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									[12:00] <Draga> I can't even start ubuntu live so i can't say anything
about it.
[12:00] <gotonpo> how often do you need to reboot?
[12:00] <desrt> ColonelKernel; if it's not taking the mode you want it
might be because your hsync/vsync params are wrong
[12:00] <ColonelKernel> desrt, im sorry but this just isnt true in my
case. I force 100hz on 1024x768 all the time, im other distros and even
in winXP
[12:00] <ColonelKernel> desrt, ok - what can I use to get the thing to
run @ 100hz
[12:01] <desrt> ColonelKernel; did you give your own hsync/vsync values?
[12:01] <desrt> 1024x768 must be like 1280x1024 including front and back
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[12:01] <dave> gnome has really bad focus problems
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[12:01] <ColonelKernel> hsync 30-96 vert refresh 30-180
[12:01] <Gourami> question: can a daily cron job be set to mail you a
completion status ?
[12:01] <kutucape> dave, no it;s not
[12:01] <desrt> so like.... you'd need 128kHz horiz
[12:01] <Draga> No one can help me?
[12:02] <desrt> ya
[12:02] <ColonelKernel> well thats not going to work out at all
[12:02] <dave> is there somewhere i can configure these?
[12:02] <desrt> that 96 isn't high enough for 100Hz
[12:02] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: Your clocking is based on M$ terms, not real
world terms. When you say speed. you mean boot up time and such, Linux
works faster by having less of a Memory trail. Linux was not designed to
Shut down, you never need too.
[12:02] <ColonelKernel> thats gonna scramble things in my normal desktop
[12:02] <kutucape> Draga, what's your problem
[12:02] <desrt> ColonelKernel; do you know how monitor timings work?
[12:02] <desrt> ColonelKernel; the card and the monitor need time to drag
the ray gun back to the left/top of the monitor to begin another draw
[12:02] <dave> Draga: i would suggest loading agpgart or something, but i
really have no idea
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[12:02] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Xyc0, ok that's true...but i never keep my PC on
for days on end
[12:02] <desrt> and also they need rest time at the beginning and end of
each line
[12:02] <dave> is there some easy way to configure all of gnome?
[12:02] <ColonelKernel> desrt, I know if I increase hsync past 105 it
goes insane
[12:02] <Draga> dave: What's that?
[12:02] <desrt> it's called 'front porch' and 'back porch'
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[12:03] <desrt> ah.
[12:03] <desrt> not suprising :)
[12:03] <Draga> Could someone help me? I tried Ubuntu 5.1 live-cd and it
boots but when it start loading OS it just went black... Nothing happens
after that and 64bit live-image. I use Hp pavilion zv6028ea computer
(laptop) AMD 64bit 3200, Ati radeon xpress200m...
[12:03] <Xyc0> Draga: I really reccomend you install Linux, even on a
Dual Boot so you can keep M$ just in case
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[12:03] <Xyc0> Draga: I can help you more when we can actualy modify
[12:03] <ColonelKernel> well this works fine in other distros, and ive
gotten this to work in ubuntu before but I dont know how...
[12:03] <Draga> Xyc0: But if the live-cd doesnt work so how i can EVEN
instal it?
[12:03] <dave> Draga: ray gun!!
[12:03] <desrt> so basically, you want to force the increase in hsync for
1024 (games?) but go back down to normal for higher res...
[12:04] <Xyc0> Draga: Live-CD for Ubuntu is not the best in the world
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[12:04] <desrt> ColonelKernel; the gnome resolution thing has something
that you can manually specify the refresh rate...
[12:04] <Xyc0> Draga: If you want to try linux in general, try Kipponix
[12:04] <dave> gnome sucks when it comes to setting focus to stuff. is
this fixable?
[12:04] <Draga> It takes like 3hours to download it so it takes hell of a
time and if it doesnt even work?
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[12:04] <Draga> dave: Instal KDE
[12:04] <desrt> ColonelKernel; ie: you could write in the over-spec hsync
line and use the gnome resolution thing to force yourself back down to a
normal rate for desktop
[12:04] <ColonelKernel> desrt, I do not want to do it everytime though,
this SHOULD be working with a Modeline
[12:04] <dave> Draga: ok
[12:05] <ColonelKernel> desrt, will try, brb
[12:05] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ppl...if u visit and check the
linux articles i'm writing
[12:05] <desrt> ColonelKernel; the X server automatically discards
modelines that are out of range
[12:05] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'll be basing them on Ubuntu
[12:05] <Gourami> ok if no one has an answer on cron job notification via
e-mail please refer me to somewhere I can look for help
[12:05] <_mike> someone mentioned earlier of a program to automatically
configure grub when you make a new kernel? what was the name of that?
[12:05] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i chose YOU to introduce it to M$ ppl :)
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[12:05] <dave> whats the. .aptiwhat?
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[12:06] <dave> aptivate or something.
[12:06] <wdh> Gourami, what was your exact question?
[12:06] <Draga> I guess i'm not going to use ubuntu :<
[12:06] <dave> Draga: not if the cd doesnt boot, no
[12:06] <wdh> Gourami, never mind, i read it
[12:06] <dave> Draga: you have the option of rerolling your own ubuntu CD
i suppose
[12:06] <Draga> dave: CD does boot but it doesnt load the ost
[12:06] <dave> with support for that card
[12:07] <dave> Draga: when does it stop, after the reboot?
[12:07] <Draga> OS
[12:07] <wdh> Gourami, i believe cron does that by default.. i think it
sends it to root@localhost unless you specify another emailaddress
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[12:07] <Gourami> wdh: I have a cron job wich in a nutshell is a backup
which runs on a unmanned workstation that I do not want to chec every day
to see if the backup ran so I would like the cron to mail me a
result/status code
[12:07] <Draga> dave: No. It's a live CD. It shows "Ubuntu:" Then i press
enter and it starts loading some shit and them boom just black
[12:07] <Draga> And nothing happens
[12:08] <dave> see if you can disable the framebuffer
[12:08] <Xyc0> Draga: How long did you give it time to process?
[12:08] <wdh> Gourami, cron does that by default.. it mails any output of
the command..
[12:08] <Gourami> wdh: ok then my question would be how do I specify a e-
mail address
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[12:08] <kutucape> Draga, try another live cd
[12:08] <Draga> Xyc0: Hmm.. About couple of minutes
[12:08] <kutucape> there's a bunch of live cd out there
[12:08] <linuxpoet> Hey anywhere I can get the newer versions of Gnome
for Ubuntu?
[12:08] <dave> is it possible to disable the framebuffer?
[12:08] <Draga> kutucape: Don't wanna waist CD:s
[12:08] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Ubuntu should be installed...not live-cd tried
[12:08] <wdh> Gourami, for that i would like to refer you to crontab's
manpage :)
[12:09] <Xyc0> Draga: I second kutucape, Ubuntu is a good distro, not a
live-linux distro
[12:09] <kutucape> linukso, use breezy badger
[12:09] <Xyc0> linuxpoet: Breezy Badger
[12:09] <kutucape> !breezy
[12:09] <Draga> Xyc0: I'm only trying to test if it works on my computer
that i shouldn't waist DVD:s
[12:09] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot will Breezy Badger include?
[12:09] <Gourami> wdh: ok well at least thats something, failing that
i'll be back, thanks
[12:09] <LuNaTiK^GuY> more than Hoary?
[12:09] <dave> what is that program like apt-get but not?
[12:10] <Xyc0> yum?
[12:10] <Xyc0> or for Ubuntu?
[12:10] <dave> for ubuntu.
[12:10] <dave> some replacement thing
[12:10] <kutucape> LuNaTiK^GuY, i'm using breezy and it has no difference
at all
[12:10] <linuxpoet> Breezy Badger?
[12:10] <LuNaTiK^GuY> but its still in development
[12:10] <dave> not synaptic, the other one
[12:10] <linuxpoet> Is that a repository?
[12:11] <wdh> Gourami, it's called the 'MAILTO' option.. not sure on how
to specify it.. at least it should be done inside the crontab
[12:11] <traveller> aptitude?
[12:11] <zerboxx> I find totem (default video player) is out of sync
(audio/video), any help on fixing this, or should I just get xine, which
I know will work?
[12:11] <dave> thats the one
[12:11] <kutucape> linuxpoet, the next ubuntu version
[12:11] <Xyc0> is it any good?
[12:11] <linuxpoet> Oh
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[12:11] <linuxpoet> So there isn't any contrib that would have it :(
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[12:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> kutucape, what is Breezy promising?
[12:11] <kutucape> zerboxx, use xine
[12:11] <Xyc0> zerboxx: VLC Media Player
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[12:11] <kutucape> well, there's a wiki on
[12:12] <kutucape> LuNaTiK^GuY, you can read from there..
[12:12] <Gourami> wdh: nothing in tha crontab man at all about outputs
[12:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> kutucape, 10x
[12:12] <kutucape> breezy seems better from hoary
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[12:13] <wdh> Gourami, no, i noticed the crontab manpage is quite short..
try 'MAILTO =' on the first line of your crontab..
(without the quotes naturally)
[12:13] <Xyc0> Draga: Why are you using DVDs? Just use a cheep CDR to
run Live CDs
[12:13] <kutucape> LuNaTiK^GuY, you may see a mix between industrial and
clearlooks theme
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[12:13] <kutucape> some bugs maybe eliminated
[12:13] <kutucape> CMIIW
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[12:13] <Xyc0> Neos
[12:13] <kutucape> and a new gtk with libcairo...
[12:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> kutucape, didnt get that last part...wot do u mean?
[12:13] <Xyc0> i like dark themes
[12:13] <kutucape> LuNaTiK^GuY, what part?
[12:14] <funkyHat> how can i get middle-click to do the same thing in
firefox on windows? (the toggle scroll thing)
[12:14] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Why VLC and not xine?
[12:14] <Xyc0> zerboxx: xine is very slow to update, VLC has a nice clean
[12:14] <wdh> Gourami, any luck yet?
[12:14] <Xyc0> zerboxx: I use VLC on M$ aswell
[12:15] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Does it work well with firefox? (integrated?)
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[12:15] <Gourami> wdh trying now
[12:15] <LuNaTiK^GuY> kutucape, this part: you may see a mix between
industrial and clearlooks theme
[12:15] <kutucape> a new ubuntu theme, but maybe this is a new default
gnome theme
[12:16] <kutucape> so polished
[12:16] <Xyc0> zerboxx: Yea, there is a mozilla plugin for it that works
[12:16] <funkyHat> about time
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[12:16] <LuNaTiK^GuY> oh ic
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[12:16] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Know what it is called by any chance?
[12:16] <dave> irfanview equivalent on linux?
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[12:17] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Nevermind, found it easily enough :)
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[12:17] <Xyc0> zerboxx: lemmy know if you have any troubles installing it
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[12:18] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Sure thing
[12:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> How can i make gnome look MAC OS like?
[12:18] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: gDisklets
[12:19] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: and one of the many OSX themes for gnome
[12:19] <flam> how come my /proc is 498M ?
[12:19] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot do gDisklets include?
[12:19] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and how do i get them?
[12:19] <flam> it surprises me.. :P
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[12:21] <hussam> I need some help here. I can't get sound out of TvTime (
video works fine )
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[12:21] <wdh> Gourami, if it wont succeed.. try reading this page.. or
search google:
[12:21] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Ok, I've run into two problems, how do I go about
making it the default video player, and I also have no sound
[12:21] <carambol> how i change Useragent in FF?
[12:22] <Xyc0> zerboxx: one sec, i had same problems
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[12:22] <The_Vox> carambol: with the useragent extension, of course
[12:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Xyc0, wot do gDisklets include? and how do i get
=== lqb welve... cambia a root en las X un sec
[12:23] <carambol> ok thnx
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[12:23] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: sudo apt-get install gdesklets
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[12:24] <Xyc0> sudo apt-get install gdesklets-data
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[12:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Xyc0, installed...and how do i launch them?
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[12:26] <patient0> I've upgraded to breezy, and man pages for most Xlib
calls have vanished. apt-file tells me they're in libx11-dev, but they're
not any more. Any idea what package I'd find them in now?
[12:26] <_mike> when you run kernel-package does does it automatically
build the kernel with default configurations?
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[12:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how do i use gDeskelts once installed?
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[12:31] <ateves> does anyone know how to use gmailfs?
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[12:34] <StR> Hi all!
[12:34] <StR> when I do a dpkg -L some_package.. I get... package
diverts others to: /some/file...
[12:34] <StR> what does it mean?
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[12:35] <patient0> It means if other packages try to install a version of
that file, it will be put somewhere else instead of overwriting the file.
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[12:36] <StR> patient0: where will they be installed?
[12:36] <abarbaccia> hey guys how do i format a usb disk from the command
[12:36] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how can i access gDesklets???? plzzzz
[12:36] <patient0> Not sure. man dpkg-divert
[12:37] <oompa> no idea.. but do you know where I can find the gaim
install? I am trying to configure it with gfire and when I try
/usrs/lib/gaim it says "configure: error:Library requirements (gaim) not
met, consider adgustsing the PKG_CONFIG_PATH enviroment variable if your
libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them."
[12:37] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: Apps > Accessories
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[12:38] <LuNaTiK^GuY> gDesklets shell
[12:38] <LuNaTiK^GuY> now wot?
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[12:39] <patient0> Does anyone have any idea about what package in breezy
has the man pages for Xlib programming, seeing as they're no longer part
of package libx11-dev?
[12:39] <Xyc0> LuNaTiK^GuY: don't be lazy, play around with it
[12:39] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
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[12:40] <Xyc0> Oompa: gaim is installed with ubuntu
[12:40] <Crazy> grrr
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[12:41] <Oompa> does anyone know where I can find the gaim install? I am
trying to configure it with gfire and when I try /usrs/lib/gaim it says
"configure: error:Library requirements (gaim) not met, consider
adgustsing the PKG_CONFIG_PATH enviroment variable if your libraries are
in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them."
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[12:41] <cartel_> hey all
[12:41] <cartel_> how can i update firefox/thunderbird to 1.0.6?
[12:41] <Xyc0> Oompa: Gaim is installed by default, Apps > INternet >Gaim
[12:42] <patient0> Oompa: You need package gaim-dev
[12:42] <Oompa> Xtc0: No I mean in the file structure
[12:42] <Xyc0> cartel_: backports
[12:42] <Oompa> patient0: Where can I get that?
[12:42] <LuNaTiK^GuY> gn peeps
[12:42] <patient0> apt-get
[12:42] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10q for ur help :)
[12:42] <taz> Anyone know a good Burner program for Ubuntu, that can burn
.img and .iso files?
[12:42] <Oompa> k
[12:42] <Xyc0> Oompa: oh, your trying to compile, sudo apt-get install
[12:42] <Oompa> k
[12:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ubuntu is awesome ;)
[12:43] <cartel_> Xyc0: i dont think ubuntu is allowed to use the
"Mozilla" trademark if its releases do not sync with security updates
[12:43] <Xyc0> taz: nero has a linux version
[12:43] <cartel_> Xyc0: this was brought up on debian-legal
[12:43] <taz> Xyc0: they have?
[12:43] <Xyc0> cartel_: Mozilla is open source
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[12:43] <mjr> taz, right-click on an iso; I'm not sure what an img is and
why it should be different
[12:43] <cartel_> Xyc0: it is MPL
[12:44] <taz> mjr: it does not work with Gnomebaker for example..
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[12:44] <Xyc0> gnomebaker is rather iffy
[12:44] <hacked``> guys, can anyone help me upgrade my wifi card's driver
[12:44] <taz> Xyc0, so the nero version... is it free?
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[12:45] <Xyc0> taz: no, you can use your windows version key to use it
[12:45] <Xyc0> taz: some people, not me of course, use a keygen
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[12:45] <patient0> hacked`: module-assistant is good for that.
[12:46] <Xyc0> rotten people who have no money to spend on progams that
should be free
[12:46] <ptlo> taz: there's also cdrecord (commandline tool) with
frontends xcdroast (rather old but works nicely) and k3b (kde-based) -
all of it free
[12:47] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Where should downloaded skins go for VLC?
[12:47] <hacked``> patient0, can you elaborate on that i have no idea
what that is
[12:47] <Xyc0> zerboxx: ya know, I kinda like the gnome one. So I never
tried installing skins on Ubuntu
[12:47] <zerboxx> Xyc0: Ok, cool
[12:48] <Xyc0> zerboxx: there are some really cool ones tho
[12:48] <patient0> hacked`: It's a program that downloads, builds and
installs drivers.
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[12:48] <patient0> apt-get install module-assistant
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[12:49] <ColonelKernel> I am unable to force 1024x768 to run at 10hz. Can
anyone please help me force this. This seems exceedingly difficult in
[12:49] <ColonelKernel> 100hz i mean
[12:50] <ColonelKernel> no matter what I do I cannot get more than 80hz
out of 1024x768 in ubuntu
[12:50] <frank_> ColonelKernel: put high values in the Horz and Vert
sections of the Monito section
[12:50] <ColonelKernel> i used gtf to generate a modeline
[12:50] <Xyc0> patient0: Do you run module-assistant from terminal?
[12:50] <ColonelKernel> frank_, I did
[12:50] <ColonelKernel> nothing I do seems to make any difference
[12:50] <hacked``> guys, how can i set the root passwd
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[12:50] <frank_> can you actually see the difference between 80 and 100?
[12:50] <Toba> 20
[12:51] <ColonelKernel> yes
[12:51] <patient0> Xyc0: Yes.
[12:51] <ColonelKernel> brb
[12:51] <Xyc0> patient0: what command?
[12:51] <patient0> module-assistant or m-a
[12:51] <pdg> could anyone give me a hint why the NVidia support doesn't
work at my Ubuntu?
[12:51] <patient0> You have to be root though.
[12:52] <frank_> pdg how did you install the driver?
[12:52] <Xyc0> rgr
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[12:52] <patient0> pdg: What have you installed for NVidia support?
[12:52] <ColonelKernel> nope, still unable to break 85hz
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[12:52] <pdg> frank_: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx et al.
[12:52] <pdg> sudo nvidia-glx-config enable
[12:52] <pdg> etc
[12:52] <frank_> yeah
[12:53] <frank_> then restart X
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[12:53] <pdg> done several times :)
[12:53] <frank_> what happens?
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[12:53] <pdg> I see the nvidia logo, but applications don't use
[12:53] <pdg> glxgears runs at 5 fps
[12:53] <Xyc0> Control-Alt-Backspace
[12:53] <Sputn1k> Why i cant open mp3?
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[12:53] <patient0> You need the NVidia driver as well as nvidia-glx.
[12:54] <ColonelKernel> UGH
[12:54] <Xyc0> Sputn1k: What program are you using to open them with?
[12:54] <Sputn1k> XMMS
[12:54] <ColonelKernel> no luck at all.
[12:54] <frank_> nvidia-glx is the driver
[12:54] <pax> sudo nvidia-glx-config enable
[12:54] <pdg> uh, yeah... I have that too, patient0
[12:54] <pdg> oh
[12:54] <pdg> I meant the kernel modules
[12:54] <macroexp> I have some quetions about xprint and mozilla/firefox
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[12:54] <macroexp> the mozilla build is xprint-enabled, firefox build is
[12:54] <frank_> pdg what does glxinfo | grep direct give you?
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[12:54] <patient0> nvidia-glx isn't the driver.
[12:55] <Xyc0> Sputn1k: what heppens when you play mp3's?
[12:55] <pdg> lemmesee
[12:55] <Xyc0> patient0: yes it is
[12:55] <Sputn1k> nothing :)
[12:55] <Sputn1k> xmms crash
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[12:55] <macroexp> without xprint, firefox can't print to my printer
(some postscript version error - has to do with freetype2 printing
[12:55] <pdg> frank_: direct rendering: Yes
[12:55] <patient0> It doesn't install any kernel module I mean.
[12:55] <macroexp> and the xprint distribution is also broken - it
doesn't pick up any printers from cups
[12:55] <funkyHat> Sputn1k, change the output plugin to eSound
[12:55] <frank_> pdg well technically you are hardware accelerated!
[12:55] <Xyc0> Sputn1k: in preferances, change the audio output to
something different, like Esound, then try
[12:56] <Sputn1k> ok thx
[12:56] <Xyc0> patient0: then what does?
[12:56] <pdg> frank_: I know, and that's the weird part! Depending on the
moon phase it works or it doesn't!
[12:56] <pdg> right now it doesn't
[12:56] <frank_> patient0: yes it does through linux-restricted-modules
[12:56] <patient0> I used module-assistant, there's probably a binary
package though for the stock kernels.
[12:56] <patient0> Yeah that's the one.
[12:57] <macroexp> i'm running with the mozilla build and a stock .tar.gz
distribution of xprint, but it seems really sad that i have to jump
through hoops just to print a webpage
[12:57] <pdg> frank_: could that be a hardware problem?
[12:57] <frank_> pdg: what card do you have?
=== abunic [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Guest_545 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:57] <pdg> GeForce FX 5900
[12:57] <Xyc0> eeewww
[12:57] <Xyc0> sorry
[12:57] <Xyc0> ignore that
[12:57] <Guest_545> Hey, I'm installing Ubuntu for the first time and
having some problems.
=== FireEgl [] has joined
[12:58] <Guest_545> I'm going to try it again, but basically, it got to
one part where it was installing additional components, and it would
[12:58] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Well hey, perhaps we can help
[12:58] <frank_> pdg I have a very similar card and it worked for me. Did
you actually try a 3d game>
[12:58] <Sputn1k> tnx, now everything works
[12:58] <pdg> blender, for example
[12:58] <Guest_545> It would say, "Installing additinional components",
then it would go to 1
=== bimberi [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:58] <pdg> it's painful
[12:58] <Guest_545> It would say, "Installing additinional components",
then it would go to 1%.
[12:58] <Xyc0> Sputn1k: surething
[12:58] <Guest_545> Then the screen would go black and it would loop.
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8289877-] has joined #ubuntu
[12:58] <taz> Xyc0, then i go for nero ;)
[12:58] <frank_> pdg: and it works well in windows?
[12:58] <abunic> can some one help me I am trying to install HOMM3 for
linux X86 and I get this message "This installation doesn't support
glibc-2.1 on x86"
[12:58] <stodge> Hi folks. Is wxpython on Hoary built with opengl
[12:58] <pdg> frank_: I have no windows
[12:59] <frank_> pdg did you connect the power cable?
[12:59] <Xyc0> taz: did you find where to download it?
[12:59] <pdg> frank_: :)
[12:59] <Guest_545> Well, Xyc0? Or anyone else?
=== scoon [] has joined
[12:59] <pdg> frank_: I'm sorry, was that a serious question?
[12:59] <taz> Xyc0, nope..
[12:59] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Did you give ubuntu enought disk space?
[12:59] <frank_> pdg: well I forgot it once!
[12:59] <taz> :D
[12:59] <pdg> hehe
[01:00] <Guest_545> Uhh.. I figured it could format Windows for me. :p
[01:00] <Guest_545> How much space does it need?
[01:00] <Xyc0> taz:
[01:00] <Xyc0> about 5 gig with everything installed
[01:01] <frank_> I dont't know maybe you need some special option in
[01:01] <Guest_545> Jesus Christ. That's massive. I was installing it on
my shitty laptop.
[01:01] <macroexp> has anyone ever tried printing a webpage, in firefox,
to a postscript printer? (hoary)
[01:01] <pdg> frank_: I'm going to turn this off and check for loosely
plugged cards
[01:01] <Guest_545> Only like 3 GB of HD space.
[01:01] <pdg> brb, and thanks a lot
[01:01] <frank_> np
=== pdg [] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
[01:01] <Guest_545> Are you SURE 5 GB? Even Windows XP isn't that huge.
[01:01] <Xyc0> Guest_545: it only needs 2 gig for strait install
[01:01] <Xyc0> XP is 10 gig
[01:01] <Guest_545> Oh, okay.. I figured..
[01:01] <vader> Guest: I am using it on a 4 gig hard drive on my p1 233
[01:01] <taz> Xyc0, thx :)
=== uniq [~frode@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:01] <Guest_545> No, XP isn't 10 gig. That's impossible. Because when
I reformatted my PC and reinstalled XP, it only took up a few GB.
=== michi_lnx [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:02] <abunic> what printer?
[01:02] <macroexp> hp 4050tn
[01:02] <michi_lnx> hi
[01:02] <Guest_545> BRB. Gonna try to reinstall.
[01:02] <funkyHat> Guest_545, it should run fine on 3GB
[01:02] <Guest_545> k
[01:02] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Did you install office, and anti virus, and
winamp as well?
[01:02] <funkyHat> install at least ;)
[01:02] <abunic> I can print web pages on my epson 777 color
[01:02] <Guest_545> No. But those aren't standard.
[01:02] <Xyc0> 5 gig i everything, not just the OS
[01:02] <Xyc0> is*
[01:02] <Guest_545> They aren't even included with XP.
=== llord [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:02] <taz> btw.. isent .iso and .img the same format just different
[01:03] <Xyc0> 2 gig for strait install
[01:03] <Guest_545> Anyway, AFK. Gonna try to reinstall Ubuntu after
=== Vjaz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ateves [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:03] <vader> all I did was the base install and it seams to be working
good: even using xfce4
[01:03] <macroexp> that's going through some sort of converter type thing
to convert to epson 777 print code
[01:03] <ateves> how can i change ubuntu's language after install?
[01:03] <Xyc0> Damn kids and their drugs, didn't even wait for me to
explain before having a coniption fit
[01:03] <michi_lnx> can anyboby give me a advice how to connect 2 linux
pcs in a home network for file transfer
[01:03] <Vjaz> Is there any other way to add folders to my "Locations"
menu than in a file dialog?
[01:03] <abunic> ya the drivers came with ubuntu
[01:03] <Xyc0> michi_lnx: samba and smb
=== minholi [~minholi@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:04] <Xyc0> michi_lnx: install both of them through synaptic
[01:04] <abunic> Im guessing something is messed in the conf of your
[01:04] <michi_lnx> i thought samba is for win - linux connections
=== Burgundavia [] has joined
[01:04] <taz> Xyc0, ok.. now that i have the .deb package.. something i
should think of?
=== Amedeo [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:04] <Xyc0> michi_lnx: it works on lin lin connnections
[01:04] <michi_lnx> ok, thanks
[01:04] <Xyc0> taz: what do you mean?
=== ed1t [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:05] <taz> Xyc0, when i have downloaded nero.. is it ok to install
.deb packages? cause i guess they do "fit"?
[01:05] <liroth_> Xyc0, did samba work on win - lin connections too?
=== gonzalo [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:05] <Xyc0> taz: Yea
[01:05] <abunic> cause I havnt set one up but you have to configure
manually unless you just chosed the generic driver. in which case I think
you can tweak it
=== inemo [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:06] <Xyc0> liroth_: yes, it works great on anynetwork
=== KB2000 [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:06] <Xyc0> taz: sudo dpkg -i nerolinuxwhaterver.deb
=== sfvt [] has joined
=== Amedeo is now known as bergamasque
=== KB2000 [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:06] <Xyc0> taz: make sure you cd to the directory you downloaded it
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8289877-] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== KB2000 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== _mage_afk is now known as _mage_work
=== llord [] has left #ubuntu []
[01:08] <taz> Xyc0, thx :)
[01:08] <ateves> how can i change ubuntu's language after install?
=== pippijn [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:08] <pippijn> hi all
[01:09] <pippijn> is it easy to set up an nfs server on ubuntu?
[01:10] <taz> (Reading database ... 64653 files and directories currently
[01:10] <taz> Unpacking nerolinux (from nerolinux- ...
[01:10] <taz> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of
[01:10] <taz> nerolinux depends on libglib1.2 (>= 1.2.0); however:
[01:10] <taz>    Package libglib1.2 is not installed.
[01:10] <taz> nerolinux depends on libgtk1.2 (>= 1.2.10-4); however:
[01:10] <taz>    Package libgtk1.2 is not installed.
[01:10] <taz> dpkg: error processing nerolinux (--install):
[01:10] <taz> dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
=== JingleBells [] has joined
[01:10] <taz> Errors were encountered while processing:
[01:10] <taz> nerolinux
[01:10] <taz> hmm.. did you guys see those lines?? . .. :-/
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:10] <funkyHat> yep
[01:10] <misfit_toy> taz, yes
[01:11] <taz> crap... ok
[01:11] <taz> Xyc0, they were for you.. :)
[01:11] <JingleBells> hi, for some reason, all URLs I open in XChat are
opening in epiphany rather than firefox, how do I change this?
=== jp [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:11] <funkyHat> taz, try installing the package it wants ;)
[01:11] <taz> yeah
[01:11] <funkyHat> through apt or whatever
=== plutonium83 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:11] <Xyc0> taz: Please, PLease don't paste in the channel
[01:11] <jp> guys, how can I order my mails accoutns mail at evo?
Somethign like this: an style
of: >
[01:12] <Xyc0> taz: use
[01:12] <taz> Xyc0, it was in a /msg for you.. i dont know why it got
pasted in the channel for..
[01:12] <taz> first line got sent to you.. the rest in the channel.. lol
[01:12] <KB2000> JingleBells: if you get that working, please tell me...
i have the same problem... :)
=== rince2k [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:13] <Xyc0> taz: no worries, just paste bin it so I can read it
[01:13] <plutonium83> Are chinese localization packs available for
[01:13] <jp> guys, how can I order my mails accoutns mail at evo?
Somethign like this: an style
of: >
=== BunZip2 [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:13] <JingleBells> firefox windows has a nice "Set this browser as
default" option, its not in the lunix version :|
=== huttan [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:14] <KB2000> JingleBells: actually i got mine to open in firefox if i
right-click and say "open in web browser"... but i'd like it to open the
browser on a left-click :)
[01:14] <The_Vox> next time I hear somebody complain about how hard it is
to install linux, I'm gonna make him/her install XP on a bare box...damn
stupid OS
=== Raptoid [~Raptoid@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:14] <huttan> Hello, does anyone here know how to get a wireless
netgear WG511T NIC working on a laptop??
=== JzE [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:15] <funkyHat> JingleBells, the option is in system > Preferences >
Preferred applications
=== fhr [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:15] <JingleBells> hmm, its set as mozilla-firefox there
[01:15] <JingleBells> but links in XChat are opening epiphany :|
[01:15] <bimberi> JingleBells, KB2000: Have a look at Settings ->
Advanced -> URL Handlers... (in XChat)
[01:15] <plutonium83> Are chinese localization packs available for
[01:16] <jp> guys, how can I order my mails accoutns mail at evo?
Somethign like this: an style
of: >
=== hacked`- [] has joined
[01:16] <hacked`-> guys, im trying to dowload kismet off synaptic, but
its not finding it
[01:16] <hacked`-> what the hell is that
=== Nimble [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:16] <JingleBells> !sensible-browser '%s'
[01:16] <ubotu> JingleBells: Are you smoking crack?
[01:16] <JingleBells> wtf is sensible browser
[01:16] <Guest_545> Hey, anyone here know of a way to format Windows 98
OTHER THAN using a Windows boot-disk?
[01:17] <Guest_545> Is there a boot-disk I can download online, to format
[01:17] <HrdwrBoB> JingleBells: it's a symlink to the default browser
[01:17] <macroexp> mkfs.vfat
[01:17] <Guest_545> Because I can't find my Win 98 boot disk and I can't
run the Win XP boot disk because the laptop only has 32 MB of RAM.
[01:17] <KB2000> bimberi: i'm at the same spot... i can right-click and
say "open in web browser", but i can't left-click it to make it open in
the browser...
[01:17] <visor> Guest_545: cfdisk is easy to use
[01:17] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Ubuntu can format over Windows 98
[01:17] <JingleBells> ? ubotu?
[01:17] <hacked`-> guys, im trying to dowload kismet off synaptic, but
its not finding it
[01:17] <vader> Guest: try boot if you want to
[01:17] <Guest_545> Xyc0, are you sure? How do I set it to format before
[01:18] <bimberi> KB2000: I reckon it's something to do with those
[01:18] <Guest_545> I remember seeing something in the beginning, about
advanced options.. or something.. Nevermind. BRB. I'll try it.
[01:18] <bimberi> JingleBells: ubotu is a bot - responds to commands
beginning with ! (as well as its name)
[01:18] <taz> Xyc0, it installed ok now after i added the packages... hmm
do i need to add it to the desktop manually or will i find it somewhere?
[01:18] <JingleBells> i see
[01:18] <Xyc0> Guest_545: When you boot from the Ubuntu disk, it will ask
you if it is ok to format over the disk
[01:19] <Oompa> yay! Did my first compile :D
=== acerbuntu [~acerbuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:19] <JingleBells> being a complete linux noob, how do you see where a
symlink goes, i know ln makes them
[01:19] <snouptcss> !info bonobo
[01:19] <ubotu> bonobo: (The GNOME Bonobo System.), section gnome, is
optional. Version: 1.0.22-2.2 (hoary), Packaged size: 233 kB, Installed
size: 1308 kB
[01:19] <HrdwrBoB> JingleBells: ls -l
[01:19] <Xyc0> taz: IM prettu sure it is in Sound & Video or Acessories
[01:19] <snouptcss> !bonobo
[01:19] <ubotu> snouptcss: I give up, what is it?
[01:19] <HrdwrBoB> or in nautilus, right click properties
[01:19] <devnull> where can i find older versions of gcc in deb package
format ?
[01:20] <taz> Xyc0, hmm nopes :)
=== jmspeex [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:20] <KB2000> bimberi: i don't think xchat is able to do it with a
left-click... :(
[01:20] <Xyc0> did you restart gnome-panel?
[01:20] <taz> Xyc0, nope :_/
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[01:20] <Xyc0> taz: sudo killall gnome-panel
[01:21] <taz> Xyc0, you are my hero! :)
[01:21] <Xyc0> :D
=== taz *hugs* Xyc0
[01:21] <bimberi> KB2000: I'm experimenting with moving the FireFox stuff
to the top to see if that works
[01:21] <taz> hero/nero.. ;)
[01:21] <Xyc0> he he, nero burned down rome
[01:22] <taz> :D
[01:22] <bimberi> KB2000: ... and it doesn't :(
[01:22] <Guest_545> Guest 545, I booted from the Ubuntu disk and it never
DID ask me that.
=== ivan_qk [~ivan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Velcan [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ivan_qk [~ivan@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[01:22] <Guest_545> Er, I mean Xyc0.
[01:22] <KB2000> bimberi: :(
[01:22] <Guest_545> Xyc0, it never asks that.
[01:23] <jp> guys, how can I order my mails accoutns mail at evo?
Somethign like this: an style
of: >
[01:23] <jp> PLEASE!
[01:23] <HrdwrBoB> jp: I think you'll find that might be because it's an
imap account
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:23] <jp> this is the ubuntu users channel!
=== Freedomzen [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:23] <HrdwrBoB> if you're talking about where is says
[01:23] <jp> yepo
[01:23] <JingleBells> ah tis fixed thanks to a google
[01:23] <Xyc0> Guest_545: explain to me what happens when you boot from
Ubuntu disk
[01:23] <jp> I want to organaze thus my accoutn HrdwrBoB
[01:24] <JingleBells> "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser"
[01:24] <HrdwrBoB> jp: for basic filtering you just need to create
[01:24] <taz> Who of you in here were already running NeroLinux?
[01:24] <HrdwrBoB> and use the filters
=== linuxpoet [] has joined #ubuntu
=== JingleBells [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[01:24] <Guest_545> The Ubuntu screen pops up, and it tells me it's
installing. And it says either type "server" for the base installation or
press enter for the default installation.
[01:24] <Freedomzen> Ok I have a question I tried to install breezy and
apparently it is borked.... I am currently Downloading Hoary I am
wondering will my install go well or is there trouble on the horizen
[01:25] <Guest_545> If I press enter and do the default installation, it
does what I said before... It does a crash loop when it starts installing
additional components. And it never formats the HD.
[01:25] <jp> HrdwrBoB I created, but I only can create a subfolder of >
On this computer... not a folder like '
=== oompa [~oompa@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:25] <jp> :(
=== JackShit [] has joined
=== JackShit [] has left #ubuntu
[01:25] <HrdwrBoB> jp: because that's an IMAP account
[01:25] <HrdwrBoB> and thus it's not "on this computer"
[01:26] <jp> HrdwrBoB cool!
[01:26] <Xyc0> Guest_545: It does not install anything untill you tell it
too, something else is wrong
[01:26] <_mike> anyone run into problems in grub installing a new kernel?
=== Friedrich [~Friedrich@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:26] <jp> HrdwrBoB I'm enabling my imap accoutn to try. thanks dude!
[01:26] <jp> :D
[01:26] <HrdwrBoB> jp: no worries :)
[01:26] <jp> HrdwrBoB I didn't know it :(
[01:26] <oompa> How do I add applications to the gnome panel?
=== Razor-X [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:26] <Guest_545> No, it didn't. What I said---it says it's an Ubuntu
installer, then it asks me to press enter for the default installation.
[01:27] <Guest_545> The problem, I think, is what you said before. It's
installing, but not formatting the HD first.
[01:27] <_mike> has anyone here installed a new kernel?
[01:27] <Guest_545> So, there's no space.
[01:27] <vader> _mike: not me
[01:27] <Guest_545> BRB. Gonna try to use a DOS boot-disk to format the
HD, then use the Ubuntu CD.
[01:27] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Does it ask you for the keyboard language?
[01:27] <Xyc0> Guest_545: Dont
[01:27] <Guest_545> Eventually, yes.
=== cyberix [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:27] <cyberix> X stoped working in my Breezy
[01:27] <Xyc0> Guest_545: THen what after the language?
[01:27] <Guest_545> Don't worry. It's my crappy laptop, not my main
[01:27] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: yes... you just use apt-get to install it :)
[01:28] <HrdwrBoB> cyberix: yes it did
[01:28] <Guest_545> After that, it starts to instal.
[01:28] <funkyHat> Guest_545, the ubuntu installer will format the disk
for you, choose 'use entire disk'
[01:28] <HrdwrBoB> cyberix: breezy X is broken.
=== fortysixand2 [] has joined
=== olausmagnus [] has joined
[01:28] <Freedomzen> Ok I have a question I tried to install breezy and
apparently it is borked.... I am currently Downloading Hoary I am
wondering will my install go well or is there trouble on the horizen
[01:28] <Guest_545> That never happened.
[01:28] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: what do you want to work with your kernel
[01:28] <oompa> Anyone? How do I add applications to The Gnome Panel?
Like Applications>Internet
[01:28] <fortysixand2> what would stop ndiswrapper from associating with
an AP?
[01:28] <_mike> hrdwrbob i've done all the hard stuff, im stuck in grub
[01:28] <Xyc0> Freedomzen: Breezy is not finished
[01:28] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: Damn.
[01:28] <Guest_545> FunkyHat, also---the laptop only had 32 MB of memory.
Ubuntu says that it has to run in "low memory" mode or something like
[01:28] <jp> HrdwrBoB that worked so cool dude thanks!! :D
[01:28] <KB2000> Freedomzen: breezy has a known problem with X... it will
work before it goes stable
[01:28] <HrdwrBoB> jp: good to hear!
[01:28] <_mike> the configuration line kernel /boot/bzImage-2.6.12_3
[01:28] <Xyc0> Freedomzen: hoary is stable
[01:28] <_mike> apparently
[01:28] <Freedomzen> ok so hoary should install fine
[01:29] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: "Next time I will stay with stable."
[01:29] <Razor-X> uggghhhh, why in the world would the maintainers try
and make the name of ruby ``ruby1.8''
[01:29] <KB2000> Freedomzen: yep
[01:29] <_mike> the files not found
[01:29] <Razor-X> aggravating
[01:29] <Freedomzen> ok good
[01:29] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: how have you built the kernel?
[01:29] <funkyHat> i don't have any experience using low memory mode....
[01:29] <HrdwrBoB> cyberix: good choice :)
[01:29] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: "I will never more drink alcohol."
[01:29] <Razor-X> I have my own alias, but, other programs are totally
messing up
[01:29] <oompa> anyone?
[01:29] <_mike> even though bzimage-2.6.12_3 IS in /boot
[01:29] <Freedomzen> need something easy and stable for my HP Laptop
[01:29] <_mike> how?
[01:29] <_mike> from source
[01:29] <Xyc0> Guest_545: ah, yea... Ubuntu does need a bit more then
just 32 megs
[01:29] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: :-P
=== emX [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:29] <fortysixand2> I got the module loaded in the kernel, and I can
ifconfig wlan0 and set the IP address
[01:29] <Razor-X> and so, i'm gonna try and make a symbolic link to it
[01:29] <Freedomzen> anyone here run Ubuntu on their Laptop?
[01:29] <fortysixand2> but iwconfig will NOT let me set the AP
[01:29] <Xyc0> Guest_545: you might want to try Puppy Linux or Ubuntu
with out Gnome or KDE
[01:29] <_mike> hrdwrbob i configured, and installed the kernel from
=== surfdue [] has joined #UBUntu
[01:29] <KB2000> Freedomzen: i do
[01:30] <Guest_545> No, Xyc0, according to the installer, it doesn't need
more than 32 MB. It just says that I need to make... uh... I forget the
[01:30] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: why?
=== Burrito [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:30] <Freedomzen> KB2000, wireless and all?
[01:30] <taz> i must say.. so far of what i have tested with Ubuntu ..
its a really easy system to work with!! Very user firendly!! I run it
both as server (web server) and as a client...
[01:30] <KB2000> Freedomzen: yep
[01:30] <Guest_545> The word for emulated RAM.
[01:30] <Freedomzen> cool
[01:30] <_mike> to learn
[01:30] <Guest_545> In Windows, it's the pagefile.
[01:30] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: Was this intentional? Is there any bets on
when it might work again?
[01:30] <funkyHat> Guest_545, swap
[01:30] <taz> Swap area..
[01:30] <Guest_545> That's the word.
[01:30] <Guest_545> It says that it can install, but I need to make a
swap area soon.
[01:30] <KB2000> Freedomzen: i'm having trouble with my flash card reader
on my medion md41300, but it seems that nobody has gotten it to work on
any linux yet...
[01:30] <Xyc0> Freedomzen: You just need to know what hardware you are
using inorder for us to help you set it up
[01:30] <Razor-X> OMFG, and the ln doesen't work
[01:30] <KB2000> Freedomzen: but that's it... it works perfectly
[01:31] <_mike> next time now that i know what goes on ill use apt
hrdwrbob. but, got any ideas about my problem?
[01:31] <HrdwrBoB> cyberix: it should work again .. ASAP of course
[01:31] <Razor-X> stupid maintainers!
[01:31] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: ahh ok
[01:31] <HrdwrBoB> well to put it in grub
[01:31] <bimberi> oompa: You can install a menu editor - search for
"smeg" in synaptic
=== terrex [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:31] <taz> going to bed now.. nite nite ppl! and thx for all the
[01:31] <Guest_545> Anyway, I'm gonna format using a DOS bootdisk. Don't
worry, it's not my main PC. And if it doesn't work, I can always re-
download Windows XP and a crack from bittorrent.
[01:31] <_mike> with the grub file "not finding" my kernel image, even
though the i have the right path down
[01:31] <surfdue> ok
[01:31] <_mike> ?
[01:31] <surfdue> please help
[01:31] <jp> HrdwrBoB,!.png
[01:31] <_mike> its driving me crazy
[01:31] <surfdue> how do i actiave s-video out
[01:31] <HrdwrBoB> just follow the format of the other entries in the
/boot/grub/menu.lst file
[01:31] <oompa> Does anyone know how to add programs to the applications
panel in Gnome? Like Applications>Internet>NewProgram.
[01:31] <Guest_545> ...Er... Or Windows 98, rather.
[01:31] <Freedomzen> Xyc0, I know that I have put Ubuntu on My main
Desktop but Switched to Arch but I want something a little more
maintainable on my Lappy
[01:31] <bimberi> oompa: You can install a menu editor - search for
"smeg" in synaptic
[01:32] <cyberix> HrdwrBoB: Ok. Great. These are the times I love having
the Hoary live cd.
[01:32] <cyberix> :-)
[01:32] <Xyc0> surfdue: what video card?
=== Razor-X is angry
[01:32] <KB2000> live cds are truly sent from heaven ;)
[01:32] <HrdwrBoB> jp: looks goog
[01:32] <oompa> bimberi: How do I start up synaptic? I believe it comes
with Ubuntu doesn't it?
[01:32] <HrdwrBoB> good
[01:32] <fortysixand2> I can set the key too, which is really weird
[01:32] <_mike> hrdwrbob, so im guessing you dont know whats up with that
grub config line?
[01:32] <Razor-X> _mike: can I see too?
[01:32] <bimberi> oompa: yes indeed - system -> administration ->
synaptic package manager :)
[01:33] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: so you've made one and it doesn't work?
[01:33] <oompa> bimberi: thanks
[01:33] <surfdue> Xyc0,: i have a S3 Savage/MX (v7.10.08; 12-28-1999;
[01:33] <HrdwrBoB> if so, paste it
[01:33] <surfdue> some laptop card
[01:33] <bimberi> oompa: yw :)
[01:33] <Razor-X> bimberi: there's a reason Windows has a ``desktop'',
not everybody has the patience to navigate menus XD
=== FrogofTime [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:33] <_mike> razor-X, well the line in grubs menu.lst that grub is
having problem with is:kernel /boot/bzImage-2.6.12_3 ro root=/dev/hda1
[01:34] <_mike> ERROR:15 file not found. claims that /boot/bzImage-
2.6.12_3 isnt' there
[01:34] <_mike> even though the file path is correct
=== Server-Penguin [~flyingpen@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
[01:34] <huttan> Hello, does anyone here know how to get a wireless
netgear WG511T NIC working on a laptop??
[01:34] <Razor-X> _mike: you have a bzImage?
[01:34] <Razor-X> not vmlinuz as a kernel?
[01:34] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: what do all the other lines look like
=== bergamasque [] has left #ubuntu
[01:35] <Razor-X> (or am I just behind *shrugs* haven't updated my kernel
in a bit)
[01:35] <_mike> mike@skynet:/boot$ ls
[01:35] <_mike> bzImage-2.6.12_3         initrd.img-2.6.12_3
[01:35] <_mike> config-2.6.10-5-386      lost+found 
[01:35] <_mike> grub                     memtest86+.bin       vmlinuz-
[01:35] <_mike> initrd.img-2.6.10-5-386
[01:35] <_mike> mike@skynet:/boot$
[01:35] <_mike> oops
[01:35] <Razor-X> use vmlinuz
[01:35] <Razor-X> that's the kernel
[01:35] <_mike> well, that is the contents of my /boot file and as you
can see bzImage-2.6.12_3 is there
[01:35] <_mike> however, grub seems to think its not
[01:35] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: no, in grub
[01:35] <michi_lnx> has anyone of you expierences with powernowd
[01:35] <michi_lnx>
[01:35] <michi_lnx> ?
[01:35] <_mike> should i send it all right now?
[01:36] <surfdue> anyone?
[01:36] <_mike> woudln't want to flood or anything
[01:36] <surfdue> please?
[01:36] <Razor-X> HrdwrBoB: I know I don't often ask for help, but, is it
possible to symlink programs in /usr/bin to a non-existant program?
[01:36] <surfdue> big help please, s-video out how do i activate it
[01:36] <_mike> hrdwrbob, razor-x here it is
=== bimberi_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:36] <_mike> title           Ubuntu Test-Kernel 2.6.12_3-386
[01:36] <_mike> root            (hd0,4)
[01:36] <_mike> kernel          /boot/bzImage-2.6.12_3 root=/dev/hda1 ro
[01:36] <_mike> initrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.12_3
[01:36] <HrdwrBoB> Razor-X: why would you need to do that
[01:36] <Razor-X> _mike: use pastebin next time
[01:36] <michi_lnx> how can i tell powernowd to use MY settings
[01:37] <Razor-X> HrdwrBoB: simple, really
[01:37] <_mike> alright, didn't know bout that
[01:37] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: past your whole grub config file on pastebin
[01:37] <Velcan> When adding apps to session startup is there a way to
specify which workspace you would like it to open on?
[01:37] <vader> bbl dinner time
[01:37] <Razor-X> the maintainers for the debian/ubuntu ruby package
append a ``1.8'' on the Ruby binary packages
[01:37] <Razor-X> (stuff like ri, and irb)
[01:37] <HrdwrBoB> Velcan: I don't believe so
[01:37] <_mike> hrdwrbob, pastebin? never used it before. im using
[01:37] <surfdue> anyone dang?
[01:37] <surfdue> can someone tell me were 2 get help
[01:38] <Razor-X> but, emacs, that has its own compile support, can't
find the file ``ruby''
=== bimberi_ 's modem dropped out - grrr
[01:38] <HrdwrBoB> _mike:
[01:38] <Xyc0> surfdue: You need to install the drivers for S3 Savage/MX
[01:38] <HrdwrBoB>
[01:38] <Razor-X> I have an alias, but, emacs is probably linking
straight to the thing
[01:38] <surfdue> how Xyc0
[01:38] <Razor-X> and so, I need to symlink ruby1.8 to ruby
[01:38] <Razor-X> or, make my own macro, but that's no fun
[01:39] <Xyc0> surfdue: I honestly don't know. I would Google "S3
Savage/MX xorg drivers"
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> ok
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> well just run which ruby
[01:39] <hacked`-> guys, how does svn work
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> to find ruby
[01:39] <Razor-X> HrdwrBoB: there _is_ no ruby binary
[01:39] <Razor-X> there's ruby1.8
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> and then ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.8 /path/to/ruby
[01:39] <_mike> hrdwrbob
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> ah
[01:39] <Razor-X> exactly
[01:39] <Razor-X> therein lies the problem
[01:39] <HrdwrBoB> just link it then
[01:39] <Razor-X> I was thinking of making a dummy file
[01:40] <Razor-X> like sudo echo e > /usr/bin/ruby
=== digitalfox|RO|sl is now known as digitalfox
[01:40] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: remove the /boot
[01:40] <_mike> link to what? ln -s ...?
[01:40] <Razor-X> and then ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.8 /usr/bin/ruby
[01:40] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: look at all the other entries
[01:40] <_mike> alrighty
[01:40] <Razor-X> _mike: this is my problem ;)
[01:40] <HrdwrBoB> Razor-X: yes
[01:40] <Razor-X> but, then, the echo e returns a permission error
[01:40] <Razor-X> even if I prepend sudo
[01:40] <HrdwrBoB> Razor-X: yes
=== nebular [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:40] <_mike> i noticed the difference, hrdwrbob, i removed boot didn't
work so i added it back in. on the kernel line i notice how it was
diffenet but didn't know how to make it the same format
[01:40] <HrdwrBoB> try echo e| sudo tee /usr/bin/ruby
[01:41] <Razor-X> ok
=== sanmarcos [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:41] <Razor-X> is /usr/bin locked from normal writing?
[01:41] <dups> has anyone had any problems after upgrading firefox? for
some reason firefox crashes whenever I open certain pages, obviously some
kinda fault ex:
=== Davey [~davey@davey.user] has joined #ubuntu
[01:42] <surfdue>
[01:42] <surfdue> how do i get it?
[01:42] <_mike> hrdwrbob, if i remove /boot i dont think it will work
because nothing is linked besidese initrd
[01:42] <hacked`> guys, whats the apt-get that i need to get gcc, gcc+,
[01:42] <HrdwrBoB> _mike: ... remove the /boot
[01:42] <nebular> what would the root entry be for the 3rd partition on
the first HD in the grub menu.lst? I've become confused by the
[01:42] <HrdwrBoB> that is the problem
[01:42] <_mike> just did thta
[01:42] <_mike> really?
[01:42] <nebular> am I correct in thinknig it's (hd0,2)?
[01:42] <HrdwrBoB> nebular: that's correct
[01:42] <Razor-X> hacked`: sudo apt-get install build-essentials
[01:43] <nebular> HrdwrBoB: thanks much
=== abunic [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:43] <hacked`> razor-x, is there any way i can search apt-get
[01:43] <Xyc0> taz: Did you get my PM?
[01:43] <_mike> alright hdrwrbob, im going to reboot, if this works
thanks a lot. and if it doesn't ill be back on. and thanks for the help
so far
[01:43] <Razor-X> hacked`: apt-cache search foo
[01:43] <Razor-X> where foo is your search term
[01:43] <abunic> can someone help me with installing Homm3
[01:43] <Freedomzen> hacked`, build-essential
[01:43] <hacked`> cause it said E: COuldn't find package build-essentials
=== goroth [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:44] <hacked`> k
[01:44] <goroth> hello
[01:44] <Razor-X> hacked`: you have to have your CD in
[01:44] <hacked`> k
[01:44] <goroth> i va problem with song :s
[01:44] <Razor-X> it's on the CD, and your CDs should be part of the
repos in your sources.list
[01:44] <nikkia> abunic: most of the loki stuff is so terribly out of
date it requires serious effort to even install, never mind run, these
days :/
[01:45] <SDFH_Linux> is firefox 1.06 on ubuntu servers?
[01:45] <surfdue> surfdue,
[01:45] <seb128> building
=== terrex nanit // good nigth
[01:45] <Burgundavia> SDFH_Linux, not yet
=== StoneTable [] has joined
[01:45] <funkyHat> SDFH_Linux, it won't be
[01:45] <abunic> I know I googled it and could find any understandable
way to install it
[01:46] <SDFH_Linux> no?
[01:46] <SDFH_Linux> why?
[01:46] <funkyHat> 1.0.3 will have the security patches applied
[01:46] <abunic> I just want to play that game it brings me back you know
[01:46] <Burgundavia> SDFH_Linux, 1.0.6 will be available in breezy, and
the fixes backported to hoary
=== PlanarPlatypus []
has joined #ubuntu
[01:46] <oompa> What's the delete command in terminal?
[01:46] <frank_> !firefox
[01:46] <SDFH_Linux> ok
[01:46] <Burgundavia> SDFH_Linux, so you will be secure
[01:46] <funkyHat> !info firefox
[01:46] <oompa> Anyone?
[01:47] <oompa> I need the delete command in terminal.
[01:47] <KB2000> oompa: do you mean rm?
[01:47] <funkyHat> geh... ubotu does different things now...
[01:47] <oompa> yes that works kb2000
[01:47] <nikkia> abunic: about the best advice i can give, is hunt down
the loki 'patches', usually, there is a updated installer that installs
the patched version from the CD
=== lcharly_ [] has joined
[01:48] <nikkia> abunic: links to the patch ftps should be on loki's
(defunct-ish) website, but even those are over 3 years old, and may well
not run on new linux systems
[01:48] <bimberi_> !info firefox
=== apokryphos [] has joined #ubuntu
=== decaf [~mehmet@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:48] <dups> !codecs
[01:48] <ubotu> somebody said codecs was
[01:48] <KB2000> oompa: do "man rm" to see which arguments to give it...
[01:48] <abunic> ya I dont even think I am at that point in the install
=== decaf [~mehmet@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[01:49] <abunic> I got a message about the install not supporting glibc-
2.1 on x86
[01:49] <lcharly_> i have a problem with my printer is hp 3320 USB and
when i traying to configure when i run printing it siad The CUPS server
could not be contacted
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8289877-] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxpoet [] has left #ubuntu []
[01:49] <stodge> Has anyone built wxPython on Hoary?
=== lcharly_ is now known as lcahrly_TheOne
=== Xyc0 [] has left #ubuntu []
[01:50] <Kyral> Hooray!
[01:50] <hacked`> Hooray for Hoary ?
=== lcahrly_TheOne is now known as lcharly_TheOne
[01:50] <Kyral> I built Firefox 1.0.5 from the Breezy source :D
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:51] <_mike> it work3d! im on my brand spankin new kernel
[01:51] <_mike> eh
[01:51] <_mike> however i got some error and crap at boot up
[01:51] <HrdwrBoB> yeah
[01:51] <stodge> I'm getting a compile error, that I can't solve:
contrib/glcanvas/gtk/glcanvas_wrap.cpp:1568: error: `wxGLCanvas'
[01:52] <HrdwrBoB> because your kernel is not the same as the ubuntu
[01:52] <Razor-X> you Firefox addicts are almost as bad as Harrpy Potter
addicts ;)
[01:52] <_mike> errors aren't problems ;) stodge
[01:52] <stodge> They are to me :)
[01:52] <funkyHat> Razor-X, lol
[01:52] <stodge> The version of wxpython for Hoary is too old
[01:52] <Razor-X> if a feature ``dies'', you'll comit suicide
[01:52] <Razor-X> s/comit/commit/
[01:52] <oompa> Razor-X What about Firefox addicts that love Harry
Potter? :P Like me
[01:52] <Vjaz> Firefox isn't really *that* good.
[01:52] <Razor-X> if you want to be obsessed about something, be obsessed
about Robert Jordan!
[01:52] <_mike> could a misconfigured kernel make your RAM usage be a
little funy?
[01:53] <Razor-X> Vjaz: thanks for that bit of sense, now the rest of the
channel needs to know that ;)
[01:53] <Razor-X> or be obsessed about Star Wars
=== funkyHat slaps oompa with a.... opera browser
[01:53] <Razor-X> funkyHat: give me back my browser!
[01:53] <_mike> i'm using 243/249 and 3/957 of swap which seems a bit
high on the RAM side
[01:53] <_mike> ;(
[01:53] <Razor-X> _mike: how much RAM you have?
=== Discipulus [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:53] <Vjaz> Opera is better out of the box than Firefox.
=== atlas95 [~cyril@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:53] <_mike> 256
[01:53] <funkyHat> lmao, have it, i use firefox :P
[01:54] <_mike> actually
[01:54] <Razor-X> the only thing I use Firefox for is when I feel like
browsing, emacs style
[01:54] <frank_> _mike: that's ok. Alot of ram is just cache anyways
[01:54] <apokryphos> Opera is better full-stop :P
[01:54] <Vjaz> If you take extensions in to play, it gets more
[01:54] <Razor-X> _mike: a lot of the swap isn't used
[01:54] <_mike> yea which is weird isn't razor-x?
[01:54] <Razor-X> Vjaz: I have changed around some of my Opera as well
=== Andares [~andares@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:54] <Razor-X> _mike: no, it just sits in cache
[01:54] <_mike> if i have only 64 mb free physical ram. shouldn't my swap
be used more?
[01:54] <funkyHat> opera looks tacky, tbh
[01:55] <Razor-X> (I pronounce it ``cash-ay'' by the way, not ``cash''
like you CompSci people do ;)
[01:55] <funkyHat> especially the dialogs
[01:55] <apokryphos> funkyHat: err, you can't be serious, unless you're
talking about a version three years ago
[01:55] <_mike> instead of 1% of it?:
[01:55] <Razor-X> funkyHat: Opera's polish trumps Firefox
=== bimberi_ sighs - the daily browser wars - stay tuned for editor wars
later on
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:55] <Razor-X> bimberi_: remember programming wars?
[01:55] <frank_> _mike: no alot of the "used" ram isn't really used by
=== jp [] has left #ubuntu
[01:55] <funkyHat> why do all the dialogs have 2 borders?
[01:55] <Razor-X> they don't?
[01:56] <bimberi_> Razor-X: Of course! how could I forget :)
[01:56] <apokryphos> funkyHat: when was the last time you used Opera?
[01:56] <funkyHat> this morning
[01:56] <funkyHat> it was the first time i used it as well
[01:56] <Vjaz> Which version?
[01:57] <funkyHat> 8.01
[01:57] <apokryphos> funkyHat: and you're seriously telling me it looks
tacky? If that does then so does a Ferrari 8)
[01:57] <apokryphos> funkyHat: the dialogues have one border
=== Flik [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:58] <funkyHat> hehe. ok so there aren't really 2 borders, it looks
odd though
[01:58] <nikkia> apokryphos: i'd have to agree with him, it's UI is a BIT
[01:58] <Razor-X> hmmmm, in emacs, what's the variable for current
[01:58] <apokryphos> nikkia: I put it down to that headache :P
=== bimberi_ is now known as bimberi
[01:58] <apokryphos> nikkia: I love Konqueror, but I really think Opera
is the slickest-lookin' browser
[01:58] <nikkia> Razor-X: there's a function, to get it i think, you have
to pass in the buffer name
[01:59] <oompa> how do I install a .deb file?
[01:59] <Razor-X> you Firefox users talk about how IE is so stupid, but
you sound just like IE users in your promotions
[01:59] <nikkia> apokryphos: headache passed hours ago...
[01:59] <Razor-X> nikkia: ahhhh, do you know it by heart?
[01:59] <nikkia> apokryphos: opera uses ugly widgets, has non-consistant
widget behaviour, etc
[01:59] <Razor-X> one thing is, Opera users almost never advertise
[01:59] <nikkia> Razor-X: not offhand, no
[01:59] <Razor-X> nikkia: if you call QT widgets ugly... mmmkay ;0
[01:59] <bimberi> oompa: sudo dpkg -i <file>
[01:59] <Razor-X> hmmm, #emacs then
[02:00] <nikkia> Razor-X: if they're QT widgets, then i'm embarassed for
trolltech :/
[02:00] <oompa> bimberi: Thanks again for helping this linux n00b
[02:00] <frank_> Razor-X: well they can't advertise here since Opera
isn't free
[02:00] <bob2> oompa: but in general, you don't do that directly, you let
synaptic do it for you
=== epiloc [] has joined #ubuntu
=== tanki [] has joined
[02:00] <bimberi> oompa: np :) - hope you're enjoying the experience
[02:00] <nikkia> Razor-X: i have no issue with the main UI, its just the
fugly preferences/etc
=== surfdue [] has left #UBUntu []
=== gvrocha [~gvrocha@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:00] <Razor-X> nikkia: I like my QT ;) and my KDE
[02:00] <Razor-X> frank_: there are no restrictions on advertising only
free things
[02:01] <gvrocha> does any1 knows how to get a touchpad to do the
scrolling in a toshiba laptop?
[02:01] <nikkia> Razor-X: so do i, but the widgets in the preferences for
opera do NOT behave consistantly with other Qt widgets
[02:01] <Razor-X> nikkia: well, they are common with a few other QT apps
[02:01] <Razor-X> plus, you can skin Opera
[02:01] <nikkia> Razor-X: again, the main UI is ok
[02:01] <Razor-X> I hate the Firefox default look, looks like bare metal,
to me
=== andrew_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:01] <Kyral> Now how do I get packages that I backported from Breezy
into Backports?
[02:01] <nikkia> its the preferences, which are not really overly
affected by the skinning
[02:02] <bimberi> oompa: yes - you should install using synaptic where
[02:02] <Razor-X> Kyral: add in the backports to your sources.list? ;)
[02:02] <snouptcss> Razor-X: i have seen you advertising three times here
[02:02] <Razor-X> snouptcss: ok?
=== Andeeznuts [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:03] <funkyHat> Razor-X, i like bare metal :)
[02:03] <Razor-X> probably the only thing I advertise vehemently is LaTeX
and emacs
=== tanki [] has joined
[02:03] <Kyral> Razor-X, I meant packages that I myself backported
[02:03] <Razor-X> funkyHat: ahhh, you can keep your bare metal ;)
[02:03] <snouptcss> Razor-X | one thing is, Opera users almost never
[02:03] <funkyHat> hehehe
[02:03] <Razor-X> Kyral: where do you get your Breezy sources from?
=== Davey [~davey@davey.user] has joined #ubuntu
[02:04] <Razor-X> snouptcss: that was a declaration, I don't think
containing the word ``Opera'' is an advertisement
[02:04] <nikkia> razor, my biggest problem with opera, however, is that
there is no host blocking ala adblock :/
[02:04] <snouptcss> snouptcss = auk
=== jdbolt [] has joined
[02:04] <Kyral> Razor-X, the Breezy Source Repo
[02:04] <Razor-X> nikkia: there is, IIRC
[02:04] <nikkia> razor, that, coupled with its inability to correctly
position flash/JS pop-overs, renders it painful
[02:04] <Razor-X> Kyral: which is? ;)
[02:04] <Kyral> just replace the Hoary deb-src with the Breezy deb-src
[02:04] <Razor-X> nikkia: I disabled both, so, *shrugs*
[02:04] <snouptcss> razor-x, no, tyhat statement was not advertising, but
several others were
[02:04] <nikkia> Razor-X: disabling JS isn't an option
[02:05] <Razor-X> nikkia: it is in Opera
[02:05] <nikkia> Razor-X: i mean for me
=== ezap [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:05] <nikkia> Razor-X: my bank relies on it
[02:05] <Razor-X> ahhh, I see
[02:05] <Razor-X> heh
[02:05] <Razor-X> snouptcss: ok?
[02:05] <nikkia> altho, in fairness, their page doesn't work with opera
[02:05] <snouptcss> nikkia: disable it and turn iot bakc on when you go
to your bank site?
[02:05] <nikkia> snouptcss: urgh
[02:06] <snouptcss> you can have a toolbar button
[02:06] <apokryphos> nikkia: sorry about that... family issues
[02:06] <apokryphos> nikkia: what exactly is ugly about the widgets? I
quite like them :P
[02:06] <nikkia> snouptcss: seriously, having to remember to turn on/off
a feature because the browser authors can't introduce a nice feature to
block hosts from running scripts by clicking on them once, isn't right
[02:06] <Razor-X> apokryphos: it's a user choice, i'm guessing
[02:07] <apokryphos> de gustibus non est disputandum to a degree, I guess
[02:07] <Razor-X> Firefox skyrocketed because IE had a bad time, and all
of the geek friends of IE users reccomended it, Opera's been around for
ages, so the dust's kinda settled
[02:07] <Razor-X> apokryphos: what language?
[02:07] <nikkia> Razor-X: are you suggesting i'm a FF newbie that just
jumped on the bandwagon ?
[02:07] <Razor-X> nikkia: of course not
[02:07] <apokryphos> Razor-X: latin. "There's no arguing with tastess",
[02:08] <snouptcss> nikkia: 'by clicking on them once' ?
[02:08] <nikkia> i'll have you know i was using firefox since before it
was called firefox :P
[02:08] <Razor-X> i'm saying that's where the share came from
[02:08] <Razor-X> nikkia: and so was I
[02:08] <Razor-X> back when it was a browser called Phoenix
[02:08] <Vjaz> Isn't taste the only thing you *can* argue about?
[02:08] <Razor-X> IMO, Firefox lost sight of their goal after the hype
and the final name change
[02:08] <nikkia> snouptcss: i can block a whole domain's ****y .js/.swf
ads with one click, and forget about it forever, with firefox :)
[02:08] <apokryphos> I was a huge firefox fan back in the day. Even when
I saw Konqueror I disliked it quite a bit. Discovering Opera recently
made me wonder just why it wasn't so popular.
[02:08] <funkyHat> nikkia, so were lots of us ;)
=== ed1t [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:08] <Razor-X> apokryphos: I need to memorize that statement
[02:08] <apokryphos> Ff ran in and got the market
[02:09] <nikkia> i will grant that FF has gotten terrible lately tho
[02:09] <Razor-X> I was telling people "Change to Phoenix, change to
[02:09] <Razor-X> and they're like "What kind of a bullshit thing is
that?!" ;)
[02:09] <funkyHat> ff deserved it more than opera to be fair, opera has
shitty ads
[02:09] <Razor-X> hahahaha, and now there's Spread Firefox
[02:09] <snouptcss> heh and bloat, bloat, bloat
[02:09] <nikkia> Razor-X: then you had to tell them to switch to
'firebird' :)
[02:10] <nikkia> Razor-X: and soon, they'll be changing their name again
[02:10] <Razor-X> funkyHat: don't bring the "Free vs functionality" thing
[02:10] <Razor-X> nikkia: exactly
[02:10] <Razor-X> ;)
[02:10] <funkyHat> heheh
[02:10] <apokryphos> Opera has some really cool plugins... like kill
element. How useful is that for sucky banners :P
=== Andeeznuts [] has left #ubuntu
[02:10] <Razor-X> after two milestones of Firefox, I jumped of the
[02:10] <HrdwrBoB> off
[02:10] <Razor-X> ahh, my bad!
[02:10] <nikkia> apokryphos: eh? where? i've never seen these plugins!
[02:10] <Razor-X> s/of/off/
[02:10] <snouptcss> razor-x: no, free vs. ???, and functionality vs.
[02:11] <funkyHat> apokryphos, or have adblock disable it in the first
[02:11] <nikkia> apokryphos: if they'd make it more obvious somewhere
that such things exist, i MIGHT be able to like it more :)
[02:11] <Razor-X> uggghhh, #emacs is dead >_<
[02:11] <snouptcss> razor-x: i thought you used emacs?
[02:11] <Razor-X> snouptcss: it's a sed expression
=== andeeznuts2 [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:11] <snouptcss> ah
[02:11] <nikkia> Razor-X: i don't even have emacs installed atm, i
recently switched to xemacs, otherwise i'd look up the function
[02:12] <nikkia> Razor-X: hold on, i know where i can find the function
[02:12] <Razor-X> nikkia: I was thinking of switching, but, I have too
much stuff on my normal emacs
[02:12] <nikkia> i still have my .el files on my work machine, i'll vpn
in and look
[02:12] <Razor-X> kickass! ;)
[02:12] <Razor-X> Ruby mode doesen't come with a compiler, how sad
[02:12] <apokryphos> nikkia: admittedly, I don't really know an organised
resource for them, apart from a few basics. I discover a lot by accident.
There might actually be a place, I just don't use Opera much. I still
think it's great though ;-)
=== TongMaster [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:13] <nikkia> Razor-X: (buffer-file-name)
[02:13] <apokryphos> funkyHat: not sure how that works, but the kill
element is more convenient for me. Only block stuff that I want to block,
specifically -- and it only takes literally two clicks, so hey
[02:13] <nikkia> and in my script, i strip out everything but the
filename, with (file-name-nondirectory (buffer-file-name))
[02:13] <Razor-X> nikkia: crazy!
[02:14] <Razor-X> now, to use my fledgeling elisp skills! ;)
[02:14] <apokryphos> Rumour has it Opera is getting a built-in torrent
[02:14] <Razor-X> apokryphos: rumor's been confirmed
[02:14] <nikkia> (its a script that automatically adds #ifndef __H_BLAH_
/ #define __H_BLAH_   / .... / #endif    to .h files :)
[02:14] <Razor-X> oh, hah
[02:14] <Razor-X> see, emacs rawks ;)
=== Kyral curses
[02:14] <Razor-X> i'm learning Ruby right now
[02:15] <nikkia> Razor-X: yeah, i just wanted to give xemacs a try tho,
and found a few things 'better'
[02:15] <Razor-X> still, i'm squandering too long on crap in my
[02:15] <apokryphos> Razor-X: oh, nice. Konqueror will kind of have that
eventually with kget. Just wish it weren't so buggy at the mo ;-)
[02:15] <Razor-X> apokryphos: hehe, yeah
=== poningru [] has
joined #ubuntu
[02:15] <Razor-X> in that sense, i'm a nut in my environment
[02:15] <Razor-X> I don't wanna leave emacs for nothing ;)
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[02:15] <apokryphos> hehe
[02:15] <apokryphos> If it ain't broke, don't fix it 8)
[02:15] <Razor-X> ahhhh no!
[02:16] <Razor-X> not _that_ quote!
=== Razor-X summons the power of hell to his beckon
=== dices [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:16] <nikkia> doh, just realised we weren't in #k... :)
[02:16] <Razor-X> that is the quote I most abhor in all of the face of
the Earth
=== gunner [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:16] <dices> hello everyone
[02:16] <nikkia> apokryphos: stop confusing me !!
[02:16] <Razor-X> nikkia: hahahaha!!!
[02:16] <Kyral> wee hoo! Compiling XChat 2.4.4
[02:16] <Razor-X> someone said that to me last time, I pushed him in our
local body-of-water
[02:16] <dices> I am trying to install Eclipse 3.1 is in universe, added
universe to the rep list , but apt-get cant find eclipse-platform and the
file is there, any ideas ?
[02:17] <apokryphos> nikkia: confusion is to be multiplied, not
suppressed! *goes off skipping into the sunset*
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
[02:17] <Razor-X> dices: added multiverse?
