Twitter Tips by NatLaVius1


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									                  TWITTER TIPS
 Try to use just one tweet to get your point across.
  If it carries on to another tweet it should be
 URL shorteners are sites you'll learn to love as a
  tweeter: it shortens your long URLs into things
  that will easily fit into the 140 character limit.
 If you're looking for big follower totals, find a
  niche for your Twitter account. Tweet about
  politics, or hockey, or fashion, whatever interests
 Look on websites you frequent for Twitter
  accounts; this can help you populate your
  Twitterverse with people whose opinions and
  insights interest you the most.
 If privacy is a concern, Twitter offers an option to
  make your tweets only visible to followers whom
  you have previously approved of (this can be
  changed in Settings > Account > Tweet Privacy).
 You can download Twitter onto smartphones.

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