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									Idaho ESEA Federal Programs Monitoring

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    Self-Assessment Tool – 2012-2013
    LEA Desk Final Report – 2012-2013

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This form is available at http://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/nclb/program_monitoring.htm under the Monitoring
Tools section.

                                                Table of Contents
                                                      Title Program                                       Page
                        21 Century Classroom – Program Effectiveness and Student
                        Achievement: Title IA, Title IC, Title IIA, Title III, Title X
                        Great Teachers and Leaders: Title IA, Title IC, Title IIA, Title III                17
                        Transparent Accountability: Title IA, Title IC, Title IIA, Title III, Title X       21
                        Title VI, Part B Rural & Low Income School Programs                                 21
                        Equitable Services to Private School Students                                       26
                        Title I-D Neglected or Delinquent                                                   28
                        Title X McKinney-Vento Homeless Education (SUB-GRANT ONLY)                          30

 Note: Because the methodology of the Idaho Department of Education monitoring team includes
 sampling, the monitoring process cannot produce an all-inclusive assessment of items in this
 instrument. The LEA is responsible for operating its categorical programs in compliance with all
 applicable laws and regulations.

 I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information contained herein is true and
 correct. My name below serves as my electronic signature and certification.

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  September 20, 2012
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September 20, 2012
       SDE Team Recommendations or overall comments after conducting the monitoring review:

September 20, 2012
                I.     21st Century Classroom –Program Effectiveness and Student Achievement

Indicator                                              Examples of Supporting              Status       Commendations, Recommendations,
ID                                                        Documentation                                   Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                        Yes   No   NA

Title IA College & Career Ready Program
            Targeted Assistance Schools
            (NCLB 1115)
                                                      Copy of targeted rank order
                                                       list that includes multiple
            All children served by Title I in a
                                                       educational objective criteria
            Targeted assistance building are
                                                       used to identify students for
            identified as failing, or most at risk
            of failing to meet the State’s
I.A.1       student academic achievement
            standards on the basis of multiple,
            educationally related, objective
            criteria. Homeless children are
            eligible for Title I regardless of
            their attendance in a Title I served
            building, NCLB 1115(b)
Title IC Migrant Education Program

                                                      Evidence of a sampling of
                                                       Certificates of Eligibility
                                                      Evidence of the
                                                       implementation of the LEA’s
                                                       ID & R plan
            The LEA monitors the eligibility
            requirements of children and              Evidence of ID & R training
I.A.2                                                (ex: National, State, Regional,
            youths enrolled in the Migrant
            Education Program, 1309(2)                 or District)
                                                      Evidence of the
                                                       implementation of the LEA’s
                                                       quality control
                                                      On-site review of the Family
                                                       Liaison Record Keeping
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

                                                      LEA process for identifying,
            The district has properly identified,      assessing and reporting for
            assessed, placed, and reported all         home language information
            students who have a primary
            home language other than                  Samples of Home Language
            English, 3127, Title VI Office of          Surveys
            Civil Rights                              Samples of ELL placement
Title X McKinney-Vento Homeless
Education Program
                                                      Evidence of identification
                                                       procedures and forms (one
                                                       at time of
                                                       enrollment/registration that
                                                       asks for nighttime residence
                                                       and one during the year if
            The LEA has a procedure in place           the family’s night-time
            to identify school-age homeless            residence changes)

            children and youth and determine
            whether or not they are attending
                                                      Evidence of process for data
                                                       collection and reporting to
            and succeeding in school, Title X
            722(g)(6)(A)(ii)                          Evidence for tracking
                                                       attendance of homeless
                                                      State Assessment results for
                                                       students identified as
                                                       homeless compared to non-
                                                       homeless students

        September 20, 2012
                                                    Visit
                                                       htm for a Sample School
                                                       Enrollment/Residency and
                                                       eligibility forms
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
            Schoolwide Program Criteria
            (NCLB 1114)
                                                        Interview teachers at
                                                         each school
            Implementation of a schoolwide
            program includes the following              Classroom observations
            plan components:
             1. Schoolwide reform                  Required Documentation:
             strategies incorporated in the
             over-all instructional program:
                                                        Copy of the Schoolwide
                                                         approval letter from SDE
            a. provides opportunities to meet
                proficient and advanced                 Copy of the District
                academic achievement levels;             Review Rubric that the
            b. addresses needs of all                    District completed prior to
                students in school, particularly         submitting the school’s
                low-achieving and at-risk                plan to SDE
                students and have a process to
                determine if those needs have
                                                        Reviewer will access the
                                                         WISE tool and review the
                been met;
                                                         Supplemental Questions
            c. uses effective instructional
                                                         and SW Indicators
                practices based on scientific
                research that strengthen the
                core academic program,
                provide enriched and
                accelerated curriculum,
                increase the amount and
                quality of learning time such as
                extended school year and
                before-and-after school and
                summer programs, include
                strategies for meeting
                educational needs of
                historically underserved
                populations, and are consistent
  I.B.5         with and designed to
                implement State and local
                improvement plans;
             2. Instruction by highly
             qualified teachers with ongoing
             professional development:
             a. includes strategies to attract
                highly qualified teachers;
             b. provides high quality and
                ongoing professional
                development for teachers,
                principals, paraprofessionals
                and, if appropriate, pupil
                services personnel, parents,
                and other staff to enable all
                students to meet the State’s
                academic standards; and align
                professional development with
                the State’s academic
             c. devotes sufficient resources to
                carry out effectively the
                professional development
                activities described above;
             d. includes teachers in
                professional development
                activities regarding the use of
                academic assessments for
                making adequate yearly
                progress to enable them to
                provide information on and to
                improve the achievement of
                individual students and the
        September 20, 2012
               overall instructional program;
            3. Parental involvement:
            a. parents must be involved in the
               planning, review, and
               improvement of the schoolwide
               program plan:
            b. the schoolwide program must
               have a parental involvement
               policy (plan) that includes
               strategies, such as family
               literacy services, to increase
               parental involvement (see
               1118(c)through (f) and 9101
               (32), and describes how the
               school will provide individual
               student academic assessment
               results including an
               interpretation of those results
               to the parents of students who
               participate in the academic
            4. Additional support:
               Schoolwide program includes
               activities to ensure that
               students who experience
               difficulty attaining the proficient
               or advanced levels of
               academic achievement
               standards are provided with
               effective, timely additional
               support to ensure that these
               students’ difficulties are timely
               identified and provide
               sufficient information on which
               to base effective assistance to
               those students;
            5. Transition: :
               Elementary programs must
               include plans for assisting
               preschool students in the
               successful transition from early
               childhood programs (Head
               Start, Even Start, Early
               Reading First, preschool
               programs under IDEA or State-
               run preschool) to the
               schoolwide program;
            34 CFR200.28
                                                      Identify who is involved in
                                                       the program evaluation
                                                      Identify data from which
            Schoolwide program evaluation:             information is gathered and
             Annually evaluates                       analyzed for evaluating the
            implementation of and results              effectiveness of the
            achieved using data from the               schoowide program
            State’s annual assessments;
             Determine whether the SW
                                                      Provide meeting evidence
                                                       including dated agenda and
            program has been effective in
I.B.6                                                  attendance (with positions)
            increasing achievement of
            students in meeting State
                                                     WISE Tool
                                                     Copy of SW Supplemental:
             Revise the plan based on the             Question 9 (Rubric
            evaluation to ensure continuous            Component S.6)
            improvement of students ;
            34 CFR 200.26                             Also the Where are we now
                                                       feature and the report
                                                       feature will include
                                                       additional documentation as
            Targeted Assistance Schools               Program Observation
            (NCLB 1115)
I.B.7       Documentation supports the                Teacher and principal
            components of a Targeted                   interview
            Assistance School Program:                Evidence that the Targeted
        September 20, 2012
        Use of Title I resources to       Assistance program
         help participating children       includes required
         meet State’s student              components – Reviewer
         academic achievement              considerations:
         standards expected for all                What kind of
         children;                            extended learning time
     Ensures that planning for               (Tier II) do targeted
         students served is                   students receive?
         incorporated into existing                Does this extended
         school planning;                     learning time reduce
     Use of effective methods and            removing children from
         instructional strategies that        the regular classroom
         are based on scientifically          during the regular school
         based research that                  hours for instruction?
         strengthens the core                      How is school
         academic program of the              planning connected to the
         school and that gives primary        planning for students
         consideration to providing           served?
         extended learning time, such              Are methods and
         as extended school year,             instructional strategies
         before-and-after-school, and         including curriculum
         summer programs; helps               based on scientifically
         provide an accelerated, high-        based research that
         quality curriculum, including        strengthens the core
         applied learning; and                program?
         minimizes removing children               Is instruction
         from the regular classroom           provided by HQ teachers?
         during regular school hours               Describe the kinds of
         for instruction;                     professional development
     Coordinates and supports the            activities Title IA teachers
         regular education program,           and paraprofessionals are
         which may include assisting          provided .
         preschool children in the                 What kinds of
         transition from early childhood      strategies are provided to
         programs like Head Start,            increase parental
         Even Start, Early Reading            involvement?
         First, or preschool programs              What tool(s) is used
         to elementary school                 to monitor the progress of
         programs;                            students? How often are
     Provides instruction by highly          students progressed
         qualified teachers;                  monitored?
     Provides opportunities for                   How often is the
         professional development for         program evaluated and
         teachers, principals, and            what does this process
         paraprofessionals, including if      look like? Who is
         appropriate, pupil services          involved in evaluating the
         personnel, parents, and other        effectiveness of the
         staff who work with                  targeted assistance
         participating children;              program?
     Provides strategies to
         increase parental involvement
         as described in section 1118,
         such as family literacy
     Coordinates and integrates
         Federal, State, and local
         services and programs, such
         as violence prevention
         programs, nutrition programs,
         housing programs, Head
         Start, adult education,
         vocational and technical
         education, and job training;
    Reviews, on an ongoing basis, the
    progress of participating children
    and revises the program, if
    necessary, to provide additional
    assistance to enable children to
    meet the State’s academic
    achievement standards, such as
    extended school year, before-and
    after-school, and summer
    programs and opportunities,
    training for teachers regarding
September 20, 2012
            how to identify students who need
            additional assistance, and training
            for teachers regarding how to
            implement student academic
            achievement standards in the
            classroom, NCLB 1115, (c)(1-2)
          The LEA annually reviews the
          progress of each school and
                                                    Evidence of LEA’s process
                                                     to review each school’s
          \whether the school is making AYP,
          NCLB 1116(a)(1)(A-B)
            The LEA publicizes and                  Description of dissemination
            disseminates to parents, teachers,       process
            principals, schools, and the
            community, the results of the local
                                                    Evidence of implementation,
                                                     e.g. presentations, meeting
            annual review so that the
                                                     minutes, training, monitoring
            teachers, principals, other staff,
            and schools can continually
            refine, in an instructionally useful
                                                   WISE Tool
            manner, the program of
            instruction to help all children        SW Supplemental: Question
            served, NCLB 1116 (a)(1)(C)              9 (Rubric Component S.6)
Title IC Migrant Education Program