[02:17] <dices> yes
[02:17] <dices> Razor-X yes
=== gpled [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:17] <Razor-X> not sure then
[02:17] <Razor-X> *shrugs* ;)
=== ubuntu22523 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nikkia ties apokryphos's shoelaces together
[02:17] <gpled> anyone know of a program that can work with .ai files?
[02:17] <apokryphos> d'oh
[02:17] <crimsun> dices, did you aptitude update first?
[02:18] <funkyHat> dices, apt-cache update
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8289877-] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== phzi [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntu22523 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== _bet0x [] has joined #Ubuntu
[02:19] <dices> funkyhat: yes updated too
=== AndyFitz [] has joined
=== zirpu_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:19] <mebaran151> what is the timeframe for fixing X on Breezy?
[02:19] <crimsun> mebaran151, When It's Done.
[02:19] <mebaran151> argh, I would like to use it, but I really do enjoy
[02:19] <crimsun> dices, I presume you're using Breezy?
=== AndyFitz [] has left
#ubuntu []
[02:19] <Razor-X> nikkia: you there?
[02:19] <dices> crimsum: hoary
[02:19] <dices> crimsun: hoary
[02:19] <mebaran151> and the mono platform looks like a good one to
develop on
[02:19] <crimsun> dices, it's only in Breezy
[02:19] <nikkia> yes?
[02:19] <Razor-X> can I PM you some stuff about emacs?
[02:20] <apokryphos> nikkia: ff your main browser these days, then?
[02:20] <mebaran151> crimsun, is the Ubuntu kernel set up to use inotify?
[02:20] <nikkia> Razor-X: yeah
[02:20] <Razor-X> I should read the actual elisp book, but that comes
after ruby
[02:20] <mebaran151> and all the cool things BEagle uses?
[02:20] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, X will be fixed for October 13
[02:20] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, yes
[02:20] <nikkia> apokryphos: i split about evenly between FF, opera and
konq atm, depending on task
[02:20] <mebaran151> neato
[02:20] <crimsun> mebaran151, for Breezy, yes
[02:20] <mebaran151> so it should Just Work (TM)
[02:20] <mebaran151> yeah
[02:20] <nikkia> apokryphos: i almost always end up going back to FF
solely tho
[02:20] <mebaran151> Breezy has working mono packages?
[02:20] <apokryphos> =)
[02:21] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, yes
[02:21] <mebaran151> for AMD64?
[02:21] <Burgundavia> think so
[02:21] <mebaran151> have they uploaded E17 yet?
=== Kyral [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:21] <Burgundavia> someone was working on it, no idea
=== gpled [] has left #ubuntu
[02:21] <dices> check if you can install it eclipse-platform is the name
[02:22] <mebaran151> I like my managers lightweight, but I prefer E17 to
[02:22] <dices> E: Package eclipse-platform has no installation candidate
[02:22] <mebaran151> I am on XFCE right now
[02:22] <mebaran151> all though Rox Filer is pretty good; gnome should
use it
[02:22] <crimsun> dices, it's only in Breezy/universe
[02:22] <benplaut> but... but... no tree view?
[02:22] <Burgundavia> gnome will probably never use rox
[02:22] <benplaut> yeah
=== jeran [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:22] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, pity
[02:22] <benplaut> nautilus is too tightly integrated
[02:23] <Burgundavia> nautlius got some major love for the next release
[02:23] <mebaran151> Rox does somethings just right; and I hate the whole
nautilus open new window thing
[02:23] <jeran> Anyone know of a good mud client for use with Ubuntu?
(I'm new to LInux)
[02:23] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, yeah?
[02:23] <benplaut> mebaran: well, you can always disable spatial mode
[02:23] <dices> crimsun i checked in hoary universe and i see it
[02:23] <Burgundavia> mebaran151,
[02:24] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, when I check out the new Breezy (when
it gets fixed) is the new nautilus there
[02:24] <mebaran151> I would love to help fix bugs
[02:24] <BunZip2> hi guys, sorry to bother you but i'm just interested in
opendx image analisys system. Has anyone news or info about it? thank you
=== Velcan [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:24] <crimsun> dices, it does _not_ exist in Hoary/universe
[02:24] <mebaran151> but I cant take major bugs in X, as I need xwindows
to work productively on anything
[02:25] <crimsun> dices, see m/cgi-
[02:25] <jeran> How do you check to see what is on the repositories?
[02:25] <crimsun> dices,
platform&searchon=names&subword=1&version=hoary&release=all rather
[02:25] <mebaran151> why is sound juicer SO slow on my system
[02:26] <mebaran151> it rips at like 2.4 times while goobox is able to do
it at around 30
=== rommer [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:26] <mebaran151> I like rhythmbox and would like to use goobox
instead just for that
[02:26] <jeran> I think I broke Firefox....
[02:26] <bimberi> jeran: synaptic provides an interface for the
repositories that you have enabled. Otherwise there's
=== charlie_ [] has joined
[02:27] <nikkia> mebaran151: is soundjuicer isn't cdparanoia ?
[02:27] <jeran> I tried to update firefox and when it got done it gave me
an error and now i'm unable to load firefox.. what should I do?
[02:27] <nikkia> isn't? that's supposed to be 'using'
[02:27] <mebaran151> nikkia, I wouldnt know
[02:28] <mebaran151> I think they both SHOULD use it
[02:28] <mebaran151> I mean cdparanoia is the definitive standard isnt
[02:28] <nikkia> mebaran151: a lot of rippers don't use it anymore
[02:28] <nikkia> which is a bit sad
=== zirpu [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:28] <mebaran151> I wonder why not?
[02:29] <mebaran151> I know Goobox and Grip use it, and I prefer Goobox
[02:29] <mebaran151> Goobox should be integrated with rhythmbox instead
of sound juicer
[02:29] <nikkia> i use kaudiocreator, and it doesn't use it :/
[02:29] <mebaran151> I just cant get goobox to rip mp3's
[02:29] <mebaran151> I think it is an amd64 thing, and I can only get
[02:29] <nikkia> mebaran151: my scariest linux memory is that of running
cdparanoia once
[02:29] <mebaran151> hmmm?
[02:30] <mebaran151> it is an app that NEEDS a frontend
[02:30] <bimberi> dices: How to install eclipse on hoary -
[02:30] <nikkia> runtime was 18 days
[02:30] <nikkia> amazingly, it managed to extract all but the last track
of an album missing roughly 50% of the substrate
[02:30] <nikkia> granted, it took 18 days to do that, but still, its
amazing :)
[02:30] <mebaran151> nikkia, yep
[02:30] <bimberi> dices: You'll need to install sun-j2sdk1.5 from
=== gyaresu [] has joined
[02:31] <nikkia> (one of the infamous first batch faith no more CDs :)
[02:31] <gijosh> Hey. What's the package for java support? I have a
friend who needs it.
[02:31] <apokryphos> nikkia: never had to rip a CD on Linux yet... what
alternative apps are there?
[02:31] <MrGardenHoseMan> how do i change root's pass?
[02:31] <nikkia> (infamous, because they weren't sealed, the substrate
rotted away after about 6 years)
[02:31] <MrGardenHoseMan> made the bloody thing too long
[02:31] <MrGardenHoseMan> now i get to ype it out every 5 minutes
[02:31] <MrGardenHoseMan> type*
[02:31] <apokryphos> MrGardenHoseMan: your sudo password?
[02:31] <MrGardenHoseMan> yeah
[02:31] <nikkia> apokryphos: lots, you don't even need to use one
[02:32] <mebaran151> anyone know of an mp3 encoder for gsteramer?
[02:32] <nikkia> apokryphos: the kio for cd ripping is very impressive
[02:32] <apokryphos> MrGardenHoseMan: sudo username passwd I should think
[02:32] <crimsun> gijosh, java-package in multiverse
[02:32] <apokryphos> nikkia: cool, thanks, I'll bear that in mind
[02:32] <mebaran151> apokryphos, goobox is REALLY nice
[02:32] <nikkia> apokryphos: on a properly setup KDE, it'll offer MP3,
Ogg, WAV and FLAC ripping by simply dragging the files
[02:32] <mebaran151> it even finds album art
[02:32] <gijosh> crimsun: Thanks.
[02:32] <nikkia> apokryphos: and fills in the relevant tag info on each
[02:33] <MrGardenHoseMan> nope that doesn't work
[02:33] <apokryphos> nikkia: nice, what does it use for that?
[02:33] <nikkia> apokryphos: no idea
[02:33] <apokryphos> MrGardenHoseMan: whoop, sorry, sudo passwd username
[02:33] <mebaran151> apokryphos, I think FreeDB
=== dam_ [] has joined
[02:34] <nikkia> apokryphos:
[02:34] <apokryphos> I recall RealPlayer being able to do that. amaroK
uses musicbrainz for similar tag-completion, which seems decent too
[02:34] <dam_> im trying to follow instructions HERE -
[02:35] <mebaran151> mencoder is the best though
=== Crismo [~marc@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:35] <Crismo> Hi
[02:35] <mebaran151> at well anything except trying to use ogg with video
=== crafol [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:35] <Crismo> I have question
=== Vjaz [] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[02:35] <dam_> i cant run - sudo ./
[02:36] <jeran> How do I use the Synaptic 'Smart Update' function??
=== ateves [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:36] <apokryphos> nikkia: loaded. Ah, looks nice; integrates with KDE
-- excellent
[02:36] <nikkia> apokryphos: exactly, just drag the files to a folder,
and that's it
[02:36] <mebaran151> apokryphos, but what if you dont use KDE?
[02:36] <Crismo> Someone can help me ?
[02:36] <nikkia> mebaran151: ah, but i know apokryphos does :)
[02:36] <mebaran151> all in all I think KDE is a better desktop though
[02:36] <apokryphos> mebaran151: who wouldn't? :P
[02:36] <nikkia> mebaran151: and it was apokryphos that asked :)
[02:36] <BunZip2> has anyone any idea if a package for opendx image
analisys system is planned for hoary or breezy?
[02:37] <Crismo> I need help to install wine
[02:37] <nikkia> apokryphos: i think i've solved my sound problems,
[02:37] <apokryphos> nikkia: oh?
[02:37] <nikkia> apokryphos: i just need to find a jack backend for arts
[02:37] <mebaran151> how good is Kate at syntax highlighting
[02:37] <mebaran151> and, how are the Ruby bindings in KDE
[02:37] <apokryphos> mebaran151: pretty excellent
[02:38] <Crismo> Anyone know how to install wine ?
[02:38] <apokryphos> nikkia: did you find out what was hogging the sound
[02:38] <apokryphos> !wine
[02:38] <ubotu> apokryphos: I don't know, could you explain it?
[02:38] <apokryphos> hm
[02:38] <mebaran151> apokryphos, looking
[02:38] <mebaran151> yep
[02:38] <mebaran151> they are nice
[02:38] <nikkia> apokryphos: yes, arts had woken up *shrug*
[02:38] <apokryphos> Crismo: Open synaptic, install wine
[02:38] <nikkia> apokryphos: i might just turn off arts, i don't really
use it
[02:39] <mebaran151> I might be tempted to buy a Qt license
[02:39] <apokryphos> Don't really use aRts at all myself; xine solved
most of my issues with amaroK's sound for me, and KDE sounds are real
cool at first, but annoy me later.
[02:39] <apokryphos> nikkia: yeah, same.
[02:39] <crafol> breezy is stable?
[02:39] <Crismo> how i did with terminal
[02:39] <apokryphos> Crismo: what? From terminal: sudo apt-get install
[02:39] <apokryphos> crafol: no
[02:39] <nikkia> apokryphos: have you seen that OSS now has an alsa
emulation layer ? :)
[02:39] <Proteque_> how long does hoary plan to live?
[02:39] <Crismo> yes
[02:40] <Crismo> apokryphos
[02:40] <Proteque_> is it a good idea to use at a server?
[02:40] <Crismo> oops
[02:40] <crafol> thk :D
[02:40] <Proteque_> or should I use debian?
[02:40] <funkyHat> 6 months, as usual
[02:40] <apokryphos> nikkia: Nope. Wish I knew what that meant =)
[02:40] <mebaran151> but I believe I will be stuck in GTK for as long as
a I work with WIndows
[02:40] <Proteque_> funkyHat: and then it is deprecated?
[02:40] <nikkia> apokryphos: OSS == the old sound system on linux, a
shareware thing
[02:40] <Crismo> apokryphos: yes
[02:40] <apokryphos> Proteque_: officially supported for the 18 months. 6
months after its birth the next release comes in
[02:40] <mebaran151> I still prefer E17
[02:40] <apokryphos> nikkia: yup, knew that ;-)
[02:40] <mebaran151> unfortunately recompiling it from src is painful
[02:40] <funkyHat> um, that should be when breezy is released
[02:41] <apokryphos> Proteque_: excellent as a server
[02:41] <nikkia> apokryphos: then you should be able to work out what it
meant :P
=== nxvl [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nxvl [] has left #ubuntu
=== Tyson [] has joined
=== nxvl [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:42] <apokryphos> nikkia: oh, I understand, I guess. How long ago did
that happen?
=== uniq [~frode@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:42] <Crismo> apokryphos: when i go on Synaptic it say it installed
=== nxvl [] has left #ubuntu
[02:42] <nikkia> apokryphos: couple of weeks
[02:42] <Crismo> apokryphos: do i need alot of ram to run wine ?
=== airmikey [] has joined
[02:42] <nikkia> apokryphos: they released the latest version after jwz's
alsa rant, which was what? 3 weeks ago?
[02:42] <bob2> Proteque_: hoary will be supported until the end of 2006
[02:42] <apokryphos> Crismo: how much do you have?
[02:42] <ateves> is there a way to hide too long foldernames on the gnome
[02:43] <ateves> ?
[02:43] <Crismo> apokryphos: 64mo
[02:43] <bob2> Proteque_: beyond that, paid support will be available
[02:43] <Crismo> apokryphos: that old pc
[02:43] <apokryphos> nikkia: I have no idea. Ignorant in the world of
sound; just gimme my xine for amaroK and films and I'll be happy 8)
=== Tuplad [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:43] <Tuplad> hello
[02:43] <BunZip2> hi Tuplad
[02:43] <Proteque_> apokryphos: bob2: okay. thanx
[02:44] <apokryphos> bob2: paid support is still available after 18
months? Oh, didn't know that..
[02:44] <nikkia> apokryphos: my problem is, i need to use linux audio for
both casual use (mp3s, aac, etc) and semi-pro style audio recording :/
[02:44] <pax> paid support? Ubuntu is going MS way?
[02:44] <Tuplad> I just received 54 CD's of Ubuntu today :D
[02:44] <bob2> pax: er, no, of course not
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:44] <apokryphos> pax: it's had it for some time
[02:44] <Crismo> apokryphos: is 64mo ram enought for wine ?
=== tanki_ [] has joined
[02:44] <nikkia> rats!
[02:44] <Tuplad> Some guy speaking German, Im glad I can speak Dutch so I
understanded him atleast a little :D
[02:44] <_mike> yo yo
[02:44] <Burgundavia> pax, not for the basica support
[02:44] <apokryphos> Crismo: depends on the program you're trying to run
[02:44] <apokryphos> nikkia: I see. What stuff do you do exactly? :)
[02:44] <_mike> correct me if i'm wrong but isn't cpp just a C compiler?
[02:44] <Proteque_> bob2: pay to supe apt reposities with updates then?
[02:44] <Crismo> apokryphos: first how to run wine ?
[02:44] <nikkia> jack's oss compatibility messes java up the same way
aoss does :(
=== Mobius [] has joined #ubuntu
=== airmikey [] has joined
[02:45] <Agrajag> cpp is the C preprocessor
[02:45] <Crismo> apokryphos: i want play at a games (t4c)
[02:45] <Agrajag> g++ is the c++ compiler
[02:45] <Tuplad> this new ubuntu is working perfect :] even on Live CD
=== tanki_ is now known as tanki
=== crazy2k [~mabel@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:45] <_mike> alrightyyyy thanks
[02:45] <apokryphos> Crismo: wine works by creating a fake windows
directory. It's in ~/.wine. To use it just run *.exe in wine, and go for
it. What program are you trying to run?
[02:45] <Tuplad> Is Ubuntu for PUsers ?
[02:45] <Crismo> apokryphos: t4c it's game
[02:45] <crazy2k> What happens if I try to install Firefox with its
installer rather than getting the Ubuntu package?
[02:46] <Burgundavia> crazy2k, you can do that, but it is not recommended
[02:46] <apokryphos> Crismo: chances are generally slim that it'll work;
smaller the program, the more likely though. But yeah, the above is the
basic of it. Plenty of stuff on Google, btw
[02:46] <Agrajag> of you do that, you should prbably install it in
/usr/local/ so it doesn't overwrite the installed version
[02:46] <bob2> Proteque_: I'm not sure how it will be handled, we're
still 8 months away from even warty's free support running out :)
[02:47] <crazy2k> Burgundavia, I wouldn't do it but, unfortunately,
there's no Spanish language pack in the repository.
[02:47] <jeran> I'm lost on what to do.. Synaptic Package Manager stopped
responding and now I can't close it.. and Firefox isn't working anymore..
[02:47] <pax> anyone have a link to some reading material about paid
support, I'd like to understand what is it about.
=== Tuplad [] has left #ubuntu []
[02:47] <mebaran151> jeran, killall synaptic
[02:47] <mebaran151> and killall firefox
[02:47] <Crismo> apokryphos: when i do search file ... and i search wine
it only find picture or txt*
[02:47] <mebaran151> see if that fixes anything
[02:47] <apokryphos> Crismo: not sure what you mean...
[02:47] <bob2> pax: eh? it's just a way for people to get support on
ancient versions the community long ago stoped caring for.
[02:47] <bob2> pax: is the place to ask, aiui
[02:47] <pax> ah ok.
=== apokryphos wonders if nikkia has her own band going :P
[02:48] <mebaran151> why are gstreamers so poor
[02:48] <Crismo> apokryphos: in principal menu there is programe to
search file
[02:48] <nikkia> apokryphos: no, i play guitar, bass and keyboard myself
[02:48] <apokryphos> Crismo: what are you looking for?
[02:48] <bob2> mebaran151: in what way?
[02:48] <Crismo> apokryphos: wine but it only find txt or picture
[02:48] <Proteque_> I guess it is easy to dist-upgrade betwean hoary and
the next stable version?
[02:48] <apokryphos> nikkia: hey, who needs band members? Quite the
musician; cool stuff. :)
[02:48] <_mike> I'm trying to install nmap 3.81 and when i run make it
exists because cpp: '-c' is not a valid operation. i know i have to
change something in the makefile. can anyone give me a an idea?
[02:48] <apokryphos> Crismo: the wine directory is in ~/.wine, I told you
[02:48] <nikkia> apokryphos: and recently been playing with nyquist a lot
[02:49] <airmikey> hi
[02:49] <apokryphos> Crismo: to run something with wine, right click on
the .exe and then select there
[02:49] <Crismo> apokryphos: how i can go there
[02:49] <_mike> it thinks i have a certain c compiler whcih uses -c which
i obviously do not
[02:49] <Agrajag> _mike: why are you installing from source, is the
version in apt too old?
[02:49] <Crismo> apokryphos: ohhh
[02:49] <apokryphos> Crismo: you'll have to install it first, though
[02:49] <bob2> _mike: what does it do that 3.75 doesn't?
[02:49] <Crismo> apokryphos: now i understant
[02:49] <Crismo> apokryphos: understand* thx
[02:49] <mebaran151> bob2 in that they play most things so jerkily
[02:49] <Crismo> apokryphos: i'll try it
[02:49] <BunZip2> bye
[02:49] <chillywilly> lalala
[02:49] <Mobius> bye
[02:49] <mebaran151> even when I tell them to use ffmpeg
[02:50] <apokryphos> nikkia: 3 in our family our reasonable musicians,
but mainly my dad, who's been playing in his leisure time for ages. Every
few months or so he'll get an odd guitar-related instrument (from some
country or other), and then start learning to play it
=== Makzu [] has joined
[02:50] <nikkia> apokryphos: *nod* that's cool
[02:50] <bob2> mebaran151: that wouldn't have anything to do with your
input decoder
[02:50] <jeran> Firefox still won't load up..
[02:50] <mebaran151> no I mean just in general for playback; I normally
use them for playback only
[02:50] <Crismo> apokryphos: i'll try it and tell you if it work :D
[02:51] <mebaran151> I usually encode with the vorbistools
=== bet0x [] has joined #Ubuntu
[02:51] <mebaran151> they seem to always have a bit of lag and jitter, at
least on AMD64
[02:51] <apokryphos> nikkia: latest is the Turkish Baglama 8)
[02:51] <_mike> agrajag, bob2, apt onlyh had 3.75 3.81 has is more
accurate when it comes to 'filtered' ports, also comes iwth more
fingerprints which means more service recognition
[02:51] <_mike> some bug fixes also
[02:51] <nikkia> anyway, bedtime for me
[02:52] <Agrajag> ok
=== ahuman01 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[02:52] <Agrajag> so you did the usual ./configure && make right?
[02:52] <apokryphos> nikkia: 'night :)
=== serendipity [~serendipi@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:52] <jeran> Okay.. The package update thing told me to use apt-get
dist-upgrade.. but I can't download 114mb's for ALL the updates.. what
should I do about that? Is there another way to update Firefox without
[02:52] <Agrajag> did you install build-essential to get your compiler,
maybe something's missing
[02:53] <jeran> oh, and that isn't just for firefox, it's ALL the updates
I need..
[02:53] <_mike> agrajag, do i just run apt-get install build-essential?
or like make build-essential?
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jmanns [] has joined
=== couda [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:54] <Agrajag> apt-get install build-essential
[02:54] <Agrajag> well, sudo apt-get install build-essential
[02:54] <Agrajag> anyway
[02:54] <Agrajag> do that, see if it installs anything else, and try
building nmap again
=== AlohaWulf [] has joined
=== opawahamster [] has joined
=== karny [] has joined
=== MIK3MAN [] has left #ubuntu
[02:55] <remyforbes777>   where are ubuntu's startup scripts located
[02:56] <remyforbes777> init.d?
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== tom_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[02:56] <Guest_545> Guest_545OK, back.
[02:56] <Guest_545> The people that were here before are probably gone,
but I still have a problem.
=== rover_dan [~daniel@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nebular [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zotnix [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:56] <_mike> ill try that agrajag thanks
[02:57] <hondje> remyforbes777: yes, /etc/init.d
[02:57] <Guest_545> I'm installing Ubuntu on my shitty laptop (not my
main CPU), and it gets to a crash loop. I'm pretty sure I need the AMD
version of Ubuntu, but I want to ask you first.
[02:57] <supernix> just curious how is envolution is anyone still using
it or is it defunct ?
[02:57] <Guest_545> My laptop's CPU is an AMD K-6 3D. I don't know if
it's got a 64-bit chipset... But it might.
=== billytwowilly [] has joined
=== couda [] has left #ubuntu
[02:58] <jeran> After atp-get installs something, do I have to do
anything else to get it to start up?
[02:58] <hondje> jeran: no, just run it usually
[02:58] <remyforbes777> hondje: thanks
[02:58] <nebular> I'm running kubuntu and when I try to install firefox
it seems to want to install quite a bit of gnome stuff. is it safe to
install it without the gnome dependancies, or is the version for ubuntu
specifically compiled to need gnome stuff?
[02:58] <Guest_545> The Ubuntu install gets to a crash loop after it
installs the CD rom drivers and starts actually INSTALLING Ubuntu... When
it tries to install nic-extra-modules-2.6.10-5-386-di there's a crash
[02:58] <pax> remyforbes777: yes master script dir is /etc/init.d
[02:58] <hondje> Guest_545: if it's an AMD chip, you need the amd
installation CD
=== tom__ [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== gijosh [] has joined
[02:58] <Guest_545> I know, Hondje.
=== _SWAT_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:59] <jeran> hondje: The reason I ask is because I removed and
reinstalled mozilla-firefox and firefox and now when I go to start up
firefox it says "Starting up Firefox" and then closes that and nothing
[02:59] <gijosh> Hey. Silly question, but I don't see it in the panel
properties. How do you add a launcher to the applications menu?
[02:59] <Guest_545> Hondje, the Ubuntu site says it only needs that for
AMD chips with a 64-bit chipset.
=== ghie [~thesis@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:59] <hondje> jeran: open up a terminal and type in 'firefox', see if
it gives any useful error messages
[02:59] <Guest_545> Hold on. Let me search the AMD site again, to see if
I can find specs on my CPU. BRB.
[02:59] <_mike> agrajag, nope didnt work. gcc, and cpp, when i make it
uses cpp. but cpp doesn't have a '-c' so i think it wants gcc instead
[02:59] <Guest_545> If anyone knows if an AMD K-6 3D is 64-bit, I'd
appreciate it.
[02:59] <_SWAT_> hi, I'm looking for a program to re-encode/convert some
MP3's (from 192 to 128). What's the best prog I can use?
[02:59] <_mike> whta do you think agrajag?
[02:59] <supernix> just curious how is envolution is anyone still using
it or is it defunct ?
[02:59] <jeran> hondje: Nothing
[03:00] <_SWAT_> Guest_545, whats your speed? (mhz/ghz)
[03:00] <Guest_545> Shit. I don't remember. :(
=== abarbaccia [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:00] <dices> is there a weay to install breezy packagesi n hoary ?
[03:00] <Guest_545> But I know it's bad.. Probably somewhere around 200
to 500 MHz.
[03:00] <_SWAT_> Guest_545, then you don't have a 64-bit cpu
[03:00] <jeran> hondje: It loads up when I do sudo firefox.. but not when
I just start up firefox
[03:00] <Proteque_> Guest_545: AMD K-6 is a very old cpu
[03:01] <Makzu> Guest_545, K6 chips are only 32-bit. The 64-bit chps are
=== ahuman01 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:01] <Guest_545> OK, then why is the Ubuntu install stuttering?
[03:01] <_SWAT_> indeed, I thought so too (because I have one... it's
[03:01] <Makzu> Guest_545, You need a couple more Ks first
[03:01] <Guest_545> When it gets to nic-extra-modules-2.6.10-5-386-di it
[03:01] <Agrajag> _mike: well, as I said cpp is the C preprocessor
[03:01] <hondje> jeran: hrm
[03:01] <Agrajag> so it runs whenever you use gcc
[03:01] <Guest_545> It tries to install the file, screen goes black, then
tries again, then black, then it tries again, then it's black.
=== pinko [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:01] <Guest_545> It loops.
[03:02] <pinko> question: do any linux bittorrent clients let you pick
and choose files in a torrent?
[03:02] <Proteque_> Guest_545: forever?
[03:02] <Guest_545> Yes.
[03:02] <Agrajag> pinko: bittornado does
[03:02] <_mike> cpp: "-c" is not a valid option to the preprocessor
[03:02] <_mike> make: *** [main.o] Error 1
[03:02] <_mike> right, agrajag, here the 'problem':
=== bryan [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:02] <_mike> well above it..
[03:02] <pinko> Agrajag: never noticed that. I'll have to look at it
some more.
[03:03] <pinko> and, hopefully that includes the curses version
[03:03] <hondje> jeran: what does 'firefox -ProfileManager' do?
[03:03] <Guest_545> Proteque---Yes.
=== eLder [~eLder@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:03] <Agrajag> uh, I don't think so, I think you need btdownloadgui to
pick files
[03:03] <pinko> ok
[03:03] <jeran> hondje: That worked.. I made another user and it started
[03:04] <Agrajag> anyway _mike I'm not sure about it, I'm sitting in
windows right now so Ican't check the cpp manual and see what, if
anything, -c is supposed to do
[03:04] <hondje> jeran: awesome :)
[03:04] <jeran> hondje: Thanks!
[03:04] <Guest_545> ...Anyone...?
[03:04] <hondje> no problem
[03:04] <Proteque_> Guest_545: when it is installing this package? sounds
really strange.
[03:04] <Guest_545> Proteque, I wrote it down.
[03:04] <supernix> I installed Kubuntu but I am curious what would be the
best way to install Gnome as well ?
[03:04] <Guest_545> I'll tell you exactly what it does.
[03:04] <nebular> ok, I was checking out the mozilla-firefox package for
debian and it doesn't depend on any gnome packages. is there any reason
why I shouldn't use deselect and force it to ignore the gnome stuff in
[03:04] <supernix> would that be like a bad thing?
[03:04] <Guest_545> I run the boot disk and the Ubuntu install screen
comes up. It asks me to press enter for the default install or type
server for the base install.
[03:05] <_mike> alright thanks for the hell so far agrajag
[03:05] <_mike> help*
[03:05] <_mike> ha
[03:05] <Guest_545> So, I press enter, then it unpacks a bunch of files.
After that, it says it's going to run in low memory mode (I only have 32
MB of RAM) and that I need to set up a swap area after install.
[03:05] <HrdwrBoB> 32mb ram.. damn
[03:06] <HrdwrBoB> my router has that :/
[03:06] <Guest_545> Then, I select English, and an American English
keyboard. Then, it installs the CD rom... It scans the CD rom.. Then it's
loading additional component.
[03:06] <jeran> hondje: Well.. Actually it only starts when I do it that
way... I'm not sure what's wrong, should I edit the icon to just go to
that each time?
=== Mr_Smiley [] has joined
[03:07] <Guest_545> When it starts installing nic-extra-modules-2.6.10-5-
386-di there is a crash loop. It keeps saying "retrieving nic-extra-
modules-2.6.10-5-386-di", it goes to 1%, then the screen goes black and
it repeats.
=== tritium [] has joined
[03:07] <abarbaccia> i <3 ubuntu - my rio carbon is "plug and play" to a
whole new level
[03:08] <Guest_545> Oh, and the version of Ubuntu I'm installing is 5.04
"Hoary Hedgehog"
=== Primal-id [] has joined
[03:10] <Guest_545> ..Anyone...?
=== stodge [~mike@CPE0080c8289877-] has joined #ubuntu
[03:11] <stodge> Anyone else finding Firefox 1.02 under Hoary very flaky?
[03:11] <abarbaccia> stodge, why are you using 1.02
[03:11] <jmanns> yup
[03:11] <bryan> Guest_545, just a shot in the air... have u tried using
another CD?
[03:11] <stodge> I didnt see the update for it
[03:11] <abarbaccia> stodge, do you ahve hte backports installed?
[03:11] <tritium> stodge, there hasn't been one yet
=== holycow [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:11] <abarbaccia> sources listed
[03:11] <Guest_545> Bryan, I *can* try burning it again, but that'll take
life 30 minutes.
[03:11] <stodge> Backports? No
[03:11] <abarbaccia> tritium, you must be lying because im using 1.04
[03:12] <jmanns> are there any cool free games i can play under gnome?
[03:12] <stodge> I'm just using thebasic installation plus auto updates
[03:12] <tritium> abarbaccia, dude, that's rather rude...
[03:12] <Guest_545> When you say another CD, do you mean burning it
again, or another version? (Like the AMD version, or Warty Warthog)
=== gromit [] has joined
[03:12] <Guest_545> *like 30 minutes
[03:12] <abarbaccia> tritium, lighten up - i'm just being a wiseass
[03:12] <tritium> abarbaccia, I don't use backports -- only official
repos for me
[03:12] <_mike> humm i successfully installed nmap 3.81, but when i run
$nmap i still get 3.75 do i have to do something else after make install
to run the new version?
[03:12] <bryan> Guest_545, I think most of us have successfully
downloaded and installed from CD, so maybe u can try burning it again,
also u can try to do md5sum of the iso miage
[03:13] <bryan> *image
[03:13] <Guest_545> Bryan, how do I do an md5sum of the iso?
[03:13] <abarbaccia> tritium, i would recommend you add them though
because of security fixes
[03:13] <stodge> 1.0.2 tends to wander off into lala land without
returning GUI control tome. Had to kill it five time tonight
[03:13] <tritium> abarbaccia, the security fixes in 1.0.4 are in 1.0.2
[03:13] <_mike> guest_545 sudo apt-get install md5sum, then $md5sum
[03:13] <abarbaccia> tritium, i was unaware
[03:13] <tritium> !firefox
[03:14] <jeran> I'm still confused about my firefox installation..
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:14] <tritium> abarbaccia, if you type "!firefox", ubotu will explain
to you
[03:14] <ed1t> gnome menu bar is messed up
=== Big_O [] has joined
=== virgule [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:14] <ed1t> is there any way i can reset it?:
[03:14] <Big_O> ugh
[03:15] <Guest_545> Bryan or anyone else--how do I do an md5sum?
[03:15] <zerboxx> Why is it that after I play a DVD in my laptop, I can't
use the drives eject button, I have to right click on the icon and hit
[03:15] <_mike> guest_545 i just told you
[03:15] <_mike> guest_545 sudo apt-get install md5sum, then $md5sum
=== vader [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:15] <abarbaccia> zerboxx, because linux has the drive mounted - you
need to umount before ejecting
[03:15] <Guest_545> Oh, okay, sorry. Didn't see it
=== pinko [] has left #ubuntu []
[03:15] <abarbaccia> zerboxx, its susposed to bel ike that for all
=== regeya_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:16] <Big_O> ok if i want to link a bin directory so that i can use it
on the comand line what file do i have to edit or do i just do a symbolic
link to the directory
[03:16] <Guest_545> Mike, I don't understand what you mean.
[03:16] <Guest_545> Sudo apt-get... what...?
=== Trace [~Trace@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:16] <Big_O> jdk has to be a pain in the arse
[03:16] <Big_O> <_<
[03:16] <zerboxx> abarbaccia: So right clicking, and hitting eject does
just that?
[03:16] <keikoz> mmh
[03:16] <keikoz> Guest_545 you should maybee read the basics howto about
[03:17] <bob2> Big_O: depends exactly what you're trying to do
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:17] <Guest_545> Keikoz, I'm planning on just playing with it, after
[03:17] <keikoz> humm
[03:17] <keikoz> good luck :o)
[03:17] <_mike> guest_545 what are you not understanding? type this at
the terminal: sudo apt-get install -y md5sum
[03:18] <abarbaccia> zerboxx, yep, it unmounts the drive - you can also
do a umount /media/cdrom from a term then hit the eject button
[03:18] <_mike> this will install md5sum for you which checks md5sums
[03:18] <_mike> copy and paste
[03:18] <Big_O> ive got jdk installed in a directory, i want to use the
bin directory in it on the comand line =?
[03:18] <Agrajag> _mike: still having trouble?
[03:18] <vader> keikoz: I have been reading that fairly regularly, and it
has helped a lot
[03:18] <Agrajag> Where did you install nmap to?
[03:18] <Guest_545> From the Ubuntu boot disk's first screen?
[03:18] <Agrajag> I bet you're looking at the one in /usr/bin, and you
installed it to /usr/local/bin
[03:18] <_mike> actually agrajag, i installed the binary to my nmap
[03:18] <keikoz> vader i imagine
[03:18] <Agrajag> nmap directory?
=== ubuntunewb [~ubuntunew@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:19] <_mike> i installed it in /root/nmap-3.81
[03:19] <Agrajag> well then it's not in $PATH
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:19] <Guest_545> Mike--from the Ubuntu CD's first screen?
[03:19] <vader> well, it helped me understand what to do when it came to
installing my wireless card
[03:19] <Agrajag> install it to /usr/local/ and make sure /usr/local/bin/
is in $PATH
[03:19] <zerboxx> abarbaccia: Having to right click is more than enough
:) thanks tho
[03:19] <_mike> alright agrajag thanks
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:19] <bob2> Big_O: just add it to your $PATH
[03:19] <_mike> guest_545, do what i said before
[03:20] <bob2> Big_O: or symlink the binaries into /usr/local/bin
[03:20] <jeran> Why does firefox run when I type 'sudo firefox' but not
only 'firefox' and it works when I do 'firefox -ProfileManager'
[03:20] <jeran> but not when I type 'firefox' rather
[03:20] <_mike> dont' put the cd in guest_545 LISTEN. open a terminal. at
the prompt <user>@ubuntu:$ type this: sudo apt-get install -y md5sum
[03:20] <Big_O> ok thanks
[03:20] <Guest_545> Mike, I don't have Linux on any other computer.
[03:20] <Guest_545> I have Windows on all my computers and am installing
Ubuntu on my laptop.
[03:21] <_mike> so you haven't installed ubuntu yet?
[03:21] <Guest_545> NO.
[03:21] <Big_O> can i symlink the directory or do i have to do each
individual file?
[03:21] <Guest_545> I am having PROBLEMS installing it. That's what I'm
talking about! :P
[03:21] <bob2> jeran: perhaps your firefox user data is screwed
[03:21] <_mike> ohhhhhh
[03:21] <bob2> jeran: does moving ~/firefox out of the way fix it?
[03:21] <_mike> what are the problems?
[03:21] <bob2> er, ~/.firefox
=== BROKEN_LADDER [] has
joined #UBUNTU
[03:22] <jeran> bob2: It says no such directory
[03:22] <Guest_545> After it installs the CD rom driver, it starts
installing files.. When it gets nc-extra-modules-2.6.10-5-286-di there is
a crash loop.
[03:22] <bob2> jeran: ~/.mozilla/firefox, then
[03:22] <bob2> Guest_545: where did you get the cd from/
[03:22] <Guest_545> It tries to install nc-extra-modules-2.6.10-5-286-di
then the screen goes black, then it tries again, then the screen goes
black, and it repeats forever.
[03:23] <jeran> bob2: No such directory again
[03:23] <zerboxx> how would I go about formatting a usb harddrive??
[03:23] <Guest_545>
[03:23] <Guest_545> Intel x86 install CD.
[03:23] <Guest_545>
[03:23] <bob2> jeran: how odd
[03:23] <_mike> humm, im not sure guest_545 may want to google up on
checking md5sums in windows and check it there
=== rince2k [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:24] <bob2> Guest_545: so, you downloaded it yourself. boot it in
expert mode, and ask it to verify the cd
=== Alfabit [~alfabit@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:24] <_mike> if you stil lhave that iso on a working computer
=== Alfabit [~alfabit@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:24] <jeran> bob2: I can create a new profile and it loads up just
fine.. I just had a lot of trouble with firefox earlier and I did an apt-
get remove of it and it's been doing this ever since I tried to reinstall
[03:24] <bob2> jeran: removing it won't have affected this
[03:24] <Guest_545> Ok, Bob2. BRB.
[03:24] <bob2> unless it's caused by corrupt system files
[03:24] <jeran> bob2: This all started because I was trying to upgrade
firefox *sigh*
=== elmagozizou [~Manu@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:25] <bob2> yes, it is way better to just leave it alone
=== cmatheso1 [] has joined
[03:26] <elmagozizou> Hi... Why if I have the nvidia kernel module
instaled and enabled I cant play tux racer well..and my Opengl
sreensavers doesnt see very well
[03:26] <elmagozizou> the only thing is fine is 3ddesktop
=== ahuman01 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Super_BQ [] has joined
[03:26] <_SWAT_> hi, I'm looking for a program to re-encode/convert some
MP3's (from 192 to 128). What's the best prog I can use?
[03:27] <Super_BQ> how do you start Gnome desktop from terminal prompt?
[03:27] <_mike> startx
[03:27] <jeran> bob2: It would probably be easier to just reinstall
ubuntu, lol
[03:27] <_mike> then at logon click session and choose your windows
[03:27] <jeran> bob2: I was trying to update firefox because of the
security patches..
=== pinPoint [~pinPoint@pinPoint.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined
=== omaru [~omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:28] <bob2> jeran: I really doubt reinstalling is a useful course of
=== pschulz01_ [] has joined
[03:28] <pschulz01_> greetings
[03:28] <bob2> jeran: er, that was silly, the version in ubuntu has all
those security patches
[03:28] <Super_BQ> comes back saying /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit/xservers:
line 2: /usr/bin/X11/X: No such file or directory
[03:28] <bob2> Super_BQ: you're using breezy?
=== Daehlie is now known as Dae|anime
[03:28] <abarbaccia> hey does anybody know what sources are needed for
installing transcode?
[03:28] <jeran> bob2: I had 1.0.2 installed and apt-get told me that
there were updates avaiable.
[03:28] <pschulz01_> I am using ubuntu, and have been asked to supply a
'vcard' to someone..
[03:28] <Super_BQ> installed Ubunto 'server' for minimal space
[03:28] <pschulz01_> how would I do this?
[03:28] <bob2> jeran: yes, which have the patches applied to 1.0.2
[03:29] <Super_BQ> bob2: i'm sorry I don't know what breezy is :( - i'm
quite new to linux
=== QMario [] has
joined #Ubuntu
[03:29] <pschulz01_> I have entere my details into the 'contacts' in
evolution.. what would the next step be?
[03:29] <Guest_545> OK, it's checking the CD's integrity now.
[03:29] <QMario> How can I correctly write an .iso file to a CD-
[03:29] <bob2> Super_BQ: if you did a serer install, you don't have X or
[03:29] <Guest_545> It will be a minute.
[03:29] <Super_BQ> i installed by apt-get install gnome-desktop
=== bytecoder [] has joined
[03:30] <QMario> How can I correctly write an .iso file to a CD-R/CD-RW?
[03:30] <bob2> QMario: right click on it in the file manage, select
"write to cd"
[03:30] <Super_BQ> bob2: yep. and I installed it after (is that not the
[03:30] <Guest_545> QMario, are you on Windows?
[03:30] <bob2> Super_BQ: apparently you didn't; sudo aptitude install
[03:30] <Guest_545> No, Bob2... Windows does not write CD images.
[03:30] <Guest_545> It will just burn the ISO as a file.
[03:30] <QMario> Guest_545, no I am on Ubuntu.
[03:30] <Guest_545> Oh, okay, nevermind.
[03:30] <bob2> Super_BQ: assuming you want the whole ubuntu desktop
[03:30] <QMario> Bob2, that's it?
=== wolfjames54 [] has joined
[03:30] <Super_BQ> bob2: easier to do a full install instead?
[03:31] <jeran> Guest_545: A program like Alcohol 120% could burn your
.iso image to the CD for you, correctly..
[03:31] <apokryphos> cafuego: you here? :)
=== Lord_Athur [~12182220@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:31] <NetEcho> where does the ubuntu livecd keep the network config
[03:31] <NetEcho> ?
[03:31] <Guest_545> Jeran, I don't need it. :P
[03:31] <bob2> QMario: yes
[03:31] <bob2> Super_BQ: no
[03:31] <Guest_545> Ubuntu is already on disc. I was just trying to help
[03:31] <zerboxx> How do I go about formatting a usb harddrive??
[03:31] <bytecoder> why would you use aptitude for that?
[03:31] <jeran> Guest_545: Aye.. I'm just throwing in my two cents to the
matter on windows..
[03:31] <abarbaccia> Guest_545, i thought if you open the cdwrite folder
and go to open you can select the iso image
[03:31] <QMario> Okay. Thank you everyone! :)
=== QMario [] has left
#Ubuntu []
[03:31] <bob2> zerboxx: with the "mkfs" command
[03:32] <wolfjames54> I just installed Ubuntu and they never asked me for
a root password so I have no idea what it is. does anyone know if there's
a default root password?
[03:32] <teferi> there is no root password
[03:32] <teferi> you use sudo
[03:32] <bytecoder> wolfjames54, it's the same as your normal account
[03:32] <Guest_545> Abarbaccia, I don't think so. I always had to use
programs like Nero or Alcohol to burn CD-images. Windows XP never did it.
[03:32] <wolfjames54> awsome
[03:32] <wolfjames54> thaks
[03:32] <bob2> wolfjames54:
[03:32] <bytecoder> well, sudo is set up to accept your password
[03:32] <zerboxx> bob2: followed by whatnow?
[03:32] <bytecoder> there is no password for root
[03:32] <pschulz01_> Can I extract my details in a 'vcard' format
=== giant [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:32] <bob2> wolfjames54: also, the installer explained it to you
[03:32] <NetEcho> anyone?
[03:32] <Guest_545> AFK.
[03:32] <bytecoder> you have to use sudo, unless you want to set root's
password manually
[03:32] <wolfjames54> did it?
[03:32] <giant> sup all
[03:32] <jeran> bob2: So.. Am I just screwed over and no way to fix my
[03:32] <bob2> pschulz01_: perhaps try #evolution on
[03:32] <abarbaccia> Guest_545, damn them all then
[03:32] <giant> hows everyone doing tonight?
[03:33] <bob2> jeran: of course not
[03:33] <tritium> wolfjames54, plenty of other good documentation in the
topic (see the FAQs and User Documentation links)
[03:33] <pschulz01_> bob2: cheers
[03:33] <wolfjames54> alright thanks
[03:33] <bob2> jeran: presumably, getting rid of your local firefox data
would fix it;you never explained how you broke it to begin with, though
[03:33] <bob2> jeran: if it involved "backports", then you have to talk
to them
[03:33] <Super_BQ> bob2: am I suppose to type 'sudo aptitude install
ubuntu-desktop' before doing the apt-get install gnome-desktop ?
[03:34] <bob2> Super_BQ: gnome-desktop won't install what you think it
will. the command I gave you will give you a full desktop
[03:34] <bob2> Super_BQ: why did you install it in server mode to begin
[03:35] <Super_BQ> bob2: i won't be using it as a desktop. I want to
leave it as a router/ftp server but when I put in firestarter it says I
have to go into gnome to configure it
[03:35] <MrGardenHoseMan> what's the difference between .gz and .bz2
[03:35] <bob2> Super_BQ: er
[03:35] <Super_BQ> bob2: I couldn't find any info on how to configure the
[03:35] <bob2> routers don't have X or firestarter installed
[03:35] <abarbaccia> can someone try to help me out and stat the debian
nerim testing main and stable main repos - im getting md5 mismatches i
can't get around
[03:35] <giant> does anyone haev any experience with running Half-Life2
under Ubuntu
[03:35] <Super_BQ> so firewall and routers don't go together?
[03:35] <MrGardenHoseMan> can i just get either/or and it'll do the
[03:35] <bob2> MrGardenHoseMan: different compression formats. bzip2
tends to get slightly better compression than gzip.
[03:36] <MrGardenHoseMan> ahh
[03:36] <bob2> MrGardenHoseMan: you can download either, yes, but the
bzip2 will probably be a bit smaller
[03:36] <bob2> Super_BQ: no, really routers don't have gui tools, tho.
anyway, just install firestarter on it, then connect to it from another
linux machine with "ssh -X user@firewall"
[03:36] <elmagozizou> Hi... Why if I have the nvidia kernel module
instaled and enabled I cant play tux racer well..and my Opengl
sreensavers doesnt see very well...the only thig I can do is 3ddesktop
=== nalioths_dog [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:37] <bob2> abarbaccia: neither of those work for haory
[03:37] <funkyHat> grrrr. gftp keeps dieing
[03:37] <Super_BQ> bob2: I just thought it was stupid in the ubunto users
guide that you install firestarter and then go into Gnome :|
=== catapela [] has joined
[03:38] <bob2> Super_BQ: "ubuntu"
[03:38] <bob2> Super_BQ: presuma blly the user guide was talking about
people running firestarter on workstations
[03:38] <Guest_545> Bob2---I'm back. The CD rom was valid.
=== geekboy [] has joined
=== Ohmer [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:38] <_mike> when i am installing somethign how to i edit $PATH?
Makefile or command line? cus ther is not $PATH in the makefile
[03:38] <Guest_545> It's a good copy of Ubuntu. :p
[03:38] <Super_BQ> ok i'll have to install ssh 1st
[03:38] <Guest_545> So, now what?
[03:39] <tritium> _mike, in your ~/.bashrc is a good place
[03:39] <bob2> Guest_545: now ask on the ubuntu-users list
[03:39] <Guest_545> ... Ok.
[03:39] <Guest_545> One last question.
[03:40] <zerboxx> bob2: Any further help on formatting my usb harddrive?
you said mkfs, but I'm not sure what should follow that /media/external?
[03:40] <tritium> _mike, for example, you might have something like
"export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin" in your ~/.bashrc
[03:40] <bob2> zerboxx: no, the device node
[03:40] <Guest_545> I formatted with a CD-boot disk. It was a DOS-like
program. My question is: Could the file system that it formatted it in
cause problems?
[03:40] <bob2> zerboxx: which you need to find out manually, by looking
at /var/log/messages
=== pschulz01_ [] has joined
[03:40] <zerboxx> bob2: can you explain to me what to be looking for?
[03:40] <_mike> so if i was installing nmap i can edit that file and tell
it where to install?
[03:40] <abarbaccia> bob2, if you could help me out with what sources are
needed to install transcode i would apprecaite it
[03:40] <bob2> zerboxx: e.g. /dev/sda
[03:40] <bob2> abarbaccia: no, sorry
[03:41] <funkyHat> :| gftp is sending php files in binary mode, that's
not right is it :S?
[03:41] <Guest_545> Bob2--My question above.
[03:41] <bob2> it would involved rebuilding it yourself, it seems
[03:41] <bob2> Guest_545: please don't bother specific people
[03:41] <bob2> and "no"
[03:41] <Guest_545> k
[03:41] <Super_BQ> bob2: is there a line command that I can 'uninstall'
the gnome?
[03:41] <Super_BQ> like apt-get uninstall ?
[03:41] <Guest_545> Well, thanks anyway. I'll have to figure it out
myself. :(
[03:41] <Guest_545> AFK
[03:42] <teferi> grah, firefox in breezy is broken
[03:42] <tritium> _mike, installing nmap from the repositories?
=== modderclocker [] has joined
[03:42] <teferi> (yes, yes, it's breezy, breakage is expected)
[03:42] <bob2> Super_BQ: remove, but it won't do twhat you think it will
[03:42] <bob2> Super_BQ: in future, use aptitude
[03:42] <_mike> no i have the source, repo only has 3.75 im instlaling
[03:42] <modderclocker> wena wena cauros
[03:42] <modderclocker> basilen
[03:43] <tritium> _mike, use can specify where to install it with the "--
prefix" option when you make it
[03:43] <modderclocker> what up??
[03:43] <modderclocker> chile
[03:43] <tritium> what I showed you earlier was for setting your path
env. variable
[03:43] <Super_BQ> ok brb.
[03:44] <modderclocker> hello
[03:44] <zerboxx> What is the pastebin for ubuntu?
=== nalioth_wrkn [] has left
#ubuntu []
[03:44] <tritium> it's in the /topic
[03:44] <bob2> just use #flood
[03:44] <modderclocker>
[03:44] <tritium> modderclocker, please stop advertising
[03:45] <modderclocker> nos vcemos
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o bob2] by ChanServ
[03:45] <modderclocker> chaela
=== mode/#ubuntu [+q *!*] by bob2
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o bob2] by bob2
[03:45] <zerboxx> bob2: I've put the last bit of /var/logs/messages in
the pastebin, can you check it out for me please?
[03:46] <bob2> zerboxx: so, it's /dev/sda
[03:46] <bob2> assuming you don't want to partition it
[03:47] <zerboxx> bob2: I just want to format that, and leave everything
on my internal hd just the way it is
[03:47] <bob2> then go for it
[03:47] <abarbaccia> bob2, if i wanted to install transcode from breezy -
but only transcode and not use breezy for anything but that, what's the
easiest way to do that - set a restriction or something to only use
breezy when absolutly needed
[03:47] <zerboxx> bob2: so would it be mkfs /dev/sda?
[03:47] <bob2> which part of the mkfs help output was unclear?
[03:47] <bob2> no
[03:47] <bob2> abarbaccia: no, that won't help
[03:47] <bob2> abarbaccia: you'd need to try to build the breezy source
on hoary
[03:47] <bob2> or else you get breezy's libc etc
[03:47] <abarbaccia> bob2, would that be bad?
[03:48] <bob2> yes
[03:48] <abarbaccia> bob2, what does libc do?
=== Therian [~therios@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== opawahamster [] has joined
=== jamin [] has joined
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:49] <bob2> it's the basic library every single other binary on your
system uses
[03:49] <abarbaccia> bob2, what i figured - just making sure - and what
debian sources can i use?
[03:49] <abarbaccia> testing?
[03:50] <tritium> you don't want to do that either
[03:50] <bob2> no
[03:50] <bob2> as I said, if you think the brezy package works, build
that source on ubunt
[03:50] <bob2> er, hoary
[03:50] <keikoz> changing the libc library on a systeme ?
[03:51] <abarbaccia> keikoz, well, we think that should be avoided
[03:51] <abarbaccia> bob2, its the dependency problems that are the issue
- and its not just libc
[03:51] <bob2> yes, I know
[03:52] <abarbaccia> how would i go about building it?
[03:52] <_mike> do most debian apps work with ubuntu?
[03:52] <keikoz> i think changing the libc is a bad bad bad idea
[03:52] <bob2> _mike: yes, but don't use packages from on
[03:52] <_mike> i'm trying to get a bigger list of repositorie
[03:52] <_mike> s
[03:52] <hondje> _mike: most 'debian' apps are in ubuntu's repositories
=== Oompa [~Oompa@] has joined #ubuntu
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:53] <bob2> _mike: what is in debian that isn't in ubuntu?
=== Kanuhas [] has joined #ubuntu
=== robertj [robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:53] <robertj> Marc's talk is really good, but the video is really a
bandwith waste
[03:53] <_mike> well, im not focusing on debian apps. I'm just looking
for more ubuntu repositories.
[03:53] <bob2> _mike: e.g.?
[03:53] <bob2> adding random repositories to your sources.list is just
[03:54] <tritium> _mike, beyond universe and multiverse?
[03:54] <pschulz01_> bob2: regarding 'vcards'.
[03:54] <_mike> yea, right now i have 15 repositories in sources.list
[03:54] <hondje> tritium: the inner physicist in me cringes to hear that
[03:54] <_mike> including cdrom
[03:54] <_mike> just wondering what else is out there
[03:54] <bob2> _mike: that's going to be painful
[03:54] <tritium> hondje, yeah, I was thinking along the same lines as I
hit return ;)
[03:54] <bob2> pschulz01_: ?
[03:54] <hondje> hehe
[03:54] <_mike> other than universe multiverse and restricted
[03:54] <apokryphos> _mike: if you don't know what else you want, then
there's no real need to have other repos...
[03:54] <pschulz01_> bob2: the #evolution channel was very quiet... (ie.
nobody talking)
[03:54] <hondje> backports, I guess
[03:55] <bob2> vcards are a silly thing invented by the sort of people
who buy windows pdas
[03:55] <pschulz01_> bob2: You can drag and drop from address boot to
[03:55] <pschulz01_> bob2: You can drag and drop from address book to
=== ricosuave17 [] has joined
=== Flying-Penguin [~Flying-Pe@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
[03:55] <bob2> pschulz01_: and I can hit three keys in mutt to do the
[03:55] <teferi> bob2: vcards are not silly by any stretch of the
[03:55] <_mike> its not that i want things. why search for apps in 15
repos when you could search for an apt in 25!?
=== airmikey [] has joined
[03:55] <teferi> they're the lingua franca for contacts exchange
[03:55] <teferi> everything understands vcards. even, like, cellphones
[03:56] <hondje> _mike: why walk when you can run into a wall?
[03:56] <_mike> stablitiy reasons, and dependencies i suppose
[03:56] <pschulz01_> bob2: I was asked to supply a vcard to a linux
friendly company who is going to supply me wich cheep hardware,,\
[03:56] <bob2> _mike: yeah, quantity, not quality, rock!
[03:56] <bob2> pschulz01_: ok!
[03:56] <bob2> pschulz01_: I don't know where else to ask then, try the
evolution user list
[03:56] <bob2> assuming you did the obvious export stuff
[03:56] <hondje> what about vcards?
[03:56] <pschulz01_> bob2: I found out what I wanted...
=== hondje is forced to use that them daily :(
[03:56] <chillywilly> what's wrong with vcards?
[03:57] <teferi> it's a crappy format, sure, but there are zillion tools
out there to parse 'em
[03:57] <teferi> modules for any language you care to name
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has joined #ubuntu
=== chillywilly burns his icals too ;)
[03:57] <teferi> and like i said, everything understands 'em
[03:57] <pschulz01_> I filled out the details in evolution address book
for myself, and dragged the entry into the attachement bar of my email.
[03:57] <teferi> even cellphones
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has left #ubuntu []
[03:57] <regeya_> I suppose someone will try to claim that ldif > *
[03:57] <regeya_> or that we need to exchange contact info in *gag* XML
[03:58] <teferi> ldif isn't particularly awful, if you're using ldap
[03:58] <chillywilly> xml it is then
[03:58] <regeya_> chillywilly
[03:58] <teferi> um, if you're using ldap, you really shouldn't be using
anything else, actually...
[03:58] <robertj> ldiff scares me and I run slapd
[03:58] <hondje> ldap hurts my head
[03:58] <pschulz01_> especially cellphones :-)
[03:58] <teferi> and fuck, i'd rather have some xml format than vcard
[03:58] <hondje> I'm so glad I'm not an admin
[03:58] <teferi> vcard is arcane
[03:58] <regeya_> slapd
[03:58] <regeya_> um
[03:58] <regeya_> hm.
[03:58] <teferi> don't look at me
[03:58] <teferi> i rolled out our ldap setup at my college
[03:58] <teferi> :P
[03:59] <regeya_> I'd rather have anything other than XML
[03:59] <pschulz01_> bob2: cheers, thanks for the pointers...
[03:59] <hondje> because you hate life, teferi ?
=== BROKEN_LADDER [] has
left #UBUNTU []
[03:59] <teferi> hondje: 'cause i got paid to do it
[03:59] <hondje> a far better reason
[03:59] <robertj> XML is great, it's just a nasty reminder that we don't
have all the GUI tools that we would like
[03:59] <teferi> also because it's still the best way around of doing
=== chillywilly XMLifies the world
[03:59] <chillywilly> or not
[04:00] <regeya_> <firstname>Shane</firstname>
[04:00] <regeya_> wheee
=== teferi hums "markup the world" to the tune of "color the world"
[04:00] <regeya_> that's fun
[04:00] <robertj> teferi: OS X has single-sign-on more or less whipped, I
hope Ubuntu catches up
[04:00] <Guest_545> BTW, someone had my same problem in this thread:
[04:00] <hondje> doesn't os x just use ssh-agent?
[04:00] <Guest_545> No one answered. :x
[04:00] <teferi> robertj: er, i mean in a network environment
[04:00] <robertj> teferi: yes...
[04:01] <teferi> os x server uses ldap by now, doesn't it?
[04:01] <teferi> i know they're trying to move away from netinfo
[04:01] <robertj> teferi: ldap + krb by default with the last 2 versions
[04:01] <teferi> ah
[04:01] <teferi> yeah, ldap+krb is pretty sweet
[04:01] <chillywilly> <firstname>jo</firstname>
[04:01] <robertj> and afs, nfs, and smbfs are all kerberized
[04:01] <Guest_545> AFK
[04:01] <chillywilly> boy this is fun....
[04:01] <teferi> er, afs should be kerberized, considering that it's afs
[04:01] <DAC1138> okay, i got a friend whos going to get a mac soon and
he needs virtual pc to run windows, are there any free x86 emualtors for
the ppc linux?
[04:02] <teferi> afs is dreamy
[04:02] <Kyral> wine?
[04:02] <bob2> DAC1138: qemu
[04:02] <teferi> if only it wasn't such a SOB to set up on the server end
[04:02] <teferi> Kyral: nope, that's not an emulator
[04:02] <DAC1138> i told him to think about wine
[04:02] <bob2> Kyral: Wine Is Note an Emulator
[04:02] <robertj> tefari: unfortunately in this context its apple file
sharing and not afs ;)
[04:02] <teferi> oh
[04:02] <teferi> you mean afp
[04:02] <robertj> Although ther _is_ a prepackaged AFS kerberized binary!
=== airmikey [] has joined
[04:02] <Kyral> Yah, does the same thing :D
[04:02] <DAC1138> i told him to install linux, use Mac on linux to run
osx, and then run the linux x86 app to run windows/windows programs
[04:02] <teferi> nope, it just loads windows binaries and runs the native
code, kyral
[04:02] <teferi> big difference
[04:02] <Kyral> oh...
[04:03] <robertj> BTW, VirtualPC is unusable without a gig of ram and a
G5 for most things
[04:03] <teferi> robertj: mmm. AFS.
[04:03] <Kyral> but it works great :D
[04:03] <DAC1138> its not an emulator, but it works for windows apps,
which is what he's looking for AFAIK
[04:03] <ricosuave17> what music player do u use
[04:03] <teferi> robertj: like i said, if only it wasn't such a SOB to
set up on the server end
[04:03] <teferi> DAC1138: not on ppc it won't
[04:03] <robertj> teferi: AFS as no love from apple, but cifs is good
enough for us
[04:03] <DAC1138> teferi, hm, guess he's out of luck then
[04:03] <DAC1138> hes going to have to fork over the money for virtual pc
[04:04] <teferi> AFS should get love from more people
[04:04] <teferi> It really should
[04:04] <ricosuave17> why doesnt my fstab load automatically my ntfs
[04:04] <hondje> mac people like forking over money
=== hondje ducks
=== FLeiXiuS [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:04] <DAC1138> hondje, they do. but not while in college
[04:04] <hondje> ricosuave17: do you have 'auto' in options?
[04:04] <DAC1138> ricosuave17, they jsut want quality machines like
everyone else
[04:04] <Proteque_> is it normal for ext3 to take over 20 minutes to
format on raid 5? 10 + 100 gig partitions
[04:04] <rommer> has anyone here ever setup fai as a cluster in ubuntu?
[04:05] <hondje> I shouldn't pick on mac people, I have a couple, but
they're so fun to tease
[04:05] <DAC1138> rommer, whats fai?
[04:05] <MrGardenHoseMan> what's the unrar or untar command?
=== Tuplad [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:05] <ricosuave17> were?
[04:05] <rommer> DAC1138: fully automatic installation
[04:05] <hondje> unrar <file>, and tar xf <file>
[04:05] <robertj> teferi: It's cool but it's not got nearly the scope of
your every day file server
[04:05] <MrGardenHoseMan> thanks
[04:05] <teferi> robertj: not nearly the scope?
[04:05] <hondje> you might need to install unrar
=== hondje would recommend unrar-nonfree
[04:06] <robertj> not many people care about clusteredfs
=== poningru [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:06] <ricosuave17> were do i put this auto on?
[04:06] <teferi> it's so dreamy on the client end. kerberized and almost
no configuration
[04:06] <DAC1138> man, ubuntu/debian needs to get their apt-get system up
to date
[04:06] <robertj> teferi: what is, afs?
[04:06] <hondje> ricosuave17: in the fstab file, under the options column
with the rest of them
[04:06] <teferi> yeah
[04:06] <DAC1138> nvu is still only avalible in te beta format, while its
at 1.0 on the official site
[04:07] <teferi> i seem to recall it being "m-a install openafs" and
"mount -t afs /afs"
[04:07] <teferi> and then kinit
[04:07] <supernix> Ok now what is the best way to install Gnome on a
Kubuntu box and does that cause any problems ?
[04:07] <ricosuave17> i have another problem my sound died
[04:07] <hondje> DAC1138: hoary is stable, that means no upgrades, only
bug fixes and security patches
[04:07] <DAC1138> supernix, just get ubuntu and install kde, lol
[04:07] <robertj> teferi: I just decided its more trouble than its worth
and bought bigger disks ;)
[04:08] <teferi> heh
[04:08] <supernix> DAC1138: I already have Kubuntu installed
[04:08] <DAC1138> hondje, then what apt source do i use for general
debian built programs?
=== StoneTable [] has joined
[04:08] <teferi> one of these days someone will make a network filesystem
that doesn't suck
[04:08] <rommer> supernix: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?
[04:08] <teferi> sigh
[04:08] <DAC1138> hondje, i was joking, lol. it'd be the same thing.
[04:08] <hondje> using .debs from debian isn't very smart
[04:08] <supernix> I thought about trying out Gnome to see which I like
[04:08] <DAC1138> limiting yourself isnt smart either
[04:08] <supernix> is that the beste way to do it rommer ?
[04:08] <ricosuave17> it was working fine and one day i tried to change
the mixer options and i put them back to the original and now there is no
[04:09] <rommer> yep
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[04:09] <hondje> smarter is adding a deb-src from debian, apt-get build-
dep foo, where you pin foo to debian, and then apt-get source -b foo, and
removing the repo
[04:09] <mebaran151> what is a good distro to use to start learning about
[04:09] <ricosuave17> man someone give me a music player plz
[04:09] <mebaran151> I would like to learn about it
[04:09] <mebaran151> ricosuave17, xmms
[04:09] <mebaran151> beep-media-player
[04:09] <_mike> is there a moodin theme engine available for unbuntu?
[04:09] <DAC1138> why should i limit myself to old outdated programs with
[04:09] <DAC1138> silence...
=== aynjell [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:09] <hondje> of course, if you don't have the deps, then you're still can futz with the rules, but odds are that you won't know
why version x.2 is better than x.1
[04:09] <aynjell> Hello.
[04:09] <aynjell> Does ubuntu use apt-get?
[04:09] <mebaran151> Gstreamer
[04:10] <robertj> aynjell: yes
[04:10] <mebaran151> aynjell, yes
[04:10] <aynjell> Okay.
[04:10] <_mike> aynjell yes
=== Elsidox [] has joined #Ubuntu
[04:10] <_mike> is there a moodin theme engine available for unbuntu?
[04:10] <mebaran151> what is a good distro to start learning about on
[04:10] <aynjell> How is it's application compatibility?
[04:10] <hondje> DAC1138: You're a lousy troll :p
[04:10] <mebaran151> aynjell, what you should expect from Debian Linux
[04:10] <DAC1138> hondje, dude, i was asking a valid question
[04:10] <mebaran151> most everything under the sun
[04:10] <aynjell> mebaran151, oooo-kay....
[04:10] <robertj> aynjell: bad by windows standards, great by non-profit
linux standards
[04:10] <_mike> aynjell gnome - rock solid. kde i've just seen kaffeine
get buggy never had a crash
[04:10] <DAC1138> hondje, so if someone asks something you dont know or
dont like, you call them a troll?
[04:10] <hondje> and adding 'silence' like a teen drama queen
=== aynjell has used gentoo ever since he's used linux.
=== epiloc [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:11] <ricosuave17> please help me with my sound i need it a lot
[04:11] <hondje> No, I'm the biggest troll I know, I can sniff out my
[04:11] <_mike> i think ubuntu has great stability
[04:11] <DAC1138> hondje, well, on my side of the network, everything
[04:11] <mebaran151> aynjell, well I guess it matters
[04:11] <DAC1138> hondje, i thought everyone had left their keyboard,
what did you expect? TROLLL!!!
[04:11] <mebaran151> I mean you will have an application for every need
you could possibly have
[04:11] <aynjell> mebaran151, what?
[04:11] <hondje> I know I'm a troll
[04:11] <hondje> ask ricosuave17
[04:11] <mebaran151> and it is all one click away
[04:11] <supernix> rommer: just curious what happens at reboot does it
give you an option of which of the windows managers to use ?
[04:11] <DAC1138> hondje, lighten up
[04:11] <aynjell> mebaran151, that's not what I'm saying.
[04:11] <aynjell> I'm a linux user.
[04:11] <hondje> There's no reason you can't upgrade to the latest nvu
[04:11] <ricosuave17> can someone please help me
[04:11] <mebaran151> oh
[04:11] <hondje> but using debians .debs is a stupid way to do it
[04:12] <aynjell> how is the support for applications made by loki n
[04:12] <mebaran151> aynjell, then how do you mean?
[04:12] <ricosuave17> i told u what the problem is already
[04:12] <ricosuave17> and i get no help
[04:12] <DAC1138> ricosuave17, knowing the question would help with the
[04:12] <aynjell> How is proprietary linux software?
[04:12] <mebaran151> aynjell, oh pretty good.
[04:12] <aynjell> Does it work well?
[04:12] <aynjell> Okay.
[04:12] <mebaran151> I think they all work
[04:12] <mebaran151> I am on AMD64 so I lose out on that
[04:12] <ricosuave17> the question is why wont my sound work.
[04:12] <aynjell> Right now, one option for me is using 32 bit gentoo
[04:12] <hondje> I'd hope so, if you pay money for it
[04:12] <mebaran151> but on my Intel laptop works out fine
[04:12] <ricosuave17> it used to work perfect
[04:12] <tritium> ricosuave17, please elaborate
[04:12] <tritium> what changed?
=== aynjell is on 64 bit and is tired of it.
[04:12] <ricosuave17> well i have no sound at all
=== [koji] [~[koji]] has joined #ubuntu
[04:12] <mebaran151> aynjell, I feel your pain
[04:12] <ricosuave17> i dont know i just change the mixer option to alsa
[04:12] <ricosuave17> and then back to oss
[04:13] <mebaran151> ricosuave17, check your mixer
[04:13] <aynjell> mebaran151, well, I'm sure you do. :)
[04:13] <tritium> ricosuave17, we're looking for cause/effect things here
[04:13] <ricosuave17> and now it doesnt work
[04:13] <mebaran151> aynjell, I need to start doing .NET apps
[04:13] <aynjell> Right now the goal is to make myself more linux
software freindly.
[04:13] <aynjell> .NET?
[04:13] <aynjell> Ha....
[04:13] <epiloc> does anyone know what package would include the printer
[04:13] <mebaran151> and G-d help you to find a solution for AMD64
=== aynjell won't touch anything based on tech made by M$.
[04:13] <mebaran151> aynjell, was going to use Mono
[04:13] <ricosuave17> i changed the mixer from oss to alsa and then back
to oss
[04:13] <ricosuave17> and it doesnt work
[04:13] <mebaran151> well Mono is pretty nice
[04:13] <ricosuave17> on any now'
[04:13] <mebaran151> ricosuave17, try this
[04:13] <tritium> ricosuave17, as mebaran151 mentioned, check the mixer
[04:13] <mebaran151> run alsamixer in terminal
[04:13] <mebaran151> and check the mixer
=== aynjell is cranking Rammstein.
[04:14] <mebaran151> if that dont work
[04:14] <aynjell> :)
[04:14] <mebaran151> try running esd
[04:14] <mebaran151> it should start up pretty nicely
[04:14] <aynjell> eek! Esd!
=== aynjell hides
[04:14] <mebaran151> aynjell, Arts fan?
=== petitohaime| [] has joined
[04:14] <aynjell> mebaran151, alsa fan.
[04:14] <aynjell> I have always used straight alsa.
=== aynjell has linux freindly sound hardware.
[04:15] <ricosuave17> ok fixed
[04:15] <ricosuave17> thanks
[04:15] <epiloc> everytime i try to access the printer manager, it
freezes... any ideas?
[04:15] <DAC1138> dang, i dont give a crap about my sound system, as long
as it works
[04:15] <aynjell> Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum > *
=== ksmurf [] has joined
=== knoppix [] has joined
[04:15] <funkyHat> i've had trouble getting alsa to work properly :(
[04:15] <epiloc> how do i kill the proccess?
=== ubuntunewb [~ubuntunew@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:15] <DAC1138> you guys are some hardcore users if you're that picky
as to which sound system you use
=== knoppix is now known as Matthew_I
[04:15] <mebaran151> epiloc, killall (app name)
=== aynjell isn't hardcore.
[04:15] <mebaran151> DAC1138, what's your point?
=== aynjell bought the audigy becuuse he hated dmix.
[04:15] <epiloc> how can i see a list of running apps?
[04:15] <funkyHat> which is really annoying as i have 2 soundcards
[04:15] <mebaran151> epiloc top
[04:15] <crimsun> ricosuave17, which sound chipset are you using?
[04:15] <DAC1138> mebaran151, do i need one?
[04:15] <aynjell> funkyHat, and?
[04:15] <ubuntunewb> why is it that when i push ' that i get an < symbol
in terminal?
[04:15] <hondje> I have no clue what sound system I use :D
[04:16] <ricosuave17> it worked thanks
[04:16] <mebaran151> DAC1138, I dont know
=== aynjell has two sound cards running.
