marking cover sheet by dbfQd67


									                                       De Montfort University
                 Cover sheet for sample of assessed work sent to External Examiners

Module Code                               Module
Title and Type

First marker(s)
sign and date

Internal moderator
sign and date

Candidate identifier               First mark    Second      Agreed     Comment on why work included in
                                                 mark        mark       the sample (1 / borderline / fail
                                                                        etc; / location)

follow-up action:

External Examiner Verification – * please delete as appropriate, add comments and sign and date
I confirm that the agreed marks for the sample are appropriate *
The marking is not set at the right level and requires adjusting *

Sign and date:

     Checklist – the following items are included with the sample (please tick as appropriate)

            The exam paper                                                                      
            The coursework assignment given to the student                                      
            Marking criteria                                                                    
            Names/numbers of all candidates with a list of marks, showing performance on
             different locations if applicable                                                   

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