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                                             Secure Tenancy Agreement

                                         12-14 Pelham Road
                                         Sherwood Rise
    Registered Office
                                         NG5 1AP
                                         Tel: 0115 962 2531
                                         Fax: 0115 969 1568

    Property Address

       Property Type

      Tenant Names

      Date of
  Commencement of
                                                  PLEASE NOTE THESE FIGURES MAY CHANGE

                                                                      Net Rent £
    Details of Rent
  And Other Charges                                              General Rates
  You Must pay From                                             Service Charges
   the Date of This
       Tenancy                                                   Other Charges £

                                                TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE WEEKLY £
The following services Communal Gardens & Grounds to be maintained
  shall be provided in
  connection with this
 tenancy for which the
   tenant shall pay a
     service charge
included in the weekly

NCHA ref: TAGR4 – Secure Tenancy Agreement
                              GENERAL TERMS

                          The rent of the property is a registered fair rent and the
1        The Rent         Association will apply to the Rent officer for a new fair rent every
                          two years or at such regular periods as ordered by law.

                        If the Rent Officer or such persons that are empowered by the law
                        to do so decides that the rent be increased, the Association must
     Notice of Increase
2                       give four weeks notice in writing and the notice will inform you that
    or Decrease of Rent
                        you may appeal against the rent level set or terminate the
                        tenancy if you are unhappy with the proposed increase.

                          The rent is payable weekly in advance on Monday of each week.
3    Payment of Rent      It is your responsibility to make sure that the rent is paid each

                          The rent which is payable will include an amount for general rates
                          which are collected by the Association on behalf of the local rating
                          authority. If the rating authority decides to increase or decrease
4          Rates
                          the rates payable on the dwelling the Association is entitled to
                          pass on the increase or decrease to the tenant by giving notice in
                          writing of the revised amount to be paid by the tenant.

                          If you wish to end your tenancy, you must give the Association
                          four clear weeks notice in writing to expire on any Monday at
    Termination by the    12:00 o’clock mid-day and this notice must either be given to the
         Tenant           housing assistant responsible for your area or delivered or posted
                          to the area management office of the Association whose address
                          is clearly shown on the front of your rent card or paying-in book.

                          If the Association wishes to terminate the tenancy or obtain
                          possession of the property it can only do so by obtaining an order
                          for possession from the County Court. In that case, the tenant will
                          be informed of the intentions of the Association by a notice in
      Termination of
                          writing specifying :
6     Tenancy by the
                             a)     The grounds for seeking possession
                             b)     The date after which the Association will be entitled to
                                    apply to the court, and the court will decide whether or
                                    not the tenancy must be terminated

                          If more than one person is named in this agreement as tenant,
                          then the tenancy is a joint tenancy and all references in this
7      Joint Tenancy
                          agreement to the tenant must be taken to refer to all such
                          persons jointly with each other

                          To give the tenant possession of the property at the
1      Possession         commencement of this tenancy

                          Not to interrupt or interfere with the tenant’s right to peacefully
                          occupy the property except where:
                             a)      Access us required to inspect the condition of the
                                     property or to carry out repairs or other work to the
    Tenant’s Right to                property or adjoining property
        Occupy               b)      A court has given the Association possession by ending
                                     the tenancy
                             c)      The tenancy has ceased to be a secure tenancy and
                                     has been properly brought to an end

                          The Association will carry out such repairs to the roof, external
                          and other load bearing parts of the premises as are necessary
                          and will take all reasonable steps to have any defects which are
3   Repair of Structure
                          reported to the Association by the tenant or their representative
                          investigated and appropriate repairs undertaken as soon as is
                          reasonably possible.

