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									                                PedalCo Sales Overview
Sales continue to increase as the PedalCo brand becomes more visible, thanks to increased storefronts,
a national commercial spot and our excellent sales associates. Profits were up over 30 percent this year,
and look even stronger for the coming months.

Sales by Quarter
Mountain bikes were the top sellers in the first and third quarters. Road bikes narrowly outsold
mountain bikes during the second quarter. Although hybrid bike sales decreased in the third quarter, we
believe this market will continue to grow over the next few years.

Quarterly Breakdown

Qtr. 1   June 1 through August 31

Qtr. 2   September 1 through November 30

Qtr. 3   December 1 through February 28
Sales by Region
Mountain bikes continue to be our strongest sellers in the Southeast, West and the Northeast. Our new
Beach Cruisers are gaining popularity in the West, particularly with the under 25 segment. More people
in the Midwest are buying hybrid bikes, which is up from last year.

  Region, Best Sellers, Also Popular, Growing Market

  Northeast, Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Hybrids

  Southeast, Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Hybrids

  Midwest, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Hybrids

  Southwest, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Hybrids

  West, Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Beach cruisers

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