                                                    LEA  Migrant needs
            District identifies the educational     If LEA does not have
  I.B.9     and support needs of migrant             migrant needs assessment,
            children, 1306(a)                        a detailed timeline and
                                                     description of completion
                                                     definition and LEA
                                                     identification process
                                                    List of migrant students in
                                                     Title I and LEP programs
                                                    List of migrant students in
                                                     migrant program
            The LEA identifies and addresses
            the needs of migrant children in
                                                    List of migrant students
                                                     receiving program services
            coordination with other categorical
                                                     including interventions and
            programs and provides migrant
                                                     any other academically
            children the opportunity to meet
                                                     related programs (ex: ESL,
            state academic content and
                                                     Special Ed., reading
 I.B.10     achievement standards. The LEA
            also provides educational
            continuity for migrant students         Samples of migrant student
            through the timely transfer of           cumulative files (SDE will
            educational and health records           review on-site)
            1301, 1304(b)(1) (2)(3),
                                                    Evidence of communication
                                                     (phone/written) with
                                                     receiving districts of migrant
                                                    Evidence of staff use of
           State and local agencies must
           address students’ unique needs
                                                    Progress made toward
                                                     meeting Measurable
           with a plan that is integrated with
                                                     Program Outcomes (MPO)
           other Federal programs, provides
                                                     (MPO Chart)
           migrant children with an
           opportunity to meet State
           standards, specifies measurable         Visit
 I.B.11    program goals and outcomes,
           encompasses the full range of
                                                    http://www.sde.ida
           services available to migrant             ho.gov/site/nclb/pr
           children reflects joint planning,         ogram_monitoring.
           and provides for the integration of
           MEP services with those provided
                                                     htm for
           by other programs,                        documentation
           The LEA gives priority to
           migratory children who are failing,
                                                    Priority for Services (PFS)
                                                     List indicating criteria that
 I.B.12    or most at risk of failing to meet
                                                     were used for designation
           the State’s challenging State
                                                     (PFS Documentation form
           academic content standards and
                                                     must be used and can be
           challenging State student
       September 20, 2012
            academic achievement standards,         found at
            and whose education has been            http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
            interrupted during the regular          e/migrant_edu/reports_docu
            school year, 1304(d)                    ments.htm
                                                   Evidence that PFS migrant
                                                    students are being served
                                                    first through the migrant
            The LEA measures migrant
            student progress against the
                                                   Comparison of migrant vs.
                                                    non migrant on state
            desired outcomes of the migrant
 I.B.13                                             assessments (IRI, ISAT)
            education program and state
            academic content standards,
            1304(b) and 1306(a)(C)
            The Regional Migrant
            Identification and Recruitment
                                                   Copy of sub-award
                                                    agreement between SDE
            Coordinator provides technical
                                                    and the district
            assistance to LEAs according to
            the sub-award agreement                Agendas and sign-in sheets
            1304(b),(c)                             of Regional trainings
            **Only applies to districts w/
            sub-award with SDE
                                                   Regional meeting minutes
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

                                                   ELD or bilingual Ed.
                                                    descriptions with class
                                                   Written description or
                                                    samples of English
                                                    language development
                                                    curriculum and resources.

            Each student identified for the
                                                   Samples of Educational
                                                    Learning Plans (ELPs) for
            ELD program receives a high-
                                                    English Learners receiving
            quality program of instruction that
                                                    any accommodations in the
            uses approaches, methodologies,
 I.B.15                                             ELD classroom
            and curricular materials/resources
            that are based on scientific           IEPs for special education
            research and proven effective with      English Learners
            English Learners, 3115(A)
                                                   Samples of student grades
                                                    or progress reports for ELD
                                                    and/or bilingual education

                                                   ***Additional information
                                                    will be gathered during the
                                                    classroom observations
                                                    conducted by SDE
                                                   Grade level course
                                                    descriptions with class
                                                   Samples of English
                                                    Learners’ daily schedule
                                                   AYP data for English
            Academic instruction for English        Learner subgroup
            Learners is designed and
            implemented to ensure that they
                                                   Samples of English
                                                    Learners’ grades
            meet the district’s content and
            performance standards for their        Graduation data for English
            respective grade levels in a            Learners
            reasonable amount of time,
                                                   Samples of Educational
                                                    Learning Plans (ELPs) for
                                                    English Learners receiving
                                                    any accommodations in the
                                                    regular/content classroom