[04:16] <hondje> It works, I'm not touching it
[04:16] <mebaran151> just wondering what's bugging you
[04:16] <DAC1138> mebaran151, then dont ask
[04:16] <aynjell> 1 gets used with skype.
[04:16] <aynjell> The other is the primary.
[04:16] <mebaran151> I dont think I phrased that correctly ...
[04:16] <DAC1138> mebaran151, if you dont even know, why ask?
[04:16] <ksmurf> hello all....... I have issues with icons in gnome. I
tried to install an icon theme but now my mp3 and ogg files look like
folders. How can I fix this?
[04:16] <mebaran151> eh, because you seem a tad uninformed, just a tad
=== aynjell is always uninformed.
[04:16] <mebaran151> haha
[04:16] <Matthew_I> I need to dual boot winXP and ubuntu on this machine,
I know how to resize my partitions and install and such, but how do I
restore grub once I am finished installing windows?
[04:16] <DAC1138> mebaran151, a tad? lol. okay, and that bothers you?
[04:16] <mebaran151> nah
[04:17] <DAC1138> mebaran151, so why'd you bring it up?
[04:17] <mebaran151> do whatever you want, I really dont care all that
[04:17] <DAC1138> im curious
[04:17] <aynjell> Well, nice talking to you guys. If gentoo32 don't cut
it, I'll be sure to scurry over here again.
[04:17] <mebaran151> just asking why I asked what your point was
[04:17] <mebaran151> aynjell, heheh
[04:17] <aynjell> Later.
[04:17] <crimsun> mebaran151, DAC1138, stop it.
[04:17] <funkyHat> aynjell, same, but i can't get it configured, i'm sure
it's just me being incompetent though :P
[04:17] <mebaran151> gentoo ... can ... kill
[04:17] <aynjell> funkyHat, well... what two cards are they?
[04:17] <aynjell> mebaran151, sure it can. So does speed. :-P
[04:17] <DAC1138> crimsun, sure thing, i was just wondering what he's on
about. im done
[04:17] <ksmurf> gentoo will kill.... or cause you to
=== MrMo [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:17] <aynjell> ksmurf, for those that can't appreciate it's uses, yes.
=== Nameless1 [] has joined
[04:18] <ksmurf> I have issues with icons in gnome. I tried to install
an icon theme but now my mp3 and ogg files look like folders. How can I
fix this?
[04:18] <tritium> no distro wars please
[04:18] <mebaran151> aynjell, eh, I had just had a bad experience, but I
think it was because I compiled it for AMD64
[04:18] <funkyHat> nForce 2 onboard 5.1, creative audigy LS
[04:18] <aynjell> tritium, not where I'm going with it. :)
[04:18] <mebaran151> and nothing really compiles to cleanly yet
[04:18] <aynjell> mebaran151, oh, that's what I'm leaving now.
[04:18] <mebaran151> ah
[04:18] <aynjell> 64 bit gentoo is ass.
[04:18] <DAC1138> ksmurf, copy&paste the same question twice only annoys,
not helps. maybe there's something wrong with your icon theme
[04:18] <mebaran151> Gentoo 32 bit might be pretty nice
[04:18] <mebaran151> I dont know; I got fed up
=== wsjunior [wsjunior@wsjunior.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== wsjunior [wsjunior@wsjunior.user] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
[04:19] <DAC1138> ksmurf, try another theme, there's probably no icon
associated with mp3 files for our current theme
[04:19] <bimberi> Matthew_I:
=== elmagozizou [~Manu@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:19] <zerboxx> How would I go about creating a "startscript"?
[04:19] <Matthew_I> bimberi, thanks
[04:19] <bimberi> Matthew_I: yw :)
[04:19] <epiloc> ok, everytime i try to add a printer, the printer
manager just freezes... i have a feeling it is due to a buggy driver i
installed a few days ago (originally in rpm converted to deb with alien)
so i uninstalled the drivers yet the printer manager still freezes upon
[04:19] <epiloc> any suggestions?
[04:20] <crimsun> zerboxx, write a script, then read the update-rc.d man
page for instructions on hooking it into Ubuntu's startup procedure.
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:20] <elmagozizou> Is there some command like fixmbr on linux?
[04:20] <aynjell> elmagozizou, no.
[04:20] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, running lilo or reinstalling the
bootloader you mean?
[04:20] <aynjell> What boot loader does ubuntu use?
[04:20] <_mike> shouldn't there be an area in the control center to
change the login screen theme?
[04:20] <crimsun> grub
[04:20] <_mike> grub aynjell
[04:20] <bimberi> aynjell: grub
[04:20] <crimsun> (by default)
[04:20] <aynjell> Kay.
[04:20] <aynjell> Then reinstall grub?
[04:20] <elmagozizou> yeah
=== Freedomzen [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:21] <funkyHat> aynjell, nForce 2 onboard 5.1, creative audigy LS
[04:21] <crimsun> if you choose and configure lvm in the installer, it
uses lilo
[04:21] <elmagozizou> is because is frecuently that someone has grub
problems or somethig
[04:21] <aynjell> funkyHat, okay. Big mistake getting the LS. :-P
[04:21] <ricosuave17> does ubnutu have gnustep support
[04:21] <aynjell> Those weren't supported for some time.
[04:21] <aynjell> Do they even have a hardware mixer?
[04:21] <Freedomzen> Can someone help me set up Wireless for an HP
[04:21] <funkyHat> i was given it :(
[04:22] <funkyHat> i have a feeling they don't
=== airmikey [] has joined
[04:22] <elmagozizou> and the only wey to fix MBR tht I know is
fixmbr...but I want to know is there is somnthing like that in linux from
a livecd or somethig...
[04:22] <crimsun> the LSes have hardware mixers, yes, though I'm not sure
that's what you're asking (probably whether the dsp has multiopen)
[04:22] <_mike> how do i change the login screen theme?
=== Nameless1 [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[04:23] <_mike> anyon enkow?
[04:23] <tritium> _mike, gnome or kde?
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[04:23] <abarbaccia> damn this transcode thing is killllling me!
[04:23] <funkyHat> _mike, system > administration > login screen setup
[04:23] <mebaran151> abarbaccia, how so?
[04:24] <mebaran151> I have you tried acidrip?
[04:24] <_mike> funkyhat kde?
[04:24] <abarbaccia> i added the debian marillot sources (testing - now
called etch) and it still refuses to install -
[04:24] <abarbaccia> mebaran151, i need transcode for mythtv
[04:24] <hondje> abarbaccia: isn't it in backports?
[04:24] <elmagozizou> DAC1138, any options?
[04:24] <abarbaccia> hondje, not that i know of
=== SaumZ [] has joined
[04:24] <hondje> Oh
[04:24] <mebaran151> abaraccia, you could just use mencoder
[04:24] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, reboot with the live cd and reinstall grub
[04:24] <mebaran151> I think it shoudl work, and it uses a cleaner codec
[04:24] <abarbaccia> no, i need transcode for mythtv - it calls transcode
[04:25] <mebaran151> oh
[04:25] <SaumZ> What file do I need to edit so I can set my pah variable
system wide fo Java.
[04:25] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, or actually, reboot with the install cd
[04:25] <mebaran151> you want transcode just transcode nothing more
nothing less
[04:25] <funkyHat> _mike, dunno then. you still use gdm?
[04:25] <mebaran151> just compile from src and checkinstall
[04:25] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, there should be a repair/reinstall the
[04:25] <abarbaccia> yea, its a pain - and in breezy apparently transcode
works beautifully
[04:25] <hondje> you SURE it's not in hoary extras?
[04:25] <_mike> yea funkyhat
[04:25] <funkyHat> gksudo gdmsetup
[04:25] <ksmurf> DAC1138 sorry to be annoying.
[04:25] <elmagozizou> DAC1138, how do i do that from the live cd?
=== ubuntu_ [~ubuntu@CPE0080c8dec930-] has joined #ubuntu
[04:25] <mebaran151> abarbaccia, it is always best to do that
[04:25] <abarbaccia> hondje, whats the source for hoary extras i dont
think i put thato n there
[04:25] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, do you have the install cd?
[04:25] <_mike> i've done it before they have themes but for some reason.
i can't figure out how to change the login manager theme!
[04:26] <_mike> gahh
[04:26] <DAC1138> ksmurf, did you fix it?
[04:26] <ksmurf> DAC1138 Is there a way to associate icons with file
[04:26] <mebaran151> whenever I am going to use a processor intensive
app, I always compile from source
[04:26] <funkyHat> or just sudo gdmsetup
[04:26] <SaumZ> What file do I need to edit so I can set my pah variable
system wide fo Java.
[04:26] <elmagozizou> DAC1138, yeah
[04:26] <DAC1138> ksmurf, im not sure, i dont mess with my icon themes
[04:26] <mebaran151> the processor optimizations can pay off
[04:26] <hondje> deb hoary-extras
main universe multiverse restricted
[04:26] <ksmurf> Thanks
[04:26] <mebaran151> I doubt you use an i386
[04:26] <SaumZ> pah/path
[04:26] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, im not sure how you would reinstall grub,
i only know lilo
[04:26] <_mike> thanks it funkyhat thanks
[04:27] <DAC1138> elmagozizou, but try the install cd
=== adwait [~adwait@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:27] <bimberi> elmagozizou: This is one way -
[04:27] <elmagozizou> DAC1138, but I all ready solve the problem with a
windows rescue disk...but Im wondering just to not depend on windows...
[04:27] <ricosuave17> does someone here know about gnustep
[04:27] <elmagozizou> bimberi, thenx
=== SPCCrow [~crow@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:28] <bimberi> elmagozizou: yw :)
[04:28] <abarbaccia> hondje i want to fucking kiss you right now - i've
been working on this for a week
[04:28] <abarbaccia> lol
[04:28] <hondje> :)
[04:28] <SPCCrow> !info lynx
[04:28] <mebaran151> ricosuave17, I have always wanted to know about
[04:28] <SaumZ> What file do I need to edit so I can set my path variable
system wide fo Java.
[04:28] <ubotu> lynx: (Text-mode WWW Browser), section web, is optional.
Version: 2.8.5-2 (hoary), Packaged size: 1811 kB, Installed size: 4580 kB
[04:28] <mebaran151> it looks like an interesting piece of software
=== AndyFit1 [] has joined
[04:29] <SPCCrow> can anyone give me a url to wget lynx from?
[04:29] <hondje> gnustep is in universe
[04:29] <hondje> there's even a gnustep meta package, so sudo apt-get
install gnustep to get started
[04:29] <funkyHat> SPCCrow, why not use apt?
[04:29] <hondje> exit
=== AndyFit1 [] has left
#ubuntu []
[04:29] <ricosuave17> i have gnustep
[04:30] <ricosuave17> i just dont know were to find programs for gnustep
[04:30] <SPCCrow> funkyHat: not currently using ubuntu =)
=== airmikey_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:30] <Davey> abarbaccia: just curious, what was your problem?
[04:30] <Davey> SPCCrow: what are you using?
[04:30] <abarbaccia> Davey, dependency issues
[04:30] <Davey> abarbaccia: oh, heh
[04:30] <SPCCrow> Davey: Novell 9, and x server won't load properly, so i
need text browser
[04:30] <SaumZ> What file do I need to edit so I can set my path variable
system wide fo Java. :(
=== poningru is now known as poningru_brb
[04:31] <Davey> SPCCrow: Novell Desktop 9?
[04:31] <SPCCrow> Davey: yeah
[04:31] <kyle__> saumz edit /etc/profile
[04:31] <Davey> try running "yast" it should let you install
[04:31] <SPCCrow> Davey: in console?
[04:31] <Davey> SPCCrow: yeah
=== Trace [~Trace@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:31] <SaumZ> hmm.. it's close to empty
[04:31] <Davey> SPCCrow: yast2 is GUI
[04:32] <Davey> IIRC
[04:32] <kyle__> add the java/bin directory to the path
[04:32] <Davey> anyways, I'm off to bed
[04:32] <kyle__> in it
=== gpd_ [] has left #ubuntu []
[04:32] <SaumZ> k
[04:32] <Guest_545> Hey, I'm about ready to quit for the night.
=== adwait [~adwait@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:32] <ricosuave17> can someone help me with gnustep
[04:32] <Guest_545> Basically, before I go---I was playing with the
Ubuntu installer in expert mode.
=== hypa7ia [] has joined
[04:32] <Guest_545> And... it's not loading some of the basic drivers
[04:32] <Guest_545> THAT'S why I think it doesn't work.
[04:33] <adwait> ubuntu install has suddenly become
unstable......sometimes when i start schat or firefox, and i try to type
something the apps just close down........when i start them from the
terminal, the error message for firefox is segmentation fault
[04:33] <Guest_545> It's said it can't load the modules ide-mod, ide-
probe-mod, ide-detect, and ide-floppy... For the Linux IDE, Linux IDE
probe driver, Linux IDE detection, and Linux IDE floppy.
=== Flying-Penguin [~flyingpen@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
[04:34] <supernix> does it matter if you use kdm or gdm for the default
display manager ?
=== lexhider [] has joined
=== Zero84 [] has joined
[04:36] <adwait> supernix: gdm is the login manager if im not mistaken
[04:36] <Davey> gdm is Ubuntu, kdm is Kubuntu
[04:36] <hondje> is there a way to turn off dbl-clicking in gnome?
[04:36] <Davey> either will work :)
[04:36] <ricosuave17> whats the .deb tool in ubuntu
=== hondje is tired of clicking twice
[04:36] <ksmurf> gdm is gnome kdm is KDE
[04:36] <funkyHat> ricosuave17, dpkg
=== Netecho [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== HawkMan [~hawkman@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:37] <ksmurf> 1 file... k done
[04:37] <supernix> Ok I was not sure so I thought I would ask it didn't
sound like a detrimental decision since as I undestand it they are only a
vehicle for logging into whichever windows mananger you like
=== keikoz is now known as `
[04:37] <Davey> hondje: System > Preferences > File Management > Behavior
> Single Click to Activate Items (first radio button)
[04:37] <ricosuave17> what switch do i have to use with dpkg to install a
[04:37] <Davey> -i
=== Elsidox [] has joined #Ubuntu
[04:38] <adwait> ricosuave17: sudo dpkg -i <filename>
=== arguhoh [] has joined
[04:38] <tritium> ricosuave17, "man dpkg" is good to review
[04:38] <zerboxx> Is it possible to accept a webcam session with amsn?
From what I read I should be able to, but when my friend tries to set it
up, it tells me amsn can't do it.
=== airmikey [] has joined
[04:38] <supernix> Ok guys I have to try this out hope all goes well
[04:38] <adwait> zerboxx: afaik........nope
[04:38] <zerboxx> adwait: ....damn
[04:39] <adwait> u could try gaim (actually a particulr offshoot of the
gaim project) specifically made for multimedia uses
[04:39] <adwait> i cant remember its name though
[04:39] <hondje> Davey: thanks, I was looking in the wrong place
[04:39] <Davey> hondje: np :)
=== anne__ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:40] <HawkMan> does Ubuntu 5.04 come with any tools for configuring
the X server, runnign at 60 hz is annoying :) Can't seem to find any
tools even in the synaptic. just the auto discover during setup.
[04:40] <_mike> crap! i installed a new login theme and it didn't work
and brought me to a default screen
[04:40] <Kyral> xorgconf
[04:40] <tritium> adwait, gaim-vv, but he'd have to build a bunch of
additional libraries. (in short, a pain)
[04:40] <hondje> HawkMan: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
[04:40] <Kyral> from the command line
=== tmt [~ttm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hypatia_ [] has joined
[04:40] <tritium> no, please don't use xorgconf
[04:41] <_mike> i'm supposed to login but my keyboard doesn't work there
for some reason. im in a virtuall terminal now. is there a command line
command i can use to change the login theme to default!!!!
[04:41] <_mike> i'm really stuck
=== hypatia_ is now known as hypa7ia
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:41] <Kyral> oh, yah, I forgot....I know what I'm doing (you know how
many times I have run that utility since I started running Linux?)
[04:41] <zerboxx> tritium: You mentioned setting up gaim-vv is a pain, is
there any other option if I want to view webcam through someone using M$
and msn?
=== root [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
=== root [~root@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[04:42] <adwait> can someone tell me how to set up a cron job to run an x
[04:42] <Proteque_> zerboxx: amsn
[04:42] <Davey> _mike: try deleting the theme and copying one you know
works over it? :)
[04:42] <tritium> zerboxx, no, I don't think so. However, gnomemeeting
should work with MS Netmeeting.
[04:42] <Proteque_> zerboxx: the binaries from cvs
[04:42] <Davey> Proteque_: he just said it doesn't work
[04:42] <Proteque_> sorry
[04:42] <_mike> davey thanks ill try
[04:42] <adwait> Proteque_: how come?? i have amsn and it doesnt hv videa
[04:42] <adwait> *video
[04:43] <Proteque_> adwait: from cvs?
=== ilba7r [] has joined #ubuntu
=== _mage_work is now known as _mage_afk
[04:43] <adwait> Proteque_: umm....i apt-get ot
[04:43] <adwait> *it
[04:43] <Proteque_> adwait: then you dont :)
=== Daehlie [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:43] <zerboxx> Proteque_: What? binaries from cvs?
=== Elsidox [] has joined #Ubuntu
=== Deep7 [~Deep7@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:43] <Proteque_> zerboxx: nightly builds
[04:43] <Proteque_> from cvs
[04:43] <Deep7> anyone got a deb of tuxnes?
[04:44] <zerboxx> Proteque_: So the nightly build of amsn has webcam
[04:44] <ilba7r> when i run evince i get this error message opening pdf
file "Bad bounding box in Type 3 glyph" and the fonts are really messed
up anyone know how to rectify that
[04:44] <Proteque_> zerboxx: yeah. visit the amsn-page
=== ice_1963 [] has joined
[04:44] <ricosuave17> man i have a problem wiht my font dpi
=== lexhider_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== deang [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:44] <Kyral> hmm
[04:44] <tritium> ilba7r, is that error specific to a particular
[04:44] <ilba7r> tritium no
[04:44] <zerboxx> Proteque_: Is it safe to use in your opinion though?
=== lexhider_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[04:45] <_mike> if i installed a login theme: theme.tar.gz and its
currupted and wont let me login. by deleting theme.tar.gz fix anything?
[04:45] <Kyral> I hope my "homebrew" XChat package won't bork up when I
upgrade to breezy..
[04:45] <_mike> i really need to change the login theme back to default
with the command line
[04:45] <Proteque_> zerboxx: well :P it may crash a bit.
[04:45] <deang> Can someone direct me where to get more than 60hz (at
1024x768) out of my Gforce4MX card? I've installed the NVIDIA packages
through Synaptics.
[04:45] <zerboxx> Proteque_: Hmmm a risk, I just might have to take :)
thanks for the info
[04:46] <Kyral> shouldn't...I made it it with the Breezy Sources and it
uses the breezy version number
=== Kyral stops talking to himself
[04:46] <MrGardenHoseMan> deang:
[04:46] <MrGardenHoseMan> you have to know horizontal and vertical
frequencies of your monitor
=== concept10 settles down at computer after 3 hours of yard work with a
open beer
=== ernie [~ernie@] has joined #ubuntu
=== epiloc [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:47] <deang> 3 hours at one beer.. that is work!
=== xlogik [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Sponge_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== concept10 is about to crack open #2 after one more sip
=== tmt [~ttm@] has left #ubuntu []
[04:48] <Sponge_> Ubuntu... ubuntu.. tralalala!
=== concept10 hears crack ....sssshhhhh
[04:49] <concept10> :0
=== Sponge_ felt the blessing from ubuntu... Please, stand up and raise
your head, my son ...
[04:49] <Sponge_> Ubuntu talked to me !!!
[04:49] <Sponge_> :)
[04:49] <ernie> HI Sponge
=== concept10 touches Sponge_ on the forehead and he falls down
[04:50] <Sponge_> hi there...
=== ilba7r [] has left #ubuntu
=== tmt [~ttm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== poningru_brb is now known as poningru
[04:51] <Sponge_> thanx concept10 T-T
=== jeran [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:51] <ricosuave17> how do i get the newest alsa drivers
[04:51] <Sponge_> I just wanted to share my happiness... but no one
understand me....
[04:51] <jeran> What is wrong with backports?
[04:51] <Sponge_> T-T
=== tmt [~ttm@] has left #ubuntu []
[04:51] <Sponge_> jeran: nothing. Backports.apt worked quite nice on my
ubuntu :)
[04:52] <DAC1138> Sponge_, we understand all too well
[04:52] <DAC1138> Sponge_, ubuntu is awsome
[04:52] <ajmitch> Sponge_: nah, I don't really understand such a reaction
[04:52] <tritium> jeran, backports are unofficial
[04:52] <DAC1138> Sponge_, but i was able to hold in my hapiness and keep
from dancing
[04:52] <Sponge_> DAC1198: But I've got a party here!
[04:52] <Sponge_> :P
[04:53] <hondje> backports are official now
[04:53] <Kyral> w00t!
=== hondje hands tritium some kool-aide
[04:53] <Sponge_> hondje: What did you say? the backports are official?
when??? where???
[04:53] <Kyral> Backports RULE!
[04:53] <ricosuave17> someone how do i get the newest alsa
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:53] <frank_> how official?
[04:53] <tritium> To quote the RestrictedFormats wiki page "The hoary-
extras repository is an unoffical community project. The packages in this
repository are not supported by Canonical Ltd. or Ubuntu!!!"
[04:53] <Kyral> Official OFFICAL
[04:54] <hondje>
[04:54] <hondje> tritium: it changed a month ago or so
[04:54] <robertj> Amazing. I didn't know there was an official supported
hoary-extras branch1
[04:54] <ricosuave17> ?? anyone plz
=== turkuaz [] has joined
[04:54] <Sponge_> Wow...
[04:54] <deang> I have an NVidia card (Gforce4mx), and in configuring
xserver-xorg I have the opportunity to chose an "nvidia" driver or "nv"
(The "nv" was the selected default..   ) guidance, please.
=== Sponge_ is amazed!
[04:55] <ajmitch> hondje: only a month? I thought it was longer than that
[04:55] <frank_> deang: for 3d acceleration: nvidia
[04:55] <ice_1963> Debian Sarge Rock's :0)
[04:55] <arguhoh> a questions for anyone - why is ubuntu not
able to get past "An installation step has failed... The failing step is:
Load installer components from CD." just after selecting the three
"English" options, but I can install gentoo and debian without problems?
[04:55] <hondje> ajmitch: might be, but it was awhile back either way :)
=== Sponge_ is hungry.... I need an hamburger NOW!
[04:55] <jeran> which repositories should I be using?
=== Sponge_ is looking for his damned cell phone...
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|t2
[04:55] <funkyHat> deang, nvidia, but you will need to install nvidia-glx
(available in multiverse i believe)
[04:55] <zerboxx> Anyhelp with a wine problem. I've followed a set of
instruction for installing Warcraft 3, but I need to create a
startscript, and I have no idea what I'm to do
[04:55] <ricosuave17> hello help plz
[04:56] <ricosuave17> help plz
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:56] <robertj> arguahoh: is the cd a good burn?
[04:56] <Sponge_> zerboxx: Are you using Wine or WineX?
[04:56] <zerboxx> Sponge_: Wine, as you have to pay for WineX, correct?
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:56] <DAC1138> you can cet winex (cedega) from cvs for free
[04:56] <Sponge_> Zerboxx: You're right. However, Wine's DirectX Support
still sucks.
[04:57] <Sponge_> and cedega is another option.
[04:57] <ricosuave17> anyone plz
=== hondje [] has joined
[04:57] <DAC1138> zerboxx, its the prebuilt winex packages you have to
pay for
[04:57] <ricosuave17> comeone
[04:57] <_mike> oh man that was scary i fixed it. login theme was
currupted and crashed wouldn't let me in. but i booted to a terminal
logged in as root then ran startx and changed back to defautl
[04:57] <Sponge_> zerboxx: Get VMWare Workstation and install windows on
it... then you can have war3 on win32 on linux...
[04:57] <DAC1138> Sponge_, cedega == winex
[04:57] <_mike> scared me for a second though i was screwed
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:57] <Sponge_> (quite cool!)
[04:57] <Sponge_> DAC118... Damned lag...
[04:58] <zerboxx> Sponge_: Does that means I have to install windows?!
[04:58] <Kyral> NO NO NO NO!
[04:58] <DAC1138> zerboxx, go to and get the cvs winex
for free
[04:58] <Sponge_> zerboxx: In a virtual machine...
[04:58] <ricosuave17> yes install windows
[04:58] <funkyHat> zerboxx, yes, it would mean that
=== nalioth [] has joined
[04:58] <Kyral> or pay 15 bucks for Cedega "Pro"
[04:58] <Sponge_> Kyral: Wait... I love playing with virtual machines...
FreeBSD and Win32 are coexisting pacifically on my ubuntu (and gaming
[04:59] <desrt> cedega is evil
[04:59] <desrt> i wish it would go away already
=== Rubin_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:59] <tritium> hondje, I guess that means they've fixed backports so
they don't make upgrading to new releases difficult?
[04:59] <Kyral> I <3 Cedega
=== aynjell hates cedega
[04:59] <DAC1138> desrt, so anything that improves upon something already
open soruce is evil?
[04:59] <desrt> i <3 free software
[04:59] <funkyHat> night all
=== aynjell hates any software that threatens linux.
[04:59] <desrt> DAC1138; wine is now GPL for a reason.
[04:59] <aynjell> And uh, yes, cedega threatens linux.
[04:59] <Kyral> umm
=== Sponge_ doesn't know what "<3" means!!!
[04:59] <ricosuave17> check plz
[05:00] <DAC1138> have i been devoiced!!!??? CEDEGA IS FREE VIA CVS!!
[05:00] <Kyral> Cedega helps Linux...
[05:00] <aynjell> DAC1138, either way, it has already nixed one port.
[05:00] <DAC1138> has all the instructions to get and
configure winex through cvs
[05:00] <aynjell> That's all I need to hear.
=== Sponge_ loves virtual machines!
=== Sponge_ loves "realtime" module
=== aynjell loves linux
=== aynjell loves linux native software
[05:00] <DAC1138> Sponge_, i loved them at one time, then it took 27
hours to install xp on this machine. and i gave up
[05:00] <desrt> DAC1138; and yet they threaten distros, warning them not
to package their software
[05:00] <desrt> DAC1138; sounds quite open....
[05:01] <aynjell> desrt, exactly.
[05:01] <Sponge_> DAC1138: Ur kiddin'? no way!
[05:01] <DAC1138> desrt, it does. more so than M$
[05:01] <aynjell> DAC1138, that means nothing.
[05:01] <desrt> "better than microsoft" isn't a great argument :)
[05:01] <DAC1138> Sponge_, yeah, i gave up installing it. that progress
bar was crawling
[05:01] <aynjell> SCO supports us more than microsoft.
[05:01] <aynjell> BUt sco is a badguy nonetheless.
[05:01] <Sponge_> anyway I just installed a tweaked version of m$win98...
just for gaming.
[05:01] <DAC1138> Sponge_, when it said "15 minutes remaining ir really
meant "15 hours remaining"
[05:01] <jeran> should I leave the respositories that came 'on' with
Ubuntu like it is, or is it safe to get other things?
[05:01] <ricosuave17> whats the name of the graphical apt-get tool
[05:01] <desrt> jeran; some other things are safe
[05:02] <tritium> ricosuave17, synaptic
[05:02] <desrt> jeran; some are more likely to destablise your box
[05:02] <Sponge_> DAC1138: hahaha... I haven't tryed the winxp
installation yet. Just win98.
[05:02] <rommer> can serving web pages be parallelized?
[05:02] <desrt> jeran; certainly, adding universe and multiverse is fine
(and recommended)
[05:02] <desrt> rommer; already is
[05:02] <Rubin_> jeran: i have almost everything on
installed and no probelms yet :)
[05:02] <jeran> I'm fresh from Windows XP, but i have some linux
knowledge.. atleast I like to pretend I do, heh
[05:02] <DAC1138> Sponge_, xp installed fine, in about 30 minutes on
another laptop thats about half as fast as this one
[05:02] <desrt> rommer; if you fire up apache it starts 6 or so
processes... if the webserver gets a lot of hits it starts even more
=== fr500 [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:02] <DAC1138> Sponge_, this is a 2.2 ghz with 768 mb ram, that thing
is a 1.1 ghz with 512, i have no idea what happened to make it so slow
[05:03] <daniels> the cedega discussion is off-topic here
[05:03] <fr500> hello
[05:03] <desrt> daniels; i was waiting for someone to call that :)
[05:03] <rommer> desrt: so if you had more than one computer acting as
the web serving it will be able to process faster?
[05:03] <Sponge_> DAC1138: Whoa... My desk is a 1.8 ghz / 768 mb ram...
and It really works!
[05:03] <desrt> rommer; oh. that's load distributions
[05:03] <desrt> rommer; there's several ways to do that... the easiest to
round-robin DNS
[05:03] <aynjell> 2.5Ghz here.
=== Sponge_ is shocked...
[05:04] <aynjell> Well, 2.4.2 right now.
[05:04] <aynjell> I gotta raise voltage and fsb to get it to 2.52 stable.
[05:04] <aynjell> :)
=== Sponge_ has a very old PC, but it a rock!
[05:04] <fr500> i have a question, i found somewhere 10 ide 200gb disks,
i know i can use evms to make a raid array or something with them, but
(sorry for being off topic) is there a way to add more than 4 ide devices
on a signle pc?
[05:04] <rommer> desrt: does that mean every computer has a mirror of the
files on the server?
[05:04] <fr500> **single
[05:04] <DAC1138> daniels, just curious, why is cedega (software) off
topic, but gentoo (a completely separate distro) isnt?
[05:04] <desrt> rommer; basically
[05:04] <tritium> .
[05:04] <aynjell> fr500, get another ide card.
[05:04] <desrt> rommer; you setup a couple of machines with exactly the
same document root
[05:04] <Sponge_> fr500: Get a PCI-IDE controller and problem solved!
[05:04] <aynjell> You'll need another controller is all.
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:04] <desrt> rommer; then you setup DNS with multiple A records
[05:04] <desrt> rommer; like:
[05:04] <daniels> DAC1138: off-topic things are fine, as long as they
don't spawn huge discussions that fill up two screens or more
[05:04] <desrt> www     A
[05:04] <desrt> www     A
[05:04] <daniels> DAC1138: i.e., in passing
[05:05] <aynjell> PCI cards should only support another 4, though, right?
[05:05] <fr500> Sponge_, the limit is the number of pci slots available
[05:05] <DAC1138> daniels, ah, i see the difference now
[05:05] <daniels> DAC1138: (if there was a Gentoo discussion, I missed it
while I was getting lunch)
[05:05] <desrt> and then randomly, when people go to
they'll go to one machine or the other
[05:05] <Sponge_> fr500: Right.
[05:05] <rommer> yep
[05:05] <fr500> aynjell, thanks, Sponge_ thanks
[05:05] <desrt> rommer; there are a lot more advanced methods too that
might work out better for you
[05:05] <aynjell> Sure.
[05:05] <Sponge_> U'r welcomed.
[05:05] <DAC1138> daniels, i thought this was just some nazi regime, lol.
i see the point though
[05:05] <rommer> how would that work with reading and writing to mysql
[05:05] <elmagozizou> Does Anyone knows About documentation about the
uses of a livecd? I mean for personal use, recovery etc...
[05:05] <tritium> DAC1138, that gentoo discussion went on for long enough
that I asked that there not be a distro war
[05:05] <desrt> rommer; as long as you use a single database and the
webservers themselves are stateless, you're fine
[05:05] <deang> thanks MrGardenHoseMan and funkyHat!!
[05:06] <Sponge_> fr500: Anyway, get a SCSI RAID card.... it's 10 times
[05:06] <desrt> rommer; things like phpbb, for example, are fine
[05:06] <fr500> Sponge_, but the disks are ide
[05:06] <rommer> desrt: so all the htdocs and mysql database are on one
machine, but the others link to it?
[05:06] <Sponge_> talking about hdd's... is possible to install "humanity
to others" (or whatever it means) to a SCSI drive?
[05:07] <desrt> rommer; you can make multiple copies of static content
and scripts
[05:07] <desrt> rommer; but you need a single database
=== deang [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:07] <rommer> ok
[05:07] <desrt> rommer; or multiple database servers with replication
[05:07] <DAC1138> Sponge_, i think so, dont macs use scsi?
[05:07] <fr500> Sponge_, an unrequested shipment came to my office, it
was more expensive to return them, so we bought them ($50 each)
=== NetEcho [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:07] <rommer> desrt: thanks, i think i get it now
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:07] <deang> you guys rock! I'm at 75hz!! :D :D :D
=== desrt is lovin' 60Hz
[05:08] <Kyral> Yes, we do rock
[05:08] <dam_> im trying to follow instructions HERE -
[05:08] <dam_> i cant run - sudo ./
=== deang [] has left #ubuntu []
=== barosl [~barosl@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o tritium] by ChanServ
[05:08] <Sponge_> DAC1138: But... ubuntu didn't like my scsi.... I mean,
when I tried to install it, a message appeared saying "No ide discs were
found"... and I said "HELL!"
[05:08] <desrt> dam_; did you chmod +x ?
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pdg [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:09] <Sponge_> fr500: Have fun arranging an RAID5!
[05:09] <desrt> dam_; on linux, you have to mark a program as
'executable' (+x) before you can run it....
[05:09] <desrt> dam_; it's sort of like the equivilent of a file being
.exe on windows
[05:09] <DAC1138> Sponge_, ick. guess just your model isnt supported
[05:09] <Sponge_> fr500: Better yet! Get an old PC and build your very
customized storage server!
=== goodtod [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ksmurf [] has joined
[05:09] <DAC1138> eh, im trying to build a storage server, having a hard
time building it
[05:09] <pdg> howdy, does anyone have a link to some ATI OpenGL howto?
[05:10] <Sponge_> buuuu T-T
[05:10] <dam_> ok, cheers
[05:10] <desrt> pdg; what sort of card do you have?
[05:10] <DAC1138> got an old compaq running mandrake 10 on it, samba isnt
working in ubuntu
[05:10] <jmspeex> Aren't all debian packages supposed to also be
available for Ubuntu?
[05:10] <pdg> desrt: Radeon 9700
=== stephans [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:10] <desrt> pdg; you'll need fglrx, then
[05:10] <jmspeex> Is so, where can I get them?
=== SogniX [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:10] <desrt> pdg; apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx
[05:10] <pdg> I have it
[05:10] <tritium> pdg,
[05:11] <ernie> how do i install a network printer using tcp protocol?
[05:11] <pdg> tritium: I'm trying to stay within Ubuntu software
[05:11] <desrt> pdg;
=== Sponge_ is going to order an hamburger...
[05:11] <tritium> pdg, yep, follow that link then
[05:11] <goodtod> hi i'm having trouble booting the livecd on my laptop
when i boot it up the ubuntu logo is all scrambled and then the screen
goes blank does anybody have any ideas?
[05:11] <desrt> pdg; this document is a little bit out of date, though
[05:11] <desrt> pdg; you have to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change your
video driver to "fglrx"
=== nomasteryoda [] has joined
[05:11] <SogniX> I have a little fstab issue... I can mount drives fine -
but it mounts them as root, so regular user can't write to / delete from
them. How can I made fstab mount drives as a certain user (or only allow
certain people)?
=== Aegir [~richard@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:12] <rommer> desrt: can i make a mirror of static files using rsync?
[05:12] <pdg> desrt: it's already fglrx
[05:12] <desrt> rommer; yes. rsync is a good solution for that
[05:12] <desrt> pdg; you should be set, then.
[05:12] <rommer> ok thanks
[05:12] <pdg> that's what I thought, but fgl_gears doesn't start
=== tarvid [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:12] <desrt> pdg; glxinfo | grep irect
=== BROKEN_LADDER [] has
joined #UBUNTU
[05:13] <pdg> direct rendering: No
[05:13] <pdg> OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect
[05:13] <desrt> :)
[05:13] <desrt> i mean :(
[05:13] <pdg> yup
[05:13] <desrt> lsmod | grep fglrx
[05:13] <pdg> I ran fglrxconfig too
[05:13] <pdg> fglrx                 237088 0
[05:13] <tarvid> how do i burn an iso with ubuntu? cd/dvd careator
doesn't appear to have that option?
[05:13] <desrt> >:|
[05:13] <desrt> weird.
[05:13] <pdg> I know
[05:13] <pdg> it's so weird
[05:13] <desrt> pdg; i assume you restarted X...
[05:14] <Sponge_> tarvid: Get gnomebaker! :P
[05:14] <stephans> hey hey!!!
[05:14] <desrt> pdg; take a look through your X server log...
[05:14] <fr500> Sponge_, that is what i'm doing :p
[05:14] <stephans> say again....
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[05:14] <pdg> desrt: I was having some other kind of troubles with a
NVidia, so I changed the video card, and now there's something else
[05:14] <desrt> pdg; search for things like "fglrx" and "direct"
[05:14] <pdg> ok hold on
[05:14] <desrt> pdg; might give some hints
[05:14] <stephans> how do we configure 3D acceleration in ubuntu?
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:14] <fr500> stephans, what card?
[05:14] <stephans> ati
[05:14] <fr500> hmmm
=== xuniluser [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:14] <stephans> flglrx
[05:14] <bimberi> tarvid: right-clicking on the file in nautilus should
give a "write to disc" option or something
[05:15] <tritium> stephans, ,
[05:15] <desrt> stephans; hah. pdg is trying to do exactly that as we
[05:15] <pdg> :)
[05:15] <tarvid> Sponge_, thanks - I'll get used to gnome one of these
[05:15] <pdg> howdy stephans
[05:15] <Sponge_> I'm leaving... I'm hungry and my stomach is empty. I
have a lot of japanese animation which is wating to be watched, so... bye
[05:15] <frank_> pdg 3d doesn't work?
[05:15] <stephans> lucky me!
[05:15] <stephans> checking the url...
[05:15] <Sponge_> tarvid: anyway, If you have patience, you might get
"kubuntu-desktop"... (all the kde stuff)
[05:15] <pdg> frank_: I moved the NVidia to a windows PC, and it works
fine, so it's not a hardware problem (at least not with the card)
[05:16] <pdg> frank_: now I'm trying an ATI
=== Davey [~davey@davey.user] has joined #ubuntu
[05:16] <xuniluser> HELP: I can't install anjunta on my ubuntu 5.0.4,
with these error during configure "configure: error: XML::Parser perl
module is required for intltool"
[05:16] <pdg> frank_, desrt: AHA!
[05:16] <pdg> (EE) fglrx(0): incompatible kernel module detected - HW
accelerated OpenGL will not work
[05:16] <frank_> pdg: really? wow I have a FX 5900XT which is almost the
same as yours and have had no problems
[05:16] <Sponge_> xuniluser: Have you tried apt-get install anjuta
[05:17] <hondje> isn't an fx5900 a nvidia card?
=== Knowledge_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:17] <pdg> frank_: I'm afraid it's a motherboard problem
=== NetEcho [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== reinaldo [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:17] <xuniluser> Sponge: yes but it says "Can't find package anjunta"
=== Jin [] has joined #ubuntu
=== redtech [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:17] <Sponge_> xuniluser: What about your repositories? Have you set
them right?
[05:18] <frank_> hondje: earlier today, he was trying with a 5900
[05:18] <Knowledge_> I love it when everything goes good after a fresh
=== reinaldo [] has left #ubuntu
[05:18] <ricosuave17> SEX
[05:18] <tritium> pdg, can you "modinfo fglrx" please?
[05:18] <tarvid> bimberi, looks like that worked, i feared i would make a
cd with the iso as a file
[05:18] <tritium> ricosuave17, cut it out
[05:18] <hondje> ah
[05:18] <ricosuave17> well then help me with my new alsa drivers
[05:18] <xuniluser> Sponge: how? (sorry for this lame question)
[05:18] <tarvid> is there a good site to search for packages?
[05:18] <Sponge_> xuniluser: I'm a rookie to, so don't worry...
[05:18] <tritium> ricosuave17, please ask nicely
[05:19] <bimberi> tarvid: synaptic provides an interface for the
repositories that you have enabled. Otherwise there's
[05:19] <ricosuave17> ok. can someone plz tell me how can i get the
newwst alsa
[05:19] <Jin> anyone know where i can get drivers so that ubuntu will
work properly on a dell machine with the Intel 82865 chipset?
[05:19] <rommer> desrt: if i setup a dns round robin will sessions (like
in php) still work?
[05:19] <desrt> rommer; depends on if they store server-side state
[05:19] <desrt> rommer; if it's all cookies, you're fine
[05:19] <desrt> rommer; if there's a statefile on the server, you're not
[05:20] <tarvid> bimberi, i was poking at synaptic but i didn't find
gnomebaker for example
[05:20] <rommer> yea thats what i thought
[05:20] <desrt> rommer; another thing you could do is make the main page
redirect you to www1. www2. www3. etc
[05:20] <pdg> filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-
[05:20] <pdg> author:         Fire GL - ATI Research GmbH, Germany
[05:20] <pdg> description:    ATI Fire GL
[05:20] <pdg> license:        Proprietary. (C) 2002 - ATI Technologies,
Starnberg, GERMANY
[05:20] <pdg> vermagic:       2.6.10-5-686 preempt 686 gcc-3.3
[05:20] <tarvid> the other day i was looking for kernel options (himem)
and it seemed to be a struggle
[05:20] <pdg> tritium: (sorry about the flood)
[05:20] <desrt> pdg; paste not, lest ye be pasted.
[05:21] <pdg> sorreh :P
[05:21] <rommer> desrt: i dont understand that last bit
[05:21] <tritium> pdg, it's okay
[05:21] <tritium> We've had much longer pastes
[05:21] <pdg> :)
[05:21] <frank_> FireGL isn't that a pro card?
[05:21] <ricosuave17> can anyone plz help me?
[05:22] <tritium> ricosuave17, you want to build newer alsa modules?
[05:22] <gijosh> Hey. How do you add a launcher to the applications
=== ghie [~thesis@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:22] <ricosuave17> i just want to have the newest alsa but it seems
there is no package
[05:22] <pdg> frank_: FireGL is about 1.5 years old now, I think
[05:22] <bimberi> tarvid: you probably need to add extra repositories
[05:23] <tritium> ricosuave17, right, hoary already released, so there
are only security fixes
[05:23] <ricosuave17> ok so what to do?
[05:23] <tritium> do you need them, or just want them?
[05:23] <ajmitch> ricosuave17: why do you want a newer alsa driver?
=== Mr [] has joined
=== Mr [] has left #ubuntu
=== airmikey_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:26] <ricosuave17> because i need to use multiple sounds
=== SogniX [] has left #ubuntu []
[05:26] <pdg> desrt: do you have any clue what that conflicting module
could be?
[05:26] <MrGardenHoseMan> what's the pacakage name for flash?
[05:27] <Hikaru79> Can someone explain to me how to chroot a user into a
subdirectory of their home directory on vsftpd?
[05:27] <desrt> pdg; hm?
[05:27] <desrt> pdg; i stopped paying attention, sorry :)
=== Xyc0 [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:27] <pdg> oh, it's ok
[05:27] <desrt> pdg; the module looked like it was loaded fine, though
[05:27] <desrt> pdg; maybe it's an AGP thing?
=== hyphenated [~cgilmour@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:27] <desrt> pdg; like it expects to use the system AGPgart and it's
not loaded
[05:27] <desrt> or it wants to use its own and the system one is loaded
[05:27] <pdg> yeah, but it said there's an incompatible module, hence no
3D acceleration
[05:27] <pdg> uhmm
[05:27] <desrt> oh
[05:28] <desrt> X server module, maybe
[05:28] <desrt> did you enable composite?
[05:28] <Xyc0> Is Cedega released in Deb packages now?
[05:28] <pdg> I don't remember that
=== attention [~attention@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _mage_afk is now known as _mage_work
[05:28] <desrt> pdg; look for an "Extensions" section in your X config
[05:28] <desrt> or "Modules" lines
=== supernix [] has joined
[05:28] <desrt> like Load   "dbe"
[05:28] <desrt> stuff like that
[05:29] <pdg> ok
[05:29] <desrt> it's probably one of those t hat's breaking your 3d accel
[05:29] <ricosuave17> so can someone give me an idea
=== nalioth [] has joined
=== airmikey [] has joined
[05:29] <desrt> did it mention one specifically?
[05:29] <pdg> no composite, or anything similar
[05:29] <pdg> desrt: ?
[05:29] <desrt> pdg; the line that said a module was incompatible... did
it say which module?
[05:30] <nalioth> hah
[05:30] <nalioth> am back
[05:30] <desrt> maybe even a little bit above or below the error
=== ricosuave17 coughs
[05:30] <pdg> desrt: (EE) fglrx(0): incompatible kernel module detected -
HW accelerated OpenGL will not work
=== Xyc0 turns then coughs
[05:30] <pdg> (II) fglrx(0): [drm] removed 1 reserved context for kernel
[05:31] <pdg> drm?
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[05:31] <pdg> there's no drm in the xorg.conf
[05:31] <desrt> pdg; weird!
[05:31] <desrt> pdg; so it is a kernel module then
[05:31] <desrt> pdg; do you have 'agpgart' module loaded?
[05:31] <desrt> lsmod | grep agpgart
[05:32] <pdg> desrt: yeah
[05:32] <ricosuave17> plz can someone help me get the newest alsa version
[05:32] <desrt> what is its usecount?
[05:32] <pdg> agpgart                 33608 1 intel_agp
[05:32] <desrt> ok
[05:32] <desrt> there should be some AGP line in your X config
[05:32] <desrt> what does it say?
=== ` is now known as keikoz
=== NoHope [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:32] <desrt> like "UseInternalAGPGart" "on" or something like that
[05:32] <NoHope> hello all
=== socomm [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== tomchuk [] has joined
[05:33] <pdg> desrt:      Option "UseInternalAGPGART"        "no"
[05:33] <NoHope> hey, isn't there [apt-get install php] ?
[05:33] <desrt> pdg; well.. there goes that theory :)
[05:33] <pdg> :)
[05:33] <tritium> NoHope, "apt-cache search php"
=== manobro [] has joined
[05:33] <NoHope> tritium, thx, I'll try.
[05:33] <desrt> pdg; just on a last-ditch effort, you could try changing
that to "yes" and unload intel_agp and agpgart modules
[05:34] <pdg> I can try...
[05:34] <pdg> so change that, unload/load, and restart xorg?
=== airmikey [] has joined
[05:34] <desrt> change it, unload
[05:34] <desrt> don't reload the modules
[05:34] <socomm> NoHope: Trying using synaptic.
[05:35] <NoHope> tritium, I found. thx.
[05:35] <NoHope> socomm, thx.
[05:35] <tritium> NoHope, sure. It was a long list, huh?
[05:35] <manobro> hi, Im need some help, I can connect using x-chat, apt-
get, ping (and all other probgrans in terminal), but my firefox, gain,
and other in gnome cant connect :(
=== Big_O [] has joined
[05:35] <manobro> anybody can help me, please
[05:36] <Big_O> hmmm wheres the start sesion script O_O
[05:36] <pdg> desrt: intel_agp is in use, and agpgart is needed by it
=== Xyc0 [] has left #ubuntu []
[05:36] <Big_O> im not sure if the mean the x session or not though
[05:36] <pdg> let me restart the server and see
[05:36] <desrt> pdg; oh right. that makes sense. fglrx would be using
[05:36] <NoHope> tritium, yes... a lot of things.
=== wendy [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:36] <wendy> hello
[05:36] <tritium> NoHope, yeah, more specific searches help with that
[05:36] <pdg> anyway, this is my last try today
[05:37] <wendy> does anyone know where in about:config in firefox you
configure which email program you use?
[05:37] <pdg> so thanks a lot, desrt, tritium, frank_ and... someone else
I can't recall
[05:37] <socomm> wendy: Try searching for the email key value.
[05:37] <tritium> pdg, sure. Good luck
[05:37] <socomm> wendy: Also try gconf, that might be of some help as
[05:38] <wendy> gconf?
[05:38] <wendy> even if I'm not using gnome?
[05:38] <Sponge_> hey Big_O: Where is dorothy??? :P
[05:38] <wendy> how do I search about:config?
[05:38] <wendy> I'm trying to search the conventional way and "mail"
isn't found, which isn't possible.
[05:39] <Sponge_> (Big_O: Did you watch that japanese animation? :P)
[05:39] <tritium> wendy, in gnome, there's a Systems->Preferences-
>Preferred Applications where you can set default browser, email, and
terminal. I don't know if you're not using gnome.
=== digitalfox [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Knowledge_ [] has left
#ubuntu []
[05:39] <wendy> I"m in xfce now
=== youngcoder [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:40] <wendy> ack
=== wendy is now known as moshe
[05:40] <moshe> I'm trying to set this up for my wife
=== manobro is now known as nops
[05:41] <socomm> moshe:
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o tritium] by tritium
=== aatim [~aatim@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aatim is now known as aatim[afk]
[05:42] <nops> can anybody help me ?
=== tritium [] has left
#ubuntu []
[05:42] <Big_O> >_> ugh
[05:42] <fr500> nops, just ask
=== eliUbuntu [~eli@hiloguest225.IfA.Hawaii.Edu] has joined #ubuntu
[05:42] <Big_O> remind me to give him shit next time i see him
[05:43] <nops> my net seens ok, but my firefox and gain cant connect to
ani site/server
[05:43] <eliUbuntu> anyone here try to re-install xp with ubuntu on the
other partition?
[05:43] <fr500> can you ping google?
[05:43] <eliUbuntu> yep
[05:43] <eliUbuntu> just did
[05:43] <Big_O> yeah once
=== aspro [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Arclite2 [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:43] <nops> yep
[05:43] <fr500> eliUbuntu, it works fine, it may break grub
[05:43] <Big_O> fortunatly i wanted to reinstall ubuntu anyway
[05:43] <fr500> nops, then it should work
[05:43] <nops> 15 packets transmitted, 15 received, 0% packet loss
[05:43] <eliUbuntu> fr500, that is what i though. how do you repair the
[05:43] <fr500> nops, do you have a proxy?
[05:44] <Big_O> anyway
=== maximaus [] has joined #ubuntu
=== abba [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:44] <nops> nops, nat, and ubuntu was woring fine yesterday, today I
made a apt-get dist-upgrade and now Im having problems
[05:44] <fr500> eliUbuntu, boot the live cd, go to a console, mount your
boot partition, chroot to the mounter partition, then run grub-install
hd0 (or the hard disk you used)
=== dbernar1 [] has joined
[05:44] <abba> hello
[05:44] <eliUbuntu> im thinking about reinstalling ubuntu as well, saw
the extra-CD
=== jasmuz [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:44] <fr500> nops, no clue
[05:45] <fr500> eliUbuntu, what extra cd?
=== guidogeo [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:45] <eliUbuntu> the one listed on
[05:45] <abba> having a problem installing mod_perl
[05:45] <eliUbuntu> let me get you the link
[05:45] <fr500> eliUbuntu, never seen it
[05:45] <eliUbuntu> one minute
[05:45] <fr500> eliUbuntu, what do you need XP for?
[05:45] <dbernar1> crimsun: ping...
=== Knowledge_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:45] <abba> anyone have a link for ubuntu?
[05:46] <nops> well, ill make a backup of the apt-get reposity and
reinstall :(
[05:46] <eliUbuntu> fr500 -
[05:46] <Knowledge_> Anyone know how to make a Plantronics USB headset
[05:46] <fr500> nops, there is a Network Proxy dialog in system
preferencesm did you check it?
[05:46] <eliUbuntu> i used xp for media and graphics. linux cannot quite
handle what i need for the graphics part
[05:46] <fr500> eliUbuntu, restoring grub is easy
[05:47] <fr500> eliUbuntu, altough sometimes
[05:47] <fr500> desrt pdg; just on a last-ditch effort, you could try
changing that to "yes" and unload intel_agp and agpgart modules
[05:47] <fr500> pdg I can try...
[05:47] <fr500> * mebaran151 has quit ("Leaving")
[05:47] <fr500> pdg so change that, unload/load, and restart xorg?
[05:47] <eliUbuntu> ok, so i need a live cd
[05:47] <fr500> * airmikey (~airmikey@c-67-160-238- has joined #ubuntu
[05:47] <fr500> desrt change it, unload
[05:47] <fr500> desrt don't reload the modules
[05:47] <fr500> socomm NoHope: Trying using synaptic.
[05:47] <fr500> wooops
[05:47] <fr500> sorry
[05:47] <nops> fr500, direct connection there :(
[05:47] <fr500> eliUbuntu, yes
[05:47] <eliUbuntu> brb, gonna download the dvd one with the live and and
installation disk
[05:47] <epiloc> Can anyone give me one good reason why i should switch
from kubuntu to ubuntu?
[05:47] <fr500> nops, a weird problem you got there
[05:47] <eliUbuntu> gnome is faster than kde
[05:47] <fr500> epiloc, gnome :)
[05:47] <epiloc> can i make gnome as pretty?
[05:48] <nops> fr500, yep, a hell of problem!!
[05:48] <socomm> epiloc: Can you?
[05:48] <eliUbuntu> wanna see a screenshot of mine?
[05:48] <fr500> nops, what happens if you try to open
[05:48] <jasmuz> epiloc: because we love Gnome
[05:48] <eliUbuntu> its nice :)
[05:48] <eliUbuntu> on gnome
[05:48] <epiloc> yes, screenshots plz!
[05:48] <eliUbuntu> where is that site where i can upload screenshots?
[05:48] <eliUbuntu> forgot the link
[05:48] <dbernar1> I dont have any programs open, and my speakers are
playing music, from an xmms that I closed, what can I do? I killall-ed
xmms already.
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:48] <socomm>
[05:48] <nops> fr500, firfox says in status "host found" then "opening
page" e it stop there "looking" for the page
[05:48] <Thewarmachine> Firefox 1.0.6 is out folks
=== Druke [] has joined
[05:49] <epiloc> it is my opinion that kde is still in development...
after doing an update, half of my devices stopped working
[05:49] <jasmuz> Thewarmachine: cool
[05:49] <dbernar1> Thewarmachine: anything new?
[05:49] <fr500> nops, try to open
[05:49] <socomm> epiloc: Did you like that screenshot?
[05:49] <Thewarmachine> havent installed it yet
[05:49] <Thewarmachine> and great screenshot
[05:49] <epiloc> socomm, yes, how did you make the toolbar transparent?
[05:50] <epiloc> socomm, oh, and the lotus is very nice :)
[05:50] <fr500> epiloc, right click
[05:50] <socomm> epiloc: Right click on the panel -> properties -> etc
... -> etc ...
[05:50] <Thewarmachine> my question Is why firefox isnt in the repos yet
[05:50] <nops> fr500, "waiting response" and nothing :(
[05:50] <Thewarmachine> ?!!
[05:50] <fr500> nops, very weird
[05:50] <epiloc> heh, ok im almost sold
[05:50] <fr500> but pinging google works?
[05:50] <jasmuz> Thewarmachine: it hasnt been backported yet
[05:51] <eliUbuntu> pretty slick socomm
[05:51] <fr500> what is a backport?
[05:51] <epiloc> kubuntu is nice, but kde error messages pop up just as
frequent as they did on my xp machine
[05:51] <epiloc> ok well maybe not THAT much
=== robitaille [] has joined
[05:51] <Thewarmachine> that sux
[05:51] <epiloc> but i think kubuntu is falling apart, they left out some
printer modules on the last update, and lookey there... cant print!
[05:51] <Thewarmachine> is backporting hard?
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:52] <Thewarmachine> because if it isnt Ill do it
[05:52] <Thewarmachine> !
[05:52] <ubotu> Thewarmachine: parse error: dunno what the heck you're
talking about
[05:52] <socomm> eliUbuntu: Thanks.
=== DeFi [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:52] <dbernar1> fr500: a backport is tailoring a newer version of a
program to a version of an OS, that supports a lower verrsion number than
you are backporting
[05:52] <Druke> anyone here familiar with zope/plone?
=== Velcan [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:52] <nops> fr500, I tried to remove the servers ignored in the proxy
[05:52] <bimberi> Druke: yes
[05:53] <dbernar1> Thewarmachine: go backport it and come back and tell
us if it was hard.
[05:53] <fr500> nops, can you ping google?
[05:53] <Thewarmachine> LOL
[05:53] <fr500> my desktop :p
[05:53] <eliUbuntu> !screenshot
[05:53] <ubotu> I haven't a clue, eliUbuntu
[05:53] <Druke> bimberi, the zope from apt-get doesn't sem to have a
'product' folder
[05:53] <epiloc> does anyone think that KDE is more powerful than gnome?
[05:53] <Thewarmachine> nah
[05:53] <Druke> epiloc, no
=== _maydayjay_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:53] <eliUbuntu> anyone know where i can post my screenshot?
[05:53] <fr500> epiloc, i think it's cool, the interface is more flexible
i think, but it's kinda clutered
[05:54] <Knowledge_> ok, I found out how to use my plantronics
headset...but here's the thing...right now it's using OSS and the how to
says that I'm going to be using alsa....which I've had problems
with...any suggestions?
[05:54] <jasmuz> epiloc: it's a matter of taste
[05:54] <nops> fr500, nothing happened and now I cant put it back
*localhost and . I can ping google and Im using x-chat in
that machine with problems (wireeeerd)
[05:54] <socomm> epiloc: It's all a matter of taste.
[05:54] <fr500> eliUbuntu, did you check mine?
=== drew3 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== socomm shakes fist at jasmuz.
[05:54] <eliUbuntu> looks nice!
[05:54] <eliUbuntu> similar to what i have, but different still
[05:54] <bimberi> Druke: It's usually "Products" iirc
[05:54] <epiloc> fr500, you think kde is more kluttered?
[05:54] <fr500> nops, i have no idea on what is wrong, sorry
[05:54] <fr500> epiloc, than mine?
[05:54] <Druke> bimberi, iirc?
[05:55] <Thewarmachine> knowledke killall esd
=== gigaclon [] has joined
=== kangt [] has joined
[05:55] <gigaclon> question I installed the JRE according to the wiki
page, what do I have to do to make Firefox recognize
[05:55] <fr500> epiloc, probably not :D, but i think kde is cluttered
from the beggining
[05:55] <bimberi> Druke: If I Recall Correctly
[05:55] <nops> fr500, ill reinstall the distro and sse if the problems
persist. thank you very much!! :)
[05:55] <ricosuave17> whats the name of the apt-get sources list
[05:55] <Knowledge_> Thewarmachine: that was directed towards me?
[05:55] <epiloc> fr500, you said the interface is more flexible but kinda
cluttered... what were you reffering to? KDE or Gnome?
[05:55] <fr500> nops, np, sorry i haven't been able to help
[05:55] <Druke> bimberi, well i don't see that either, would it be in the
default isntance folder
[05:55] <fr500> epiloc, KDE
=== tna [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:55] <Thewarmachine> then go to system-> prefs->multimedia systems
[05:55] <nops> bye all, it was a pleasure meet you
[05:55] <Thewarmachine> yes knowledge
[05:56] <Thewarmachine> im 100 percent sure itll work
[05:56] <fr500> epiloc, you can program a lot more things for the KDE
interface i think
[05:56] <gigaclon> question I installed the JRE according to the wiki
page, what do I have to do to make Firefox recognize
[05:56] <gigaclon> oops soory
[05:56] <epiloc> fr500, ok, well... any other reasons why i should switch
to ubuntu?
[05:56] <tna> hi i was wondering if anyone plays hl2 or cs:s on a linux
[05:56] <Knowledge_> Thewarmachine: it's not allowing me to select my usb
device...if I try the how to, and all fails I can still have my OSS
untouched correct?
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== overlade [~overlade@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:56] <socomm> gigaclon: You gotta link the plugin to firefoxes plugin
[05:56] <gigaclon> how
[05:56] <bimberi> Druke: It's usually /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products
[05:57] <jasmuz> epiloc: still remember that Ubuntu is the original
project and Kubuntu is just a mear fork
[05:57] <Druke> bimberi, is that where i need to pyut the plone files?
=== wendy [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:57] <epiloc> jasmuz, true
[05:57] <wendy> ok
[05:57] <Thewarmachine> yeah I think so
[05:57] <Knowledge_> ok
[05:57] <wendy> I found through google what I need to edit to configure
firefox to open thunderbird on email links
[05:57] <Thewarmachine> the sound will only change if you do it
[05:57] <wendy> unfortunately, it's not an option I can find in
[05:57] <fr500> dbernar1, about the backporting.......i read three times,
maybe i'm approaching a languaje barrier :p
[05:57] <eliUbuntu> sorry, cant upload mine, dont remember the link for
[05:57] <epiloc> does anyone think i will run into fewer problems with
[05:58] <epiloc> sorry
[05:58] <epiloc> last question
[05:58] <bimberi> Druke: yes - although you can install plone using
[05:58] <Thewarmachine> and just reverse the instructions I gave you and
everything back to normal
[05:58] <Druke> bimberi, does that work well?
[05:58] <fr500> eliUbuntu, dcc it, i will post it
[05:58] <drew3> When Opening Firefox, I get an"Alert" "....ububtu-
artwork...can't be found" I click Ok and Ffox opens. I'd like to 'not'
get the Alert.
[05:58] <Thewarmachine> knowledge try it and let me know
[05:58] <gigaclon> socomm: how
[05:58] <Thewarmachine> i think theres a bug in the new firefox
[05:58] <wendy> is missing
[05:59] <bimberi> Druke: sorry I can't vouch for the ubuntu plone install
- i've installed in on debian
[05:59] <bimberi> s/in/it
=== eltino [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:59] <eliUbuntu> how do you dcc it?
[05:59] <eltino> Hello
[05:59] <Druke> bimberi, well i guess i can give you a vouch in ..
58seconds ;)
[05:59] <wendy> drew3, pick a different homepage for firefox to open up
[05:59] <eliUbuntu> did it
[05:59] <Thewarmachine> why is it that when you try to install firefox
1.04 you need to install gcc4.0
[05:59] <Thewarmachine> ?
[05:59] <dbernar1> fr500: ya, my explanations are not that good:)
[05:59] <bimberi> Druke: :)
=== alvariux [~unky@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:59] <bimberi> Druke: looking forward to it :)
[06:00] <alvariux> hello
=== coolkev [~coolkev@CPE0006255ab096-] has joined #ubuntu
[06:00] <drew3> Thewarmachine, was that for me? a bug in Ff?
[06:00] <alvariux> anynone hve install imap-ssl?
[06:00] <coolkev> can any one tell my why my harddrives get really hot on
[06:00] <Thewarmachine> drew im talkin about 1.06
[06:00] <fr500> eliUbuntu, didn't work, sorry
[06:00] <benplaut> Thewarmachine: i think the version in backports was
compiled with gcc4, but that dousn't explain a dependancy...
[06:00] <Thewarmachine> your problem is gcc
[06:00] <fr500> dbernar1, no prob
[06:00] <eliUbuntu> its ok
[06:00] <eltino> anyone familiar with Ubuntu's LiveDVD? I wonder if
there's a way to cache it all in ram at boot?
[06:00] <eliUbuntu> gotta people
[06:00] <eliUbuntu> see you later!
[06:00] <coolkev> alot hotter then on windows i believe
[06:00] <socomm> gigaclon: lln -s /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-
sun/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/ /usr/lib/mozilla-
[06:00] <socomm> gigaclon: Or something like that.
[06:00] <alvariux> im having problems with autentication
[06:00] <benplaut> eltino: how much RAM do you have?
[06:00] <Thewarmachine> it just insists on installing as a dependency
[06:00] <eltino> benplaut: 2 Gigs
[06:01] <benplaut> probably not enough...
[06:01] <benplaut> dvd images are massive
[06:01] <Druke> bimberi, but i use the zope controls in /var/lib correct?
[06:01] <alvariux> anynone hve installed imap-ssl?
=== hypa7ia [] has left
#ubuntu ["CHILDREN!"]
[06:01] <coolkev> is there a way to keep the drives cooler?
[06:01] <eltino> benplaut: it's actually just a livecd
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> a good winblows prog is dvdshrink
[06:01] <poningru> coolkev: does your fan spin too much?
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> i dont know what its linux equivalent is though
[06:01] <coolkev> nope
[06:01] <poningru> whats the probe?
[06:01] <coolkev> i have no harddrive fan
[06:02] <bimberi> Druke: yes /var/lib/zope/instance/<instance_name>/bin
[06:02] <poningru> err prob
[06:02] <bimberi> Druke: could be zope2.7
[06:02] <coolkev> my case is open i touch the hardrive and it's pretty
[06:02] <poningru> hehe
[06:02] <benplaut> i'm not sure how many of Knoppix's "cheatcodes" ubuntu
live still has
[06:02] <bimberi> Druke: ... instead of zope
[06:02] <benplaut> it should be "ubuntu toram"
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> coolkev...want a tip?
[06:02] <coolkev> ye
[06:02] <poningru> coolkev: using journaling system?
[06:02] <coolkev> ye ext3
[06:02] <coolkev> i mean
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> you can actually wire a fan onto a harddrive with
[06:02] <coolkev> Resier fs and ext3
[06:02] <Druke> bimberi, it comes withn an instance called default
=== svaksha [~svaksha@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:02] <coolkev> i have two partition
[06:03] <eltino> benplaut: I'll try that... I hope it works ;p and with a
little luck I'll have 128MB free left to actually use it :)
[06:03] <poningru> is it hotter when you use resierfs?
[06:03] <Druke> bimberi, however theres no bin folder in it, erphaps i
should try to create a new isntance
[06:03] <Thewarmachine> and temp drops up to ~20 degrees
[06:03] <poningru> cause that might make sense
[06:03] <coolkev> i don't know since i'm using both on the same drive
[06:03] <poningru> but ext3 should not cause more drive access than ntfs
[06:03] <Thewarmachine> if you have a dual boot
[06:03] <coolkev> like one partition of the drive is resier the other is
[06:03] <Thewarmachine> ....
[06:03] <Druke> bimberi, its only dir's are "access Extensions import
[06:03] <poningru> right
[06:03] <jasmuz> Does anyone know if you can use DRI on a SiS video
integrated to the mainboard?
[06:03] <fr500> is drive cooling very important?
=== i3dmaster [] has joined
[06:03] <Thewarmachine> it is
[06:03] <benplaut> eltino: ubuntu doesn't use a crazy ultra compression,
so you should have plenty left
[06:03] <bimberi> Druke: hm - i guess so
[06:04] <Thewarmachine> for me at least
[06:04] <Thewarmachine> the hotter the harddrive
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== elmagozizou [~Manu@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:04] <Thewarmachine> the more of a chance for skrewups and
[06:04] <coolkev> i have to shut off my comp now days casue I'm afraid
it'll get to hot and not function... i run max 7 hours my comp
[06:04] <fr500> Thewarmachine, i'm setting up an storage server (sick of
dvds and cds all around), so cooling the drives would be ideal
=== Tomcat_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:04] <Thewarmachine> you could liquid cool
[06:05] <coolkev> the funny thing is... the cpu is cooler then harddrive
[06:05] <coolkev> it's why I'm scared
[06:05] <bimberi> Druke: on debian it's mkzope2.7instance (as superuser)
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> or just the fan method oughta do the trick
[06:05] <fr500> Thewarmachine, that can cause screwups too
[06:05] <poningru> coolkev: hmm
[06:05] <poningru> that sounds iffy
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> that can
[06:05] <fr500> Thewarmachine, you wire the fan to the hdd?
[06:05] <poningru> you sure win doesnt cause this problem?
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> what can sorry?
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> here is what I did
[06:05] <coolkev> well my cpu is down clocked a little casue of my ram
being pc 266
[06:05] <socomm> I hear they've opened a new station in the anartica, you
might wanna colocate your stuff there.
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> lol
[06:05] <poningru> oh
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> socomm lol
=== CerBerO_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:05] <coolkev> i need pc 333 ram in order to get my cpu's full
[06:06] <fr500> socomm, lol
[06:06] <poningru> go out and by it my friend
[06:06] <Thewarmachine> i attached a pair of brackets ina mounting hole I
didnt use
[06:06] <coolkev> but it's not a big difference... normal should be 1.67
ghz and mine right is 1.33 ghz
=== Spleen [] has joined #ubuntu
=== eltino_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:06] <Thewarmachine> then I mounted a fan onto the brackets
[06:06] <dbernar1> c
[06:06] <poningru> coolkev: whats your fsb on?
[06:06] <benplaut> that's a big difference, IMO
[06:06] <coolkev> 133
=== Computer__Guru [] has
joined #Ubuntu
[06:06] <Computer__Guru> Hai fsckers
[06:07] <coolkev> it's all limited by the ram
=== neoxeno [] has joined
[06:07] <coolkev> i need to buy newer ram
[06:07] <jasmuz> Computer__Guru: /dev/null to you
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> fr500 i can get a man page on it
[06:07] <fr500> Thewarmachine, what?
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> it was recently slashdotted
[06:07] <jasmuz> Good night all Ciao
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> lol
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> g2g
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> peace
[06:07] <Computer__Guru> jasmuz, talk to the inode
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has left #ubuntu []
[06:07] <coolkev> could it be because i only have 128 mb rama nd the
harddrive has to keep on accessing the Swap area?
[06:07] <fr500> Thewarmachine, ok (but i have 8 200gb drives), i was
thinkinga bout the power supply
[06:07] <fr500> bye
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:08] <Spleen> What is the default application that runs ADSL
connections on Ubuntu?
[06:08] <socomm>
[06:08] <dups> has anyone here had a problem with firefox crashing upon
loading pages, my guess is a fault due to media?
[06:08] <dups> Spleen: ppoe
[06:08] <Computer__Guru> dups: is it crashing loading any pages, or
pages with flash?
[06:08] <coolkev> ye i do have that
=== airmikey [] has joined
[06:08] <socomm> dups: Yes, you got composite extension enabled?
[06:09] <poningru> dups: what page?
[06:09] <dups> Computer_Guru: I can't be one hundred percent sure, like crashes the site for example
[06:09] <Computer__Guru> lemme check it for flash
[06:09] <dbernar1> dups: pppoeconf?
[06:09] <coolkev> call me crazy but ubuntu has a few stability error..
well it's programs.. my gnome-panel and nautilus crash alot
[06:09] <Knowledge_> ok, I can't figure out this how to, anyone know what
to do about this whole USB headset thing?
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|phone
[06:09] <socomm> dups: The operative words here are composite extension
and flash.
[06:09] <coolkev> and so does firefox when trying to watch streaming
[06:09] <dups> socom: ok, is there a thread on that or something I can
read over
[06:10] <socomm> dups: There's a known bug for that combination, I posted
a solution on ubuntus bugtrack thingamajig.
[06:10] <Computer__Guru> dups i had that problem when i loaded a bunch of
flash devel libraries n such... never could fix it, ended up reinstalling
[06:10] <coolkev> also when i uses other application while listening to
music beep-media-player stops playing and if i try to press the play
button it hangs
[06:10] <Spleen> Because I don't remember what I used to set up PPPoE
and, while it seems to work, my ethernet NIC (eth1) that connects to the
modem doesn't show as configured in Network settings (Gnome)
[06:10] <dups> yeah it's really frustrating
[06:10] <Computer__Guru> dups: yeah, it's got flash on it. try removing
your flash installation, and reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree
[06:10] <dups> hmm ok
[06:10] <coolkev> i guess I'll shut off my comp now and maybe get
harddrive coolers
[06:10] <Spleen> And I am having probs with NAT and IP forwarding
[06:11] <dbernar1> Spleen: pppoeconf
[06:11] <coolkev> hopefully the next release of ubuntu will be alot more
stable and useful and up-to-date..
[06:11] <socomm> Computer__Guru: That's not the solution here ....
=== jasoncohen [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:12] <Computer__Guru> socomm: pardon me? when I had that problem,
that is the exact solution i was given here.. uninstall flash and
reinstall flashplugin-nonfree
[06:12] <socomm> export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1
[06:12] <socomm> Add that line to your firefox script, at the top.
