Huck Finn Chapters 1-3

  1.)      What is a major theme that runs through chapters 1-
     3? Explain this theme by citing details from the chapters.
  2.)      Why do Huck’s feelings toward Tom Sawyer change
     from chapter 1 to chapter 3? Explain the effect on their
     relationship by citing details from the novel.
  3.)      Evaluate Tom’s decision to play a trick on Jim. In
     addition, include Huck’s opinion on Tom’s decision to play
     the trick.
Huck Finn chapters 4-6

1.) Why do you infer Huck wanted to give all his money
to Judge Thatcher? What does this mean about Huck and
his relationships with others?
2.) What literary insights can you take from Twain's
description of Pap (physical, etc.)?
3.) What is Twain's purpose for including the temperance
scene including the new judge? Explain using details from
the chapters and your ideas.
4.) What conclusions can you draw about issues in this
novel based on Pap's ranting in chapter 6? What do his
rants show about Twain's purpose in writing this satire?
Huck Finn chapters 7-9

1.) Make several predictions about Jim's future as a runaway
slave and monetary value using details from chapters 1-9 to
support logical predictions.

2.) Mark Twain creates a specific mood when Huck is on the
river as contrasted to on land. Describe both moods using
details from the novel to support you.

3.) Evaluate Huck and Jim's decisions relative to their
geography. Consider their distance from town in Missouri and
the shore in Illinois as your form an opinion about their
decisions to build fires, hunt, stay on the island, leave the
island, etc.
Huck Finn chapters 10-12
  1.) Summarize what Pap has been doing since Huck’s
      murder then make a thoughtful prediction about how
      the Pap situation will be resolved. Base your prediction
      on details that have occurred in previous chapters.
  2.) Analyze several foolish and/or careless actions taken by
      Jim and/or Huck during these chapters. What are the
      actions, and what does each action reveal about the
      character who commits it.
  3.) Choose one author’s purpose question to answer fully:
      a. What seems to be the purpose Jim serves in the
         story? Include details that help characterize him and
         his interactions with Huckleberry.
      b. What seems to be the purpose of encountering the
         wreck? Include details from the novel that make this
         scene worthwhile.
Huck Finn chapters 13-15
1.) Explain how "logic versus knowledge” is a theme
throughout chapter 14 “Was Solomon Wise?” by
citing several situations where logic is or is not used
by a character.
2.) What do Huck's actions in chapter 13 “Honest
Loot From the Walter Scott” show about his
character? In what ways is he changing and/or
staying the same?
3.) Evaluate their plan to go north including text-
based details about how it does/doesn't work and
why. What is your opinion of this plan?
Huck Finn chapters 16-18
  1.) In what ways are morality and loyalty themes in
      chapter 16 “The Rattlesnake Skin Does Its Work”?
  2.) How does Twain characterize the first nuclear
      family we meet in this novel?
  3.) What is Twain’s purpose for including the
      Grangerfords in this novel? What is he satirizing?
Huck Finn chapters 19-21
  1.) What purposes do the Duke and Dauphin serve in
      this novel? Consider their interactions with Jim
      and Huck, with townspeople, with each other.
Seuss time!
Huck Finn chapters 22-24
  1.) How is revenge a theme in chapter 22 “Why the
      lynching bee failed”? Fully explain your answer.

  2.) Contrast Huck's discussion/explanation of kings to
  what he should have told Jim if he had accurate
  knowledge. Why is this scene important to the novel?

  3.) What scam makes Huck embarrassed to be a
  human (prefer to be a sub-human slave)? Draw a
  conclusion about Huck's morals as you explain this
Huck Finn chapters 25-27

1.) Summarize the mistakes the king makes that should
reveal his fraud and how it finally is revealed.
2.) What makes Huck decide he has to give back the
money, and how does he keep it safe from the king and
3.) Draw a conclusion about Huck's growth as a
character. What improvements has he made through the
novel, and how do his changes connect with some of
Twain's purposes?
Huck Finn chapters 28-30
  1.) Explain how truth is a major theme in these
      chapters, and discuss its changing value in this
  2.) Compare and contrast the real Wilks brothers with
      the frauds. Differences will be simpler, but getting
      in depth similarities may be trickier.
  3.) What does the scene in the hotel mock? Why?
      What is the author’s purpose behind these
Huck Finn chapters 31-33
  1.) Summarize what happened to Jim and explain
      Huck’s concerns about it.
  2.) What makes the Phelps’ home so welcoming and
      comfortable? (Cause and effect)
  3.) Evaluate (give your opinion) Huck’s feelings about
      conscience and explain why he feels this way.
Huck Finn chapters 34-36
  1.) “So it was—I noticed it. Well, it does beat all that I
      never thought about a dog not eating watermelon.
      It shows how a body can see and don’t see at the
      same time” (Twain 226-227). How does this quote
      demonstrate a main theme that runs through the
      whole novel by choosing a theme and citing
      several times it is reinforced throughout the novel.
  2.) Contrast Huck’s plan for retrieving Jim with Tom
      Sawyer’s plan (feel free to include their
      adaptations to the original plan). What do these
      differences show about the two boys?
  3.) What is the author’s purpose for bringing up
      superstition again? What might his point be? Cite
      details from these three chapters to support your
Huck Finn chapters 37-39
  1.) Predict how Jim’s escape will/won’t go in the
      following chapters based on several details from
  2.) What are some effects on this family caused by
      their hosting “Tom and Syd Sawyer.” Include
      multiple details from these three chapters in your
  3.) The author’s purpose is to mock something. What
      is Twain mocking through these chapters on Jim’s
      imprisonment? Include several details to support
      your answer.
Huck Finn Chapters 40-43
Remember- quality explanations need quantity of details
  1.) Summarize the events of how “who is who” is
      discovered and truth is told.
  2.) Analyze the events surrounding Jim’s capture and Jim’s
      new estimated value. Include other characters’ opinions
      of him in your answer.
  3.) Do you believe Huck when he says he might go west?
      Explain why or why not by citing details from the novel.

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