
           Senior Auction
       May 2013 in the Inner Court

• Make sure to bring your CASH
• Bidding starts at $5
• Open to ALL Classes!
We will be scheduling a baccalaureate for
May. This is a nondenominational blessing
            of the senior class.
             Financial Aid
Never pass up an opportunity to apply for free
  money for college or low interest education
     loans. Your counselors will help you on
 completing the right forms but it is up to you to
mail them on time! And give your teachers plenty
        of time to write letters of reference.


                    Senior Eligibility
    Seniors will lose the privilege to participate in the Disneyland/Grad
    trip, Sober Grad, & Graduation Ceremonies if any of the following
         happens during the fourth quarter which began March 19th!

• The student is suspended for five days, or
• The student is suspended twice in one grading period, or
• The student has any invalid, un-cleared absences, or
• The student has more than one “U” in citizenship, or
• The student fails to pay for his/her fines or fees from the library,
  textbooks and finance office, or
• Commits a serious violation of the behavior code, which includes a
  senior prank or breaking any rules on the Disneyland/Grad Trip.

        The deadline for all Senior Eligibility
          requirements is : May 22nd, 2012.
Students must attend 85% of the days enrolled to graduate. Please contact the
   attendance department in regards to any attendance issues. Students must
   have reached their attendance percentage requirement by May 22nd, 2012
   in order to be eligible for all graduation celebrations. Please remember that
        absences can only be cleared twenty days back; afterwards, these
     absences remain on the students permanent record and can affect their
                             attendance % at graduation.

 If a student is suspended for five days or more, or is suspended twice in one
     grading period, regardless of the reason for the suspension, the student is
               automatically exempt from all end of year celebrations.

                             “U’s: five tardies=
  an automatic citizenship grade of an unsatisfactory (“U”). A student cannot
    have more than one “U”. Citizenship grades cannot be changed without an
    administrator’s approval and after a meeting between the teacher and the
                      Unpaid fines & fees:
Fines and fees can be accumulated from a student’s freshman year. If
  left unpaid, students are not eligible for any graduation celebrations.

                      Behavior Violations:
Any school rules violated during the Disneyland/Grad trip will result in
    exclusion of graduation ceremonies. The parent will be notified
  immediately and will be required to pick up the student from the trip.
        Disneyland Grad Night Trip
        Leave: Thursday, May 23 8am Return: Friday, May 24

•   The price per student is a non-refundable fee of $270 which includes bus
    travel, California Adventure and Grad Nite at Disneyland. Permission slips
    are due at the time of bus sign ups. Students will not be assigned a bus
    until they turn in their permission slips.

•   Students must disclose all medications to Mr.Dover before being allowed to
    sign-up for a bus. Medications must be in a Ziploc bag with your name
    written clearly on the outside and will be kept by the head chaperone on
    your bus.

•   Any student who takes a medication not prescribed to them, will be exempt
    from participating from all end of year senior activities.

•   Bus lists will be posted outside the Student Center in early May.

•   Only electronic devices with headphones will be allowed on the bus. The
    chaperones will provide movies for your entertainment and to ensure that
    only PG-13 movies are played.
May 23rd 8am: Seniors drop off their bags at their bus waiting
  station in the Student Parking Lot before entering the PAC. Seniors
  will wait in the PAC as their bags are searched by the K-9 Safety
  Dog. Students will also drop off all medications in a Ziploc bag with
  their name written on the outside to the chaperone at their table.

12:00pm: All busses stop for lunch; location at the discretion of the
  bus company. The busses will stop for a lunch break and student
  must be back on the bus at the designated time or will lose one of
  their free graduation tickets.

5:00pm: We are dropped off at Disneyland! Students meet with their
  chaperone and are given their park hopper tickets that get them into
  California Adventure and Disneyland. Students are not allowed to
  leave the Disney Theme Park facility for any reason or they will be
  eliminated from all senior activities including the remainder of the
  Grad Night Trip and graduation and their parents will be called
  immediately to pick them up.

10:00pm: Disneyland closes and students are required to check in at
  a designated time and place to receive their dinner voucher from
  their chaperone before entering Grad Night at California Adventure.
  Any student who does not check in will be eliminated from
  graduation and their parents will be called immediately to pick them
May 24th 10:00pm: Grad Night Begins! Special viewing of water
  show for Grad Night spectators only. Music and dancing to follow.

3:00am: Grad Night ends, Disneyland closes and seniors meet their
  chaperones and re-board busses and return to home.

   Any disciplinary action necessary during the
    trip will result in the student being ejected
     from graduation and their parents will be
    called to pick up their student immediately
   FROM ANAHIEM. The student will not be
            allowed to re-board the bus.
      Disneyland Payments
   First Payment: November 16, 2012
  Second Payment: January 23, 2013
Third and Final Payment: March 13, 2013

   $270 dollars can be paid in full.
        Graduation Information
                    Handicap Seating and Parking

Handicap seating and parking is limited. All arrangements are made with Doris
                    Finona at 796-7415 beginning in May.

                           Graduation Tickets

Every senior participating in graduation will receive 5 free tickets during
  practice on May 20th. Only 5 additional tickets can be purchased for
  $5.00 each in the Finance office starting on May 21, 2013 at 8am for
  parents andand guardians of seniors only. Photo IDs are necessary
       to prove relationships to the student. This policy is to protect
  students first! Seniors cannot be out of class to purchase tickets. On
   May 22 ticket prices increase and go on sale to the general public.
    SHS is a closed campus and adults must respect the educational
                          atmosphere on campus.
              Graduation Continued
   Graduation rehearsals are mandatory. Seniors WHO ARE LATE FOR
   who do not attend on the first day of rehearsal will be moved to the back of
      the seating chart. No exceptions! It will be up to the discretion of the
   administration to decide if a student has missed too much rehearsal time to
                             participate in graduation.

       Each graduate can pick up their diploma directly after the graduation
  ceremony. Final transcripts are available in the Registrar’s Office after June 11th.

                        Senior Skip Day and Senior Prank
Any whiff of a senior participating in a senior skip day or senior prank will be eliminated
     from all end of year senior activities. These activities are not required of senior
                             students therefore OUR rules apply!
Senior Sunset and Sober Grad
    Senior sunset will be held before
     sober grad on the “S” in the pit.
                 General Dates
• May 3-Deadline for seniors to submit Community
  Service hours for scholarship eligibility

• May 1-Handicap Seating & Parking Reservations Open

• May 7-Deadline for seniors to submit senior awards and

• TBA—Senior Awards Night & Top 100

• May 17, 20, 21—Senior Finals
                    General Dates
• May 20—Graduation tickets on sale for senior parents/guardians
                       **MUST SHOW ID

• May 21—Graduation tickets on sale for general public

• May 22—All clearance cards due by 3pm

• May 23-24—Disneyland Grad Trip

• May 29-May 31—Mandatory Graduation Rehearsals

• May 31—Graduation at 1pm

• May 31—Sober Grad

• June 11—Final transcripts

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