Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia by x29Gd4


									                        Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia

Read the following website and answer the questions about the Black Loyalists
that settled in Nova Scotia.

There are three pages to that you will need to read. Look for the Next or Previous
tab at the bottom to navigate between the pages.

Who were the Black Loyalists?

1. When did the Loyalists arrive in Nova Scotia?

2. Why did they flee the Thirteen Colonies?

3. What type of work did the Black people do in the Thirteen Colonies?

4. Describe the Certificates of Freedom. Who were they issued to?

5. Approximately how many slaves left from New York?
Black Loyalists Communities in Nova Scotia

6. Of the 40,000 newcomers to Nova Scotia, what percentage were Black

7. Name three of the settlements that were established by the Black Loyalists.

A Difficult Life for Black Loyalists

8. Was life difficult for those who fled to Nova Scotia? Why?

9. Were Blacks promised the same amount of land as other Loyalists?

10. Which professions were more likely to find work? List five of them.

11. Describe what happened in Shelburne in July 1784.

12. Was slavery still legal in Nova Scotia at this time?

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