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									Information Services

The University of Nottingham is proud of its reputation as one of the highest-ranking Universities world-
wide for teaching, learning and research.

With its UK and international campuses (in China and Malaysia), the University is in the top 10 in the UK,
top 30 in Europe and top one percent of universities globally. It was ranked seventh for research power in
the latest Research Assessment Exercise.

The Information Services (IS) department plays a key role in providing the IT and library facilities to
support this world-class institution. Our services range from email and internet access in student hall
study bedrooms, through state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities, to software and hardware
support in Schools and Institutes. We have about 420 FTE staff distributed around the University’s
campuses in the UK and an operational budget of around £26 million. In addition, the Information
Services department is responsible for systems and services at the University’s campuses in Asia.

We currently provide resources and services to around 42,000 students, postgraduates and staff in the
UK. These include:
       around 42,000 live staff and student mailboxes dealing with about 1 million messages per day
       2300 computers in libraries and computer rooms - many with 24x7 access
       high performance computing facilities
Plus access to:
       over 1 million books and journals in 12 libraries and stores
       650,000 electronic books
       3 million manuscripts including special collections of national importance
In addition, services are provided for about 10,000 students and staff at our campuses in Asia.

There are four divisions within the department:

Corporate Systems

Corporate Systems is responsible for:
     providing administration and support for the University’s business systems
     managing the Connected Campus development initiative
     redeveloping the student academic management systems

Customer Services

Customer Services is responsible for:
     lending and enquiry services for the libraries
     IT helpdesk support for staff and students
     supporting IS computer rooms/areas
     ensuring that library and IT resources are accessible to students and staff with disabilities

IT Systems

IT Systems is responsible for:
      IT infrastructure, including the voice and data network and the Student Network Service provided
       to more than 8,000 study bedrooms in halls of residence, network security and the University’s
       email and desktop systems
      academic and research applications, including High Performance Computing
      the Intranet Portal and web development services and support

Research and Learning Resources

Research and Learning Resources is responsible for:
     managing printed and electronic information resources for research, learning and teaching
     delivering eLearning services and development
     acquiring and managing the library collections, including Manuscripts and Special Collections
     hosting the Nottingham Centre for Research Communications and Centre for International ePortfolio

For more information visit the Department’s website at:
                         Recruitment Role Profile Form

Job Title:                        Senior Information Assistant

School/Department:                Information Services, IS Customer Services Division, Library
                                  Customer Services Team

Salary:                           £21,171 to £25,251 per annum, depending on skills and
                                  experience. Salary progression beyond this scale is subject
                                  to performance

Job Family and Level:             Administrative, Professional and Managerial Level 3

Contract Status:                  Permanent

Hours of Work:                    36.25 hours per week - 9.15 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday

                                  The post holder will be required to work on one Bank Holiday
                                  or University Closed Day/holiday every year. This will be
                                  agreed in advance, by mutual consent wherever possible,
                                  dependent on operational requirements. It may be in a
                                  different library from their normal place of work, and may be
                                  at a different time from their normal hours of work, but will
                                  not exceed the longest shift in their normal work pattern

Location:                         James Cameron-Gifford Library. The post holder may be
                                  asked to work in other libraries

Reporting to:                     Team Leader, Library Customer Services

Purpose of the role:              To supervise the provision of a variety of library services

     Main Responsibilities
1.   To be responsible for the day to day delivery of specific services and resource
     management in libraries and stores within policy guidelines, exercising discretion as
2.   To supervise, train and support the team of staff working on the above services,
     deploying them efficiently and organising their work. To arrange staff rotas and payments
     for extra hours worked, and to document procedures.
3.   To act as the main representative within the branch or area offering guidance and
     responding to complaints and suggestions.
4.   To actively provide advice and support for customers wanting to use both library
     resources and services. To advise and support the use of print and electronic resources as
     well as a broad range of associated equipment. This will include answering more complex
     enquiries referred by Support Assistants and Information Assistants.
5.   To assist with induction and Information Skills Training for users.
6.   To create and maintain printed and web-based guides to library services.
7.   To supervise the handling of reading lists and book requests from academic schools and
     departments to ensure that books and other materials required for learning, teaching and
     research are made available in the library in a timely and efficient manner. To select new
     web-based and printed material to meet the needs of the academic schools.

