MCHSCBA Financial Agreement Form by x29Gd4


									                                  MCHS Choral Boosters Association, Inc.
                                    Payment Agreement 2012-2013
Student Name: ____________________________________ Class Period:_______ Grade:________
Participation in the Choral program at Mill Creek High School includes curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular
opportunities. The required curricular and co-curricular activities are part of your child’s course grade. There are
no fees to participate in this portion other than your child’s uniform requirements; however, we encourage each
student to support the choral boosters, and contribute their fair share of the expenses concurred in running a
choral program. We also encourage you to participate in the extra-curricular aspects of the Choral Program.

To participate in the extra-curricular activities, we ask that you support the program by paying an annual Choral
Booster Association membership fee. These dues go towards the costs for LGPE fees, Annual Banquet and Awards
dinner, Picnics and gatherings, Spring Concert costumes and decorations, adjudicators and accompanists,
Rehearsal and Concert recording CDs, to name a few, as well as the general music and supplies not covered by the
County stipend.

Choral Booster Association Dues Membership Fee (Select One):
_____ Enclosed is my complete payment for $125.00
                       st                                      st
_____ Enclosed is my 1 Payment of $75.00 due by August 31 .

_____ We will meet our membership fees by raising the $125 payment amount for Chorus
       by participating in fundraisers.
                                      nd                                    th
                                    (2 Payment of $50.00 is due by October 5 )

_____ I am choosing not to participate in the extra-curricular aspect of chorus, and I further understand that I will
be required to pay for my chorus t-shirt and my costs for individual activities, including LGPE field trip.

Please list the total amount of your chorus fee here $____________Ck#_______ or Cash_____
Please make checks payable to: MCHS Choral Boosters Association, Inc.

Place this form along with payment in an envelope, into the black lockbox located in the
Chorus Room outside Mrs. Archer’s office.

By signing below, I am agreeing to fulfill my compensatory obligations to the MCHS Choral Boosters
Association before the Spring Concert of this school year.

_______________________________________________________________                            ___________________
Student Name                                                                                   Chorus Class Period

____________________________________________________________________________________________________    ____/____/_____
Parent Signature                                                                                        Date

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