[06:12] <Computer__Guru> hrmm
[06:12] <socomm>
=== airmikey [] has joined
[06:12] <Computer__Guru> that works?
[06:12] <socomm> Read more about it there.
[06:12] <socomm> Computer__Guru: Worked for me.
[06:13] <Computer__Guru> socomm:   you should add that to the bot :D
=== joolz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ankur [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:13] <dups> socomm: thanks
[06:13] <Computer__Guru> would have saved me a lot of grief
[06:14] <dups> where is the firefox script stored on ubuntu?
=== frank [~frank@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:14] <frank> s
[06:14] <socomm> Most likely /usr/bin/firefox
[06:15] <Computer__Guru> yah /usr/bin/firefox is a wrapper script
[06:15] <Computer__Guru> dont add that line above #!/bin/sh
[06:15] <dups> yeah, I know that, just didn't know about this problem
=== bur[n] er [] has joined
=== firestorm [] has joined
[06:16] <frank> dear god. I'm trying FC4 for fun and up2date is asking me
after it downloads EACH AND EVERY PACKAGE if I want to continue because
the packages are somehow not signed.
[06:16] <neoxeno> lol
[06:16] <Computer__Guru> frank: repeat after me
[06:16] <Computer__Guru> RPM SUCKS
[06:16] <frank> hehe
[06:16] <firestorm> Hi. When I open konsole it is black background with
white text but never used to be. How can I revert back to whit background
with black text?
[06:16] <socomm> frank: `man up2date'
=== Computer__Guru plants his apt-flag firmly and salutes it proudly
[06:17] <dups> excellent, that worked socomm. Does anyone also have
url's for the backports that work
=== drcode [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:17] <Doomgaze`> drcode, from Exult?
=== attention [~attention@] has joined #ubuntu
=== LinuxNIT-ubuntu [] has joined
[06:17] <drcode> hi
[06:17] <Computer__Guru> firestorm: click settings ont he menu, go to
schema, and select black on white
[06:17] <Knowledge_> So, anyone on my usb headset? I tried to read But I'm
far beyond lost
[06:18] <firestorm> Computer__Guru: excellent, thanks. how can I force it
to keep the setting across reboots?
=== socomm [] has left
#ubuntu [":wq"]
[06:18] <LinuxNIT-ubuntu> how do you set the power management settings ?
[06:18] <Computer__Guru> firestorm: click settings ont he menu, then
click save as default
=== mukti [~client9@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:18] <epiloc> Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS
server is correctly installed and running. Error: connection refused.
[06:18] <Druke> bimberi, i restarted zope with
/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products holding all the plone stuff, some of it
comes up in zope manager, but not all
=== ubruger [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:19] <firestorm> Computer__Guru: thanks again
[06:19] <Computer__Guru> n e time
[06:19] <epiloc> This is the reason im dropping Kubuntu
=== bpds [] has joined #ubuntu
=== firestorm [] has left #ubuntu
=== attention [~attention@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:19] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: because you cant get cups configured?
[06:20] <Computer__Guru> that sounds like a pretty silly reason to change
[06:20] <epiloc> yes
[06:20] <epiloc> well... i feel pretty silly for doing it
=== goli [~sunil@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:20] <Computer__Guru> are you trying to connect to a cups server ont
he local machine?
[06:20] <epiloc> im trying to open my printer manager
=== krischan [] has joined
[06:20] <epiloc> and it just gives me that error
[06:21] <_mike> which is better openoffice or koffice?
=== Knowledge_ [] has left
#ubuntu []
[06:21] <Computer__Guru> okay, open a shell and type:
[06:21] <Computer__Guru> sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart
[06:21] <Computer__Guru> and watch for errors
[06:21] <DAC1138> how nice. gimp crashed every time i try and select an
area. is this another hoary bug?
[06:21] <Computer__Guru> _mike: openoffice is more 'complete'
[06:21] <_mike> i see
[06:21] <Computer__Guru> but koffice flows a little better and imho is
=== gigaclon [] has joined
[06:22] <bimberi> Druke: sorry - i don't have access to a valid plone
install atm so it's hard to help with that
[06:22] <epiloc> root@home:~ # /etc/init.d/cups restart
[06:22] <epiloc> -bash: /etc/init.d/cups: No such file or directory
[06:22] <gigaclon> firefox now wont start
[06:22] <gigaclon> INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not get the
plugin manager
[06:22] <gigaclon> System error?:: No such file or directory
[06:22] <Computer__Guru> i suppose it all depends on the level of
complexity you require in your office package
[06:22] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: holdon a sec
[06:22] <epiloc> :)
[06:22] <tomchuk> cupsys
[06:22] <Druke> bimberi, no prob, checking to see what apt-get install
plone site is
[06:22] <Druke> bimberi, plone-site rather
=== IIIEars [] has joined
[06:23] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
[06:23] <gigaclon> why can't firefox install JRE automatcally like in
[06:23] <Computer__Guru> ooh this reminds me, i need to audit my init
system tonight
[06:23] <dbernar1> gigaclon: dont be ridiculous.
[06:23] <dbernar1> gigaclon: what did you do to your ff?
[06:23] <Computer__Guru> !java
[06:23] <ubotu> from memory, java is and
includes the Firefox plugin. NOTE: You have to check your sources.list
and ensure multiverse is added.
[06:23] <epiloc> root@home:~ # sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
[06:23] <epiloc> * Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd
[06:23] <epiloc> cupsd: Child exited with status 99!
[06:23] <gigaclon> i did that
[06:24] <Computer__Guru> gigaclon: follow that, its pretty simple
[06:24] <gigaclon> still didn't work
[06:24] <Computer__Guru> oh
[06:24] <IIIEars> gigaclon - did you find the jre.deb on ubuntu
[06:24] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: okay, something in cupsys is broken
[06:24] <epiloc> this problem is being reported on the forums, and going
[06:24] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: do this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure cupsys
[06:24] <dbernar1> gigaclon: so, you had firefox working normally, and
installed the j2se package from backports, and now ff does not start?
[06:24] <epiloc> yes, some think a module went missing in the last
[06:24] <gigaclon> I did the wiki thing
[06:25] <Computer__Guru> could be something as simple as a config option
=== Cooner750 [] has joined
[06:25] <ricosuave17> whats the link to the ubuntu guide??
[06:25] <gigaclon> then it still didn't work
[06:25] <Cooner750> Hey Everybody! :)
[06:25] <dbernar1> hey
[06:25] <gigaclon> made a symlink
[06:25] <Computer__Guru> !ubuntuguide
[06:25] <IIIEars> gigaclon - that works too
[06:25] <ubotu> ubuntuguide is probably a set of instructions with no
explanation. Please do not advise people to use ubuntuguide. Advise instead. Item 4 on explains why.
=== Spleen [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:25] <gigaclon> then it didn't work
=== Brunellus [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:25] <Cooner750> I finally managed to get the audio codecs installed;
i'm done complaining now! :)
[06:25] <Computer__Guru> gigaclon: did you build a package?
[06:25] <dbernar1> ricosuave17: google knows too...
=== crimsun [crimsun@crimsun.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
[06:25] <Brunellus> anybody have any experience putting ubuntu on old
hardware--say PIII 300MHz?
[06:25] <gigaclon> I did the things on the wiki page
[06:26] <IIIEars> gigaclon - yep - i tried the wiki twoce. - grab the
jre.deb from ubuntu backports
[06:26] <dbernar1> gigaclon: did you restart ff after installing the
package from backports?
[06:26] <Computer__Guru> gigaclon: so you have a jre_blahblah_.bin in a
dirctory,r ight?
[06:26] <gigaclon> yeah
[06:26] <dbernar1> Brunellus: ya.
[06:26] <ubruger> Brunellus, I just did testerday
[06:26] <epiloc> root@home:~ # sudo dpkg-reconfigure cupsys
[06:26] <epiloc> * Stopping Common Unix Printing System: cupsd
[ ok ]
[06:26] <epiloc> * Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd
[ ok ]
[06:26] <epiloc> root@home:~ # sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
[06:26] <epiloc> * Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd
[06:26] <epiloc> cupsd: Child exited with status 99!
[06:26] <epiloc> same error :(
=== fp [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:27] <dbernar1> and you pasted it twice to the channel?
[06:27] <gigaclon> yah
[06:27] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: I really don't think it's a reason to
drop ubuntu, but im runing low on ideas
[06:27] <Cooner750> Computer_Guru: remember me?
[06:27] <Brunellus> ubruger: was it hoary?
[06:27] <gigaclon> gah I click on a link and now Konq is having a spaz on
the task bar
[06:27] <dbernar1> Cooner750: good for you.
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: have you tried starting the cupsys
daemon in a console (without the start script) and watching or tailing
the oputput?
[06:28] <tomchuk> epiloc, can you post your /var/log/cups/error_log to
[06:28] <epiloc> well, its a problem with a dozen different people
running on 2 different threads through the ubuntu forums, and noone has
any ideas
=== neoxeno [] has left #ubuntu
[06:28] <Brunellus> I'm asking b/c a friend of mine is distroshopping for
an old PIII/300mhz box
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> [root@psilocybin(~)] #: ps auxww | grep cupsys
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> cupsys     6433 0.0 0.6    5552 2464 ?
Ss   Jul20    0:00 /usr/sbin/cupsd -F
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> root       7720 0.0 0.1    1596   484 pts/1
S+   00:28    0:00 grep cupsys
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> Date: Thu Jul 21 Time: 00:28:25
[06:28] <Computer__Guru> [root@psilocybin(~)] #:
[06:28] <Cooner750> I only did 'sudo apt-get install ffmpeg' and 'sudo
apt-get install gstreamer0.8-plugins' and 'gst-register-0.8'. and it
works :D
[06:29] <Brunellus> he has plenty of RAM (256MB) on it, but the processor
is not fantastic :p
[06:29] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, no, i will try. tomchuck, sure
[06:29] <dbernar1> Brunellus: I mean, there are specific distros for
lower end hardware, but any distro with a lightweight wm - not gnome-
will do, and set up some lower mem usage apps.
[06:29] <Cooner750> now I just have to find somewhere to install Ubuntu;
as I am only running a LiveCD :(
[06:29] <dbernar1> like, xfce4 may be a good choice.
=== knowledge_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:29] <tomchuk> Brunellus, install xfce4 instead of gnome and it'll
run like a champ
[06:29] <knowledge_> ok, I think I managed to screw up my sound
[06:29] <epiloc> root@home:~ # ps auxww | grep cupsys
[06:29] <epiloc> root      10489 0.0 0.1    1592   452 pts/1    S+
11:30    0:00 grep cupsys
[06:29] <Brunellus> dbernar1: I've found xfce4 to be not really that
stable for me...
[06:29] <ubruger> Brunellus, iso was called ubuntu 5.04
[06:30] <dbernar1> knowledge_: checked the hardware side completely?
[06:30] <Spleen> Has anyone here got experience using ubuntu as a gateway
with ipforwarding to an ADSL connection?
[06:30] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: did you install a different version of
cupsys than i have?
[06:30] <Brunellus> something memory leaks. I'm running flux
[06:30] <dbernar1> Brunellus: well, use what works.
[06:30] <knowledge_> dbernar1, yeah, supposedly the link I posted up
works (the how to) but now my on board sound doesn't
=== ta_bitha [~ta_bitha@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:30] <Brunellus> yeah. well, I was kind of wondering if I was an
isolated freak, performancewise on XFCE
[06:30] <Brunellus> or if it's a known issue....
[06:30] <dbernar1> Spleen: mean, have adsl set up on ubuntu, and
then forward an IP to another computer?
[06:30] <Brunellus> actually, I think the problem might be Xscreensaver.
=== deFrysk [] has joined #ubuntu
=== amonkey [] has joined
[06:31] <tomchuk> Brunellus, I'm running 4.2.2 on Debian Sid and haven't
had a single problem
[06:31] <amonkey> what cd ripper for linux can read cd-text
=== anildigital [~anildigit@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:31] <dbernar1> Brunellus: seemed to work here.
[06:31] <Brunellus> what's the most recent version in ubuntu universe?
[06:31] <dbernar1> just still slow a bit.
[06:31] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, no idea
[06:31] <crimsun> Brunellus, of xfce4? 4.2.1
[06:31] <dbernar1> knowledge_: well, what? no sound at all? one sound
[06:31] <knowledge_> supposedly my usb is supposed to use alsa, and by
default my on board was using it's saying "Failed to construct
test pipeline for 'OSS - Open Sound System'" when I click test for my
sound without the USB headset being plugged in
[06:32] <Brunellus> is 4.2.2 in backports?
[06:32] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, this all started ever since i updated
[06:32] <dbernar1> you wanna have them both work at the same time?
[06:32] <IIIEars> dbernar1 - did you want the j2re i got form ubuntu
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[06:32] <crimsun> Brunellus, no. We'll have 4.2.2 in Breezy soon.
[06:32] <knowledge_> and the usb won't work unless I boot the computer
with it plugged in
[06:32] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: updated from what to what?
[06:32] <anildigital> my ubuntu resolution problem
[06:32] <dbernar1> IIIEars: not really, I am a Java developer currently,
so I have it all set up...
[06:32] <Brunellus> h'm.
[06:32] <tna> hi i have partitionmagic, and i want to lay down ubuntu.
Should i choose the option create new partition or install another os?
[06:32] <dbernar1> I maen, a Java developer...bah
[06:32] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, KDE 3.4.1
[06:32] <anildigital> it sets 640x480
[06:32] <crimsun> knowledge_, what's the issue?
[06:32] <IIIEars> okay. - guess that says it all. - grin
[06:32] <anildigital> after restart
[06:33] <anildigital> why
[06:33] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: i would imagine from the kde 3.4.0 that
ships with kubuntu
[06:33] <Computer__Guru> wait a minute
=== Aegir [~richard@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:33] <Computer__Guru> what the hell does kde have to do with cupsys
[06:33] <dbernar1> tna, maybe create another partition would work.
[06:33] <Brunellus> would it be better to run a 'server' install at
first, and then apt-get the packages necessary to make a lightweight
ubuntu desktop system?
[06:33] <Computer__Guru> that makes zero sense
[06:33] <anildigital> even if I have configured xorg
[06:33] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, I installed repositories the same day, so
im not sure if that is the problem
[06:33] <synd> Brunellus: ideally, yes
[06:33] <Tomcat_> tna: You don't need to create a partition before the
installer does and I don't know what the "Install OS" option does... just
look that there is free space (not used by any partitions) on your disk,
then install.
=== ricosuave17 [] has joined
[06:34] <Computer__Guru> Brunellus: that works, better if you're
somewhat limited on space and just want to install what you're gonna
actually use
[06:34] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, well... I talked to someone else with
the same problem, even reinstalled kubuntu... changed to ubuntu, (gnome-
printer-manager) and problem solved
[06:34] <Tomcat_> tna: If you want to create the partitions before you
install, make sure to have at least two - one for the root fs and one
(big enough!) for temp.
[06:34] <Cooner750> xmms is not responding. anyway to kill it?
[06:34] <crimsun> pkill xmms
[06:34] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, I know it doesnt make sense, but well...
yeah... there we have it
[06:34] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: why did you update kde to 3.4.1 from
3.4.0? I havent ran into any problems at all on 3.4.0
[06:34] <knowledge_> crimsun, my on board sound was working, then I used <--to try to make
my Plantronics USB work...and now my on board isn't working...and in
order for my USB dev to work, it has to be plugged in before I boot
[06:34] <Brunellus> Computer__Guru: so minimally, I'd want the Xwindows
core stuff, a wm, and a few apps.
[06:34] <Cooner750> crimsun: thanks!
[06:35] <Brunellus> in addition to the ubuntu base system.
[06:35] <crimsun> knowledge_, cat /proc/asound/modules
[06:35] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, kopete was crashing, someone recommended
3.4.1 and it solved the problem
[06:35] <tna> Tomcat_ so when i boot up ubuntu for the first time it can
make partitions for me?
[06:35] <Cooner750> I noticed today on another distro "CTRL+ESC" brought
up a process window.
[06:35] <Computer__Guru> Brunellus: if you install, say, xfce4 and you
dont already have X, it will install it for you, or really should
[06:35] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, if that IS the problem, how can i
[06:35] <alvariux> anynone hve installed imap-ssl?
[06:35] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: solved one problem to start another
[06:35] <Tomcat_> tna: When you install, it will show you a partition
manager like Partition Magic (just not as good)
[06:35] <Brunellus> h'm.
[06:35] <knowledge_> 0 snd_usb_audio 1 snd_intel8x0
[06:35] <tomchuk> Computer__Guru, nope, it''l install the necessary
xlibs but not the xserver, you need to install x-window-system-core
[06:35] <knowledge_> crimsun,
[06:35] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, exactl :(
[06:36] <Tomcat_> tna: I usually tell it to use all the free space the
way it likes to, and I've always been happy. :o
[06:36] <Brunellus> but basically: xserver, wm, apps. right?
[06:36] <Cooner750> I think Ubuntu is now my favorite Distro
[06:36] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: there's no way it can be the problem
(that makes any kind of sense).. i can buy that maybe the kcontrol app
might have changed, but kde did not change one thing about your printing
subsystem.. or at least it would have no right to
[06:37] <knowledge_> crimsun, ok, sorry...the usb works when plugged in
and out...but how do I get my on board to work when the usb is unplugged?
[06:37] <Computer__Guru> tomchuk: don't you find that kind of odd from a
package management system?
[06:37] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, well... like you I am running out of
ideas, and I need my printer asap for school... so im running out of
=== dbernar1_ [] has joined
[06:37] <Hikaru79> What umask would I use to only allow read access to a
file for ANYONE?
[06:37] <Hikaru79> Or, just for owner
[06:37] <tomchuk> Computer__Guru, not if I wanted to run X remotely, and
didn't need a local xderver
[06:38] <tomchuk> *server
[06:38] <epiloc> Ubuntu and gnome might be better for me anyways :/
[06:38] <ricosuave17> can anyone help em get the newest alsa drivers?
[06:38] <crimsun> knowledge_, do you mean that the usb subsystem _only_
works if you have the device plugged in during boot?
=== omaru [~omaru@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[06:38] <crimsun> ricosuave17, sure, but do you require them absolutely?
[06:38] <deFrysk> ricosuave17, why do you need them ?
[06:38] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: try (i hate to suggest this, but *I*
know of no real way to do what you need to do, sooo) reinstalling ubuntu
=== wwww [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:38] <crimsun> ricosuave17, often you don't - alsa-source in
hoary/universe will suffice
[06:38] <ricosuave17> i need them for a sound experiment
[06:38] <tna> Tomcat_ i have a 115gig hd, and i have 75gig free space. Im
wondering how much i should allocate to ubunt, with leaving some spacae
for xp
[06:38] <knowledge_> crimsun, no no, I just tried it and it works
correctly...but when I unplug my usb I would like it to go back to the
default soundcard, and it's not doing that
[06:38] <ricosuave17> what do i do with source?
[06:39] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, I am on kubuntu, but yes that was my plan
(to switch to ubuntu)
[06:39] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, I am going to miss pretty KDE
[06:39] <crimsun> !tell ricosuave17 about alsa-source
[06:39] <deFrysk> kde = ugly
[06:39] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: try again.. and try gaim instead of
kopete :D
[06:39] <Computer__Guru> kde is pretty. and a hell of a lot more feature
rich than gnome
[06:39] <ricosuave17> ok but what do i do with the soruce
[06:39] <Tomcat_> tna: Whatever you want to... I'd allocate at least 10
GB for Ubuntu though...
[06:39] <ricosuave17> how do i compile it
[06:40] <crimsun> ricosuave17, instructions were sent to you.
=== epiloc sighs
=== fd [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:40] <Computer__Guru> gnome = for people with older machines and less
resources to spare :-D
[06:40] <Tomcat_> tna: I got 1x115, 1x20 and 1x85 for Ubuntu... :o
=== Computer__Guru ducks
[06:40] <crimsun> knowledge_, cat /proc/asound/modules
[06:40] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, what are you running?
[06:40] <tna> down the line can i steal more space from xp?
[06:40] <ricosuave17> crimsun, there all stuck together
[06:40] <knowledge_> epiloc, believe me, I (being an ex-mandrake user)
LOVED KDE....but honestly, I don't knwo what I was thinking once I
started using gnome
[06:40] <knowledge_> epiloc, personal opinoin
=== blaylock [] has joined
[06:40] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: i'm running 3.4.0 w/gaim
[06:40] <Tomcat_> tna: Yes, you can always redistribute with Partition
Magic or ntfsresize.
=== holycow [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:40] <crimsun> ricosuave17, yes, copy and paste everything beginning
with the first sudo into a terminal
[06:41] <knowledge_> crimsun, 0 snd_usb_audio
[06:41] <knowledge_> 1 snd_intel8x0
[06:41] <Computer__Guru> kde has been m y wm of choice for a really long
=== dbernar11 [] has joined
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:41] <crimsun> knowledge_, that output demonstrates that your usb
device is the default sound device
[06:41] <anildigital> Ubuntu graphics problem
[06:41] <ricosuave17> how do i copy and paste in a terminal?
[06:41] <anildigital> 640x480
[06:41] <tna> awsome, ty for your help man, im off to the install :")
[06:41] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, are you using Kubuntu or Ubuntu
[06:41] <knowledge_> ?
[06:41] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, maybe I could try reinstalling kubuntu
[06:41] <anildigital> only
[06:41] <anildigital> why
[06:41] <crimsun> ricosuave17, highlight with your primary mouse button
and paste with the middle
[06:41] <dbernar11> ricosuave17: ctrl+shift+c ctrl+shift+v or right
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[06:41] <anildigital> Please anyone help me
[06:41] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, on ubuntu?
[06:42] <anildigital> pleeeeeeese help me
[06:42] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: I'm on Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary with the
kubuntu-desktop package (and just about everything else made for kde :D)
[06:42] <dbernar11> anildigital: DENIED...
[06:42] <Computer__Guru> anildigital: just state your problem, and we'll
[06:42] <anildigital> I wanna se my resolution to 800x600
[06:42] <knowledge_> crimsun, right...because it's plugged in now, but
how do I get my onboard sound to work when I unplug the headset?
[06:42] <Computer__Guru> anildigital: what is it at now?
[06:42] <dbernar11> anildigital: read the ubotu link
[06:42] <dbernar11> !resolution
[06:42] <ubotu> I guess resolution is at
[06:42] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, any how-to on that?
[06:42] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: how-to on what?
[06:42] <anildigital> hey,Every time I reboot My resolution get set to
[06:43] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, KDE
[06:43] <knowledge_> on Ubuntu
=== frank [] has joined
=== DonL [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:43] <crimsun> knowledge_, ah that's a bit more difficult
[06:43] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-
=== overlade [~overlade@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:43] <dbernar11> anildigital: also, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg will
probably allow you to do that.
[06:43] <dbernar11> if you can read screen instructions, that helps.
[06:43] <anildigital> i done that, but in vain
[06:43] <dbernar11> sudo dpkg-reconfigure.
[06:43] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, and once it restarts I'll have the
option of either/or?
[06:43] <crimsun> knowledge_, you'd need to kill any apps using any sound
devices, then unload snd-intel8x0, then reload snd-intel8x0
[06:43] <anildigital> done also
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:43] <knowledge_> crimsun, lemme guess, all command line?
[06:44] <crimsun> knowledge_, it's probably most easily scripted, yes
[06:44] <dbernar11> cl rocks.
[06:44] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: then when its done, open synaptic
and find KDE (the one that doesnt have universe), then install whatever
you want that kubuntu-desktop didnt
[06:44] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: yeah, click session type on your
login manager
[06:44] <Computer__Guru> and choose gnome or kde
[06:44] <anildigital> hey, even if I set it to 800x600, login screen goes
to 1024x728, after logout
[06:44] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, that was the best one liner how-to
that I've came across...loll
[06:45] <deFrysk> anildigital, screensize in prefs
[06:45] <dbernar11> anildigital: how about when you login again?
[06:45] <knowledge_> crimsun, so how would I go about doing that?
=== Kevin [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:45] <Computer__Guru> crimsun: i'm running an onboard intel 810 sound
device, and i never had to do allt hat
[06:45] <epiloc> ok, time to format
[06:45] <epiloc> thanks for the help guys
[06:45] <Computer__Guru> it just worked
[06:45] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, I also have a usb headset I'm trying
to use
[06:45] <dbernar11> Computer__Guru: did you have another sound card
plugged in with USB?
[06:45] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: cheers
[06:45] <anildigital> after restart it sets to 640x480
[06:45] <Computer__Guru> knowledge_: oh
[06:45] <epiloc> hopefully see you soon
[06:45] <deFrysk> anildigital, screensize in prefs
[06:45] <crimsun> heh
[06:46] <Computer__Guru> dbernar1: missed that part, eh
[06:46] <anildigital> and after logout it sets to 1024x728
[06:46] <Computer__Guru> my bad
[06:46] <dbernar11> eh?
[06:46] <Cooner750> anybody know of a good side for desktop backgrounds?
(I like how in KDE it has the 'Get New Wallpapers' button)
[06:46] <mebaran151> Kubuntu looks like it is in a bad state of affiars
[06:46] <anildigital> what is prefs
[06:46] <crimsun> mebaran151, why?
[06:46] <mebaran151> looks like you cant install KDE at all!
[06:46] <deFrysk> system -> prefs -> sreen
[06:46] <crimsun> there are a lot of things waiting on xbase-clients
[06:46] <nalioth> Cooner750:
[06:46] <mebaran151> looking at the report for uninstallable packages
[06:46] <crimsun> that should be resolved shortly
[06:46] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: wtf are you talking about?
=== stian_ [~stian@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:46] <mebaran151> is their a Hoary version of Kubuntu
[06:46] <deFrysk> *screen
[06:46] <anildigital> how to login as a root from login screen in Ubuntu
[06:46] <crimsun> mebaran151, of course. kubuntu-desktop
=== goodtod [] has left #ubuntu
[06:47] <mebaran151> oh
[06:47] <knowledge_> there's absolutely no easy fix for my little issue?
[06:47] <Cooner750> nalioth: thanks
[06:47] <mebaran151> it works that simply, nothing broken
[06:47] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: yes. sudo apt-get install kubuntu-
[06:47] <dbernar11> anildigital: why again?
[06:47] <anildigital> how to login as a root from login screen in Ubuntu
[06:47] <tomchuk> anildigital, short answer: don't
[06:47] <stian_> anildigital... i was just about to ask te same question
[06:47] <stian_> how to make a root password?
[06:47] <tomchuk> !root
[06:47] <ubotu> I heard root is
[06:47] <anildigital> please help,how to login as a root from login
screen in Ubunt
[06:47] <nomis_> anildigital, you must give root a passwd. sudo su root
[06:47] <crimsun> !tell anildigital about root
[06:47] <deFrysk> anildigital, or in your console gnome-display-
=== linuxpoet [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:48] <nomis_> anildigital, i meant sudo passwd root
[06:48] <Computer__Guru> stian_: but basically, you just "sudo
passwd" and choose a password
[06:48] <linuxpoet> what application can I use to burn ISOs?
[06:48] <mebaran151> anildigital,
[06:48] <mebaran151> you dont technically have root
[06:48] <mebaran151> you have sudo which is more secure
[06:48] <crimsun> linuxpoet, cdrecord, gnomebaker, k3b, cdrdao, xcdroast,
[06:48] <Computer__Guru> sudo is more secure than root?
[06:48] <mebaran151> it just wraps your commands as though they came from
=== Computer__Guru scratches his head
[06:48] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, yeah
[06:48] <deFrysk> linuxpoet, k3b rightklick is in nautilus gnomebaker
[06:48] <mebaran151> if you set it up right
[06:48] <linuxpoet> thanks
[06:48] <DonL> I've learned to like sudo a lot
[06:48] <Computer__Guru> nah,t hat's wrong.. how can a setuid app be more
secure than root?
[06:49] <ricosuave17> ok thanks dudes i now have mutiples sounds
[06:49] <mebaran151> I can grant certain users different root like
[06:49] <Computer__Guru> ridiculous
[06:49] <nomis_> mebaran151, maybe he needs it. for example .. you can
boot from grub with full root prevs. i dont thinks thats secure
[06:49] <knowledge_> Computer__Guru, What do you think I shouuld do about
my little sound problem
[06:49] <knowledge_> ?
[06:49] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, then su is equally ridiculous
[06:49] <tomchuk> Computer__Guru, root or sudo aren't insecure, but only
executing commands as root through sudo is /safer/
[06:49] <Computer__Guru> there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a
root account, there's also nothing any more 'insecure' than using sudo.
[06:50] <crimsun> knowledge_, I gave you a suggestion
[06:50] <Computer__Guru> tomchuk: ill concede that
[06:50] <knowledge_> oh....woah
[06:50] <Computer__Guru> but I have a root account, and wouldn't have it
any other way
[06:50] <Computer__Guru> :)
[06:50] <DonL> oh well, night from here.
=== DonL [] has left #ubuntu
[06:50] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, I've sen it both ways
[06:50] <knowledge_> crimsun, kill any apps using any sound devices, then
unload snd-intel8x0, then reload snd-intel8x0?
[06:50] <mebaran151> sudo is more convieninet
[06:50] <nomis_> i just meant that you should give a passwd to root.
otherwise its not very secure
[06:50] <crimsun> knowledge_, yep
[06:50] <tomchuk> Computer__Guru, I have a root account too, but I use
sudo more often
[06:51] <mebaran151> nomis_, if you give a password root, you have a root
account right?
[06:51] <nomis_> yes. i thinks thats the best way Tomcat_
[06:51] <knowledge_> crimsun, oh...I read that, but I'm terrible at the
command line...and have NO clue as to what I should do
=== deFrysk has no use for a root account
[06:51] <nomis_> ah
[06:51] <zerboxx> what is the command to find a specific file?
[06:51] <nomis_> tomchuk,
[06:51] <dbernar11> crimsun: you cant burn isos with linuxpoet ...^
[06:51] <ricosuave17> for the first time ever im happy with linux
=== JDahl [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:51] <stian_> Thanks Computer__Guru
[06:51] <crimsun> dbernar1, come again?
[06:51] <nomis_> mebaran151, yes
[06:51] <Computer__Guru> the only true advantage to not having root would
be if it were possible to make /etc/sudoers unreadable by the rest of the
system. then you could create a couple of dummy accounts, and the hacker
wouldnt be sure which acct he had to hack
[06:51] <nomis_> mebaran151, without passwd the root accout is disabled
[06:51] <mebaran151> yeah
[06:51] <dbernar11> 23:48 < crimsun> linuxpoet, cdrecord, gnomebaker,
k3b, cdrdao, xcdroast, ...
[06:51] <mebaran151> I thought as much
[06:52] <dbernar11> so...
[06:52] <Computer__Guru> but you can't set /etc/sudoers a-r
[06:52] <dbernar11> :)
[06:52] <Computer__Guru> i dont believe
[06:52] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, can't you give different users
different levels of rootness?
[06:52] <crimsun> dbernar1, that's the default X-Chat nick-completion
delimiter :)
[06:52] <mebaran151> and control what accounts can sudo
[06:52] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: not different levels, but youc an
define groups of apps, and set each user to a group or maybe just a
selection of apps he can use
[06:52] <mebaran151> yeah
[06:52] <mebaran151> so isnt that more secure
[06:53] <Computer__Guru> well, not really
[06:53] <mebaran151> than giving every user all the rights to rm / -rf
[06:53] <knowledge_> crimsun, that's why I was asking you if there's an
easy way
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
[06:53] <crimsun> knowledge_, that's the easiest way I know of
[06:53] <bob2> Computer__Guru: /etc/sudoers isn't readable by non-root
users anyway
[06:53] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: nobody has the right or ability to
rm -rf / on this box except root
[06:53] <dbernar11> crimsun: I know, it was just a joke, to be funny.
[06:53] <knowledge_> crimsun, what would the commands be?
[06:53] <crimsun> dbernar11, I know :)
[06:53] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, but not everyone can become root
under a sudo setup
=== bwlang [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:53] <Computer__Guru> bob2: i stand corrected
[06:54] <crimsun> knowledge_, look at lsof/fuser and modprobe
[06:54] <crimsun> bbiab
[06:54] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: under a non sudo setup only people
int he group wheel can become root
[06:54] <eyequeue> where do i report a bug in a motu package? (lack of
[06:54] <mebaran151> I guess both ways work
[06:54] <Computer__Guru> and only root can assign people to groups :)
[06:54] <bob2> eyequeue:
[06:54] <ricosuave17> i have launchpad
[06:54] <eyequeue> bob2: thanks
[06:54] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, there goes my case for sudo ....
[06:54] <Cooner750> now sudo apt-get install is working great for me
[06:54] <Computer__Guru> mebaran151: if you try to su - and you're not
in wheel, you get a message
[06:54] <mebaran151> poor sudo :(
[06:55] <mebaran151> yep, I've done it
[06:55] <mebaran151> silly that I forgot about the wheel
[06:55] <bob2> Computer__Guru: not on gnu/linux
[06:55] <mebaran151> you have to part of the wheel group
[06:55] <bob2> RMS wrote a rant about su and the wheel group
[06:55] <knowledge_> !modprobe
[06:55] <ubotu> I haven't a clue, knowledge_
[06:55] <mebaran151> or else access is denied
[06:55] <Computer__Guru> bob2: on every system i ever used.. it was
either the group wheel or admin or admins
=== darkmatter [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[06:55] <bob2> Computer__Guru: not on any gnu-based linux system I've
ever seen
[06:55] <zerboxx> Can anyone give me a hand, I'm trying to set up Cedega
CVS and I seem to have hit a dead end
=== tna [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:56] <Computer__Guru> hrmm, maybe i just took it for granted
[06:56] <bob2> Computer__Guru: "info su", scroll to the bottom
[06:56] <bob2> zerboxx: #cedega would be the place to ask
[06:56] <mebaran151> bob2, they key here is gnu isnt it?
[06:56] <yawa|QR> morning :)
[06:56] <zerboxx> bob2: Oh, ok thanks
=== yawa|QR is now known as RQ
=== liable []
has joined #ubuntu
[06:56] <Computer__Guru> yaknow i dont think ive ever even tried from
linux on a non-wheel account
[06:56] <bob2> mebaran151: yes, as I said. bsd-systems presumably have
the old wheel behaviour
[06:56] <ricosuave17> ey does know here know about the mac os theme for
[06:56] <tna> Tomcat_ i got my first problem
[06:56] <Computer__Guru> yeah freebsd uses wheel
[06:56] <regeya_> what's rms's problem with wheel
[06:56] <bob2> Computer__Guru: ubuntu and debian don't even have a wheel
[06:56] <bob2> regeya_: info su, scroll to the bottom
[06:56] <JDahl> is the US mirror stressed, or is something wrong with my
ISP? I keep getting timeouts...
[06:56] <Computer__Guru> wheel is a GOOD thing, it lets root control who
can use su
[06:57] <Computer__Guru> bob2: is there a way to get and compile the bsd
style su?
[06:57] <bob2> Computer__Guru: no, it's stupid; if you have the root
password, you've already won.
[06:57] <regeya_> SU(1)                      BSD General Commands Manual
[06:57] <mebaran151> bob2 so that makes sudo more secure
[06:57] <bob2> Computer__Guru: ssh to the root account, login to a
terminal, etc
[06:57] <regeya_> oh whoops
=== Dman [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:57] <regeya_> :-}
[06:57] <bob2> mebaran151: no it doesn't
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:57] <Computer__Guru> not if your user isnt in wheel or /etc/sudoers,
and root login is denied
=== linuxpoet [] has left #ubuntu []
[06:58] <regeya_> let me try 'info su' in a term where I'm NOT ssh'ed
into an os x box :-}
[06:58] <RQ> bob2, root account might be disabled on ssh ;)
[06:58] <bob2> Computer__Guru: ssh on ubuntu allows root to login by
[06:58] <bob2> RQ: perhaps
[06:58] <Computer__Guru> so i might as well just enable root in ssh then
[06:58] <RQ> ant terminal is not always accessible enough for anyone
[06:58] <bob2> RQ: sure, there's lots of things you can change
[06:58] <mebaran151> bob2, then why did Ubuntu choose to disable the root
account and use sudo?
[06:58] <Computer__Guru> bob2: yeah i saw that (and turned it off
[06:58] <bob2> mebaran151: it saves two install questions
[06:58] <Cooner750> how would I go about mounting my internal NTFS drive?
(Ubuntu did not automount)
[06:59] <Cooner750> it only automounted my external FAT32 USB
[06:59] <mebaran151> bob2, that sounds like something my employer would
use to back up the decision :)
[06:59] <Computer__Guru> which is a ridiculous reason to do such a thing
[06:59] <regeya_> bob2: I get a manpage for su, and the manpage is
written by someone not RMS.
[06:59] <bob2> Computer__Guru: it won't automount ide drives
[06:59] <RQ> Cooner750, you simply edit fstab
[06:59] <RQ> ;)
[06:59] <bob2> Cooner750: ^
[06:59] <regeya_> unless RMS has changed his name to Julian and works for
[06:59] <bob2> Cooner750:
[06:59] <RQ> yeah, it's weird the installer doesn't ask anything about
[06:59] <Cooner750> thanks
=== aatim [~aatim@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:59] <bob2> regeya_: yes, as I said, read the info page, not the man
[06:59] <RQ> i didn't like that
[06:59] <knowledge_> I'm going to try to restart
=== Worm [~marc@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aatim is now known as aatim[afk]
[07:00] <Computer__Guru> i like that it gives you the option of erasing
or overwriting the data on your partition when you install
=== digitalfox [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:00] <Worm> Hi i need help
[07:00] <bob2> mebaran151: it means people only need to remember one
password, and makes it slightly harder for people to brute-force root on
your machine
[07:00] <RQ> welll
[07:00] <bob2> mebaran151: and it encourages people to not ever login as
root, which is a good thing by itself
[07:00] <tna> i booted up ubuntu and it took me to a command line wasnt
sure what to run so i ran the only executable and it took me to a german
[07:00] <mebaran151> that is a good thing
[07:00] <Computer__Guru> bob2: my user acct and root acct always have
the same password *shrug*
[07:00] <RQ> if they brute-force you, they have root automatically
[07:00] <RQ> ;]
[07:00] <mebaran151> I cant info su thouhg; it brings up the man page ...
[07:00] <mebaran151> that is odd
[07:00] <Tomcat_> Computer__Guru: Bad way :)
[07:00] <bob2> Computer__Guru: why do you even have a root account at all
[07:01] <Worm> I just installed a game (t4c) with wine but how can i use
it ?
[07:01] <dbernar11> nalioth: you there?
[07:01] <bob2> mebaran151: I don't know how you could manage to not have
it on ubuntu, it's in the coreutils package
[07:01] <RQ> Worm, you run its executable with wine
[07:01] <MrGardenHoseMan> are .wmv files only viewable in windows?
[07:01] <Tomcat_> MrGardenHoseMan: Nope. You need w32codecs to view them.
[07:01] <Worm> RQ: where can i find it ? it in windows/ ...
[07:01] <bob2> MrGardenHoseMan:
[07:02] <bob2> MrGardenHoseMan: it should be linked from the FAQ
[07:02] <dbernar11> bob2: I dont think it shows it any more.
[07:02] <RQ> Worm, eh?
[07:02] <Computer__Guru> bob2: cause you hardly ever need to be root. i
neither want or need superuser access on my user acct
[07:02] <MrGardenHoseMan> awesome thanks
[07:02] <Computer__Guru> THAT is a bad idea
[07:02] <Computer__Guru> heh
[07:02] <mebaran151> bob2, I have info ... it just loads the manpage
[07:02] <bob2> dbernar11: eh?
[07:02] <mebaran151> or something REALLY similar
[07:02] <dbernar11> bob2: the restrictedformats wiki does not have a wmv
entry any more.
[07:02] <bob2> Computer__Guru: "if you're going to set the same password
for both, why bother having root and a normal account?"
[07:02] <bob2> mebaran151: ok, that's weird
[07:02] <tomchuk> mebaran151, info and man look similar
[07:03] <bob2> dbernar11: oh
[07:03] <bob2> Burgundavia: what's up with that?
[07:03] <tomchuk> mebaran151, it should say "Welcome to Info version..."
at the bootom
[07:03] <mebaran151> tomchuk, even down to sentence structure ...
[07:03] <pax> bob2, lawyers
=== Aegir [~richard@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:03] <Computer__Guru> Yeah I saw that and I answered you. Because I
don't need superuser permissions all the time. I su to root when I need
them, then I exit back out of the root shell
[07:03] <bob2> pax: actual lawyers got involved?
=== pablo928 [] has joined
=== La_PaRCa [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:03] <bob2> Computer__Guru: so how is that any better than using sudo?
[07:03] <mebaran151> it says Info: (*manpages*)su
[07:04] <pax> bob2, no but prevention is always a good thing
[07:04] <bob2> mebaran151: oh well, you can look it up on the web, too
=== sn0wman [] has joined
[07:04] <mebaran151> tomchuck info coreutils works though
[07:04] <sn0wman> hi all
[07:04] <Computer__Guru> because when you su to root, you become root. i
dunno dude, it's my preference.. even the page says both have pretty much
equal advantages and disadvantages, so i suppose 'one less question' is a
pretty good reason to disable root, after all
[07:04] <pablo928> Hi, everybody. I just installed awstats and can't
figure out how to make it run. Can anyone help?
[07:05] <desrt> what's the condition for getting ubuntu to package a
kernel module?
[07:05] <Burgundavia> bob2, say again?
[07:05] <sn0wman> can anyone tell me what package will install mkfontdir
[07:05] <bob2> pablo928: you read the documentation?
[07:05] <bob2> desrt: is it Free?
[07:05] <desrt> bob; yes.
[07:05] <zerboxx> bob2: More than 80 people on at #cedega, not one word
being spoken, and not one offer for help :( I'll keep googling, but
thanks for pointing me to where they should help me :)
[07:05] <Computer__Guru> doesnt awstats run through cron?
[07:05] <RQ> sn0wman, breezy, eh? :)
=== Computer__Guru tries to remember
[07:05] <sn0wman> heh, yeah
[07:06] <bob2> Burgundavia: apparently references to w32codecs are gone
from RestrictedFormats
[07:06] <bob2> zerboxx: ah
[07:06] <RQ> sn0wman, none atm, i'm afraid :)
[07:06] <Burgundavia> bob2, legal reasons. We are awaiting a final
verdict from canonical
[07:06] <RQ> well, maybe
[07:06] <La_PaRCa> Hey kids
[07:06] <bob2> desrt: I'd think a wishlist or enhancement bug on the
"linux" product in bugzilla is enough
[07:06] <Computer__Guru> sn0wman: isnt that a script that would be
included with a package?
=== Crismo [~marc@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:06] <desrt> hmm
[07:06] <pablo928> bob2-I went to it's homepage, didn't find much to help
[07:06] <Tomcat_> zerboxx: The Ubuntu forums have a good HowTo for Wine..
maybe also for Cedega?
[07:06] <sn0wman> Computer__Guru: yeah, i would think so, but i have no
idea which package that is
[07:06] <Crismo> there is someone to help me ?
[07:06] <Tomcat_> Crismo: Just state your question here.
[07:07] <bob2> mebaran151:
[07:07] <RQ> sn0wman, xutils
=== kamstrup [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <bob2> pablo928: no, /usr/share/doc/awstats/
[07:07] <Computer__Guru> sn0wman: i've seen quite a few with mkfontdir..
you know that every version of that script is bound to be specific to the
package it was distributed with
=== Maddy [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <Crismo> Tomcat_: i just installed game with wine but i dont know
on to lauch it
[07:07] <bob2> you only need mkfontdir for old apps that don't use
fontconfig yet
[07:07] <bob2> (fyi)
[07:07] <pablo928> I'll give it a try. Thanks
[07:07] <Computer__Guru> yeah what he sed
=== clayton [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <zerboxx> Tomcat_: Checking on that now, thanks
[07:08] <Crismo> Tomcat_: i dont know where is the .exe
[07:08] <RQ> it is where you installed it
[07:08] <sn0wman> RQ: thanks, i'll see if i can fix this problem with
[07:08] <Tomcat_> Crismo: Check ~/.wine ... there should be some
directory that represents your Windows C: drive.
[07:08] <RQ> sn0wman, gl ;)
[07:08] <Cooner750> bbs
[07:08] <RQ> sn0wman, Xorg is broken ATM ;)
[07:08] <Crismo> Tomcat_: how ?
[07:08] <deFrysk>    /j #wine
[07:09] <Tomcat_> Crismo: For example: I installed Picasa, it's in
~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Picasa2
=== Harold [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:09] <Crismo> Tomcat_: yeah but how to go on ~/.wine
[07:09] <Tomcat_> Crismo: How...? Either with ls in the Terminal, or with
[07:09] <Computer__Guru> my roommates girlfriend got her tongue stuck in
a babyfood jar
[07:09] <Crismo> Tomcat_: kk
[07:09] <sn0wman> RQ: heh, yeah i can tell
[07:09] <Computer__Guru> we'r taking pictures
[07:09] <Tomcat_> Crismo: The same way you normally check out
=== jcfreak [] has joined
[07:09] <Harold> Evening, everyone.
=== Hylas []
has joined #ubuntu
[07:10] <RQ> sn0wman, hopefully, that will be fixed this week.
[07:10] <Madpilot> evening all
[07:10] <RQ> morning
[07:10] <RQ> ;]
[07:10] <Harold> nalioth: When are they going to launch that shuttle
[07:10] <Tomcat_> Btw, does anyone know what's up with the
Firefox/Thunderbird security fixes the last days? Will they come to the
Ubuntu ff/tb some time?
[07:10] <Computer__Guru> my bad it was a baby bottle pop jar
[07:11] <Tomcat_> Or are they not applicable anyway?
[07:11] <Harold> Tomcat_: Can't we simply install the .deb Firefox?
=== tna [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:11] <sn0wman> RQ: so xorg isn't working for any breezy users?
[07:11] <Computer__Guru> she came upstairs like get it off get it off and
we both started looking for our cameras
[07:11] <RQ> it is for some
[07:11] <RQ> it's not for me :)
[07:11] <nalioth> Harold: my brother says they'll try tuesday
[07:11] <Tomcat_> Harold: I'd rather have an Ubuntu standard package for
that... I don't want to install a third-party Firefox...
[07:12] <sn0wman> wow, that's aweful
[07:12] <bob2> tna: they'll be fixed in the version in ubuntu, rather
than upgrading the version
[07:12] <RQ> even tho i tried so hard and got so far, in the end it
didn't even matter :D
[07:12] <Harold> nalioth: Hey, you are here! Thanks for getting me to
compile links 2 the other day.
[07:12] <nalioth> Harold: best to stay with ubuntu packages
[07:12] <sn0wman> i wish i had known that before upgrading
=== marc__ [~marc@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:12] <Harold> Tomcat_: Why not?
[07:12] <RQ> sn0wman, it's in the forums
[07:12] <sn0wman> oh well, time for a hoary boot disc
[07:12] <RQ> :)
=== ws006 [~ws006@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:12] <Tomcat_> bob2: Was that last directed to me? :o
[07:12] <RQ> sn0wman, anyways, there's not much of this week left
[07:12] <bob2> yes
[07:12] <marc__> Tomcat_: what i need to type on the terminal (it crismo
some wrong with my connection)
[07:12] <Tomcat_> Ah, many thanks. :)
[07:12] <ws006> #kediri
[07:13] <RQ> sn0wman, plus, you can try downgrading it
[07:13] <Tomcat_> Harold: There are lots of problems associated with
backported Firefox... o_O
[07:13] <pablo928> bob2: I read the doc for awstats and figured out this
is probably not the app that I need. Can you recommend a good analyzer
for web stats on a remote server? (commercial server)
[07:13] <tna> Tomcat_ is the ubuntu bootdisk supposed to take me to a
command line?
=== markm is now known as mark
[07:13] <ws006> hy
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|sleep
[07:13] <dbernar11> Anyhow, I just figured out how to set up internet
connection sharing, maybe Ill write a wiki page.
[07:13] <Tomcat_> marc__: ls ~/.wine
=== Crismo_ [~Crismo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Internat [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:13] <Spleen> please do!
[07:13] <Spleen> hehe
[07:13] <bob2> pablo928: I don't know what sort of information you want
=== Computer__Guru hits the bowl
[07:13] <Crismo_> Tomcat_: oops sry what i need to type on the terminal ?
[07:13] <Tomcat_> tna: No idea, sorry. :o
[07:13] <Computer__Guru> gods, i love being a pothead
[07:14] <Tomcat_> Crismo: ls ~/.wine
[07:14] <Spleen> knowing my luck my puter will blow up and I will forget
everything I did
=== mark is now known as markm
[07:14] <nalioth> Harold: have you gone and compiled the world since?
[07:14] <dbernar11> Spleen: ;)
=== sethk [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:14] <Harold> nalioth: nalioth So I was able to compile and install
links 2, following your instructions, though I wasn't able to get the
graphics to install. But that's alright, because I've today received my
256MB RAM card and I'm now using Mozilla again!
[07:14] <Computer__Guru> does anybody know how wellt he old dos version
of majorbbs runs under either dosbox, wine, or dosemu? what about the
socket support?
[07:14] <nalioth> Harold: great!
[07:14] <Crismo_> Tomcat_: its says marc@ubuntu:~$ ls ~/.wine
[07:14] <Crismo_> dosdevices drive_c system.reg userdef.reg user.reg
[07:14] <pablo928> Ibob2:Just a program that will analyze the access logs
from some sites that I have hosted on Yahoo servers.
[07:15] <Harold> nalioth: Well, yes I am compiling. I picked up a C++
book at the library and I'm learning how to program.
[07:15] <bob2> Harold: you know links2 is in ubuntu, right?
[07:15] <nalioth> Harold: wow
[07:15] <bob2> pablo928: then why wouldn't you use awstats? assuming
they give you useful logs.
=== darkmatter [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== stian_ [~stian@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:15] <Harold> nalioth: And of course, learning how to program entails
lots of compiling.
[07:15] <nalioth> bob2: i was showing Harold how to compile, using links2
[07:15] <timl> Harold: you're learning to program starting in c++? good
luck to you
[07:15] <Harold> bob2: Isn't it www-browser?
[07:15] <timl> Harold: it's possibly the worst choice for a first
language to learn
=== Crismo_ [~Crismo@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:15] <Tomcat_> Crismo: Okay now you can go through the directories
with "ls ~/.wine/drive_c" and so on and try to find the executable of the
game you installed. In the end, start "wine
[07:15] <bob2> Harold: no, that's something else
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[07:16] <Harold> timl: What would you choose to learn with?
=== sss_lr [~sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:16] <Tomcat_> Crismo: I have to go though so if it doesn't work out,
I hope somebody else here can help you.
=== overlade [~overlade@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:16] <timl> Harold: I would suggest python if you are trying to teach
[07:16] <pablo928> bob2:read the doc for awstats it seem that this is an
app for installation on the server.
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:16] <Crismo_> Tomecat_: thx i'll try taht
[07:16] <Harold> timl: Why, persay?
[07:16] <Computer__Guru> timl: rubbish. people who learn c++ first have
no bad habits to un-learn :D
[07:16] <timl> Harold: the learning curve is much shallower so you can
spend more time learning programming concepts and less time stressing
over sytax details
[07:16] <bob2> pablo928: it doesn't care where it is, as long as it has
access to the log files
[07:16] <timl> Computer__Guru: people who learn c++ first are all bad
[07:17] <Computer__Guru> lol
=== darkmatter [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:17] <bob2> C++ is a terrible first language
[07:17] <Computer__Guru> no, they're just masochistic
[07:17] <timl> or misguided
=== Balfa [] has joined
=== Sir-Tez [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== bcarroll [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:17] <Harold> bob2: What would you learn first, bob?
[07:17] <Computer__Guru> i dunno, wasnt my first language
[07:17] <dbernar11> c++ rules! flame wars!
[07:17] <dbernar11> haha, sorry.
=== Spleen [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:17] <Computer__Guru> Harold: pascal
[07:17] <timl> dbernar11: yes, but now as a first language :)
[07:17] <Harold> Computer__Guru: You're kidding.
[07:17] <Computer__Guru> pascal is nice :D
[07:17] <timl> *not
[07:18] <bob2> Harold: python's a nice first language. so's scheme and
haskell, but they're a bit more obscure.
[07:18] <pablo928> bob2:but how do I start the program? I tried awstats
on the command line and it said "cmd not found" ?
[07:18] <Computer__Guru> it's a good language to learn with
[07:18] <Balfa> hi all
[07:18] <bob2> Harold: eiffel's ok
[07:18] <dbernar11> hey, Balfa .
[07:18] <bcarroll> my first was scheme
[07:18] <bob2> pablo928: so, find out what it's really called. dpkg -L
awstats | grep bin
[07:18] <timl> yeah, haskell is good in a sense, but it's not
particularly pragmatic
[07:18] <bcarroll> too many ()
[07:18] <bob2> bcarroll: at scool?
[07:18] <bob2> er, "school"
[07:18] <Computer__Guru> my first was Apple Basic on an Apple ] [e
[07:18] <Burgundavia> jasoncohen, can you join #ubuntu-doc please?
[07:18] <bcarroll> yeah
[07:18] <Spleen> Oh, forgot to ask before, does anyone have a script for
system root emails, like the one FreeBSD send to root every morning
reporting disk usage and other useless crud?
[07:18] <timl> aaanyway, to each their own
=== reticent [bunzope@] has joined #ubuntu
=== timl goes back to his c++ coding
=== pax 's first language is body language
[07:18] <Harold> timl: I asked in here the other day, and most everyone
swayed me away from C and towards C++...
[07:19] <timl> did you mention it was your first language?
[07:19] <Spleen> Mandrake also sent a daily email to root with stuff like
world writable file information and stuff
[07:19] <Harold> timl: Yes, I believe so...
[07:19] <mebaran151> timl, try ruby
[07:19] <timl> I would learn C++ over C, but neither of them as the first
[07:19] <mebaran151> oh
[07:19] <pablo928> bob2: came back /usr/lib/cgi-bin
[07:19] <pablo928> /usr/lib/cgi-bin/
[07:19] <timl> mebaran151: no thank you
[07:19] <bob2> pablo928: right
[07:19] <Computer__Guru> then apple 64k assembler, then quickbasic for
dos, then turbo pascal 2.0, then ansi c, and i suppose i know enough c++
to get by, but i don't code much
[07:19] <Harold> timl: What was your first computer language?
[07:19] <timl> Harold: qbasic, or some variant thereof
[07:19] <mebaran151> heheh, timl it is a nice language
[07:19] <Computer__Guru> is python fun?
[07:20] <timl> Computer__Guru: yes
[07:20] <bob2> pablo928: so, you have that there. now just configure it
to look at whatever dir youre going to copy the log files to
[07:20] <bob2> Computer__Guru: yes
[07:20] <aspro> java at school, then I moved onto the holy grail that is
python :P
[07:20] <mebaran151> you all a bunch of ruby haters ....
[07:20] <timl> mebaran151: I know this, but I don't need it
=== Computer__Guru ponders coding some ridiculous little app
[07:20] <bob2> as someone once said, it's like "executable psuedo code"
=== Shicaca [~benglund@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:20] <pablo928> bob2: So how do I start the progrqam? Does it have a
[07:20] <Harold> bob2: Wouldn't a scripting language like PHP be the
easiest of all to learn first?
[07:20] <timl> Harold: PHP will rot your brain
[07:20] <mebaran151> Harold, python and ruby are scripting languages
[07:20] <Computer__Guru> then maybe i could figure out what int he name
of the gods is wrong with gyach-enhanced
[07:20] <mebaran151> that have the power and control of real languages
[07:21] <mebaran151> php is kind of hackish
[07:21] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, python and ruby are a bit more than
scripting languages
[07:21] <Computer__Guru> since nobody will answer me ont he phrozensmoke
[07:21] <Harold> mebaran151: Python is newer than
[07:21] <bob2> pablo928: no, it doesn't havea gui. I assume it has a
config file in /etc/, though.
[07:21] <Harold> timl: Python is new, right?
[07:21] <timl> no, it's been around since 91
[07:21] <bob2> Harold: php's a terrible language to learn first
[07:21] <bob2> Harold: it's been around for over a decade
[07:21] <Computer__Guru> perl is a good language to learn on, too
[07:21] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, they are technically scripting
languages ....
[07:21] <Computer__Guru> very straightforward, and has a good sense of
[07:21] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, I would learn it second and start
with python or ruby
[07:21] <Harold> bob2: Is Python a middle-level or a high-level language?
[07:21] <pablo928> bob2-thanks, let me look
[07:21] <regeya_> php is kinda hackis, yes.
[07:21] <mebaran151> Perl is a little hard
=== Crismo__ [~Crismo@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:22] <bob2> Harold: very high
[07:22] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, you cannot write a gui app in a
scripting language. JS is a scripting language
[07:22] <regeya_> hackish, yes.
[07:22] <mebaran151> Harold, I think it a high
[07:22] <regeya_> where does that put perl?
[07:22] <Shicaca> Question: I have a laptop (Gateway Solo 1450 if you're
interested) that has ACPI fans. I found a "script" that can turn the fans
on and off. It gives me the code but what do I write the code in? Is
there a program? I'm so freaking green with Linux it's not even funny,
but before I can install it on my laptop for real (I was using Live) I
have to get the fans to turn off/on.
[07:22] <Harold> I understand C++ is middle-level...
[07:22] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, you cant use ruby or python to write
[07:22] <mebaran151> what about PyGTK
[07:22] <Burgundavia> mebaran151, and gnome-art is written in ruby
[07:22] <regeya_> Wow, Burgundavia is trolling for flames, I think
[07:22] <bcarroll> pythons got pyGTK you can put a gui together with it,
[07:22] <Computer__Guru> perl used to be a scripting language
(interpreted), but now has the ability to compile it's objects and
modules :D
[07:22] <bob2> Burgundavia: er, that's a very odd defintiion of a
scripting language
[07:22] <Harold> ...I'm not opposed to learning middle-level, so that
I'll know more about what's going on "behind the scenes".
[07:22] <Burgundavia> regeya, not really
[07:22] <regeya_> meh.
[07:23] <Computer__Guru> it still writes pretty much the same though
[07:23] <mebaran151> Burgundavia, actually why I tried it first
=== FrogofTime [] has left
#ubuntu []
[07:23] <Druke> python or Ruby is high
[07:23] <Shicaca> *pokes a op*
[07:23] <sproingie> i think "scripting language" is more a matter of how
you use it
[07:23] <timl> Harold: learn c++ once you've learnt python and/or ruby
[07:23] <Computer__Guru> yeah
[07:23] <dbernar11> !ops
[07:23] <ubotu> Help! seb128, bob2, fabbione, lamont, thom, Keybuk,
fooishbar, jdub, mdz, Amaranth, tritium, ajmich, crimsun, ogra, CarlK,
Seveas, Burgundavia!
[07:23] <sproingie> i've seen solid programs written in korn shell
[07:23] <bob2> dbernar11: ?
[07:23] <Computer__Guru> bash can be a scripting language
[07:23] <dbernar11> just for Shicaca
[07:23] <Druke> bash is useful too
[07:23] <dbernar11> so he knows...:)
[07:23] <nalioth> dbernar11: please dont do that
[07:24] <dbernar11> why?
[07:24] <sproingie> shell has flow control constructs no scripting
language has
[07:24] <Shicaca> haha
[07:24] <mebaran151> Bash is very useful
[07:24] <bob2> please don't overuse that
[07:24] <dbernar11> ok, sure
=== frank [] has joined
=== aarcane [] has joined
[07:24] <bob2> Shicaca: just copy the file somewhere
[07:24] <Harold> Python applications run on any systems, correct?
[07:24] <Druke> les of course you use a diff shell
=== Crismo111 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:24] <nalioth> dbernar11: because you just made every op in here atm
look at their screen
[07:24] <bob2> Harold: that has python installed, yes
[07:24] <mebaran151> Harold, where the libs are
[07:24] <mebaran151> yeah
[07:24] <Druke> Harold, aye most
[07:24] <Computer__Guru> any system with python runtimes installed
=== Kevin [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:24] <dbernar11> nalioth: ah:) nice.
[07:24] <Crismo111> Tomcat_ are you alway ther ?
[07:24] <bob2> Harold: python runs on macos, most unixes, windows...
[07:24] <mebaran151> Harold, but if you get into PyGTK
[07:24] <Harold> Whereas C++ apps run pretty much on anything?
[07:24] <mebaran151> then you might get a little hairy
[07:25] <Computer__Guru> i hear emacs has a great python interface
[07:25] <Computer__Guru> for ide
[07:25] <bcarroll> pyGTK can get hairy
[07:25] <Druke> Harold, if c++ works python will work
[07:25] <mebaran151> even GEdit has a decent highlighter
[07:25] <Shicaca> mebaran: it's not a file though ... they give me the
text lines and say, "here you go!"
[07:25] <Crismo111> can someone help me plz ?
=== schasi [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:25] <Computer__Guru> isnt there even a pyIDE package you can get?
[07:25] <bob2> Crismo111: you haven't asked a question yet
[07:25] <bob2> Computer__Guru: there's a couple
[07:25] <Druke> emacs has a ide plug-in like thing
=== pablo928 [] has left
#ubuntu []
[07:25] <bob2> Harold: that's kinda orthogonal
[07:25] <Crismo111> bob2: yeah but also got problem
[07:25] <Druke> pythong IDE like IDLE, or use emacs
[07:25] <mebaran151> the only ide worth anything is vim and bash :p
[07:25] <Computer__Guru> bob2: wanna drop a couple names?
[07:25] <Druke> python*
[07:25] <Harold> bob2: Orthogonal? LOL, I like that...
[07:26] <bob2> Harold: to run a random C++ program on a system, you need
to install whatever libraries it needs, and compile it there
[07:26] <Computer__Guru> something X based would be great
[07:26] <bob2> C++'s ABI is pretty brittle
[07:26] <Crismo111> bob2: well i'm trying to open a exe of a game
[07:26] <bob2> on linux, anyway
[07:26] <Crismo111> bob2: with wine
[07:26] <bob2> Computer__Guru: idle, boa constricter
=== supernix [] has joined
[07:26] <mebaran151> I wish ruby had nice tools though
[07:26] <bob2> Computer__Guru: python with emacs is quite lovely, tho
(and vim, of course)
[07:26] <mebaran151> only thing I miss
[07:26] <sproingie> mebaran151: for web apps it has nice tools
[07:26] <mebaran151> it works well in emacs
[07:26] <Harold> Apple is dropping Java support.
[07:26] <mebaran151> sproingie, yep VERY nice
=== Jaivaz [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:26] <aspro> Harold?
[07:27] <Computer__Guru> emacs :-&
[07:27] <dbernar11> suer...
[07:27] <Harold> aspro: Yes?
[07:27] <aspro> they tout it everywhere
[07:27] <mebaran151> but I like writing in the language as it writes like
[07:27] <aspro> I doubt they would drop it
[07:27] <bob2> Crismo111: so look wherever you installed it
=== sproingie started writing a rails app, just fell in love with it
[07:27] <mebaran151> they named the funtions in the standard library
pretty well
[07:27] <dbernar11> Java 1.5 - Tiger, Mac OS X 1.4 - Tiger, coincidence?
[07:27] <sproingie> looking at catalyst on the perl side, doesn't look
as mature yet
=== Crismo222 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:27] <Crismo222> bob2: marc@ubuntu:~$ ls ~/.wine/drive_c
[07:27] <mebaran151> C# looks like a promising language too
[07:27] <Crismo222> astuces_jg My Documents Program Files windows
[07:27] <Crismo222> marc@ubuntu:~$ ls ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files
[07:27] <mebaran151> I think I might take itup
[07:27] <Harold> aspro: Well, maybe I've got the story
wrong...apparently, they're sticking with Objective-C
[07:27] <Crismo222> ls: /home/marc/.wine/drive_c/Program: Aucun fichier
ou rpertoire de ce typels: Files: Aucun fichier ou rpertoire de ce type
[07:27] <bob2> Crismo222: then look in there
[07:27] <Computer__Guru> bob2: i take it there's no package for boa-
[07:27] <bob2> Crismo222: and stop pasting things
[07:28] <sproingie> Computer__Guru: boa-constructor
[07:28] <hacked`> guys, how do i tell my wifi card to use a wep key
[07:28] <Crismo222> bob2: how ?
[07:28] <mebaran151> is objective C easier than C++
[07:28] <bob2> Computer__Guru: there is...
[07:28] <mebaran151> which would be a better compiled language to start
[07:28] <sproingie> mebaran151: most people would say yes
[07:28] <mebaran151> ?
[07:28] <Crismo222> bob2: check what i past...
[07:28] <aspro> Harold, the cocoa (osx gui) stuff is java and obj-c
[07:28] <bob2> hacked`: how did you configure it to begin with?
[07:28] <Computer__Guru> i see i misread
[07:28] <hacked`> configure what? i didnt
[07:28] <bob2> Crismo222: yes, you didn't look in the right directory
[07:28] <mebaran151> sproingie, even if you have a SmallTalk/ Ruby
=== niran [] has joined
[07:28] <hacked`> i just know how to do iwconfig eth0 essid linksys
[07:28] <Harold> aspro: I have an article here...maybe you can interpret
its meaning...
[07:28] <sproingie> mebaran151: objective c is good if you're on a mac
... you'll find virtually no system support on linux for it
[07:28] <bob2> Crismo222: ls ~/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"
[07:29] <dbernar11> Crismo222: you need a \ before specal characters in a
terminal, like the space
[07:29] <sproingie> mebaran151: unless you want to go with gnustep, which
frankly ain't that good
[07:29] <bob2> hacked`: then use iwconfig to set the wep key. sudo
iwconfig eth1 key 1111
[07:29] <mebaran151> I tired GnuStep
[07:29] <dbernar11> or that
[07:29] <Crismo222> bob2: oh thx you
[07:29] <mebaran151> and regretted it
[07:29] <aspro> Harold, yes?
[07:29] <dbernar11> Crismo222: also, use tab completion
=== _rob [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:29] <Harold> aspro: One sec...
[07:29] <dbernar11> so, ls `/.wine/drive_c/Progr<tab>
[07:29] <nomasteryoda> oh, Nice... just got my ton of Ubuntu disc sets...
x86, 64, & PPC... sweet
=== qt2 [] has joined
[07:29] <nomasteryoda> thanks Ubuntu
[07:30] <nomis_> i got them yesterday :)
[07:30] <sproingie> mebaran151: objective c is certainly simpler than
c++. modern c++ has some powerful stuff it can do with templates. i
just find the syntax heinously verbose
[07:30] <jorgp> nomasteryoda: where are you located?
[07:30] <mebaran151> I found that too
=== dbernar11 is now known as thaUbuntu
[07:30] <mebaran151> I am look for a little less wordy language
[07:30] <nomasteryoda> Georgia, US
[07:30] <thaUbuntu> nomasteryoda: you are welcome
[07:30] <mebaran151> that is why C# is looking nice at the moment
=== thaUbuntu is now known as dbernar1
[07:30] <sproingie> mebaran151: for what task?
[07:30] <jorgp> nomasteryoda: ok, should look for mine then.. Oklahoma
[07:30] <Harold> aspro: One sec again...
[07:30] <Crismo222> THX you so much guys
[07:30] <nomasteryoda> I have ones from Warty release too... these are
[07:30] <mebaran151> sproingie, havent decided
[07:30] <aspro> Harold, np :)
[07:31] <mebaran151> medium sized application development
[07:31] <nomasteryoda> 18 PC, 8 PPC and 5 64s
[07:31] <jorgp> nomasteryoda: when did you order, how long did it take?
[07:31] <nomasteryoda> for the LUG
[07:31] <nomasteryoda> about month ago
[07:31] <jorgp> I ordered mine 6/11
[07:31] <sproingie> mebaran151: i hear ya. looking for something to
tinker with. could always try haskell, if you don't mind the risk of
your brain exploding
[07:31] <nomasteryoda> looks like they actually shipped from Africa
[07:31] <mebaran151> sproingie, have you tried SmallTalk
[07:31] <mebaran151> it has a pretty good web api too now, SeaSide
=== maddy_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:32] <sproingie> mebaran151: i'm not a big fan of smalltalk. slate
looks interesting tho
[07:32] <Harold> aspro: Found it!
[07:32] <Harold> aspro: Here's the link:
[07:32] <Harold> as
[07:32] <mebaran151> Slate, hmmmm
[07:32] <jorgp> did you get an emai about it or did they just show up?
[07:32] <mebaran151> sprongie, you speaking about ForTran
[07:32] <mebaran151> my father knows Fortran
[07:32] <Harold> aspro: Do you use irssi?
=== tenshiKur0 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:33] <aspro> Harold, the suspense is killing me
[07:33] <Harold> aspro: LOL
[07:33] <sproingie> mebaran151: fortran? ugh, no
[07:33] <aspro> Harold, nah, xchat
[07:33] <Harold> aspro: LOL, I'm really laughing
[07:33] <mebaran151> that is what I got
[07:33] <mebaran151> Slatec
[07:33] <Harold> aspro: I'm trying to paste!
[07:33] <mebaran151> numerical computation library
[07:33] <Harold> Anyone know how to paste in irssi?
[07:33] <Crismo222> Now how can i launch the .exe ?
[07:33] <Harold> (Everyone's going to say, "Don't tell him!")
[07:33] <mebaran151> sproingie, have they pkged it yet
[07:34] <sproingie> mebaran151: i still havent found many less-verbose
languages that weren't either so hard they were mind-blowing, or too
trivial to bother with
=== Panzerboy [~NoName@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu
[07:34] <dbernar1> harold, no.
[07:34] <mebaran151> well python and perl are the two big ones
[07:34] <dbernar1> right click paste.
[07:34] <sproingie> mebaran151: perl pays my salary, pretty much. but
it's just not that interesting to me
[07:34] <Harold> dbernar1: I can't right-click using my PowerBook, sorry.
=== sproingie is playing with forth, sort of as an interactive macro
assembler more than anything
[07:35] <Harold> aspro: Here: Run a Google search for "apple dropping
=== Crismo333 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:35] <Harold> aspro: An article will come right up.
[07:35] <mebaran151> sproingie, ruby too ....
[07:35] <aspro> Harold, haha
[07:35] <dbernar1> Harold: f12.
=== kangt [] has joined
[07:35] <aspro> Harold, that took ages :P
[07:35] <mebaran151> I love Ruby, most beautiful looking language in the
[07:35] <Harold> dbernar1: Thank you
[07:35] <Crismo333> Bob2: now how can i launch the .exe?
[07:35] <Harold> aspro: Wait a sec...
=== kakalto [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:36] <sproingie> mebaran151: perl6 is getting almost usable now.
ain't pretty by any means, but it's got features up the wazoo
[07:36] <dbernar1> Harold: ya, I use a Mac too.
[07:36] <aspro> Harold, the slashdot piece?
=== cmatheso1 [] has joined
=== sproingie ponders rewriting all his scripts at work in perligata
=== dbernar1 is now known as dabar
[07:37] <mebaran151> sproingie, I like OOP
[07:37] <Harold> aspro: That's probably where I first picked it up, on
Slashdot. But it's an Apple press release.
[07:37] <mebaran151> and perl just doesnt do that
[07:37] <Harold> dber
[07:38] <sproingie> mebaran151: perligata supports OOP too.
[07:38] <dabar> dabar
[07:38] <sproingie> datibus nullum horum benedictum. # bless \%data,
$_[0] ;
[07:38] <aspro> Harold, Ahh, I didnt know that, they arent dropping it
entirely, just not improving it... but that is just about the same thing
=== Computer__Guru flexes his will of steel.
[07:38] <Computer__Guru> 5 days, no cigarettes
[07:38] <mebaran151> what's perligata?
[07:38] <Computer__Guru> wo0t
[07:38] <Harold> aspro: I guess it will be the same thing after a few
[07:38] <sproingie> mebaran151: perl in latin
[07:38] <dabar> Harold: so did you paste the link?
