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					Pectin Based Matrix tablets and Triple layer Matrix tablets for Site-Specific Drug Delivery
                               to the Gastrointestinal Tract.
        Author(s):, Sheikh Mohammed Noman ,K. Sandeep and Izhar Ahmed Syed
        Dept of Pharmaceutics, SR College of Pharmacy, Hasanparthy- Warangal-506371

                                                               Area: Novel drug delivery systems
The investigation was concerned with site specific drug delivery in the gastrointestinal tract of
Oral controlled release tablets of Diclofenac sodium (DS) in the form of matrix and triple layer
matrix tablets using pectin as matrix forming agent, and the partial coating of the pectin on the
matrix core, in order to controlled the drug release beyond 12h, the minimum amount of drug to
be released in the environment of upper GIT, consequently matrix core are layered with Pectin
granules are prepared with wet granulation technique. The triple layer matrix tablets (P3L3) were
evaluated for physico-chemical properties such a weight variation, thickness, friability, hardness,
drug content and in-vitro dissolution studies. The prepared tablets exhibited satisfactory physico-
chemical characteristics, dissolution study revealed that prepared matrix and triple layered matrix
tablets retarded the release of DS. The addition of Pectin layers on the matrix core in the form of
triple layer matrix tablets were able to control the drug release beyond 12hr. Mathematical
analysis of the release kinetics indicated that the nature of drug release from the matrix tablets
followed Fickian diffusion, where as triple layer matrix tablets followed case –II type transport
indicating of zero order release, the results of MDT and D.E 8% showed that the drug release is
slower from the Triple layer matrix tablets. Pectin based formulation (P3L3) allows to control DS
release, while maintaining the pectin ability to be degraded by colonic bacteria. Thus potentially
achieving a site specific delivery of DS in colon.

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