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8.   To implement procedures and equip the building to ensure that staff, readers and
     contents comply with current health and safety and Disability Discrimination Act
     legislation and good practice.
9.   To take responsibility for the library in the absence of senior staff and to liaise with them
     at all times so that there is a co-ordinated approach to service delivery.
10   To actively demonstrate a commitment to excellent and continually improving customer
     service. To liaise with staff from other sites and divisions to provide integration and
     consistency across Information Services. To highlight any discrepancies or improvements
     that might be made to existing services or documentation. To suggest new / changes to
     services in response to customer feedback. The post holder will be required to travel to
     other campuses on a regular basis.
11   To take responsibility for all cash transactions and for banking and auditing arrangements
     of cash, cards and vouchers.
12   To be involved in recruitment and selection procedures and to act as line manager for
     staff in the Performance Review process.
13   To ensure that library customers adhere to the regulations about behaviour in order to
     maintain an acceptable standard and a suitable learning environment in the library.
14   To actively keep up to date with the services that IS provides and any new developments.
     To pursue a programme of continuing personal development, including development of
     specialist skills and knowledge required for the particular service/subject area. Attendance
     outside the role holder’s normal working hours may be required.
15   Any other duties appropriate to the grade and role of the person appointed.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience

                      Essential                                  Desirable
Qualifications/          Good standard of education              A degree (or equivalent) in a
Education                 evidenced by GCSEs/A-levels              relevant subject
                          including a minimum Maths and           A postgraduate
                          English at grade C or above (or          library/information studies
                          equivalent)                              qualification
                                                                  Associate of Chartered
                                                                   Institute of Library and
                                                                   Information Professionals
                                                                  City and Guilds Library
                                                                   Assistant’s Certificate or
Skills/Training          Good IT skills (confident with            European or International
                          Microsoft Office applications,             Computer Driving Licence
                          email and the web)                         (ECDL/ICDL)
                         A commitment to deliver a high            Good knowledge of health and
                          quality professional service to            safety legislation
                          students and staff                        Good knowledge of
                         Excellent interpersonal skills             accessibility issues
                         Excellent written and verbal              Working knowledge of other
                          communication skills at all levels         relevant areas of the
                         Good leadership and motivational           University
                          skills                                    Awareness of business
                         Effective time management and              continuity procedures and
                          organisational skills including            processes
                                                                    An interest in and awareness

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                            work flow management                      of university libraries and the
                          Ability to work well under                 services they offer
                          Change management skills
                          Ability to work on own initiative
                           and as part of a team
                          Flexible approach to working
                          Ability to work accurately and pay
                           attention to detail
                          Ability to deal efficiently with
                          Ability to gain new skills quickly
Experience                Broad vocational experience               Experience of staff
                           demonstrating general knowledge            recruitment and development
                           of professional practice and              Experience of project
                           development through                        management
                           involvement in a series of
                                                                     Knowledge of basic reference
                           progressively more demanding,
                                                                      sources and techniques
                           relevant customer service work
                                                                     Experience of supporting high
                          Supervisory experience
                                                                      demand frontline equipment
                          Experience of training staff either
                                                                     Relevant experience in a
                           formally or informally
                                                                      library or an academic
                          General enquiry work                       environment

Decision Making
i)      taken independently by the role holder
Prioritisation of own workload within supervisory guidelines.
Prioritisation of work within the team.
Training staff in new procedures, induction and refresher training.
Minor staff disciplinary issues e.g. efficiency, performance, time keeping.
Review of working practices within the team.
Ensuring services are provided effectively and responding to comments and complaints from
users to improve services.
Responsible for staff rotas and staffing cover including arranging extra hours to cover
sickness/annual leave as required within guidelines.
Authorisation of staff leave.
Supervising and guiding staff dealing with departures from procedure, e.g. waiving of small fines
(less than £10), and personally dealing with exceptional circumstances for handling disputes
over payments with discretion following discussions with customers.
Handling enquiries and minor changes to photocopying and printing services to ensure continuity
of service.
Extending the holding period for a requested book if possible and where appropriate.
Altering and amending reservations if possible and where appropriate.

ii)     taken in collaboration with others
Involvement in recruitment and selection of support assistants.
Personnel issues such as changes to rotas to provide more effective cover.
ILL requests – responding to enquiries for additional ILL requests and providing background
information to enable decisions to be made.
Implementing new developments and putting procedures in place .

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Devising training for new policies and procedures.

iii)    referred to the appropriate line manager by the role holder
Customer complaints which are becoming difficult or impossible to resolve
Taking on casual staff during peak periods.
Matters requiring change to policy.
Changes following review of working practices.
Serious staff issues e.g. dealing with long term underperformance, unauthorised absence.
Serious breaches of regulations.
Approval for all expenditure referred to Head of Section.

Additional Information
This is the only supervisor in James Cameron-Gifford Library. The role holder is responsible for
lending and building support and supervises a team of Support Assistants and Information
Assistants delivering essential customer services, such as lending, photocopying and printing,
general enquiries for library and IT, reading list checking and book ordering, interlibrary loans,
shelving and security of the building, equipment and stock. As a line manager there will be
involvement in recruitment and responsibility for the performance review of lending and
building support staff.
This role is a key one and requires an experienced and committed individual who is positive
about the need to continually improve our services. The role requires liaison and cooperation
with a wide range of colleagues across both Information Services and the University. The focus
of the work is on tasks 1-4 and 8-15.

Please quote reference: LD10118

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