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					Is your State
funding terrorism?
• A world leading publisher and information provider, operating in the Science
  & Medical, Legal, Education and Business-to- Business market segments
• Holds the number one or two position in each of the four key markets it
  operates in (Legal/Risk, Business, Science, Education)
• $9 billion in revenue and $1.5 billion in net income in 2004
• Employs 36,000 people in over 200 locations around the world
• Largest publisher in world
• 3rd largest Internet company in the world
• 5th largest media company in the world
• 100 million customers
       LexisNexis Overview

•   Largest information sharing company in the world
•   Largest online legal and business provider in the US
•   Trusted partner of government for over 30 years
•   18,000 databases, containing over 36,000 news, business, public
    record and legal sources
•   Over 4 billion individual documents
•   7 million documents added every week
•   Over 4 million customers in 160 countries around the world
•   Over 65 million individual searches per month
            State & Local Government
•   OFAC
•   Child Support
•   Unique Identifier for Voter Registration
•   Improper Payments
•   Integration of Courts
•   Tax Collection
•   Law Enforcement
•   Sexual Predators
                 OFAC Overview
                      What is OFAC?
•   Office of Foreign Asset Control.
•   Sits within the U.S. Department of Treasury.
•   Administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US
    foreign policy and national security goals
•   OFAC list is a list of individuals and businesses that have potential ties
    to terrorist or drug related activities
•   List is updated regularly.
                      OFAC Overview
• All Federal and State Government, and U.S. based businesses must comply with
  the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Controls’ (OFAC)
  requirements against doing business with targeted foreign countries, terrorists,
  international narcotics traffickers, and those engaged in activities related to the
  proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
• Violation of OFAC could amount to 2 years of Jail Time and fines up to $1
• Accusing the wrong person could have serious repercussions.
         LexisNexis Differentiators

• The nations largest correlated repository of US Public Records
• 33 Billion Records
• 400 million people uniquely identified
• 44,000 customers; 100,000 users; 3,000,000 transactions/day
• 1,800 processors, 150 TB of data, over 8800 sources, some
  updated daily.

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