                                                  ***Additional information will
                                                     be gathered during the
                                                     classroom observations
       September 20, 2012
                                                      conducted by SDE
                                                     Training agendas,
                                                      powerpoints, sign-in sheets,
                                                      feedback forms
             The LEA has disseminated the
             English Language Development
                                                     Walk-through observation
             (ELD) standards and provided
             training and technical assistance       Documentation of
             on implementation of the                 participation in State Dept.
             standards, 3113                          trainings
                                                     Documentation of coaching
                                                      or one-on-one technical
                                                     Samples of IELA scores
                                                     Longitudinal data on
             The LEA demonstrates that the            linguistic proficiency of
             ELD programs produce, within a           current and former English
             reasonable period of time, the           Learners
 I.B.18      English-language proficiency
             comparable to that of average           District ELD plan
             native speakers of English in the      AMAO data/results (This
             district, 3121                           information is housed at
                                                      the SDE. District does not
                                                      need to submit these
             The LEA demonstrates that the           Samples of ISAT and IRI,
             ELD programs produce academic            scores/data
             results indicating that English
             language learners are achieving         Sample of grades and/or
 I.B.19      and sustaining parity of academic        progress reports
             achievement with students who           Longitudinal data on
             entered the district’s school            academic achievement of
             system already proficient in             English Learners
             English, 3121

                                                     List of exited students by
                                                      monitoring year (i.e.,
                                                      LEPX1, LEPX2)
                                                     Documentation verifying
             The LEA monitors for a minimum           that student transitions have
             of two years, the progress of            met the LEA criteria for
             students exited from the program         exiting the program (i.e.,
 I.B.20                                               Program Exiting Form)
             to ensure correct classification,
             placement, and additional support       Monitoring forms which
             if needed, 3121(a)(4), 3127              include multiple data
                                                      sources such as: state
                                                      assessment scores, district
                                                      assessment scores, grades,
                                                      teacher feedback,
                                                      attendance, etc.
Title X McKinney Vento Homeless
                                                     An appropriate person is
                                                      designated as liaison-
                                                      someone who has the
             The LEA has designated an                capacity to carry out
             appropriate staff person as the          assigned duties and
             liaison for homeless children and        authority needed to effect
             youth, to carry out the duties           change
             described in paragraph (6)(A) of
             Title X, Part C, Sec. 1032, Subtitle    Evidence (trainings dates,
I.B.21       B Sec. 722(g)(1)(j)(ii) and all          agendas, sign-in sheets,
             schools, local service providers,        etc.) that school personnel
             and advocates are informed of the        have been informed of the
             liaison’s duties, the definition of      liaison’s duties and the
             homeless and Title X                     requirements of Title X
             requirements Title X, Part C,            Homeless Education
             Section 722(g)(1)(J)(ii), 722((g)(6)    Evidence of homeless
                                                      education training for staff in
                                                      non-Title IA schools and
                                                      shelters ,if applicable
         September 20, 2012
             The LEA has a homeless
             education policy for the purpose
                                                      Copy of policy adopted by
                                                       governing board that
             of removing enrollment and
                                                       describes rights of homeless
             retention barriers of homeless
                                                       students and the
             children and youth; the policy
                                                       requirements of the LEA in
             includes assurance that homeless
                                                       serving these students.
             children and youth are not
             stigmatized or segregated and            Visit
             ensure that transportation is             http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
             provided at the request of                e/homeless_edu/resources.
             parent/guardian to and from the           htm for Sample LEA
             school of origin, Title X, Part C,        Homeless Education
             Section 1032, Subtitle B, Section         Policies
             722 (g)(1)(I)
             Public notice of educational rights
             of homeless children and youth is
                                                      Sample posters and
             disseminated by LEA in places
             where families and youth are             List of locations where
             likely to be present (e.g., schools,      materials are posted
             shelters, soup kitchens), and in        Go to:
             comprehensible formats (e.g., in          http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
             Spanish, geared for low literacy,         e/homeless_edu/pubProduct
             or other community need). Title X         s.htm to order FREE posters
             Section 722(g)(6)(A)(v)                   and toolkit
                                                      Written policies and sample
             The LEA has a process for the             letter explaining placement
             resolution of disagreements,              decisions. NOTE: Even if
             including procedures for homeless         placement disputes have not
             families and youth to appeal              occurred before, the LEA is
             school placement decisions made           required to have a written
I.B.24       by the LEA, including written             plan and procedures
             explanations, dispute resolution          describing how to proceed in
             processes and provision of                the event resolution/appeal
             services during appeal process,           is sought
             Title X, Part C, Section                Sample available at
             722(g)(3)(E)                              http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
                                                      Evidence of
                                                       with social services
                                                       agencies, local community
                                                       action partners, H&W
             The LEA coordinates McKinney-             navigator, etc. and/or
             Vento services with local social         Evidence of
             services agencies and with other          coordination/collaboration
I.B.25       local educational agencies on             with other LEAs on inter-
             inter-district issues, such as            district issues and/or
             transportation or transfer of school
             records 722(g)(5)                        Evidence of
                                                       with other departments
                                                       within district, such as Title
                                                       IA and other federal
                                                       programs, transportation,
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program
             The LEA ensures schools annually         Process for verifying number
             assess the English proficiency of         and percentage of English
I.C.26       all Title III served English Learners     Learners tested on ELP
             in grades K-12 consistent with            assessment and method for
             Section 1111(b)(7)                        reporting results to the State
             The LEA keeps records of all
             English Learners who were not            List of English Learners not
I.C.27                                                 tested on the annual ELP
             assessed using the annual ELP
             assessment, Section1111(b)(7)             assessment.
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
Title IC Migrant Education Program

         September 20, 2012
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program
                                                     Title IA Documentation:
                                                      Paraprofessional schedule
                                                       including where instruction
            All instructional paraprofessionals        is provided and the HQ
            in a Schoolwide building and               instructor supervising during
            paraprofessionals in a Targeted            each instructional session
            Assistance building who are
            funded by Title IA, Title IC, or Title   Title IC Documentation:
            III must be under the direct
            supervision of a highly qualified         Documentation of the
            teacher, 1119(g)(3)(A)                     paraprofessional position,
 I.D.28                                                collaborative meetings, and
            (“Direct supervision” is defined in        supervision
            guidance as: 1) the teacher plans
            the instructional activities; 2) the     Title III Documentation:
            teacher evaluates the                     Logs of collaborative
            achievement of the students; 3)            meetings between
            the paraprofessional must work in          paraprofessionals and
            close and frequent proximity to            supervising teachers—
            the highly qualified teacher.)             inclusive of dates of
                                                       meetings, activities done,
                                                       lesson planning done, items
                                                       discussed, etc.
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
            Title IA paraprofessionals are
            assigned and provide duties
                                                      Interview paraprofessionals
 I.D.29     consistent with Federal
            regulations, NCLB 1119(g)(2)(A-
            Paraprofessionals may assume
            limited duties that are assigned to
                                                      Schedule for all building
 I.D.30     similar personnel who are not
            working in a Title IA program,            Interview
            NCLB 1119(g)(3)(B)
Title IA College & Career Ready Program

                                                      Samples of parent
            At the beginning of each school            notification for each Title I-A
            year, the local educational agency         building, in multiple
            (LEA) notified parents in all Title I-     languages as practicable.
            A served buildings that they may
            request information regarding the
                                                      Visit
            professional qualifications of
            students’ classroom teachers,
                                                       tm and click on the Sample
            NCLB 1111 (h)(6)(A)
                                                       Parent Notification for
                                                       Teacher Qualifications link
                                                      Samples of notification in
                                                       multiple languages as
            The LEA provides timely notice to          applicable.
            parents of students in Title I-A
            served schools if the child has           Visit
            been assigned to be taught, or             http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
 I.E.32     has been taught for four or more           e/nclb/program_monitoring.h
            consecutive weeks, by a teacher            tm and click on the Non-
            who is not Highly Qualified (as            HQT Sample Letter
            defined by NCLB), NCLB                   This indicator Does Not Apply
            1111(h)(6)(B)(ii)                          if the LEA meets teacher HQ
            The LEA ensures that each                 Sample of redacted
            participating school provides to           individual student reports

            individual parents information on
            the level of achievement of the
                                                      Dated cover letter sent with
                                                       the report OR DRC Parent
            parent’s child in each of the
                                                       Brochure and Report
            State’s academic assessments as
            required (1111(h)(6)(B)(i)

