HEATHER GWALTNEY, Director, Producer, and Writer for Honoring by CRFe4IU


									                          AGELESS: The Documentary
                                            CREW BIOS
                              HEATHER GWALTNEY

                               Currently Director/Producer/Writer of Ageless, Heather Gwaltney is also a
                               Communications Consultant, Video Director/Producer, and Educator. She
                               has 15 years of experience in the business and non-profit sectors, and has been
                               practicing fine art and still photography since she was a child. In addition to
    being an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, she has administered programs and projects for
    a number of organizations - designing and implementing marketing, educational and web strategy plans.
    Heather has delivered a variety of organizational assessments, training sessions, and interviews, and has
    written numerous newsletters and success stories. She began producing video five years ago, and has
    continued to develop her skills in order to use the medium as a way to communicate about relevant
    social, political, and environmental issues. As a video Director/Producer, Heather’s work includes
    documentary, Ageless (currently in production); and advocacy videos, Scrap the Cap, The Voice of
    Women, The American Promise, “No on Fast-Track Commission”, and Social Security: A
    Cornerstone of America’s Future. Her previous work also includes short documentary, Talking to the
    President; What is Livability Project?; the mocumentray, News That Tells You Nothing; Art &
    Disabilities in the 21st Century; and teacher testimonial, Failure is not an Option. Furthermore,
    Heather has experience managing teams and vendor relationships. She holds a Master of Science in
    Organizational Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration,
    and is Permaculture Certified. Heather resides in Washington DC.

                                  MARIAN DEALY, one of the Directors of Photography for Ageless. After
                                  working in production and development for the Discovery Channel, History
                                  Channel, and a theatrical documentary released by Miramax Films, Marian
                                  moved behind the camera and studied 16 and 35mm cinematography at New
                                  York Film Academy and in Maine Media Workshops. She has worked as DP
                                  on several short films, including Dying Days, and a short documentary about
                                  the American University Green Building project. Marian holds a PhD in
                                  Genetics, and currently resides in NY.


                                    MARK LEISHER another Director of Photography, is an award-
                                    winning filmmaker with over ten years of experience in producing video
                                    around the world. As Founder and Director of Mark Leisher
                                    Productions, Mark has a wide range of credits that include:
                                    documentaries, environmental films, network commercials, nonprofit
                                    films, and so much more. He currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland.

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                         AGELESS: The Documentary
                                           CREW BIOS

                                  TOM BORDEN, Independent Filmmaker and Artist, has been producing,
                                  directing, shooting and editing video and film for 14 years. Tom is a
                                  Director of Photography for Ageless. His previous work includes being
                                  an Executive Producer for a 10-part reality TV series, called The
                                  Messengers, and Director and Editor for such documentaries as
                                  Atrazine: Frogs, Farms & Pharmaceuticals, Bali High, Heart of
                                  Betumonga, and more. Tom’s work has been shown on National
                                  Geographic International, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, PBS, and in
    several film festivals. He has been awarded Best Documentary Short from the San Francisco
    Independent Film Festival for his work on The Emperor Has No Clothes, and Grand Prize for the
    National Geographic Blue Planet Heroes Worldwide Filmmakers Contest for Heart of Betumonga.
    Tom has obtained a Masters of Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute, and has a Bachelor of Arts in
    English Literature and German Language Studies. He lives in Half Moon Bay, CA with his wife, Amy,
    and their two cats, Django and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

                        ERIN PALMQUIST, Director of Photography for Ageless, was the Producer,
                        Editor, and DP for BDSM: It's Not What You Think!, which was an official
                        selection at the prestigious San Francisco International Frameline32 Film Festival
                        in 2008. She was the DP for an Anthony Palombit film, Out on The Dance
                        Floor - also an official selection at Frameline32 in 2008, and has worked for such
                        companies as Lucas Film, National Geographic Explorer, and PBS. Erin is
                        currently in the early production stages, as Co-Producer and DP, on Exiled in
                        America, a feature length documentary about Iraqi Refugees in California. She
                        feels strongly about creating films as a means for community outreach and
                        education. Erin graduated from San Francisco State University's Cinema Program
    with an emphasis in Visual Anthropology and Cinematography, and resides in the San Francisco Bay

                              DOYLE SAYLOR was Director of Photography, Associate Producer, and
                              Assistant Editor for the Ageless work-in-progress. Doyle has worked on a
                              number of documentaries, and has 30 years experience in business, fine arts,
                              and still photography. Doyle and Heather have worked on a number of
                              projects together, including the short documentary, Talking to the
                           President, News that tells you Nothing, Art & Disabilities in the 21st
                           Century, and the cooking show pilot, Chef Bunny Show. His other
                           documentary projects include A Look at Kitty Cone, Frieda and Dyslexia,
    Interview with Gene Golub, Studies in Jazz, and Where is the Economy Going? Naturally a painter
    and drawer, Doyle has employed himself with large institutions and corporations in Information
    Technology by providing research, analysis, and customer service. He has extensive experience
    producing radio broadcasts on Disability Rights, and actively participates in the World Wide Consortium
    (W3C) and Web Access Initiative (WAI) Committee. Doyle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film, and lives in
    Alameda, CA.

