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Chinese bicycles
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Chinese bicycle manufacturers

Chinese Bikes

Chinese bikes are not a new phenomenon for the Indian automotive industry. Chinese
bikes first entered into Indian market way back in 2002. Two Chinese bike companies,
China Jaialnag Industrial Company Ltd which was the largest enterprise in the area of
motorcycle manufacturing in China and another major Chinese player Chongquing
Kinlong Motorcycle Manufacture Co Ltd, launched their bikes in 2002. Though, they
did not achieve much success, yet they were talked about because of the low price
they were offering.

Year 2007 again witnessed renewed attempts by Chinese bike manufacturers with
better quality and low cost bikes. Three Chinese bike manufacturers, Cixi Kingring
Motorcycle Company, Huzhou Jiajieshi Machine & Electric Company and Xindayang
Group Company Ltd came up with new offerings of Jinlun 162 FMJ Cruiser, 125cc
gearless scooter, 125cc bike respectively. Thereafter, another company called Dayang
Naga-kawa Motors launched two bikes under the brand name of Nagakawa.

The bikes are four-strokers and are available in100cc and a 125cc. These Chinese
bikes have raised handlebars that give a semi-cruiser-type riding appeal to it. One of
these Chinese bikes is called the NK 100 and it is powered by a 97.3cc single-cylinder.
The bike has a conventional set-up of an SOHC and two valves. Another Chinese bike
that is called NK 125 has a similar kind of a set up except for the larger displacement
of 124.6 cc. Both these bikes have this antediluvian box type headlight which gives a
classic feel to them. Good acceleration, short gearing and a responsive characteristic
is what is noticeable about them.

Both NK 100 and NK 125 contain Chinese rubber which is manufactured by a
Chinese company Huaya. This rubber is thick enough and apt for Indian roads. NK
100 is affordable at around Rs. 30,000 while the NK125 costs around Rs. 42,000.
These Chinese bikes have a digital gear indicator, a tachometer, and alloy wheel apart
from an electric remote start which is the attractive feature for many. The finishing
that is given to these bikes is good enough. They also have a tail light which is really
catchy during night rides. On the performance front, both bikes are reasonably good
while the look and the feel given to them are pretty attractive
Chinese Bicycle

Did you know that bicycles are the excellent way to travel through the various cities
in China? Did you know that China is the largest manufacturer, user and exporter of
bicycles in the world? In recent times, China has been exporting more than fifty
million bicycles each year. This has accounted for over sixty percent of the global
bicycle trade in terms of volume.

Chinese Bicycles are popularly known across the globe. Electric Chinese bicycles are
manufactured by a company called In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd. These bikes are
popularly called as e-bikes and are much more convenient to ride than the usual
bicycles. Apart from the traditional one speed bicycle, China has also come up with
many new products in different segments of bicycles. The emerging bicycle segments
are, unicycles, road bicycle, carbon cycles, tandem bicycle, gas bicycles, beach
cruisers, folding cycles and most popular of them, mountain bicycles. In fact Chinese
mountain bicycles are already a craze all over the world because of their catchy
design, relatively low price and better quality.

Chinese racing bikes is yet another category which is getting popular in the country.
One of the companies that manufacture these bikes is the Asia Bicycle Trading
Company. These bicycles have good quality chain wheel, frame, tires, fork, headset
and brakes. The grip that these bicycles have is indeed commendable. Bicycles with
side pedals are also available in different ranges. There are several Chinese bikes
available for children in attractive colours like green, yellow, red etc and these
bicycles are much cheaper than the bicycles available from other manufacturers.
These bicycles are available in different sizes as well – most popular being the
Chinese 16 inch and the 12 inch bicycle.

The metallic gloss type of finish is given to these bicycles which makes them look
pretty attractive and appealing. These bicycles are also very light weight and
convenient to ride. Chinese handlebars made of aluminium alloy which has a rubber
hose cover are also available separately in different models. Original designs for
bicycles are what have boosted this industry’s sale. Chinese bicycles have a
considerable presence in India. Most of them are low-priced and have garnered
significant market share in fancy bicycle market.

Chinese Scooters

China is the largest manufacturer of scooters and the country is producing over fifty
percent of world supply of scooters. China has a reputation of producing scooters with
low price range. There is a wide range of variety that Chinese scooters have. The
price and the quality range are also vast. Chinese scooters are simple, light weighted
and easy to use and this is the main reason for their popularity and growth So it is
indeed a mixed bag of gifts that Chinese scooters offer.
Chinese scooters have a long history behind them. It is one of the most popular modes
of travelling in china. In fact, Chinese scooters are second only to Chinese bicycles in
terms of usage. Most of these Chinese scooters are exported to several developing
countries. The top Chinese scooter companies are Tank, Quinqzi, Volano, Roketa,
Benzhou, SunL and Avanti to name a few. Tank is one of the oldest and most
prestigious scooter companies. These companies are constantly striving to build their
reputation by making a serious effort to build credibility and respect for their scooters
which are high on quality. These scooters have been around since the year 2002 and
they have indeed earned good reviews for their manufacturers. There are many
Chinese scooters that come with facilities like a very nice alarm system which is
operated through a remote. In some scooters, the remote can also be used to start the
scooter motor.