            The LEA written parent
            involvement policy is developed
                                                      Copy of policy with all the
                                                       required elements
            with the parents, agreed upon by
        September 20, 2012
           the parents, and disseminated to
           parents of Title I and Migrant
                                                    Evidence of annual review
                                                     with parent involvement
           participating students, NCLB 1118
                                                     such as: notification of
                                                     meetings, list of attendees,
                                                     minutes of meetings,
                                                    Evidence that the policy was
                                                     distributed to parents
                                                    Visit
                                                     e/parentInvolvement/ for a
                                                     sample LEA Parent
                                                     Involvement Policy &
                                                     checklist of required
                                                    Copy of building parent
                                                     involvement policy (plan)
                                                     with all the required
           Each school building has a parent        Evidence of dissemination to
           involvement policy (plan) 1118(b).        parents and community
I.E.35     The plan is made available to the
           local community and is updated           Evidence of review process
           periodically, NCLB 1118 (b)                taking place with parent
                                                   arentInvolvement/ for a
                                                   checklist of required elements
                                                    Evidence that the Compact
                                                     contains required elements
           Each Title I school jointly
                                                     and is distributed annually
           develops with parents for all
           children served under Title I, a         Visit
           school parent compact. School             http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
           distributes compact to parents            e/parentInvolvement/ for a
           annually, NCLB 1118 (d)                   sample School-Home
                                                     Compact & checklist of
                                                     required elements
           An annual meeting is convened to
           which all parents of students in a
                                                    Provide a copy of meeting
                                                     notification(s), agenda,
           schoolwide program and
                                                     meeting notes/minutes, and
           participating students in a
                                                     sign-in/attendance list
           targeted assistance program are
           invited to inform parents of their
           school’s participation in Title I and
           to explain Title I requirements and
           the right of parents to be involved,
           NCLB 1118 (c)
                                                    Description and timeline of
                                                     activities including copies of
                                                     materials, training agendas,
                                                    Evidence that schools
                                                     provide assistance to
           Assistance, materials, and training       parents in understanding
           have been provided specifically           content and achievement
I.E.38     to Title I-A parents to help build        standards, assessments,
           capacity for their involvement,           and how to monitor their
           NCLB 1118 (e)                             child’s progress
                                                    Evidence that parents are
                                                     provided materials and
                                                     training to help their children
                                                     succeed in school, such as
                                                     literacy training and using
          The LEA reserves no less than
          1% of its Title I-A allocation (if
                                                    CFSGA Budget Page
          over $500,000) for parental               Evidence that funds are
          involvement activities, incl.              used to promote parent
          promoting family literacy and              involvement
          parenting skills, NCLB
      September 20, 2012
                                                       Title I-A set aside and
                                                        budget pages

              The LEA distributes at least 95%         School level budget report
              of parental involvement funds to          for each participating school
  I.E.40                                                indicates an allocation from
              participating schools, ESEA
              1118(a)(3)(C)                             the LEA for parent
                                                        involvement activities
              Parents of children receiving
              services are involved in the
                                                       Meeting agenda,
                                                        notes/minutes, and sign-in/
              decisions regarding how parental
  I.E.41                                                attendance sheet
              involvement funds are allotted for
              parental involvement activities,         Copy of survey, if applicable
Title IC Migrant Education Program:
               District and regional parent
               advisory councils (PACs) fulfill
                                                       List of PAC members
               their responsibilities:                 Notices of meetings,
                Establish migrant education            bulletins, and
               program goals, objectives, and           correspondence in English
               priorities                               and Spanish
                Review annual needs
               assessments, program activities
                                                       Agenda of PAC meetings in
                                                        English and Spanish
               for each school, and
               individualized education programs       Minutes of PAC meetings in
                Advise on the selection,               English and Spanish
               development, and reassignment           Sign-in/attendance list of
               of migrant education program staff       PAC members
                Actively involved in the
               planning and negotiating of
               program applications for regular
               and summer school, 1304(c)(3)
               and 1306(a)(B)(ii)
Title III Limited English Proficiency
               Parents have been informed of
               their child’s initial and continuing
                                                       Sample letter of notification
                                                        to parents of LEP program
               placement into an English
                                                        placement and any copies of
               language development program
  I.E.43                                                parents’ notification to waive
               according to section 3302(a) and
               how they can participate in their
               child’s education and language
               An LEA that has not made                Copy of letter sent to
               progress on AMAOs informs                parents if LEA and/or child
               parents of LEP students of such          fails to make AMAOs or
               status within 30 days, 3302(b)           adequate progress
               The LEA ensures that the
               notifications sent to parents are in
                                                       Copies of letters sent to
                                                        parents in English and other
               an understandable and uniform
  I.E.45                                                applicable language(s)
               format and, to the extent
               practicable, in a language the
               parents can understand (3302)
                                                       Evidence of outreach
              The LEA ensures that it                   notifications and agendas
              implements an effective means of         District parental involvement
              outreach to parents of English            policy related to LEP
              Learners regarding their
              education as specified in Section        Documentation of specific
              3302(e)                                   parent involvement
                                                        programs including signed
                                                        attendance sheets

              Parents, staff, and community            Evidence of meeting
              members participate in                    notifications and agendas
  I.E.47      developing, implementing, and             related to ELD program
              evaluating the limited English            implementation and
              proficient program, 3303(e)(1)            evaluation including signed
                                                        attendance sheets
Title III Limited English Proficiency
  I.F.48      The LEA uses Emergency                   List of immigrant students
         September 20, 2012
            Immigrant funds to serve
            immigrant children and youth as
                                                    ELPs for immigrant students
                                                     (if applicable)
            required by Section 3114 (d)
                                                    District Emergency
                                                     Immigrant Plan with
                                                     description of program(s)
                                                     serving immigrant students
                                                    Copy of randomly selected
                                                     purchase orders – double
                                                     signed for purchases made
                                                     with Emergency Immigrant
                                                    Records of expenditures for
                                                     staff, materials, and
                                                     equipment specifically used
                                                     to serve immigrant students
Title IA College & Career Ready

