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									                            Current Affairs -1

1.…… was announced as the first host city of the asian Games? A
        a) Tokyo, Japan      b)New Delhi, India c)Jakarta, Indonesia d)Hiroshima,
2. The first Ashian/Asiad Games were then held in New Delhi/India in…C….
        a)1910        b)1935       c) 1951          d)1966

3. How many Nations/ Countries taking part in asian Games 2010. D
       a) 35 b) 46          c) 43          d) 45
4.Which country hosted previous(Dec.1-15, 2006) Asian Games games?B
    a) Bangkok, Thailand b)Doha, Qatar             c)Seoul, South Korea d)Tehran, Iran

5.Commonwealth Games are held in every? D
   (a) 1 Year     b)3 year       c)2 Year         d)4 Year

6.Mutual funds are regulated in India by which among the following?B
      a) RBI (b) SEBI (c) Stock exchanges        (d) RBI and SEBI both

7.Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA
) completed has many years of operation recently? C
       a)3 years     b) 4 years     c)5 years      d) 6 years

8.Which among the following body finalizes the market-borrowing programmers of State
Governments in India? D
      (a) State Governments        (b) RBI        (c) Union Ministry of Finance
      (d) Planning Commission

9.Which among the following decides the oil Prices in India? D
      (a) Government of India     (b) Government of Respective states
      (c) Ministry of Petroleum   (d) Oil Companies

10.BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is jointly prepared by Russia and …C
       a) America           b) China        c) India       d) Germany

11.Rail Bandhu is a …B
       a) Railway volunteer b) Magazine c) Hotel         d) Credit Card

12.Jal Hans is India’s first …D
        a) Floating hospital b) Sea-cargo service c) Water boat d) Seaplane service
                             Current Affairs -2

13.Google has recently decided to give a $5 million grant to which of the following
organizations? B
       a) WHO        b) Bharati Foundation         c) CRY          d) None of these

14.The new chairman of State Bank of India (SBI)?A
       A. Pratip Chaudhuri         b) Chanda Kochhar        c) U.K.Sinha d) D.Subbarao
       e) Shikha Sharma

15.Who was declared the man of the tournament in 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup? E
   a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni         b) Tillakaratne Dilshan     c)Zaheer Khan
   d) Shahid Afridi                e) Yuvraj Singh

16. 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup final played at………E….
    a) M.Chinnaswamy Stadium       b)M.A. Chidambaram Stadium c)Eden Gardens
    d) Feroz Shah Kotla            e)Wankhede Stadium

17.Baseball is the national game of which country?B
   a) USA                            b)Canada                       c) Brazil
   d) China                          e)Pakistan

18.What is Tejas? E
a) Anti-tank missile                 b)Intercontinental range ballistic missile
c) Main battle tank                  d)Supersonic cruise missile
e) Light Combat Aircraft

19.The second highest civilian award in the country? B
a)Bharat Ratna                      b)Padma Vibhushan         c)Rajiv Gandhi Khel
Ratna Award                         d) Dadasaheb Phalke Award
e) Param Vir Chakra

20. India's highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games? C
a) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award b) Arjuna Award                    c) Dhyan Chand
Award                                  d) Dronacharya Award
e) Dadasaheb Phalke Award

21. "Standing My Ground" is the auto biography of ? B
a) Kapil Dev                        b) Mathew Hayden                c) Steve Waugh
d) Andre Agassi                     e) None of these
                              Current Affairs -3

22. The Shivraj Patil Committee is on? A
   a) 2G Spectrum allocations                b) Demolition of the Babri Masjid
  c) Commonwealth Games irregularities       d) Gujarat Riots      e) None of these

23.Who is Indra Nooyi? C
   a) CEO of Arcelor Mittal          b) CEO of Coca Cola         c) CEO of Pepsico
   d) Chairman of RIL                e) Chairman of Reliance Group

24.The headquarters of World Bank is in? D
       a) Geneva            b) Tokyo       c) Vienna                d) Washington DC
       e) None of these

25. Wall Street associated with stock market is at? C
      a) Mumbai               b) Singapore c) New York              d) Beijing
      e) Tokyo

26. IRDA stands for ? C
a)Indian Rural Develo pment Authority  b) Inter Rural Development Association
c) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority d)Integrated Rural
Development Authority

27. "Nestle" is an MNC, deals in? C
       a) Auto       b) Textile     c) Food processing      d) Soft Drinks
       e) Pharmaceutical

28. Which of the following is the Bankers Bank in India? C
              a) SBI          b) Ministry of Finance       c) RBI            d) IDBI
              e) ICICI Bank

29.One-rupee currency notes bear the signature of? D
      a) Finance Minister of India b) Governor of RBI              c) President of India
      d) Finance Secretary of India         e) Prime Minister of India

30. Which country is the largest producer of Tea? E
      a) Sri Lanka b) USA            c) Brazil      d) Cuba         e) India

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