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					Dish criteria:
1. Your food must either be a) authentic to the novel or b) representative of a character from the
2. Out of concern for the health of all of our guests, your dish MAY NOT include nuts, seafood
or chocolate.
3. Your food must either be non-perishable or be brought to Mrs. Rames during STEN so that it
can be stored in either a refrigerator or cooler.
4. Your dish must be accompanied by a place card with the following information:
         a. The name of the character would have provided this dish or which character this dish
         b. Why that character would have provided this dish or why this dish represents the
         given character.
         c. Where in the book this dish can be found or where in the book this character can be
         d. Your name.
5. Your food cannot consist of items not available for purchase at a store. In other words, I do
not want anyone to bring squirrel or possum to share. 

Please see the reverse side for a list of foods found in the novel.
Ice, wheat and flour             Chicken
Collard patch, row of collards   Fried pork chops
Crackling bread                  Coca cola
Hickory nuts                     Sardines
Turnip greens                    Crackers
Potatoes                         Nehi Cola
Scuppernongs                     Bacon
Fried chicken                    Squirrel
Lemonade                         Possum
Pound cake                       Rabbit
Ice cream                        Pecans
Lane Cake                        Milk
Sugar                            Potato salad
Ham                              Salt pork
Summer vegetables                Beans
Peach pickles                    Rolls
Ambrosia                         Tomatoes
Biscuits and butter              Pickled pigs’ knuckles
Coffee                           Tootsie Rolls
Cornbread                        Charlotte
Pork and beans                   Dewberry tarts
Lemon drops                      Cookies
Cherry wine                      Divinity
Whiskey                          Apples
Eggs                             Taffy
Biscuit and syrup                Angel food cake

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