                                                    Copy of rubric the district
                                                     uses to evaluate the school
                                                     in improvement plan
            The LEA ensures that each
            school identified for improvement       Documentation of School
            has developed or revised a school        Improvement planning
            plan that aligns with the State’s        process (i.e. list of school
            School Improvement Workbook              improvement planning team
            timeline and:                            members (and positions),
             Was developed in                       dated agenda(s), meeting
                consultation with parents,           note(s)) to develop or revise
                community, LEA and outside           a school plan
             Meets the requirements               WISE Tool
                outlined in 1116 (b)(3)(A)(i-x)
                                                    Team member page for list
                                                     of parent(s)
                                                    Assurance pages
                                                    Copy of rubric the district
                                                     uses to evaluate the school
            The LEA has a peer review                in improvement plan that
 I.G.50     process to review and approve            lists peer reviewer(s)
            the school plans, 1116 (b)(3)(E)
                                                    Documentation of the LEA
                                                     peer review process
                                                     including timeline
            The LEA has a plan for technical
            assistance to schools in
                                                    Technical assistance plan
                                                     includes required elements
            improvement status that includes:
             Data analysis;                        Evidence that the plan is
             Identifying and implementing           implemented, i.e. dated
                professional development,            agenda/meeting notes.
                instructional strategies, and
 I.G.51         methods of instruction that are    For a sample plan, go to
                based on high quality              http://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/n
                research; and                      clb/program_monitoring.htm
             Analyzing and revising the           and click on the sample LEA
                school’s budget so that the        Technical Assistance Plan for
                school’s resources are more        Schools in School
                effectively allocated to student   Improvement.
                academic achievement
                activities, 1116(b)(4)(B)(i-iii)
                                                    CFSGA Budget page
            The LEA has set aside at least
            10% of the school’s Title I
                                                    Financial records showing
 I.G.52                                              total expenditures for
            allocation for professional
                                                     professional development as
            development 1116(b)(3)(A)(iii)
                                                     approved in the Budget
           The LEA has developed or
           revised, a district improvement
                                                    WISE Tool District
                                                     Improvement Plan that
           plan in consultation with parents,
 I.G.53                                              includes documentation of
           school staff and others and this
                                                     LEA Improvement planning
           plan meets the requirements of
                                                     process (i.e. list of LEA
           1116(c)(7)(A)(i-viii); §200.52
       September 20, 2012
                                           improvement planning team
                                           members (and positions),
                                           dated agendas, meeting
                                        Indicators: IA02, IA03
                                         Copy of State Rubric with
                                          reviewers notes and
                                          approval status
                                        Documentation for all of the
                                        following is required:
                                         Evidence of resources that
                                          the LEA provided to
                                          school(s) related to the
                                          implementation of the SIG
                                          model, i.e. collaboration,
                                          data analysis, effective
                                          practice guidance –
                                          Transformation Toolkit
                                         Evidence indicating how   the
                                          LEA communicates and
                                          works with school
                                          principal(s) as a team to
                                          monitor SIG and ensure
                                          appropriate implementation
                                         Evidence indicating the
                                          LEA’s evaluation criteria for
                                          staff (teacher evaluation
                                          criteria, rubric for teacher
                                          evaluation; pay for
                                          performance plan, etc.)
           The LEA complies with the     Evidence of professional
I.H.54     requirements for a School      development activities
           Improvement Grant, 1003(g)     specific to SIG (memos,
                                          announcements, attendance
                                          sheets, agendas)
                                         Documentation outlining the
                                          LEA’s criteria and evaluation
                                          process for screening and
                                          selecting new instructional
                                          programs or strategies (How
                                          is data used to make the
                                         Evidence of increased
                                          learning time (How does the
                                          academic schedule differ
                                          this year than prior to SIG?)
                                         Evidence of communication
                                          with parents and the
                                          community about the
                                          implementation of SIG
                                          (letters to parents, fliers,
                                          announcements, agendas,
                                          attendance sheets, minutes
                                          from parent/community

       September 20, 2012
                                                         II. Great Teachers and Leaders

Indicator                                             Examples of Supporting              Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
ID                                                       Documentation                                  Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                      Yes   No   NA
Title IIA Effective Instruction & Leadership
                                                     Evidence of local needs
                                                       assessment that
                                                       considers professional
            Needs assessment was                       development and hiring
            conducted with the involvement             needs to improve student
            of teachers, including Title I-A           achievement (WISE or
            teachers, and takes into account           locally created
            activities that give teachers the          documentation, such as
            means, including subject matter            meeting minutes, copy of
 II.A.55    knowledge and teaching skills,             survey, student
            and to give principals the                 achievement data
            instructional leadership skills to         analysis, etc.)
            help teachers provide students           List of teachers included in
            with the opportunity to meet                developing needs
            academic achievement, NCLB                  assessment (CFSGA,
            2122 (c)                                    WISE))
                                                     Description of the results of
                                                       the needs assessment
                                                       (CFSGA, WISE)
                                                     Copy of district professional
                                                       development plan; visit
            LEA has a professional                     site/title_two/ for a
            development plan, NCLB 2122(a)             sample template or
 II.A.56    and (b) whether or not Title II-A          indicate that the LEA’s
            funds are used for professional            professional development
            development                                plan is in the WISE Tool

                                                  Evidence that the plan is
                                                  aligned with the Needs

            Professional development plan            Brief description of
            includes a description of how              planning process and
            teachers, paraprofessionals,               persons involved or
            principals, other relevant school          agenda(s) and meeting
 II.A.57                                               minutes
            personnel, and parents have
            collaborated in planning Title II-A      List of participants who
            funded activities, NCLB                    helped develop the plan
                                                     CFSGA or WISE
                                                      Matrix aligning professional
                                                        development activities to
                                                        state content standards
            Professional development
                                                        and student achievement
            activities carried out by the LEA
                                                        and scientifically based
            are aligned with state academic
                                                        research or TIA process
            content standards, NCLB
            2122(b)(1)(A), are based on
            scientifically based research, and
            explain why the activities are             For Professional
            expected to improve student                 Development Matrix
            academic achievement, NCLB                  Sample, go to
            2122(b)(1)(B)                               http://www.sde.idaho.gov/
                                                        ing.htm , under Technical
            Title IIA funded professional
            development activities have
                                                     Description of method used
                                                       to determine extent to
            measurable and positive impact
                                                       which the activities have
 II.A.59    on student academic
                                                       an impact on student
            achievement in the classroom
            and are used as part of a broader
            strategy to eliminate the                Data results and evidence

       September 20, 2012
              achievement gap separating low-               of impact
              income and minority students
              from other students, NCLB

Title IC Migrant Education Program
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program
                                                      Title IC Documentation:
                                                       District professional
                                                          development calendar
                                                          highlighting migrant
                                                          specific professional
                                                          development trainings
                                                       Agendas and sign-in sheets
                                                          for migrant specific
              The LEA provides ongoing and
              meaningful professional                  PowerPoint presentations or
              development programs and                    supporting materials
              support for administrators,                 associated with the training
              teachers, paraprofessionals, and
              other program staff specific to         Title III Documentation:
              meeting the needs of migrant
              students and/or meeting the
                                                       District professional
                                                          development calendar
              needs of English Learners,
                                                          specific to LEP trainings
                                                       Agendas and sign-in sheets
                                                          for trainings
                                                       PowerPoint presentations
                                                          for trainings
                                                       Sample of materials
                                                          associated with trainings
                                                       Training evaluations/surveys
                                                          from staff
Title IA College & Career Ready Program

                                                       Onsite teacher file review:
                                                          Evidence to support highly
                                                          qualified status for selected
                                                          teachers identified by SDE,
              The LEA ensures that all core               i.e. supporting documents
              academic-subject teachers who               for HOUSSE, PRAXIS
              teach in a Title I Schoolwide or            results, transcript in
              are paid from Title I funds in a            assignment area, etc.
              Targeted Assistance program are
              highly qualified 1119 (a)
                                                       Core academic teachers in a
                                                          schoolwide building and
                                                          Title I teachers in a targeted
                                                          assistance building must be
                                                          HQ or immediately
                                                           Copies of written
                                                            attestations at each
              The principal of a Title I school
              attests, annually, in writing, to the    For a sample attestation,
 II.C.62      highly qualified teacher and                visit
              instructional paraprofessional              http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
              requirements, NCLB1119 (i).                 e/nclb/program_monitoring.h
                                                          tm and click on the Principal
                                                          Attestation Sample located
                                                          under Technical Assistance
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
Title IC Migrant Education Program
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

