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									                        Recertification Points for FCCLA Activities – Educational Project Option

Advisers to affiliated Virginia FCCLA chapters may complete this form to receive recertification points for carrying out FCCLA activities outside of class time.
Because FCCLA is a co-curricular part of your program, only time spent outside of regular school hours can be counted. For each hour spent, one recertification
point can be earned. Keep in mind that the final decision for awarding points is left up to local administrators.

Name: ______________________________ School: ________________________________ Chapter ID #:

  Date         Start and          Total Time                              Description of Activity                               Adviser’s        Administrator’s
              Finish Time           Spent                                                                                        Initials           Initials

Total Time Spent on FCCLA Activities: ________                  Total Points Received: ______________
(Minimum of five hours)                                                (Maximum of 45 points/hours)

To receive recertification points for this school year, this log must be postmarked on or before June 1. Include a self-addressed, stamped letter-size envelope with
your log. Mail to:
Jenny Watson, Alumni & Adviser Development Coordinator
Bridgewater College ~ Box 10 ~ Bridgewater, VA 22812

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