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					'Content Unlocker' Online Advertising Technology Increases Monetization of
Content Websites

Online advertising company IDz Media / InstantDollarz Inc. (
continues to effectively monetize online traffic for its partners through innovative and creative
advertising methods. Its Content Unlocker API, debuted in July 2008, has proven to be a reliable
and efficient method to generate revenue on content websites without negatively affecting the
customer experience - useful for video and humor sites, social network applications, MMORPGs,
forums, blogs and more.

Philadelphia, PA, February 17, 2009 --( The continuing proliferation of content-rich properties
online has escalated the demand for more creative and effective monetization of traffic than have been
provided by traditional models of online advertising like AdWords, pop-ups or banner ads. The Content
Unlocker API, developed by IDz Media, allows a novel usage of cost-per-action (CPA) advertising that
combats common side effects of current methods, which include psychological factors like advertisement
fatigue and visitor alienation. Through its easily customizable implementations - including private
branding, aesthetic flexibility and unobtrusive yet insistent overlays - IDz Media allows content
publishers to provide a seamless and soothing experience for site visitors that both increases user
retention and overall advertising revenues.

Designed for use on websites with unique and premium content, the Content Unlocker API is a fully
automated method for publishers to control access to their content through an overlay that makes content
inaccessible for a defined period. This overlay can be presented at any specified time and sits on top of
site content until some specified user action removes the overlay and "unlocks" the content.

Publishers can opt to monetize access using the overlay through two different ways. One method only
delays access to the material for a short time by displaying video ads or banners on the overlay that can be
closed at any time or after a specified period. This method is especially useful on print content websites
like news sites, magazines, forums and blogs, especially when combined with reminders that the content
is supported by advertising sponsors with an implied call to action. Alternatively, publishers can "charge"
visitors for access by requiring them to complete a survey. Returning visitors can be presented with the
overlay again after publisher-definited time periods. This method is most effective on downloadble
content websites or interactive websites like video, arcade or social network tools sites.

"The Content Unlocker API is a reliable, high-paying and non-spyware content monetization alternative
to all of the common advertising methods out there, including PPI, CPM advertising and others," says
Byron Kho, president of IDz Media. "Additionally, our capabilities for customizing usage of the Unlocker
make the service compatible for implementation on single landing pages, highly branded destination sites
and even in social network and gaming platforms."

Publishers are allowed and encouraged to provide customization requests for their Unlocker. In order to
make the Unlocker seem a natural part of the site - and thus less intrusive - publishers can place their
logos on the Unlocker, along with personalized text and full customization of colors, opacity and

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background images for both the unlocker layer and the layer that clouds the content underneath.
Publishers also have full control over the time required before the overlay shows on the page, how the
overlay responds to scrolling, whether or not to include close buttons and referral links, how many
surveys are required for access and how much time to check for previous completions.

"We've made the Unlocker incredibly easy for anyone, even with minimal HTML experience, to install
on their site. All it requires is a simple copy and paste of a short line of code. It requires minimal attention
from publishers, and it can be placed on any type of site with content," says Brian Kho, lead programmer
for IDz Media.

By automating and internally managing most of the processes underlying the Unlocker API, IDz Media
reduces the day-to-day workload required from publishers to almost zero, even those who like to maintain
constant oversight of their advertising. The InstantDollarz Publisher Program powers the advertising
utilized by the Unlocker API and fully tracks all clicks and leads coming through the system, with
detailed performance statistics available at all times. Additionally, it provides geo-targeted and relevant
offers to visitors. Displayed offers can be managed in-house to optimize conversions and revenue. Leads
are reported automatically so that visitors do not have to wait long for access to content. The Unlocker
API also supports site/page ID tracking so that publishers can run and track performance for several sites
on the same account.

Initially released on July 15, 2008, the Content Unlocker API has already demonstrated to hundreds of
publishers its ability to generate consistently high revenues over the last several months. Their most
productive publishers earn $0.25 EPC and 17% conversion rates for their US traffic, and $0.20 EPC and
13% conversion rate for UK, Australian and Canadian traffic. The Unlocker API can be used on sites that
provide videos, wallpapers, ringtones, shareware, graphics, social network tools and applications, stories
and articles, quiz and IQ test results, blogs, forums, love crushes, online tools and services, and much
more. They can even be used in more immersive environments like massively multiplayer online
role-playing games (MMORPGs), or virtual worlds like Second Life, as sources of revenue to buy
in-game or in-world items or currency.

Publishers joining the InstantDollarz Publisher Program are provided free access to hundreds of offers in
several verticals, as well as free usage of all tools and services including the Content Unlocker API. Visit
them at Or, view a demo of the Content Unlocker API at

About IDz Media

InstantDollarz Inc. dba IDz Media is a Philadelphia-based online advertising network that provides
targeted media solutions for advertisers, web publishers and consumers. We operate dozens of proprietary
websites across the Internet that generate millions of impressions and thousands of leads every day. With
access to hundreds of thousands of unique customers all over the world, we are the ideal medium for
advertisers wishing to target US and international consumers in many advertising channels. Our publisher
network, powered by our proprietary technology, provides affiliates with access to hundreds of unique

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and fresh offers that can cater to any of their needs - whether it be a certain demographic, location or
interest. In addition, affiliates are provided with access to several powerful proprietary tools and services
to more easily and efficiently monetize their web properties, search marketing campaigns and more.


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