         September 20, 2012
                                                      SW:     List of all para-
                                                         professionals with
                                                         documentation of how and
                                                         when the professional
                                                         qualification requirement
                                                         was achieved for each
                                                         Federal funding source.
                                                      TA:    List of all para-
                                                         professionals, paid in whole
                                                         or part with Federal funds,
                                                         with documentation of how
                                                         and when the professional
              The LEA ensures that all
                                                         qualification requirement
              instructional paraprofessionals,
                                                         was achieved for each
              who work in a Title I SW or are
                                                         Federal funding source
              paid from Federal funds in a TA
              program meet professional               Evidence of high school
              qualification requirements at the          diploma (or GED) AND
              time they were hired, NCLB 1119
                                                      Evidence of AA degree or
                                                         32 college credits OR
                                                      Evidence of passing the
                                                         Parapro Praxis
                                                      Evidence of funding source
                                                     **Please be aware that any
                                                        paraprofessional salary
                                                        paid for with Title I-C
                                                        funds or Title III funds
                                                        must meet the supplement
                                                        not supplant requirement.
Title III Limited English Proficiency
              Teachers assigned to provide
              English language development or
                                                      University transcripts
              access to core curriculum               District trainings
              instruction for LEP students are
              appropriately authorized or
                                                      Bilingual or ESL certificate
              actively in training for a bilingual
              or ESL certification/endorsement,
Title IIA Effective Instruction & Leadership
              The LEA ensures that all
              teachers in the district who are
                                                      Onsite teacher file review for
                                                     randomly selected teachers
              assigned to teach core subjects
                                                     (list to be provided onsite when
              are Highly Qualified in their
                                                     reviewers are at the district)
              assignment, NCLB 1119(a) and
              that Title IIA funds are used to         Licensure data for teachers
              meet requirements of section           and parapros indicating highly
              1119 2122(b)(10)                       qualified status

                                                        Professional development
                                                     plans for those staff not HQ -
                All core academic teachers
                 in the district must meet HQ
             Core academic teachers in
                                                     for a sample Individual
                non-Title IA buildings who
                                                     Teacher Plan for HQT
 II.C.65        are not highly qualified must
                have a plan on file at the             Evidence that Title IIA
                district describing when and         funds are used to meet HQ
                how the teacher will become          requirements
                highly qualified. This
                includes core academic, non
                Title I teachers in a targeted
                assistance building. (The
                plan satisfies this indicator.
                A sample plan may be found
             All core academic teachers
                in a schoolwide building and
       September 20, 2012
                Title I teachers in a targeted
                assistance building must be
                HQ or immediately

                                                    Evidence that the class-
                                                  size reduction criteria have
                                                  been met:
                                                        1. Based on needs
                                                        2. Must reduce class
                                                            size to 17 or fewer,
                                                        3. In grades K-3,
           All teachers whose salaries are
                                                        4. In classes taught by
           paid from Title II-A funds for class
                                                            highly qualified
           size reduction are highly qualified
II.C.66                                                     teacher who adjusts
           to teach in the areas to which
                                                            strategies to fit the
           they have been assigned, NCLB
                                                            reduced-class size,
                                                        5. For schools with at-
                                                            risk populations of
                                                        6. Where the effort is
                                                            sustained for the
                                                            cohort group for at
                                                            least two years.
                                                   Interviews
           The LEA ensures that low income         Complete and submit the
           and minority students are not              Teacher Experience by
           taught at higher rates than other          School form located at
           students by unqualified, out-of-           http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
           field or inexperienced teachers            e/nclb/program_monitoring.h
           NCLB 1112(c)(L)                            tm

      September 20, 2012
                                                   III. Transparent Accountability

Indicator                                           Examples of Supporting                Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
   ID                                                  Documentation                                    Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                      Yes   No   NA

Title IA College & Career Ready Program
Title IC Migrant Education Program
Title IIA Effective Instruction and
Leadership Program
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

                                                  Detail district level
                                                   budget/expenditure report
                                                   for the current fiscal year for
                                                   salaries, materials,
                                                   equipment, etc. for each title
                                                   area monitored, indicating
                                                   date, vendor , and amounts*
                                                  List of all staff, including
                                                   FTEs and funding
                                                   sources, Required: Copy of
                                                   staff breakdown-available at
             Expenditures are maintained at
             the LEA for each Title area,
             School Improvement Grants            Onsite interview of the
             (SIG), and Rural and Low-Income       business manager
             School program (RLIS).
             Expenditures are for allowable
                                                  Onsite interview of the RLIS
                                                   program staff if applicable
             and approved activities.
 III.A.68    Expenditures supplement/not
             supplant state and local funds,     *Important Notes:
             NCLB 2123 (b); OMB A-87;
             1306(a)(1)(B)(iii); 1003(g);        1. The budget report for each
             1304(c)(1)(A), 1304(c)(6),             federal program must align
             1306(b)                                to the CFSGA budget total
                                                    and also by school for Title
                                                 2. For Title IA only, the Detail
                                                    Budget/ Expenditure report
                                                    must also include the budget
                                                    and expenditures by
                                                 3. Title III requires
                                                    budget/expenditure reports
                                                    for two years (the current
                                                    year and the previous year)
                                                 4. If a school in the district has
                                                    a School Improvement
                                                    Grant (SIG), include a
                                                    budget with expenditures
                                                    related to the grant
Title IC Migrant Education Program

                                                  Copies of job descriptions
                                                  Detailed outline of
                                                   assignments for ALL migrant
             The LEA uses Title I-C funds only
                                                   funded staff including a list
             to support programs and projects
                                                   of migrant students served
 III.A.69    outlined in the State Service
                                                      (i.e., Migrant Director,
             Delivery Plan.
                                                      Family Liaison,
             1304(c)(1)(2), 1304(c)(7)
                                                      ID&R Coordinator;
                                                   funded by I-C)
        September 20, 2012
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

            The core ELD instructional             Records of all expenditures
            program provided to English             for State LEP and local
            Learners is paid for with State         funds used to provide core
 III.A.70                                           ELD program services (i.e.,
            and local funds in order to meet
            Castaneda and Lau                       salaries, benefits, supplies
            requirements, 3115(g)                   and materials, professional
                                                    development, etc.)
                                                   Records/evidence that ELL
                                                    Placement assessments for
            The LEA uses only State or local        English Learners are paid
            funds to identify and place             for with STATE LEP & local
            English Learners in a core ELD          funding
            program, inclusive of the ELL
            Placement screener, 1111(b)(7)        **No Title III funds may be
            and 3113(b)(2)                        used for assessment of
                                                  English Learners inclusive of
                                                  the ELL Placement Test &
                                                   Records/evidence that IELA
                                                    assessment for English
            The LEA uses only State and             Learners are paid for with
            local funds to pay for the costs of     STATE LEP & local funding
 III.A.72   administering and reporting of
            the IELA assessment, 1111(b)(7)       **No Title III funds may be
            and 3113(b)(2)                        used for assessment of
                                                  English Learners inclusive of
                                                  the ELL Placement Test &
                                                   Records/evidence that IELA
                                                    assessment for English
            The LEA uses only State and             Learners are paid for with
            local funds to pay for materials or     STATE LEP & local funding.
 III.A.73   equipment related to the
            administration of annual IELA,         **No Title III funds may be
            1111(b)(7) and 3113(b)(2)             used for assessment of
                                                  English Learners inclusive of
                                                  the ELL Placement Test &
                                                   Records of all expenditures
            The LEA has reserved not more           for Title III funds (i.e.,
            than two percent of its allocation      salaries, benefits, supplies
            for the administration of the Title     and materials, professional
            III program which includes both         development, etc.)
            direct and indirect costs in the
            two percent, 3115
                                                   Assurance that no more
                                                    than 2% of funds are used
                                                    for administrative purposes
                                                   Records/evidence that
                                                    salaries and benefits for
                                                    personnel working with
                                                    English Learners are paid
                                                    for with STATE LEP & local
                                                   Records of all expenditures
                                                    for Title III funds (i.e.,
                                                    salaries, benefits, supplies
            The LEA uses Title III funds only       and materials, professional
            to support services or activities       development, travel, etc.)
 III.A.75   that it would not be required to
            provide in the absence of Title III
                                                   Records/evidence that of
                                                    allowable activities paid for
            funds, 3115(g)
                                                    with Title III funds such as
                                                    professional development,
                                                    before & after school
                                                    programs, summer school
                                                    programs, supplemental
                                                    curricular materials &
                                                   Copy of randomly selected
                                                    purchase orders – double
       September 20, 2012
Title IA College & Career Ready Program

