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         Roland smith did a great job I think of making this adventurous book exciting to read. I think that
lots of teens would like this book a lot. Filled with Sasquatches and hunters, you can’t put down this
book until you read the last page.

          This book is Sasquatch; it is book about a Thirteen-Year-old ordinary kid named Dylan Hickock.
Now when you are talking about his father... well... he’s not so ordinary. Dylan's father has always been
a little strange, he spends most of his time making notes on odd topics and storing them away in boxes.
Until one day, he comes back from a hunting trip all scratched up and he claimed he saw a Sasquatch on
Mount St. Helens. When Dylan's mother leaves for Egypt, his father seems to get out of control. He joins
a Sasquatch-hunting team led by top-bigfoot researcher, Theodore Flagg. The team's mission is to find a
Sasquatch and kill it, but Dylan's father is determined to stop them. To make matters worse, the team
has headed up to Mount St. Helens, an active volcano that could erupt any day or even second. Without
Dylan's mother to look out for his father, Dylan feels he has to try to keep him inline. So he joins a field
biologist, Samuel Johnson, on the mountain and they are shadowing the hunting party through their

At one of the meetings of the B.F.I’s, a Sasquatch investigating group, Dylan and his father meet a man
named Buck. When his father leaves, Buck is one of the People that Dylan goes up to the mountain with.
He finds out that Buck knows more about the sasquatches than he thought. Dylan also finds that Buck
stole a bunch of money a long time ago and the F.B.I. are trying to pin a case on him. Although Buck is a
very mysterious man, he never talks about his past or about the sasquatches a lot to Dylan. Dylan never
believed his father about the sasquatches until one day, he saw it with his own eyes right outside of
Buck’s cabin.

With everything going through Dylan’s head, he finds out that he might be in even more trouble than he
thought. Mr. Johnson is not the man he was said to be. Even as they are following Dr. Flagg's team,
somebody is following Mr. Johnson. And on top of it all, Dylan is beginning to realize that his father may
not be so crazy after all, maybe the Sasquatch does exist, and it's closer than Dylan ever wanted it to be.

This book is filled with adventure, mystery, and it will always have you wanting more and have you on
the edge of your seat. I hope that you read this adventurous book, Sasquatch, I think that you will like it
a lot. The ending is a thriller.

Thank you 

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