Chinese scooters have also entered into Indian territory. Guangzhou Automotive, a
Chinese government company in collaboration with Indian IT company Xenitis has
launched few variants of scooters in India. Their first launch was ‘Xpression Rock’ in
100cc and 125cc. It was a relatively successful launch. Recently they have launched
150cc scooter named UFO 0150. This scooter has 150 cc, 4 Stroke Engine. UFO 0150
also has indicator mobile electronic self begin with steel support, front stop and front
ABS. well designed UFO 0150 is available in black, red and yellow colours.

Chinese Motorcycles

Chinese motorcycles industry is one of the biggest in the world. It is astonishing to
find Chinese motorcycles industry’s rapid growth rate. It has been estimated that
Chinese motorcycle industry witnessed almost 45 percent growth rate per year in the
1990s.Even more amazing is the fact that by the year 2002-03, total number of
motorcycles manufactured in china were approximately 14 million and that counts for
half the world's entire motorcycles production.

Chinese motorcycles first arrived in India around 2002. Three top Chinese motorcycle
manufacturers launched vehicles on Indian roads. India being a lucrative two wheeler
market had fascinated Chinese automobile manufacturers. Improved Indo-Chinese
trade relations also opened new avenues for Chinese manufacturers to tap Indian
market. Most of these Chinese motorcycles possessed low price tag and focused on
the lower end of the market. Though, it was not so successful in terms of sales volume
yet Chinese motorcycles made their re-entry into Indian market last year.

The companies who came up with new offerings in motorcycle segment were
Zongshen and the fourth largest Chinese motorcycle company, Guangzhou Motors
Company. There companies are quite famous and have a huge export market in
primarily, developing countries like Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Unlike
the previous time, both of these Chinese manufacturers are focussing on quality as
well as their basic plank of low cost. These bikes are relatively cheap compared to its
competitors. Both of these manufacturers have tied up with local majors and suppliers
for the after sales service and motor parts delivery. The assembly plant has its base in
West Bengal. Initially, both companies would be assembling the imported semi
knocked down kits at their plants. The companies have planned to turn into complete
local manufacturers in the coming years. The first bike which was launched was
called “eXpression” by Guangzou Motors Company in collaboration with Xenitis.

Both Zongshen and Guangzhou have also planned to come up multiple variants in
both motorcycle and scooter segment. Motorcycles will be available in 100cc, 150cc
and gearless scooters. With increased presence and focus on quality, the future for
Chinese motorcycles companies looks bright in ever burgeoning Indian automobile

Chinese quad bikes

Quad bikes are kind of tricycles, preferably used for off-road use. Quite small and
open in size, quad bikes are quite popular in different parts of the world. At few
places they are also called as ATV or ‘All Terrain Vehicle’. Quad bikes are used in
some motor sports as well as in agriculture in few parts of the world. They possess
good speed and are supposed to be used by a single operator. It has low pressure tires
which leave very light footprints on the dirt or soil.

The most prominent quad bikes manufacturers are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and
Polaris to name a few. But with increasing popularity of these quad bikes, Chinese
manufacturers have also come into the picture big time.

Apart from offering amazingly low price on their numerous variants of quad bikes,
Chinese manufacturers have also given special attention to performance factor. Most
of these quad bikes are used for off-road or motocross ventures and that explains why
Chinese manufacturers are also focusing on bettering parts delivery system. Quad
bikes because of their rough usage have a tendency to lose body parts and that
requires quick replacement for the affected parts. Though still at improvisation stage,
Chinese quad bikes manufacturers are trying to integrate this value addition.

Chinese quad bikes have also made an entry into Indian market and they have
managed to sell significant volumes based on few parameters like bike performance
and product features. This gives them competitive advantage. They are also into
heavy exports to various parts of the world including Middle East, Africa, and India
etc. Chinese quad bikes come in multiple variants. The available variants are 49cc
engine, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, 250cc, 400cc and even 750cc. Chinese quad bikes are
big on features. Most of these quad bikes are fully automatic with chain transmission
system. Apart from that, chain drive system, outside reserve, electric starting system,
water cooled engine, stainless steel muffler, disc brake, cdi ignition are other
attractive features available with particular variants. Major Chinese quad bikes
manufacturers and suppliers are, China Wangli, Sanghai Nanlong Holdings, China
Xingyue, China Tianxing group etc.
Chinese ATV

ATV stands for All terrain vehicles. Normally, ATVs are three wheeled which are
most apt for off-road use. After a relatively slow start, Chinese ATVs has grown in
terms of volume and usage. Over the years, Chinese ATVs have managed to make a
reputation for themselves because of their low cost.