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                         AGELESS: The Documentary
                                           CREW BIOS

                        ERICA ROWE is the latest Editor for Ageless. She joins the team with a number of
                        years of experience in editing as well as a passion for film. Erica has completed a
                        variety of projects including documentaries, short films, and promotional pieces.
                        She prides herself on balancing her own creative expression, while maintaining the
                        Director’s vision. Erica is bilingual in French, and received her BFA in film and
                        video editing from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. She lives and
                        works out of her home studio in Silver Spring, MD.


    NATHAN JONGEWAARD, another Editor for the documentary project, is a freelance Editor, Producer
    and Videographer with over a decade of filmmaking experience in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. He
                           refers to himself as a “new media veteran” because of his breadth of work from
                           the original dot com boom to the birth of Web 2.0, and now as part of the
                           social media movement. As one of the Founding Editors of Ask.com, he helped
                           create the original natural language search implementation on the web. As a
                           Producer/Editor for Current TV, the Al Gore-founded, social media web site
                           and TV channel, he helped launch Current News, the world’s first crowd-
                           sourced news program that was broadcasted simultaneously on Current TV and
                           Current.com. His other credits include What Not to Wear and Second
                           Chance for TLC, Ultimate Fighting Championship for Spike TV and Poker
                           Royale for Fox Sports, as well as a number of documentary and narrative
    shorts. Nathan has a Masters of Fine Art in Film Directing from CalArts, and lives in Alameda, CA.

                       JEFF TRUEMAN, Composer for the Ageless documentary, is a music composer,
                       sound designer, and producer. As the founder of High Gravity Sounds, Jeff has
                       produced music compositions for documentaries, commercials, and video games. He
                       is a professional drummer and plays with several different bands ranging in musical
                       genres. As a member of the Maryland Bar, Jeff put his music expertise in writing and
                       published a law review article about sound-alike recordings, Is it Live or is it a
                       Soundalike? Jeff is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston,
                       Massachusetts and currently resides in Baltimore, MD.


                         DAVID SLOAN, Assistant Editor for the project, is also a community-based
                         media Producer, and has had his own art exhibited internationally. David believes
                         that media has an important role to play in social change. He has been a Media
                         Educator with community organizations, such as Wide Angle Youth Media and
                         the Baltimore Algebra Project. David has worked as a freelance DP and Editor
                         for clients including the Corporation for National and Community Service. He is
                         also in the early production stages of an independent documentary, entitled
                         Radical Equations, which follows a group of Baltimore youth on a yearlong
                         campaign to fight the illegal underfunding of their school system. David holds a
    Masters of Art in Community Art and a Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture. He lives and works in the
    DC Metro Area.

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                          AGELESS: The Documentary
                                             CREW BIOS
                             ABBESI (ABBY) AKHAMIE is the current Associate Producer with the Ageless
                             documentary. From a young age, Abby has had an interest in film that stems
                             from the storytelling culture of her Nigerian heritage. In her short time in the
                             film industry, she has already worked on and completed a number of projects,
                             playing the role of Producer, Writer, Director of Photography and Editor. Most
                             recently, Abby was the video scholarship recipient for the Alliance for Women in
                             Media. She is dedicated, hard working, and enthusiastic about narrative films and
                             documentaries that seek to change perceptions in our society. Abby is a recent
    graduate of George Mason University with a degree in Communications and a minor in Film and Video
    Studies, and lives in Northern Virginia.

                              ERIN ESSENMACHER, Storyline Consultant for Ageless, is a Writer,
                              Director and Producer with over 10 years of experience in corporate, non-
                              profit and broadcast production with a strong focus on documentary.
                              Credits include a wide range of independent and broadcast documentary
                              projects for PBS, The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The History
                              Channel and Court TV. Most recently, Erin produced the award-winning
                              feature documentary, MINE, which premiered at the 2009 SXSW Film
                              Festival and aired on PBS’s Independent Lens. She splits her time between
    the Washington, DC and New York City.

