Thesis Statement - Get as PowerPoint by x29Gd4


How do I write it?

Your hook should be the first sentence of
 your whole essay and its purpose is to get
 the reader to WANT to read your essay…it
 should be:
  A question
  An interesting statement
  A startling fact
Your “informative” sentences
Here is where you mention what your reasons are
   These should be about 3 sentences long
They should be informative, but brief and to the
           point…do not use any details
NEXT is THESIS statement:
What does it do??
It is a road map for the paper; in other words, it tells the
 reader what to expect from the rest of the paper.
State your topic and your opinion when writing your thesis
How do I write it?
Your thesis statement is not your topic (ie: youth football), it is
 what you want to say about it (ie: youth football causes serious,
 harmful injuries)
All of your details and reasons should support this sentence
Does your thesis have words like ‘good’ or ‘bad?’ If it does, be
 more creative! Come up with interesting ways to portray your
 thesis and deliver your topic
Your thesis should have the subject (Animal Farm) along with
 what you are going to describe (how the pigs broke the rules)
•In Animal Farm, Napoleon
eventually breaks all of the rules,
and more commonly a few.

•Even though the animals in Animal
Farm rebelled to establish equality,
Napoleon eventually took over and
broke the rules they had created to
maintain equality for all.
 In the novel Animal Farm, many rules the
 animals create are broken by their leader,
   Comrade Napoleon. Not only does he
 engage in trade with humans, but he also
   takes over the farmhouse and begins
sleeping in Jones’s bed. To add to this, he
     commits the worse crime of all, he
  eventually kills many of the animals that
inhabit the farm. Even though the animals
  established rules to maintain equality on
Animal Farm, Napoleon breaks many, if not
                  all of them.

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