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					                                                                             Irma S.Z.B. Crespo 1

                                     ELA Lesson Plan
                                         (Week 1, Day 4)

Date: April 2009                                                            Class/Hour: 1st Hour

Course: English Language Arts

Unit Theme: A Hero’s Dilemma

Weekly Theme:
Responsible Choices: To Save Humanity or To Save Myself

Concept/Topic to Teach:
Understanding the pre-chapter pages of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
through the jigsaw approach.

Standards Addressed:
Michigan ELA Content Standards and Expectations

CE 1.3.7 Participate collaboratively and productively in groups (e.g., response groups, work
teams, discussion groups, and committees)—fulfilling roles and responsibilities, posing relevant
questions, giving and following instructions, acknowledging and building on ideas and
contributions of others to answer questions or to solve problems, and offering dissent

CE 2.1.7 Demonstrate understanding of written, spoken, or visual information by restating,
paraphrasing, summarizing, critiquing, or composing a personal response; distinguish between a
summary and a critique.

CE 4.1.3 Use a range of linguistic applications and styles for accomplishing different rhetorical
purposes (e.g., persuading others to change opinions, conducting business transactions, speaking
in a public forum, discussing issues informally with peers).

Specific Objectives
1. The students will be able to recall the text in response to the questions.
2. The students will be able to explain the text to other students when responding to the
3. The students will be able to discuss their understanding of the text when sharing with other
                                                                          Irma S.Z.B. Crespo 2

   Teacher – question worksheets, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring novel,
      black/white board, chalks/markers, homework handouts
   Students – writing tools, paper, learning logs, journal

Lead-In/Motivation/Anticipatory Set:
Given that the students have already been assigned the reading, they are expected to know the
texts for the hour’s learning activities. The teacher will render a mini-lecture to impart a
background on the author and the novel utilizing the literature’s Foreword written by Tolkien
himself as framework.

Subsequent to the above, the jigsaw strategy is adapted with a twist to tackle the pre-chapters:
Prologue and Note on the Shire Records.
Part 1
     Students will be grouped according to topic. These topics are: The Hobbits, The Shires,
        Bilbo and the Ring, and Record Keeping.
     Each group will have four members by teacher assignment.
     The teacher will distribute the question worksheet to each student and explain the task at
        hand. (Opportunity for modeling.)
     The question worksheet has twenty questions divided into the four topics. Hence, a topic
        will have five questions.
     Each group will only handle the questions of the topic designated to it. Answers to each
        question will be determined and resolved by the members. These will be written on the
        individual worksheet.
     In finding the resolutions for each query, the students must have a copy of their novels
        for reference.
Part 2
    Students will now be re-grouped.
    At this instance, each group will be made up of members with different topics. Hence,
       every student is equipped with one topic completed.
    Within a group, students will present and share their answers to other members. In this
       way, individual students will be able to complete the remaining fifteen problems on their
       question worksheets.
    Students are made accountable to coach each other besides learning from each other.
       Thus, for each topic, the name of the students who discussed the specific area will be
    When everybody is finished within the allotted period, the question worksheets will be
       submitted for grading.

   For summation, the student will be asked randomly, “If they are to become a hobbit,
    which hobbit would they prefer to assume?”
   At closing, the homework handouts will be passed out. The assignment involves reading
    Chapters 1-3 of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. They will also have to
    fill out their learning logs in addition to writing an entry in their journals.
                                                                              Irma S.Z.B. Crespo 3

Assessments Based on Objectives:
The groupings were used as the students’ investigative device to complete the activity but the
question worksheet at this instance is the sole gauge of the depth in their understanding of the
pre-chapter readings since their responses are individually written. Through the written
worksheet, their recall of information and explanation of the facts from Part 1 are shown. On
their efficiency in the transfer of knowledge, this is manifested by the responses of other students
whom they have coached from Part 2.

The assignment involves reading Chapters 1-3 of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the
Ring. The students will fill out their learning logs and will write a summary of the assigned
chapters for journal entry.

Addendums to this Lesson Plan:
Question worksheet
Homework handouts
Rating scale for question worksheet
Lecture Notes

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