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					TROOP 166 TRIP BULLETIN                            Outing Name                            dddd to dddd, mm/dd/yy
DESTINATION Centennial Trail Bike Hike & Camp Pigott Campout            June 9-10, 2007
DEPART          Meet at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church parking lot at 8:00am Saturday, June 9. The troop will
                depart at 8:30am sharp. Rosters, maps, driving instructions in the parking lot.
    ADULT: Len Radziwanowicz 525-9021, Bill Montgomery 523-0072
    SCOUT: Kristian Niederkorn 363-1292
PROGRAM         The Centennial Trail is a 17.4 mile scenic bike path from Snohomish to Arlington. Scouts will
                have approximately 4 hours to bike as many miles that they feel capable. All scouts will begin the
                bike hike at the Pilchuk trailhead and return to Pilchuk trailhead. Upon completion of the Bike
                hike all scouts will return to their vehicle and proceed to Camp Pigott for an overnight campout.
ROUTE           Driving: (See Mapquest Maps Provided in Trip Kit) Seattle to Snohomish (Pilchuck Trailhead).
                Take Lake City Way NE to Bothell Way/WA 522. Take WA-9 N exit toward
                Snohomish/Arlington. Take ramp/exit toward Snohomish. Turn Right onto 2 nd St. Turn Left
                onto Maple Ave. Continue on Maple, as you leave Snohomish City Limits, Maple becomes
                Machias Road. Pilchuk Trailhead is on the right approximately 2 miles. Snohomish (Pilchuck
                Trailhead) to Camp Pigott. Go South on Machias Road. Turn left onto Three Lakes Road. Turn
                Left onto 171st Ave SE. Turn Right onto Dubuque Road. Turn Left onto S. Lake Roesiger Road.
                Turn Right onto Monroe Camp Road.
Bike Hike: The Pilchuk Trailhead is the 1st of 7 trailheads. The trail is well marked with mile markers throughout
               the 17.4 mile trail. Scouts are encouraged to bike as far as they can staying in groups of at least 3
               bikers, however, realize you must be able to return back to the Pilchuk trailhead no later than
               2PM. No water is available on the trail, so carry adequate water.
EQUIPMENT This trip is a bike ride along the Centennial Trail and an overnight campout at Camp Pigott. All
          packs and equipment will be transported by drivers. Troop 166 practices Leave No Trace – i.e.
          leave only footprints, take only pictures – so bring garbage bags, and plan carefully. Bring your
          10+ essentials including extra clothing and rain gear for possible conditions, sun protection, map
          and compass, water bottle, trail food, waterproof matches and fire starters, a pocketknife, first-aid
          kit, flashlight and batteries, overnight camping gear including a warm sleeping bag.
Scouts must be prepared for potential wet weather and cold. Patrols are required to bring sufficient tents, tarps
                and dining flys, water-purification supplies, sufficient large water containers, and coordinate
                cooking gear, stoves and fuel.
FOOD            The patrols are responsible for preparing dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Each
                patrol will invite an adult to join them. Scouts are to bring a sack lunch and snacks for the bike
                trip on Saturday. Be sure to pack plenty of water for the bike trail. Provide your own trail food,
                and sack lunches for Sunday unless your patrol makes other arrangements.
FEE             $12.00 CASH covers transportation and permits. Provide an additional $8.00 CASH to your
                patrol (all adults, too) for food expenses.
RETURN          Troop will arrive back at the church parking lot between 2-3 pm. Troop will call the phone tree
                contact on the way back.
SIGN-UP         Signed permission slips and $12.00 CASH are due Monday June 4th at the troop meeting.

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TROOP 166 TRIP BULLETIN                                           Outing Name                                      dddd to dddd, mm/dd/yy

Scout ___________________________ has my permission to participate in the Centennial Trail Bike Hike and
               overnight campout at Camp Pigott sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 166.

Contact phone number for any unexpected circumstance: __________________________
                     This phone contact must be available from departure at parking lot to return.

YES NO I will provide transportation for this trip.
My vehicle has seat belts for __ passengers.

Auto Insurance Company:
                     Policy Number:                 __________________________________________________
Insurance Coverage: Liability Each Person $______________                             Each Accident $___________________
       Property Damage $ _________________
Or initial if you meet or exceed Washington State Minimum Requirements ____________________
$25,000 of bodily injury each person, $50,000 of bodily injury each accident, $10,000
             property damage. –Amounts from WA. DOL 2006

Driver’s License Number:                            __________________________________________________
Vehicle make         Vehicle Model                 year          Owner’s Name                      license plate         No. Seat Belts
____________         ___________ ______________________________                                     ____________
YES NO               I’m available to accompany the Scouts on the outing.
YES NO               I have a NW Forest Pass (required for most trailhead parking –
                     if not, we can borrow one for you).

I hereby give permission for any and all medical attention necessary to be administered to my child in the event of an accident,
injury, sickness, etc., under the direction of the adults listed on this form or the adult leaders listed on the trip bulletin until such
time as I may be contacted. This release is effective for the time during which my child is participating in a Troop 166 Boy Scout
outing, including traveling to or from activities. I also hereby assume full responsibility for payment of any such treatment.

Parents’ or Guardians’ Names:__________________________________

Home Address:__________________________________

Home Phone:__________________________________

Work Phone:__________________________________

Health Insurance:__________________________________

Policy Number:__________________________________

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian:_____________________________________


                                               Scoutmaster: Bill Montgomery                           Phone: (206)523-0072
                                     Assistant Scoutmaster: Ron Maxum                                 Phone: (206)523-6587

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