[07:38] <sproingie>
[07:38] <Harold> aspro: Are you a Java programmer?
[07:38] <Harold> dabar: F12 didn't seem to work.
[07:39] <Computer__Guru> and i live with smokers
[07:39] <dabar> fn+f12?
[07:39] <dabar> it right clicks with f12.
[07:39] <aspro> Harold, yeah, though ive been using python mainly now
[07:39] <bcarroll> comp_guru: congrats
=== Crismo [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:39] <dabar> Computer__Guru: ya, good stuff.
[07:40] <Harold> dabar: No, that seems to switch from xterm to my other
applicaton (currently Mozilla).
=== Crismo [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:40] <mebaran151> sproingie, how about Tcl/Tk
[07:40] <Harold> aspro: So which programming language would you recommend
a beginner to learn first?
[07:40] <Harold> dabar: Strange anomalies.
=== poningru [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:40] <HrdwrBoB> Harold: depends what you want to do
[07:40] <dabar> harold, weird, I remember f12 used to right click when I
had ubuntu on the iBook...
[07:40] <Harold> dabar: Are you using irssi?
[07:41] <dabar> yes, I am.
[07:41] <Computer__Guru> dabar: im taking zyban as part of a program..
still damned hard, but the drug __really__ helps
[07:41] <sproingie> mebaran151: well, speaking of dead languages ... tcl
is one of 'em. i wouldn't bother with it
[07:41] <Harold> dabar: Hmmm...well, I'm using an old PowerBook G3.
Maybe there's something different.
[07:41] <mebaran151> sproingie, haha
[07:41] <sproingie> mebaran151: i used to love tcl, but it's really a
poor performer and a crippled language
[07:41] <SPCCrow> /disconnect
[07:42] <aspro> Harold, I guess python is a good one, easy to get your
head around and there are quite alot of web resources
[07:42] <HrdwrBoB> yeah lots of good documentation
[07:42] <HrdwrBoB> nice object orient language
[07:42] <sproingie> python's ok. won't teach you much you don't already
[07:42] <sproingie> ocaml's not bad for learning new concepts
[07:43] <Harold> aspro: I've begun studying up on C++. Would you
recommend switching to Python learning first?
[07:43] <sproingie> syntax for ocaml can be noisier than perl tho
=== Crismo111 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== TongMaster [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:43] <aspro> Harold, I honestly cant say, Ive never really learnt
[07:43] <mebaran151> Harold, or try ruby ....
[07:43] <sproingie> Harold: i'd switch to lisp. runs circles around
[07:43] <Crismo111> someone can help me ?
=== sss_lr [~sss_lr@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:44] <Crismo111> if ya got msn it'll be easier
[07:44] <sproingie> Harold: and strangely enough, the compiler for cmucl
is called python
=== Crismo111 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:44] <Crismo111> ...
[07:44] <Harold> Crismo111: What did you need help with?
=== frank [] has left #ubuntu
[07:45] <Crismo111> Harold: launch exe
[07:45] <Harold> sproingie: The language is called cmucl?
=== JDahl [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:45] <Harold> Does anyone know how to launch exe? Wouldn't that
require a Windows emulator?
[07:45] <mebaran151> sproingie, everyone loves a boa constrictor
[07:45] <mebaran151> Harold, yeah
[07:45] <mebaran151> not worth the trouble
[07:45] <Crismo111> Harold: yeah I installed game with wine
=== willie_ [] has joined
=== [adw] [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:46] <mebaran151> sproingie, did you study latin in school
[07:46] <Harold> Crismo111: It may work, and it may not. Does wine's
website say that game works under the environment?
[07:46] <willie_> how do i get my mouse to work, its a ps/2
[07:46] <willie_> on a fresh install
[07:46] <luminerd> Hello all, I need 20 identical computers with Linux
compatibility, budget is $150-$250 per computer. Where is the best place
to look?
[07:46] <Harold> mebaran151: I rember studying a tiny bit of Latin when I
was in 4th grade or so.
[07:47] <mebaran151> Harold, yeah, because sproigie linked me to perl
latin style
[07:47] <mebaran151>
[07:47] <dabar> Harold: rember learning english?;)
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[07:47] <Crismo123> I'm alway bugging on IRC
=== chillywilly [] has joined
=== ficoc [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:48] <Harold> dabar: I'm still studying English, every day of my
[07:48] <willie_> can someone help me get my mouse to work?
=== frank [~frank@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:48] <RQ> it should woerk by default
[07:48] <willie_> it's not
[07:48] <Harold> Crismo111: No problem - you've got a question, so ask
away anytime.
=== Crismo122 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:48] <RQ> willie_, how come?
[07:49] <stian_> !dpkg eterm
[07:49] <ubotu> No idea, stian_
[07:49] <willie_> it is a regular ps/2 mouse with a ball
[07:49] <Harold> mebaran151: I'm not certain how to copy and paste/open a
link using irssi yet.
[07:49] <mebaran151> haha
[07:49] <Crismo122> RQ: it do not launch (the exe of my game)
[07:49] <mebaran151> one way to do it
[07:49] <RQ> willie_, then it should really work by default
=== lars__ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== DrSchlauf [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:49] <willie_> i also have a usb mouse that i could try, it's optical
[07:49] <RQ> try it
[07:50] <RQ> willie_, i suppose you're taking about the GUI? :)
[07:50] <willie_> yes
[07:50] <sproingie> Harold: cmucl == CMU Common Lisp
[07:50] <RQ> hm, weird then.
[07:50] <Harold> sproingie: Oh, okay
[07:50] <dabar> stian_: ? !dpkg?
[07:50] <willie_> how do i get my computer to reboot if i don't have a
[07:50] <sproingie> ok, time for bed
[07:50] <mebaran151> sproingie, I didnt think you compiled Lisp
[07:50] <Harold> ?
[07:50] <Harold> Oops
[07:50] <RQ> willie_, you can press reset :)
[07:51] <sproingie> mebaran151: yes, it's compiled these days. it's
faster than hell too
[07:51] <dabar> Harold: well, f12 works even on g3 ibooks...
=== nomasteryoda [] has joined
[07:51] <dabar> in ubuntu? like, gnome?
[07:51] <willie_> i have no reset button
[07:51] <mebaran151> sproingie, but all those parenthese
[07:51] <Harold> dabar: I'm in xcfe4...
[07:51] <mebaran151> it is so hard to look at
[07:51] <sproingie> mebaran151: feh. you get used to it, really.
[07:51] <stian_> dabar: im used to debian
[07:51] <stian_> :)
=== Crismo121 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:51] <dabar> stian_: I thought so...
[07:51] <RQ> willie_, then just hold the power button for a few seconds
[07:51] <sproingie> mebaran151: it's not like C doesn't end up with a lot
of parens when you nest functions
[07:51] <mebaran151> sproingie, I took it up for a day and couldnt get
past the parentheses
[07:51] <Crismo121> RQ: it wrote that: /home/marc/.wine/drive_c/Program
Files/La Quatrime Prophtie/t4c.exe in green ....
[07:52] <dabar> Harold: maybe that is why, but I dont think it should
[07:52] <mebaran151> sprongie but braces
[07:52] <dabar> do you have a mouse connected? I guess not...
[07:52] <sproingie> mebaran151: most lisp ends up with one big "closing
line" of lots of parens
=== stian__ [~stian@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:52] <sproingie> mebaran151: that's when it's handy to have an editor
that matches 'em
[07:52] <Harold> dabar: No, no mouse...
[07:52] <sproingie> mebaran151: my main problem with common lisp is how
verbose the function names are, not the parens
[07:53] <RQ> Crismo121?
[07:53] <sproingie> mebaran151: like WITH-OPEN-FILE
=== orborde [] has joined
[07:53] <dabar> its interesting to look at firewall logs, I mean, what do
all those requests want?
[07:53] <Crismo121> RQ when i do ~/.wine ....
[07:53] <RQ> Crismo, why that lot of clones?
[07:53] <Harold> dabar: It's okay, I'll figure it out eventuall. I think
more of a concern is how to scroll upwards in irssi, or to find some
other way of reading past messages.
=== raffy_s56 [raffy_s56@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:53] <Crismo121> RQ i'm always bugging i dont know
[07:53] <dabar> page up scrollls
=== sproingie has thousands of lines of elisp and very little of it has
any really confusing amount of parens
[07:54] <Harold> dabar: pg up display only my messages.
[07:54] <sproingie> the stuff that does would be equally confusing in
[07:54] <RQ> ok...
[07:54] <RQ> Crismo i don't get your problem
[07:54] <Crismo121> RQ: to Launch my exe ?
=== sproingie sighs, gotta get sleep. nite all
[07:54] <dabar> Harold: are you sure you are not drunk? or something like
that, cause it all works here:)
=== robitaille [] has joined
[07:54] <Harold> dabar: fn-pg up did the trick.
[07:54] <dabar> ah
[07:54] <orborde> How do I unpack and install a .deb archive? And will
Synaptic automatically find it?
[07:54] <dabar> good.
[07:54] <Harold> dabar: LOL, not drunk.
[07:54] <RQ> Crismo, try `wine /path/to/exe/`?
[07:55] <stian__> orborde: dpkg -i packagename
=== SunTzuTech [] has joined #ubuntu
=== traveller [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:55] <RQ> (oops, no trailing slash)
[07:55] <dabar> alt+number changes windows...
[07:55] <La_PaRCa> orborde, if its in one of the repositories, you just
have to tell synaptic to install it, otherwise dpkg -i file.deb
[07:55] <RQ> orborde, dpkg -i filename
[07:55] <dabar> /win c closes a conversation with someone.
[07:56] <Crismo121> RQ: i dont understant what u mean
[07:56] <dabar> /part <leaving message>
[07:56] <RQ> Crismo, launch terminal
[07:56] <dabar> to leave a channel.
[07:56] <RQ> then enter the command in it
=== shicaca [~shicaca@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:56] <RQ> "wine /home/marc/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/La Quatrime
[07:56] <RQ> :)
[07:57] <RQ> Harold, mac?;]
[07:57] <Harold> RQ: Yes, a PowerBook G3 233MHz
[07:57] <RQ> aha :)
[07:57] <Harold> RQ: Wallstreet II
[07:57] <Harold> RQ: You?
[07:57] <RQ> ibook
[07:57] <Harold> dabar: These are helpful commands; thank you!
[07:57] <dabar> welcome
=== nomasteryoda [] has joined
[07:57] <dabar> !macusers
[07:57] <ubotu> rumour has it, macusers is nalioth, dabar, and add
[07:58] <RQ> Harold, the white one :)
[07:58] <RQ> 900Mhz or so :)
[07:58] <luminerd> Okay, here's what I found so far, but I REALLY don't
want to turn up a Dell since I've badmouthed it so long, there'd be no
living with these people! It's a Dell with a 2.4ghz Celeron, 256MB ram,
80gb hd, 17" monitor....only $299...thing is it comes with windows. I
need to get 20 identical models for $250 each that are as good as or
better than this system
[07:58] <orborde> Okay. I dpkg'd it. Is there something else I need to
[07:59] <shicaca> HOly crap it worked!
[07:59] <RQ> orborde, no
[07:59] <Computer__Guru> luminerd: sounds like a deal
=== Crismo222 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
[07:59] <Harold> dabar: What a difference RAM makes; yesterday I had 65MB
and couldn't (or wouldn't want to, due to it's slowness) run Mozilla, so
I was using links. Now, with 256MB more installed, I'm flying through
with Mozilla. Still using irssi, though, rather than xchat, because I'm
getting used to it I guess.
=== luckyaba [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:59] <Crismo222> RQ: the Terminal is launched
[07:59] <pax> luminerd: that 17" is lcd or am I wishing?
[07:59] <Computer__Guru> luminerd: i would definately get that. even
with windows.. linux is just a dd away
[07:59] <dabar> Harold: I like irssi cause its cl. I like cl programs
=== thkClr [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:00] <luckyaba> anyone familiar with proxies
[08:00] <luckyaba> ?
[08:00] <Harold> dabar: Why, dabar?
[08:00] <dabar> just cause I can be logged out...
=== evader [] has joined
=== evader [] has left #ubuntu
[08:00] <Computer__Guru> dabar: plenty of ways to do that with X based
stuff too
[08:00] <Harold> dabar: I began using irssi to save RAM.
[08:00] <Computer__Guru> although something along the lines of xscreen
would farkin rule
=== bimberi [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:01] <RQ> Crismo, paste that to terminal:
[08:01] <RQ> wine /home/marc/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/La Quatrime
[08:01] <Computer__Guru> a screen for x apps
=== crismo213 [~Crismo333@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== SunTzuTech [] has left #ubuntu []
[08:01] <Computer__Guru> that would be real nice
[08:01] <crismo213> RQ: can you give me your msn to we talk to you help
me with my probleme ?
[08:02] <RQ> Crismo, i don't know much about wine
[08:02] <RQ> ;)
=== IcemanV9 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:02] <RQ> the only game i ran under it was "Pharaoh+Cleopatra"
[08:02] <Harold> Well, I'm calling it a night. Want to return to my
study of programming if I have time, too...
[08:02] <luminerd> pax, CRT
[08:02] <Harold> 'night, everyone!
[08:02] <luminerd> Computer__Guru, I can get a better deal. Dell SUCKS
and so does celeron
[08:02] <orborde> Okay, how do I get the program from the package into my
'Applications' menu in Gnome?
[08:02] <dabar> see ya
[08:02] <Harold> dabar: Later, d
[08:03] <dabar> orborde: what program?
[08:03] <Harold> dabar: Thanks for your help
=== frank [] has joined
[08:03] <dabar> yeah, sure.
[08:03] <nalioth> night, harold
[08:03] <Computer__Guru> you can get a better deal?
[08:03] <Harold> nalioth: night, nalioth
[08:03] <RQ> orborde, if the package has gnome menu entry, you'll see iit
[08:03] <Computer__Guru> 250 for a full 2.4ghz system
[08:03] <Harold> nalioth: Real quick - seen any astronauts in town?
[08:03] <RQ> nite Harold
[08:03] <Harold> RQ: nite RQ
[08:04] <mebaran151> Computer__Guru, it IS a celeron P4
[08:04] <mebaran151> not exactly the ritz
[08:04] <orborde> dabar: Opera
[08:04] <mebaran151> though my monitor alone cost more than that back in
the day
=== Shachaf [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:04] <Computer__Guru> yeah
[08:04] <dabar> orborde, ok...give me a sec?
[08:04] <dabar> can you opera in a terminal, and that opens it?
[08:04] <RQ> you think he can't?
[08:05] <Computer__Guru> yeah this 19 was 3 bills
[08:05] <taz> Question... I have installed NeroLINUX.. It tells me to
enable DMA acceleration for my DVD-burner (/dec/hdc) ... How do i do
[08:05] <RQ> orborde, you can always apt-get install menu
[08:05] <Computer__Guru> taz: pico /etc/hdparm.conf
[08:05] <Computer__Guru> taz: find or add a section for your cdrom, and
enable dma
[08:06] <thkClr> orborde, you can try just restarting gnome-panel
[08:06] <IcemanV9> taz: sudo hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc
=== fagr [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:06] <Computer__Guru> taz: if you dont wanna reboot right now, type:
hdparm -d 1 /dev/cdrom
[08:06] <RQ> /dev/hdc, that is
[08:07] <luckyaba> anyone know how to get a proxy running with irc?
[08:07] <Computer__Guru> not always /dev/hdc, and /dev/cdrom is a valid
device if there's one anywhere on the system :>
[08:07] <luckyaba> do i need to find a cetain type?
[08:07] <orborde> dabar: yes, I can get it from terminal
[08:07] <Computer__Guru> my cdrom in my last system was /dev/hdb
[08:07] <orborde> RQ: Specify?
[08:07] <orborde> thkClr: How do I do that?
[08:08] <RQ> orborde, `apt-get install menu`
[08:08] <nalioth> i downloaded a hoary-ppc-install cd, and the md5 didnt
match what was on the website
=== idaho45 [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nerd [~nerd@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:08] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: guess it didnt d/l right *shrug*
[08:08] <taz> Computer__Guru, ok.. so i dont need to change in the
/etc/hdparm.conf then?
[08:08] <RQ> Computer__Guru, taz said it's /dev/hdc ;)
[08:08] <nalioth> i rm'd it and d/l from another site, and the md5 again
didnt match, (but it matched the one i'd originally d/l)
[08:08] <Madpilot> orborde: Opera won't appear in Ubuntu's menus by
default. search on "Opera" in the ubuntu forums, there's a nice tutorial
there for adding it
=== fagr [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:08] <Computer__Guru> taz: if you want the change to be permenant,
[08:08] <nalioth> have they changed something on the images and not
updated the md5s?
[08:09] <taz> ah ok
[08:09] <IcemanV9> taz: yeah, it's for future when you bootup, it'll do
that automagically
[08:09] <orborde> Madpilot: Not to be too dumb, but what is the Ubuntu
forums address?
[08:09] <Computer__Guru> RQ: oh, missed that part
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:09] <Madpilot> orborde: or just add a launcher to one of your
taskbars or desktop, that's even easier
[08:09] <shicaca> Does anybody know how to setup a cronjob?
=== TerminX [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:09] <Madpilot> orborde: - just a sec,
and I'll look for that tutorial again
[08:10] <dabar> RQ: whats the menu?
[08:10] <RQ> a package
[08:10] <RQ> which installs debian menu
=== loderunner [] has joined
[08:10] <RQ> and debian menu has EVERYTHING
=== jesus-franco [] has joined
[08:10] <RQ> unlike gnome or KDE menus
[08:10] <taz> Computer__Guru, this is the only entry i did.. i guess it
takes the rest as default? /dev/hdc {
[08:10] <taz>         dma = on
[08:10] <taz> }
[08:10] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: any idears?
[08:10] <RQ> but on the other hand it looks quite ugly as it only has
five root entries
[08:10] <Madpilot> orborde:
[08:11] <Computer__Guru> taz: yeah
[08:11] <taz> ok.. thx a lot guys :)
[08:11] <shicaca> Can someone help me set up a cronjob?
=== Micksa [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:11] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: yeah, re-download it... sorry m8, t's
the best i can suggest
[08:11] <Micksa> okay, my xkb config is screwed, again
[08:11] <dabar> orborde: then I suggest you install smeg from backports.
[08:11] <Micksa> I'm guessing it's because xkbcomp isn't where it should
be or something
[08:11] <nalioth> shicaca: you may (for now) open a terminal and "man
[08:12] <loderunner> stupid question, but how do I verify my current
[08:12] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: did you read all i sent?
=== anne__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:12] <Computer__Guru> i did not
[08:12] <Micksa> anyway, is there a way to set up the xkb config in a
running X? "xkbcomp foo" or something?
[08:12] <Computer__Guru> all i saw was bad checksum
[08:12] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: i rm'd it and d/l from another site,
and the md5 again didnt match, (but it matched the one i'd originally
[08:13] <dabar> orborde: think you got it now?
=== Micksa pokes daniels 8)
[08:14] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: take your chances? *shrug*
[08:14] <Computer__Guru> with the first one that matches the second
[08:14] <Computer__Guru> haha, read that, its funny
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:14] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: my question was: does anyone know if
they changed a bit or two in the image(s) but not the md5checksums
[08:15] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: i dunno
=== rommer [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:15] <Computer__Guru> i'd just take my chances
[08:15] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: i'd rather not, on my new imac
[08:15] <RQ> nalioth, check the dates
[08:15] <Marble2> Why do I keep getting this error when I open anything
with MPlayer? "Failed to open /home/greg/<"
[08:15] <Computer__Guru> i doubt someone on your network is feeding you
bogus packets in your ubuntu install
[08:16] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: would rather use a ppc warty installer
[08:16] <Computer__Guru> true
[08:16] <Computer__Guru> so do that and then just dist-upgrade to hoary
[08:16] <Computer__Guru> problem solved
[08:16] <orborde> dabar: I have it.
[08:16] <dabar> good.
[08:16] <Computer__Guru> and solved in a niftier manner :>
[08:16] <orborde> Thanks for the help.
[08:17] <dabar> yup
[08:17] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: heh
[08:17] <dabar> what did you do? out of curiosity...
[08:17] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: might as well get a woody netinst image
and save some time
[08:17] <IcemanV9> Marble2: permission problem?
[08:17] <Marble2> well
[08:18] <Marble2> < doesn't exist
[08:18] <Marble2> but I don't know why it's trying to open it
[08:18] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: ubuntu > debian
[08:18] <Computer__Guru> imho
[08:18] <Computer__Guru> ymmv
=== auk [] has joined
[08:18] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: you dont know the install from woody
floppy image(s) trick?
=== neuneu [~human2760@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:19] <Computer__Guru> aroo?
[08:19] <Computer__Guru> but u said netinst image
[08:19] <IcemanV9> Marble2: ahh. it doesn't exist. ha. check the
preference in mplayer to make sure it is not trying to open something
[08:19] <Computer__Guru> and the bootable woody netinst image doesnt work
on my ppc :(
[08:19] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: you install a minimal woody (some
people dont have cdrom drives) floppy inst
[08:19] <Computer__Guru> i have an old g3 333, and i cant get that piece
of shit cdrom to read anything
[08:20] <Marble2> IcemanV9: I looked around the mplayer prefs and say
nothing related to trying to open that...
[08:20] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: once you get minimal + apt-get, you
drop in hoary sources.list and update
[08:20] <Computer__Guru> yeah that's cool
[08:20] <crimsun> or you can netboot
=== nalioth helps people
[08:20] <Computer__Guru> couldnt you do that from any debian cd?
[08:20] <nalioth> crimsun: you know anything about the images and their
[08:20] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: some peeps dont have a cdrom drive
[08:21] <Marble2> IcemanV9: It's weird though, if I start mplayer then
open the file, it doesn't happen, but if I double click the file and it
starts playing in MPlayer, it does happen.
[08:21] <Computer__Guru> oh yeah
[08:21] <crimsun> Nakkel, as in mismatched? Not really.
[08:21] <crimsun> err
[08:21] <crimsun> Nakkel, sorry
[08:21] <crimsun> ^^ nalioth
[08:21] <Computer__Guru> who the hell doent have a cdrom?
[08:21] <RQ> Marble2, the filename is passed badly, that's all
=== Computer__Guru doesnt have a floppy drive
[08:21] <RQ> hahaha :))))
[08:21] <IcemanV9> Marble2: hm. i don't know why it does that. mine
doesn't work except the plugin part.
=== RQ either. on ibook
[08:22] <nalioth> crimsun: i d/l 2 ppc-hoary-install from 2 different
sites, and they both matched md5s, but not with what was on the downloads
=== reticent [bunzope@] has left #ubuntu ["been]
[08:22] <RQ> nalioth, gimme a link to the d/l page
[08:22] <dabar> nalioth: use torrents, I dont think they get
=== SpecialBuddy [] has joined
[08:22] <nalioth> crimsun: and i was wondering if they've been bit-
[08:22] <eyequeue> crimsun: hi. just a sound comment. in breezy, there
was an alsa upgrade again. whatever was changed turned on my "external
amplifier" again, which kills my sound (not a problem, i run alsamixer as
root and turn it off, and all works again)
[08:22] <nalioth> RQ:
[08:23] <nalioth> dabar: my torrent client infinitely d/l the same piece
[08:23] <crimsun> eyequeue, it's default to be on
[08:23] <RQ> nalioth, 404 :))
[08:23] <Computer__Guru> i say just go for it, nalioth, you're not gonna
do any harm to your hardware, you might get stuck reinstalling osx,
though, if it harfs
=== jrmtj [] has joined
[08:23] <nalioth> RQ: singular, then
[08:23] <eyequeue> crimsun: the thing is, i don't know enough about what
it does on upgrade to file an effective bug report, but i figured it may
mean something to you
[08:23] <crimsun> nalioth, I don't know if anything's changed.
[08:24] <dabar> eyequeue: ya, he told you its default to be on, not a
[08:24] <SpecialBuddy> is there an apache chatroom
[08:24] <Computer__Guru> especially considering they actually do
match..... sorta
[08:24] <dabar> I think...
[08:24] <dabar> /join #apache
[08:24] <crimsun> eyequeue, which driver? (and it may be a bug, but it's
not worth filing at this point since alsa* updates are coming steadily
from Debian)
[08:24] <RQ> nalioth, i don't see md5's ther ;]
[08:24] <RQ> there
[08:24] <eyequeue> crimsun: ah, the default consistently breaks sound
here ("it just doesn't work"
[08:24] <SpecialBuddy> dabar, thank you
[08:24] <dabar> welcome
[08:24] <nalioth> RQ: ya have to click a country
[08:25] <RQ> Computer__Guru, have you tried a different mirror?
=== nJess [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:25] <Computer__Guru> RQ: i havent even tried that one. i was talking
to nalioth
[08:25] <Computer__Guru> :>
[08:25] <RQ> ah
[08:25] <RQ> i was talking to him too
[08:25] <RQ> :)))
[08:25] <RQ> nalioth, have you tried a different mirror?
[08:25] <eyequeue> crimsun: TM lol) which seems suboptimal for newbies
... is there a way of sensing this before defaulting-to-broken?
[08:26] <dabar> yes. use stable:)
[08:26] <crimsun> eyequeue, which driver is it?
[08:26] <nalioth> RQ: in my chat here, i've mentioned twice that i've d/l
from 2 differnt mirrors, to get the same md5 on what i got
[08:26] <Computer__Guru> RQ: what he's saying is he downloaded the image
and checksum from a site and they didnt match, so he tried a mirror and
got both files there, and they didnt match either, but the second image
he downloaded matched the first md5 he downloaded
[08:26] <RQ> nalioth, ah, sorry :)
[08:26] <nalioth> RQ: but doesnt match whats on the d/l page(s)
=== Cooner750 [] has joined
[08:26] <Cooner750> i'm baaaaaaaaaack
[08:27] <RQ> let's see
[08:27] <eyequeue> crimsun: dmesg | grep ICM turned up null ... how
should i look for the driver name here?
[08:27] <amonkey> is there anything in the repos that will let me cut an
[08:27] <RQ> i can d/l a file and check the sum
[08:27] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: you're in cinci, eh... im in
[08:27] <crimsun> eyequeue, cat /proc/asound/modules
[08:27] <nalioth> amonkey: "cut"?
[08:27] <dabar> in half
[08:27] <Cooner750> Computer_Guru: Yep, good 'ol cinci. lol
[08:27] <nalioth> amonkey: audigy
[08:28] <eyequeue> crimsun: thanks. 0 snd_intel8x0
[08:28] <eyequeue> 1 snd_intel8x0m
[08:28] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: been hot, lately
[08:28] <Cooner750> yes. very hot
[08:28] <crimsun> eyequeue, strange, that should be _on_ for your chipset
=== LeeColleton [] has joined
[08:28] <eyequeue> crimsun: a laptop, if that's an issue
=== Guybrush|Numb [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:28] <Cooner750> and lots of rain....
[08:28] <amonkey> nalioth, i have an mp3 that has a bonus track on it so
the mp3 is 30 minutes long with 10 minutes of audio, going on to a small
mp3 player
[08:28] <eyequeue> crimsun: an "external" amplifier?
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[08:28] <Computer__Guru> been some rain here
[08:28] <Computer__Guru> but you have more humidity cause of the river
[08:28] <nalioth> amonkey: use audigy
[08:29] <Computer__Guru> so you prolly get a lot more rain
[08:29] <dabar> crimsun /i how do you do that?
[08:29] <crimsun> eyequeue, just standard confusing alsa terminology for
a mixer element
[08:29] <RQ> nalioth, powerpc-install.iso?
[08:29] <nalioth> RQ: yessir
[08:29] <crimsun> dabar, ?
[08:29] <dabar> underlines.
[08:29] <RQ> k.... getting...
[08:29] <RQ> ubuntu-5.04-install-powerpc.iso, to be precise
[08:29] <crimsun> oh, just the underscore. Your client probably formats
for you.
[08:29] <nalioth> Computer__Guru: RQ: i'm kinda wantin to compile my own
pkgs (for 64-bit PPC)
[08:29] <Computer__Guru> but im from florida, originally, and if you
wanna know the truth, both the rain and the heat here are a joke in
comparison to summers in clearwater
=== marcin [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:30] <RQ> 7M/s :) cute
[08:30] <dabar> aha.
[08:30] <amonkey> nalioth, package not found, where is it?
[08:30] <eyequeue> crimsun: lol, it definitely consuled me :) btw,
alsamixer reports: Card: Intel 82801DB-ICH4 and Chip: Analog Devices
AD1981B before Item: External Amplifier [Off]
[08:30] <Computer__Guru> nalioth: right on
[08:30] <nalioth> !info audigy
[08:30] <dabar> _dont give me crap_
=== FireEgl [] has joined
=== _mage_work is now known as _mage_afk
[08:30] <eyequeue> crimsun: s/consuled/confused/
[08:30] <nalioth> ok fellas whats the name of the fscking sound editing
=== rheio_co [~rheio_co@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nalioth is suffering from CRS atm
[08:31] <eyequeue> nalioth: as in, alsamixer?
=== nofear [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:31] <nalioth> eyequeue: no to cut/paste/edit audio
[08:31] <crimsun> eyequeue, yeah, you have a particular codec quirk. It
doesn't affect the actual driver but the ac97 codec.
[08:31] <Computer__Guru> no editing program i know what hes talkin about
but i forget too
[08:31] <RQ> nalioth,
[08:31] <eyequeue> nalioth: sorry, i forget that too
[08:31] <RQ> rq@bliss:~/buaaa$ md5sum -c < MD5SUMS
[08:31] <RQ> ubuntu-5.04-install-powerpc.iso: OK
[08:31] <nofear> hey is it possible to mount a sata drive in Ubuntu?
[08:31] <luminerd> How do I find out whether the system's specs are
[08:32] <nalioth> there IS a program
[08:32] <rommer> what version of bind is in ubuntu hoary?
[08:32] <RQ> rommer, care to check
[08:33] <eyequeue> crimsun: is there a fix or workaround i can apply?
(so far, alsamixer each upgrade is what i use, but i'm thinking a newbie
would give up)
[08:33] <RQ> luminerd, what do you mean?
[08:33] <dabar> _underlined_ _text_
[08:33] <amonkey> !info audigy
[08:33] <nalioth> amonkey: there IS a program, i used to use it all the
time, and i'm probably spelling it incorrectly
[08:33] <crimsun> amonkey, try mp3splt
[08:33] <RQ> nalioth, md5's match
=== Din [~warty@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:34] <crimsun> eyequeue, currently, no, there is no workaround.
[08:34] <Din> haz
[08:35] <Computer__Guru> what ya do, is find the area of the file that's
bad in the checksums, find an ftp program and server that support resume,
login, resume the file where you need the patch, let it go for a few
blocks, stop it and save it to a different name
[08:35] <crimsun> eyequeue, it's best to file a bug upstream to deal with
it. Click the mantis link on You'll need to provide
full system info.
[08:35] <Computer__Guru> then use a hex editor to splice them int he
right places
[08:35] <nalioth> amonkey: audacity
[08:35] <Computer__Guru> yay for nalioth
[08:35] <nalioth> RQ: which mirror did you use? and how did you d/l the
[08:35] <Computer__Guru> you remembered
[08:36] <eyequeue> crimsun: okay, thanks. i'll file a wishlist bug as
the time approches, if it doesn't resolve by then roughly when is a good
lead time for something like this (for breezy)
=== SavageIslandGeek [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:36] <Din> am one noob question, i have somekind script for installing
ipv6 but i don-t know how to run it? please help
[08:36] <crimsun> eyequeue, now is as good a time as any, but having it
fixed upstream due to your ac97 codec bug will benefit more people
[08:37] <nalioth> amonkey:
[08:37] <rheio_co> hai...
[08:37] <RQ> nalioth, i used lithuanian mirror and wget
=== epiloc [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:37] <epiloc> hooray
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== SavageIslandGeek [] has left #ubuntu
[08:37] <nalioth> RQ: must be nice to be able to d/l 600mb in >5 minutes
[08:38] <eyequeue> crimsun: okay, cool. are they rather tolerant of
non-sound-fluent reporters there? (thinking of theo/obsd, heh)
[08:38] <nofear> hey, how do u mount a ntfs drive in ubuntu?
[08:38] <RQ> nalioth, well, i logged onto my box at work ;)
[08:38] <amonkey> crimsun, exactly what i needed, thanks.
[08:38] <RQ> it's in uni, just like the mirror :]
[08:38] <epiloc> Computer_Guru, ubuntu up and running
[08:39] <nofear> could anyone possibly help me?
[08:39] <epiloc> time to explore
[08:39] <amonkey> nalioth, so audacity is open source cooledit? very
cool, thanks for the tip
=== nalioths_dog [] has joined
[08:39] <nalioth> amonkey: it works great
[08:39] <nalioth> amonkey: a friend of mine used to d/l whole albums that
knuckleheads would put up as one long mp3
=== Tac wonders when his cds will be shipped or if he should just burn
[08:40] <nalioth> amonkey: and he cut them into individual tracks with
[08:40] <nalioth> Tac: burn some
[08:40] <nalioths_dog> nofear: Download and run to make your windows and mac
partitions mount automatically
=== Jimbob [] has joined
[08:41] <nofear> aight
[08:41] <amonkey> nalioth, on the subject of audio, know any good
catalogers? i won't say itunes, but xmms just doesn't cut it
[08:41] <La_PaRCa> I am curious... Computer__Guru how exactly do you know
where in the file the checksum is getting fudged up?
[08:41] <RQ> c ya
[08:42] <nJess> has anybody here used doom legacy? if so, will it run on
an ATi rage IIc ?
=== r0d [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:42] <nofear> where do i put winmac_fstab..
=== mantas [~mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:42] <nofear> do i rename it
[08:42] <nofear> and
[08:42] <Cooner750> how's this look? This is what worked for me. My
instructions (just viewing from MyFileStash)
[08:42] <nofear> put it in a specific area? -- sorry im still new lol
[08:42] <Computer__Guru> La_PaRCa: ya got me, i was just offering up a
ridiculously unpractical way to go at the problem :D
[08:42] <Computer__Guru> impractical
[08:43] <Computer__Guru> my bad
[08:43] <nalioth> amonkey: rhythmbox? i really dont listen to music much
[08:43] <nalioth> nofear: read it, it has instructions
[08:44] <epiloc> This may be a horrible question, but why am I getting
this error when trying to run glxgears : /media/cdrom0/rtl8180.sys
[08:44] <benplaut> hehe... Gear Live got /.'ed :(
[08:44] <Computer__Guru> rhythmbox isnt very impressive :> I wrote a
jukebox that actually looked like a jukebox in flash once :D
[08:44] <epiloc> whoops, wrong error message
[08:44] <epiloc> root@blake:/ # glxgears
[08:44] <epiloc> glxgears: Error: couldn't open display '(null)'
[08:44] <benplaut> popup blocker? :P
[08:44] <Cooner750> Computer__Guru: Did you see my link?
[08:44] <dabar> epiloc: such horrible question!! go read the conduct page
at ;)
[08:44] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: nope.. show me again
[08:45] <Cooner750>
[08:45] <hondje> comcast has to be the worst ISP in history
[08:45] <epiloc> rawr! attack of the moron
=== erudeye [~whe@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:45] <Cooner750> *just temp. viewing through myfilestash
[08:45] <Cooner750> those steps are what worked for me
[08:45] <amonkey> hondje, negative. aol's browser makes it the definite
winrar for worst isp
[08:45] <La_PaRCa> Computer__Guru, your way is not only impractical, its
[08:45] <Computer__Guru> yah i got those packages :)
[08:46] <pax> hondje: why, they block certain ports?
[08:46] <dabar> hondje: w00t, I work tech support for them:)
[08:46] <epiloc> dabar, i really have no idea why i cant run glxgears...
any ideas? Computer__Guru?
[08:46] <Computer__Guru> La_PaRCa: is it? alrighty then, allow me to
ammend my statement. You should instead download random pieces of the
file, and see which one, when patched, corrects the checksum :D
[08:46] <dabar> hondje: is there anything I could tell you about maybe??
I doubt it tho...
[08:46] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: whats that?
[08:46] <epiloc> root@blake:/ # glxgears
[08:46] <epiloc> glxgears: Error: couldn't open display '(null)'
[08:46] <nalioth> epiloc: why are you running it as root?
[08:46] <pax> epiloc: running it as root?
[08:46] <La_PaRCa> Computer__Guru, oh, now that makes far more sense!
[08:46] <dabar> epiloc: close all windows, open a new one, dont be root,
and try it.
[08:47] <epiloc> eh... k
[08:47] <Cooner750> How's my link look? (Was I just lucky; or does it
=== heyattention [~attention@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:48] <epiloc> sweet, getting nearly 1000 fps without 3d acceleration
[08:48] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: OR install the package sux, and use it
to su (sux -) instead, then your X credentials are transferred, OR as
root set your X display veriable :D
[08:48] <Cooner750> ??
[08:48] <Computer__Guru> variable
[08:48] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: it works
[08:48] <pax> epiloc: maximize that sucker and seen what fps you get
[08:48] <Cooner750> are those the steps that would work? or was I
[08:48] <IcemanV9> 665 frames in 5.0 seconds = 133.000 FPS
[08:49] <nalioth> damn this new imac sounds great
[08:49] <epiloc> pax, haha, now getting like 70fps
[08:49] <epiloc> time to install ati drivers, brb
[08:49] <Computer__Guru> 2888 frames in 5.0 seconds = 577.600 FPS
=== aimar [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:49] <Computer__Guru> lemme maximize that
[08:49] <hondje> nalioth: I almost bought one myself the other day
[08:49] <hondje> I decided I didn't want the hastle of using linux on a
[08:49] <nalioth> hondje: its Shweeeet
[08:49] <aimar> quit
[08:49] <epiloc> Computer__Guru, dont cheat and minimize the window :p
[08:49] <aimar> #exit
[08:50] <Computer__Guru> 421 frames in 5.0 seconds = 84.200 FPS
[08:50] <Computer__Guru> thats not so bad
[08:50] <nalioth> hondje: i'm enjoyin havin an actual mac that OSX doesnt
run slow on
=== dave [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:50] <hondje> heh
[08:50] <hondje> I have a mini mac
[08:50] <Computer__Guru> and i was bitchin about this card, heh
[08:50] <nalioth> hondje: but tomorry it will be ubuntuized
[08:50] <hondje> it gives me nothing but headaches
[08:50] <Computer__Guru> hai hondje
[08:50] <holycow> nalioth, tommory?
[08:50] <holycow> haha!
[08:50] <pax> speaking of deals, outpost have Hitachi 80GB Retail Hard
Drives for $25 Delivered (ar) ;)
[08:50] <holycow> you've watche too many westerns, ol chap
[08:50] <holycow> -_-
[08:51] <Computer__Guru> pax damn
=== hondje would need to be paid to buy a hitachi drive :)
[08:51] <Computer__Guru> pax what about delivered, us
[08:51] <Cooner750> what exactly are "ffmpeg" and "gstreamer0.8"?
[08:51] <Cooner750> I always wondered
[08:51] <epiloc> Computer__Guru, what vid card do you have?
=== benplaut would take free hitachi drives from hondje, if offered
=== hondje probably has one in the mini mac
[08:51] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: ffmpeg is an mpeg encoding package,
and gstreamer is for streaming video/audio
[08:51] <pax> CP, I'm taking US, (ar) means after $35 rebate
[08:51] <hondje> now that I think about it
[08:51] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: you ready for this?
[08:52] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: a 16MB ATI Rage Pro 128 Ultra 4X AGP
[08:52] <epiloc> voodoo!
[08:52] <epiloc> no way!
[08:52] <epiloc> even better
[08:52] <Agrajag> ffmpeg also decodes
[08:52] <Cooner750> Ah. So thats why it works now. I decided to put my
'instructions' on myfilestash for storage; because i'm on a LiveCD. so
all gets lost at power off
=== Cooner750 will brb
[08:53] <luminerd> RQ, I mean I need to get hardware that will have no
trouble on linux...
=== Cooner750 is back
=== Cooner750 yawns
[08:53] <Computer__Guru> epiloc: 0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller:
ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF
[08:54] <Cooner750> I know my video card is a GeForce FX 5500 256MB but
yet it can barely run a screensaver in Ubuntu......!?
=== robotgeek [] has joined
=== munki [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:54] <hondje> Cooner750: I bet you need to install the 3d accelerated
driver for it
[08:54] <Computer__Guru> Cooner750: you need to install the nvidia
accelerated server and turn on all your gl shit
[08:54] <frank> Cooner750: exactly
[08:54] <nalioth> hondje: want my address? i'm fixin to order a mini
[08:55] <Cooner750> probably. But since i'm on a LiveCD.... um....
[08:55] <hondje> nalioth: heh, I'm keeping it :p
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[08:55] <Madpilot> !nvidia
[08:55] <ubotu> nvidia is, like,
[08:55] <frank> Cooner750: its still possible to do but you will have to
do it everytime you boot
[08:55] <hondje> my minidv camcorder decided it didn't like linux
[08:55] <Computer__Guru> does nvidia have an Xorg server yet?
[08:55] <Cooner750> If I could get GParted to work...... I'd be able to
make room on my external USB drive.....
[08:55] <frank> ?
[08:55] <hondje> why would nvidia make an X server
[08:56] <synd> whats the console cmd to find out localip?
[08:56] <Cooner750> GParted keeps giving error message "error occured
while resizing partition." or something along the lines of that. However
nothing on the partition was damaged...
[08:56] <frank> Cooner750: I think I had the same problem and used
qtparted instead
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> isnt that what x loads according to your card?
vesa server for i dunno, ati server for ati, radeon server for radeon,
nvidia server for nvidia, or i think there's a built in nv server too
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> yeah they're accelerated servers
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> im certain i read that somewhere
[08:57] <Cooner750> is qtparted graphical? I dont feel safe at the
command line
[08:57] <frank> Computer__Guru: you're talking about drivers, not servers
=== IcemanV9 [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[08:57] <frank> Cooner750: qtparted is graphical
=== thejunkpit [thejunkpit@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:58] <Cooner750> installing qtparted from Synaptic now
[08:58] <thejunkpit> anybody has experience running ubuntu under vmware
on windows?
[08:58] <anacron> hmm, i just thought that, can i use macintosh drivers
to install printer in linux, since thay are both unix based systems? (of
course there are drivers for linux) but is this possible?
[08:58] <frank> Cooner750: it fixed my problem resizing a ntfs partition
[08:58] <Cooner750> I hope I dont fill my RAM temporary while doing
this... lol. it will freeze
[08:58] <Cooner750> i'm resizing FAT32 on a external USB drive..
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> frank: they're x-servers.. on woody it was dpkg
-i x-server-accel-radeon.version.deb to get the radeon driver working..
[08:59] <hyphenated> anacron: nope
[08:59] <anacron> hyphenated: can you tell me why not?
[08:59] <Computer__Guru> you would look at it in terms of drivers, but
they're the actual x servers
[08:59] <Cooner750> ok. qtparted loadng
[08:59] <Cooner750> loading*
[08:59] <Computer__Guru> or at least this was the case with xfree86
[08:59] <Computer__Guru> has it changed?
[08:59] <robotgeek> okay...i've got a weird question, has anyone tried
installing tiger without removing ubuntu?
[08:59] <hyphenated> anacron: because binary compatibility is a bit more
low-level than the general type of operating system :-)
[09:00] <epiloc> install repositories by editing the sources.list in
[09:00] <hondje> ifconfig
[09:00] <hondje> <-- nice hack
[09:00] <Cooner750> is 2.7GB enough for Ubuntu (i dont think so)?
[09:00] <frank> Cooner750: yes it is
=== DagaZ [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:00] <Cooner750> I have a blank unallocated 2.7GB on my external
[09:00] <Computer__Guru> is there a qt interface to python? yaknow the
way there's pygtk?
=== drcode [~user1@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:00] <drcode> hi all
[09:01] <drcode> any one know voice confrence with video server for
[09:01] <drcode> that work with h232 and share desktop ?
[09:01] <hondje> drcode: gnomemeeting
[09:01] <drcode> h323 sorry
[09:01] <ricosuave17> hey can someone help me compile from source
[09:01] <drcode> I mean server
[09:01] <ricosuave17> hello?
[09:01] <robotgeek> ricosuave17: what u need?
[09:01] <ricosuave17> plz i need a gtk engine
[09:02] <Cooner750> I get error "There was a problem with mkfs.ext3"
[09:02] <pax> Cooner750: allow more if you can and try to stay away from
[09:02] <Cooner750> GParted gives me a error too!?
[09:02] <Razor-X> ricosuave17: if you have Ubuntu, you _have_ a GTK
[09:02] <ricosuave17> i have a gtk engine for experience
[09:02] <Razor-X> althought, GTK isn't an engine
[09:03] <Razor-X> it's o toolkit
[09:03] <ricosuave17> i have a special experience engine
[09:03] <synd> whats the console cmd to find out localip?
[09:03] <ricosuave17> experince is a theme
[09:03] <ricosuave17> so i need to do manual compile
[09:03] <ricosuave17> is there anything i can do
=== Sir-Tez [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:03] <Razor-X> ricosuave17: hmmmm?
[09:03] <Razor-X> a theme is a theme is a theme
[09:03] <robotgeek> :)
[09:03] <Computer__Guru> 0000:02:08.0 Multimedia video controller:
Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture (rev 11)
[09:03] <Computer__Guru> ati tv wonder pro
[09:03] <Razor-X> if English isn't your primary language, there are
channels for other languages
[09:03] <Computer__Guru> just a cheap ass 878
[09:04] <Computer__Guru> heh
[09:04] <Computer__Guru> dont i feel ripped off
[09:04] <Computer__Guru> oh wait, i stole that card
[09:04] <Computer__Guru> no, i dont
=== Cooner750 is tired
[09:04] <Cooner750> I think i'm heading off to bed.
[09:05] <Computer__Guru> sleep is for the weak
[09:05] <Computer__Guru> bwahaahhaha
[09:05] <Cooner750> lol
[09:05] <Cooner750> I havent had sleep all night last night. Yep. I
pulled a all-nighter
[09:05] <Computer__Guru> me too
[09:05] <Madpilot> sleep is a symptom of caffiene deprivation
[09:05] <Computer__Guru> that reminds me
[09:05] <Computer__Guru> how IS your sister these days?
=== Computer__Guru ducks :>
[09:06] <Cooner750> caffiene? I never drink things with caffiene (5 cokes
a day)
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[09:06] <Computer__Guru> 5 grams of coke a day?!?!
[09:06] <Computer__Guru> my god man, cut back!
[09:06] <hondje> hehe
[09:07] <hondje> anyone doing more than a ball a day has a serious
problem :(
[09:07] <Cooner750> lo*burp*l
[09:07] <Computer__Guru> Damnit, Jim! I'm a cokehead not a vaccuum
[09:07] <Micksa> haha
[09:07] <Cooner750> Coke-a-Cola. lol
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[09:07] <robotgeek> Madpilot: lol, exactly!
[09:07] <Cooner750>
[09:07] <kestas> is there any way to get X-Chat to go to
[09:07] <kestas> ?
[09:08] <robotgeek> Cooner750: the word flash make me go grrrrr!
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[09:08] <Computer__Guru> we'vegot    togetthrough this          snow
injust one     night, bones
[09:08] <Cooner750> sorry.. me dont do drugs. Coke-a-cola I hope you all
know is a soda .... lol
[09:08] <Computer__Guru> i dont either, iw as just making a funny
[09:08] <hondje> kestas: click the 'skip server list at startup' button
[09:08] <Cooner750> Just calling it Coke tends to bring up a lot of
things. lol
[09:08] <hondje> on the server list window, naturally
=== hondje puts down crackpipe
[09:09] <Cooner750> lol
[09:09] <hondje> oh, yeah, me too
[09:09] <HrdwrBoB> coca-cola
[09:09] <HrdwrBoB> not coke-a-cola
[09:09] <kestas> hondje: thats what Ive done but it doesnt connect to, you have to type /server yourself
[09:09] <rommer> Cooner750: whats Coke-a-cola?
[09:09] <Cooner750> a soda.
[09:09] <rommer> whats soda?
[09:09] <Razor-X> Cooner750: didn't your mom ever say ``no drugs boy?''
[09:09] <Cooner750> lol
[09:09] <Computer__Guru> rommer: a faggy word they use for pop down in
[09:09] <robotgeek> kestas: open up your server list, say edit and say
connect on startup
[09:09] <hondje> kestas: on the shortcut, where it says command
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[09:09] <Cooner750> florida!?
[09:09] <Cooner750> lol
[09:10] <rommer> Computer__Guru: yea thats what i thought
[09:10] <Cooner750> yea. pop I call it either
[09:10] <Agrajag> why, it's doesn't go pop, it goes whoosh
[09:10] <hondje> add irc://
[09:10] <kestas> k thanks :)
[09:10] <Cooner750> lol
[09:10] <hondje> or do it robotgeek's easier way
[09:10] <robotgeek> hondje: getting him into #ubuntu directly, heh
[09:10] <Razor-X> Computer__Guru: a cigarette style word?
[09:10] <hondje> :)
[09:11] <Cooner750> anyone here ever been to #applefritter?
=== hondje would never go to a channel named #applefritter
=== Burgundavia bit
=== airmikey [] has joined
[09:11] <robotgeek> can i get my own #myownchannel ?
[09:11] <Computer__Guru> Razor-X: if that suits you, sure. although we
don't call cigarettes fags here. we call homosexuals fags. faggy is just
a way of saying it sounds gay ie off or what have you
[09:12] <Razor-X> Computer__Guru: i'm just playing
[09:12] <robotgeek> Computer__Guru: English did come from the British :)
[09:12] <eyequeue> crimsun: bug filed -- https://bugtrack.alsa-
=== mebaran151_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:12] <Razor-X> I live in the states, fag == cigarette pisses me off ;)
[09:12] <eyequeue> oops, he's gone
[09:12] <Cooner750> robotgeek. Well. I accidently typed ubuntu wrong one
day and I was the Op of a empty channel... lol
[09:12] <mebaran151_> my streamtuner doesnt work for live365
[09:12] <Computer__Guru> robotgeek: yes, but there are vast differences
between the two and the slangs that developed independantly of one
another over the past 200 years
[09:12] <mebaran151_> complain about parsing errors when I load it from
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_zZz
[09:12] <frank> mebaran151 do you run Ubuntu64?
[09:12] <eyequeue> robotgeek: /join #robotgeek
=== adwait [~adwait@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:13] <mebaran151_> frank, how DID you guess
[09:13] <robotgeek> Computer__Guru: I know, i learnt the Queen's English
[09:13] <Computer__Guru> Razor-X: heard the song lost in hollywood by
soad? all you maggots smoking fags out there on sunset boulevard
[09:13] <frank> mebaran151 because streamtuner crashes
[09:13] <Razor-X> gah!
[09:13] <mebaran151_> streamtuner works for me
[09:13] <mebaran151_> everywhere
[09:13] <eyequeue> robotgeek: /msg ChanServ help register, if you need
[09:13] <mebaran151_> except live365
[09:13] <Razor-X> I don't have a very high opinion of Englanders
[09:13] <Razor-X> but I won't bitch here, because it's not offtopic
[09:13] <frank> mebaran151 because streamtuner crashes on live365
[09:13] <Computer__Guru> bah
[09:13] <robotgeek> eyequeue: join #robotgeek , it isn't fun talking to
[09:13] <Razor-X> and, the hippies may be hearing me ;)
[09:13] <mebaran151_> frank, ah I see
[09:13] <Computer__Guru> england rocks
[09:13] <Cooner750> wow. intresting. I went to #robotchat. and look i'm a
[09:13] <Computer__Guru> been there once
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:14] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, the Britishers can beat your pants
[09:14] <Computer__Guru> london
[09:14] <Computer__Guru> very old city
[09:14] <robotgeek> Razor-X: join #robotgeej!
[09:14] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: yeah, socialist hippy ;)
[09:14] <robotgeek> Razor-X: join #robotgeek!
[09:14] <Computer__Guru> AWESOME clubs
[09:14] <Razor-X> geej?
[09:14] <Computer__Guru> and neutropics :P~
[09:14] <hondje> they prefer englandese
[09:14] <Razor-X> that too
[09:14] <eyequeue> robotgeek: i was just answering this <robotgeek> can
i get my own #myownchannel ?
[09:14] <robotgeek> eyequeue: thanks!
[09:14] <Razor-X> most of the Englanders i've talked too still think the
Revolution shouldn't have happened
[09:15] <Razor-X> and that we should all be nice, royal citizens
=== ezap [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ironwolf [] has joined
[09:15] <Cooner750> Ok. #robotchat is up and running. lol and i'm a op
[09:15] <Razor-X> Cooner750: that's what happens when you start your own
channel XD
[09:15] <mebaran151_> we are discusing Giant Robot Anime
[09:15] <frank> Razor-X: hell, I still am! (Canada)
[09:15] <Cooner750> ?
[09:16] <mebaran151_> !
[09:16] <ubotu> mebaran151_: I don't know, could you explain it?
[09:16] <mebaran151_> Giant Robot Anime?
[09:16] <Razor-X> frank: hah!
[09:16] <ricosuave17> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of
[09:16] <ricosuave17> gtk2-engines-experience depends on libc6 (>=
2.3.2.ds1-21); however:
[09:16] <ricosuave17>   Version of libc6 on system is 2.3.2.ds1-
[09:16] <ricosuave17> help me
[09:16] <Razor-X> well, that, and my political beliefs are far too
fascist for England
[09:16] <mebaran151_> You know cartoons from Japan that invovle Giant
[09:16] <ricosuave17> what does that mean
[09:16] <mebaran151_> Gundam Wing
[09:16] <Razor-X> which is pretty sad, because i'm not too off moderatism
[09:16] <mebaran151_> Big O even
[09:16] <Razor-X> not _too_ much, ;)
[09:16] <Razor-X> Big O kicks ass
[09:16] <mebaran151_> it does
[09:16] <Razor-X> second best mindfuck ever
[09:16] <Cooner750> ? wow this is intersting being a op. (not really)
[09:16] <mebaran151_> Giant Robot Anime
=== anne__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:17] <Razor-X> mindfuck
[09:17] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, check out FLCL
[09:17] <Razor-X> ohhh, I've watched that
[09:17] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: looks to me like you're using a non-
ubuntu deb?
[09:17] <ricosuave17> yes i am
[09:17] <ricosuave17> how can i fix it
[09:17] <Razor-X> that anime kicks serious ass
[09:17] <mebaran151_> that is some beautiful stuff right there
[09:17] <mebaran151_> which FLCL or Big O
[09:17] <frank> way off topic...
[09:17] <mebaran151_> way way way off topic
[09:17] <anacron> why are you talking 'bout anime here :D
[09:17] <mebaran151_> anyone up for cribbage?
[09:17] <Razor-X> anacron: because everyone else is XD
[09:18] <Razor-X> peer pressure man
[09:18] <Cooner750> wow. It's 17 past 3 AM here. lol
[09:18] <Razor-X> errggg, stop it!
[09:18] <Razor-X> you're distracting me from Ruby learning!
[09:18] <Razor-X> stupid off-topic people!
[09:18] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: that is wht it is strongly recommended
to stick to only ubuntu debs ... changing libc6 would be the solution,
but i dont recommmend that
[09:18] <mebaran151_> haha Razor-X you actually took it up
[09:18] <mebaran151_> nice
[09:18] <ricosuave17> ok well i really want this theme engine
[09:18] <anacron> Razor-X: it's just i was veri confused which channel
this is :D
[09:18] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: yeah, I did
[09:18] <mebaran151_> Ruby is a beautiful language
[09:18] <anacron> very*
=== aatim[afk] [~ghf@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:18] <Cooner750> off topic? This is a Ubuntu channel and where kind
of.... talking about Ubuntu..............................
[09:18] <mebaran151_> when you write it correctly ....
[09:18] <Razor-X> it's less restrictive than the languages i've worked
[09:18] <Razor-X> it feels pretty nice though
[09:18] <mebaran151_> yep, that is what comes from being fully oop
[09:19] <amonkey> flcl? who's talking about fooly cooly
[09:19] <Razor-X> it has a flow of it's own, which is pretty rare
[09:19] <mebaran151_> not like python where they hacked it on
[09:19] <mebaran151_> yeah
=== RQ [~rq@] has joined #Ubuntu
[09:19] <mebaran151_> you tend to try to avoid self unless you are
[09:19] <Razor-X> well, Python has the same feel as C++ OO
[09:19] <mebaran151_> amonkey, I was
[09:19] <Razor-X> it's optional, at best
[09:19] <Cooner750> lol: #cooner750
[09:19] <mebaran151_> C++ is a big set of hacks
[09:19] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: libc6 is basically what (almost) "EVERY"
pachage depends upon ... meaning ... you have to be willing to break your
whole system for this thing
[09:19] <mebaran151_> it aint no smalltalk
[09:19] <Flying-Penguin> what is a ftp program for linux?
[09:19] <amonkey> it's something you do with your hands, like this
[09:19] <Razor-X> I haven't used smalltalk so *shrugs*
[09:19] <mebaran151_> Flying-Penguin, gftp
[09:19] <Razor-X> just heard it's awesome at scripting
[09:20] <Razor-X> but, i'm wondering what I can do with Ruby
[09:20] <mebaran151_> Ruby is a usable version of smalltalk
[09:20] <robotgeek> I am sticking to Python and C!
[09:20] <Razor-X> i'm actually borrowing a friend's ``Pragmatic
Programmer's'' book, 2nd edition
[09:20] <Flying-Penguin> mebaran151_: ok ty
[09:20] <Micksa> where is lifeless when you need him
[09:20] <ricosuave17> oh else the manual compile also give me an error
[09:20] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, yeah good stuff
[09:20] <mebaran151_> what have you gotten through?
[09:20] <mebaran151_> I just took it up about 3 weeks ago
[09:20] <amonkey> is there a fix for the 7 mouse button problem yet?
[09:20] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: just to illustrate, type this (and
definitely say no when asked!) "sudo dpkg --purge libc6"
[09:20] <mebaran151_> and can already do some neato stuff
[09:21] <Cooner750> lol I '/ping cooner750'
[09:21] <mebaran151_> amonkey, you only need a 7 button mouse for FLCL :)
[09:21] <Cooner750> interesting
[09:21] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: the tutorial in Chapter 2
[09:21] <mebaran151_> oh
[09:21] <Razor-X> nothing special yet
[09:21] <mebaran151_> you going straight by the book
[09:21] <Razor-X> yeah, I am
[09:21] <Razor-X> I generally prefer that
[09:21] <Razor-X> i'm amazed at how deftly and quickly they explain the
OO concepts
[09:21] <anacron> :D 7 mouse buttons, who need's seven buttons while mac
work's fine with one :D
[09:21] <ricosuave17> ok eyequeue can u help me manual compile?
[09:21] <mebaran151_> this is a lot better than the book actually
[09:21] <mebaran151_> written by a core ruby hacker
[09:22] <Razor-X> similar concepts in C#/C++ books take 40 pages
[09:22] <Cooner750> alllright. I think i'm going to bed now.
[09:22] <robotgeek> anacron: ratpoison, "Kill the rodent"
[09:22] <mebaran151_>
[09:22] <Razor-X> robotgeek: ahhh, ratpoison is pretty nice
[09:22] <anacron> haha
[09:22] <mebaran151_> he starts from the very basics and by the end of 6
[09:22] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: you finished it?
[09:22] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: sounds like it woukd have many
[09:22] <mebaran151_> you understand metaprogramming
[09:22] <Razor-X> errr
[09:22] <ricosuave17> just one
[09:22] <mebaran151_> no
[09:22] <Cooner750> allllright...... 'night
[09:22] <ricosuave17> want to see the error?
[09:22] <Razor-X> s/you finished it/Is i better than the book?/
[09:22] <mebaran151_> seriously this is a great tutorial
[09:22] <anacron> you guy's are crazy
[09:22] <mebaran151_> I own the book
[09:22] <mebaran151_> and I use it alot
[09:23] <mebaran151_> I dont think I've read every page
=== Cooner750 yawns
[09:23] <mebaran151_> I sort of use like an encyclopedia
[09:23] <jesus-franco> good night Cooner750...
[09:23] <Cooner750> night
[09:23] <frank> good night all!
[09:23] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: I won't read topics that bore me
[09:23] <Cooner750> hopefuly I'll see this room tomorrow, and mine at
#cooner750 lol
[09:24] <Razor-X> I just skimmed chapter 1, at best
[09:24] <Cooner750> 'night
=== egli [~egli@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:24] <ricosuave17> Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config
search path.
[09:24] <ricosuave17> Perhaps you should add the directory containing
[09:24] <ricosuave17> to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
[09:24] <ricosuave17> No package 'gtk+-2.0' found
[09:24] <ricosuave17> configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >=
2.6.0 gdk-pixbuf-2.0) were not met.
[09:24] <ricosuave17> Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
variable if you
[09:24] <ricosuave17> installed software in a non-standard prefix.
[09:24] <robotgeek> ricosuave17: use #flood or pastebin :)
[09:24] <ricosuave17> sorry
[09:25] <Micksa> why have I no /usr/X11R6/lib/xkb?
[09:25] <robotgeek> though, i wonder how to fix that pkg_config problem
[09:25] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: directly after the book, i'm going to
start reading up on what I need to program an RPG in GTK
[09:25] <Razor-X> for portability
[09:25] <frank> Micksa: because you don't have X11R6!
[09:25] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, dont use GTK for that
[09:25] <mebaran151_> I GTK is meant for standard user interface
[09:25] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: what should I use then?
[09:25] <mebaran151_> ruby actually has a whole rpg game language
[09:25] <Razor-X> OpenGL is a huge huge thing
[09:25] <mebaran151_> I forgot the name
[09:26] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: RPG Maker?
[09:26] <mebaran151_> I think that might be it
[09:26] <Razor-X> I heard it uses Ruby, never even knew Ruby was it's own
powerful language
[09:26] <mebaran151_> I've never used it
[09:26] <ricosuave17> can someone tell me what that error wants?
[09:26] <nalioth_zZz> cdcameron
[09:26] <Madpilot> if there are any other Opera 8.02 users out there, can
you check and tell me if the logo is really screwed
[09:26] <Razor-X> but, I don't want a maker, that thing does most of it
for you
=== yoyo_ [] has joined
[09:26] <mebaran151_> I dont think so
[09:26] <mebaran151_> there is more to a game than writing base class
[09:26] <ricosuave17> i sue opera
[09:26] <ricosuave17> i use opera
[09:26] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, check out that tutorial
[09:26] <mebaran151_> he writes an RPG
=== epiloc [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:26] <mebaran151_> in the 5th chapter
[09:26] <Madpilot>
<-- this is what it looks like on my version of Opera...
[09:26] <epiloc> hoorah!
[09:26] <mebaran151_> most simple beautiful code ever
[09:27] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: kickass
[09:27] <Razor-X> but, is it portable?
[09:27] <mebaran151_> yep
[09:27] <mebaran151_> anywhere ruby runs
[09:27] <mebaran151_> text rpg
[09:27] <ricosuave17> it looks cool
=== jonas_30 [] has joined
[09:27] <mebaran151_> he is most genius
[09:27] <dabar> anyone use ez-ipupdate? I wanna get stuff set up. and the
config file is a little screwey, it is a no-ip type of deal, for dns
[09:27] <ricosuave17> ok someone plz my error
[09:27] <epiloc> ubuntu installed, wifi card configured, and vid card
drivers up and running in less than 2 hours
[09:27] <Razor-X> ahhh, no, I want a graphical RPG
[09:27] <mebaran151_> nah
[09:27] <mebaran151_> but this will form a good base
[09:27] <mebaran151_> in like 40 lines of code
[09:27] <Razor-X> I've programmed RPGs before ;)
[09:27] <Razor-X> that's where my program base started, originally
[09:27] <mebaran151_> he basically writes a class file that will create
all your base classes beofre
[09:27] <nalioth_zZz> xframone
[09:27] <Razor-X> before C++, before Java, before C#, before Pascal,
before all that crap
[09:27] <mebaran151_> you write a single thing
[09:28] <Razor-X> QBASIC
[09:28] <Razor-X> in all it's elegance
[09:28] <jesus-franco> Madpilot: what is your current display depth?
[09:28] <mebaran151_> dont knock it
[09:28] <eyequeue> i've programmed in RPG too, though a long time ago
[09:28] <ricosuave17> eyequeue, can u help me man
[09:28] <jonas_30> Hey everyone!, just installed Ubuntu and it rocks! now
how do i access the files on my cd's ? :D
[09:28] <jesus-franco> either opera or your monitor is setup wrong
[09:28] <Madpilot> jesus-franco: not sure, and not sure how to check. you
mean 16bit vs 32?
[09:28] <mebaran151_> it gives you huge flexibity, because the code
writes the traits for each class you create
[09:28] <robotgeek> epiloc: yay!
[09:28] <jesus-franco> linux uses 24
[09:28] <mebaran151_> so dont poo poo it quite so quickly
[09:28] <Razor-X> happier times, happier times ;)
[09:28] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: if you turn out to be mandrake, i'm gonna
fucking slap you
[09:29] <Razor-X> then ask you for your autograph
[09:29] <robotgeek> jonas_30: you have to mount them. right click on the
cd and say mount
[09:29] <nalioth_zZz> oshiosan
[09:29] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: looks like you would have to upgrade all
of gtk and gnome, as well as libc6 ... i don't recommend that at all
[09:29] <ricosuave17> so what can i do now
[09:29] <mebaran151_> Razor-X,
[09:29] <ricosuave17> ill upgrade gtk and gnome
[09:29] <mebaran151_> check that out
[09:29] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: way too many interdependencies
[09:29] <mebaran151_> near the bottom of the page
[09:29] <ricosuave17> if it need to be done
=== ^rob^ [~daci@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:29] <^rob^> hi
[09:30] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: i can't in good conscience assist that
[09:30] <ricosuave17> how do i upgrade gnome and gtk?
[09:30] <mebaran151_> if you get that code first time through, you are a
rather gifted
[09:30] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, what you mean, upgrade gnome and gtk/
=== eliUbuntu [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:30] <ricosuave17> liek update them
[09:30] <^rob^> can somebody tell me which is the package that contain
keybord layouts for X - in KDE i have no keyboard layout list (control
[09:30] <ricosuave17> gnome and gtk
[09:30] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, to what?
[09:30] <eliUbuntu> how does one use the md5 to check the iso?
[09:30] <ricosuave17> newer versions
[09:31] <eliUbuntu> never did this before =S
[09:31] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, who is mandrake?
[09:31] <eyequeue> ricosuave17: that is the sort of thing that could
break your whole machine, and not something one should do if they don't
already know how
[09:31] <mebaran151_> eliUbuntu, dll md5sum
[09:31] <mebaran151_> (I am assuming you are on windows)
[09:31] <eliUbuntu> thats all?
[09:31] <mebaran151_> and run
[09:31] <ricosuave17> well i just updateing alsa
[09:31] <eliUbuntu> thanks then :)
[09:31] <mebaran151_> md5sum myisoname.iso
[09:31] <ricosuave17> nothing wrong with updateing gtk
[09:31] <ricosuave17> and gnome
[09:31] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, newer versions of gnome are only in
the development release, which is not really stable right now
[09:31] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: i'm checking it out
[09:31] <Computer__Guru> question
[09:31] <mebaran151_> then just compare the numbers
[09:31] <eliUbuntu> will do
[09:31] <Razor-X> mandrake is an uber programmer ;)
[09:31] <eyequeue> Burgundavia: he seems to want to replace, at a
minimum, libc6, and gtk/gnome
[09:31] <ricosuave17> there is a newer stable
[09:31] <Computer__Guru> where's the option in chanserv to enable auto-
[09:31] <ricosuave17> 10.1
[09:31] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, you never know who I might be ;)
[09:31] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, you already have that
[09:32] <ricosuave17> nop
=== mindspin [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:32] <ricosuave17> it 10
[09:32] <ricosuave17> i checked my version
[09:32] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, it doesn't say it, but you have all
the fixes from 10.1 and 10.2
[09:32] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: hahaha
[09:32] <Razor-X> seriously
[09:32] <ricosuave17> fine then how do i update gtk?
[09:32] <Razor-X> i'm gonna fucking slap you, then hold you at gunpoint
and get your autograph
[09:32] <mebaran151_> the power of anonymity .......
[09:32] <mebaran151_> because take a look at that classfile
[09:32] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, which version do you want?
[09:32] <Razor-X> the slap just to have felt how it feels to slap the
gerat ``Mandrake''
[09:33] <Razor-X> it's like when I talked to Dark Dread
[09:33] <mindspin> short one, OT: whats the command to add a user without
a home directory and shell useradd -l ?
[09:33] <Razor-X> awesome awesome man
[09:33] <ricosuave17> the newest gtk 2 version avaliable
[09:33] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, the newest stable gtk you already have
[09:33] <mebaran151_> ricosuave17, uh you dont want the latest
[09:33] <ricosuave17> hwo do u know that
[09:33] <mebaran151_> the latest is never the greatest
=== BockBilbo [~Bock@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:33] <ricosuave17> i want the latest stable
[09:33] <eliUbuntu> so when you do md5sun name.iso and it spits out some
numbers, then its ok?
[09:33] <mebaran151_> because you wont have a working GTK at the end of
the day
[09:33] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, are you running hoary?
[09:33] <ricosuave17> yes
[09:33] <mebaran151_> eliUbuntu, no
[09:33] <mebaran151_> you compare that number
[09:33] <ricosuave17> but i didnt have the latest alsa drivers
[09:33] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, then you have the latest stable
[09:33] <mebaran151_> to the number they have on the site
[09:33] <eliUbuntu> or should i open the md5 file and compare the
[09:33] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: what do you suggest I do graphics in?
[09:34] <Razor-X> to make them portable?
[09:34] <mebaran151_> portable is hard
[09:34] <^rob^> is there any industrial theme for kde ?
[09:34] <Razor-X> yeah, I know
[09:34] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, after Hoary released, they froze it
and no new versions are going into it
[09:34] <mebaran151_> even GTK isnt THAT portable
[09:34] <mebaran151_> I mean you have to bundle the whole runtime, and
the bindings might go weird
[09:34] <Razor-X> but like, at LEAST 82% of the world uses Windows
[09:34] <ricosuave17> why??
[09:34] <eyequeue> eliUbuntu: those numbers are so you can check
*against a known published string* to see if it matches -- IF it does,
then it is okay
[09:34] <ricosuave17> then ill use another repostery
[09:34] <Razor-X> and for them, I have to do this
[09:34] <mebaran151_> well the WinAPI is crap for writing an RPG
[09:34] <Agrajag> ricosuave17: that's what a stable release is
[09:34] <nerd> Any one know the name of the Xorg header files package ??
[09:34] <mebaran151_> you would have to get a DirectX sdk
[09:34] <ricosuave17> why does ubuntu have to tell me what to do or not
to do
[09:34] <Razor-X> yeah, but i'm a _Linux_ user ;)
[09:34] <mebaran151_> which I think costs money
[09:35] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, SDL
[09:35] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, it doesn't
[09:35] <mebaran151_> Burgundavia, doesn't?
[09:35] <mebaran151_> cool
[09:35] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: ahhh, there we are!
[09:35] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, you have some of the latest stable
stuff in the world
[09:35] <Razor-X> SDL is also on Windows
[09:35] <ricosuave17> nop
[09:35] <ricosuave17> i dont
[09:35] <ricosuave17> alsa wasnt latest
=== ^rob^ [~daci@] has left #ubuntu []
[09:35] <Agrajag> ricosuave17: if you want the latest and greatest, run
breezy, and expect things to break, because that is what happens when you
upgrade package versions in a release
[09:35] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, almost anything newer is unstable
[09:35] <ricosuave17> it was like 10 versions old
[09:35] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, porting from SDL to DirectX
[09:35] <mebaran151_> is not such a big deal
[09:35] <eliUbuntu> eyequeue
[09:35] <eliUbuntu> thanks
[09:35] <mebaran151_> they use pretty similar syntax or so I am told
[09:35] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: how portable is SDL?