                          The Association will keep in good repair and working order any
                          installations provided by the Association for space heating, water
                          heating and sanitation and for the supply of water, gas and
                          electricity, including:
         Repair of
4                            a)     basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing system and waste
                             b)     electric wiring including sockets and switches, gas
                                    pipes and water pipes
                             c)     water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating

                          The Association will insure the structure of the premises
5       Insurance         (but not the furniture and personal belongings which you should
                          insure yourself)

                          The Association will keep common parts such as hallways,
    Repair of Common
6                         stairways, lifts and passageways which are shared with other
                          tenants in a good and safe state of repair.

7                         The Association will decorate the external parts of the dwelling at
                          least every five years.
                        The Association will consult with you about any housing
                        management matters which may substantially affect you and will
8      Consultation     not change any of the conditions of this tenancy agreement
                        without consulting you.

                        The Association will allow, in most circumstances, certain
9       Succession
                        members of your family who may live with you to take over this
                        tenancy when you die.

10   Mutual Exchanges   The Association will not refuse an exchange of tenancies without
                        good reason.
                      THE TENANT’S OBLIGATIONS

                          To take possession of the premises at the commencement of the
1       Possession        tenancy and to occupy the premises as his / her own home.

                          To pay the rent and other charges weekly or when they fall due
2          Rent
                          and not to allow rent to fall into arrears or remain unpaid.

                          To use the dwelling as a private home and as the tenant’s main
                          place of residence and not to use it or allow anyone else to use it
3     Use of Dwelling
                          for the purpose of any business unless the Association has
                          granted permission in writing for such a use.

                          Not to sublet any part of the dwelling without the written
4        Subletting
                          permission of the Association.

                          Not to assign or handover the dwelling house to another person,
5      Assignments
                          family or tenant.

6      Overcrowding       Not to allow the dwelling to be overcrowded.

                             The tenant will allow staff of the Association and its
                             contractors access to the dwelling at any reasonable time for
        Access for           the purpose of inspection or to carry out any works of repair or
7     Inspection and         improvements, to the dwelling or adjoining property. The
          Repair             Association will endeavour where possible to give th tenant 24
                             hours notice, but immediate access may be required ins an

                          Not to make any alterations, additions to the dwelling, erect any
                          external structure or carry out any repairs under the tenant’s right
8     Improvements,
                          to repair without the written consent of the Association, and if
      Right to Repair
                          such consent is given to abide by any requirements or conditions
                          which the Association may specify.

9   Internal Decorations To maintain and keep the interior decoration of the dwelling in a
                         good state of repair.
                          To repair or replace all damages which may be caused to the
                          property, fixtures and fittings by you or any persons living with you
                          or who are visitors: to the satisfaction of the maintenance officer.
10     Damage to Dwelling
                          You will also be liable for damages which you, your family or your
                          visitors may cause to properties in the estate in which you live.

                               Not to cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours and in
                               particular not to make a noise by banging or hammering or to
                               loudly play any radio, television, record or tape recorder or
11          Nuisance
                               musical instrument so loudly that it causes a nuisance or
                               annoyance to neighbours or can be heard from outside the

                               The tenant or any other person occupying the dwelling with the
                               tenant’s permission shall not subject another tenant or resident to
12     Racial Harassment       racial harassment. Racial harassment may be verbal or physical
                               and it is directed to a person or group of persons because of their
                               colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

            Assault or         The tenant or any other person occupying the dwelling with the
13         Threatening         tenant’s permission shall not assault or threaten violence against
            Behaviour          any employee or agent of the Association.

                               Not to keep a dog without the written consent of the Association,
                               and to keep under control any animals kept at the premises with
14            Pets
                               such consent that they do not cause a nuisance or annoyance to

                               To cultivate any garden provided.
15         The Garden          To keep any garden or yard clear and tidy and not to store any
                               scrap metals or rubbish in it.

16           Rubbish           To keep all communal areas e.g. hallways, stairways and
                               landings free and clear of rubbish.

I have read, understood and accept Nottingham Community Housings Association’s tenancy

                           1                                                          Date
Signed by Tenants

     Signed on behalf of                                                              Date

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