Book Report Additional Response Ideas by x29Gd4


									               Book Report Additional Response Ideas

1. Diorama
   A diorama is a miniature scene, using dried or living plants, stones,
   dirt, small figures, and background pictures, etc., to create a three-
   dimensional effect. This is an excellent project for stories set

2. Character Puppet or Doll
   Bring a character to life, using materials you have at home, or recycle
   old materials to make a puppet or doll.

3. Collage
   Browse through magazines, looking for illustrations that remind you of
   situations that you have read about in the novel. Cut and paste these
   illustrations on a sheet of art paper. Or, generate images on a
   computer or draw them yourself. Adding quotations from the story
   may complete your project.

4. Be a Critic
   Pretend that you are a famous book critic, giving his/her opinion of
   the book on a television news show. Write a script for yourself, add
   props, and you are ready to go.

5. Design a Comic Book
   Choose a chapter or an episode from the book that is especially alive
   for you, and illustrate it as a comic book. Include balloons for
   characters’ conversations or thoughts.

6. Do a One-Woman/One-Man Show
   Dress as one of the characters in the book. Prepare a monologue for
   your performance in which the character speaks to the audience about
   his/her feelings or experiences.

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