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• Famili Celastraceae
• Spesies : Euonymus alatus,
             E. americanus,


                                    Euonymus japonicus
                                    'Silver Queen'
     E. Fortunei 'Harlequin'        Silver Queen Euonymus

                                                               E. japonicus
                                                  var. microphyllus pulchellus
           Evergreen Euonymus (E. japonicus var.
           microphyll pulchellus)
• A scrub plant which has high 3-4 m, little
  shape leaf, green colour, glossy texture, lenght
  1,25-4,25 cm.
• Euonymus grows up under half light to full
  light, a good watering.
• Plant propagation by vegetative (cutting) and
  genetative (seedling).
• A wonderful matter of evergreen Euonymus as
  fillers such as ;
  - green colour
  - long stem
  - thickness
  - long vase life
              Harvesting Evergreen Euonymus

• To get harvest about 80 after cultivation.
• Harvest quality :
  - Long stem about 31 – 40 cm (grade A)
  - Long stem about 25 – 30 cm (grade B)
• GA3 application in levels; 100 ppm, 200 ppm, 300
  ppm has effect on a long stem up to 13,33%,
  30,03% and 31,21%,
   but it doesn’t effect on
   number of leaf, square of leaf,
   thick of leaf & vase life.
      LEATHER LEAF FERN (Rumohra adiantiformis)

• Famili : Polypodiaceae
• A fern plant that grows on above field.
• Spora under leaf sides.

                   Leather leaf fern is easier grows in
                   - less than light
                   - humidity about 60%.
• Rhyzoma is well known
  as stem like.
  Root that grows
  horizontal type.
  Adventivious occurs.
  Soft stem of young
  plant has spiral type.

A. To separate of rhyzoma
B. To separate of spora :
  - brown colour of spora.
  - a good plant parrental.
  - to prepare steril medium (compost).
  - to innoculate.
  - to maintain humidity.
• Seed has vigoured in 9 months after planted
• Seedling removed into pot before planted at field.
• Leather leaf fern has produced about 6 months.
• Leaf criteria in harvest; good look in colour,
  normal shape.
• Consumer is demanding:
  - large size: 30-33 cm
  - Medium size : 25-29 cm
  - Little size: 21-24 cm
• Post harvest; cleaning, maintaining, storaging.

• Famili : Liliaceae
• Florida beauty, common name
  is Dracaena godseffiana or
  Dracaena surculosa.
• As fillers, because ;
  - unique leaf, by spoting colour
  - long vase life.
• Annual plant.

                                     Dracaena javita
• Florida beauty grows better on 300-750 m
  above sea level.
• Optimum temperature 21-24 C
• Light intensity 50-60%
• Plant propagation;
  - leaf cutting
  - Stem cutting (± 10 cm +leaf)
• Rootone-F or Rhizopon B application to
  encourage root development.
• Harvest criteria;
• - long stem 30-50 cm
  - leaf has good shape
  - no insect symptom
• Sortating and grading

• Famili ; Araceae
• Araceae has strigh type and is not climber type.
• Plant has stem about 1 m.
• Filo is recommeded under 50% light
  intensityand medium on humidity.
• Plant propagation ;
  - stem cutting and Rootone-F
  - Using sand medium
    have sterilized.
- To split of filo clump.
- To remove a clump in to pot.
• Post harvest Phylodendron xanadu;
  cleaning, grading and storaging.
• Ruscus has on special caracter such as;
  - cylindrical stem, stiff stem, and white
    colour on base stem.
  - a good shape leaf and long vase life.
• Ruscus is recommended in medium
   watering, about 70% shading.
• Plant propagation by spliting.
• Harvest criteria; green, thick and shiff.
• Stalk of leaf is cutted on surface of land,
  are cleaned, and a bundle contains 10 stalks.
   Famili : Liliaceae

• Type of plant has the long term of periode to
• Twig is a appearance leaf, is known Cladode/
• Appearance leaf is like needle ordered triangle
  pattern (Asparagus setaceus), Asparagus
  meyeri’s leaf resemble gangster tail.
• Growing on lowland up to highland, under light
  about 60%.

Asparagus spengeri   Asparagus setaceus

          Asparagus virgatus
         (Asparagus cemara)                 Asparagus meyeri
                                            (ekor bajing)

• Generative propagation is easier than cutting &
  rhizome propagation.
• Mature seed are taken is storaged about 1
• Planting pattern by 2 x 2 cm.
• Seed vigorous about 1 month.
• Seedling has appearance leaf about 10 cm to
  remove in pot.
• Seedling about 15 cm is removed to field.
• Asparagus setaceus can grow up long stem, so
  need stick.

• Asparagus virgatus & Asparagus meyeri can
  be cutted on base of stem.
• Asparagus setaceus, is cutted on middle of
  stem part.
• Criteria of harvest;
  - green colour
  - non both flower and fruit
  - strong and fresh stem
  - non both pest and disease
• Each of bundle leaf consist of 10 leaf stalk.
Cycas palm leaf    Raphis Palm Leaf   Sanseviera Laurenti   Monstera

Dra. Messengeana    Cordyline Leaf     Epipremnum           Dra. Sandriana
Yellow                                                      White

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