                           RITZA YANA, PR and Promotions Consultant for Ageless, is a bi-lingual
                           communications professional with several years of experience in corporate
                           communications and event management. As founder and managing partner of
                           R.Y.Ink! LLC, Ritza manages client relationships, programs and special projects.
                           In March 2010, she joined forces with the Ron Brown Scholar Program to
                           produce the organization's inaugural fundraiser, managing the silent auction as
                           Co-Chair, and serving as Production Manager for the video tributes featured at
                           the event. The auction surpassed expectations, raising over $30,000 for the
    scholarship fund! In addition, Ritza managed production and media campaigns for exclusive events such
    as, the Mayor's Arts Awards Reception, the first Annual DC Gospel Fest, and Fete de la Musique – also
    in Washington, DC. A native of Panama, Ritza holds a Masters degree in Public Administration and a
    Bachelors of Science in Business Management. She is a frequent traveler, and currently resides in the
    vibrant community of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

                            LEAH D. TAUB, Production Assistant for Ageless, is a Broadcast Media and
                            Television Production Professional, avid foodie and culture junkie. Leah first
                            developed her professional interest in television production while interning for
                            Discovery Channel in college. Upon graduating from Denison University in 2010
                            with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and International Studies and a
                            minor in Women’s Studies, Leah was hired by Half Yard Productions and has
                            worked there ever since. While at Denison, Leah was actively involved in
                            women’s issues awareness programs on campus and received the Nan Nowik
                            Award for Social Advocacy from the Women’s Studies Department in
     recognition for this work. Leah resides in Washington, DC.

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                         AGELESS: The Documentary
                                            CREW BIOS
                                 DANIELLE MENSH, Production Assistant for Ageless, is a Broadcast
                                 Media and Video professional with several years of experience in television
                                 and documentary production and editing. In 2009, Danielle worked as a
                                 Segment Producer for the Alan J. Bailey award-winning documentary,
                                 Butterflies, a documentary about YouTubers produced by Brym
                                 Productions. Most recently, Danielle worked as a Program Assistant and
                                 Video Editor at the American Academy of Nursing and Print Traffic &
    Technical Coordinating Assistant for the D.C. International Film Festival. Danielle is originally from
    Gaithersburg, Maryland, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production and Directing.


                             SARAH CANNON Production Assistant for the documentary. Sarah first
                             began her career in film by providing research at National Geographic. Since
                             then, she has moved out on her own, freelancing and producing her own
                             projects. She specializes in web and social media, and is currently the Marketing
                             Director at C21 Redwood Realty where she designs print, web, and video
                             content. In a variety of roles from Producer to Editor to Researcher, her film
                             and video projects include Law & Disorder, a feature narrative film, Shaker
                             Market Doc, District of Sound, Google Earth, and MetroarlingtonTV, a
                             web series. Sarah obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English and Film Studies from
                             George Washington University. She lives in Washington DC.


                                 SHARRETTA D. BENJAMIN, is a PR and Promotions Coordinator for
                                 Ageless. Currently studying Mass Communications and Communications
                                 Studies, Sharretta is a Communications Assistant at CPWR, The Center for
                                 Construction Research and Training, and a Junior Girl Scout troop leader
                                 at the Hemingway Memorial AME Church. Originally from Trinidad and
                                 Tobago, Sharretta now resides in Washington, DC with her daughter
                                 Shayla and their pooch, Coco.

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                          AGELESS: The Documentary
                                             CREW BIOS

                                   NICHOLE BARDIN, Events Consultant and Coordinator for Ageless,
                                   has an expansive background in business, marketing, sales, advertising, and
                                   production. As a seven-year small business owner, Nichole takes great
                                   pride in the fact that individual attention and personalized service are the
                                   keys to success. Currently, Nichole works in television casting for a diverse
                                   group of networks, including Bravo, Oxygen, and Investigation Discovery.
                                   She has worked on a variety of different projects, most notably severing as
                                   Executive Producer for CUA Centennial: The School of Arts & Sciences
                                   and Production Manager for Law & Disorder, which was also
    "Winner...Best Feature Film!" at the 2009 Pare Lorentz International Film Festival. Nichole is a firm
    believer that, "small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Nichole has a Bachelors
    in Media Studies, and resides in Washington DC.

                        CHRIS BLAIR, Principal and Technical Director of The Design Bureau, was
                        Graphic Designer of the Ageless logo and DVD cover. He has worked in web,
                        print, and film with such well-established companies as Charles Schwab, Western
                        Union, California Pizza Kitchen, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems and more. Chris has
                        devoted his life to helping his clients clarify their own vision and bring them to life.
                        He graduated from the Art Center College of Design with a Degree in Illustration
                        and Design, and lives in Sausalito, CA.

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