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George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a striking example of why revolutions often fail. Your
task over the next two weeks is to look for evidence throughout the novel that will
illustrate what truly causes the collapse of a revolution. Remember that you may not
end up using all of the concrete detail that you accumulate in this journal for your
history/English Socratic Seminar. This is more of a collection of ideas that you can then
carefully choose from to build your argument. At the end of this journal I want you to
come up with a summary statement that generates one larger idea related to why
revolutions are bound to fail.

Evidence from the novel       Evidence from the                  1.    Analysis that
                              Russian or Chinese                      connects the
                              Revolution which is                     evidence from the
                              directly related to the                 novel and from
                              evidence from the novel                 history to the
                                                                      collapse of a

The pigs become the                                              1. Although it is early
“brain workers” who need                                            in the novel, it is
the extra food in order to                                          already apparent
do what is best for the                                             that the other
other “comrades” on the                                             animals trust the
farm (52).                                                          pigs far too much
                                                                    with their own
                                                                    welfare and do not
                                                                    speak out against
                                                                    the injustices that
                                                                    are beginning to
                                                                    occur. This
                                                                    inequality may
                                                                    seem trivial but it
                                                                    could be an
                                                                    important step
                                                                    towards the loss of
                                                                    power and equity
                                                                    that the overthrow
                                                                    of Jones gave all of
                                                                    the animals on the

Summary Statement (the moral of the story is…):

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