                                                 Copy of “Schedule of
                                                  Findings and Questioned
            The LEA has had an audit of           Costs” section from district
            federal programs and audit            audit for last two years
            findings have been addressed,        Evidence that any audit
            OMB A-133                             findings have been
                                                 LEA maintains inventory
                                                  record, which includes
                                                  description of property,
                                                  serial number, funding
                                                  source, acquisition date,
                                                  cost, location, condition, &
                                                  disposition data
            The LEA has a current inventory      Inventoried items include
            of any materials purchased with       equipment over $5000 and
            Title funds, 34 CFR 80.32 (d)(1)      supplies/materials less than
            and (2)                               $5000 with useful life of
            See Guidelines for specific           more than one year
                                                 Evidence that  physical
                                                  check of inventory has been
                                                  conducted w/in last two
                                                  years and reconciled with
                                                  inventory records
                                                 Note:  Inventory records
                                                  should be kept for five years
                                                  after any transfer/disposal of
                                                  equipment from the federal
Title X McKinney-Vento Homeless
                                                 Title IA Budget page –
                                                  Homeless Education set-
                                                  aside is based on need
                                                  rather than the automatic
                                                  minimum of ¼ of 1%, i.e.
            The LEA reserves Homeless             data analysis of needs from
            Education funds (Title IA set-        previous year; evidence of
            aside) to provide comparable          meeting with Title I director
 III.A.78   services to homeless children         to determine homeless ed.
            including those in shelters and       needs; needs assessment,
            who attend non-Title I-A schools      etc.
                                                 Evidence of budget
                                                  expenditures to provide
                                                  educationally related
                                                  support services to children
                                                  in non-Title IA schools and
Title IA College & Career Ready Program

                                                 Copy of Comparability
                                                  Report sent to SDE
                                                 Documentation of
                                                  comparability calculations to
                                                  include 1) Enrollment
                                                  numbers as of October 1
            The LEA meets comparability           and 2) list of FTE staff as of
 III.B.79   requirements, NCLB 1120A(c)(2)        October 1
            and (3)
                                                 Copy of LEA’s procedure for
                                                  complying with comparability
                                                  requirements including
                                                  timeline for demonstrating
                                                  comparability, identification
                                                  of responsible position
                                                  making comparability

       September 20, 2012
                                                      calculations, measure and
                                                      process used to determine
                                                      whether schools are
                                                      comparable, and how and
                                                      when the LEA makes
                                                      adjustments in schools that
                                                      are not comparable.
Title IA College & Career Ready Program

                                                     Board adopted policy is in
                                                      place and being
            The LEA provides access to
            student directory information to
            military recruiters upon request,        Visit
            NCLB 9528                                 http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
                                                      tm for a sample
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
Title IC Migrant Education Program
Title IIA Effective Instruction & Leadership
Title III Limited English Proficiency Program

                                                     Required: Copies of semi-
                                                      annual certifications- sample
            The LEA requires employees                available at
            supported wholly by a single              http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
            Federal award or cost objective to        e/nclb/program_monitoring.h
            complete a semi-annual                    tm; signed by the employee
            certification, OMB Circular A-87,         or supervisory official w/
            Attachment B.8.h(3).                      first- hand knowledge of
            (Does not apply to schoolwide             work performed
            programs where Federal, State,
            and local funds are consolidated
                                                     Copy of staff breakdown-
                                                      available at
            into one funding pool.)
                                                     Required:  Copy of staff
                                                      breakdown – sample
                                                      available at
            The LEA requires employees
            supported by multiple activities or
            cost objectives to complete ‘time
 III.D.82                                             tm
            and effort’ reporting, OMB
            Circular A-87, Attachment B.8.h          Review of staff Personnel
            (4), (5), and (6)                         Activity Reports (PARs)
                                                      such as timecards or
                                                      schedules, which must
                                                      coincide with payroll records
                                                     Copy of LEA written policy
                                                      or procedure on Personnel
                                                      Activity Reports reflecting
                                                      positive time reporting
            The LEA requires positive time           Evidence of staff training
            reporting for all staff paid in part      regarding positive time
            with federal funds, OMB 2 CFR             reporting
            Part 225 Appendix B 8.h.5
                                                     Visit
                                                      tm for a sample Positive
                                                      Time Reporting Policy
Title IA College & Career Ready Program
            The LEA publicly disseminates an         Evidence that the district
            annual report card with all the           and each school links to
            required information to all schools       SDE’s report card website
            in the district and to all parents of     for LEA and schools OR
       September 20, 2012
     students attending those schools       district and schools report
     in an understandable and uniform       cards includes all the
     format and, to the extent              required elements as
     practicable, provide in a language     described in 1111(h)(2)(B)
     that the parents can understand,       and 1111(h)(1)(c) (See
     and make the information widely        Report Card Checklist at
     available through public means,        http://www.sde.idaho.gov/sit
     such as posting on the Internet,       e/nclb/program_monitoring.h
     distribution to the media, and         tm)
     distribution through public
     agencies, NCLB 1111 (h)(2)(B)
                                           Evidence the current report
                                            card is available on the
     and 1111(h)2(E)
                                            Internet, and distributed to
                                            the media and public
                                            agencies as described in

September 20, 2012
                                          Equitable Services to Private School Students

Indicator                                                Examples of Supporting                Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
   ID                                                       Documentation                                    Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                           Yes   No   NA
             Private School Participation
            (NCLB 1120)
                                                          Equitable Services
                                                           Eligibility Consultation:
                                                           Evidence that the LEA
                                                           annually contacts officials
                                                           of all private schools with
                                                           children who reside in the
                                                           LEA regardless of
                                                           whether the private
                                                           school they attend is
                                                           located in the LEA
                                                           boundaries (Title IA
                                                           only); (It is not adequate
                                                           consultation merely to
                                                           send a letter to officials of
                                                           the private schools
                                                           explaining the intent of
            The LEA complies with the
                                                           Title I)
            requirements for consultations
            with private school officials in a           Copy of timeline for
 PS-A       timely and meaningful manner,                 consultations
            offering all applicable programs,
            such as Title IA, Title IC, Title IIA,
                                                         For all Federal
            Title III, etc. NCLB 1120(b), 9501
                                                          Copy of Intent to
                                                          Participate form from
                                                          each private school (Note:
                                                          private schools should
                                                          only be invited to
                                                          participate in the federal
                                                          programs for which the
                                                          LEA receives funding,
                                                          such as Title IA, Title IC,
                                                          Title IIA, Title III, etc.)
                                                         For sample of Intent to
                                                          Participate form, visit
                                                          site/title_one/ and click on
                                                          the Private School
                                                          Resources link
                                                         Copy of Affirmation of
                                                          Consultation form from
                                                          each private school
                                                          choosing to participate;
                                                          signed by private school
                                                          official; For a sample
                                                          Affirmation of
                                                          Consultation form, visit
            The LEA provides services to                  site/title_one/ and click on
            private schools’ students and                 the Private School
            teachers in an equitable manner               Resources link
            based on the needs of the private
            school desiring to participate,
                                                         Description of services
                                                          provided to private
            NCLB 1120(a), 5142(a), 9501
                                                         Copy of rank order list
                                                          based on multiple
                                                          educational objective
                                                          criteria for each private
                                                          school participating
                                                         Review of process for
                                                          determining Title IA and
                                                          Title II-A services to

