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									                           Canyon Vista Pool
                                 Spring 2012 Newsletter
                                   Volume 42, Number 1

Welcome Patrons!                                        Mail all checks and forms to:
                                                        P.O. Box 4634
Pool Opening – Saturday, May 26, 2012
                                                        Los Alamos, NM 87544
Fee Rate
Annual Assessment $440.00 per year
Swimming lessons $25.00 per person                      ANNUAL ASSESSMENT DUE
Baby-sitter’s pass $50.00 per season                    Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Extra guest passes $2.50 each                           A late fee of $50 will be assessed
Private parties $75.00 per hour                         on payments received after
Rental transfer fee $75.00                              May 1st 2012
Late assessment fee $50.00

Forms, Fees and Annual Assessment - The following form is required to perform
transactions as authorized by the CVPA By-Laws along with payment.
• Patron Information (required from all members in 2012)

To reduce cost of mailing, all forms including the Rental Agreement, Membership
Agreement, Sales/Transfer Agreement, and Baby-Sitter Registration are available on our
website: (see tab at top for forms)

All members need to send a completed Patron Information form along with the annual
assessment of $440 to the address at the top of this newsletter. The form and
assessment must be postmarked by Monday, May 1st, 2012; otherwise you will be
charged a late fee of $50.00.

Membership Rentals - If you plan to rent your membership you must have the renter
complete and return the following forms to the above referenced address:
• Patron Information Sheet (enclosed)
• Rental Agreement (available on our website:
  and the $75.00 rental transfer fee.
The rental forms and fee must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2012. Rentals are
for the entire season - no partial rentals are permitted. If you rent your membership,
please provide a copy of this Newsletter to your renter. Contact the Membership Director,
Jennifer Kieltyka if you have any questions that are not answered in this newsletter.

CVPA Website- Our new website is It contains a
calendar of events, the newsletter, various membership forms, pool hours, and the pool
Rules and Regulations. A list of memberships available for rental or for sale is also

Membership Sales and Transfer - Members who sell their membership must provide
proof of transfer with the Sale and Transfer of Ownership form. This form is available
from our Membership Director, Jennifer Kieltyka. The new owner is required to complete
a Membership Agreement form (available on our website) and mail the original and one
copy to the CVPA, at the address provided.
Babysitter Fee - A member or renter may designate a responsible adult or young adult
as a guardian of their minor children using the Babysitter Registration form (available on-
line: This form must be accompanied by a $50
babysitting fee and postmarked no later than June 1, 2012.

Only family members who reside with the owner or renter are permitted to use the pool.
A guest pass will be required for all others, with exception of out of town visitors and a
babysitter, if the babysitter fee has been paid.

Membership Pictures- We are implementing a new membership system this year. The
first time you come to the pool, you may pick up your new membership cards for each
member of the family. Photos will be taken at that time for our computer records. You
will be expected to bring a card with you each time you come to the pool and when it is
scanned, your family photo will allow guards to verify your identity. Children under the
age of ten will not be issued cards since they must be accompanied by an older family

Work Party- This is your pool! There is lots of work that needs to be completed before
the pool can open. Please help us to get it ready for the summer by participating in a
work party, and receive a $25 refund check. For your convenience, we are scheduling
two work parties. We will need at least 15 – 20 volunteers at the first work party to
safely remove the pool’s winter covers.

•First work party          Saturday, April 28th          8:00 am to 1:00 pm.
•Second work party         Saturday, May 5th             8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
•Make-up work party (rain) Saturday, May 12th.           8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

In order to receive your refund, please check in with a Board Member on at least one of
the work party days. Patrons 16 years of age and older who help during one of the work
parties are entitled to a refund of $25.00 (one per membership). Children age 12-15
must be accompanied by a parent if they come to help. You will receive a check through
the mail for $25 only if your assessment has been paid. You may contact Clint Bowyer or
any other board member with any questions.

• Session 1: June 4 - June 15       Signup begins Monday May 28th at 10:00
• Session 2: June 18 – June 29      Signup begins Saturday June 16th at 10:00
• Session 3: July 9 - July 20       Signup begins Saturday July 7th at 10:00

Snack Bar Hours- Snack Bar will be open daily from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Lane Swimming- Early morning lane swimming will begin Tuesday, May 29th. Lane
swimming hours will be 6:30 am to 8:00 am (weekdays), 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, and
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm weekdays. Any changes to the lane swimming schedule will be
posted in the lobby.

