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									            COUNTY OF SAN MATEO

                June 30, 2010

        New Franchise Collection Agreement
               Terms and Services
   Ten-year term (2011-2020)
   Automated collection – recyclable materials, compostable
    materials (food scraps and yard trimmings) and garbage
    –   Wheeled carts for all households
    –   Automated collection service
    –   Weekly recyclable single stream collection
    –   Weekly compostable materials collection
   Performance incentives & disincentives
   Liquidated damages
   Simplified contractor compensation calculation with more
    cost controls for rate payers than current Franchise

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   June 2010 – Garbage Cart Selection Mailer
   June 2010 – Community Events Begin
   July 2010 – Community Presentations Begin
   July 2010 – Advertising/Media Campaign Launch
   July 2010 – Commercial Recycling Blitz Launch
   Aug. 16, 2010 – Commercial Carts Delivery Begin
   Aug. 30, 2010 – Residential Carts Delivery Begin
   Nov. 29, 2010 - Kitchen Pail Delivery Begins
   Jan. 1, 2011 – New Collection Services Begin

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   Sent to all single-family households in June, except North Fair Oaks
    (County Service Area 8)
   Informed residents of new collection services to be provided in
    three wheeled carts
   Provided customer’s current garbage service level
   Provided new assigned Garbage Cart size based on four sizes that
    closely matched current service level (NFO customers have a
    minimum mandatory of 64 gallon):
    –   20-gallon
    –   32-gallon
    –   64-gallon
    –   96-gallon
   No response needed if assigned Garbage Cart size is satisfactory
   Residents must respond by July 9th if requesting a different
    Garbage Cart size than the assigned

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              COMMUNITY EVENTS
RethinkWaste and Recology have started
staffing information booths at various community
events. The events targeted for San Mateo
County were:

–   San Mateo County Fair
–   North Fair Oaks Community

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    In addition to events, RethinkWaste and Recology staff
    will be making presentations to the community and
    organizations in coordination with the County of San
    Mateo staff.
•   Community Meetings
     – North Fair Oaks Area (CSA 8)
       November 4, 2010 – 7:00-8:00pm
       Fair Oaks Community Center
       2600 Middlefield Road
       Redwood City
     – Unincorporated County
       Franchised Area
       Dec. 2, 2010 - 6:30-7:30pm
       Belmont Public Library
       1110 Alameda De Las Pulgas

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   A multidimensional advertising/media campaign was
    launched in late July 2010 and will continue through
    March 2011 to promote the new collection services
   The campaign includes:
     – Print advertising
     – Spanish radio spots
     – TV commercials
     – Web advertising
     – Bus/train advertising
     – Movie theater advertising
     – Banners in downtown areas

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   Blitz launched on July 1st and will continue through Dec. 31,
   Conducted by Recology’s commercial recycling manager and
    recycling coordinators
   Targets businesses and multi-family complexes that currently do
    not have any recycling/composting collection services provided
    by Allied Waste of San Mateo County
   Targeted accounts will be offered single stream recycling
   New commercial brochure provided to inform and encourage
    recycling and composting, as well as new signage, labels and
    containers for customers as needed
   All service requests coordinated between Recology’s commercial
    team and Allied Waste’s customer service department

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                 Commercial Cart Deliveries
   Recycle and Garbage Carts
     – Cart deliveries between Aug. 16 – Dec.
       3, 2010 based on Allied Waste’s current
       route schedule
     – Allied Waste will first service the Recycle
       and Garbage Carts, then separate Allied
       Waste crews will remove the carts from
       the location
     – Recology crews will then deliver new
       Recycle and Garbage Carts in same
       service location, and replace any Allied
       Waste signs with Recology’s

   Compost Carts
     – Allied Waste will use existing drivers
       from Aug. – Dec. 2010 to exchange all
       Allied Waste commercial Compost Carts
       with Recology’s new Compost Carts
     – Allied Waste will replace any of their
       signs at the location with Recology’s

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   San Mateo County Carts – delivered August 30 through
    December 18, 2010, based on the delivery schedule for
    neighboring jurisdictions.
   Residents can use new carts immediately on same collection
   Single stream ( mixed) recycling
   Recycling and yard trimmings remain on every other week
    collection schedule through December 31, 2010
   No food scraps in Compost Cart through December 31, 2010
   Old garbage cans, recycling tubs and yard trimmings carts will be
    picked up by Allied on regular collection days through December
    31, 2010
   Residents may keep old garbage cans and recycling tubs
   Kitchen pails for in-home use – delivered Nov. 29 – Dec. 22, 2010

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                    JANUARY 3, 2011
   Official start date for residential collection services:
    – Weekly collection of Recycle and Compost Carts
    – Food scraps and food-soiled paper products added
       to Compost Cart
    – Used oil filter collection program begins
    – On-going services:
          On-call bulky goods collection (2x per year)
          Curbside battery and cell phone collection
          Used motor oil collection program

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                    Staff Contact Information
   Kevin McCarthy                            Cathy Hidalgo
    Executive Director                         Recycling Coordinator
    (650) 802-3505                             (650) 802-3503       

   Monica Devincenzi                         Jeannene Minnix Kingston
    Recycling Outreach & Sustainability        Board Secretary/Recycling Specialist
    Manager                                    (650) 802-3500
    (650) 802-3509                   

   Cliff Feldman
    Recycling Programs Manager
    (650) 802-3502

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