      September 20, 2012
                                                     private school students
                                                     and teachers
                                                     Documentation of
                                                     process used to
                                                     determine private school’s
                                                     professional development
                                                    Evidence that the LEA
                                                     and private school(s)
                                                     evaluate the Title I
                                                     program based on
                                                     standards and
                                                     assessment and annual
                                                     progress of participants
            The LEA provides opportunities          Documentation of private
            for teachers of participating            school teachers’
            private schools to participate, on       participation in
            an equitable basis, in                   professional development
            professional activities, NCLB            activities (Title IA &/or
            2122(b)(11), 5142 (a), 9501              Title IIA)
                                                    Copy of LEA’s complaint
                                                     process notifying the
                                                     private school official of
                                                     the right to complain to
                                                     the SDE regarding
                                                     consultation by the LEA
                                                     that was not meaningful
                                                     and timely or did not give
                                                     due consideration to the
                                                     views of the private
                                                     school official
            The LEA maintains records of its
            effort to resolve any complaints        Evidence that complaint
            made by private school                   procedure has been
            representatives, NCLB 9503               shared with private
                                                    Documentation of
                                                     communication with
                                                     private schools regarding
                                                    For a sample, visit
                                                     site/title_one/ and click on
                                                     the Complaint
                                                     Procedures link
                                                    LEA inventory for each
            The LEA retains control of and           private school

            includes an inventory of fixed
            assets for all equipment
                                                    Evidence of
                                                     communication with
            purchased with funds for private
                                                     private schools regarding
            schools, NCLB 2122 (b)
                                                     an annual update of its
                                                    Control of funds:
                                                     Evidence the LEA
                                                     maintains control of all
            Services provided to private             funds related to services,
            school children were provided by         materials, and equipment
PS-F        employees of the LEA or                  expenditures on behalf of
            contracted by the LEA, NCLB              private school students
            1120(d)                                  and teachers
                                                    Contract of individual(s)
                                                     providing services to
                                                     private school children

       September 20, 2012
    Title I-D Prevention and Intervention Programs for Neglected, Delinquent or At-Risk Youth

 Item                                                 Examples of Supporting            Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
Number                                                   Documentation                                Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                    Yes   No   NA
           Local Educational Agency
           Application (NCLB 1423)
           Academic Standards: The LEA                The most recent Title I-D
           ensures that projects funded under          Evaluation Report for the
           this subpart are aligned with state         LEA
           academic standards. (SEC.
                                                      Application for Title I-D
           Formal Agreement: Each LEA
           desiring assistance under this
                                                      The most recent formal
                                                       agreement or
           subpart shall have a formal                 assurance(s) between the
 ID-B      agreement, reviewed and updated             LEA and facility(s).
           annually regarding the program to
           be assisted, between the LEA and
           the N or D Facility. (SEC. 1423 (2)
           Planning: LEA shall consult with           Formal
           each N or D Facility in the program         agreement/assurance
 ID-C      planning and evaluation process,            between LEA and N or D
           and ensure facilities are in                facilities.
           compliance with their formal
           agreement. (SEC. 1423 and 1425)
                                                      Agenda or minutes from
           The LEA operates programs that
           coordinate with facilities to meet
                                                      Description of program in
           the unique needs of delinquent
           and at-risk youth and ensure they          Evidence of pre & post
 ID-D      are participating in an education           assessments
           program comparable to one
           operating in the local school such
           youth would attend. (SEC. 1423(3),

           Transition: The LEA provides               Academic Outcomes from
           services needed to make a                   Evaluation Report
           successful transition from                 Vocational Outcomes
           institutionalization to further             from Evaluation Report
           education or seek employment
           (SEC. 1424(1)).                            Sample Student
                                                       Transition Plan.
           Special Education: The LEA
           ensures that facilities are aware of
                                                      Evidence of contact
                                                       concerning IEPs
 ID-F      students with disabilities and
           student IEPs. (SEC. 1423(5))

                                                      Documentation to show
                                                       that the LEA coordinates
                                                       projects with federal,
           Coordination: The LEA ensures               state and local programs
           that projects funded under this             including vocational &
           subpart are coordinated with other          technical education
 ID-G      federal, state, and local programs,         programs (i.e.,
           including vocational & technical            coordination with other
           education programs serving at-risk          Title I programs; voc/tech
           students. (SEC. 1423(9))                    Ed programs; State &
                                                       local dropout prevention
                                                       programs; or Special Ed

        September 20, 2012
    Title I-D Prevention and Intervention Programs for Neglected, Delinquent or At-Risk Youth
 Item                                                  Examples of Supporting             Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
Number                                                    Documentation                               Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                      Yes   No   NA
           Local Educational Agency
           Application (NCLB 1423)
           Coordination: The LEA is to
           coordinate with existing social,
                                                       Minutes of meetings or
                                                        other contact records
           health, and other services to meet
           needs of students returning from
           correctional facilities, at-risk            Interagency Agreements
           children or youth, and other
           participating children (SEC.
           Probation Officers: The LEA
           ensures that schools receiving
                                                       Minutes of meetings or
                                                        other contact records to
           students returning from correctional
                                                        verify that the LEA
 ID-I      facilities work with juvenile
                                                        ensures school
           probation officers to meet the
                                                        collaboration with juvenile
           needs of such students. (SEC.
                                                        probation officers.
           Alternative Placement: The LEA
           attempts to find alternative
                                                       Student Transition Plan
           placements for students interested
           in continuing education but unable
           to participate in a regular education
           program. (SEC. 1423(13)).
           Parental Involvement: As
           appropriate, the LEA involves
                                                       Documentation of
                                                        parental involvement (i.e.,
           parents in efforts to improve the
                                                        email, meetings,
           educational achievement of their
 ID-K                                                   handouts)
           children, assist in dropout
           prevention activities; and prevent
           the involvement of their children in
           delinquent activities. (SEC 1423(8).
           Business Partnerships: As
           appropriate, the LEA develops
                                                       Description of business
                                                        partnerships (i.e., list of
           partnerships with local businesses
 ID-L                                                   business partnerships)
           to develop training,
           entrepreneurship education and
           mentoring.( SEC 1423 (7))
           Dropout Prevention: The LEA uses
           a portion of funds to operate a
                                                       Documentation of dropout
 ID-M      dropout prevention program in a
           local school(s) that targets at-risk
           children and youth. (SEC. 1424(2)).

        September 20, 2012
                                         McKinney Vento Subgrant Recipients ONLY

 Item                                                Examples of Supporting             Status      Commendations, Recommendations,
Number                                                  Documentation                                 Findings with Corrective Action
                                                                                    Yes   No   NA
          Subgrant Program Services

                                                     Liaison interview or
                                                      narrative program update,
                                                      which includes addressing
          Describe the progress of your sub-          the project goals
MV-A      grant project as detailed in your
          most recent sub-grant application.
                                                     Describe how the
                                                      estimated number of
                                                      homeless students to be
                                                      served compares with the
                                                      actual count to date
                                                     Liaison interview or
                                                      narrative description of
                                                      collaborative partnerships
                                                      as described in the
                                                     Evidence of meeting
          Describe local partnerships and             schedules, agency and
MV-B      collaborations in which the project         coalition contacts
          is engaged.
                                                     Demonstrated
                                                      coordination with other
                                                      district programs
                                                     Collaborative efforts with
                                                      other district homeless
                                                      liaisons, if applicable

                                                     Liaison interview or
                                                      narrative description
          Describe current economic and
          housing conditions in the                  Documentation of local
          community that are relevant to area         news articles, school and
MV-C                                                  community data, meeting
          homelessness. Are demographics
          changing for better or worse in your        minutes, etc.
          district?                                  Describe the LEA’s plan
                                                      for incorporating this data
                                                      in future planning
                                                     Interview or narrative
          Describe district and community             description
MV-D      response and/or support for your
          sub-grant project.
                                                     Letter or email evidence
                                                      indicating support for

          Describe the evaluation process for
          measuring the project’s
                                                     Evaluation process and

       September 20, 2012

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