[09:35] <eyequeue> eliUbuntu: yw
[09:36] <mebaran151_> pretty portable
[09:36] <eliUbuntu> and thanks to the others who helped as well
[09:36] <mebaran151_> I think you can install it
=== sqr [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:36] <Razor-X> excellent
[09:36] <mebaran151_> Unreal for Linux is done in SDL
[09:36] <Razor-X> i'll have to learn SDL in Ruby after the book
[09:36] <Razor-X> really? crazy!
[09:36] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, ubuntu does not put new versions of
software into the stable version of Ubuntu
[09:36] <mebaran151_> yeah
[09:36] <mebaran151_> they used SDL because it was portable from the
Direct X
[09:36] <ricosuave17> damn ubuntu
=== ricosuave17 kicks floor
[09:36] <eyequeue> lol
[09:36] <mebaran151_> I think all they needed was some ifdef's in the
[09:36] <Razor-X> ahhh, I see
[09:36] <ricosuave17> well ill deal with this t-morrow
[09:36] <ricosuave17> its so fucken late
[09:37] <Burgundavia> ricosuave17, if you don't want to run ubuntu, there
are other distros. Gentoo and FC roll the latest stuff into their
"stable" distro
[09:37] <Razor-X> r u thr????!!! XD
[09:37] <Agrajag> haha stable gentoo
[09:37] <Razor-X> ok, I just had to get AOLer out of my system
[09:37] <Agrajag> oh that's a good one
=== zer [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:37] <robotgeek> hey..firefox updates??
[09:37] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, from SDL
[09:37] <mindspin> again, for if someone overread it :whats the command
to add a user without a home directory and login shell useradd -l ?
[09:37] <mebaran151_> you might call GTK widgets to save
[09:37] <eyequeue> robotgeek: 1.0.6 is in breezy, should be hitting
backports soon, i would guess
=== Razor-X [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:38] <robotgeek> eyequeue: me still on hoary..ok school!
[09:38] <mebaran151_> SDL will provide the canvas on which you will put
your little map screen
[09:38] <Burgundavia> robotgeek, pitti is currently working on
backporting the security fixes
[09:38] <mebaran151_> it provides a nice canvas and abstraction
=== robotgeek slaps himself awake!
[09:38] <mebaran151_> other wise you would have to go straight into X11
[09:38] <Razor-X> mebaran151_: cool
[09:38] <robotgeek> eyequeue: meant to type, old school!
[09:38] <mebaran151_> Razor-X, we shouldn't clog up the channel
[09:38] <Razor-X> is there a reliable SDL-ruby wrapper?
[09:38] <Razor-X> yeah, let's go to offtopic
[09:39] <eyequeue> robotgeek: hence i mentioned backports :) just
mentioning breezy as it happened tonight, so "it's in the pipe" heh
=== r0bby2 [] has joined
[09:39] <robotgeek> eyequeue: i got some updates in the line, apt-get
update && apt-get ugpgrade!!
[09:40] <eyequeue> rob^: cool
[09:40] <eyequeue> grr xchat
=== sqr [] has left #ubuntu ["Sto]
[09:40] <nalioth_zZz> byjameson
=== laki_keren_1 [~cool@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ghete1 [] has joined
[09:41] <Ghete1> how do i make a folder "world readable"?
=== AlohaWulf [] has joined
[09:42] <eyequeue> Ghete1: o+r chmod /the/directory/name/
[09:42] <laki_keren_1> halo all
[09:42] <laki_keren_1> hi all
=== _newbie_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:42] <jesus-franco> hello
[09:42] <eyequeue> Ghete1: u=user g=group o=other
[09:43] <_newbie_> good morning
=== _newbie_ is now known as Tobi_
[09:43] <Tobi_> damn kvirc :>
[09:43] <eyequeue> Ghete1: r=read w=write x=eXecute
[09:43] <jonas_30> cant access files on burned CD help :D
[09:43] <Tobi_> daniels: I just wanted to report that it's still not
working with the new x-packages, in case you don't know it.
=== jbone [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:44] <eyequeue> Ghete1: o+rx chmod /the/directory/name/ if you want
them to be able the "traverse" the directory and list filenames
=== Madeye [~Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu
[09:44] <robotgeek> sic...the firefox packages were some gnome-support
things, not 1.0.5/.6...*sigh*, *waits*
[09:44] <eyequeue> Ghete1: ugh ugh ugh ... syntax error on my part
=== Madeye [~Jad@] has left #Ubuntu ["Knowledge]
[09:45] <eyequeue> Ghete1: chmod o+rx /the/directory/name/
[09:45] <daniels> Tobi_: yeah, found and fixed another couple of
problems, will be uploaded next week
[09:45] <mebaran151_> later Razor-X
[09:45] <Tobi_> daniels: and xlibs still won't install. and if it would,
it would delete the whole xkeyboard-config stuff.
[09:45] <daniels> Tobi_: right. that's the one I fixed.
[09:46] <Tobi_> daniels: nice. is there some workaround? it's my work
computer and i'm programmer, so it's hard with copy&paste brackets ;))
[09:46] <daniels> Tobi_: heh
[09:46] <jonas_30> anyone plays War2 here ?
[09:46] <Ghete1> eyequeue: thanks
[09:47] <eyequeue> Ghete1: yw
[09:47] <rommer> does anyone here know how to setup a round robin dns?
[09:47] <daniels> Tobi_: not yet, sorry. just try forcing an older
version installed, rm -rf /etc/X11/xkb, and installing xkeyboard-config
(you'll need to force dependencies)
=== xuniluser [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:47] <xuniluser> HELP: how do i mount OnTrackDM6 type of HD?
[09:47] <eyequeue> rommer: i've usually added multiple A lines to the
zone file
[09:47] <robotgeek> alrite, l8r guys!
[09:47] <Tobi_> daniels: an older version of xlibs?
=== robotgeek [] has left
#ubuntu [""zzzzzz]
=== qt2 sighs...
[09:48] <qt2> so...
[09:48] <daniels> Tobi_: yeah
[09:48] <qt2> i've managed to mess up my sound badly :x
[09:48] <eyequeue> rommer: foo A    bar A    baz A
[09:49] <rommer> rommer: what should foo, bar and baz be?
[09:49] <rommer> anything?
=== liable [~linux@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
[09:49] <jonas_30> help: how do i access files on CD?
=== necris [~necris@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:50] <eyequeue> rommer: man, i need sleep, i said that backwards ....
should be, for "foo.domain.tld" in the zone file for "domain.tld" three
lins like this:
[09:50] <Madpilot> jonas_30: the CD should automount when you close the
=== sqr [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:50] <eyequeue>      A
[09:50] <qt2> anyone happen to know how i reset my audio settings to what
they were originally?
=== Ghete1 [] has left
#ubuntu []
=== cyberixae [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:51] <eyequeue> foo A      foo A     foo A
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:51] <cyberixae> What is the password for the hoary live cd?
=== r0bby2 is now known as r0bby
[09:51] <jesus-franco> no
[09:51] <rommer> yea ok
[09:51] <cyberixae> I accidentially locked my screen
[09:51] <eyequeue> rommer: clearer? duplicate lines, with just the IPs
[09:51] <jesus-franco> cyberixae: just use sudo on the live cd
=== _mage_afk is now known as _mage_bf2
[09:52] <jesus-franco> there is no password
[09:52] <rommer> yep
=== ompaul [~ompaul@] has joined #ubuntu
=== The_Vox [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:53] <qt2> ...guess not. ~_~;
[09:53] <cyberixae> So what is the name of the screen saver proces?
=== divid is now known as familiemannMedPa
[09:53] <cyberixae> Or is X triggered to die along with it?
[09:54] <jesus-franco> qt2: the only way I would know how is to create
another user and remove your current user
=== familiemannMedPa is now known as divid
[09:54] <jesus-franco> qt2: make sure you give your root a password first
[09:54] <Tobi_> daniels: thanks. gonna try that.
[09:54] <jesus-franco> qt2: sudo passwd root
=== IIIEars [] has joined
=== qt2 raises an eyebrow...
[09:55] <jesus-franco> qt2: I know... but i dont know of another way
[09:55] <qt2> couldnt i completly remove alsa, oss, and esound, and then
reinstall all three?
[09:55] <eliUbuntu> how do you find the trash file in ubuntu?
[09:55] <eliUbuntu> in the terminal
[09:55] <qt2> loke "including config files"
[09:55] <ompaul> cyberixae, X is not triggered to die with it unless you
kill X and it then dies with it :) the name escapes me but wait a moment
and I find it for you
[09:55] <jesus-franco> qt2: sure but then your gonna need to remove its
dependencies aswell
[09:56] <cyberixae> Ok. Thanks
[09:56] <jesus-franco> it would be easier to remove a user
[09:56] <qt2> eliUbuntu, updatedb & locate trash? :D
[09:56] <qt2> jesus-franco, isnt it possible to ignoere dependencies?
[09:56] <eliUbuntu> thanks qt2 :D
[09:56] <IIIEars> qt2 - erm - wonder if reinstalling ubuntu-desktop in
synaptic will replace reinstall sound...
[09:56] <cyberixae> I changed the password and got out of the problem
[09:56] <eliUbuntu> will try
[09:56] <cyberixae> thanks
=== cyberixae [] has left #ubuntu []
[09:57] <jesus-franco> qt2: dont know
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:57] <jesus-franco> qt2: im sure theres a better way to fix this, or
example removing the configuration file in your home directory but i dont
know what files they are
=== hamstera [~hamstera@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:57] <jesus-franco> qt2: maybe someone else here knows...
[09:58] <nalioth_zZz> eliUbuntu: ~/.Trash, and others depending on what
DMs you are running
[09:58] <IIIEars> eliubuntu - your trash file is in the home folder - put
a check mark in view hidden files
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[09:58] <qt2> jeremias, heh, i was editing various files.... :P
[09:58] <Computer__Guru> Linux version 2.6.10-5-686 (buildd@vernadsky)
(gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-8ubuntu2)) #1 Fri Jun 24 17:33:34 UTC
[09:58] <qt2> jesus-franco, so it's not just my home dir... ;)
[09:59] <eliUbuntu> nalioth, qt2, IIIEars, thanks for your help
[09:59] <IIIEars> <<- considering Athlon 64 will - i need nerd skills to
install it?
[09:59] <eliUbuntu> now i know where to find it :)
[09:59] <eliUbuntu> to use it you do
[09:59] <eliUbuntu> i tried it
[09:59] <nalioth_zZz> IIIEars: 686 is more user friendly
[10:00] <jesus-franco> qt2: your sound is messed up right, by that you
mean the audio setting are wrong
[10:00] <jesus-franco> qt2: those are stored in your home folder
[10:00] <qt2> IIIEars, it takes some effort.
=== Tchaka [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:00] <IIIEars> nalioth - erm - this isn't really a rational decision
on my part. farcry has a 64 bit mod. - lol
[10:00] <jesus-franco> qt2: I just dont know what files it is
[10:00] <nalioth_zZz> IIIEars: ya lost me, i'm mostly asleep
[10:00] <qt2> jesus-franco, no, its sound overall, for everyone in the
[10:01] <eyequeue> eliUbuntu: ls -la ~/.Trash/
[10:01] <jesus-franco> qt2: oh...I see
=== alv [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:01] <eliUbuntu> jesus-franco -- you're the one who made the howto for
the ati driver yes?
[10:01] <eliUbuntu> eyequeue
[10:01] <eliUbuntu> thanks:)
[10:01] <eliUbuntu> found it
[10:01] <IIIEars> nalioth - sorry - FarCry is a really good looking and
immersive first person shooter. (sheepish grin)
[10:01] <jesus-franco> aliUbuntu: yes I am
[10:01] <jesus-franco> :D
[10:02] <eliUbuntu> good howto - i liked it
[10:02] <jesus-franco> I used documentation that I found on the gentoo
wiki, and on the ubuntu forums
[10:02] <eliUbuntu> it proved pretty tough for me to get that installed
though. ati drivers are notorious
[10:03] <IIIEars> nalioth - thanks again for your help and advice.
[10:03] <eliUbuntu> next time im gonna get nVidia
[10:03] <eliUbuntu> it works nonetheless
[10:03] <eliUbuntu> :)
=== housetier [] has joined
=== RabidDog [] has joined
=== Ribs [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:04] <nalioth_zZz> IIIEars: make ya a seperate partition to play with
[10:04] <IIIEars> eliubuntu - yep - nVidia is a bit easier. - but for a
home pvr the ati all in wonder card is all there is
[10:04] <IIIEars> Hm - excellent idea.
[10:04] <eliUbuntu> so, you're saying that ati is better than nVidia?
[10:05] <jesus-franco> couldnt of been done without teumima, great how to
on the forums
[10:05] <jesus-franco> ati's all in wonder is good for a pvr he said
[10:05] <jesus-franco> nVidia however had better support for linux
[10:05] <Micksa> got a url?
[10:05] <IIIEars> nah - just that personal video recording software on
linux is the next really big thing.
=== Raptoid [~Raptoid@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:05] <Micksa> I'm been researching PVR stuff a bit
=== djp [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:06] <eliUbuntu> pvr... means...
=== thain [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:06] <jesus-franco> personal video recorder
[10:06] <thain> anyone else noticed problems with firefox's security
[10:06] <xuniluser> Does anyone knows how to mount a harddrive with this
type "OnTrackDM6"
[10:06] <mebaran151_> mencoder: the best encoder out there
[10:06] <mebaran151_> thanks to codec par none
[10:06] <eliUbuntu> oh, so better importing dv
[10:07] <IIIEars> personal video recorder. - time shift your programs to
watch when you are ready. skip through commercials
=== zhejiang [~zhejiang@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:07] <mebaran151_> xuniluser, quoi?
[10:07] <qt2> jesus-franco, <- i follow this, and
i cant seem to reverse the effects now.
[10:07] <thain> firefox crashes when i try to open a new tab (i'm using
the tab extensions)
[10:07] <mebaran151_> OnTrackDM6 looks like a name
[10:07] <mebaran151_> what is the fs on the drive
=== AlohaWulf [] has left
#ubuntu []
=== msieradzki [] has joined
[10:07] <jesus-franco> qt2: that tutorial messed up the sound in your
computer ?
=== zhejiang [~zhejiang@] has left #ubuntu [""]
[10:08] <jesus-franco> or was it something else...
[10:08] <djp> thain: only just updated this morning... just tried opening
a new tab, using CTRL-T, and worked fine. not using the "tab extension"
here though
[10:09] <qt2> jesus-franco, nope, it was that tutuorial...
[10:09] <eliUbuntu> you guys ever heard of gnome-launch-box?
[10:09] <eliUbuntu> great program
[10:09] <eliUbuntu> and happy to find it in the repos
[10:09] <jesus-franco> link? :)
[10:09] <qt2> jesus-franco, almost positive.
=== egli [~egli@] has left #ubuntu []
[10:10] <thain> djp: it crashed when i disabled the extensions. after
starting it again the extensions were disabled but ctrl-t still crashed
[10:10] <qt2> thain, tried uninstalling them?
=== kronz [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:10] <qt2> jesus-franco, talking to me?
=== seb128 [] has joined
[10:10] <jesus-franco> qt2: it seems easy to fix it. Remove the file
[10:10] <qt2> jesus-franco, tried that... didnt work.
[10:10] <jesus-franco> and remove libesd-alsa0
[10:10] <djp> thain: strange...just tried again, opened 5 tabs without
any problem. will keep an eye on that though.
[10:11] <thain> djp: hmm perhaps it's the -gnome-support
[10:11] <thain> i remember i had problems with openoffice's add-on gnome
[10:11] <eliUbuntu>
[10:11] <thain> djp: that did it, it was the gnome support
[10:11] <djp> thain: i gather you are running hoary?
[10:11] <thain> djp: yes
[10:12] <djp> ok, great thain
[10:12] <djp> you can start tabbing again! ;)
[10:12] <thain> djp: well thanks anyway, even if it wasn't the tab stuff
=== _mike [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:12] <thain> argh...
[10:12] <thain> it started again
[10:12] <thain> x)
[10:12] <_mike> is there an ftp server i can get kubuntu live from? im
only seeing http
[10:13] <thain> djp: now i can't manage to open the extensions window at
[10:13] <jesus-franco> does anyone know why firefox 1.04 in the backports
repository depends on gcc4-base :o
[10:13] <eliUbuntu> good question
[10:13] <eliUbuntu> no clue
[10:14] <eliUbuntu> had to correct the version number though in the
[10:14] <thain> you could easily backport gcc4-base if it's at all
similar to gcc-3.3-base and gcc-3.4-base :)
[10:14] <thain> empty package with no dependencies
[10:14] <_mike> is there an ftp server i can get kubuntu live from? im
only seeing http
[10:15] <epiloc> what is a good gnome-based cd burning utility?
=== Corical [~corical@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:15] <eliUbuntu> _mike you should try the mirrors
[10:15] <Madpilot> epiloc: gnomebaker
=== zer [] has left #ubuntu []
[10:15] <lhb> epiloc: gnomebaker
[10:15] <eliUbuntu> its on the site
[10:15] <Madpilot> epiloc: some stuff you can burn thru Nautilus, too.
[10:16] <_mike> elibuntu, are they on or
=== xinud [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:16] <epiloc> does gnomebaker come with ubuntu>
[10:16] <epiloc> ?
[10:16] <eliUbuntu> hmmm... ubuntu, not kubuntu - sorry for the
misguiding =S
[10:16] <djp> anyone know why (very) occassionally, when starting up
hoary, after logging in from the gdm, only the background colour appears
and... that's it! i have to restart the machine and then everything is
fine. This has probably only happened on a couple of ocassions however.
=== user1000 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:16] <_mike> its cool
[10:16] <jesus-franco> epiloc: no it does not
[10:16] <Madpilot> epiloc: it's in the repos
[10:16] <user1000> Hi how is everyone doing?
[10:16] <user1000> :)
[10:16] <eliUbuntu> djp never had that problem
=== Svennelito [~Svennelit@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> gnomebaker?
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> yes it is
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> just installed it recently
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> doing well here
[10:17] <epiloc> eliUbuntu, how did you install?
[10:17] <rommer> does anyone here know how to setup a round robin dns?
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> through synaptic
[10:17] <epiloc> k
[10:17] <eliUbuntu> i searched gnomebaker
[10:17] <epiloc> thx
[10:18] <Svennelito> argh... alsa-problems here. Anybody know how to get
the microphone working? (sound playback works fine)
[10:18] <eliUbuntu> and voila there it was
[10:18] <thain> djp: disabling both the tab extensions and gnome support
seems to get me further; no crashes yet...
[10:18] <djp> good thain
[10:18] <ompaul> user1000, good
[10:18] <epiloc> does gnomebaker burn iso's?
[10:18] <eliUbuntu> yes
[10:18] <user1000> :)
[10:18] <Madpilot> epiloc: yes
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:230:1bff:feb7:2528] has joined
[10:19] <djp> i wondered if my problem was graphic card driver related.
i use the nv driver with my geforce2 card.
=== Adross [] has joined #ubuntu
=== frederik_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:19] <epiloc> installing now... awesome
=== qt2 [] has joined
[10:19] <Adross> anyone know some good osxdock programs for gnome?
[10:19] <holycow> offtopic, but i gotta say, the last few dilberts have
been awfully clever
[10:19] <epiloc> and how does everyone like evolution for handling mail?
[10:19] <Madpilot> good night/morning/day/whatever, everyone
[10:20] <djp> epiloc: i use evolution and mutt
[10:20] <IIIEars> epiloc - thunderbird is a bit easier to configure.
evolution can make nicer looking mail.
[10:20] <jesus-franco> epiloc: it integrates well with the rest of gnome,
and it is very fast, and has more features then thunderbird
=== LeeColleton [] has joined
[10:21] <eliUbuntu> i dont use evo, not very good i thought
=== jesus-franco [] has left
#ubuntu []
[10:21] <eliUbuntu> like thunderbird
=== frederik_ [] has left #ubuntu
=== zeedo [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:21] <Svennelito> i use tbird as well
[10:22] <qt2> so yeah...
=== koke [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Svennelito is in need of alsa-help
[10:22] <ArdieM> ive installed kubuntu and when i try to start it i get
this error: "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS : Unable to mount root fs on
=== Aegir [] has joined
=== SloMoSnail [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:23] <epiloc> gnome is so much faster than kde
[10:23] <epiloc> but jesus its ugly
[10:23] <epiloc> sorry :(
=== schasi_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== pinoyraja [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:24] <qt2> epiloc, it can be made 'pretty'
[10:24] <ArdieM> is ther eonly gnome and kde preinstalled with ubuntu?
[10:25] <IIIEars> epiloc - KDE is nicer looking out of the box, spent a
bit of time personalizing gnome's appearence. - pretty simple and
amazingly flexible.
[10:25] <thain> i thought kde is faster; i use gnome because it looks
better :)
[10:25] <pinoyraja> hello
[10:25] <ArdieM> kde is one of the slowest ^^
[10:25] <thechitowncubs> kde vs gnome war over
[10:25] <thechitowncubs> use what you like
[10:25] <thechitowncubs> no one cares
[10:26] <ArdieM> the developers do
[10:26] <ArdieM> :) lets go to the developers channel and spam
[10:26] <Ribs> Hi, anyone having problems with amarok?
[10:26] <deFrysk> I care
[10:26] <IIIEars> epiloc - check out - preferences > themes - has even more.
=== catfox [] has joined
[10:26] <Ribs> When I start amarok now, it just quits after opening the
main window
[10:27] <ArdieM> epiloc: hm hm "dropline gnome"
=== schasi_ is now known as schasi
[10:27] <thechitowncubs> ribs, i am
[10:27] <IIIEars> Gnome and emacs on an ext3 filesystem - VI suxors -
wild goofy grin
[10:28] <Ribs> thechitowncubs: Same problem as me?
[10:28] <thechitowncubs> the ubuntu version is old
=== thomas_ [] has joined
[10:28] <Ribs> it was working for ages, then suddenly did this
[10:28] <Ribs> even deleteing .kde/share/apps/amarok didn't fix it
[10:28] <ArdieM> wich fs should i use for root home and boot?
[10:28] <thechitowncubs> Ribs, yes, mine occasionaly hangs on the start,
usually it works it self out after a reboot or the removal of the
~/.kde/share/apps/amarok directory
[10:28] <thechitowncubs> lol ribs
[10:28] <thechitowncubs> you thought of the same thing i did
[10:28] <deFrysk> /boot would be ext3 or ext2
[10:28] <Ribs> thechitowncubs: :)
[10:29] <Ribs> thechitowncubs: people who use amarok a lot often have to
do that, I think :)
=== thain [] has left #ubuntu []
[10:29] <deFrysk> /home noone cares
[10:29] <IIIEars> heh
[10:29] <ArdieM> and rooT?
[10:29] <deFrysk> root would be 4 me ext3
[10:29] <thechitowncubs> Ribs: the ubuntu package is out of date and i
don't like that :'(
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:30] <ArdieM> okay than i use ext3 on all
[10:30] <ArdieM> as i did
[10:30] <ArdieM> before :)
[10:30] <Ribs> thechitowncubs: Well yeah, it will be. All hoary version
numbers are fixed unless security updates come out
[10:30] <deFrysk> ext3 is safe and compatible with ext2 sou always safest
[10:30] <thechitowncubs> Ribs: i know that
[10:30] <deFrysk> so*
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o daniels] by daniels
[10:31] <Ribs> oh well
[10:31] <Ribs> I'll settle with beep for now, I guess
[10:31] <IIIEars> epiloc - check out this link for an even more personal
looking gnome. "alltray" borderless windows+
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@gnulinuxer.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== weo [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nofear [] has left #ubuntu
=== helgoman_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
[10:33] <Svennelito> can i use alsa for input source?
=== lok [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Speedy2 [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:35] <IIIEars> .
[10:35] <ArdieM> why gnome as standard???
[10:35] <ArdieM> what are the pros?
[10:35] <deFrysk> ArdieM, why kde ?
[10:36] <IIIEars> !desktops
[10:36] <ubotu> IIIEars: I'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox?
[10:36] <epiloc> IIIEars, transparent terminal looks tasty :)
[10:36] <IIIEars> !desktop
[10:36] <ubotu> IIIEars: Are you smoking crack?
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:36] <IIIEars> agh - ubotu the amnesiac
[10:36] <taz> lol @ ubotu
[10:36] <LuNaTiK^GuY> My DVD playback is very sluggish....wot are the
[10:37] <ArdieM> [10:36:20] [ubotu] IIIEars: Are you smoking crack?
[10:37] <IIIEars> epiloc - you can do that allready no need for alltrat
except to remove window borders
[10:37] <deFrysk> since when is a bot funny ?
[10:38] <IIIEars> epiloc bring up a terminal and "edit" > "current
=== maddler [maddler@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:39] <LuNaTiK^GuY> can some1 help?
[10:39] <Burgundavia> LuNaTiK^GuY, have you enabled DMA?
[10:39] <IIIEars> LuNaTiK^GuY, - we can sure try. (psst no ned to ask if
you can ask a question we don't bite.)
[10:39] <Burgundavia> LuNaTiK^GuY,
[10:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no i havent eneable DMA yet
[10:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> should i?
[10:40] <Burgundavia> LuNaTiK^GuY, yes
=== Crush [] has joined
[10:40] <Amaranth> LuNaTiK^GuY: Yeah, it should make DVD playback work
_much_ better.
[10:41] <jonas_30> Anyone here used Xp and can help me switch?
=== seb128 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:41] <epiloc> ok, i am having a little trouble setting up evolution
[10:41] <epiloc> smtp server is good....
[10:41] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok i'll try it then
[10:41] <deFrysk> anyone using xp is beyond help :s
[10:42] <epiloc> incoming server is good, user name is set, but cant find
where to put password?
[10:42] <jsgotangco> deFrysk: that's not a good thing to say for new
people trying to dive in
[10:42] <epiloc> for evolution
[10:42] <IIIEars> epiloc - yep - evo is painful to configure - afraid
only trial and error is effective.
[10:42] <epiloc> where do i input my password?
[10:42] <epiloc> its the last step!
[10:43] <visor> epiloc: what are you trying to do my friend?
[10:43] <epiloc> there is even a checkbox to 'remember password'
=== sqr [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:43] <epiloc> but there is nowhere to type my password in the first
[10:43] <jonas_30> defrysk: true i cant understand, if its free, how come
you have to pay to play a game you just bought... :D
[10:43] <epiloc> visor, i am trying to configure evolution
[10:44] <lok> trying ? is it so hard ?
[10:44] <visor> epiloc: with pop3 and smtp and the like?
[10:44] <epiloc> visor, if you have any experience with evo, please stop
[10:44] <epiloc> yes
[10:44] <deFrysk> jonas_30, ?
[10:44] <epiloc> lok, no... but the password box is hiding somewhere
[10:44] <IIIEars> epiloc - try getting and sending mail it might just
bring up a password box then. at least thunderbird does it that way.
[10:44] <epiloc> :)
[10:44] <epiloc> tried that
[10:44] <epiloc> no avail
=== Amaranth [~amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== volvoguy [] has joined
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
[10:45] <deFrysk> epiloc, it should
=== cmatheso1 [] has joined
[10:46] <epiloc> it just says "fetching mail"
[10:46] <deFrysk> epiloc, sounds like you are trying to set up gmail ?
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== JaneW [~JaneW@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Poromies [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:48] <deFrysk> jonas_30, I'd rather not be privated unasked and even
not privated at all
[10:49] <epiloc> deFrysk, no... Evo
[10:49] <IIIEars> epiloc - i just configured it. when you finish
configuration it brings up a password box on first use
[10:49] <jonas_30> Sorry, Am just from another planet
=== Ghete1 [] has joined
=== concept10 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:50] <IIIEars> epiloc if it isn't doing that i might try unchecking
"remember password" then getting mail
[10:50] <deFrysk> epiloc, make sure the pop-server settings are correct
[10:50] <epiloc> lol, tried that too
[10:50] <epiloc> im missing something simple here... one sec
=== comadreja [] has joined
[10:51] <comadreja> where is the networking configuration for startup ?
because I have no auto eth0 line on my interfaces file, and it gets up
[10:51] <IIIEars> epiloc - there is a button "check for supported types"
click it. open the drop down box beside it and non usable options will be
crossed out.
[10:51] <volvoguy> does anyone have any firsthand tips on setting up a
non-system/non-boot set of drives with RAID 1?
[10:52] <visor> comadreja: in System, Administration, Network devices or
something like that (i have the system installed in spanish so i dont
know how it is on english)
[10:52] <comadreja> visor, I know, but I want to edit the file by hand
=== thomas_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[10:54] <epiloc> hmm, sendmail server is fine
[10:54] <epiloc> the pop server must be down
[10:54] <epiloc> which does happen time to time
[10:54] <Flying-Penguin> what is the xmms plugin that lets you play .mp3s
and wmas???
[10:54] <visor> comadreja: /etc/network and /etc/init.d/ifupdown
[10:54] <volvoguy> Flying-Penguin: you probably want libmad
[10:54] <IIIEars> Flying-Penguin, w32codecs??
[10:54] <comadreja> visor, nopes, it's not that file
=== BeTa [] has joined #ubuntu
=== knudsen_ [] has joined
[10:55] <comadreja> visor I have it down on that file, and on startup it
get ups
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:55] <visor> comadreja: you want the files that start's the network
interfaces or what?
=== Ghete1 [] has left
#ubuntu []
[10:55] <LuNaTiK^GuY> I put DMA on my drives...and now both Totem and
Xine exit when i try to play a DVD
[10:55] <comadreja> visor : yes, but there must be something else,
because I have no configuration for eth0 on that file and it gets up
=== JaneW [~JaneW@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== TiffOn [] has joined
[10:56] <knudsen_> Hello. I would like to get acces to a printer
connected to a windows computer on my network. Could anybody give me a
hint where to start?
[10:56] <Flying-Penguin> volvoguy: yes I think thats what I was looking
[10:57] <knudsen_> I have installed Samba, and I can connect to the
Windows computer
[10:57] <visor> comadreja: ok let me get this straight, your interface
activates at startup but there is no info on any of those files for eth0
so you want to know where the info for eth0 is?
=== snowblink [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:58] <visor> knudsen_: System, Administration, printers -> New printer
[10:58] <comadreja> visor : that's it
[10:58] <LuNaTiK^GuY> I cant even eject my drive now :(
=== BeTa_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:59] <knudsen_> visor: I guess I have to choose "network printer" and
then "windows printer (smb)" ... am I right?
[11:00] <visor> knudsen_ yes
[11:00] <comadreja> visor : it's gotta be some hotplug thing
=== jonas_30 [] has joined
[11:01] <knudsen_> visor: Thanks ... now it works (I must have done
something wrong the last time I tried this :-))
[11:01] <visor> comadreja: i think that hotplug manages the network or
=== knudsen_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[11:02] <visor> comadreja: /etc/network/interfaces has info about this
[11:02] <comadreja> visor : me too... I'll check the hotplug docs, thanks
a lot
[11:03] <volvoguy> Flying-Penguin: glad I could help. :)
=== Valandil [] has joined
=== Bubbling_Zombie [] has joined
=== mebaran151_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== thisfred [] has joined
=== daves [~daves@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:05] <epitron> hey, what's the best sound mixer to use? esd is
default, but it feels pretty crappy compared to windows' directx sound
[11:05] <luminerd> How much of this is true...I've never really seen a
cheap machine fail - or any machine really, except my laptop's hard
drive...but if I get 50 of them what are the chances of failure?"cheap
machines fail, you get what you pay for. We've seen approx FIVE TIMES
the failure rate in the Celeron machine I quoted over the AMD machine."
[11:05] <daves> evning all :)
[11:05] <epitron> has anyone tried the other ones, like arts, alsa, etc?
[11:05] <deFrysk> esd works fine for me
=== mantas [~mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:06] <epitron> deFrysk: don't you notice the mixing lag?
[11:06] <deFrysk> no
[11:06] <epitron> and the slowness when you adjust the volume?
[11:06] <Flying-Penguin> volvoguy: that didn't make wma work :(
[11:06] <deFrysk> no
[11:06] <epitron> hrm. do you have an SBlive?
=== Chameleon22 [~Serg@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:06] <deFrysk> no
[11:06] <deFrysk> ;p
[11:06] <epitron> :)
[11:06] <epitron> why do you think i've got lag?
[11:07] <daves> from lastnight I got Openoffice installed via dgpk but
via synaptic it's not shown as being installed but in a local setting and
it's installed in the menus any help ???
[11:07] <deFrysk> epiloc, dunno but you can alway try alsa or arts if you
[11:07] <lok> epitron>> your can be too slow, your sound card isn't well
supporetd etc...
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY []
has joined #ubuntu
[11:08] <rob^> daves, why did you use dpkg, its part of a default ubuntu
[11:08] <epitron> my isn't too slow... it is a crappy sound card though
[11:08] <deFrysk> epiloc, in gnome just hit gstreamer-properties and set
it up for alsa
[11:08] <deFrysk> and test what suits you
[11:08] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> can ubuntu use a soundblaster live! 5.1 card?
[11:08] <epitron> interesting
[11:09] <epitron> i thought gstreamer was a codec thing...
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:09] <lok> nope
[11:09] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and can i control the features of the card like
i would be able to in windows
[11:09] <deFrysk> ChurcH_of_FoamY, alsamixer
[11:09] <lok> daves>> openoffice is installed by default
[11:10] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok
[11:10] <daves> ya but u want the latest openoffice 2.0 beta :)
[11:10] <rob^> daves, what for?
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== hard_i [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:11] <volvoguy> Flying-Penguin: for wma i think you need the w32codecs
package. i don't use it so i'm not sure if it's in multiverse or some
external repository like marillat.
[11:11] <lok> daves>> 2.0 isn't really stable
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:11] <lok> if you really want it, use the backports
[11:11] <kestas> I cant wait for OOo base
=== se7enone [] has joined
[11:12] <epitron> OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo
[11:12] <epitron> hey, what's that 3rd o for?
[11:12] <daves> rob^, lok: got a slowish pc and via windows it's quite
fast for startup than the stable so thought to do the same for linux
=== cmatheson [] has joined
=== aatim[afk] is now known as aatim
[11:12] <lok> I dunno I'm just putting the maximum amount of O in it :)
[11:12] <rob^> daves, a big no-no really
[11:13] <daves> rob^: why ?
[11:14] <rob^> daves, because you don't need the latest packages for
everything, and often Linux betas are less stable then windows ones (for
projects such as OOo anyway)
[11:15] <daves> ya but the startup time still sucks :(.
[11:15] <Burgundavia> rob^, that it is incorrect
[11:15] <rob^> daves, yes, theres not much we can do about that
[11:15] <Burgundavia> rob^, the reason that windows seems less stable is
that we don't see the true bets
[11:15] <Burgundavia> s/bets/betas
[11:15] <volvoguy> isn't there a package that makes OpenOffice start
[11:15] <rob^> Burgundavia, yes, in linux we do, hence less stable
[11:16] <lok> volvoguy ?
[11:16] <Burgundavia> volvoguy, yes
=== Derreck [] has joined
[11:16] <Burgundavia> lok, basically preloads openoffice during boot
[11:16] <lok> well
[11:16] <volvoguy> thought so. i rarely use OO, so it's never been a big
issue here.
[11:16] <lok> it's not really faster for me
[11:17] <se7enone> Why does MS office (word + excel etc) open so quickly,
and takes about as long as photoshop to start up...?
[11:17] <rob^> you could always try abiword
[11:17] <rob^> much faster
[11:17] <Burgundavia> abiwords is quite nice
[11:17] <daves> Burgundavia, rob^: can you help me with grub ?? when it
installed it only got the linux distro, have another HD with w2k any
hints as to getting it setup ?
[11:17] <volvoguy> i second abiword. i much prefer it to OO.
[11:17] <Burgundavia> daves,
[11:17] <Burgundavia> daves, that might help you
[11:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> dvd's on xine run perfectly....while on totem they
are very sluggish
[11:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> why?
[11:18] <daves> Ya but as i've got OOo thought it'd be good to get the
updated version
[11:18] <lok> se7enone>> word quickly ???
[11:18] <lok> faster than OOo but not really quick
[11:18] <Burgundavia> LuNaTiK^GuY, no idea
[11:18] <daves> Burgundavia : thanks will check it out
[11:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> both use libdvdcss2 i guess......
[11:18] <rob^> LuNaTiK^GuY, I get this also, solution: dont use totem
[11:18] <Burgundavia> rob^, totem is quite nice
[11:19] <Burgundavia> I have never had those issues
[11:19] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i should remove totem yes...and get xmms for music
[11:19] <rob^> Burgundavia, yes, but on my pc runs like crap
[11:19] <lok> LuNaTiK^GuY>> use totem-xine
[11:19] <daves> Burgundavia: my box is a amd 500k6-2 wit @ 386meg ram ...
[11:19] <rob^> mplayer much nicer
[11:20] <LuNaTiK^GuY> is there a media player that sort of fits
[11:20] <daves> LuNaTiK^GuY : had probs last night got gstreamer0.8-mad
via synaptic and bang music to my ears :)
[11:20] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i followed the guide...and got all the codecs
=== goli [~sunil@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[11:20] <lok> using totem for music is a bit too heavy for me
[11:21] <Burgundavia> totem is not heavy
[11:21] <daves> <LuNaTiK^GuY: Totem... video mp3 and ... I used it with
MDK b4 i moved to ubuntu
[11:21] <lok> and not really make for it
[11:21] <Burgundavia> but it is also not a music player
[11:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yes but totem isnt playing good with my dvd's
[11:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> while xine is smooth
[11:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot is totem-xine?
[11:22] <lok> Burgundavia>> it's heavy when I just want to play a music
[11:22] <Burgundavia> lok, ya
[11:22] <LuNaTiK^GuY> when i play music on totem...the colour display
thing is sluggish too
[11:22] <lok> LuNaTiK^GuY>> it's totem but it use libxine instead of
gstreamer ones
[11:22] <LuNaTiK^GuY> so i guess it has to do with totem's rendering
[11:22] <LuNaTiK^GuY> hmm ic
[11:23] <lok> rhythmbox is more designed to play music than totem
[11:23] <Burgundavia> muine is also nice
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and xmms?
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> :)
[11:23] <lok> xmms is old and ugly :)
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ugly?
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> its small
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> simple
[11:23] <Bubbling_Zombie> so is BMP
[11:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and never gave me probs?
=== tenshiKur0 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[11:24] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i just impressed my buddy with 3ddesktop
[11:24] <LuNaTiK^GuY> he remained jaw-dropped
[11:24] <LuNaTiK^GuY> :)
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> now...for serious there a way to
configure my nvidia driver further? tweak it a little?
=== aatim [~ghf@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:26] <bina> lo all, does Kubuntu (or ubuntu, not sure which to isntall
atm) do disk partitioning for you? and also how easy is it to upgrade
between distros, do you have to download the ISOs each time?
[11:26] <bina> many questions :)
[11:26] <hondje> bina: Yes, very, no
[11:26] <lok> LuNaTiK^GuY>> there is a nvidia panel no ?
[11:26] <hondje> lok: run 'nvidia-settings' in a terminal
[11:26] <volvoguy> BMP - "Beep Media Player" is quite impressive for a
simple media player.
[11:26] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lok, cant find it
[11:26] <LuNaTiK^GuY> oh ic
[11:26] <BockBilbo> anyone here knows where will luminocity be available
in ubuntu?
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:27] <lok> volvoguy>> it's just xmms but a bit more heavy :)
[11:27] <bina> hondje: wicked :) atm, I have a fat32 partition and FC4
using ext3 and LVM something :). Can it get rid of those and just use
the whole HDD or do I need to delete the partitions first?
[11:27] <Burgundavia> BockBilbo, no idea. have seen no sign of anyone
packaging it yet
[11:27] <hondje> bina: you can do it in the installer if you want
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #ubuntu
[11:28] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i want to improve the performance...nvidia-settings
only shows stuff about colour etc etc
[11:28] <bina> hondje: goooood :) im feeling lazy today :)
[11:28] <volvoguy> lok: i thought just the opposite - less configs to
mess with and it usually "just works". everybody listens to music
differently though.
[11:28] <lok> LuNaTiK^GuY>> it's not windows
[11:28] <hondje> LuNaTiK^GuY: read the 'readme' on nvidia's linux driver
page for options you can add to xorg.conf
[11:28] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok i will
[11:28] <lok> you haven't really perf to improve
[11:28] <LuNaTiK^GuY> thanks :)
[11:28] <BockBilbo> but, Burgundavia is it stable already?
[11:28] <hondje> also, you can install nvclock-gtk if you want to
overclock it
[11:29] <mridle> bina: get rid of those if you want, all you need is a
[11:29] <lok> BockBilbo>> no
[11:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no i dont want any overclocking
[11:29] <BockBilbo> it looks so great
[11:29] <Burgundavia> BockBilbo, no
[11:29] <mridle> bina: swap partition and /
=== Aegir [] has joined
[11:29] <hondje> make /home it's own partition too
[11:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> just that graphics seem to run smoother in
windows...i tot i mite get the same here
[11:29] <hondje> that way if you switch distros, you can keep your stuff
[11:29] <BockBilbo> but.. i guess it will be added to metacity once its
stable, right?
=== dbw_ [] has joined
[11:29] <bina> mridle: cool. thanks
[11:29] <bina> hoary is the stable version yes?
[11:29] <mridle> yes
[11:29] <bina> 5. something
[11:30] <lok> BockBilbo>> it's too early for using it now
[11:30] <mridle> 5.04
[11:30] <mridle> or so
[11:30] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 5.04 yes
[11:30] <bina> sweet :) tthanks again all
[11:30] <BockBilbo> lok, i see
[11:30] <mridle> gl hf ;)
=== tim__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:30] <volvoguy>
[11:30] <BockBilbo> and, is there a date scheduled for it to be stable?
=== zorba64 [] has joined
[11:30] <lok> no
[11:30] <hondje> 'when e17 goes final'
[11:31] <lok> :)
[11:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> volvoguy, 10ks
[11:31] <volvoguy> (some nvidia twealomg info.
[11:31] <Burgundavia> hondje, rofl
[11:31] <BockBilbo> thanks for all
[11:32] <volvoguy> LuNaTiK^GuY: there's a few other nvidia related pages
on the wiki that might help also. FYI.
=== retro [] has
joined #ubuntu
[11:33] <volvoguy> e17 looks like it's going to be cool though - if
someone besides rasterman is able to compile/run it. :)
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== hno73 [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10ks volvoguy
[11:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'll check them out
[11:35] <LuNaTiK^GuY> did i say Ubuntu is awesome :)
[11:35] <LuNaTiK^GuY> an so is this channel
[11:35] <LuNaTiK^GuY> !!
[11:35] <ubotu> ! is probably what u add before a sentence to talk to me
[11:35] <volvoguy> my pleasure. when running Hoary, my GeForce 5200
(pretty modest) totally rocked.
[11:35] <hondje> lol
[11:36] <hondje> volvoguy: I haven't had much trouble getting e17 to
[11:36] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm on a 6800
[11:36] <hondje> other than sourceforge's cvs going down a lot
=== retro83 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== chesty_ is now known as chesty
[11:36] <volvoguy> hondje: i haven't tried very hard, but i never really
got it working quite right.
[11:37] <hondje> lot of deps for the fun features, though
[11:37] <hondje> lot of apt-cache search required the first time :(
=== Seveas [] has joined #ubuntu
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[11:38] <volvoguy> yeah. i think i followed some directions on
ubuntuforums instead of using the official instructions. that's probably
my problem.
[11:39] <volvoguy> if i keep thinking about it tonight though, i'll end
up trying again all night instead of sleeping. :)
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has left
#ubuntu ["Use]
[11:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yes Linux has a way of keeping us all awake :)
[11:40] <volvoguy> mhmm...
[11:40] <retro83> very much so... :)
[11:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> someties its fun
[11:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> sometimes is.......ewwwww
=== nessmuk [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:41] <volvoguy> i've been trying to get foresight/rpath installed to
play with some of the mono stuff, but it doesn't seem to like my system.
i've been bugging their IRC channel about it for three days. :)
=== qingl [~qingl@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:42] <nessmuk> I'm reinstalling hoary, but there are probs with my cd.
I know that somewhere there are instructions for directing Synaptic to
update to hoar from a warty install. Can anyone help me find that
[11:42] <volvoguy> anyone know what "ide0 at 0x1fe-ox1f0, ox3f6 on irq
14" means?
[11:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ide0...a hard drive
[11:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> using an irq 14 line
[11:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i think :S
[11:43] <volvoguy> hehe. yes. thank you. ;-)
[11:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm just a noob thats learning bit by bit :)
=== Brik [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:44] <Brik> hallo what is the lib to see wmv with totem-xine?
[11:44] <volvoguy> that's where their installer just simply stops.
neither ther IRC channel or the #linux channel have ever heard of
anything like that.
[11:45] <volvoguy> Brik: you probably want the w32codecs package.
[11:45] <Brik> tnx
=== tim_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:45] <retro83> Volvo - have you tried with ACPI set off?
[11:45] <volvoguy> np. it's either in multiverse or marillat's repo.
=== mikl [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:46] <Brik> oki
=== Flying-Penguin [~flyingpen@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
=== linuxboy [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:46] <tim_> whats the command to open an application from the command
line, but it wont 'lock' that command line?
=== inemo [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:46] <volvoguy> retro83: yeah, i've tried a million different boot
flags - nothing IRQ related to tweak in the bios either.
=== noahmd [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:47] <killapop> tim: put and & after the prog name
[11:47] <Computer__Guru> hey guys how do i see someones custom status
message in yahoo?
[11:47] <volvoguy> Hoary, Breezy and Gentoo all installed fine on this
machine, so I'm thinking it's their bug.
[11:47] <retro83> volvoguy: oh dear, i have no idea then...
[11:47] <tim_> perfect. thanks killa
[11:47] <killapop> tim: eg. #gaim &
[11:47] <noahmd> Hey all.
=== gjc [~gjc@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:47] <killapop> tim_: np
[11:48] <volvoguy> s'ok. thanks retro83.
=== Nomis_ [] has joined
=== inemo [] has left #ubuntu []
=== dockane [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:49] <daves> killapop: so np is to start a cli app and run in
background what is it to bring it back into the forground of a cli ?
[11:50] <volvoguy> i need to crash. i'll catch y'all tomorrow. g'night!
=== CerBerO_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:50] <lhb> for those kind of stuff i normally use screen
=== `sg [] has joined #ubuntu
=== volvoguy [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== h4ckill3r []
has joined #ubuntu
[11:51] <killapop> daves: i didnt get ur q.
=== bienve [~naza@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bienve [~naza@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Bramme [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> in my xorg.conf file
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> the device section only contains this
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Section "Device"
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Identifier "NVIDIA Corporation NV40 [GeForce 6800]
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Driver            "nvidia"
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> EndSection
[11:52] <daves> killapop: tim_ asked about starting an app (i assume) via
a terminal (cli) and it was suggested #gaim & would free
=== nJess [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> but in thw wiki about modifying the nvidia driver
[11:52] <astro76> daves: fg %jobnumber, jobs will lists running tasks
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> there are lots of other entires
[11:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot shall i do?
[11:52] <astro76> daves, search for bash job control
[11:53] <LuNaTiK^GuY>
[11:53] <gjc> can anyone please confirm, breezy repo
has MD5Sum mismatch, right?
=== nxv_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:54] <daves> astro76: Ah thanks abit like lfpt .... got 2 files/
whatever going and fg0 for 1st and fg1 for other and ctrl-z to but 'em in
the background
[11:54] <killapop> daves: putting an & after the prog name frees up the
[11:54] <nessmuk> can someone tell me what breezy is, compared to hoary?
Is it the next release/version after hoary?
[11:54] <epitron> can alsa let multiple programs output to it
[11:55] <killapop> daves: i used gaim as an example.
[11:55] <daves> killapop: gathered that but it was more howto bring it
back to the foreground on the cli :)
[11:56] <tim_> where is the config file for ssh servers?
[11:56] <daves> killapop: ya i was using u'r example of gaim in my post
[11:56] <killapop> daves: :) oops... dunno how to do that... i usually
use to launch apps
=== Nameeater [] has joined
[11:56] <Nameeater> has anyone had any trouble with opera and printing?
[11:56] <killapop> daves: apps with GUIs
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
=== Computer__Guru [] has
joined #Ubuntu
[11:58] <daves> killapop:well astro76 answered it no not nessasarily eg
wvdial... I use it via cli, GTdial just wont dial out
=== martink [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:58] <daves> and it'd be nice to have it ticking away in the
background until i need it to disconnect to the net.
=== to|m [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nessmuk [] has left #ubuntu
=== Earered [~Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _bcroq [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:59] <Computer__Guru> brb
=== Computer__Guru [] has left
#Ubuntu []
[11:59] <killapop> daves: oo ok... never done anything like that. :)
[12:00] <daves> tried GTdial but .... nothing nada, thought'd be good to
have as a visual sign of being online
=== Computer__Guru [] has
joined #Ubuntu
=== luminerd wishes people would stay awake 24/7 like he does
=== Capri [] has joined #ubuntu
=== kisain [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Prof_Frink [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:01] <kisain> i am so pissed >.<
=== DragonFly [] has joined #ubuntu
=== black-whisp [~black@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:02] <kisain> ican't beleve i wasted a perfectly good ubuntu install
on windows >.<
[12:02] <Computer__Guru> kisain: HUH?
=== nophix [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:03] <daves> <Burgundavia>: got the website you referred me to on grub
& win 2000 have altered menu.lst so next time i boot it'll be interesting
to see if i can boot w2k :)
[12:03] <Burgundavia> daves, cool
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[12:03] <Burgundavia> kisain, you installed windows after ubuntu?
[12:03] <hondje> who is captain hotplug around here? :(
=== ptlo [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:04] <Computer__Guru> i know enough about hotplug to make my joystick
work thats about it
=== kisain [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:04] <Computer__Guru> dmesg | grep -i kye:
[12:04] <Computer__Guru> input: USB HID v1.00 Mouse [KYE Genius USB Wheel
Mouse] on usb-0000:00:1f.2-1
[12:04] <Computer__Guru> and my mouse :D
[12:04] <kisain> godd@m windows >.<
[12:04] <hondje> hehe
[12:04] <kisain> it's me church _of_FoamY
[12:04] <Computer__Guru> whats up church
[12:05] <hondje> usb 3-1: config 1 interface 0 altsetting 0 has 3
endpoint descriptors, different from the interface descriptor's value: 2
[12:05] <hondje> anyone have a clue?
[12:05] <kisain> you woulden't beleve the luck i had the last 2 days >.<
[12:05] <daves> astro76: search for bash control job ... is that via
system monitor ??
[12:05] <Computer__Guru> hondje: btfoom
[12:05] <kisain> i want to destroy microsoft at this point
[12:05] <hondje> ditto
[12:05] <kisain> a nice big nuke right up gates a$$
[12:06] <daves> don't u know MS never plays fair :)
[12:06] <kisain> thats s.o.b should be strung up by his 8@ll$ and beaten
with a baseball bat wrapped in razor wire and then salt and vingar smeard
in the wounds
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[12:07] <hondje> If I used Windows, I would have bailed a long time ago
(wait, I did)
[12:07] <kisain> yea i had my ubuntu working perfectly and then i got a
new sound card and ubuntu woulden't use it
[12:07] <hondje> What's the point of an operating system that takes hours
to clean after looking at a couple of porn sites?
=== PIANIST [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tombs [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:07] <kisain> lol
[12:07] <kisain> so i installed windows
[12:08] <PIANIST> good morning @ all
[12:08] <kisain> >.< big mistake seems my network dosen't like windows or
by using ubuntu i actually got smarter
[12:08] <daves> in a separate partition ???
[12:08] <kisain> and so now windows mus be benieth me
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[12:08] <kisain> no i over wrote my ubuntu drive >.<
=== kisain feels so freakin dumb >.<
[12:08] <PIANIST> !seen me
[12:08] <ubotu> me <> was last seen on
IRC in channel #ubuntu, 20d 21h 31m 40s ago, saying: 'silly question: how
can i check how much RAM my computer has (in general) [its not my
computer, its my friends] '.
[12:08] <daves> SILLY SILLY ....
=== desplesda [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:09] <kisain> yea
[12:09] <kisain> tell me about it
[12:09] <kisain> now i'm on the wifes stupid win box and it's even
pissing me off >.<
[12:09] <daves> well it's like this write out one hundred time i am a
sucker ....
[12:09] <kisain> if itwasen't her puter it'dd have ubuntu on it
[12:10] <daves> your punishment :)
[12:10] <kisain> lol
[12:10] <kisain> tell me about it
[12:11] <daves> well why not DO IT... i killed my box (mdk 10.0 & win98 -
another HD)
=== Computer__Guru [] has left
#Ubuntu []
[12:11] <kisain> that will be the last time i ever use windows EVER
[12:11] <daves> hated the default text in /mnt so thought i know ....
killed my win98 data and killed my gui
[12:11] <kisain> i never really liked linux to begin with though
[12:11] <PIANIST> Hey guys.... anybody know the syntax of
[12:12] <kisain> untill i tryed ubuntu
[12:12] <daves> that was the kick that got me to ubuntu (been a bit sick
of MDK (RPM hell)
[12:12] <kisain> it has not failed me once it just will not play one game
and that game i can live with out
[12:13] <PIANIST> Hey guys.... anybody know the syntax of
|etc|network|interfaces TELLLLLLLLLLLL
=== mantass [~Mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:13] <kisain> i mean windows is ok if your a freakin moron or don't
want to deal with terminal crap
[12:13] <daves> kisain:konw of a step by step method of creating
repositories ??, got a SLOWWWW connection 56k modem
[12:13] <kisain> hmm
[12:13] <kisain> i just use a alterd sources.list
[12:14] <kisain> but i don't have access to it right now
=== terrex [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:14] <PIANIST> ? why that?
[12:14] <kisain> plus i have 5mb cable
[12:14] <kisain> cause i'm installing ubuntu
[12:14] <PIANIST> ohhh i c
[12:14] <daves> PAINIST: why not go via computer->system-> network ?
[12:14] <kisain> wow 15min to install new record ^_^
[12:15] <kisain> well for me anywho
[12:15] <PIANIST> because i have no X SERVER installed -.-
[12:15] <kisain> ouch
[12:15] <kisain> why not?
[12:15] <PIANIST> cause i dont need it *g*
=== Internat [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:15] <PIANIST> console rulez
[12:15] <kisain> wow i have to have x
=== Computer__Guru [] has
joined #Ubuntu
[12:15] <kisain> just text would drive me crasy
[12:15] <PIANIST> lol
[12:15] <Flying-Penguin> same
[12:15] <PIANIST> IRC just text too *g*
[12:16] <kisain> huh?
=== hondje wonders why that's so amusing
[12:16] <kisain> whats *g*?
[12:16] <daves> kisain: figured out that you run dpgk to get a
packages.gz file of a .deb but everytime i do something in synaptic i get
borked :(
[12:16] <Flying-Penguin> but I see sexy buttons around my irc!
[12:16] <PIANIST> nothing
[12:16] <kisain> hmmm
[12:16] <kisain> weard sounds like your sorces.list is borked
=== didymo [] has joined
[12:16] <PIANIST> sexy buttons.... well... i thing I shall start apt *G*
=== enrico [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:17] <kisain> yes x is wonderfull
=== waterwally [waterwally@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:17] <anacron> sexy buttons are just illusion
[12:17] <kisain> i haven't had one problem with ubuntu other than my own
[12:17] <nomis_> lol
[12:17] <PIANIST> not if you configure correctly *g*
[12:17] <daves> na 'cause when i kill my created repository everythign
goes again
=== kisain wonders if apt-get kill bill-gates with nuke is a command
[12:18] <anacron> "uuh i have sexy buttons, there's naked woman in every
one of them"
[12:18] <kisain> wow nice
=== spoomonkey [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== langenberg[cli] [] has joined
[12:18] <spoomonkey> hello
[12:18] <kisain> hi
[12:18] <anacron> kisain: nuke would be too nice
=== spoomonkey is now known as toowoomba
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
=== tom_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:19] <daves> this is the sorta prbs i had with MDK but it was more
.... checksum issuies for the installation (even tho the files were good)
[12:19] <tom_> hi
[12:19] <tom_> sadf
[12:19] <tom_> how can i format a harddisk i just inserted and connected?
anyone knows?
[12:19] <kisain> hmmm apt-get lill bill-gates with ubuola-virus?
[12:19] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i install i started the
Daemon....but i have no idea how it works....wot should i do?
[12:19] <daves> anacron: sexy buttons...
[12:20] <tom_> anyone knows how to format an harddisk? the command or
[12:20] <daves> tom_ fdisk or csfisk
=== ioboss [] has joined
[12:20] <tom_> i don't need to give the exact harddisk?
[12:20] <tom_> in ubuntu i mean
=== shalga [] has joined
[12:21] <toowoomba> hello
[12:21] <daves> toowooba: aussie i bet :)
[12:21] <toowoomba> yep
[12:22] <daves> I'm just to the right of ya :)
=== zeedo [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:22] <toowoomba> i am using ubuntu but want to compile and run a kde
program, if I isntall the kde devel libs, it will install kde base, will
that change my desktop to kde?
[12:22] <toowoomba> brisbane?
[12:22] <waterwally> is there a ausie irc ???
[12:22] <toowoomba> helidon?
=== herzi [] has joined #ubuntu
=== lonetree [] has joined
[12:22] <daves> you give it away with a name like that... na NZ
[12:23] <lonetree> hi hi pple
[12:23] <daves> Sth hemeisphere
[12:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i installed i started the
Daemon....but i have no idea how it works....wot should i do?
[12:23] <toowoomba> aren't nth and south islands the 7th and 8th states?
[12:23] <lonetree> just like to check if anyone here have problem with
file date and time while copying over a network share folder
[12:24] <daves> waterwally: go to a map (big white place at bottom of
[12:24] <toowoomba> tom, I would install tqparted
[12:24] <lonetree> anyine?
[12:24] <lonetree> anyone?
[12:24] <toowoomba> oops, qtparted or gparted
[12:25] <daves> 2 countries 1 nz other australia surrounded by water, NZ
by south pacific ocean
=== inemo [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nxv__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:25] <toowoomba> australia much better at cricket and rugby
=== inemo [] has left #ubuntu []
[12:26] <LuNaTiK^GuY> do i install desklets......i already
installed the gDesklets daemon
=== astro76 [~james@astro76.user] has joined #ubuntu
[12:27] <PIANIST> Hey... now Ive got the XSERVER running... how do I set
a autostart entry. So that gkrell starts with gnome??????
[12:27] <kisain> if i where you i'd use gkrellm instead of gdesklets
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== [cLoUd] [] has joined
=== [cLoUd] [] has left
#ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[12:28] <kisain> if you have it running ingnome
[12:28] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i am in gnome yes
[12:28] <kisain> you should just log out and save your session
[12:28] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot are gkrellm?
[12:29] <PIANIST> just like gdesklets only better
[12:29] <kisain> gkrellm is kinda like g desklets but it works
=== djp [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:29] <toowoomba> why does vino-server use so much cpu?
[12:29] <kisain> because it likes to
[12:29] <kisain> ^_^
[12:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> sudo apt-get gkrellm?
[12:29] <PIANIST> kisain: was this answer for me? you shoukd just log
[12:29] <kisain> yes
[12:29] <PIANIST> ok thnx
[12:29] <kisain> sudo apt-get install gkrellm
=== sean13_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:29] <daves> toowoomba now ya getting picky, i mean we LET U flies win
otherwise we'd never hear the end of thing....
[12:30] <LuNaTiK^GuY> E: Invalid operation gkrellm
[12:30] <daves> ie the underarm thing ....
[12:30] <toowoomba> haha
[12:30] <kisain> all i do is start gkrellm and log out
[12:30] <kisain> then log back in it should start automaticly
[12:30] <toowoomba> that was a long, long time ago! my wife wasn't even
born then
[12:30] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i cant sudo apt-get gkrellm
[12:30] <LuNaTiK^GuY> it says E: Invalid operation gkrellm
[12:30] <kisain> yes
=== aarcane [] has
left #ubuntu ["there]
[12:31] <daves> so u'r into ....
=== patgrysli [] has joined
[12:31] <nophix> LuNaTiK^GuY: sudo apt-get install gkrellm
[12:31] <kisain> yes cause it sudo apt-get install gkrellm
[12:31] <kisain> lol
[12:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> owww sorerrry :)
[12:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> geez
[12:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i always forget something
[12:31] <daves> sorry i am thinking u'r as old as me 40+
[12:32] <toowoomba> haha
[12:32] <toowoomba> this ubuntu stuff is pretty cool
[12:32] <daves> toowoomba: not very into rugby or cricket, my son want to
play cricket this summer but i'm not that keen
[12:32] <patgrysli> un ptit bonjour !pour esseyer xchat
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY []
has joined #ubuntu
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[12:33] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yes
[12:33] <toowoomba> I like to play cricket but hate standing in the sun
all day, it's a dilema
[12:33] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i'm finally off that stupid windows machene
[12:33] <daves> ya i just moved to it from mandrake, still getting my
head around gnome and how debian/ubuntu works
[12:33] <luminerd> Anyone set up LTSP on a thin-client network here?
=== loftus [] has joined
[12:34] <daves> sometime it's a real shit 'cause i can't do things i did
under MDK as fast
[12:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no i dont want pc stats...i want stuff that looks
MAC like
[12:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> thats y i needed gDesklets
[12:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> :(
[12:34] <toowoomba> my mate and I are seeing what it's like to go windows
free. I am on ubuntu, he is tring mandrake
[12:34] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> now time to install ubuntu on my other box ^_^
=== PIANIST [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:35] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> toowoomba once you use ubuntu you'll hate
[12:35] <PIANIST> back
[12:35] <djp> clearlooks, milk 2.1 and suede 2 icons here. looks lovely!
[12:35] <PIANIST> isnt true
[12:35] <toowoomba> will still be working with windows for some time to
[12:36] <daves> toowoomba what version of mandrake ?
[12:36] <PIANIST> for gaming windows is much better... but other stuff:
[12:36] <djp> gave up on windows totally over a year ago
[12:36] <LuNaTiK^GuY> I want to make my gnome look more MAC OS like....i
was told gDesklets should do the trick...but i have no idea how to make
it work...any1 can help with it?
[12:36] <toowoomba> don't know, I think it's the latest
[12:36] <daves> toowoomba:i was on 10 official
[12:36] <toowoomba> onlt started on the weekend so I guess he would have
got the most recent
[12:36] <toowoomba> why did you switch?
[12:36] <daves> toowoomba: so it's be manddreiva 2005le or something
=== scorpio2002 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Alessio [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:37] <toowoomba> he is not online so can't ask
[12:37] <scorpio2002> hi there!
[12:37] <scorpio2002> :-)
[12:37] <Alessio> olo
[12:37] <toowoomba> i had a play with mdk around 9 but wasn't that
[12:37] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: go here and here
[12:37] <daves> toowoomba: old h/w p200 146ram support getting shitty
[12:37] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: that should help you on your way...
[12:37] <scorpio2002> can you take a look at this? - thx
=== miscz [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:38] <daves> ha I started with 7.2 boxed and then got 8.2 then 9.1
then 10.0 @ 2 months after official was released
[12:38] <toowoomba> cool
[12:38] <ioboss> hi
[12:38] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i've been to gnome-look
[12:38] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> you want to game in linux get point2playu
[12:39] <hondje> daves: hehe, so did I
[12:39] <daves> like used to kde so i'm like starting out again a bit
[12:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> it's what i use
[12:39] <hondje> windows wouldn't install, so I bought mdk 7.2 and never
went back
[12:39] <scorpio2002> does anybody know why ubuntu's suddenly entering
runlevel 2 at the boopstrap???
[12:39] <toowoomba> I have been playing with linux on and off for years -
[12:39] <hondje> um, ubuntu SHOULD boot into runlevel 2
[12:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i used to linux installs in my life
[12:39] <toowoomba> downlaoded way too many isos
[12:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> gentoo scared the hell outta me
[12:39] <daves> na things were just going slower and slower
[12:39] <scorpio2002> hondje, so it is normal?
[12:39] <scorpio2002> :D
[12:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and i quit linux then i tryed ubuntu
[12:39] <hondje> Yes
[12:39] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: then you should have found different
application, window border and icon themes to help you make your desktop
look however you want
[12:40] <scorpio2002> sorry, i was used to fedora
[12:40] <scorpio2002> :D
[12:40] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and now here i am ^_^ again :p
[12:40] <daves> when i stuffed up my HD's my wife BITCXHED at me ....
[12:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> djp, not really lol
[12:40] <scorpio2002> I switched to ubuntu because i was fed uo with
fedora :|
[12:40] <daves> why did you do that can't i get onto linux anymore ....
[12:40] <rob^> ok, is there a reason that despite downloading all the
ubuntu-calandar-month packages I still dont have the wallpapers?
[12:40] <toowoomba> my wife has her own computer, less trouble that way
[12:41] <daves> now that's one for the books i thought since she knows
nuth'n bout pcs
[12:41] <toowoomba> rob, it just puts them into a dir somewhere
[12:41] <rob^> toowoomba, what directory
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY wonders why us army hasen't declared war on microsoft
[12:42] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and confiscated gates money and property in an
illigal serch and sesure
=== jose__ [] has joined
[12:42] <daves> rob^:'cause they (ms) could give 'em hell anytime night
or day think about all the MS oses ...
=== jose__ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[12:43] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: http://gnome-
[12:43] <daves> and don't forget the holes they could open for crakcers
[12:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea what about all the win oses?
[12:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> oh yea i suppose
[12:43] <daves> the us army would be mince meat
=== dave_kempe [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> but m$ hackers are usually 12 year old shits
with nothing better to do
[12:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i know i used to be one
[12:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i'm now 27 lol
[12:44] <luminerd> 'lo, Anyone set up LTSP on a thin-client network
[12:44] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i figured it out with win 3.1 for workgroups
[12:44] <daves> well i like to think of hackers as folks who pull things
apart and fix 'em or make 'em better
=== slipjig [] has
joined #ubuntu
[12:44] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> normally they are
[12:44] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i want to be one :)
[12:44] <djp> daves: exactly
[12:44] <ogra> luminerd, probably #edubuntu ?
[12:44] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> but then theres those few....
[12:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
[12:45] <luminerd> ogra, thanks
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:45] <daves> figured what out ?? how to make win 4 w groups crash ?
[12:45] <djp> daves: otherwise if they are breaking, busting or defacing
things they are crackers
[12:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> it used to work for me way back in the day
[12:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and it's win 3.11 for work groups
[12:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> not any current version
=== jono [~jono@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:45] <jono> hi all
[12:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> win 3.11 was a little ok
[12:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> hi ^_^
[12:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> for its time
[12:46] <jono> is gstreamer 0.9 in breezy?
=== Mez [] has joined
[12:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea it was kinda decent
[12:46] <djp> hi jono!
[12:46] <LuNaTiK^GuY> much more reliable than win95 :)
[12:46] <hondje> both sucked
[12:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> or melenium
=== [Spooky] [] has joined #Ubuntu
[12:46] <hondje> I can't believe we used to make bootdisks to play games
[12:46] <jono> hi djp :)
[12:46] <daves> ya i was about when win 3.0 came out crappy bit of s/w
[12:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> lol
[12:46] <LuNaTiK^GuY> then things started improvinf on 2k/xp
[12:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i remeber that
[12:46] <slipjig> Anyone know how to prevent Ubuntu synchronising its
time and date with an NTP server at boot, but choose some other time to
synchronise instead? I use a laptop which isn't always net-connected.
If I'm not on a network, startup takes ages while the ntp process tries
to find a time server...
[12:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> really where?
[12:46] <daves> for who ?
[12:47] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lolllllll
[12:47] <[Spooky] > hey all, i need to convert some mp3s to ogg, you have
any name on some good software to use ?
[12:47] <toowoomba> tom, still need to know about the calendar wallpaper?
[12:47] <LuNaTiK^GuY> now i'm being less biased....
[12:47] <hondje> toowoomba: if he doesn't, I do
[12:47] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> microsoft make decent software O_o?
[12:47] <djp> jono: gstreamer0.9-0.10 should be included in gnome 2.12
=== luminerd [] has left
#ubuntu ["An]
[12:47] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> shit i only benn usinging ubuntu for a few
[12:47] <LuNaTiK^GuY> for games M$ was always decent
[12:47] <LuNaTiK^GuY> :)
[12:47] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and i hate m$ even more
[12:47] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> true
[12:47] <djp> jono: sorry will be ready for...
[12:47] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> but thats about it
[12:48] <jono> djp, cool
[12:48] <hondje> don't do that M$ thing please
[12:48] <daves> well they only have XXX numbers of programmers and heaps
of pr folks
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:48] <hondje> That got old in like, 97 :)
[12:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea they have like 2000 proggrammers
[12:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and not one of them can make a decent os?
[12:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> then theres linux
[12:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> decent about wot though?
[12:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> for some reason if you find the right distro
[12:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot do u want from windows?
[12:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> it just works
[12:49] <daves> well now hold on a bit they're using their sweeds abit
[12:49] <djp> jono: i think breezy is using gnome 2.11 but i'm not sure.
still hary here!
=== admin0 [~admin0@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:49] <jono> I am just install breezy again in vmware
[12:49] <djp> hoary even! hary as well if you like jono!
[12:49] <LuNaTiK^GuY> windows and linux have different design
[12:49] <jono> heh :)
[12:49] <hondje> breezy would have to use 2.11 since 2.12 doesn't come
out until like 5 days before breezy does
[12:49] <toowoomba> the porn is in /usr/share/backgrounds
[12:49] <LuNaTiK^GuY> linux tries to give u a top-notch stable platform
(once configured well)
[12:49] <hondje> toowoomba: thanks
[12:49] <djp> hondje: thanks.
[12:49] <daves> they're getting the better minds into the fold and giving
'em money for jam and reducing some development
[12:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> windows just tries to give u the
expense of stability
[12:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea windows dosen't always work
[12:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and linux does
[12:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> maybe
[12:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> windows always worked for me......
[12:50] <daves> toowoomba: porn in ubuntu ?
[12:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> really? wow thats a first
[12:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot didnt work?
[12:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i've always had isshues with m$ software
[12:50] <daves> <LuNaTiK^GuY>: so does a gun :)
[12:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> all drivers work...all tihngs got set up
[12:50] <toowoomba> ubuntu-calendar
[12:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol daves
[12:51] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> um well on the current box that has windows
[12:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> we're just discussing
[12:51] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> home networking
[12:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> home networking on WinXp pro is a breeze.....i cant
argue against that!!
[12:51] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> it just stopped working one day
[12:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm not saying i dont like Ubuntu...its awesome!
[12:51] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: did you check out the link to the Panther
[12:51] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> niether can i untill it breaks
=== Computer__Guru hearts ubuntu
[12:51] <daves> why not turn the power button on again :)
[12:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> djp i didnt find the panther theme yet :S
[12:52] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: http://gnome-
=== PIANIST loves tigers
[12:52] <toowoomba> win2k is pretty solid
=== RabidDog [] has joined
=== langenberg[cli] [] has joined
[12:52] <Computer__Guru> yeah 2k is solid, xp is pretty nice too
=== araw1 is away (BRB a sec...)
[12:52] <daves> i coach the tiger soccer team ... you like us ?
[12:52] <djp> LuNaTiK^GuY: read the description it tells you how the guy
created to overall look
[12:52] <PIANIST> 2k is bugged
=== araw1 is now known as araw1-off
[12:52] <LuNaTiK^GuY> WOWWWW
[12:52] <jono> so is X borked in breezy?
