Test�I Heard the Owl Call My Name

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					Test—I Heard the Owl Call My Name

A.   Identification—Identify/describe/discuss the following words. Remember to
     discuss the significance of each word to specific characters, the Native American
     tribe featured in the work, and/or the novel as a whole.

     1.    Caleb
     2.    Mark Brian
     3.    Jim Wallace
     4.    Calamity Bill
     5.    Marta Stephens
     6.    T.P. Wallace
     7.    Sam
     8.    Ellie
     9.    Keetah
     10.   Peter
     11.   Mrs. Hudson
     12.   Gordon
     13.   the village teacher
     14.   the English woman anthropologist
     15.   RCMP
     16.   Kingcome Village
     17.   Whoop-Szo
     18.   weesa-bedó
     19.   grave trees
     20.   potlatch
     21.   mashed turnips
     22.   swimmer
     23.   hospital ship
     24.   cedar trees
     25.   masks
     26.   óolachon
     27.   the call of the owl
     28.   handshake
     29.   carrots
     30.   the raven

B.   Essay
     I Heard the Owl Call My Name is a novel that deals with many themes, including the
     conflict between the young and old, the conflict between opposing cultures, acceptance
     through shared experiences, and the idea of change as an inevitable, but sometimes
     unwelcome, part of life. In a well-developed, thoughtful essay, discuss one of these
     themes, being sure to cite specific examples from the novel to support your point of
     view. For a more well-rounded essay, look at your theme through the eyes of more
     than one character.

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