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									1st Draft Minutes of Six Mile Water Trust Meeting

Date: 8th NOV 2011, 7pm

Venue: Antrim Civic Centre


Maurice Parkinson         MP               Antrim and District
(Chair)                                    Angling Assoc.
Michael Martin            MM               Rogan Manor Resident
Billy Cathcart            BC               TACA
Jim Gregg                 JG               Ballynure Angling Club
Gary Gregg                GG               ,,
Chris Millar              CM               TACA
Ray Bennett               RB               RSPB

Gerry Wilson              GW               NIEA
Danny Kinahan             DK               MLA

John Kerr                 JK               Dunadry Community
Kathy McLean(secretary) KMcL               Antrim Guardians

   1. Welcome and Apologies
      All were welcomed by the Chair, Maurice Parkinson.
      Apologies received from Richard Fee, Martin McKay, Robbie Marshall,
      Jim Haughey, Lindsay Matthews, Steve Reilly, Stevie Munn, Ruth Wilson,
      Jim Martin.
2.Minutes of the last Meeting and matters arising.

Illegal Fishing
Action 1 from previous meeting letter to DCAL. MP asked DK how best
to approach the Minister to arrange a meeting. New Action1Write to
Mitchell McLaughlin.

 Hydro Electric schemes
 From previous minutes ,CM pointed out that the DOE have the ultimate
decision in relation to permission on hydro schemes ( The A.I.L
Abstraction, Impounding and Licensing.) not DCAL.
Discussion took place about points in the river, namely Ballymartin river
where, because of weirs the fish can only pass at flood time. This is
further hindered by the presence of a hydro scheme.
NEW ACTION 2 Suggestion that the developer /owner from the
hydroscheme in B’Martin river be invited to join the Trust . Also extend
this to include the National Trust as they own premises on Ballymartin.

RB pointed out that in the past old mills ran from 8-5 whereas now
hydroelectrics run up to 24 hrs
Allegedly the salmon can pass on Lord O’Neills scheme on the River
NEW ACTION 1 Could member of NIEA who deals with Hydroschemes
schemes give a talk to the Trust (Peter Close ) GW to invite.

Action 2 from Previous meeting MH and MP to meet to discuss
invertebrate sampling (not yet carried out)

Water Sampling / Anglers Monitoring Initiative (invertebrate
ACTION 3 (from prev meeting) C/F Action Jim Gregg to write to NIW. Still
has to meet with committee from Ballynure Angling club before drafting
letter to NIW.
 ACTION 4 from previous meeting GW provided River Monitoring
Chemical data.
It was pointed out that Mark Horton made an application for Lottery
funding to finance the project on the monitoring initiative on the
Ballinderry river.

NEW ACTION 3 MP and MM to push on invertebrate and water
sampling. (NIEA have committed to limited sampling) Need funds and
expertise to train volunteers the length of the river to develop
project.JG suggested a benefit to relating water and invertebrate
sampling to studies carried out by Richard Kennedy on designated fish
sampling points.

Ballyclare Sewage Plant
Q to GW re extension of flood water holding tank. GW advised that
Interagency were looking at separating storm and foul water therefore
reducing the impact of flood water on Treatment plant.

Septic tanks
Discussion continued about the amount of non consenting discharging
septic tanks. Although it is stated that 10% of pollution is caused by
sewage it still is a significant factor. MP relayed again about the
cryptosporidium outbreak that took place in the west of Ireland directly
traceable to human sewage.
NEW ACTION 4 MP to write to the Minister to ask what strategy is in
place to govern septic tanks

Adjournment Debate.
Thanks to Danny Kinahan, Paul Girvan and all those who contributed,
for what was considered a well focused, meaningful debate. Those
members of the Trust who attended had a very interesting time and
enjoyed a mini tour at the end courtesy of Paul and Danny.
Coca Cola awards

The Trust recieved a certificate Highly Commended River Care Group
from Tidy N.I. in recognition of our valuable contribution to the Clean
Coast programme through voluntary local action.
Elaine Upton sent congrats to the Trust on both of the above issues
NEW ACTION 5 Kathy to do press release about Six Mile Water Trust to
local papers.

Charitable Status

New Action 6 JM, KMcL, MP to meet with NICVA representative Mon

New Action 7 KMcL to attend meeting in Newtownards Wed 16th

New ACTION 8 MM/ GG to attend Stake holders meeting Kilrea Wed

Chain Reaction.
Problems have occurred in the Doagh River and unfortunately
enhancement work done by the Anglers has been undone.
Summons have been issued to the company.
DK is trying to come up with a solution to facilitate all and is in
talks with the Directors.

Dunadry Railway bridge.
 There is frequent flooding here and it would appear pumping
station not working properly.
DK has contacted NIW
New ACTION 9 Maurice to write to N.I. W
Update on Wetland

New action 10 CM meeting Bursar from BRA to discuss the proposal
Will update at next meeting



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