Assignment 03 Modeling Object States by tp2z42o0


									FOOAD CP710A                           Fall 2001                         Assignment 03

Assignment 03 – Modeling Object States, Class Diagrams
Note: Must be submitted electronically. When you have created your model and the required
diagrams, zip together all files and submit through e-mail. You may need to set the zip program
to include subdirectories. Be sure to send only image files such as GIF or JPG (or web pages
referring to the image files). See the syllabus for more detailed instructions.

This assignment will be worth 20% of your grade.

Using the Cellular Network Capacity problem, do the following:

   1. Model the states of the CellPhone class using a UML State Diagram.

   2. Create one or more UML class diagrams modeling the classes in the system.

   3. Model the attributes and operations of each class, and the associations between them.

   4. Model any generalization relationships between classes in the model.

   5. Come to class prepared to discuss the diagrams.


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