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					        La Carte
Purchasing Card Program

   Southeastern Louisiana University

 What Is It?
   LaCarte (P-Card) is a university owned
    VISA credit card that is used to make
    small dollar purchases directly from
   The individual named on the card is
    responsible for making business related
    purchases that are in compliance with
    university and state policies.
   Carries a corporate liability
   La Carte P-Card Program
 Who Issues the Card?
        View of La Carte

 LA State sales
  tax exempt
   128-4900-001

 Cardholder’s
 Southeastern
  La. University

 Prompt payments to vendors
 Less Expensive - Reduces processing
  costs and paper flow
 Reduces the number of purchase
  requisitions entered into PeopleSoft
 Reduces the number of checks cut by
  Accounts Payable
         Card Controls

 Monthly Billing Cycle
     Begins on the 6th and ends on the 5th of the
      following month.
 Dollar Limits
     If you exceed the dollar limits, your card will be
      declined at the POS.
 Merchant Category Codes (MCC)
     Attempts to purchase from restricted & prohibited
      MCC’s will cause the transaction to decline at the
La Carte P-Card Program

 How Much Can I Spend?
  LaCarte p-card purchases may not exceed
   $1,000 per transaction (including shipping
   and handling).
  CAUTION: DO NOT split a transaction.
   Purchasing items that exceed the $1,000
   limit and separating the payment into two or
   more transactions is NOT allowed. Artificially
   splitting a purchase is a violation of State
Unauthorized Purchases
 Cash Advances, Wire Transfers
 Travel Expenses
 Alcoholic Beverages
 Auto Rentals/Lease
 Gifts (Gift Cards, Gift Certificates), Prizes

 Cell Phones/Services/Blackberries

 Postage Stamps
Authorized Purchases
Office Supplies (Venable Office Supply and Texas Books
Books and Subscriptions

Scientific and Lab Supplies

Institution Memberships

Individual Memberships (require approval form)

Conference Registration

Mail Transportation Services
           Office Supply Purchases

All Departments shall obtain their departmental OFFICE
SUPPLY needs through the Campus Bookstore (Texas Book
Company) or Venable Office Supply.

Office Supplies, Non-consumable equipment, and furniture
may be purchased through the Bookstore, using the P-Card
but is limited to a $1,000 maximum expenditure, and must be
competitively bid if total purchase (not per item) is in excess
o f $ 5 ,0 0 0 .

Any exception to purchase office supply items from sources
not outlined above must be approved prior to purchase by
the Director of Purchasing.
Computer Related Purchases
 All computer related purchases should be acknowledged
    by Donna Methvien in Basic Computing Services.

 Examples of computer related items:
 - Internal and External Peripherals (any PCI cards,
    internal and external hard drives, etc.)
  - Software

 If you are not sure if an item is computer related, please
 contact the Procurement Card Administrator

 NOTE- Printers and Computers should be purchased
   through Computer Resales, NOT with the P-Card.
   Cardholder Responsibilities
 Directly responsible for appropriate card
    Sharing & lending cards is NOT allowed
 Keeps the purchasing card in a safe and
  secure location
 Makes allowable and appropriate
    Personal charges are STRICTLY
 Gathers and assembles all supporting
  documentation (credit card receipts, cash
  register receipts, etc.)
 Receives and inspects orders
 Cardholder Responsibilities
 Surrenders the card upon
  termination of employment or upon
  request by their Next-level
  Supervisor, Department Head or P-
  Card Administrator
 Procedures: Place the Order

 Purchases in Person
 Purchases by Telephone, Fax
 Purchases via the Web
  In all La Carte purchasing
 Verify sufficient funding exists in the specified
  budget and expenditure code
 Identify if the purchase is appropriate for a p-
  card transaction
 Advise vendor that the P Card is state sales tax
  exempt BEFORE the transaction begins
 Obtain detailed receipt and retain all documents
 Sign Off on all purchases within two days of
  email notification from the WORKS system.
In all La Carte purchasing
  BEFORE you make a p-card purchase,
   always ask a vendor if they are a 1099
  1099 reportable vendors are not allowed
   on the P- Card
  Guidelines to identify a 1099 reportable:
     Company name is a person’s name
     The word “Service” is in the company
     Company name does not have “INC.”,
      “CORP”, or “PC”
Notes About Sales Tax
  Some vendors may require a copy of
   the State sales tax exemption
    Request a copy to be faxed to vendor by
     e-mailing P-Card Administrator
    If sales tax is charged, it is the
     cardholder’s responsibility to request a
     credit to the cardholder’s account

