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									                         Hotel BOOKING FORM
                  Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Materialkunde e.V.,
                        Weimar, October 25-29, 2009
weimar GmbH                                       For the reservation of your lodging please use this
Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung,            form and send it back to the weimar GmbH, until
Kongress- und Tourismusservice                    25th of Sebtember 2009. You'll find information
UNESCO-Platz 1                                    about the well-chosen hotels on the second page.
99423 Weimar                                      Please note that there is only a limited contingent
                                                  available to the overleaf conditions in all offered
phone: 00493643-745 442                           houses. The reservations will be confirmed after the
fax:    00493643-745 420                          order entrance at the weimar GmbH - tourist office
email: tagungen.tourist-info@weimar.de            weimar.

I / we book the following accommondations out of the contingent reserved for the conference:

arrival:                             departure:

                                     extras:         non-smoker                     arrival after 6.00p.m
single room:

                                                     arrival by car
double room:



surname, first name                                                                         title


postal code                                       town

phone number                                              fax


accompanying pers.

desired hotel

alternative hotel

date                                                      signature

               I accept the general trading conditions
                                                                      Submit via E-mail      Print Form
                                    LIST OF HOTELS
         Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Materialkunde e.V. , Weimar, October 25-29, 2009

                     all prices count per room and night incl. breakfast in EURO

 hotel                        description                    distance ccnw                     price
                         very nice, comfortable hotel
Hotel Amalienhof***       with spacious rooms with    ca. 10 minutes walking        75,00 € single room
                         shower, WC, TV and phone

Hotel                   in the middle of the historical
                                                                                    85,00 € single room
                        Old Town, very nice hotel in a ca. 8 minutes walking
Am Frauenplan***                quiet position
                                                                                    70,00 € double room

Hotel                      unique position, tasteful
                                                                                    90,00 € single room
                            equipment, personal           ca. 5 minutes walking
Anna Amalia***                   atmosphere
                                                                                    70,00 € double room

                          3-stars-hotel in the style of                             78,00 € single room
Hotel Alt Weimar ***       the "bauhaus" with wine        ca. 10 minutens walking   111,00 € double room (dr)
                                    tavern                                          85,00 € dr for 1 person
                        convenient in the north of the
                        city, rooms with shower, WC, ca. 5 minutes by car           70,00 € single room
Acarte Hotel***                                        ca. 20 minutes walking       55,00 € dr for 1 person
                                 TV and phone

Dorint                   in the middle of the historical
                                                                                    109,00 € single room
Am Goethepark            Old Town, elegant first-class- ca. 10 minutes walking
                                                                                    137,00 € double room
Weimar****                 hotel with exclusive rooms

Hotel                     affectionatly renovated villa
                                                                                    69,00 € single room
                          in the classic style, central, ca. 15 minutes walking
Villa Hentzel***            quiet and green position
                                                                                    89,00 € double room

                         central position, rooms with                               69,00 € single room
Hotel Fürstenhof***        shower, WC, phone, TV      ca. 15 minutes walking        79,00 € double room (dr)
                          extensive breakfast buffet                                69,00 € dr for 1 person

                           small 3-stars-hotel in the                               63,00 € single room
Das Kleine Hotel ***      city centre, all rooms with     ca. 12 minutes walking    90,00 € double room (dr)
                            shower, TV and phone                                    70,00 € dr for 1 person

                          traffic-favourably but in a                               70,00 € single room
Hotel Liszt***           quiet side street, room with ca. 15 minutes walking        80,00 € double room (dr)
                                  minikitchen                                       75,00 € dr for 1 person

Hotel Am                 family hotel direct in the city                            61,00 € single room
                         centre, rooms with shower, ca. 12 minutes walking          91,00 € double room (dr)
Stadtpark***                    TV and phone                                        79,00 € dr for 1 person

Park Inn                 modern 4-stars-hotel in good                               76,00 € single room
                                                         ca. 15 minutes walking
                         travic position, all rooms with                            96,00 € double room (dr)
Weimar****                   shower, TV and phone
                                                         ca. 30 minutes by bus
                                                                                    81,00 € dr for 1 person
                        directly at the central station,
                                                                                    65,00 € single room
Hotel Thüringen***       free journey by the city bus ca. 10 minutes walking
                                                                                    90,00 € double room
                         with the room identity card

Grand Hotel              historical first-class-hotel in
                                                                                    128,00 € single room
                          the city centre with stylish ca. 2 minutes walking
Russischer Hof*****     atmosphere, high-grade room
                                                                                    151,00 € double room

                         family hotel and comfortable                               58,00 € single room
Hotel Zur Sonne***        inn, affectionately restored, ca. 2 minutes walking       84,00 € double room (dr)
                            directly in the city centre                             68,00 € dr for 1 person

Pension Köstritzer          pension with traditionel                                52,00 € single room
                               restaurant, direct i       ca. 5 minutes walking     77,00 € double room (dr)
Schwarzbierhaus              Stadtzentrum gelegen                                   62,00 € dr for 1 person

 We offer a huge number of pensions and private rooms partly with shower / WC in the room.

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