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									                                          Science Homework
Homework 10-18-12
(3rd Period did not receive this assignment today)
Research (internet, magazine, interview, etc.) an organism in the kingdom animalia that you are interested in learning
more about. Write one paragraph about what you learn about that animal.

Homework 11: Tuesday 10-9-12:
Interview a family member and ask them the following questions (record their answers):

          1.    Do you know of any ways bacteria can be helpful?
          2.    Do you know of any ways bacteria can be harmful?
          3.    What else do you know about bacteria?
          4.    Teach your family member what you know about bacteria

Homework 10: Tuesday 10-2-12
Write a creative short story about a scientist who discovers an unknown organism (the organism does not have to be
real). You should describe the characteristics of the unknown organism, and give the organism a scientific name using
correct binomial nomenclature. Ex: Mus musculus or Mus musculus. To name your organism correctly, the name must
consist of two words, the first letter of the first word must be capitalized, and both wordw must be written in italics or

Homework 9: Thursday 9-20-12
Write one paragraph (at least 5 sentences) explaining why it important that scientists classify organisms.

Homework 8 Tuesday 9-18-12
Classification of animals….Research (internet, encyclopedia, family members, prior knowledge) and list 5 animals for
each of the following classes: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, and Amphibians. (25 animals total)

Homework for Thursday 9-13-12
Students are to finish the following assignments: 1. Unit 1 Review (crossword (Part 1) and scientific method questions
(part 2)….front and back). 2. Metric Conversion Sheet. 3. Think-Tac-Toe Assignment. These will be collected before
Friday’s test.

Homework 7 for Thursday 9-6-12
Complete questions 1-9 on the Metric Mania Conversion Challenge Sheet…Write the correct abbreviation for each metric
unit. E-copy is available under the assignments link. Students should have a hard copy in their binder.

Homework 6 for Thursday 8-30
Write 1 paragraph (at least 6 complete sentences) detailing what you have learned about the scientific method. You can
include activities that we have done in class, or just information. Make sure that you indent your paragraph, and use
correct punctuation.

Homework 5 for Tuesday 8-28
Staying with the topic of measurement, find 5 household substances that are liquid. Write what
the product is, and what the volume of the product is. (The volume can be English or metric system) (ex.: Coca Cola
Classic=2 Liters).

Homework 4 for Thursday 8-23-12
Read the scenario "How Penicillin was Discovered" (given out in class today) and complete
questions 6-10 concerning the scientific method. (See Assignments Link for copy of Assignment)

Homework 3 for Tuesday 8-21-12
Students are to complete the half sheet sent home covering key vocabulary found in student notes. The word bank at the
top is for questions 1-8. You will use some phrases more than one time. Word bank for questions 9-12: homeostasis,
stimulus, cells, and response.

Homework 2 for Thursday 8-16-12
   Observe the natural world around the outside of your home. Identify 3 abiotic (non-living) factors, and write 5
observations for each factor (color, size, movement, smell, texture, etc.).
   Also, review the following vocabulary terms for tomorrow's quiz: unicellular, multicellular, stimulus, response,
homeostasis, consumer, producer, decomposer, biotic, and abiotic.

Homework 1 for Tuesday 8-14-12:
    Today in class, we discussed what characteristics all organisms have in common. Go outdoors and observe 5
different organisms (plants, animals, fungi, etc.). Create a list and describe each organism that you observe (appearance,
behavior etc.). Try to make a diverse list (for example, don't include just plants or just mammals).

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