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									  Sasquatch News Script!
Tess: Interviewer

Aria: Expert

Sami: Expert

Izzy: Knows about sasquatches, but not an expert

Tess: Hello. This is Tess on Sasquatch news there has been a breaking news alert
      (Start PowerPoint). A Sasquatch has been seen in Western Michigan.
      Sasquatches are a mix between ape and human. Did you know they are 7 to
      10 feet tall and weigh up to 900 pounds? They are also really furry. Here
      are some people from the scene. Those people are Matt Moneymaker who
      has been searching for a Sasquatch and finally came eye to eye with one,
      Jeff Meldrum who is a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho
      State University in Pocatello, and Jane Goodall who works with animals.
      First off is Matt Moneymaker. Hello Matt, how does living near Sasquatches
      affect you?

Mr. Moneymaker: Hello I am Mr. Moneymaker but you can call me Mr. Money.
     Living near sasquatches is very hard and very scary. Sasquatches are scary
     because they are very dangerous. Some people go in the forest and try
     finding them overnight. Those people are very brave. I was wondering if
     people dress up in costumes to think that they discovered something
     amazing. Can you answer that Jeff Meldrum?
Jeff: Sure. Some people have seen them but they do not know if it is a costume
       or if it is real. There is no scientific evidence if they are real or not though.
       Given the scientific evidence that I have examined, I’m convinced there’s a
       creature out there yet to be identified. I have a question for Jane Goodall.
       The question is “Are sasquatches dangerous?”

Jane: Yes. In fact sasquatches are very dangerous. They are dangerous because
     everyone who has claimed to see a Sasquatch says they are scary or mean.
     Are sasquatches related to Bigfoot?

Mr. Moneymaker: Bigfoot is not related to sasquatches. They are the same thing
               just they have two different names. Scientists mostly call them
               sasquatches though. I want to know what you should not do if
               you see a Sasquatch.

Jeff: The things that you should NOT do if you see a Sasquatch is turn on your
                   lights and go outside. When was a Sasquatch last seen? I was
                   also wondering if there were any major attacks.

Jane: The last time a Sasquatch was seen was a few hundred years ago. No one
      knows if Sasquatches are extinct so there is no evidence that they are real.
      Also, there have been no major attacks. Are Sasquatches important?

Mr. Moneymaker: Sasquatches are very important to scientists but not that
     important to people because they think they are not really real. There has
     been thousand of sightings of sasquatches but no one knows if there
     actually real or if they are people in a costume. Where do they live?

Jeff: They live in caves, woods, forests, and in the mountain regions of North
       America. Their habitat is in caves and they love winter because of the snow.
Tess: Thanks for coming out here and sharing this wonderful information. I really
      learned a lot. Coming up next is Sasquatch Gone Wild. See you next time
      on Sasquatch News.

All: Bye!

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