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The minutes of Lezayre Parish Commissioners meeting held on Thursday 7th August 2008 at
7.00pm, the Community Hall, Clenagh Road, Sulby, Lezayre.

Members present: Mrs F Robinson (Chairman), Mrs V A Quane, Mr Arthur Radcilffe, Mr Chris
Birchenough and Mr Chris Roberts and Eddie Teare MHK. Mrs Maureen Rimmer, the Clerk
took the minutes. Two members of the Public attended and no Press attended.

Mr Teare attended to put his views on PA07/02303/A Heritage Homes Ltd. Fields 134278,
134279, 134280, 134281, 134282, 134283, 134284, 134288 & 134289 Between Lezayre
Road And The Sulby River And The West Of The Auldyn River, Ramsey & Lezayre. Approval
in principle for the development of Residential, Industrial and Open Space uses.

There are 4-5 years to go with the local plan. There was no demonstrated need for further
housing. 111 Housed being built at the Vollen. There was no hurry, this development very
premature. Mr Teare MHK offered to support the Commissioners with their decision.

The chairman thanked Mr Eddie Teare MHK for attending the meeting, and for his support.
The meeting continued, and Mr Eddie Teare stayed on for the public meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 3rd July 2008, having been circulated, were
taken as read and signed as a correct record by the chairman.

Matters arising from the minutes

Municipal Association IOM Chris Birchenough attended the last meeting, and the main
theme of the evening was about the rising cost fuel and energy. There is a Benevolent
Fund, and also an Endowment fund available for people who need assistance. Mr Teare
advised that the DHSS are to see that people are receiving what they are entitled to and they
ask and use the endowment service. Vivien to find out it the benevolent fund can be

TLMC Tholt y Wil Vivien advised she is still waiting to hear from Keith Armand with regard to
the visit to the narrow part of this road.

Manx Nation Week Still to be arranged, letters etc to be sent out for ideas.

Land outside Hall More topsoil to be delivered to level up the area. Allotments were
suggested, and the possibility of this would be discussed again once the land was tidied up.

Ballabrooie Toilets Quotes still to be obtained for refurbishment.

Island in Bloom This was judged on the 4th and 5th August 2008. Results not known yet.

Hall Charges Large notices are to be put up in hall entrance about new charges. No
problems with hall at the moment.

Department of Health and Social Security Letter Public Meeting to be held at Ramsey
Town Hall Monday 21st July 2008. Mr Eddie Teare MHK said this meeting had a lot of
support, and he looked to the future on the consultation document.

Chief Secretary’s Office - Code of Practice on Consultation Announcement by Council of
Ministers to adopt a standard approach to consultation practice across all areas of IOM
Government. Website also being developed which is hoped will assist the general public and
businesses in their awareness of existing and forthcoming consultations together with the

Dept of Health and S Sec-Chair-based Exercise Sessions in the Community to be placed
on the notice board.

Road Transport Lic Com Applications, Decisions and Notices 234 235 – nothing
effecting our area.

DOT Minutes of meeting DOT Northern Traffic Management Liaison Group 17.06.08
The next meeting to take place 16.09.08. Tholt y Wil road from the Hairpin to the Dam, it was
suggested that motorway barriers be placed on this part of the road for safety. We were
advised that there are now 2 wardens allocated to our parish.

DOT Claddagh Road and Tholt-y-will Road Advised an order in place to repair edges of
Claddagh Road, and that a visit has been arranged to visit the structure opposite the new
water works with photographs being taken for comment by structural department.

Highways Monthly no 2 4- noted

Communications Div Emergency Services Joint Control Room Key holder list
Completed and returned.

Public Services Div General Registry Update of Chairman Advised

DoLGE Isle of Man Development Plan Area Plan South Evidence Gathering Phase –
Embarking on the first of the new area plans Noted

Copy of letter sent to Mr P H Nichols re use of land Aust Lane, Aust, Lezarye – Current
situation to be monitored by Mr Olsen

Quarterly Financial Return - Sent 01.08.08

Newsletter Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Committee - to go on notice board

Data Protection -Renewal forms to be checked and returned

Isle of Man Constabulary Community Partnership meeting 5th August 2008 Fiona unable
to attend this meeting, but will attend next meeting when advised.

Proposed visit to Parish – His Excellency and Lady Haddacks. Date now confirmed as
Wednesday 22nd October. Itinerary to be organized. Vivien to arrange to afternoon tea to be
served after their tour.

Municipal Association Acknowledgement of our intention to re join the association.
Received acknowledgement and calendar for further meeting to attend. Chris Birchenough to
be the Commissioners representative.
Isle of Man Children’s Centre LinC Leadership in the Community Programme advice
Leaflets to be put on notice boards.

DAFF Reply to previous question re dwelling adjacent to Vicarage Asked to contact
DAFF to contact landowners re clearing of ditches.

DAFF Comments re water main washout Hill view Sulby Glen – ensure aluminum washed
out prior to discharge

Castletown Commissioners Civic Sunday 7th September 2008 at 3.00pm No one
available to attend. Send apologies.

Sulby Primary School Invite for Prize giving 23rd July 2008 Fiona attended and enjoyed it
very much.

Mrs Gibb Enquiry re condition of grave stones in cemetery Advise Mrs Gibb, that the
gravestone is her responsibility.

J K Catering reply received re our comments about the food 19th April 2008. The
caterers were advised of the timings for this event.

Hartford Homes Further correspondence received. All correspondence to be gathered and
discussed further at next meeting.

The Alternative Gardening Show Information will be displayed on notice boards

Any other Business

Vivien on behalf of the Horticultural Society thanked the Lezayre Parish Commissioners for
the use of their facilities.

Arthur spoke about the amount of paperwork received from Central Government. The volume
of this could deter people standing for Commissioner.

Member of the public informed us that the scallop shells were still at the Millrace. Vivien had
dealt with this when first advised some weeks ago, and was told they would be cleaned up.
Vivien to chase again. Also rubble had been dumped in the lay by at the Tholt y wil
plantation. Vivien would deal with this.

Letter received from DOT re road signs at Sulby Crossroads. Arrange meeting with Mr
Barnes to discuss signs required.

Tourism Awards The Commissioners agreed to take cards for nominations to place around
the village for the members of the public to vote.

The Next Meeting was arranged for in the Community Hall, Clenagh Road, Sulby, Lezayre at
7pm on Thursday 4th September 2008.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.

Signed                            (Chairman)              Date

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