Chinese ATVs with improved quality and reliability along with less cost have begun
to garner a substantial share in tough atvs market. Chinese atvs have started to give
tough competition to other major atvs player like Polaris and Yamaha etc. They have
made a relatively slow entry in Indian market but with rising income and increased
sports activities, Chinese atvs have started to make their presence felt.

One of the most crucial factors in success of ATV is availability of their parts.
Because of their off the road usage, Atvs are prone to weakening vehicle parts and
that requires quick availability and replacement. Lately, Chinese suppliers and dealers
have tried to focus on this critical issue which very much determines the sales figure
of certain brand names.

Chinese atvs are available in various ranges. There is this basic kid atv that is 50cc atv
with two stroke engine. Apart from that, there are several others atvs which have 90cc,
150cc, 250cc, 400cc and even bigger machines, suitable for all age groups with
different usage. Four stroke engines are also available. Basic features include, rear
wheel drive, multi-speed transmission, cvt transmission, manual clutch and manual
shift among others. Chinese atvs also boast of attractive basic design. These atvs
engines can also be water cooled, air cooled or forced air cooled depending upon the
power of the engine.

Some of the well known Chinese atv manufacturer and supplier offering their
products and services in India are Wonda International, Roketa and many other who
provide parts delivery on demand. One thing which goes in favour of Chinese atvs are
the fact that they cost less on wallet and secondly if maintained properly they can
work for many years.

China Dirt Bike

Dirt bike is basically a lightweight motorcycle specifically designed for cross country
riding amidst the tough terrains and difficult streets. It is well prepared with rugged
tires and suspension. All dirt bikes are best suited for toughest of topography riding.
Dirt bikes have in-built elements of flexibility and strong engine. Dirt bikes come in
different engine size, price range and makes.

Many Chinese companies are also into dirt bike manufacturing. Most of these
manufacturers display all information about dirt bikes on their websites. These
informations primarily include, engine capacity, durability, different variants
availability, price tag to name a few. In India, a specific segment for dirt bikes is
developing, mainly because of dirt biking being an extreme sport and youth
fascination for adventurous sports. To encash the increasing interest for dirt bikes in
India, Chinese manufacturers have also started to join the party. Compared to more
well known and established Japanese and American companies, Chinese have just
started. But banking on their low price factor and interesting designs, they are firmly
on their way. Though, supplying parts on a short notice is little area of concern yet
things have definitely improved.

Chinese dirt bikes are available in different variants. Basic class is of two stroke and
four stroke engines. Two-stroke dirt bikes are definitely more powerful bike but it
falls short on parameter of durability. Whereas four-strokes Chinese dirt bikes are also
available which have better long life and more fuel efficiency. Chinese dirt bikes also
come with different engine size of 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc and more
powerful 650cc. most of these bikes have oil cool and water cooling engine. Few of
the variants have this appealing alloy handle bar with front disc brake and rear drum
brake which provide more safety and stability while in use. The major Chinese dirt
bikes suppliers are Ruian Runtong Motor, Xiongtai Group, Sanghai Nanlong Holding,
China Wangli group etc.

Chinese bike accessories

In tune with its rising bike, motorcycles and bicycles sales, Chinese companies are
going great guns in selling bike accessories. Every bike requires accessories sooner or
later. With the passage of time few bike parts which have got rusted or turned
ineffective needs to be replaced. It’s a known fact that china is a major player in terms
of automobile production. Similarly, there are large numbers of humungous Chinese
bike accessories companies. Chinese bike accessories companies have extended their
export reach to every major corner of the world. Few of them even use advanced
industry examine equipments which has high technique and stable quality. Bike
accessories companies are also in demand because of their competitive prices and
good after sales service.

Several of these accessories companies have implemented ISO9001 international
quality management system certification in all aspects. Apart from bike accessories
many of these companies also provide services in valves and hardware, engineering
machinery pats, mining and metallurgy parts, motorcycle accessories, shipping
accessories etc.

There are several products in bike accessories which these companies specialise in
providing. These bike accessories products include plain carbon steel, alloy steel and
stainless steel, engineering machinery pats, Shipping accessories, automobile and
motorcycle accessories, mining and metallurgy parts, valves and hardware, shock
absorbers, rear view mirror, rims, disc brake pads, motorcycle helmets, mufflers, bike
plastic lamps, tires, brake lever, fuel tank, ignition lock, engine gasket, exhaust valve,
bedplate, inner rotor kit, alloy bike stand, air filter, seats, speedometer assy, valve cap
and bolt, cylinder block, wheel hub, hand grip, dry charge maintenance free battery,
front fork lock, CDI shock absorber etc.

