Animal Farm: Final Assignment by x29Gd4


									                    Animal Farm: Final Assignment
Part One: Seven Commandments (20 points)

        Ours is a society of rules. Whether at school, at work, at home, or driving
    on the road, we are constantly monitoring our behavior to comply with the rules.
                 When Moses came down from Mount Sinai , he carried two stone
                 tablets on which what we know as the Ten Commandments are
                 engraved, rules by which the Israelites were to live. In a nod to the
                 Bible, Orwell penned seven commandments, which became the
                 guiding tenants of Animalism (43). These seven commandments
                 function as an allusion to the Exodus commandments (Exodus 20: 1-

       Assignment: Step One - Create your own set of commandments for the
students of MHS. You need at least seven commandments.

Step Two - Laws and rules are a part of everyone's life. Some are obeyed, some are
not, and some are just outright ignored. Some rules are "bent" to help certain
individuals when they are caught disobeying them. Rewrite some (or all) of your
commandments (just as Squealer did) to make exceptions for certain people or

Step Three - Now choose one of the commandments and compose a well-developed
paragraph explaining why this commandment is vital to the successful functioning
of MHS. Be sure to note how your commandment will serve students,
administrators, teachers, and support staff.

         Value: 10 pts for the commandments/10 pts for the paragraph.

Part Two: Animal Farm RAFT

Directions: On the other side of this page are several options for assignments based on
Animal Farm. Choose one. Your assignment must include the following:

       Specific, clear references to                 A fully-developed, understandable
novel/history                                  central idea

      Accuracy to novel/history                       Creativity in form and final product

                                        Value: 25 pts
    Role              Audience            Format              Topic

                                                         Why you should
                 Farm animals on
  Squealer                             Billboard ad      join the Animal
                surrounding farms
                                                         Farm revolution

                                                           How did my
 Old Major               Self            Journal          message all go

                                                         Why you need to
                11 grade students                       read Animal Farm.
   Orwell                                 E-mail
                     at MHS                              It’s relevant to
                                                             your life.

                                                        Explain the history
  Historian           6th graders       Comic book        of the Russian

                                                           Was it the
                                                         philosophy that
      Marx/George Orwell              Debate dialogue
                                                           caused the

                                                         My book isn’t in
                To a Russian living
George Orwell                             Letter         Russian, but my
                  under Stalin
                                                          main point is…

                                                         Here’s how you
                                       Create sales
    Marx               The pigs                          should have run
                                                         your revolution

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