Frankenstein Unit Activities by n3NYd0M


									                                            Frankenstein Paper
Write (Discuss the following topics in a typed response no less than five pages in length)
1. Frankenstein mentions numerous philosophers and alchemists early on in the text. These are men that his professors do
   not respect. How are Frankenstein’s actions a fusion of “modern” science and older, almost mystical, ideas? Research the
   ideas of Frankenstein’s early heroes and alchemy in general, as well as the general state of the respected sciences of the
   times. Explain how ideologies and beliefs from both schools of thought do or do not tie into what Frankenstein is trying to
2. In “The Tempest” Shakespeare created the character of Caliban. Caliban was reviled and detested by nearly all of the other
   characters in the play. They thought he was a monster. At the same time, Shakespeare gave him the plays most beautiful
   and thought provoking lines. The textual Frankenstein monster and Deniro’s interpretation of the character have often
   been compared to Caliban for their similar contrast between monstrous form and beautiful mind. Research Caliban, find
   some of his soliloquies. Pick out a few of the Frankenstein monsters most thought provoking passages. Then compare and
   contrast his character with that of Frankenstein’s monster. What does this contrast between monstrous form and
   beautiful mind achieve? You might also think about names and naming.
3. Research the development of the iconic Universal Studio’s interpretation of the monster. Why did the studio choose to
   portray the monster this way? Is it a more or less sympathetic version of the character? Why do you think it’s proved to be
   so enduring? If you are struggling to meet the length requirement, you may also discuss Frankenstein’s bride and the
   invention of the Igor/Fritz character.
4. Research the biography of Mary Shelley. How does the author mix birth and death in the novel? Give several examples.
   Now tie these occurrences to events that happened in the author’s life which may have caused her to see these two things
   as interconnected.
5. Many have suggested that Frankenstein is a story about science gone too far. Research several of the following historical
   individuals drawing comparisons between what their work meant for humanity and what Frankenstein’s did. Have these
   men gone too far?

                 Galileo                                    J. Robert                                 Dr. Bryon Peterson
                 Andreas Vesalius                            Oppenheimer
                 Charles Darwin                             Harry Griffin
                 Rosalind Franklin                          Patrick Steptoe

                               10                        9                        8                      7                       5

Mechanics             Paper is error free      Minimal errors           Noticeable editing     Errors begin to         Errors impede
                                                                        shortcomings           impede                  comprehension

Length                Paper meets the five     Paper is short, but does not resort to use of   Paper fails to meet     Paper is epically
                      page length              filler, and is otherwise of high quality.       required length, and    short.
                      requirement without                                                      content present is of
                      any obvious use of       Paper is of length but gets there by use of     low quality
                      filler.                  subpar content

Content and           Paper thoroughly         Paper thoroughly         Paper adequately       Paper explores topic    Paper fails to
Execution             explores all angles of   explores all angles of   explores the chosen    in a manner below       address chosen topic
                      the chosen topic and     the chosen topic in a    topic                  average level set by    with any significant
                      uncovers                 comparatively above                             peers                   success
                      information              average fashion
                      heretofore unknown
                      to the instructor

Voice and Word        Paper is written in a    Paper attempts           Paper is pedestrian    Paper presents          Like so totally not
Choice                scholarly and            scholarly and            or sophomoric          below average           academic bro
                      academic voice           academic language                               delivery

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