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Maths                                                                   Literacy
Place value of whole numbers and decimals.                              Chocolate inspired poetry.
Learn to use efficient methods for the 4 operations.                    Biography and autobiography inspired by Cadbury's and ourselves in the future.
Know all times tables and division facts.                               Clockwork - read Phillip Pullman's Clockwork and write own stories based upon this and
                                                                        other activities based upon the story.
The Chocolate Apprentice                                                The art of persuasion, creating advertisements in order to sell our chocolate creations.
Design, make and market own chocolate creation. Survey to find out
what consumers like and want. Design a product, advertise, package
and finally make and sell at Beech class fair.
                                                                        Keeping healthy
                                                                        With all of the chocolate to be eaten how does exercise and food affect our bodies?
                                                                        Focus on teeth and how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. How we can keep
Visit Cadbury World on the 14th September and see how chocolate
                                                                        ourselves fit and healthy. How does the body use food and turn it into energy?
came to be so popular, how it is made and also what it tastes like!
                                                                        PE will include gymnastics, rugby, netball and swimming.
A possible chocolate workshop in term 2.
                                                                        Focus on healthy eating, food groups and create meal combinations which work.

Topic: to be handed in each Tuesday.                                    Cooking and testing
Maths: weekly                                                           Looking at ingredients and their properties, testing them.
Spelling: given out each Friday to be handed in the following Friday.   Cooking and following recipes which include chocolate and cooking different and
Reading: daily reading is essential.                                    unusual food which contains chocolate.
                                                                        Food hygiene and the conditions that mould and bacteria like and how we can
                                                                        keep clean and keep them at bay.
Myan Mysteries
Find out who the Mayans are and what they have to do with chocolate.
Make our own sun creations out of clay and paint.                       How did our addiction to chocolate begin?
                                                                        Discover where chocolate comes from and about the people who found it.
                                                                        Fairtrade: how it can affect people living thousands of miles away when you choose your
Spanish                                                                 chocolate bar.
Learn how to say what you like (chocolate!) and                         Use Google maps to locate countries where cocoa is grown.
what you don’t like…

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