[12:53] <toowoomba> ubuntu is cheaper than 2k
=== RabidDog sighs oh crap i think my gfx card is borked
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:53] <daves> time for bed ..... nice chatting
[12:53] <PIANIST> not the tiger soccer team..... welll for real i really
dont know who they are. I mean TIGER OS X.... beneath UBUNTU apple rulez
[12:53] <Computer__Guru> wow that ALMOST looks as good as it does in kde
=== RabidDog it freezes when I launch 3d programs and this is after I
smelt something funny from my box
[12:53] <daves> toowoomba .... GO WARRIORS :)
[12:53] <LuNaTiK^GuY> APPLE's got a fine GUI
[12:53] <toowoomba> go the clydesdales
[12:54] <PIANIST> yeah
[12:54] <LuNaTiK^GuY> if we're not biased...we should agree with that
=== k4rp0r [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:54] <PIANIST> ok.. i have to leave cya @ all
=== knj [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:55] <djp> jono: try here
=== shawarma [~sh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wezzer- [] has joined #ubuntu
[12:55] <wezzer-> hello
[12:55] <wezzer-> I have ISA NE2000 network card
[12:55] <wezzer-> dmesg shows it up normally, but ifconfig shows nothing
[12:55] <wezzer-> running hoary
[12:55] <toowoomba> see ya guys
=== emuzesto [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Corical [~corical@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:56] <djp> jono: and maybe here
=== jhaa [] has joined #ubuntu
=== hondje [] has joined
=== mumbles [] has joined
=== slipjig [] has
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=== slipjig [] has
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=== Echelon-H [] has joined
=== digitalfox|sleep is now known as digitalfox
[12:58] <Echelon-H> hi!
[12:58] <Flying-Penguin> hey guys... how do I make a program start up
with my computer?
[12:58] <jono> djp, so its just the symlink issue to fix when I upgrade
[12:58] <Echelon-H> My cousin is using at the moment liveCD, is there a
command that he can type to add hebrew font?
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@] has joined #ubuntu
[12:59] <scorpio2002> how do I install my printer in ubuntu?
=== slipjig [] has
left #ubuntu []
[12:59] <djp> jono: looks that way. i haven't had the nerve to dip into
breezy yet. i normally wait for the release date. wimp, i know!
=== ealden [~ealden@] has joined #ubuntu
=== renedox [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:00] <djp> somebody here must be using breezy? anyone?
[01:00] <renedox> how do I enable PHP?
[01:00] <killapop> Flying-Penguin: how do u mean... u want to launch an
[01:01] <Computer__Guru> jay go sleep now
[01:01] <Computer__Guru> peace, love, and chicken grease
[01:01] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> lol never herd that one before
=== hussam [~hussam@] has joined #ubuntu
=== beyond [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:02] <hussam> hey anybody tried the gtk2 theme clearlooks_quicksilver
0.6.2 ?
[01:02] <hussam> kickass theme.
[01:02] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yes
[01:02] <LuNaTiK^GuY> its cool
[01:02] <hussam> I don't have gnome but I use it on xfce
[01:03] <k4rp0r> how can i change my port in bittornado (using ubuntu)
=== hondje [] has joined
=== carambol [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:04] <Flying-Penguin> killapop: sorry no one was saying anything so I
stoped looking
=== KB2000 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nico_32 [~nico@2002:5477:7843:5:2e0:18ff:fef4:bdd7] has joined
[01:05] <Flying-Penguin> killapop: I guss waht I realy want to do is
launch a term command when I log in
[01:05] <nico_32> hi
[01:05] <renedox> so... can anyone help me with my PHP enabling problem?
[01:05] <KB2000> renedox: i just got in, what's your prob?
[01:06] <renedox> um...
[01:07] <renedox> I uninstalled PHP4
[01:07] <renedox> and installed MySQL
=== bimberi [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:07] <hondje> !lamp
[01:07] <ubotu> rumour has it, lamp is Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, one of the
standard internet server installations. Installing LAMP in Hoary is
fairly straightforward. More info at
[01:07] <renedox> when I reinstalled PHP4 after my MySQL install
[01:07] <renedox> PHP "doesn't work" anymore
[01:07] <KB2000> i think you might need to set php in your apache config
=== jono [~jono@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[01:08] <renedox> what do I need to change?
=== Sonderblade [~bjourne@] has joined #ubuntu
=== seby [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:09] <nico_32> renedox, apache or apache 2 ?
[01:09] <renedox> apache2
=== Funraiser [~Funraiser@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:09] <KB2000> i have the following lines in my /etc/apache/httpd.conf
[01:09] <Funraiser> how come opera is not on synaptic?
[01:09] <KB2000>     AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
[01:09] <KB2000>     AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
[01:09] <nico_32> renedox,
[01:10] <renedox> KB2000: I have those in apache2.conf as well (it's
apache2.conf in... apache2)
[01:10] <renedox> nico_32: yes?
[01:10] <nico_32> is /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php4.load exist ?
=== Miichael [] has joined
=== fortran01 [] has joined
[01:10] <nico_32> and /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php4.conf ?
[01:10] <Funraiser> does someone use opera? (the webbrowser)
[01:10] <renedox> nico_32: hang on, I'll just check
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== chrissturm [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:11] <renedox> I have /etc/apache2/mods-available/php4.conf
[01:11] <renedox> not /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php4.conf
[01:11] <nico_32> okay
[01:11] <nico_32> cp /etc/apache2/mods-available/php4.conf
[01:11] <nico_32> cp /etc/apache2/mods-available/php4.load
[01:12] <nico_32> and /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
[01:12] <chrissturm> nico_32, use ln -s and not cp
[01:12] <wezzer-> does anyone have NE2000 network card _working_ in
[01:12] <renedox> nico_32: yip, just did all that
[01:12] <renedox> but it still doesn't load/read .php pages
[01:13] <knj> Where is the "boot script" located?
[01:13] <Echelon-H> how can i add languages to ubuntu?
=== r0d [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:14] <nico_32> renedox, in your apache2.conf, is that ( ) present ?
[01:14] <renedox> nico_32: what?
[01:14] <nico_32>
=== _mage_bf2 is now known as _mage_
[01:15] <renedox> nico_32: hang on, I think I saw it in there, I'll just
=== Digis [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:16] <nico_32> renedox, and is libapache2-mod-php4 installed ?
=== joolz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== afonit [~afonit@] has joined #ubuntu
=== icaro [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:17] <renedox> nico_32: is present
[01:17] <nico_32> okay
[01:17] <renedox> checking for libapache2-mod-php4 now
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== fhr [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #ubuntu
[01:18] <renedox> nico_32: yes, it's installed
=== scorpio2002 is it normal that ubuntu runs in runlevel 2?
[01:19] <nico_32> can you paste the file /var/log/apache2/error.log at
[01:19] <nico_32> ?
[01:19] <chrissturm> scorpio2002, yep
[01:19] <renedox> nico_32: hang on
[01:20] <scorpio2002> chrissturm, sure? shouldn't it be runlevel 5?
[01:21] <renedox> nico_32:
=== tmt [~ttm@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:21] <nico_32> renedox, you have many error ...
[01:21] <scorpio2002> chrissturm ->
[01:21] <renedox> nico_32: yeah...
[01:22] <nico_32> renedox, PHP Warning: Unknown(): Unable to load
dynamic library '/usr/lib/php4/20020429/' -
/usr/lib/php4/20020429/ cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory in Unknown on line 0
=== apokryphos [] has joined
[01:22] <renedox> nico_32: how do I fix that?
=== visor [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:22] <nico_32> verify if php4mysql is installed
[01:22] <nico_32> verify if php4-ysql is installed
[01:22] <nico_32> erf
[01:22] <nico_32> php4-mysql
[01:22] <visor> guys anybody here uses limewire?
[01:22] <fortran01> Has anyone tried playing GO-OPEN SOURCE in vlc (in
mp4 format)?
[01:23] <renedox> nico_32: ah.. no it's not installed
[01:23] <nico_32> renedox, :D
[01:24] <scorpio2002> nico_32, so it's normla that ubuntu starts in
runlevel 2 ?_? - on the forum they said the contrary O_o
[01:24] <renedox> nico_32: cool, thanks, I'll install that and see if
it'll work :)
[01:24] <nico_32> scorpio2002, # Runlevels 2-5 are multi-user.
[01:24] <scorpio2002> nico_32, ok, so it's normal or not? :P
=== feugan3333 [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:25] <nico_32> scorpio2002, it is normal
[01:25] <scorpio2002> ok
[01:25] <scorpio2002> :-)
[01:25] <scorpio2002> thx
[01:25] <Tomcat_> Most Debians start in level 2...
[01:25] <Tomcat_> Or rather... run in level 2.
[01:25] <Tomcat_> Only SuSE needs 5. :o
[01:25] <nico_32> scorpio2002, the default runlevel depend of distrib ...
[01:25] <nico_32> Tomcat_, old redhat also ...
[01:26] <deFrysk> fedora.....
[01:26] <feugan3333> Hi all. Could anyone help me with static linking of
a library with cc?
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== langenberg[cli] [] has joined
=== raveli [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:27] <scorpio2002> nico_32, ok... :p because it didn't notice that
ubuntu was running at runlevel 2 untille todoy. And since I was working
with the kernel trying to compile a new one, I thought I messed thing up
[01:27] <scorpio2002> i dint notice -> sorry ^^
[01:27] <scorpio2002> today :|
[01:27] <nico_32> de nada :D
[01:27] <scorpio2002> :P
=== lamp_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== mr [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== aeolist [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gourami [] has joined
=== aeolist_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:29] <mr> hello everybody
[01:29] <darkmatter> hi
[01:29] <Miichael> hello mister
[01:30] <darkmatter> hi mr
=== topyli [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:30] <Gourami> Problem: Right click, open with other application,
select VLC in the list and then error "Could not add application the the
application database"
=== delire [] has joined
[01:31] <delire> anyone know the Ubuntu PPC channel? ubuntu-ppc seems a
little errm quiet (1 person|bot)
=== |rockinnerd| []
has joined #ubuntu
=== Daehlie [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:32] <fortran01> Has anyone tried playing mp4 format in vlc with no
=== funkyHat [] has joined
=== Rockett17 [~srockett@CPE0011097dafa9-] has joined #ubuntu
[01:33] <queuetue> How do I set up a directory so that all files in it
are created a+r by default?
[01:33] <Gourami> Problem: Right click, open with other application,
select VLC in the list and then error "Could not add application the the
application database"
[01:34] <nico_32> queuetue, search umask
=== |rockinnerd| punches Mplayer's volume control
[01:35] <|rockinnerd|> it wont go away on the movie
[01:36] <Gourami> where are santas helpers today ?
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== cmatheson [] has joined
=== linuxboy [] has joined #ubuntu
=== feugan3333 [] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[01:37] <killapop> Gourami: apt-get update
[01:37] <queuetue> nico_32, I see the command, but no sensible
explanation of how it is used. How wuld I make all new files in a
directory, /foo be a+wr ?
=== Sputn1k [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:37] <kakalto> what is ubuntu's font?
[01:38] <Gourami> killapop: what will that do, I am on a very slow
internet connection ?
[01:38] <kakalto> as used in logos
=== |rockinnerd| []
has joined #ubuntu
[01:38] <killapop> Gourami: hmmm
=== belasimo [] has joined #ubuntu
=== runge [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:38] <nico_32> queuetue, oops for only a directory ?
[01:38] <Sputn1k> why fonts are so bad
bin/kompiuterija/forumas/ ?
[01:38] <nico_32> queuetue, chmod -R a+wr foo/
[01:38] <queuetue> nico_32, Yes, for all new files in a directory.
[01:38] <Gourami> killapop: vlc works 100% if I open a file from vlc's
[01:39] <queuetue> nico_32, That will affect all existing files. I want
to set default permissions for all new files.
[01:39] <funkyHat> killapop, wouldn't he need apt-cache update, then apt-
get upgrade?
=== billharps [] has joined
[01:39] <Gourami> I am trying to open a file located on another machine
=== insan0 [~insano@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:39] <nico_32> queuetue, i know how set default permission for all new
file only for all directory ...
[01:40] <nico_32> queuetue, umask 666
[01:40] <Flying-Penguin> how would I make a term command run when I log
in? (the term command will open a program)
[01:40] <queuetue> nico_32, Ok, not what was looking for. :)
[01:40] <nico_32> queuetue, set permission of all new file to a+wr
[01:41] <nico_32> but for only a directory, i don't know
[01:41] <nico_32> perhaps with acl ...
=== scaroo [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:41] <renedox> nico_32: I just downloaded php4-mysql and restarted
[01:41] <renedox> still not working
=== Panzerboy [~NoName@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu
[01:42] <nico_32> what is the result of "file
=== reno [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:43] <renedox> cheng@renedox:~$ file /usr/lib/php4/20020429/
[01:43] <renedox> /usr/lib/php4/20020429/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared
object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), stripped
[01:43] <scaroo> hi ppl ! does any of you noticed a regression in the
current breezy 's rhythmbox concerning the ipod handling, it doesn t work
anymore here
[01:43] <ztonzy> hmm how to restart the gnome panels ?
[01:43] <nico_32> ztonzy, killall gnome-panels
[01:43] <Burgundavia> scaroo, there is a bug filed about it
[01:43] <ztonzy> nico_32, and it retars ? thanks
[01:44] <Gourami> nick@ZATRM087:~$ apt-cache update
[01:44] <Gourami> E: Invalid operation update
[01:44] <scaroo> Burgundavia, ok gonna check it
[01:44] <nico_32> Gourami, apt-get update
[01:44] <renedox> nico_32: /usr/lib/php4/20020429/ ELF 32-bit
LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), stripped
[01:44] <nico_32> renedox, heu
[01:44] <ztonzy> nico_32, hmm it fixed
[01:44] <renedox> nico_32: heu?
=== mantass [~Mantas@] has left #ubuntu []
[01:44] <Gourami> nick@ZATRM087:~$ apt-get update
[01:44] <Gourami> E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock -
open (13 Permission denied)
[01:44] <Gourami> E: Unable to lock the list directory
[01:45] <nico_32> renedox, can you paste your apache2's error.log
[01:45] <Burgundavia> Gourami, close synaptic
=== reno is now known as felixdz2
=== Tomcat_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:45] <nico_32> Gourami, sudo apt-get update
[01:45] <hondje> Gourami: sudo in front of things when they complain
about permissions
[01:45] <bimberi> Gourami: you need sudo
=== usuariocarlos [~usuario@] has joined #ubuntu
=== x4m [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:45] <scaroo> Gourami, wheter synapticc is launched, wether your not
lanching apt-get as root
[01:45] <usuariocarlos> hola a todos
[01:46] <renedox> nico_32:
[01:46] <Gourami> ok have done with sudo, working now
[01:46] <hondje> usuariocarlos: aqui hablamos ingles, pero hay #ubuntu-es
[01:46] <darkmatter> Gourami:sudo apt-get update as user. ap-get update
is root only
[01:46] <felixdz2> For some reason I am getting no sounds from gaim. yet
my soundcard is working. Streamtuner works fine
[01:47] <usuariocarlos> hellow
[01:47] <hondje> :)
[01:47] <felixdz2> Can anybody think why I get sound from cd's and
streamtuner and not gaim.
=== Flying-Penguin [~flyingpen@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
[01:47] <scaroo> felixdz2, is your esd launched
[01:47] <scaroo> ?
[01:47] <darkmatter> felixdz2: are you gaim sound enabled in the
=== Brik [] has left #ubuntu ["Bye"]
[01:47] <Gourami> felixdz2: sound method = ESD
[01:47] <felixdz2> Not sure. I thought I was using alsa
=== xx_goth_forever_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Hamman [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:48] <xx_goth_forever_> .....
=== J_P [~jp@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:49] <J_P> hi all
[01:49] <Miichael> hi
=== amadeus [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:49] <darkmatter> hi
=== sig_w32 [~sig@] has joined #ubuntu
[01:49] <bimberi> Gourami: opening files in vlc from nautilus - (last post in particular)
=== OptimusPrime [] has
joined #ubuntu
[01:50] <Miichael> welcome autobot
[01:50] <OptimusPrime> thanks :)
[01:51] <Miichael> been watching transformers on dvd last couple a days
[01:51] <OptimusPrime> hah
=== mile_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:51] <Miichael> me still a kid at heart
[01:52] <OptimusPrime> i dont like those new ones but the old ones is
[01:52] <Gourami> checking bimberi
[01:52] <OptimusPrime> yea same here :)
=== Digis [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
=== morgs__ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Internat [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:54] <Miichael> never watched the new ones..just the ones i grew up
=== mile_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== SteveA [] has joined #ubuntu
=== jeff_ []
has joined #ubuntu
[01:56] <benny> yo how can i notch up this system volume
[01:56] <Gourami> bimberi: thanks I tried that, it now opens vlc but
doesnt play the file requested
=== CapSoft [] has joined #ubuntu
[01:57] <CapSoft> lo folks
[01:57] <CapSoft> i have a question...
[01:57] <darkmatter> ello
[01:57] <CapSoft> when i do apt-get install mplayer-gui
[01:57] <CapSoft> it can't find the packets...
[01:57] <CapSoft> lo dark
[01:57] <bimberi> Gourami: How about this then - ?
[01:58] <darkmatter> which packages can't you find?
[01:58] <jasoncohen> so, warty is missing security updates from firefox
1.0.4 and firefox 1.0.5 and it still says an upgrade is forthcoming.
what's going on>
=== killapop [~allan@] has left #ubuntu []
[01:58] <CapSoft> mplayer-gui
[01:58] <CapSoft> amsn
[01:59] <CapSoft> mplayer-skins
[01:59] <CapSoft> mplayer-fonts
[01:59] <bina> the ubuntu CD comes with the basics (X and Gnome) right?
and anything else I install using apt-get install ?
[01:59] <CapSoft> mplayerplug-in
[01:59] <CapSoft> yes bina
[01:59] <jasoncohen> CapSoft, there is no mpayer-gui
[01:59] <Burgundavia> bina, correct
[01:59] <CapSoft> player
[01:59] <jasoncohen> CapSoft, mplayer-386/586 includes the gui
[01:59] <CapSoft> mplayer-gui
[01:59] <CapSoft> typo
[01:59] <jasoncohen> CapSoft, and it's mozilla-mplayer - not mplayerplug-
[01:59] <CapSoft> it can't find mplayer-386
[01:59] <Burgundavia> jasoncohen, can you join #ubuntu-doc please
[01:59] <bina> CapSoft, Burgundavia: woo. well, so long as my HDD
reformats properly all should be well then :)
[01:59] <jasoncohen> CapSoft, amsn is in Universe
[01:59] <CapSoft> k i'll check right now
[02:00] <bina> what fs ubuntu use? ext3?
=== morgs__ [] has joined
[02:00] <Burgundavia> bina, yes, by default
[02:00] <darkmatter> CapSoft: did you add extra repositories to
sources.list and sudo apt-get update?
[02:00] <bina> Burgundavia: good, i think ill just leave it with that :)
[02:00] <CapSoft> when it updates it does not d/l it all
[02:00] <CapSoft> can i send sources.conf?
[02:01] <CapSoft> to some 1?
[02:01] <retro83> Anyone know of a decent GTK app for disk management?
(formatting etc)
[02:01] <jasoncohen> CapSoft, paste it in pastebin
[02:01] <CapSoft> fdisk
=== qt2 [] has joined
[02:01] <jasoncohen> retro83, gparted
[02:01] <CapSoft> what is pastebin?
[02:01] <CapSoft> i am a n00b sorry...
[02:01] <jasoncohen> fdisk is not gui CapSoft
[02:01] <jasoncohen> CapSoft,
=== drope [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:01] <CapSoft> fdisk -p is enough ;) for me
[02:01] <retro83> jasoncohen: Thanks! :)
[02:02] <CapSoft> k jasoncohen
[02:02] <darkmatter> retro83:GParted
[02:02] <CapSoft> damn.. forget where i could find the sources.list file
[02:02] <Gourami> bimberi: still no luck Couldn't display
=== otep [] has joined #ubuntu
=== TWD [] has
joined #ubuntu
[02:03] <darkmatter> CapSoft: /etc/apt/sources.list
=== felixdz2 [] has joined
[02:03] <CapSoft> thanks again!
[02:03] <darkmatter> any time
[02:03] <retro83> thanks again, gparted is a really nice program :)
[02:04] <TWD> Hi all
=== drope [] has left #ubuntu
[02:04] <darkmatter> hi
[02:04] <TWD> Does anyone have any info on the state of gstreamer in
[02:04] <CapSoft>
[02:04] <Burgundavia> TWD, still 0.8
=== phend [] has joined
[02:04] <CapSoft> that is it darkmatter
=== twilight [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== ablyss [~ablyss@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:05] <Gourami> if I play the movie .ts from the local machine it works
100% but from a remote location I get Couldn't display
[02:05] <darkmatter> k, will take a look
[02:05] <TWD> I know that in hoary I finished by swapping it out for
xine-lib to get totem to work, and I was wondering if it'd been resolved
(IIRC esd was in part responsable)
[02:05] <CapSoft> thanks!
=== leroj [] has joined
[02:05] <TWD> thanks Burgundavia
[02:06] <Burgundavia> TWD, 0.9 is unlikely to hit breezy (or gnome 2.12)
[02:06] <kronz> Gourami: try mounting the share first
=== tmt [~ttm@] has left #ubuntu []
[02:06] <CapSoft> is breezy stable then?
=== Flying-Penguin [~flyingpen@pool-71-103-171-206.lsanca.dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
[02:06] <Gourami> kronz how would I do that ?
[02:06] <Burgundavia> CapSoft, not really
[02:06] <CapSoft> i have hoary
[02:06] <CapSoft> k
[02:07] <Burgundavia> wait at least another month
[02:07] <qt2> so... yeah...
[02:08] <darkmatter> CapSoft:
=== gore_ [~gore@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:08] <Gourami> kronz: it is mounted afaik, if I right click I get the
option to unmount
[02:08] <gore_> hola
=== chris_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== chris_ is now known as chris^unstable
=== chris^unstable [] has left #ubuntu
[02:11] <OptimusPrime> Miichael and dont you watch, a waste of time ;)
[02:11] <qt2> i have polypaudio and libesd-alsa0 installed, what do i
need to grab from synaptic to reinstate the default ubuntu sound setup?
[02:12] <bimberi> Gourami: See
under "Mounting a samba share"
[02:12] <Miichael> dont plan too...remakes of cartoons are just the new ninja turtles
[02:12] <kronz> Gourami: type df in terminal and see if it pops up
=== Svennelito [] has joined
[02:13] <Gourami> no doesnt show on df, reading wiki now
[02:13] <OptimusPrime> Miichael yea :)
=== faya [~gros-deso@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:14] <CapSoft> darkmatter, i am looking at your file right now
[02:14] <CapSoft> what is the diference?
=== spacey [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:14] <darkmatter> CapSoft: k
=== apokryphos [] has left
#ubuntu ["Konversation]
[02:16] <Gourami> what a mission to mount :{
[02:16] <nico_32> erf
[02:17] <Gourami> bless you
[02:17] <nico_32> firefox alway crash when i try to extention any
[02:17] <nico_32> 0xb7f7cc1d in JS_GetClass () from /usr/lib/mozilla-
[02:17] <digitalfox> is there a utility to extract Stuffit (.sit) files
under Linux?
[02:18] <TWD> nico_32 : what extensions are you suing?
[02:18] <nico_32> TWD: any
[02:18] <TWD> s/suing/useing/g
[02:18] <nico_32> only adblock
[02:18] <TWD> could you give some examples?
=== robertj [robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:19] <TWD> nico_32: have you tried removing ~/.mozilla or what ever
it's called these days (note: don't do this if you're using thunderbird)
[02:19] <nico_32> TWD yes
=== Elsidox is now known as Elsidox_School
[02:20] <nico_32> i can only install 1 extension then any extension crash
[02:20] <nico_32>
=== mupe [] has joined #ubuntu
=== evilstoy [] has joined #ubuntu
=== digis_ [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
=== janga [] has joined #ubuntu
=== hukkka [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:22] <TWD> nico_32 have you installed any other mozilla packages
either through synaptic or other?
[02:22] <TWD> And what version are you using atm?
[02:23] <nico_32> twd
[02:23] <TWD> Lot's of questions I kinow, I'm just trying to narrow
things down here
[02:23] <nico_32> mozilla-browser
[02:23] <TWD> Through synaptic? or on it's own?
[02:23] <felixdz2> how do I restart esd?
=== spacey [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mez [] has joined
=== jze [] has joined #ubuntu
=== chris^stable [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:23] <chris^stable> Hi
[02:23] <nico_32> TWD, througt synaptic
[02:24] <chris^stable> i just upgraded my Breezy... now: -bash: startx:
command not found
[02:24] <chris^stable> and this is with everything
[02:24] <TWD> nico_32: you might have some version sqew in you're
libraries, could you please show me the output of ldd on firefox?
[02:24] <chris^stable> how can i fix it?
[02:24] <nico_32> twd
[02:24] <nico_32> ldd firefox-bin ?
[02:25] <TWD> chris^stable: aparently X is broken in breezy atm
[02:25] <TWD> nico_32: yes
[02:25] <chris^stable> 0o
=== chris^stable [] has left #ubuntu
[02:25] <CapSoft> ubuntu rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[02:25] <TWD> nico_32 or more like: ldd `which firefox-bin`
[02:25] <TWD> CapSoft: I completly agree
[02:25] <nico_32> TWD,
[02:26] <CapSoft> darkmatter, helped me out! thanks big time!
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[02:26] <CapSoft> darkmatter.equals("1337") = true;
=== memorial [] has joined
[02:26] <jze> Hiya... When I try to listen to a radio with rhythmbox it
says "there is no element present to handle the stream's mime type
application/x-id3" what does this mean?
[02:28] <TWD> nico_32: does /usr/lib/mozilla_firefox (or a subdir
thereof) contain a
[02:28] <TWD> if so, the problem is that you're using the mozilla-browser
version with firefox
[02:28] <nico_32> /usr/lib/mozilla_firefox don't exist
[02:29] <TWD> sorry, I meant /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/
[02:29] <CapSoft> why does mplayer crash when i try to open *.wmv ?
[02:29] <nico_32> $ ls /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/ |grep mozjs
[02:29] <nico_32>
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:30] <TWD> got-ye: uninstall mozilla-browser and things should work
[02:30] <TWD> fingers crossed :-)
=== fortran01 [] has left #ubuntu
=== dwa_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:30] <nico_32> i can't uninstall mozilla-browser
=== Doomgaze` [~Doomgaze@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:30] <nico_32> apt want to uninstall
[02:30] <nico_32>    libgecko2.0-cil* monodevelop* mozilla-browser*
[02:30] <Miichael> need the w32codec i think
[02:31] <TWD> a more permant solution would be using
[02:31] <darkmatter> CapSoft: did you install win32codecs.
[02:31] <CapSoft> why does mplayer crash when i try to open *.wmv ? some1
[02:31] <CapSoft> yes
[02:31] <felixdz2> Would the fact I am using xfce4 instead of gnome have
anything to do with my sound trouble?
[02:31] <CapSoft> i downloaded a lot of dlls
[02:31] <TWD> set the env var just before running firefox, and (in
theory) it should load the right .so
[02:31] <CapSoft> and put them in the mplayer bin dir
[02:31] <renedox> CapSoft: try vlc media player
[02:31] <CapSoft> if i remember correctly
=== Equis [] has joined
[02:32] <Miichael> ummmm
=== VincentMX [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:32] <CapSoft> vlc media player?
[02:33] <darkmatter> Video Lan Client
[02:33] <CapSoft> :S
[02:33] <renedox> a lot better than mplayer
[02:33] <Equis> Hey all... networking question...
[02:33] <CapSoft> can i apt-get it?
[02:33] <Equis> How do I get my NIC to switch up to 100Mbps?
[02:33] <CapSoft> i know that one
[02:33] <CapSoft> mii-tool --force=100baseT-FD
[02:33] <darkmatter> homepage
=== Equis rushes to open PuTTY
=== aio [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:34] <CapSoft> i have to put mine to 10 base every login... LMAO
[02:34] <CapSoft> thanks dark
=== RabidDog says smoke in london tunnels again
[02:34] <nico_32> TWD, Firefox always crash ...
=== PCMANIA [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:34] <PCMANIA> hey i need help
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|bath
[02:34] <TWD> nico_32: always or still?
[02:35] <KB2000> CapSoft: why the hell do you need to put it to 10 base?
[02:35] <nico_32> TWD, still
[02:35] <PCMANIA> can someone download me the linux-wlan-ng package from
the universe repository
[02:35] <TWD> nico_32: could you rerun the ldd with LD_PRELOAD set please
[02:35] <PCMANIA> i nee mij lan connection on linux ubuntu
=== digitalfox|bath is now known as digitalfox
[02:35] <PCMANIA> now i am using winxp to get it
[02:35] <CapSoft>
[02:36] <nico_32> TWD,
[02:36] <nico_32> $ ldd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox-bin
[02:36] <nico_32>        => /usr/lib/
[02:36] <CapSoft> KB2000, cuz my cable can't get faster...
[02:36] <nico_32> TWD, rm /usr/lib/libmozjs.s ?
[02:36] <CapSoft> uhm well the whole lan here is 10
[02:36] <CapSoft> nevermind...
[02:36] <TWD> nico_32: that could break a lot of stuff
=== thierry [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== sfvt [] has joined
[02:36] <TWD> nico_32: what LD_PRELOAD command are you using
[02:37] <CapSoft> ok guys i have the vlc stuff now
[02:37] <TWD> nico_32: try export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/
[02:37] <nico_32> export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox
[02:37] <CapSoft> and then?
=== skinister [] has joined
[02:37] <PCMANIA> can someone download me the linux-wlan-ng package from
the universe repository
[02:37] <TWD> nico_32: bizzar
=== Goshawk [] has joined
[02:37] <nico_32> TWD,
[02:37] <nico_32> cut: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/: cannot read file data: Error 21
[02:37] <nico_32> free: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/: cannot read file data: Error 21
[02:37] <nico_32> grep: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/: cannot read file data: Error 21
[02:37] <nico_32> cut: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/: cannot read file data: Error 21
=== RabidDog notes cnn is now just announcing
[02:37] <Equis> CapSoft: You have a link you can point me to? mii-tool
didn't work for me
=== Equis is a n00b
[02:38] <PCMANIA> send it to me plzzzzzzzz I need it for my wl-012 usb
lan card
=== __DeMi is now known as DeMi
=== RabidDog notes nail bomb
[02:38] <jeff_> vlc crashes every time I try to run a .wmv on it
[02:38] <PCMANIA> i am a noob
=== ricardo_ []
has joined #ubuntu
[02:38] <PCMANIA> i tried to install my wl-012 usb adabter
[02:38] <TWD> nico_32: try renameing the file in usr/lib just to see if
things work better then.
=== RabidDog initial reports coming in now
[02:39] <LuNaTiK^GuY> anybody knows about a matrix style gdm theme?
[02:39] <darkmatter> CapSoft: cd to the directory you dld vlc to. dpkg -i
[02:39] <PCMANIA> but they said to me i need the package from the
universe repository, but i have no internet on linux so I cann't download
[02:39] <CapSoft> darkmatter i have it trhough apt-get
[02:39] <CapSoft> it runs
[02:39] <CapSoft> but no video...
[02:39] <CapSoft> just the sound
[02:39] <CapSoft> of the wmv
[02:39] <PCMANIA> I have ubuntu installed
=== msieradzki [] has joined
[02:40] <darkmatter> not sure. don't use vlc
=== azd [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:40] <jeff_> CapSoft : I get the same thing with mplayer - sound, but
no video with .wmv files
[02:40] <CapSoft> i did : apt-get install vlc libdvdcss2
=== raven3x7 [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:40] <CapSoft> jeff_ me too
[02:40] <Miichael> you sure you apt-get install w32codec?
[02:40] <CapSoft> also have the same prob. with mplayer
=== digis_ is now known as Digis
[02:40] <CapSoft> and vlc now too
[02:40] <CapSoft> lmao
[02:40] <raven3x7> i think its codecs
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:41] <TWD> nico_32: otherwise try LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/mozilla-
[02:41] <CapSoft> could not find packet: w32codec
[02:41] <jeff_> w32codecs
[02:41] <Miichael> try w32codecs
[02:41] <jeff_> I'm installing it right now
[02:41] <darkmatter> what vid, CapSoft?. could be the codecs. gotta link
[02:41] <bina> hi all, im in Ubuntu woo. How do I change the
configuration of my monitor, itll only let me use 60Hz but it can do up
to 85 at this resolution
[02:41] <CapSoft> i forgot the S
=== azd [] has left #ubuntu []
[02:42] <jeff_> it's a fat bitch
[02:42] <CapSoft> one moment pls
[02:42] <nico_32> TWD, Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation
[02:42] <nico_32> [Switching to Thread -1218600288 (LWP 26472)]
[02:42] <nico_32> 0xb7f7cc1d in JS_GetClass () from /usr/lib/mozilla-
[02:42] <darkmatter> brb
[02:42] <CapSoft> k
[02:42] <CapSoft> d/l codecs atm...
[02:42] <CapSoft> 13.2 MB
[02:43] <raven3x7> bina fro system>references>screen resolution
[02:43] <CapSoft> only 40 kb/s pffff
[02:43] <CapSoft> my line can hold 500 ~ 600 kb/s
[02:43] <TWD> nico_32: sorry, there I'm stumped, you could try removing
and reinstalling the firefox package, but that's all I can suggest.
[02:43] <TWD> sorry :-(
[02:43] <janga> bina: find out your monitor specs and write them into
[02:43] <bina> raven3x7 itll only let me to 60Hz
[02:43] <bina> janga: cool, thanks
[02:43] <Miichael> 500 kb/s pfff i am getting a 15Mbps connection shortly
=== ajhobbs [~andrew@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:44] <CapSoft>
[02:44] <CapSoft> darkmatter =-->
[02:44] <kronz> bina: easy way to do it - sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-
xorg, then choose medium or advanced monitor settings
[02:44] <CapSoft> but i think it is.. .codecs
[02:44] <CapSoft> d/l some atm
[02:44] <CapSoft> brb
[02:44] <bina> kronz: thanks, ill try
[02:44] <|rockinnerd|> btw a bomb has gone off in the london underground
=== raven3x7 needs to set monitor specks as well
[02:45] <CapSoft> again? |rockinnerd|
[02:45] <|rockinnerd|> yep
[02:45] <CapSoft> damn...
[02:45] <jeff_> I did apt-get install w32codecs, but vlc still crashes
[02:45] <ajhobbs> 3 stations evacuated evidentally.
[02:45] <raven3x7> ir there a music reencoder available for linux?
[02:45] <darkmatter> dling now.
[02:45] <|rockinnerd|> raven3x7, audacity
[02:45] <nico_32> jeff_, vlc don't use w32codecs
[02:45] <CapSoft> k i am at 77% from the codecs
[02:45] <CapSoft> mplayer?
[02:46] <bina> kronz: mines a Packard Bell 7480 monitor, you know what
driver that would use? I cant see any Packard bell option on there :)
[02:46] <raven3x7> |rockinnerd|, audacity can reencode mp3s?
[02:46] <|rockinnerd|> well, if it cant get LAME
[02:46] <|rockinnerd|> oops nvm
=== Panzerboy [~NoName@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu
[02:46] <|rockinnerd|> tht you said 'recorder'
[02:46] <darkmatter> CapSoft: you install libxine1?
=== kangt [] has joined
[02:47] <raven3x7> |rockinnerd|, no. i want to reencode some files at a
lower bitright to put them in my mp3 player
[02:47] <raven3x7> bitrate
[02:47] <|rockinnerd|> hmm try lame
[02:47] <CapSoft> dunno darkmatter, should i?
[02:47] <kronz> bina: its probably asking you for your gfx driver
=== hard_i [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:48] <Miichael> i have always used this site to know which files i
need to get running dvds/video files they use rpms but it has the names
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:48] <CapSoft> thanks it runs
[02:48] <CapSoft> it was the codec thingy
[02:48] <CapSoft> and dark i don't have libxinel
[02:48] <CapSoft> check the vid awesome!
[02:48] <raven3x7> bina is your graphics card nvidia or ati?
[02:48] <darkmatter> k
[02:48] <bina> kronz: oh right
[02:48] <bina> raven3z7: nvidia
=== zecoureaus []
has joined #ubuntu
=== alumik [] has joined
[02:49] <bina> GForce 4
=== alumik [] has left
#ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== guillaumeh []
has joined #ubuntu
[02:49] <kronz> just press enter through about 10 pages till it asks you
about your monitor
=== _paul [~paul@] has joined #ubuntu
[02:50] <leroj> is it possible to have both KDE and gnome on the same
=== kbrooks [] has joined
[02:50] <raven3x7> bina use nv if you dont want 3d. if you want 3d apt-
get nvidia-glx and use nvidia as your driver.
=== carlos_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== VincentMX [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:50] <ajhobbs> leroj: Yes. You can choose which to run from the
session choice of the login manager.
[02:51] <leroj> ok
[02:51] <leroj> how would i get hold of KDe then?
[02:51] <bina> ranven3x7: thanks
[02:51] <guillaumeh> apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
[02:51] <leroj> thank you
[02:51] <guillaumeh> or choose kubuntu-desktop in synaptic
=== RabidDog yelps, yay the smurfs are coming back
=== nalioth_zZz is now known as nalioth_wrkn
=== mxpxpod [~BryanForb@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
[02:52] <Miichael> and in 3d
[02:52] <RabidDog> yep
[02:52] <darkmatter> smurfs? you're joking?
[02:52] <Miichael> nope
[02:52] <jeff_> CapSoft : any luck yet?
[02:53] <CapSoft> it runs
=== guillaumeh []
has left #ubuntu []
=== Mr_Smiley [] has joined
[02:53] <CapSoft> * |rockinnerd| heeft verlaten ("Leaving")
[02:53] <CapSoft> CapSoft it was the codec thingy
[02:53] <CapSoft> CapSoft and dark i don't have libxinel
[02:53] <CapSoft> CapSoft check the vid
[02:53] <CapSoft> as i said ;)
[02:53] <CapSoft> i just needed the w32codecs
[02:54] <Miichael> thats what i thought :)
[02:54] <CapSoft> check the vid
[02:54] <CapSoft> it rox
[02:54] <leroj> what is it?
[02:54] <CapSoft> GTA
[02:54] <leroj> bah
[02:54] <CapSoft> lol
[02:54] <CapSoft> it's a stunt movie
[02:54] <CapSoft> from some guy on a bike
[02:55] <qt2> something just happened in a london subway...
[02:55] <leroj> yes
[02:55] <darkmatter> nother attack?
=== drope [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:55] <CapSoft> yes
[02:55] <leroj> they think it was a mailbomb
[02:55] <KB2000> really?
[02:55] <leroj> i think
[02:55] <leroj> yeah
[02:56] <taz> oh ok..
[02:56] <snowblink> nail
[02:56] <leroj>
[02:56] <taz> ouch
[02:56] <leroj> ah
[02:56] <CapSoft> |rockinnerd| btw a bomb has gone off in the london
[02:56] <darkmatter> sucks
[02:56] <snowblink> no casualities have been reported
[02:56] <CapSoft> 3 stations evacuated...
[02:56] <Amaranth> mail? must have been a typo
=== Davey [~davey@davey.user] has joined #ubuntu
[02:56] <CapSoft> rock said it before...
[02:56] <Amaranth> one website is saying 'nail'
[02:56] <CapSoft> Nail
[02:57] <CapSoft> lol
[02:57] <CapSoft> uhm no lol...
[02:57] <Amaranth> i know, i'm saying that's a typo
[02:57] <mumbles> bummer again
[02:57] <darkmatter> bad lol
=== ben_underscore [] has
joined #ubuntu
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[02:57] <taz> 2 explotions says the swedish newspaper
=== pef [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:57] <qt2>
subway_stations_evacuated/ <- about the london subway.
[02:57] <nalioth_wrkn> Amaranth: you giving out hats today?
=== cmatheson [] has joined
=== Davey [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:58] <leroj> taz, wich swedish newspaper?
[02:58] <snowblink> 3 stations + 1 bus
[02:58] <pef> hello !
=== CarinArr [[] has joined #ubuntu
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:58] <bina> no luck, still isnt doing anything :'( stuck at 60Hz and
getting a headache :P
[02:58] <CarinArr> does anyone know where you set the default cursor gdm
[02:58] <darkmatter> hi pef
[02:59] <CapSoft> CarinArr, isn't it part of the theme?
[02:59] <CarinArr> might be
[02:59] <CapSoft> icons and such??
[02:59] <skinister> Hello everyone.... i have a <GPG error: > any tips
[02:59] <CarinArr> i have no clue;)
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=== fhr [] has joined #ubuntu
[02:59] <Amaranth> ack
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[02:59] <taz> leroj,
[02:59] <leroj> ok
=== CarinArr has a look
[03:00] <darkmatter> CarinArr: install gcursor through synaptic. then
[03:00] <scorpio2002> Hi there! I can't understand why each time I open
Thunderbird it asks me to choose a profile. I only have the default
profile and I even checked "Don't aks at startup".
[03:01] <qt2> *watching the news* seems to be just like last time, three
subways and a bus... or so says CBS...
[03:01] <CarinArr> i only really want to know what cursor it uses so i
can set that to be the default x one as well
[03:01] <taz> ok.. just one bomb seems like...
[03:01] <snowblink> qt2, less serious than last time. No reported
[03:01] <mumbles> glad i went up to london yesterday
[03:01] <CarinArr> they were dummy bombs
[03:01] <CarinArr> just detonators
[03:01] <snowblink> CarinArr, that just means they didn't go off
=== Mr_Smiley [] has joined
[03:02] <CarinArr>
=== hussam [~hussam@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== hussam [~hussam@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:02] <qt2> snowblink, i know its less serious, but just oting.
[03:02] <CapSoft> can i install another window manager on ubuntu?
[03:02] <CapSoft> like fluxbox?
[03:02] <CapSoft> or kde?
=== renedox [] has left #ubuntu
[03:02] <Kyral> yes
[03:03] <Kyral> sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop for kde
=== _one_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:03] <CarinArr> capsoft, just install then add a .desktop for it in
gdm.. (for fluxbox)
[03:03] <CapSoft> and enlightment?
[03:03] <Kyral> sudo apt-get install fluxbox for fluxbox
[03:03] <CapSoft> lol
[03:03] <CapSoft> that easy?
=== funkyHat [] has joined
[03:03] <CapSoft> wicked...
[03:03] <Kyral> yes
[03:03] <CapSoft> ubuntu rox
[03:03] <darkmatter> CarinArr: /usr/share/icons/Human/cursors is the
[03:04] <funkyHat> :( firefox update (today's) broke my firefox
[03:04] <Kyral> it even adds the GDM/KDM entries
=== souki [] has joined
[03:04] <CarinArr> cool thanks darkmatter
[03:04] <Equis> CapSoft: I figured out my networking slowness...
[03:04] <darkmatter> no prob
=== ubuntu_ [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:04] <CapSoft> Equis, tell us
[03:04] <Equis> turns out I was using an *old* card.
[03:04] <CapSoft> old pci card?
=== pavka [foobar@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:04] <Equis> 10Mbps was tops
[03:04] <CarinArr> oh that's what i meant to ask as well..
[03:04] <Equis> lol
[03:04] <CapSoft> so u had to mii-tool it to 10?
=== pavka [foobar@] has left #ubuntu []
[03:05] <mumbles> one injory ant warren street
[03:05] <CapSoft> or default @ 10 mbit/s ?
[03:05] <Equis> No, I swapped it out for the other one (that I pulled out
'cause it didn't need two)
[03:05] <CarinArr> i've been running ubuntu on this machine for a few
weeks and it's been perfectly fine. now all of a sudden it times out
setting up the network
[03:05] <CapSoft> haha
[03:05] <CapSoft> nice!
[03:05] <CapSoft> :)
[03:05] <CarinArr> however, as soon as it's all started i can go and
deactivate/activate eth0 and it works perfectly fine
[03:05] <qt2> snowblink, CarinArr, a detonator is a bomb, jsut a small
one, in a normal bomb it's main pourpose is to start a chain reaction
using it's small explosion.
[03:05] <Equis> So, thanks for your help, though
[03:05] <CapSoft> nice
[03:06] <CapSoft> can i mii-tool --force my eth0 to 10baseT-FD at boot
[03:06] <qt2> mumbles, source?
=== col [~col@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:06] <mumbles> london based radio statio xfm
[03:06] <snowblink> qt2, exactly. The main bombs didn't go off. Doesn't
mean they weren't real. Just means they cocked up.
[03:06] <CarinArr> all of them?
=== ben_underscore [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mos [] has joined
[03:07] <darkmatter> good thing they never went off. that would have been
a hell of a mess
[03:07] <qt2> mumbles, xm you mean?
[03:07] <CapSoft> can i mii-tool --force my eth0 to 10baseT-FD at boot
time? some1 any idea?
=== ubuntu_ [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:07] <qt2> snowblink, four failed bombs? seems rather unlikely...
[03:07] <CapSoft> i only have to do these two lines at startup
=== njan [~james@james.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== mos [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== hussam [~hussam@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:08] <mumbles>
[03:08] <CapSoft> sudo mii-tool --force=10baseT-FD
[03:08] <CapSoft> and sudo ifup --force eth0
[03:08] <CapSoft> can i do them at boottime?
=== njan [~james@james.user] has joined #ubuntu
[03:08] <kbrooks> yes.
=== shawarma [~sh@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:08] <snowblink> qt2: not if they were all hooked up by someone who
didn't know how...
[03:09] <CapSoft> how? lol
[03:09] <darkmatter> or had faulty detonators
[03:09] <funkyHat> guys, wtf is up with the latest ubuntu firefox
release? anyone else getting problems?
[03:09] <CarinArr> what sort of problems
[03:09] <mumbles> windows have been blown out of the buss
[03:09] <darkmatter> what problems
[03:09] <Kyral> the verson number is wrong
[03:09] <Kyral> change it in about::config
=== ateves [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:10] <Burgundavia> funkyHat, did you just update with the security
[03:10] <funkyHat> randomly crashing, it broke the first time i ran it
(due to loads of extensions no doubt, but it's also crashing on a clean
=== shawarma [~sh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _one_ [] has left #ubuntu
=== shawarma [~sh@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mgalvin [] has joined
=== kev_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== incubii [incubii@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:10] <funkyHat> Burgundavia, i updated when it showed up in ubuntu
update manager
[03:10] <darkmatter> general.useragent.vendorSub change from 1.0 to 1.0.4
=== mgalvin [] has left
#ubuntu ["l8r"]
[03:11] <qt2> snowblink, and whoever else wants information.. ##london
seems very updated on it.
[03:11] <Burgundavia> funkyHat, ok. I have heard other people reporting
the same issues
[03:11] <funkyHat> that would be great, if i could get to about:config
without launching the browser ;)
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:11] <darkmatter> lol
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|bath
[03:12] <darkmatter> have you tried purging the config and reinstalling
[03:12] <pitti> funkyHat: odd, it's running fine here for three days...
[03:12] <funkyHat> the update was this morning...
[03:12] <pitti> funkyHat: however, I have a similar random crash on tbird
(which I didn't yet relase), I'm investigating
=== apokryphos [] has joined
[03:13] <CapSoft> some one know how to auto do some commands while
[03:13] <funkyHat> wasn't it?
[03:13] <pitti> funkyHat: yes, but it's on my disk for three days (not
completely patched, though)
[03:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how can i install a new bootsplash screen?
=== apokryphos [] has left
#ubuntu ["Konversation]
=== skinister_ [] has joined
[03:13] <CapSoft> theme i guess?
[03:13] <CapSoft> LuNaTiK^GuY,
[03:13] <pitti> funkyHat: I wanted to test the complete update for at
least a day
=== mattm [] has joined #ubuntu
=== praju [~praju@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> not a whole theme no
[03:13] <darkmatter> bootsplash with splashy
[03:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i have a png
[03:13] <CapSoft> a part from it
[03:14] <pitti> funkyHat: lemme figure out that tbird crash, I have
reasons to assume that it is exactly the same cause; however, I can't
reproduce the ffox crash
[03:14] <darkmatter>
[03:14] <kev_> so i just upgraded firefox to 1.0.2-0ubuntu5.4 and now it
segfaults whenever i try to start it. should i be downgrading or is there
a better fix?
=== praju [~praju@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:15] <funkyHat> it's most likely to do with SessionSaver (possibly
also only a remote save/restore issue) but i can't reproduce the original
=== shawarma [~sh@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:15] <kbrooks> LuNaTiK^GuY: use splashy dude
[03:15] <darkmatter> just follow the bootsplash instructions. use
0.1.3svn2. 0.1.5 has dependancy issues
[03:15] <LuNaTiK^GuY> slpashy?
[03:15] <pitti> kev_: see above, downgrade for now if you have severe
problems; does temporarily moving away ~/.mozilla help?
[03:15] <darkmatter>
[03:16] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok darkmatter
[03:16] <funkyHat> pitti, is it a new version of tbird too? as i'm not
getting any issues with that at all
[03:16] <darkmatter> easiest way (aside from patching the kernel)
[03:16] <pitti> funkyHat: I'm still preparing it
[03:16] <kev_> pitti: moving away .mozilla lets it load now. is it a
problem related to extensions?
[03:17] <pitti> funkyHat: it's a PITA, there are so many and so big
patches, I already worked on it for two days
[03:17] <CapSoft> i love that firefox is default in ubuntu!
=== Antinomy [] has joined
[03:17] <pitti> kev_: no idea, I tested it with flash and adblock
[03:17] <LuNaTiK^GuY> now i want a MAC OS taskbar .....with do i install it
[03:17] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ?
[03:17] <pitti> kev_: could you try to isolate the module that causes
problems? maybe I can reproduce it then
[03:17] <Antinomy> can anyone help me with a dual boot partitioning
[03:17] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ie. ialreayd have g Deskelts
[03:18] <funkyHat> Antinomy, just ask :)
[03:18] <rommer> is it possible to setup a dns server with 2 web servers
serving over the internet without having a domain name?
[03:18] <darkmatter> Antinomy: fire away
[03:18] <nico_32> pitti, firefox crash :
[03:18] <CapSoft> is gdesklets like superkaramba????????????
[03:18] <nico_32> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[03:18] <nico_32> [Switching to Thread -1218600288 (LWP 24436)]
[03:18] <nico_32> 0xb7f7cc1d in JS_GetClass () from /usr/lib/mozilla-
=== okeanos [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:19] <kbrooks> Antinomy: ask
[03:19] <Antinomy> ok! thanks. Specs: AMD Athlon, running win XP. 60 GB
[03:19] <darkmatter> yes, gdesklets is like superkaramba
[03:19] <Antinomy> Here's what I'm trying to do:
=== mantas [~mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:19] <Antinomy> 1 part for XP, one part for Ubuntu, 1 for fat32 file
[03:19] <CapSoft> kewl
[03:19] <topyli> grr. how hard can it be to convert evolution's vcards to
csv? can't find any scripts on the net
[03:19] <Antinomy> But I'm scared.
=== ben_underscore [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:20] <kbrooks> Antinomy: grub
[03:20] <kbrooks> Antinomy: grub \
[03:20] <desrt> Antinomy; there are ext2fs drivers for windows
[03:20] <pitti> nico_32: seems to be the same
[03:20] <kbrooks> Antinomy: Use GRUB.
[03:20] <kev_> pitti: it apears to be the Extensions.rdf that causes it
to segfault
[03:20] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yes CapSoft
=== nilsL_ []
has joined #ubuntu
[03:20] <Antinomy> I'm at the moment of truth - asking me which one I
want to repartition, and I'm a little nervous.
[03:20] <nico_32> pitti, i close an onglet and firefox crash
[03:20] <nico_32> ...
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:21] <Antinomy> do I pick IDE1 or #1 Primary? DOes it matter?
[03:21] <pitti> nico_32: what's an "onglet"?
[03:21] <kbrooks> Antinomy: which one? list the partitions there please
[03:21] <CapSoft> ok i have the gdesklets
[03:21] <desrt> Antinomy; read this:
[03:21] <bina> lo, how do I find out what audio device my Comp is using.
Ive got a feeling its using the onboard one when it should be using the
SB Live
[03:21] <VincentMX> how do i change my computer name?
[03:21] <CapSoft> but where do you get the appz for it?
[03:21] <CapSoft> bina, lsof /dev/dsp
[03:21] <Antinomy> Wait - heres the advice I'm following:
[03:21] <rommer> VincentMX: /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname
[03:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> CapSoft,
[03:21] <CapSoft> brb
[03:22] <darkmatter>
[03:22] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i just found them now :)
[03:22] <CapSoft> thanks LuNaTiK^GuY
[03:22] <topyli> Antinomy: what could happen? you do have your backups
don't you? don't you? :)
[03:22] <nico_32> pitti, onglet = Tabbed Browsing
[03:22] <kbrooks> "you will need to make some free space on your hard
drive for it"
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=== CapSoft is now known as CapSoft|brb
=== derda [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:22] <CapSoft|brb> brb
=== apokryphos [] has left #ubuntu
[03:22] <bina> CapSoft|brb: that just outputs esd     7325 harry    5w
CHR   14,3      6885 /dev/dsp. u know what that means?
=== kolcvk [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:22] <Antinomy> topyli: Yes, of course :)
=== tritium [] has joined #ubuntu
=== wm_kumiko [] has joined
=== Velcan [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:23] <rommer> is it possible to setup a dns server with 2 web servers
serving over the internet without having a domain name?
[03:23] <Antinomy> actually, can someone go into a IM with me and walk me
through? I can't keep track with all this scrolling
[03:23] <derda> how called the package for java runtime for firefox?
[03:23] <TWD> nico_32: are you from france too?
=== dradul [~dradul@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:23] <nico_32> yes
=== jcapote [] has joined
[03:23] <TWD> Royan here
[03:23] <kbrooks> Antinomy: i doubt that is encouraged
[03:23] <jcapote> anyone here on centrino with hoary?
[03:23] <Antinomy> kbrooks: what?
[03:24] <wm_kumiko> Damn, I wanted to try breezy today and see if I can
get my laptop working...
=== jeran [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:24] <wm_kumiko> sound and suspend aren't working.
=== leonel_ [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:24] <jeran> Okay! I got all my problems fixed this time
[03:24] <Antinomy> Ok: which partition should I resize?
[03:24] <tritium> derda,
[03:25] <jeran> Now, Last night someone gave me a link to see a list of
things I could find on the respositories.. Does anyone have that?
=== mumbles [] has joined
[03:25] <darkmatter> wm_kumiko: they've actually fixed xorg?
=== catfox [] has joined
[03:25] <tritium> jeran, was it ?
[03:25] <mumbles> opss pulled out wrong powerlead
[03:25] <Antinomy> should I resize IDE1 master (hda)? or #1 primary?
[03:25] <jeran> tritium: I believe so, thank you
[03:25] <wm_kumiko> darkmatter, not according to the topic.
=== CapSoft|brb is now known as CapSoft
[03:25] <CapSoft> back
[03:25] <wm_kumiko> darkmatter, Have they?
=== desrt_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:25] <darkmatter> damn, was hoping to update.
[03:25] <jcapote> I was wondering if cpu scaling was supported in ubuntu
[03:26] <CapSoft> bina, that means that that proces uses ur sound
[03:26] <desrt_> woh
[03:26] <desrt_> hardcore.
[03:26] <Antinomy> Does anyone know which partition I should resize? dont
want to make a stupid choice here
[03:26] <darkmatter> guess they haven't. still broken
[03:26] <desrt_> it's good to know that i'm always only 3 clicks away
from #ubuntu off of a default install :)
=== hac [] has joined
[03:26] <wm_kumiko> I think my keyboard is broken shift+` is still `.
[03:26] <useruser> my ethernet card and power management features work
with 2.6.8 but not 2.6.10 (both from ubuntu packages). why might that be?
[03:26] <funkyHat> Antinomy, what are the names of the partitions, and
their sizes?
[03:26] <kev_> pitti: i tried removing the extension defs from
Extensions.rdf one by one and until i removed them all, firefox would
crash when i loaded the Extensions dialog.
[03:26] <wm_kumiko> does anyone know how to map the tilde character to
some key?
[03:27] <CapSoft> ~
[03:27] <CapSoft> uhm...
[03:27] <CapSoft> with shift...
[03:27] <Antinomy> funkyHat: first - IDE1 master (hda) 60.0 GB
[03:27] <CapSoft> the key next to the 1...
=== Digis [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:27] <CapSoft> for my keyboard...
[03:27] <CapSoft> why?
=== Safari_Al [] has joined
[03:27] <Antinomy> funkyHat: second - #1 primary 60 GB
[03:27] <useruser> and how do i tell grub to boot the 2.6.8 kernel by
[03:27] <Antinomy> I imagine I should resize the second.
[03:27] <topyli> CapSoft: mine is next to the :)
[03:27] <kbrooks> Antinomy: the first one is your hard drive
[03:28] <funkyHat> Antinomy, the first one is the drive, not a partition,
you should resize the second one
[03:28] <CapSoft> lol
[03:28] <wm_kumiko> CapSoft, Yeah, I know.... the problem is that it
doesn't work.
[03:28] <CapSoft> ~!@#
[03:28] <tritium> useruser, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, and change the
[03:28] <darkmatter> some keys are broken in breezy. i don't think his
tilde works
[03:28] <CapSoft> swith keyboard layout
[03:28] <kbrooks> Antinomy: press enter on it, and you can expunge your
partition table
[03:28] <tritium> useruser, then, run sudo update-grub
[03:28] <Antinomy> funkyHat: got it, I thought so, but wasnt sure and the
dsocumentation wasnt clear
[03:28] <kbrooks> Antinomy: don't do that.
=== weiers [~weiers@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:28] <topyli> wm_kumiko: it's a "dead" key. press the tilde, then
=== Guybrush|Numb [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:28] <rommer> is it possible to setup a dns server with 2 web servers
serving over the internet without having a domain name?
[03:28] <Antinomy> kbrooks: dont do what?
[03:29] <wm_kumiko> topyli, ?
[03:29] <wm_kumiko> when I press shift+` I immediately get `
[03:29] <ajhobbs> rommer -> What are you talking about?
[03:29] <topyli> wm_kumiko: that's how my keyboard works, your tilde key
might be similar
[03:29] <kbrooks> Antinomy: Don't expunge your partition table. Resize
the partition.
=== ep [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:29] <Antinomy> ok thanks guys, brb
=== seby [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ed1t [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:30] <useruser> tritium: thanks. where is menu.lst documented?
[03:30] <ajhobbs> rommer -> Without a domain name, or having someone host
a name, you can still serve web pages, just have to use ip addy. Or you
could use a dynamic dns service.
[03:30] <funkyHat> kbrooks, that's what he was going to do... i think..
=== CarinArr [[] has left #ubuntu []
[03:30] <kbrooks> funkyHat: What?
[03:30] <weiers> hi ... I just installed Openoffice.org1.9.188 by turning
rpm's into .debs etc. I also uninstalled my previous versions of OOO. I
would like to put the new installation into my menu, and if possible let
it display the good-looking icons. How do I do that?
=== zever [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:30] <Antinomy> funkyHat: what size partitions should i build for the
XP OS part and the Ubuntu part? Is 10 GB sufficient?
[03:30] <bina> CapSoft: oh right, ok
[03:31] <kbrooks> Antinomy: uh no...hang on
=== liroth_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:31] <Antinomy> kbrooks: ok
[03:31] <kbrooks> Antinomy: install XP first
[03:31] <Antinomy> not doing anything yet
[03:31] <Antinomy> XP is on there right now
[03:31] <kbrooks> how much does XP take up?
[03:31] <funkyHat> kbrooks, it is possible to resize ntfs partitions
safely isn't it?
[03:31] <Antinomy> Everything? or just my windows folder?
[03:32] <kbrooks> funkyHat: yes but not with errors
=== jcapote [] has left
#ubuntu []
[03:32] <kbrooks> funkyHat: also, he might be using FAT32 for example
[03:32] <kbrooks> dang :|
[03:32] <funkyHat> so Antinomy needs to check for errors on XP before
starting his ubuntu install
[03:33] <kbrooks> funkyHat: right, and that's just a precaution for fat32
[03:33] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, I got XP up and running
[03:33] <Antinomy> kbrooks: I got XP up
[03:34] <kbrooks> funkyHat: my computer -> right click on C: ->
[03:34] <kbrooks> er
[03:34] <kbrooks> Antinomy: *
[03:34] <Antinomy> lol
[03:34] <Antinomy> got it
[03:34] <funkyHat> hehehe
[03:34] <kbrooks> funkyHat: typo, sorry
[03:34] <Antinomy> grr it's huge.
=== klaym [] has joined
[03:34] <kbrooks> Antinomy: what tabs do you get?
[03:34] <funkyHat> yeah, i was just gonna say i think that's what it
[03:34] <Antinomy> general, tools, hardware
[03:34] <Antinomy> etc
[03:34] <funkyHat> go to tools
[03:34] <kev_> pitti: so i decided to try and reinstall all the
extensions i had in the past. and one extension routinely buggers firefox
so it always segfaults: html validator
[03:34] <Antinomy> k
[03:35] <kbrooks> then check the disk
[03:35] <Antinomy> error-check?
[03:35] <kbrooks> yup
[03:35] <Antinomy> may i ask a question?
[03:35] <pitti> kev_: ok, I try this one
=== ioboss [] has joined
[03:35] <kbrooks> ask
[03:35] <bina> sudo apt-get install glib doesnt worrk. anyone know why?
If I know that a name contains somethiing can I install it by doing apt-
get.... *bleh* ?
[03:35] <kev_> pitti: it segfaults after it installs. then restart
firefox and try to view the extensions dialog
[03:35] <Antinomy> kbrooks: I just remembered that I need to delete a
whole butt load of files. should I do that first or errorcheck first?
[03:35] <funkyHat> bina, glib isn't the name of a package
[03:36] <ajhobbs> bina -> You need apt-get install glib1.2 or glib2 there
are two versions available.
=== dennis_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:36] <kbrooks> Antinomy: you should do that to free up space, yes.
[03:36] <funkyHat> Antinomy, i would suggest the error check is the last
thing you do before starting to install ubuntu
[03:36] <weiers> Hi... does ubuntu provide a gui to edit the menu? I
would like to add entries for my new open office install.
=== bigbootay [~bigbootay@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:37] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok
[03:37] <Antinomy> kbrooks: ok
[03:37] <tritium> bina, it's always good to do a search so you know which
packages to install. You can search with synaptic, or apt-cache search
[03:37] <ajhobbs> bina -> You can do "apt-cache search <name> | less" to
find the exact name you need to use with apt-get.
[03:37] <kbrooks> bina: you can't do * before the name, but you can after
[03:37] <ajhobbs> aptitude is also a decent command-line tool much like
[03:37] <topyli> weiers: there's no menu editor by default. install smeg
[03:37] <Antinomy> kbrooks: funkyHat: should I free up as much space as
possible since the files will be shared in the fat32 middle partition?
=== DJMirage [] has joined #ubuntu
=== DJMirage is now known as DJ_Mirage
[03:38] <weiers> thanks topyli
=== mantas [~mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:38] <darkmatter> weiers: sudo apt-get install smeg
[03:38] <wm_kumiko> hmm, I wonder if I can map alt+` to tilde
[03:38] <kbrooks> Antinomy: yes, but dont delete anything you NEED
=== ioboss [] has joined
[03:39] <Amaranth> darkmatter: only in breezy or with backports
[03:39] <Antinomy> kbrooks: you mean system stuff?
[03:39] <kbrooks> Antinomy: that, and other stuff you condiser important
[03:39] <bina> tritium ajhobbs kbrooks: Thanks. People in this chan are
all v helpful
[03:39] <kbrooks> bina: we try ;)
[03:39] <funkyHat> Antinomy, you mustn't delete any system stuff at all,
but don't delete any personal files that you need either
[03:39] <tritium> thanks, bina :)
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:40] <darkmatter> Amaranth:yes, so he should enable backports
[03:40] <ajhobbs> New to ubuntu myself. =) Answering helps me learn
parts better.
[03:40] <kbrooks> darkmatter: NO
[03:40] <pitti> kev_: ok, it segfaults after installation, but after a
restart it works fine and the Extensions dialog works
[03:40] <kbrooks> !backports
[03:40] <ubotu> well, backports is at
[03:40] <kev_> pitti: hmmm
[03:40] <darkmatter> k. me bad
[03:40] <kbrooks> huh? who changed that?
[03:40] <LuNaTiK^GuY> when installing ubuntu i set my max resolution to even tho my desktop is set at 1024x768...the login
manager is always at can i change that?
=== ^rob^ [~daci@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:41] <funkyHat> kbrooks, i heard that backports is now official... ?
[03:41] <kbrooks> darkmatter: backports are not recommended for daily use
=== hpnadig [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:41] <^rob^> hi
[03:41] <pitti> kev_: uninstalling crashes, to
[03:41] <pitti> o
[03:41] <jeran> Where can I get anti-virus software for Linux?
[03:41] <kbrooks> funkyHat: vaguely.
=== hpnadig [] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:41] <topyli> funkyHat: not official, but not as much of a sin as
[03:41] <LuNaTiK^GuY> jeran, do u need it ;D
[03:41] <pitti> kev_: alright, I'll look into it. But lemme fix the tbird
crasher first (and release tbird and mozilla)
[03:41] <tritium> kbrooks, it was pointed out to me last night that
backports are official now, apparently
[03:41] <Antinomy> funkyHat: Here's the deal, I got about 27 gigs of
music on XP. I have it all backed up. I should delete it.
[03:41] <^rob^> does anyone know if industrial theme for kde package
exist for ubuntu?
[03:41] <kev_> pitti: thanks for your help!
[03:41] <Burgundavia> jeran, there are no current linux viruses in the
wild and few have ever existed
[03:41] <Antinomy> funkyHat: right?
[03:41] <pitti> kev_: thanks for your's, too
[03:41] <darkmatter> LuNaTiK^GuY: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
=== redir [~reed@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:42] <funkyHat> as long as you're sure the backup isn't going to fail
=== digitalfox|bath is now known as digitalfox
[03:42] <ben_underscore> jeran, you can use clamav, which is a free anti
virus tool
[03:42] <Antinomy> lol well....
[03:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: If i think that way, I'll never install
[03:42] <jeran> Oh Okay, I'm just coming from Windows XP and I know you
HAVE to have it for Windows..
[03:42] <ajhobbs> jeran -> Clamav is actually pretty darned good.
[03:42] <kev_> pitti: one last question :) how can i copy the saved pwds
from my old profile of firefox to this new one?
[03:42] <kbrooks> jeran: have what?
=== _mage_ is now known as _mage_afk
[03:42] <ajhobbs> Of course, mostly to clean muck coming from windows
[03:43] <ben_underscore> jeran, if you get a virus on linux from windows,
try running it using wine. it is really funny
[03:43] <funkyHat> topyli, i'll stick with just universe and multiverse
anyway, i'd like my system to work :D
[03:43] <jeran> kbrooks: Anti-Virus software
=== zzg [zzg@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:43] <tritium> kbrooks, this is what hondje pointed out to me:
[03:43] <pitti> kev_: no idea, sorry
=== onkarshinde [~onkarshin@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:43] <jeran> ben_underscore what will it do?
[03:43] <^rob^> does ne1 have industrial theme in kde?
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:43] <funkyHat> Antinomy, how much free space do you have on your C:\
[03:43] <topyli> jeran: are you running a mail or file server for windows
=== Belutz [~Belutz@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:44] <jeran> nopd
[03:44] <ben_underscore> jeran, nothing really. it just tries to do stuff
that won't work. but its funny trying to watch it work
[03:44] <jeran> nope*
[03:44] <Antinomy> funkyHat: checking...ned to delete my music first
[03:44] <Antinomy> need
[03:44] <Belutz> hai is there an update to firefox and thunderbird 1.0.6
in ubuntu?
=== dennis_ [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[03:44] <Burgundavia> Belutz, coming for tbird, already there for ff
=== vader [] has joined
[03:45] <topyli> jeran: then you don't need it
=== ^rob^ [~daci@] has left #ubuntu []
[03:45] <funkyHat> Belutz, 1.0.2 has all the security patches for 1.0.6
[03:45] <Belutz> Burgundavia: can i update throught synaptic?
[03:45] <kev_> pitti: if only i had searched google first. see
[03:45] <jeran> okay, thanks
[03:45] <Burgundavia> Belutz, yes
[03:45] <Antinomy> ok
[03:45] <funkyHat> Belutz, but it appears to be broken at the moment ;)
[03:45] <tritium> Burgundavia, 1.0.6? The changelog for the latest
firefox shows the fixes from 1.0.5
[03:45] <topyli> jeran:
[03:45] <vader> what is the URL for building menu lists for iceWM or
[03:45] <Belutz> funkyHat: really? but how do i install more extensions
and themes?
[03:46] <onkarshinde> funkyHat: How come 1.0.2 has all the patches in
[03:46] <Antinomy> funkyHat: 60 GB drive. Used 16.2 GB; free 39.6
[03:46] <Burgundavia> tritium, .6 is merely a "don't break extensions"
[03:46] <Belutz> Burgundavia: i still see ff 1.0.2 in synaptic
[03:46] <Burgundavia> Belutz, the security fixes are backported
[03:46] <Antinomy> kbrooks: 60 GB drive. Used 16.2 GB; free 39.6
[03:46] <Belutz> ic
[03:46] <tritium> Belutz, read /usr/share/doc/mozilla-
[03:46] <funkyHat> onkarshinde, only the ubnutu version does, they are
backported rather than upgrading the whole program
=== janga [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:46] <tritium> thanks, Burgundavia
[03:47] <Burgundavia> tritium, np
[03:47] <kbrooks> onkarshinde: they are backported because hoary and
warty are frozen.....
[03:47] <Burgundavia> onkarshinde, no new versions
[03:47] <kbrooks> onkarshinde: and the packagers cant introduce new
=== sorra [~sorra@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:47] <funkyHat> Belutz, there are instructions on the page that comes
up when you try to access through firefox
=== mantas [~mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:48] <kbrooks> onkarshinde: only security updates
[03:48] <Antinomy> funkyHat: 60 GB drive. Used 16.2 GB; free 39.6
=== benkong2 [] has joined
=== X7C [~xtc@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:49] <kev_> pitti: more problems. the "web developer" extension causes
firefox to crash any time i close a tab!
[03:49] <kev_> pitti: so i'm going to have to downgrade to an older
version of firefox. can you point me to a url with instructiosn?
[03:49] <onkarshinde> funkyHat: kbrooks: Burgundavia: I thought Fixes
from 1.0.4 were already backported to 1.0.2. Is this 1.0.2 is updated
[03:50] <Burgundavia> onkarshinde, yes
[03:50] <pitti> kev_: sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox/hoary should
[03:50] <onkarshinde> Or are we talking about TB and not FF?
[03:50] <funkyHat> Antinomy, is there much else you can get rid of? it's
gonna be a bit tight if you want to put 26GB of music on a 3rd partition
[03:50] <Burgundavia> onkarshinde, both
[03:50] <Burgundavia> onkarshinde, FF has already been done
[03:50] <Burgundavia> TB is coming
[03:50] <Belutz> Burgundavia: should i really upgrade from backports?
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@] has joined #ubuntu
=== keikoz [] has joined
[03:50] <Burgundavia> Belutz, not necessary
[03:50] <pitti> onkarshinde: yes, for 1.0.5 changes (ffox)
=== digis_ [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
=== digis_ [~digis@] has joined #ubuntu
=== keikoz hello
[03:51] <Belutz> Burgundavia: so i don't have to upgrade at all?
[03:51] <pitti> kev_: the hoary version would expose you to more
problems, use the previous version
[03:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I can just leave the music on my external
120 GB and use ipod to back it up.
[03:51] <Burgundavia> Belutz, wait, the security updates will come
[03:51] <kev_> pitti: how do i go to the previous version?