Family Nights- Family Nights will be Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm.
Inflatables will be allowed only during Family Night hours with parental supervision.
Family nights will begin mid-June and end mid-August.
CVPA Board of Directors
Sandy Keyser, President 672-0171                
Kathy Boerigter, Secretary 672-4124 (cell 412-5354)
Jennifer Guy, Personnel 672-2029 (cell 470-7660)
Mark Hughes, Treasurer 672-9461                 
Jennifer Kieltyka, Membership (672-0335)(cell 412-9059)
Narra Tsiatkouris, Snack Bar (699-9609)         
Clint Bowyer, Maintenance                       

Peter Naffziger 672-1014 ,
Mike Alexander 672-

Management and Staff

Managers                Lifeguards
Austin Keyser           Cara Bianconi              Thomas Lujan
Jordan George           Kim Boerigter              McKay Parkinson
Kelsey Mann             Alicia Bowyer              Shaun Parkinson
                        Hannah Dye                 Alyssa VanAnne
                        Jared George               Tyler VanAnne
                        Parker Gillispie           Phillip Vierra
                        Cameron Guy
                        Zachary Guy                Snack Bar
                        Michael Hemphill           Megan Armstrong
                        Austin Jacobson            Kristen Haertling
                        Jacque Kieltyka            Jordan Hammock
                        Katelyn Leslie             Richard Naffziger

Help Wanted! CVPA is dependent on volunteers to get many of the jobs done. If you
can help with any of the following please let a Board Member know.
    Runs to Sam’s club for supplies and snack bar food.

New Board Members - If you want to make a difference in your pool please contact
Sandy Keyser or any other board member. We have four positions opening in October.

Canyon Vista Pool Rules (listed on the following page)
The purpose of the following rules is to ensure the safety of all members and their
guests. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Parents, please review
these rules with your children!

If you notice abuses of pool rules, please bring them to the attention of the pool
management. The Board and pool staff strives for a pool operation where everyone can
enjoy the pool and have fun in a safe, clean, and pleasant environment. If you have a
comment or concern, please share it with the manager on duty, call or email a Board
Member, put a suggestion in the suggestion box or leave a message on the answering
                     Canyon Vista Pool Rules and Regulations

1. The Canyon Vista Pool Association and its employees are authorized to enforce all rules.
    Violators may be subject to expulsion from the pool for the remainder of the day by the
    manager or a lifeguard. Penalty may include suspension of pool privileges for a period of up
    to seven (7) days by the Board of Directors.
2. Children under the age of 10 will not be admitted unless accompanied by a parent or
    responsible babysitter. The parent or babysitter must supervise children under 10 at all
    times. Pool staff are not babysitters! Keep an eye on your children, as there is no
    substitute for parental supervision.
3. No swimming is permitted unless a lifeguard is on duty.
4. State law requires all swimmers must shower before entering pool.
5. Anyone with a skin infection, cold, open sore, discharge from nose or ear, or any
    communicable disease is not permitted in the pool.
6. Swimmers must remove band-aids before entering the pool.
7. Running, pushing, dunking and any inappropriate behavior or language that interferes with
    the pleasure or endangers the safety of others is prohibited.
8. Anyone using the diving boards must be able to swim twice the width of the diving tank.
    When the diving boards are open, no one is permitted in the diving tank of the pool except
    in connection with diving. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. No one
    is allowed to swim across the diving tank.
9. Inflatables will be allowed only during Family Night hours or special events. Life vests may
    not be worn while using the diving boards or slides.
10. Eating and drinking are allowed in designated areas only. There is to be NO food within 5
    feet of the pool. This means no food is permitted on the east side of the pool. Glass or
    breakable plastic containers are not allowed. Please teach your children to clean up after
11. No animals are allowed in the pool or within the pool compound with the exception of
    assistance dogs when accompanied by their owner.
12. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, all tobacco products, and the use of illegal drugs are
    not permitted on or within CVPA property. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any
    illegal drugs will not be permitted on CVPA property. No weapons of any kind will be
    permitted on CVPA property.
13. Abuse of any CVPA facility, equipment, furniture, or property is prohibited.
14. Bicycles must be parked and locked in the bike rack.
15. Radios, CD and tape players are to be used only with earphones. Only portable players are
    permitted. No music shall be played over the P.A. system.
16. All persons using CVPA facilities must check in at the desk and may be required to provide
    identification to pool staff.
17. All members should be considerate of pool neighbors.
18. Kick boards are to be used for lane swimming, and swim lessons only.
19. When using the slide, you must slide feet first, and only when the area in front of the slide
    is clear. Swimmers should not swim or stand in front of the slide. Only one person is
    permitted on the slide at a time. The weight limit for the slide will be strictly enforced. The
    water depth at the slide is 4 feet. If your child is not a swimmer, please be there to catch
20. Hanging, standing, sitting, or pulling on the safety ropes is not permitted.
21. No activity that interferes with any scheduled CVPA swimming instruction or scheduled
    activity will be permitted.
22. Children under 2 will be required to wear disposable waterproof diapers before entering the
    pool, no exceptions. This will reduce the risk of pool closures due to "poop" incidents.
    Disposable diapers can be purchased at the front desk. Repeated infractions may result in
    penalties up to and including revocation of pool membership.
23. All parties must be reserved in advance. The pool’s management will maintain a party
    log. All parties consisting of more than 10 nonmembers (even during pool hours) will cost
    $75 per hour. This will pay for additional guards needed to ensure safety during higher
    than average patronage.
24. In accordance with Red Cross recommendations, pool staff is required to have swimmers
    leave the pool, the deck and the covered areas, in the event of lightning.
25. Do not talk to a guard who is on the lifeguard stand.

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