CURRICULUM VITAE

First Name         Firangiz
Last Name          Nassirova
Middle Name        Sadiyar

Date and Place       June 04, 1947, Baku, Azerbaijan
of Birth

Home Address         Azerbaijan, Baku 370129, New Ahmadly, 16 N. Tussy Str.
                     Home tel : (99412) 72 20 53
Work address         Baku, Azerbaijan 370096, 11 Mehseti
                     Tel : 99 412 21 79 27, Fax:99 412 98 93 79

Education             1965-1970
                      Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages
                      Teacher of English, Honored diploma
                      Baku, Azerbaijan

Thesis Title          W. Shakespeare in Azerbaijan (Methodological Approach, Literature and
                      Language Teaching)

Area of Specialization Phonetics and Phonology, Methods and Teaching Phonetics,
                       Translation, English Literature

Work experience        September 1970-up to present Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages,
                       ESL Senior teacher

                       September 1990-June 1992
                       Business College based on Azerbaijan Oil Academy, ESL teacher

                        September 1991 –up to present
                       “Khazar” University, Azerbaijan, ESL Senior teacher, director of audio,
                        Video center

                       June-July 1996
                      “IHRDC”-Boston, Joint Educational programmer researcher
                       (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Courses Taught         English Phonetics, ESL, English for Specific Purposes
Professional Improvement
Teachers Training Courses and qualification
Leningrad State University-1975
Pyatigorsk Institute of Foreign Languages-1978
Kiev Institute of Foreign Languages-1980
Moscow Industrial Academy-1990
Participation in Academic Programme Abroad
April-May 1994
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Education and information Science

April-May 1994
Visiting lecturer. Boulder University, Colorado, USA
May 1994
Workshop participant. Salzburg Seminar.
Center for the Study OF American Culture and Language, Europe, Austria
Women s Conference “Rights of Passage” In Sisterhood is Global Institute in American
University, Washington D.C.
November ,2001 “Tempus-Tasis program “ , “ Quality in Education University U.K.”,
Nottingham Trent Assurance,

Publication (in brief)
Shakespeare s work in translation, “Azeri” newspaper article 1990

Education and Career development of Women in Azerbaijan
“KHAZAR VIEW” August 1995, University Press
The articles were included into the special issue devoted to women s Conference held
In China, September 1995
Incredible Demand for English, “Azerbaijan International” CA April 1994
Co-author of the book “Azeri Made Easy” for foreigners, March 1995
Co-author of the book “Azeri Language” for foreigners 1997
The translator of the manual “Claiming Our Rights “ Sisterhood is Global ,Institute ,1998
Washington D.C.

Languages            Azeri- native language
                     Russian-second language

Interest             Music, Literature

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