Few of the major Chinese bike accessories companies are Xingyu industry and trade
Co., Hangzhou Xinrui Bike Industrial Co., Jianqsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co,
Zhejiang Taizhou Aofeng Vehicle Co, Zhejiang Zhengdong Vehicle Fittings Co.,
Yongkang Qinyuan Industry Co, Wuxi Futong International Trade Co, Ruian
Zhongning Automobile Parts Co., Ltd, J&D Mechanic & Electric Co to name a few.
Many of these bike accessories companies also have branches and services in India.

China bike manufacturers

It’s a known fact that china produces almost half of the world’s motorcycles
production. China has more than 160 motorcycle manufacturing companies. These
companies take advantage of cheap labour cost and produce millions of vehicles per
year. China boasts of a huge overseas market. Regions like Africa, Southeast Asia,
Middle East, and South Asia are fertile grounds for Chinese motorcycles. According
to a conservative estimate, Chinese bike manufacturing companies export at least ten
million motorcycles annually.

Topmost Chinese motorcycle manufacturing companies are Jialing, Qingqi, Zhejiang,
Xindazhou, Jincheng to name a few. These companies have almost 45 percent
domestic market share and they lead the pack even in exports. Apart from these there
are several other big guns in motorcycle manufacturing. Chinese bike manufacturer
who ventured into India are Zongshen and Guangzhou Motors Company.

Zongshen has set up its assembly plant in West Bengal. At the same time, realizing
the value of collaborations, it has joined hands with NRI Prasun Mukherjee and Salim
Group of Indonesia to form Mahabharath Motors. Zongshen has planned big on India
with numerous new launches in offing. It has also planned to spread up its operations
and later on establish a manufacturing plant in India.

Guangzhou, on the other hand formed a joint venture called ‘Global Auto’ in
association with Xenitis, an Indian IT company. Xenitis has made a move towards
motorcycle segment for the first time. Guangzhou group is a Chinese government
company having association with top automobile companies like Toyota and Honda.
Similar to Zongshen, this group has also started its assembly plant in West Bengal.
The company has planned to assemble motorcycles and scooters. It is also thinking of
having major presence in economy class segment by launching 100cc, 150cc and even
gearless scooters.

Other Chinese automotive companies like Chery automobiles manufacturer, Loncin,
Lifan have also planned their foray into Indian automobile market in association with
big Indian companies like Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), India’s International Cars
& Motors Ltd (ICML) and few others.
Chinese bicycle manufacturers

China has a huge bicycle market. It is estimated that Beijing alone has almost ten
million bicycles. It’s a well-known reality that china is the biggest producer of
bicycles in the world. According to industry analysis, china produced almost 90
million to 100 million units in 2007 of which 65 to 75 million units were exported.
At the same time, china produces an eye-popping 50-60 percent of the world’s total
bicycles whereas India had a share of around 12-13 percent. Though in recent times,
Chinese bicycle domestic market has reduced to a great extent. Chinese government
has started focussing on more usage of cars and that has led to reduction in bicycle
usage. But this reduction in bicycle market has in turn promoted usage of electric
bikes. Almost 7 million electric bikes are produced in china every year. Most of the
Chinese bicycle manufacturing companies also produce electric bikes.

Most of the Chinese bicycle manufacturing companies are government owned. There
are few Chinese bicycle companies in India but they don’t have a substantial presence
because of the Indian domestic market scenario. Indians are also known to produce
cheapest bicycles and that makes it very tough for foreign companies to make a
considerable dent in the Indian domestic market. Though, few Chinese manufacturers
of bicycles have established assembly plant in India where they assemble knocked
down forms of bicycles. This helps in saving the cost. Chinese bicycle manufacturers’
presence has also helped in rationalisation of cost in Indian market.

Few of the major Chinese bicycle manufacturers are, A&B Super International Co.
Ltd, Riz China Industry Limited, Hangzhou Yuan's Industrial Co., Ltd, Ningbo
Wealthy Industry & Trade Co., Limited, Kespor International Group Ltd, Changzhou
Zhongbang Chemical Group Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Xinrui Bike Industrial Co., Ltd,
Nanjing Kajia Technology Co., Ltd, J.Union Tech ( Dong Guan ) Co., Ltd. etc. Most
of the top Chinese bicycle manufacturing companies make different sort of bicycles
like road bicycle, tandem bicycle, unicycles, beach cruisers, carbon cycles, folding
cycles, gas bicycles etc.

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