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									Sexual Assault Response
   22 January 2009 Memorandum of
    Understanding with South Euclid Police
   Notre Dame College Policy and Procedures on
    Sex Offenses
   In general, any non-consensual physical
    contact of a sexual nature.
   Lack of consent is a critical factor.
   Persons who have engaged in sexual activity
    because of force, threat of force, or coercion
    have not consented to contact.
   Some people are mentally or physically
    incapable of giving consent.
   Sexual harassment is covered by a different
    policy, however, sex offenses can be related
    to sexual harassment.
   It is the policy of Notre Dame College that sex
    offenses are illegal, unacceptable, and will not be
   This policy covers offenses committed by the
    members of the Notre Dame College community.
   Even if Notre Dame College members are not
    prosecuted, the College reserved the option to
    pursue disciplinary action.
   Notre Dame College encourages those who have
    been sexually assaulted to report the offense.
   To the extent possible, the College will
    maintain the confidentiality of all parties
    involved in a sex offense.
   However, confidentiality is not guaranteed.
   Under Ohio Law and the Clery Law, persons
    with knowledge of a sexual offense must
    report that information to the police.
   This includes all college employees, faculty,
    staff, campus safety, Residence Life staff
    (including RA and GA personnel).
   The only individuals exempt from the
    reporting requirement are licensed
    professionals from the Campus Counseling
    Center and the professionals in Campus
   RA and GA personnel must report any sex
    offense that comes to their attention to the
    Campus Police/Security immediately.
   They may not withhold making notification,
    even if the victim asks them not to report it.
   Notification also needs to be made to the
    Director or Asst. Director of Residence Life.
   Obtain from the victim the basic information
    needed to report the offense.
   If a NDC Police Officer receives a report of a
    sex offense, he or she will take the following
   First and foremost, ensure the safety of the
   Identify the victim, the suspect, and any
    witnesses, and their location. Attempt to
    keep witnesses at the scene.
   Determine the location of the offense.
   Obtain the basic facts of what happened.
   Immediately contact South Euclid Police.
   Secure the scene of the offense, if applicable.
   Arrest and detain offenders as appropriate.
   Notify the Chief or Asst. Chief of Police.
   Notify Dean Brian Emerson so a Clery Timely
    Notification Bulletin can be issued. This must
    be done within 30 minutes.
   Assist responding SEPD units as required.
   At no time are NDCPD officers to collect
    evidence or obtain statements from those
   Prepare a detailed written report of the
    incident. Even though we do not investigate
    the offense, the quality of our initial actions
    can have either a positive or negative effect
    on the outcome of the case.
   Counseling services are available to the victim
    through the College Counseling Center
    and/or the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.
   Reassignments (class, work study, residence
    hall) can be requested through the Dean of
   Police officers, security officers, and adult
    and student staff must remember to treat
    victims of sexual assault with compassion,
    sensitivity, and understanding.
   Our response and actions can have a lasting
    impact on the mental health and well-being
    of a victim of a sexual offense, both positive
    and negative.
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