Required Documentation

 Cardholders MUST collect itemized
  receipts for all P-Card purchases.
 Document/Receipt examples:
     Cash Register Tape
     Detailed Packing Slip
     Copy of Order Form (e.g. subscription)
     Registration form
     Web receipt or e-mail acknowledgement
      from vendor
         Receipt Details
 Receipts vary in appearance and type of
  information provided but generally
  included the following:
    Date of purchase
    Vendor name
    Description of item(s)
    Quantity, unit price, total
 If relevant information is not included on
  the receipt, record the missing
  information on another sheet
 Handwritten receipts are unacceptable
Procedures: Lost/Missing
 Contact vendor to get a receipt- fastest and
  simplest method
 Copies of receipts are acceptable only when
  originals are not available
 In the event a receipt cannot be located and a
  duplicate receipt cannot be obtained, the
  cardholder can fill out a Missing Receipt Form
  (Attachment E)
                                          MISSING RECEIPT FORM


This form should be completed for any LaCarte Purchasing Card transaction that does NOT have documentation
from the merchant. This should be provided to the Purchasing Card Administrator as part of your monthly
reconciliation paperwork.

Cardholder Name/Telephone Number:______________________________________
Department Name:______________________________________________________

Merchant Name:________________________________________________________
Transaction Date (mm/dd/yyyy):___________________________________________
Transaction Amount (Total Cost) $_________________________________________

Description/Quantity/Cost Per Item/Total Cost per Line
(Add an additional sheet if necessary)



I attest the information provided is true and an accurate description of the details of the purchase. I confirm that
every attempt to obtain a duplicate receipt by contacting the vendor has been made, but have been unable to do so and
also hereby certify the following:
* All items purchased on this P-Card transaction were for Southeastern Louisiana University use. No personal
purchases were made.
* The cardholder will not seek reimbursement from Southeastern Louisiana University in any other manner for this
* Original documentation is not in the Cardholder’s possession for the reasons stated above.
* Cardholder acknowledges that repeated lack of documentation could result in revocation of their LaCarte
Purchasing Card.

Cardholder Name: __________________________________________ Date:_______________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

I have accepted the cardholder’s explanation of the loss and inability to obtain a duplicate receipt; therefore, I am
authorizing payment of the receipt or invoice in light of the circumstances involved.

Next-Level Supervisor Print & Sign: ____________________________________________Date: _______________
Procedures: Lost/Missing
 This form should be included in the monthly
  reconciliation paperwork.
 The use of this form should be the exception
  and not the rule.
 After the second instance within a fiscal year
  (July 1 - June 30), any additional instances will
  be considered card misuse and will be subject
  to the card misuse procedures set forth in the
  P - Card policy.
Additional Documentation:
 Additional documentation will be
   required for the following purchases:
  Conference registration fees:
    Submit conference registration form and a copy of
     the approved authorization (Page 1 and 5 of the
     Approved T/A in PeopleSoft). If paid with P-Card,
     the conference registration should NOT be listed on
     the travel expense account form. Please note that
     the registration fee including the amount paid was
     with your P-Card if applicable.
  Delivery Address

Southeastern Louisiana University
Receiving Station for (your name, street
address, department, building and room
2400 N Oak Street / BLDG M4
Hammond, LA 70402
  Procedures: Shipping

 Shipments to a cardholder’s home are
  NOT allowed
Procedures: Returns & Credits

 The cardholder is responsible
  for contacting a vendor &
  arranging a return for credit:
   DO NOT accept cash in lieu of a credit
   Request Return Authorization Number
   Request credit slip/memo
   Credits will appear on future
Procedures: Disputed Items
  Contact the P- Card Administrator if there
   are any charges on your statement that
   you do not recognize.
  If the disputed amount is credited, you
   will see it on a future statement.
   Lost or Stolen Cards

 Notify Bank of America immediately by calling:
  1-888-449-2273 – anytime
    Zero personal liability
    Replacement Cards are bulk shipped

 Upon termination the card must be returned to
  P-Card Administrator.
Other Important Information

   P-Card is to be used for official business
   WILL NOT affect your personal credit
   Violators of policies and procedures will
    be disciplined on an individual basis
Other Important Information
  Failure to comply with all P-Card
   policies and procedures may result
   in the following:
    Payroll deduction
    Account suspension/deactivation
    Permanent loss of the card
    Notification to administration, internal audit,
     and University police
    Possible employment suspension or
Your Purchasing Card IS
NOT Tied to Your Budget!

 It is the responsibility of the budget unit
 cardholder to verify sufficient funding
 exists in the specified budget and
 account code PRIOR to initiating the
 Purchasing Card transaction.
      Important Dates

 Billing Cycle 6th through the 5th

 All transactions should be signed off in
  WORKS within two business days after email

 All documentation is due within 5 business
  days of the 6th of the month.

Failure to submit documents in a timely manner
  will result in card suspension.
                 Key Contacts

Scott Morrow               Bank of America
Procurement Card Manager   •Report card lost or
Fax- 985-549-3810          1-888-449-2273
 Activating Your Card

 Your card should already be
 If you have any problems using your
  card contact P-Card Administrator

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