[03:51] <pitti> kev_:
[03:51] <kev_> pitti: thanks!
[03:51] <funkyHat> Antinomy, ok then
=== barosl [~barosl@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:52] <Belutz> Burgundavia: ok, maybe i'll just have to be patience and
wait :)
[03:52] <pitti> kev_: download that and
[03:52] <pitti> kev_: and then do "sudo dpkg -i mozilla*.deb"
[03:52] <Antinomy> funkyHat: Am I crazy to do this?
[03:52] <funkyHat> Antinomy, no, that's where my music would stay if i
had an external drive
[03:52] <jeran> I installed a program and it doesn't show up in my
application list...
[03:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok. I just want to switch to Linux. I'm
really fed up with windows!
[03:53] <funkyHat> Antinomy, are you getting rid of windows XP all
together then?
[03:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: If the questions I'm asking indicate that
this is out of my league technincally, I'll stop
[03:53] <kev_> pitti: phew! it works again. thanks so much
[03:53] <kbrooks> Antinomy: why are you fed up with windows?
[03:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: No, this is like a transitionary period
[03:53] <funkyHat> ok
=== dennis_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[03:54] <kbrooks> gtg
[03:54] <Antinomy> kbrooks: slow. crashes. virus. $$$
[03:54] <kbrooks> breakfast
[03:54] <kbrooks> Antinomy: i wish virus scanners were free
[03:54] <CapSoft> avclam
=== miguellinux [~miguellin@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:54] <funkyHat> Antinomy, no, i think you are capable enough :)
[03:54] <CapSoft> clam av
=== jeran_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:55] <Antinomy> funkyHat: god bless you.
[03:55] <Antinomy> lol
[03:55] <Antinomy> ok, let me remove a few more things
[03:55] <taz> some virus scanners ARE free..
[03:55] <CapSoft> clam AV
=== mxpxpod is now known as mx|gone
[03:55] <CapSoft> clam antivirus!!
[03:55] <CapSoft> lol
[03:55] <CapSoft> avg
[03:55] <jeran_> I installed a program and it doesn't show up on my
application list.. what should I do about that? I already killed the
gnome-panel and that didn't do anything
[03:56] <ajhobbs> kbrooks -> Both Avast! and Grisoft offer free for
personal use windows AV packages that work much better than
Symantec/McAffee junk.
[03:56] <CapSoft> ow yeah
[03:56] <Antinomy> funkyHat: thanks for all your help, btw
[03:56] <funkyHat> Antinomy, XP will cope fine with 20 - 25 GB, so you
could reduce hda1 to aroud that size (when you get to that stage of
[03:56] <CapSoft> avast is good too
[03:56] <CapSoft> avg
[03:56] <CapSoft> avast
[03:56] <CapSoft> clam av
[03:56] <CapSoft> all free
[03:56] <ajhobbs> Grisoft is the maker of AVG. =)
[03:56] <CapSoft> i know
=== v3ctor [] has joined
[03:57] <funkyHat> avg and avast unfortunately don't make free editions
of their linux virus scanners
=== kafeine [~kori@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:57] <Antinomy> funkyHat: Because right now, it's using 16. If thats
the case, should I just proceed and give it 20 at the partition screen?
[03:57] <CapSoft>
[03:57] <ajhobbs> Excepting you don't really need a linux AV unless
you're serving windows files or processing mail.
[03:57] <funkyHat> not that it matters :D unless you run a mail server
[03:58] <CapSoft> clamav 0.86.1 released (Thu, 23 Jun 2005 22:02:10 GMT)
[03:58] <vader> for windows clamav in know as clamwin
[03:58] <ajhobbs> I run a mail server where an outside linux box filters
with clamav, inside filters with Trendmicro's ServerProtect family. Very
rare that clamav misses one.
[03:58] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yes, that's what i would do :)
[03:59] <Antinomy> ok
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:59] <funkyHat> *waits for someone to disagree with me* ;)
[03:59] <Antinomy> funkyHat: so, 20 for XP, 20 for UbuRoi, 40 for fat32
=== mfox [] has joined #ubuntu
[03:59] <Antinomy> funkyHat: sound kosher? :)
[03:59] <funkyHat> 20 for ubuntu is overkill
[03:59] <ajhobbs> funkyhat Not disagreeing, just not seeing the point.
=== Raptoid [~Raptoid@] has joined #ubuntu
[03:59] <Antinomy> funkyHat: suggest? Yo soy un n00b.
[04:00] <ajhobbs> Oh... Bitdefender does make a free for linux version.
[04:00] <funkyHat> ajhobbs, i meant about Antinomy's issue ;)
[04:00] <scorpio2002> Hi there! I can't understand why each time I open
Thunderbird it asks me to choose a profile. I only have the default
profile and I even checked "Don't aks at startup".
[04:00] <ajhobbs> D'oh. =)
[04:00] <Antinomy> lol
[04:00] <afonit> does anyoneknow how to assign shortcut keys to open
programs, that are not listed oin the preferences > keyboard shortcuts.
For instance, if I wanted to assign a shortcut key to gedit or inkscape
[04:00] <Raptoid> selamlar.
=== knj [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:00] <dups> afonit: it's a whole submenu
[04:00] <dups> are you in Hoary?
=== renedox [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:00] <afonit> dups, yes sir
=== Sionide [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:01] <dups> afonit: go to system > Prefs > Keyboard Shortcutsz
[04:01] <funkyHat> Antinomy, i have ubuntu on a 10gb partition
[04:01] <Antinomy> funkyHat: should be enough?
[04:01] <afonit> dups, ok, I am in there
[04:01] <renedox> when I ps, I see a process called "foomatic-rip"
[04:01] <onkarshinde> afonit: why would you want to do it from inside
[04:01] <renedox> anyone have any idea what that is?
=== shackan [] has joined
[04:01] <shackan> hi
[04:01] <ajhobbs> renedox Print processor.
[04:02] <renedox> ah.. ok
[04:02] <afonit> onkarshide: I don't believe I ever mentioned firefox,
read my posts, I am just trying to assign shortcut keys to programs
[04:02] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yes that should be fine, especially as you
are storing files on a separate partition
[04:02] <jeran_> I installed Papaya and TinTin++ and now that they are
installed and I ran killall gnome-panel.. I can't find them and I have to
go into the terminal to load them up.. Is there a way to get them on the
Application List?
[04:02] <chrissturm> how do i configure openoffice org2 to display times
as 24h
[04:02] <afonit> dups, k, I am in there, where can I add programs in
here, and their shortcuts?
=== BeTa [] has joined #ubuntu
=== renedox [] has left #ubuntu
[04:03] <onkarshinde> afonit: sorry
[04:03] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, last Question (for now lol) I'll be
backing up my fat32 to a 120 GB external. will my windows backup utility
be able to see both?
[04:03] <shackan> I've got a textonly ubuntu sitting here, how do I
disable the bell ? it's driving me nuts!!! ('set bell-style none' in
bashrc does NOT help)
[04:03] <funkyHat> jeran, install smeg, and use that to add shortcuts
[04:03] <afonit> onkarshinde: np
=== CapSoft is now known as CapSoft|afk
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Slipaway172 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how can i add a picture in gaim MSN?
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> the same as i do on MSN in windows
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ?
[04:04] <shackan> the same as you do on gaim on windows :D
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i never used gaim on windows
=== FlyingSquirrel32 [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:04] <Slipaway172> how do i get firestarter to boot on startup?
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
[04:04] <funkyHat> Antinomy, i don't know much about the windows backup
utility, but i assume it will be able to see any fat32 and ntfs
[04:04] <tritium> LuNaTiK^GuY, in your account settings
[04:04] <deFrysk> LuNaTiK^GuY are you "pretty" ?
[04:04] <deFrysk> ;p
[04:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yes i am :)
[04:05] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
[04:05] <FlyingSquirrel32> how do I kill a process whose ID keeps
[04:05] <CapSoft|afk> FlyingSquirrel32, kill the parent
[04:05] <onkarshinde> LuNaTiK^GuY: Go to account settings and see if you
can find Buffy Icon.
[04:05] <onkarshinde> I mean edit the MSN account
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:05] <FlyingSquirrel32> CapSoft|afk: And how do I identify it?
[04:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok found ;D
[04:06] <darkmatter> Slipaway172:once you have firestarter configured it
should load automatically
=== lamp_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dr00pY [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:06] <Slipaway172> ?
[04:06] <tritium> FlyingSquirrel32, you can use pgrep to find it
[04:06] <jeran_> funkyHat: How do I install smeg??
[04:06] <FlyingSquirrel32> I'm running ps -ax |grep synaptic
[04:06] <Slipaway172> well it dosent
[04:06] <Amaranth> jeran_: It's in backports.
=== xliu []
has joined #ubuntu
[04:06] <tritium> FlyingSquirrel32, try pgrep synaptic
=== touffi [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10ks guys ;)
[04:06] <ajhobbs> Flyingsquirel ps axjf will give you a process tree
=== sango [~jose@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:06] <funkyHat> Amaranth, it's in one of the others too
[04:07] <tritium> 10 thousand seconds to you too, LuNaTiK^GuY :)
[04:07] <darkmatter> install and launch the GUI. follow the wizard to
start the firewall. it will run on boot after that
[04:07] <v3ctor> Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed. This is a fatal
[04:07] <Amaranth> funkyHat: It's in breezy too, of course. :)
[04:07] <Amaranth> funkyHat: And it's always available on my website.
[04:07] <dataw0lf> morning guys.
[04:07] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
=== zever [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:07] <darkmatter> morning
=== shackan [] has left
#ubuntu []
[04:07] <taz> morning :)
[04:07] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10ks WOW never thought about that!! :)
[04:07] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
[04:07] <xliu> which command can make the computer go to sleep?
[04:07] <dataw0lf> We're going to be having a couple contests on the
forums within the weeks. One for design guys and another for
[04:08] <v3ctor> what can i do if grub-install fails ?
[04:08] <jeran_> Ooo, I found a forum for me on the Ubuntu Forums - The
Absolute Beginner
[04:08] <funkyHat> oh, yes, it just looks like it's in one of the others
as i got it from backports and then disabled
[04:08] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: are you running grub-install from withing
[04:08] <dataw0lf> I'm hoping someone can give me ideas for programming
[04:08] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, I'm going to resize partition #1, not
the hard drive, right :)?
[04:08] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: from installer
[04:08] <dataw0lf> +the
[04:08] <funkyHat> yes, resize hda1, not hda
[04:08] <funkyHat> :)
[04:08] <Antinomy> :)
[04:08] <benkong2> hello all is this correct to make this cron run on the
14 and 30 of each month? *   *     14/30 *    *    sudo sh
[04:08] <FlyingSquirrel32> tritium: it returns nothing, but if I do ps -
ax|grep synaptic it returns a line
[04:08] <LuNaTiK^GuY> OOo should improve a little on bootup speeds....but
other than that...i found it to be a total substitute for my office work
[04:08] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: I think it should be 'grub-install
[04:08] <Antinomy> funkyHat: The horror, THe horror.
[04:08] <funkyHat> Antinomy, problem? :(
[04:09] <dataw0lf> if any of you guys have any programming contest ideas
and/or prize ideas, /query them to me so I can propose them to the rest
of the forum staff.
[04:09] <dataw0lf> thanks.
[04:09] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: I suppose (hd0,0) indicates first partition
and you have to install grub at MBR
=== TiffOn [] has joined
[04:09] <Antinomy> funkyHat: no, the fact that I'm being unleashed on
this poor innocent computer! :)
[04:09] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: same error
[04:09] <tritium> FlyingSquirrel32, you have to use the complete process
[04:09] <v3ctor> also same error if i try floppy
[04:09] <funkyHat> hahaha
=== dennis_ [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[04:10] <tritium> FlyingSquirrel32, I just double-checked. "pgrep
synaptic" works here...
[04:10] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: At what stage are you trying? I mean why at
all you need to do it manually?
[04:10] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: installer is failing
[04:10] <Antinomy> funkyHat: hmmm...not a big deal, but does the x86
install always hang on the choose language screen?
[04:10] <v3ctor> i didn't want to try to do it manually
=== Dr00pY [] has left #ubuntu
[04:10] <Slipaway172> whats going on???????//
=== jdbolt [] has joined
[04:10] <funkyHat> no idea, didn't for me. although i think warty did on
one of my other machines...
[04:11] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: can't say anything till I know exact
[04:11] <v3ctor> lol
[04:11] <FlyingSquirrel32> tritium: okay, thanks.
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu modes: +tncPJ 10,5
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu created on Wed Jun 16 19:56:16
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * #ubuntu :You need to be a channel operator to do
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu modes: +tncPJ 10,5
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu created on Wed Jun 16 19:56:16
[04:11] <aio> ok - so i asked this question in #gnome, but nobody knew.
in gnome, is there a way I can drag an image (or other file type) from my
browser (firefox) to my desktop and have an application automatically
open that file?
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * #ubuntu :You need to be a channel operator to do
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu modes: +tncPJ 10,5
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu created on Wed Jun 16 19:56:16
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * #ubuntu :You need to be a channel operator to do
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu modes: +tncPJ 10,5
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel #ubuntu created on Wed Jun 16 19:56:16
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * #ubuntu :You need to be a channel operator to do
=== superted_ [~superted@] has left #ubuntu []
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ
[04:11] <tritium> Slipaway172, what are you doing?
[04:11] <Slipaway172> v3ctor i didn't want to try to do it manually
[04:11] <Burgundavia> Slipaway172, please stop flooding
[04:11] <Antinomy> funkyHat: after I do this, whenever I boot up it will
give me a choice of which OS to boot from? or do I have to change the
boot order?
[04:11] <Slipaway172> * Channel this is all i see
[04:11] <funkyHat> Slipaway172, what are you doing?
[04:11] <Slipaway172> whats going on?
[04:11] <Slipaway172> nothing
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o tritium] by ChanServ
=== Slipaway172 [] has left
#ubuntu [requested]
[04:11] <Seveas> fools...
=== jose__ [] has joined
[04:12] <funkyHat> Antinomy, it will give you a choice, and then boot
ubnutu after 8 seconds. you can change this quite easily though from
within linux
=== Slipaway172 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:12] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: after it installed all of the packages, and
tried to do automatic install of grub to MBR, it fails and gives that
[04:12] <Slipaway172> that was a wierd problem, sry
[04:12] <qt2> <- should i be doing
the alsa config AND the polypaudio config on this page, or just one or
the other?
[04:12] <Seveas> Slipaway172, do that once more and you're banned...
[04:13] <Slipaway172> i said sry
=== vafnord [] has joined #ubuntu
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*] by Seveas
[04:13] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, I'm at the partition editing screen. I
have Use as, bootable flag, and size. Only worried about size, right?
=== joruss [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:13] <Antinomy> funkyHat: oh damn. nm, i didnt do an error scan. back
to XP...
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o tritium] by tritium
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b Codestorm!*@*] by Seveas
[04:13] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: Did you by any chance select some other
drive's MBR than on which you install Ubuntu? I mean are you using a
second harddisk/
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*@@.tor] by Seveas
[04:13] <vafnord> hi, i am having problems with my machine running
incredibly slow
[04:14] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: only one hd
[04:14] <xliu> do you know how to configure the "System---Logout"
window(which will popup when you press Logout in the menu, asking whether
you want to shutodwn)? There is not choice for suspending the computer.
[04:14] <aio> here's my question again since there was a lot of noise
right after me posting it: in gnome, is there a way I can drag an image
(or other file type) from my browser (firefox) to my desktop and have an
application automatically open that file?
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*supybot@*] by Seveas
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*] by
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*@] by Seveas
=== d0kt0r [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:14] <vafnord> i checked top and there are two copies of gdm running
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*@] by Seveas
[04:14] <vafnord> that seems wrong
[04:14] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: This is weird. I am using grub since RedHat
7.2 Never had a single problem.
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*ircbot@*] by Seveas
[04:14] <funkyHat> can someone confirm that the correct way to rezize a
windows partiton in the installer is just to specify a new size?
=== theine [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:15] <theine> @find cohf
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*] by Seveas
=== theine [] has left #ubuntu
[04:15] <Antinomy> funkyHat:
[04:15] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: i am not sure it is a grub problem, lilo
won't install either
=== zth_ [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
=== maddler [maddler@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:15] <onkarshinde> funkyHat: You mean edit partition and then specify
size. I hope there is no data on partition.
[04:16] <dataw0lf> So noone has any ideas for the programming contest?
[04:16] <kbrooks> dataw0lf: what?
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*] by Seveas
=== dataw0lf marks you all as unable to participate.
=== DeepB [] has joined
[04:16] <vafnord> what contest?
[04:16] <dataw0lf> The Ubuntu Forums programming contest we are going to
opening in the next week.
[04:16] <kbrooks> dataw0lf: i am able if you tell me in PM
[04:16] <dataw0lf> I just mentioned it twice.
[04:16] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yes, you just change the size (Y)
=== PIANIST [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:16] <dataw0lf> I'm not telling you in PM.
[04:16] <funkyHat> heh... msn smileys... :$
[04:17] <kbrooks> dataw0lf: well, i'll sign up now :)
[04:17] <dataw0lf> I'm globally telling the channel as a forum moderator
that we are going to have a programming contest and ideas would be
appreciated. priv me if you have any ideas.
[04:17] <Seveas> dataw0lf, look at the Breezy Bounties page :)
[04:17] <darkmatter> contest? linky linky
[04:17] <palli> Advanced programming or begginner-alike ?
[04:17] <dataw0lf> darkmatter: we haven't announced it yet.
[04:17] <Seveas> dataw0lf, as a forum moderator, you should join the
NewUserNetwork :)
[04:17] <darkmatter> ok
[04:18] <vafnord> datawolf have you ever seen the Python Challenge?
[04:18] <dataw0lf> palli: that'd be what I need feedback for.
[04:18] <Antinomy> funkyHat: should I defrag too?
[04:18] <dataw0lf> vafnord: yes.
[04:18] <v3ctor> onkarshinde: ok, is there anything left for install
process after boot loader install? I can boot off of a live cd and try
grub from there
=== Discipulus [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:18] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yes
=== paul_ [~paul@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:18] <Antinomy> k
[04:18] <vafnord> maybe something like that would be cool
=== f0rk [~cz@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> gtg for a Cisco CCNA lecture...cya all next time :)
[04:18] <Antinomy> LuNaTiK^GuY: bye!
[04:18] <funkyHat> i'll expect your next question in about 2 hours then
Antinomy ;)
[04:18] <vafnord> making it must have been a lot of work
[04:18] <dataw0lf> Seveas: Seveas: eh, heh.
[04:18] <Antinomy> funkyHat: LOL how sad.
[04:19] <dataw0lf> vafnord: I actually pondered that.
=== f0rk is now known as |D|
[04:19] <DeepB> tsk, tsk.. so Breezy split xserver-xorg and xbase-clients
packages, didn't it?
[04:19] <ajhobbs> Cisco IOS, an excuse to sell cert classes. Not that
I'm bitter or anything. =)
[04:19] <DeepB> thus breaking X again, hasn't it?
[04:19] <darkmatter> yep. x is broken
[04:19] <tritium> Deep6, see the /topic
[04:19] <onkarshinde> v3ctor: No there is nothing I suppose. You can try
the live cd thing.
[04:19] <tritium> DeepB, rather
[04:20] <Antinomy> funkyHat: errorcheck first, or defrag first?
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Seveas] : Official Ubuntu Help channel | FAQs & User
Documentation: | Have a
question? Just ask! | Please don't paste in here; use | X still broken in Breezy - DO NOT USE
BREEZY YET | Support information: | Wiki: | Ubuntu #1 on all distrowatch boards!
=== mojo [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:20] <DeepB> tritium: seen it, ty
=== lapo [] has joined
[04:20] <vader> I haven't tried breezy yet only because they say in the
welcome NOT to use it yet
[04:20] <mojo> yo yo
[04:20] <palli> dataw0lf: Back in my university i've been involved with
programming contests for junior students. So for beginner alike
challenges i have plenty.
[04:20] <lapo> hi
[04:20] <mojo> i am using Breezy now
[04:20] <funkyHat> Antinomy, defrag first
[04:20] <vafnord> can anyone help me troubleshoot an extreme slowness
[04:20] <mojo> it's so COOL
[04:20] <Antinomy> k
[04:20] <mojo> no bugs so far
[04:20] <darkmatter> lapo:hi
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*] by
=== urbanfox_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:20] <palli> Python challenge-alike contests of course is great as
[04:20] <onkarshinde> mojo: What is your hardware config? specifically
=== kefkey [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ompaul [] has joined
=== tritium [] has left #ubuntu []
[04:21] <bina> does ubuntu support rpms as well as debs?
[04:21] <Seveas> bina, yes
[04:21] <Antinomy> Does ubuntu support Affirmative Action?
[04:21] <DeepB> bina: kinda, see man alien
[04:21] <Burgundavia> bina, with alien, yes
[04:21] <vafnord> i've installed from rpms using alienm
[04:21] <Seveas> bina, but rpms are bad :)
[04:22] <barosl> bina, yes but cannot support dependencies
[04:22] <bina> Seveas: cool. hehe. windows bad?
=== Ms-W0rld [~Ms-W0rld@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:22] <Seveas> almost as bad
[04:22] <barosl> i don't recommend using alien, use native rpm.
[04:22] <Seveas> red hat bad
[04:22] <bina> DeepB: barosl: hmm ok thanks
[04:22] <vafnord> can anyone help me troubleshoot an extreme slowness
[04:22] <bina> Seveas: nooo
[04:22] <darkmatter> and suse bad.
[04:22] <bina> :)
=== onkarshinde [~onkarshin@] has left #ubuntu []
[04:22] <mojo> onkarshinde:i use 1GB RAM
[04:22] <Seveas> vafnord, not if you con't give more info...
[04:23] <Seveas> don't*
[04:23] <mojo> onkarshinde:and ofcourse running with P4 3.73Ghz
[04:23] <vafnord> i'm running hoary
[04:24] <vafnord> on an athlon xp 2500 w/ 512mb of ram
[04:24] <Ms-W0rld> omg 3.73ghz :|
[04:24] <vafnord> everything takes forever to start up
[04:24] <funkyHat> Antinomy, what's affirmative action?
[04:24] <Ms-W0rld> vafnord: u usin ubuntu?
[04:24] <PIANIST> vafnord: Have you any servers running?
[04:24] <vafnord> i'm running hoary
[04:25] <PIANIST> Ms-world yes he do
=== juanito [~juanito@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:25] <Ms-W0rld> try restartin x
[04:25] <juanito> o
[04:25] <juanito> ola
[04:25] <vafnord> it's an ongoing problem
=== Ms-W0rld [~Ms-W0rld@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Ms-W0rld [~Ms-W0rld@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:25] <juanito> alguien habla espaol
[04:25] <darkmatter> hello
[04:25] <DeepB> juanito: intenta en #ubuntu-es
[04:25] <vafnord> un poquito
[04:25] <Seveas> juanito, va en #ubuntu-es por espaol
[04:26] <PIANIST> vafnord: if you startup your PC then he stops at some
points with loading?
[04:26] <vafnord> in top, i noticed two copies of gdm
[04:26] <PIANIST> lol
=== mslutton [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== hume [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:27] <vafnord> pianist: in the startup, it takes a long time to get
past something like "hotplug"
[04:27] <Seveas> vafnord, it's normal that there are 2 copies of it
[04:27] <vafnord> ok
[04:27] <Seveas> vafnord, do you have the ubuntu-desktop package (or at
least grepmap installed)
[04:27] <Seveas> if not: install grepmap
[04:27] <palli> dataw0lf: So if you need help with coming up with ideas
for tests, feel free to contact me.
[04:27] <Seveas> and hotplug sometimes take a while, it's normal
[04:28] <benny> does anyone know how to raise the system volume?
[04:28] <PIANIST> ntp server synchronisation can also take long
[04:28] <dataw0lf> palli: are registered on the forums?
[04:28] <Seveas> benny, gnome-volume-control
[04:28] <hume> hi...i'm new to ubuntu - when I install new programs, they
are not included in the menus in gnome or KDE - how do i make them appear
[04:28] <Seveas> benny, or alsamixer (in a terminal)
[04:28] <benny> im using kubuntu Seveas
[04:28] <Seveas> hume, you can use smeg for that
[04:28] <hume> Seveas, smeg?
[04:28] <benny> heh cool
[04:28] <dataw0lf> Seveas: I'll let the fellow mods know about
[04:28] <benny> thx Seveas
=== nalioth_wrkn [] has joined
[04:29] <Seveas> benny, ah, then do the alsamixer trick ;)
[04:29] <Amaranth> *beep* *beep* *beep*
[04:29] <Seveas> dataw0lf, great!
[04:29] <benny> thats a cool terminal app
=== snikker [] has joined
[04:29] <darkmatter> hume:and the menu package
[04:29] <Amaranth> at least i know it's talked about a lot :)
[04:29] <Seveas> hume, poke Amaranth
=== housetier [] has joined
[04:29] <Seveas> he created it
=== lenoxmo [~lenoxmo@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:29] <Amaranth> !smeg
[04:29] <ubotu> [smeg] a Simple Menu Editor for GNOME. Get it at or from backports.
[04:29] <vafnord> seveas: yes, ubuntu-desktop is installed
[04:29] <Amaranth> small netsplit
=== jose__ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[04:29] <vafnord> seveas: and grepmap
[04:29] <Amaranth> hume: I'd suggest getting it from backports or using
the automated script.
=== Varuni [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:30] <Seveas> vafnord, then don't worry about hotplug taking long,
it's a known issue and worked on
[04:30] <Seveas> for me hotplug sometimes takes 30-60 seconds
[04:30] <hume> Amaranth, automated scritp? sorry if i sound stupid....
[04:30] <Seveas> hume, install script
[04:31] <Amaranth> hume: ok, open a terminal and type this in: 'wget && chmod +x installsmeg &&
sudo ./installsmeg'
[04:31] <snikker> hi, i've got a problem with firefox: i'm unable to
install any .xpi extensio (i don't have the install button in firefox)
[04:31] <Varuni> hello guys, I just installed ubuntu and got a problem
with my internet. It will not obtain an address through DHCP (however,
internet does work as you can see, on another OS)
[04:31] <Amaranth> hume: without quotes, of course
=== iamchaos [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:31] <palli> dataw0lf: No, sorry not an Ubuntu user.
[04:31] <Amaranth> hume: it'll ask for your password
[04:31] <lenoxmo> hi everyone!
[04:31] <vafnord> seveas: i'm not specifically worried about hotplug,
someone just asked if some part of my startup was very slow
[04:31] <Seveas> Varuni, wired/wireless?
[04:31] <coobra> hoy
=== chromate [] has joined
[04:31] <Seveas> vafnord, ah ok
[04:31] <Amaranth> palli: What do you use then?
[04:31] <Varuni> seveas, wired, utp cable that connects to my cable modem
[04:32] <Seveas> vafnord, then what else is slow/what are your computer
[04:32] <vafnord> seveas: my machine is just horribly slow
[04:32] <palli> Gentoo <flameait> Of course </flamebait>
[04:32] <v3ctor> good thing i tried this on a test machine before putting
this mess on my real desktop
=== r0d [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:32] <coobra> vafnord: spec
[04:32] <kbrooks> v3ctor: what mess?
[04:32] <Seveas> Varuni, odd... does 'sudo mii-diag eth0' tell you 'you
have link beat'?
=== maddy_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:32] <hume> Amaranth, thx
[04:32] <vafnord> athlon xp 2500 w/ 512mb of ram, nforce2 mobo
[04:32] <Varuni> i will go and check out :) see you soon :)
[04:32] <vader> vanford: so is miine but mine is just a p1 233 with 64 mb
[04:32] <darkmatter> palli:Gentoo? you traitor!!!
[04:32] <Seveas> vafnord, how much swap?
[04:32] <v3ctor> ubuntu installer fails at grub install
[04:32] <Amaranth> hume: After it's done smeg should be in your menus at
Applications->System Tools->Smeg Menu Editor
[04:33] <chromate> hi, i've installed the java plugin but it doesn't show
up in firefox... though when i start from console i get this error:
"/home/lib/i386/ not found" ... /home/lib is
definitely not the correct directory for it to be looking in; i know the
file is at /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/jre/lib/i386/ where is this configured?
[04:33] <Amaranth> hume: if it's not log out and back in and it will be
[04:33] <MrMo> can I have Floatvalues as result from $((A/B)) too?
[04:33] <MrMo> or is that limited to INT values?
[04:33] <vafnord> swap = 506028k
[04:33] <Seveas> MrMo, INT only
[04:33] <kbrooks> darkmatter: dont flame
[04:33] <darkmatter> not flaming
[04:33] <palli> darkmatter: :)
[04:33] <darkmatter> sorry if it looked that way
[04:34] <kbrooks> darkmatter: well, it did look that way
[04:34] <coobra> vafnord: i run it on 400mhz 256ram 12gig
=== Raptoid [~Raptoid@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:34] <vafnord> i never had this problem in gentoo
[04:34] <coobra> no probs :/
=== sfeehan [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:34] <Seveas> vafnord, can you put the output of 'top -b -n1' on the
pastebin please
=== djrb [] has joined
[04:34] <djrb> hi room
[04:34] <djrb> i need help
=== nuck is now known as imaek
[04:34] <Seveas> djrb, you've come to the right place then
[04:35] <kbrooks> djrb: ask
=== sbartleylinux [] has joined
[04:35] <djrb> i have a WPC54G v.4 Wireless card
[04:35] <darkmatter> help with what
=== aeho [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:35] <Antinomy> funkyHat: couldn't i have been irresponsible and
skipped the defrag?
[04:35] <Antinomy> :)
[04:35] <djrb> i would like for it to work on my new Ubuntu system
=== ubuntu_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== AppleMacFreak [] has joined
[04:35] <sbartleylinux> Can anyone point me to documentation on creating
a secured apt repository server?
[04:35] <vafnord> seveas: sorry, i don't know what the pastebin is
[04:35] <Seveas> vafnord,
[04:35] <djrb> can anyone help
[04:36] <Seveas> djrb, look at the WiFiHowto on
=== Elerosse [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:36] <djrb> okie
[04:36] <Seveas> that might help. If not, come back here :)
[04:36] <funkyHat> Antinomy, probably, but the resize will be a lot
faster if if doesnt have to move files about itself
[04:36] <v3ctor> install attempt 4
[04:37] <Antinomy> funkyHat: alright, fine, geez...:)
=== herve_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:37] <darkmatter> v3ctor: good luck
[04:37] <vafnord> Seveas: done
[04:37] <coobra> do anyone use wiki or ubuntuguide :7
[04:37] <vafnord> Seveas: thanks for yor help btw
[04:37] <Antinomy> ANyone know of any good calendar programs for ubuntu?
[04:37] <bina> how do u restart services in ubuntu? service /sbin/service
and /usr/sbin/service dont work
[04:37] <funkyHat> we don't like ubuntuguide coobra ;)
[04:37] <djrb> i am a a beginner level Linux User.........i need some
help understanding wat to do.....
[04:38] <bina> whereis service doesnt show owt either
[04:38] <djrb> :(
[04:38] <v3ctor> darkmatter: don't need luck, I need a bootloader
[04:38] <coobra> funkyHat: ohh k :
[04:38] <coobra> :/*
[04:38] <darkmatter> lol
[04:38] <qt2> is the default sound server for breezy still going to be
[04:38] <funkyHat> wiki is good though :)
[04:38] <snikker> hi, i've got a problem with firefox: i'm unable to
install any .xpi extension (i don't have the install button in firefox).
anyone have this problem?
[04:38] <djrb> i have the CD of Drivers that came with my
card........will i need it?
[04:38] <vafnord> what's wrong with ubuntuguide?
[04:38] <kbrooks> snikker:
[04:38] <kbrooks> !firefox
[04:38] <coobra> is there a ubuntu for sparcs :p
[04:38] <tim> qt2, i thought dmix (but i have no idea what I'm talking
about most of the time)
=== hmrocha [~hmrocha@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:39] <kbrooks> vafnord:
[04:39] <qt2> tim, dmix isnt a sound server, it's a mixer.
[04:39] <funkyHat> djrb, does the CD have a folder with linux drivers in
it? (probably called linux ;))
[04:39] <kbrooks> snikker: <ubotu> extra, extra, read all about it,
firefox is not the newest version available as seen on
However, all the security fixes are "backported" into Ubuntu's version.
So although your Firefox is up-to-date, its version number is lower than
the current release. To install themes or extensions, type "about:config"
into your address bar and change general.useragent.vendorSub to "1.0.6"
=== sbartleylinux [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[04:39] <djrb> let me see
[04:39] <vafnord> snikker, i had that problem in the past but it
automagically cleared up when i updated firefox
[04:39] <qt2> tim, sound servers are... arts, esound pand polypaudio i
[04:39] <kbrooks> vafnord:
[04:39] <kbrooks> !ubuntuguide
[04:39] <ubotu> it has been said that ubuntuguide is a set of
instructions with no explanation. Please do not advise people to use
ubuntuguide. Advise instead. Item 4 on explains why.
[04:39] <vafnord> kbrooks?
=== spola [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Flik [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:40] <djrb> there is nota Linux Folder no
=== ambros [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:40] <ambros> hi all
[04:40] <Antinomy> yah, ubuntu guide is like giving a man a fish.
[04:40] <Will_> Antinomy: Depends on the man
=== Varuni [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:40] <darkmatter> hi ambros
[04:40] <ambros> is her a german?
=== neuneu [~human2760@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:40] <ambros> i mean hear!
[04:40] <Will_> It is good for people who already know how to fish, but
sometimes forget where to do it
[04:40] <DeepB> someone knows where the hell have they put the startx
script in Breezy? it was used to be on xbase-clients, but i can't find it
[04:40] <Antinomy> Will_: yes. it does. It shouldn't purport to be a
guide for beginners, then
[04:40] <Will_> Antinomy: True
[04:41] <Amaranth> ubuntuguide is like giving a man a slow-acting poison
[04:41] <Will_> DeepB: locate startx ?
[04:41] <qt2> Antinomy, it's good for quick refrence though ;)
[04:41] <kbrooks> Amaranth and Will_: heh
[04:41] <DeepB> Will_: ty, no dice
[04:41] <vafnord> harsh!
[04:41] <Antinomy> I tried to use it, and not only was it pretty damn
opaque, it didn't even work. :)
=== ambros [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:41] <Antinomy> Amaranth: lol
[04:41] <Varuni> ok, i checked my network connection with sudo mii-diag
eth0 and got the message that I do have heart beat and that everything is
working OK. Furthermore, copying the IP, subnet and gateway from the
other OS does not resolve the problem either
[04:42] <djrb> how do you go about loading the Drivers
[04:42] <bina> how do you start/stop services?
=== swales [~swales@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:42] <snikker> kbrooks: i've change the string to 1.0.6 but it doesn't
work again :-(
=== FreedomSpirit [] has joined
[04:42] <Amaranth> It's cleaned up a lot recently but it used to have you
do things that were _guaranteed_ to eventually fsck up your install.
[04:42] <vafnord> i was never able to get mplayer working following
=== bluefoxicy [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:42] <spola> im planning to install ubuntu on a second machine, and i
was wondering if there's a way to get a list of all programs i apt-getted
on this machine?
=== __Ace__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:42] <kbrooks> spola: dpkg -l
=== FreedomSpirit [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[04:42] <Antinomy> is it apt-getted or apt-got? :)
[04:42] <DeepB> spola: dpkg --get-selections
=== herve_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[04:43] <funkyHat> snikker, firefox (ubuntu hoary release) is a bit
broken at the moment :(
[04:43] <spola> apt-getted, DUH ! :)
[04:43] <spola> thx a mill
[04:43] <Antinomy> lol
[04:43] <Antinomy> apt-gotten
[04:43] <ep> I like the upuntu-guide format. Succient and easy to
[04:43] <funkyHat> lol
[04:43] <vafnord> by the rules of compound word grammar in english, apt-
getted would be correct
=== netjoined: ->
=== b2s [~b2s@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elerosse [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:44] <Amaranth> ep: It doesn't tell your what you're doing or why. It
just tells you to do it.
[04:44] <funkyHat> yes, apt-getted :)
[04:44] <Antinomy> is there a real beginners guide out there - for
beginners, but not for dumbasses?
[04:44] <qt2> does anyone know of a competent ubuntu guide on using
[04:44] <Antinomy> amaexactlky
[04:44] <vafnord> ouch
[04:44] <darkmatter> wiki
[04:44] <Antinomy> Amaranth: exactly
[04:44] <Burgundavia> qt2, polypaudio can just be installed to replace
[04:44] <Burgundavia> no configuration necessary
[04:44] <snikker> funkyHat: i understand... but do you have the "install"
button in your firefox's extension window?
[04:44] <Amaranth> qt2: You just install the package, it's a drop in
replacement for esound
[04:45] <kbrooks> bleargh
[04:45] <qt2> really? how come i've had to fiddle with things to get rid
of static then?
[04:45] <kbrooks> transparent
[04:45] <qt2> though i've managed to do it
[04:45] <kbrooks> itss so white
[04:45] <kbrooks> :P
[04:45] <qt2> or... maybe i've got a setting wrong somewhere in like...
alsa or something?
[04:45] <funkyHat> snikker, if i could get firefox to start, i'd tell you
[04:46] <snikker> funkyHat: ok... :-)
[04:46] <spola> the list also include programs i didn't apt-get, but that
were already "apt-got" by the ubuntu folks before i installed this. Can i
leave these packages out? (or find a list of all packages that were
already apt-got by ubuntu folks before installation?)
=== nalioth [] has joined
[04:47] <DeepB> aaw... how i hate catching borkeds things while
updating.. it was just working freaking good yesterday
[04:47] <qt2> alright then, does anyone know of a setting that may cause
crackling in my sound? :o
[04:47] <funkyHat> qt2, badly ripped compressed audio files? ;)
[04:48] <DeepB> spola: you can pipe the output to dpkg --set-selections
on the other machine, that will (kinda) clone the installed packages
=== nalioths_dog [] has joined
[04:48] <qt2> funkyHat, nah, it's systemwide.
=== aeho [] has joined #ubuntu
=== krischan [] has joined
[04:48] <vafnord> qt2, i find that if i turn the system volume all the
way up, things start sounding cracly
[04:48] <qt2> funkyHat, strangely enough, its not noticable in mp3's....
[04:48] <spola> how do you make a pipe between two processess that reside
on diffrent computers?
[04:48] <qt2> vafnord, as in, in our colume control?
=== kbrooks [] has joined
[04:49] <DeepB> spola: poor man's solution: dump the first output to a
file, scp to the other machine, pipe it
[04:49] <kefkey> when the Line In volume is raised, my sound starts
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
=== msieradzki [] has joined
[04:50] <vafnord> qt2, yes, if i turn the system volume, or, say xmms
volume all the way up, it gets crackly, but if i leave them a little
lowered and adjust volume on my speakers it sound fine
[04:50] <spola> i was thinking apt-get *probably* logs what it installs
and that it *hopefully* does this by simply appending to a file. If so i
can find my packages on the bottom of this file (if only i knew which
file but im googling it atm)
=== doonz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nxv_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:51] <vafnord> qt2, is it crackly all the time or just when the volume
is pumped?
=== sproingie []
has joined #ubuntu
[04:52] <qt2> vafnord, let me test.
[04:52] <DeepB> spola: ok, ignore me, after all i was just giving you a
solution that works ;)
=== v3ctor [] has left #ubuntu
[04:52] <funkyHat> Antinomy, you do need to create a swap partition when
you get round to editing your partition table
[04:52] <snikker> funkyHat: problem solved. i've dragged the extension
into the extension window and it work.
[04:53] <funkyHat> cool, can you solve my problem now? i'd like it to
start up :D
[04:53] <funkyHat> ;)
=== Alessio [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ? what is the swap partition?
[04:53] <spola> i said thx !!! i was just curious and seeing if there was
a more wet-fingers approach
[04:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: :)
[04:53] <qt2> vafnord, at the moment, it jsut seems to be the vulume...
=== bigbootay [~bigbootay@] has joined #ubuntu
=== rownie [~rownie@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:53] <funkyHat> Antinomy, the equivalent of a page file (virtual
memory) in windows
[04:54] <rownie> hi
[04:54] <rownie> hi
[04:54] <funkyHat> Antinomy, it doesn't need to be large, i would go with
roughly 2x the amount of ram you have in the PC
[04:54] <darkmatter> rownie:hi
[04:54] <rownie> hi..........
=== djrb [] has joined
[04:54] <djrb> hi im back
[04:54] <funkyHat> more than that though if you don't have much ram
[04:55] <djrb> i need guided help on getting my drivers in with
=== ColonelKernel []
has joined #ubuntu
=== regeya [] has joined #ubuntu
[04:56] <djrb> is anyone able to assist me?
=== Varuni [] has left #ubuntu []
=== tekkah [~tekk@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:57] <ColonelKernel> alright, im back
=== qpid [] has joined #ubuntu
=== kbrooks [] has joined
[04:57] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, so I will have 4 partitions - 1) XP
(20GB) 2) Linux (10GB) 3) FAT32 (29 GB) 4) SWAP (1 GB [256MB x 2 = 512,
doubled for safety's sake] )
=== Rockett17 [~srockett@CPE0011097dafa9-] has joined #ubuntu
[04:58] <djrb> :|
[04:58] <darkmatter> Antimony: sounds good
[04:58] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yep :)
[04:58] <Antinomy> darkmatter: thks
=== urbanfox_ is now known as digitlafox|away
=== kotatsu [~kotatsu@] has joined #ubuntu
[04:59] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> how to test to see if surround sound is working
[04:59] <djrb> i need assistance with my drivers and ndis
[04:59] <Antinomy> funkyHat: could you explain the function of the SWAP a
little? and is it just for linux if XP handles it internally?
=== cmatheso1 [] has joined
[04:59] <kbrooks> Antinomy: yes
[04:59] <Antinomy> kbrooks: just for linux?
[04:59] <qt2> blah
[04:59] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> how to tell if your surround sound is working?
[04:59] <kbrooks> Antinomy: yes
[05:00] <qt2> i think i'm having sound clipping issues.
[05:00] <djrb> is anyone available to assist me?
[05:00] <Antinomy> kbrooks: do I need to name it anything in particular
to have linux recognize it?
=== oggah [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:00] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, check to see if sound is coming from all
speakers when playing something that supports surround sound? like...
say... a dvd?
[05:00] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> kk
[05:00] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> thanx
[05:00] <funkyHat> Antinomy, the swap partition is used when you run out
of ram, some of the data stored in the ram (hopefully data that isn't
being used immediately), is moved to the swap partition to make space in
ram for new programs to run or whatever
[05:00] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i have to go now though
[05:00] <darkmatter> Antimony: Windows has it's own internalized 'paging
file". the swap you partitioned is just linux
[05:01] <Antinomy> funkyHat: thanks, understood
[05:01] <ColonelKernel> I share my swap between linux and XP
[05:01] <ColonelKernel> I just make the pagefile.sys my swap file
=== Eleventh [~Eleventh@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:02] <Antinomy> But my question is this - I am setting up 4
partitions, two of which are ubu and swap. How does ubu recognize the
swap partition? must it be named something in particular?
[05:02] <funkyHat> i have a pagefile partition for XP, and a swap
partiton for linux
[05:02] <kbrooks> Antinomy: no
[05:02] <ColonelKernel> you gotta have a fat32 partition there somewhere
and put your pagefile there
[05:02] <djrb> i need help:(
[05:02] <kotatsu> is there any way to keep a nautilus command in the
foreground of a terminal?
[05:02] <ColonelKernel> I dont see any point wasting so much space
[05:02] <Antinomy> kbrooks: how does it know then?
[05:02] <kbrooks> ColonelKernel: cut cut cut </movie>
=== xTina [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:02] <Eleventh> Hi people!
[05:02] <kotatsu> I want to wait until the window is closed, but there
doesn't seem to be any way to wait on nautilus to close or query it for
[05:02] <kbrooks> Antinomy: easy. fdisk -l and swapon
[05:03] <funkyHat> Antinomy, when you're setting up your partitions, you
specify that the 1GB partition is type = swap, and set use as = swap
[05:03] <Antinomy> gotcha
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[05:03] <kbrooks> Antinomy: that and awk. ;)
[05:03] <Antinomy> funkyHat: please say you'll be here when I do that!
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[05:04] <Eleventh> anyone knows how to change monitor resolutions? it
seems my monitor is not detected well. Am using a 17" monitor but stuck
on 640x480?
[05:04] <funkyHat> i should be around most of the day, if not there are
plenty of other people around who will know exactly what to do as well
[05:05] <ColonelKernel> Eleventh, change the refresh rates in xorg.conf
[05:05] <ColonelKernel> it will have resolution ranges int here for ya
[05:05] <Eleventh> oh. thanks will try that. ColonelKernel :)
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[05:05] <TheSin> hey peeps!
[05:05] <ColonelKernel> look for 'Section "Monitor"'
[05:06] <Antinomy> kbrooks: awk?
[05:06] <funkyHat> pitti, have you discovered the problem with firefox
[05:06] <qt2> Eleventh, System > Prefrences > Screen Resolution?
[05:06] <TheSin> great work on this dist, just wondering if anyone
running the dev release (breezy) is missing mkfontdir in xutils?
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[05:06] <pitti> funkyHat: I'm at it, no
[05:06] <Eleventh> qt2 = already done that but only stuck to 640x480
[05:06] <TheSin> my xutils pkg is just /usr/share/doc stuff and no utils
at all
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[05:06] <Eleventh> cant chose any other resolutions.
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[05:07] <Diablo_> help!!
[05:07] <funkyHat> ok :(. i will be eternally grateful when you do :)
[05:07] <stjepan> hello
[05:07] <funkyHat> well, until it breaks again ;)
[05:07] <Diablo_> whene i connect to my cel Motorola v710 via bluetooth
tell me invalid pin
[05:07] <kbrooks> brb
[05:08] <TheSin> oh and the pingus deps need to be updated or
libclanlib2c2 needs to provide libclanlib2
[05:08] <stjepan> when I try sudo apt-get install kde
[05:08] <stjepan> it says error
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[05:08] <TheSin> not that pingus matters while I can't start Xorg with
out mkfontdir :D
[05:09] <stjepan> stjepan is not in the sudoers file. This incident will
be reported.
[05:09] <stjepan> What should I do?
[05:09] <stjepan> :(
[05:09] <DeepB> TheSin: join the club
[05:09] <funkyHat> stjepan, are you on ubuntu?
[05:09] <darkmatter> stjepan: log in as root. apt-get install kubuntu-
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[05:09] <TheSin> DeepB, so it's a known problem then
[05:09] <ompaul> stjepan, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
[05:10] <DeepB> TheSin: see the /topic
[05:10] <__learner__> I need ome help, I'm having trouble with Nvidia
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[05:10] <TheSin> ahh :P
[05:10] <djp> __learner__: what trouble?
[05:10] <__learner__> they just don't work on my system, can you help me?
[05:10] <TheSin> thanks deepb
[05:10] <DeepB> np
[05:10] <TheSin> seems that mkfontdir is all that is missing after this
morning update though
[05:10] <funkyHat> __learner__, are you using the ubuntu drivers, or the
official nvidia ones?
[05:10] <stjepan> I am not in Ubuntu now
[05:11] <djp> __learner__: use the nv drivers, they are not restricted.
[05:11] <stjepan> I know root password
[05:11] <TheSin> well mkfontdir + all the xutils goodies that is :D
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[05:11] <stjepan> but I want to do sudo from account stjepan
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[05:11] <TheSin> anyhow I'll keep an eye out thanks again, and keep out
the great work guys!
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#ubuntu ["Client]
[05:11] <djp> __learner__: just forgo 3d acceleration for now
[05:11] <bill_> help, i updated my system just now and my firefox browser
if not launching!
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[05:12] <bill_> it says "segmentation fault" if i try to launch from
[05:12] <stjepan> so?
[05:12] <funkyHat> __learner__, where did you get the nvidia drivers
[05:12] <__learner__> I tried both, ubuntu drivers give me vaery bad
performance, nvidia ones worked perfectly, but when I restarted X again
and the system can't startX server at startup.
[05:12] <__learner__> nvidia site.
[05:12] <stjepan> I want to let stjepan do sudo
[05:12] <stjepan> help
[05:12] <stjepan> :(
[05:12] <Originoo> bill_: try to rm ~/.mozilla/firefox
[05:13] <Diablo_> somebody can help me with bluetooth??
[05:13] <djp> __learner__: if you MUST use the nvidia drivers, then just
install nvidia-glx from the repos
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[05:13] <funkyHat> stjepan, add stjepan to the 'Admin' users group
[05:13] <ompaul> bill_, since you updated Firefox eariler have you closed
all instances of it?
[05:13] <funkyHat> *admin
[05:13] <stjepan> funkyHat: how??
[05:13] <frank> __learner__: it only stopped working after the reboot?
[05:13] <__learner__> Now every time I try do open something related I
get' segmentation fault'
[05:13] <bill_> yes
[05:13] <bill_> firefox was not open when i did the system update
[05:13] <Hohlraum> anyone know what kernel the current stable installer
is using?
[05:13] <djp> __learner__: have you installed the drivers from the ubuntu
[05:13] <Eleventh> ok now i'm confused, ColonelKernel, i have opened the
xorg.conf and the resolutions are all there. what seems to be the
[05:13] <funkyHat> stjepan, system > administration > users and groups
[05:13] <deFrysk> 2.6.10
[05:13] <funkyHat> if you're on gnome
[05:14] <Originoo> the new firefox-update suckz. no working sidebar and a
lot of crashs
[05:14] <bina> anyone know of a .deb for gnomad2?
[05:14] <qt2> since polypsound is a drop in replacment for ESD, should i
be still choosing Esound from System -> Prefrences -> Multimedia System
Selector since Polypsound isnt listed?
[05:14] <qt2> Esound == ESD
[05:14] <vader> right now as we speak I am setting ubuntu up on another
p2 233 but it doesn't have a dvd player but I want tp use it to play dvd
iso images, is there a program there to allow me to do this?
[05:14] <bill_> firefox stopped working right after update
[05:14] <__learner__> yes, thats strange, if I close X by hand, reinstall
nvidia drivers, then startX, it works, buyt after reboot (maybe X
restart too, I didn tried) X cant start
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[05:14] <Originoo> i've installed 1.0.6 from
[05:15] <Hohlraum> deFrysk: .. that seems unlikey.. are you sure? thats
the version of the kernel that boots on the cd?
[05:15] <funkyHat> bill_, Originoo, ompaul, ubuntu's current release of
firefox is broken, someone is working on it though :)
[05:15] <deFrysk> Hohlraum, would not know what other version
[05:15] <frank> __learner__: you have to completetly uninstall nvdia-glx
buntu driver before installing the nvidia ones
=== funkyHat hopes it can be fixed soon
[05:15] <Originoo> funkyHat: thx
[05:15] <Hohlraum> deFrysh: well probably an older version of 2.6
[05:15] <frank> __learner__: to get rid of /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx
[05:15] <bill_> oh ok...whew!
[05:15] <deFrysk> Hohlraum, if you say so
[05:16] <Hohlraum> deFrysh: i'll just burn a disk quick and watch for the
version number
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[05:16] <ompaul> funkyHat mine which was updated eariler is working fine
1.0.2 MFSA 2005-56
[05:16] <Eleventh> anyone care to help? i cant change monitor
resolutions. am stuck in 640x480.
[05:16] <qt2> vader, not that i know of...
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[05:16] <qt2> vader, a network install perhaps, though i've never done
[05:17] <funkyHat> ompaul, i don't think it's broken for everyone, it is
here though :(
[05:17] <__learner__> I just need to delete that?
[05:17] <Diablo_> I am trying to connect my cel via bluetooth but always
says invalid pin
[05:17] <qt2> Eleventh, System > Prefrences > Screen Resolution?
[05:17] <stjepan> I can't do system > administration > users and groups!!
[05:17] <qt2> oh, nvm.
[05:17] <vader> hmmmmm ok....maybe I will stumble into something. I have
it installed on the laptop now and just need the program to allow me to
play the dvd iso
[05:17] <qt2> Eleventh, err, what monitor?
[05:17] <stjepan> because my stjepan user is not sudoer
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#ubuntu []
[05:17] <funkyHat> does the ubuntu update manager check periodically, or
just at startup?
[05:17] <Eleventh> qt2, theres no other to chose of. i've got a viewsonic
e70f monotr
[05:18] <stjepan> can I login in gdm as root?
[05:18] <deFrysk> stjepan, ask your admin to give you sudo
[05:18] <deFrysk> ;p
[05:18] <__learner__> I don't remember what I've done last, it is safe to
delete /etc/init.d/nvidia-glx, even if my current drivers are the Nvidia
(bronken) ones?
[05:18] <Eleventh> qt2, its a crt monitor.
[05:18] <stjepan> deFrysk: I AM admin
[05:18] <stjepan> :)
[05:18] <stjepan> so
[05:18] <stjepan> what should I do?
[05:18] <deFrysk> stjepan, then login as a user who HAS sudo
[05:19] <deFrysk> and change the settings
[05:19] <stjepan> no users have sudo
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[05:19] <deFrysk> stjepan, oh ?
[05:19] <frank> __learner__: well either you use synaptic to completely
uninstall or just delete nvidia-glx. yes you can delete
/etc/init.d/nvidia-glx it has nothing to do with the official nvidia
[05:19] <mumbles> stjepan, the user you first made ?
[05:19] <qt2> Eleventh, mind if i pm you?
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[05:19] <spola> when it says cant umount, device busy: how do i find out
which process uses the device?
[05:19] <stjepan> mumbles: it is stjepan
[05:19] <mumbles> sudo command then
[05:19] <vader> ok..... time for me to go and have some lunch will get
back to this after while
[05:19] <__learner__> since I done that, I also can't open synaptic:
"Can't copy X authorization file (.Xauthority)")
[05:20] <stjepan> and I disabled sudo for user stjepan from user stjepan
[05:20] <funkyHat> stjepan, su -, and then run users-admin
[05:20] <Eleventh> noprob qt2.
[05:20] <stjepan> :)
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[05:20] <stjepan> funkyHat: in terminal?
[05:20] <frank> __learner__: ok maybe your problem is different than
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[05:20] <stjepan> what do I need to type?
[05:20] <funkyHat> in a terminal window inside X
[05:20] <funkyHat> type su -
[05:20] <funkyHat> then enter your root password
[05:20] <stjepan> yeah, and...
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[05:21] <funkyHat> and then type users-admin
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[05:21] <stjepan> I see
[05:21] <__learner__> I'll try what you told me.
[05:21] <LychaR> wesh !
[05:21] <stjepan> tnx, funkyHat
[05:21] <stjepan> I will try it now
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[05:21] <LychaR> need some help !
[05:21] <frank> so the new firefox is broken? I shouldn't upgrade?
[05:22] <djp> frank: appears fine to me...
[05:22] <frank> someone said earlier that its broken...
[05:22] <djp> frank: in what way?
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[05:22] <LychaR> je suis sous ubuntu-5.04 et j'ai du mal config ma
connexion internet !
[05:22] <Originoo> my is broken
[05:22] <funkyHat> it is broken, but it probably depends on the
extensions installed, and maybe other packages on the system
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[05:23] <djp> what is the problem with firefox? i will try to replicate
[05:23] <frank> LychaR: pour de l'aide en francais: #ubuntu-fr
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[05:23] <LychaR> mouarff
[05:23] <ColonelKernel> anyone know where i can get a deb package ov
tvtime .99?
[05:23] <LychaR> it's a mistake sorry
[05:23] <LychaR> thx !
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#ubuntu []
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[05:25] <__learner__> tx
=== sobersabre [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:25] <__learner__> what is the name of the nvidia packages
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[05:26] <__learner__> so I can install them from apt
[05:26] <ColonelKernel> when i download things with firefox, theyre
supposed to download to my desktop, yet I dont see them there?
[05:26] <ColonelKernel> is there any fix for this?
[05:26] <frank> __learner__: nvidia-glx
[05:26] <sobersabre> hi,. ive asked this before: what argument shall i
pass to make-kpkg so the deb package will be named linux-image ?
[05:26] <frank> __learner__: you've given up on the new ones?
[05:26] <djp> ColnelKernel: look in your home directory
[05:26] <ColonelKernel> nope
[05:27] <djp> ColonelKernel: go into the desktop folder
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[05:27] <sobersabre> does anyone know here ?
[05:27] <__learner__> no, but I thing I somehow broke X, so I will turn
it to the ubuntu things at first then I will replace it.
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[05:27] <ColonelKernel> djp, yeah but why wont the deskto put new items
on it
=== stjepan [] has left #ubuntu []
[05:27] <ColonelKernel> desktop I mean
[05:27] <funkyHat> __learner__, you must enable the nvidia drivers after
installing by running "sudo nvidia-glx-config enable"
[05:27] <__learner__> removed it
[05:27] <__learner__> now I need to restartX?
[05:28] <__learner__> do you know any text bades irc?
[05:28] <djp> ColonelKernel: probably need to activate icons on desktop
[05:28] <__learner__> text based.
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[05:28] <__learner__> So I can talk to you even if my X server is down
[05:28] <ColonelKernel> djp, how do I do that?
[05:28] <funkyHat> __learner__, you don't need to do anything outside of
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[05:29] <__learner__> but what if the system dont startX.
[05:29] <sobersabre>                     guyss...
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[05:29] <sobersabre> need help here...
[05:29] <djp> ColonelKernel: Applications/Systen Tools/Configuration
[05:29] <sobersabre> compiling the kernel via make-kpkg
[05:29] <sobersabre> this results in a package kernel-image.
[05:29] <sobersabre> this is pure debian
[05:29] <funkyHat> __learner__, irssi-text
[05:29] <sobersabre> i want ubuntu.
[05:29] <qt2> __learner__, use irssi? :o
[05:29] <__learner__> tx
[05:30] <funkyHat> __learner__, it should be installed already
[05:30] <djp> ColonelKernel: try checking documents_icon_visible box
[05:30] <sobersabre> i want the deb to be named "linux-image"
[05:30] <sobersabre> HOW ?
[05:30] <deFrysk> change the kernel image name
[05:30] <deFrysk> in the make file
[05:30] <supernix> anyone here using a compaq with a flat panel display ?
[05:31] <ColonelKernel> djp its got settings for regular system icons but
and for mounted volumes but nothing else
[05:31] <qt2> supernix, what's your question?
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[05:31] <__learner__> tx, Im on it
[05:31] <ColonelKernel> hmm its got icon view, sorry, let me check that
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[05:33] <supernix> Well I tried Kubuntu on my fiancees PC which is a
Compaq she bought last year and it will only use a screen resolution of
680 x 400
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[05:33] <deFrysk> supernix, plenty for your fiancee
[05:33] <supernix> Windows will support up to 1024 x 768
[05:33] <__learner__> another question I have, can I make nautilus
default behavior to be/look like windows explorer, I mean showing the
folder tree?
=== redtech [~reddog@redtech.user] has joined #ubuntu
[05:34] <supernix> deFrysk: actually no it is not and definately not for
[05:34] <deFrysk> supernix, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
=== char1iecha1k [~char1iech@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:34] <frank> __learner__: I don't know but that's a reason why I
switched to KDE
[05:34] <qt2> supernix, supernix what model is the router?
[05:34] <qt2> and who's the manufacturer
[05:34] <qt2> err... monitor even.
[05:34] <supernix> what router ?
[05:34] <darkmatter> are the screen resolutions and horizontal/vertical
ranges listed correctly in the xorg.conf for her monitor
[05:35] <deFrysk> supernix, use the defaults untill you get to the
screenresolutions and set it up for your desired resolution
[05:35] <char1iecha1k> can someone help me setup synaptic properly, i
know there are some files to edit but i dont know exactly which ones and
what to change
[05:35] <supernix> that I am not sure it is the liveCD
[05:35] <supernix> OMG I just remembered it is a Sony Viao
[05:35] <qt2> char1iecha1k, you mean add hte extra repositories?
=== Muiske [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:36] <supernix> I have no clue why I was thinking compaq
[05:36] <qt2> supernix, it should say somewhere on the monitor.
[05:36] <char1iecha1k> qt2, yeah
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[05:36] <qt2> char1iecha1k, err, check the wiki.
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:37] <qt2> !wiki
[05:37] <ArdieM>
=== alch0405 [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:37] <djp> ColonelKernel: did you get it sorted?
[05:37] <alch0405> join /#london
[05:37] <alch0405> whoops
[05:37] <ColonelKernel> djp, yes thanks
[05:37] <ColonelKernel> I think I did anyhow
[05:38] <qt2> alch0405, bit of a mixup? ;)
[05:38] <qt2> !wiki repositories
[05:38] <qt2> hm *shrug*
[05:38] <alch0405> yup, my fingers are dyslexic
[05:38] <djp> ColonelKernel: only asking, because i don't use icons on
the desktop and just change firefox to download to my home directory in a
downloads folder. now i know how to fix what you just did! ;)
[05:39] <ColonelKernel> I dont usually do it either but I wanted to make
sure everything was working in case I did
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[05:40] <don-o> anyone know how to fix "Couldn't interpret
_XKB_RULES_NAMES propertly" when changing keyboard layouts in breezy?
[05:40] <teferi> X in breezy is currently broken, don-o
[05:41] <teferi> suffer through it, and this, too, shall pass
[05:41] <Antinomy> funkyHat: you're a genius
=== kolcvk_at_work [~tanya@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:41] <PurpleBlu> Trying to add printer
[05:41] <PurpleBlu> PurpleBlu I have a Lexmark X5150 and I am not seeing
that model when trying to add a local printer.
=== carlos [] has joined
[05:41] <funkyHat> Antinomy, why's that?
=== zwnj [~behnam@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:41] <zwnj> why there's no bash-completion in repos?
[05:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: you said "2 hours", and it just stopped
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:42] <funkyHat> hahaha
[05:42] <zwnj> where can i find a .deb package?
[05:42] <Thewarmachine> wanna read something nonesensical?
[05:42] <Thewarmachine>
[05:42] <PurpleBlu> Anyone know about adding printer?
[05:42] <funkyHat> i'm not such a genius, i just typed that message on
the wrong keyboard *rolls eyes*
=== Quest-Master [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: now I just gotta scan the disk and we in
[05:43] <Antinomy> funkyHat: lol!
=== dazzed_ [] has joined
[05:43] <qt2> PurpleBlu, System -> Administration -> Printing
[05:44] <PurpleBlu> qt2, I am in the add printer wizard, and my model is
not listed.
[05:44] <darkmatter> Thewarmachin e:That's one funked up article :S
=== maddler [maddler@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:44] <PurpleBlu> qt2, I have a Lexmark x5150.
[05:44] <Thewarmachine> lol
[05:45] <Thewarmachine> it drives me crazy
[05:45] <Thewarmachine> slashdo has and article on debian arm system for
~200 usd
[05:45] <Thewarmachine> slashdot
[05:45] <darkmatter> typical of anything remotely related ro MS
[05:45] <PurpleBlu> So what I do abot adding my printer? I am SOL or
[05:45] <Antinomy> funkyHat: uh, funky...
[05:46] <benny> how can i play .wmv's ?
[05:46] <Antinomy> funkyHat: how long will the disk scan take?
[05:46] <Thewarmachine> antinomy what you using to scan
[05:46] <Antinomy> windows utilities
[05:46] <Thewarmachine> and what exactly are you scanning for?
[05:47] <funkyHat> Antinomy, no idea, sorry
[05:47] <darkmatter> benny:w32codecs
[05:47] <Antinomy> funkyHat: lol no prob
[05:47] <dbw_> anyone else have trouble with the KDE updates?
[05:47] <Antinomy> Thewarmachine: errors
=== dbw_ is now known as dbw
[05:47] <Thewarmachine> ok
[05:47] <dbw> nobody?
[05:47] <Thewarmachine> have fun
[05:47] <dbw> i have broken packages and i can't fix them
[05:47] <Antinomy> Thewarmachine: thanks I think....
[05:47] <Thewarmachine> what can we do about this dude's x5150
[05:48] <frank> Thewarmachine: that article is pretty funny. I wonder how
much trouble *I* would have to go through to see 65% of their source
[05:48] <Thewarmachine> antinomy itll take a whil
[05:48] <Thewarmachine> frank: you'd be breaking so many laws
[05:48] <Antinomy> frank: what article?
[05:48] <Thewarmachine> that if your parole officer was born today hed be
in his 80;s
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[05:48] <Thewarmachine>
=== Discipulus [~disc@discipulus.user] has joined #ubuntu
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[05:50] <zyga> zwnj: source /etc/bash_completion
[05:50] <Thewarmachine> folks this looks sort of promising
[05:50] <zyga> zwnj: also look in /etc/bash_completion.d
[05:50] <zwnj> zyga: what's the package name?
[05:51] <zyga> zwnj: bash
=== rwabel [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:51] <zyga> zwnj: it's right there, just not enabled by default
=== equuelus [] has
joined #ubuntu
[05:52] <zwnj> zyga: the version that's in bash is very simple. i used
to use fc3 and it has a complete support for cvs, scp, ssh, etc
[05:52] <Eleventh> qt2?
[05:52] <zyga> zwnj: look in /etc/bash_completion.d
[05:52] <zyga> and source /etc/bash_completion
=== ptlo [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:52] <zyga> zwnj: many packages include their own
/etc/bash_completion.d/* stuff
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: if you want completion for cvs, install cvs
[05:53] <dbw> does anybody have problems with kde updates?
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: that's all
[05:53] <dbw> i get an error
[05:53] <dbw> now firefox won't work
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: also, get apt-file
[05:53] <dbw> anybody?
[05:53] <zwnj> apt-file :-/
[05:53] <Thewarmachine> NEW kde?@?@?@?
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: and do: apt-file update
[05:53] <Thewarmachine> take a look at that
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: apt-file search bash_completion | less
=== brandon [] has joined
[05:53] <zwnj> zyga: uhu, tnx
[05:53] <Thewarmachine> man that reminds me o microcram
[05:53] <zyga> zwnj: n/p
[05:54] <brandon> does anyone know how i can remove linux to put back
windows with a restore disk
[05:55] <dbw> GOD DAMMIT
=== asad2005 [~asad@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:55] <sobersabre> brandon, it is easy
[05:55] <dbw> how do i fix a broken package?
=== Raskall-1dge is now known as Raskall-edge
[05:55] <dbw> apt-get -f doesn't work
[05:55] <ompaul> Thewarmachine, the problem with that is simple, it is
fud, attacking fud is easy, take any point that is vague, point out it is
vague therefore not relevant, next you take the statements which porport
to be the big picture, in that one the DB creaking at the seams, well if
it was the case that the best proposition was MS then what are google
doing running Linux, easy when you apply your mind to it
[05:55] <deFrysk> apt-get -f install
[05:55] <dbw> deFrysk: i've TRIED that
[05:55] <dbw> several times
[05:55] <frank> brandon: you mean a restore disk that came with your
[05:55] <dbw> same error each time
=== benkong2 [] has joined
=== ogra [] has joined #ubuntu
=== apokryphos [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Trackilizer [] has joined
[05:56] <Trackilizer> hey ppl
[05:56] <Trackilizer> i have a question
[05:56] <dbw> dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-
data_4%3a3.4.0-0ubuntu3.3_all.deb (--unpack):
[05:56] <dbw> trying to overwrite `/usr/share/icons/default.kde', which
is also in package knetworkconf
[05:56] <Trackilizer> why cant i update firefox?
[05:56] <sobersabre> Trackilizer, ask me
[05:56] <asad2005> I have added the normal user manually and now it does
not show in gdmsetup for timed login, any ideas?
[05:56] <sobersabre> what do u mean you cannot ?
=== seby [] has joined #ubuntu
[05:56] <sobersabre> which version do you have ?
[05:56] <frank> dbw: my solution: uninstall knetworkconf, install
kdelibs, install knetworkconf afain
[05:57] <benkong2> hey where do I turn on ipv forward? trying to set up a
home ubuntu router with dhcpd and dns.
[05:57] <dbw> frank: i can't uninstall knetworkconf
[05:57] <Trackilizer> version 1.0.2
=== Raskall-edge cuddles is nokia 6230i. makes the commute a lot more
comfortable. can leave work early and work from the train and the
trainride doesn't get boring because I have something to do.
[05:57] <frank> dbw why not?
[05:57] <dbw> frank:
[05:57] <dbw> E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no
packages (or specify a solution).
[05:57] <dbw> i tried apt-get remove knetworkconf
[05:58] <Trackilizer> Firefox is shown as an update
=== hypermodernist [~hypermode@] has joined #ubuntu
=== CarinArr [[] has joined #ubuntu
[05:58] <Trackilizer> cant be updated however
[05:58] <dbw> Trackilizer: dont' do it
[05:58] <dbw> Trackilizer: it blew up my computer
[05:58] <Thewarmachine> ompaul:good point
=== hypermodernist [~hypermode@] has left #ubuntu
=== apokryphos [] has left #ubuntu
[05:58] <Thewarmachine> isnt goodle using stripped pown redhat?
[05:58] <Trackilizer> WTH??
[05:58] <dbw> okay, i got it
[05:58] <dbw> whew
=== hypermodernist [~hypermode@] has joined #ubuntu
[05:59] <Trackilizer> it blew your pc up?!?!
[05:59] <dbw> frank: i used dpkg --remove
[05:59] <dbw> Trackilizer: well... not literally
[05:59] <CarinArr> hey, if my on board sound card doesn't work with hoary
"outofbox" so to speak, what would be the first thing to check? i seem to
remember putting adding an option when i start up the kernel before
[05:59] <Thewarmachine> stripped down
[05:59] <asad2005> I have added the normal user manually and now it does
not show in gdmsetup for timed login, any ideas?
[05:59] <dbw> Trackilizer: but it messed up my pkg system... had to
uninstall KDE completely and reinstall
[05:59] <Trackilizer> so i should just leave it alone?
[05:59] <CarinArr> -putting
[05:59] <CarinArr> ;)
=== ishai [] has joined
[05:59] <benkong2> hey folks I am trying to set up a home ubuntu router
with dhcpd and dns. any suggestions on good docs?
[05:59] <Trackilizer> i see
=== okeanos [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:00] <Trackilizer> in that case ill just leave it as it is now
[06:00] <Trackilizer> was just wondering why it wouldnt update
[06:00] <dbw> crashes every 2 seconds
=== ColonelKernel [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== __learner__ [~romulo@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:00] <Trackilizer> btw, how would one uninstall KDE?
[06:00] <Thewarmachine> its gcc4.0!!!
[06:00] <ompaul> Thewarmachine, emm I have reason to believe that they
might be using a stripped down debian like distrobution, however I can't
be sure so I really won't say which one :-)
[06:00] <Thewarmachine> dbw im sure of it
=== no0tic [] has joined
[06:00] <Burgundavia> dbw, known issue
[06:00] <Burgundavia> dbw, it is caused by certain extension
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> lol ompaul
[06:01] <dbw> Burgundavia: oh? known fix?
[06:01] <dbw> Burgundavia: which is that
[06:01] <Burgundavia> dbw, extensions, no idea which
[06:01] <ColonelKernel> ok thats better
[06:01] <no0tic> has anyone installed firefox 1.0.6 from
tar.gz installer?
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> anyone know where I can obtain gaim 1.40
[06:01] <Burgundavia> no0tic, not recommended
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> no0tic there is a problem
[06:01] <Thewarmachine> it sucks ass
[06:01] <dbw> Burgundavia: well i can't remove extensions because if i
click on the extensions menu it crashes!!
[06:01] <asad2005> Is there an ubuntu amd64 channel to join or just this
[06:01] <qt2> no0tic, there's problems.
[06:01] <zwnj> zyga: works :)
[06:01] <no0tic> The_Vox: I noticed, probably...
[06:02] <qt2> dbw, rmeove them manually from the folder?
[06:02] <zwnj> zyga: but a problem which i'm not sure it's a bug
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> i went over this yesterday
[06:02] <__learner__> complete remove from nvidia-glx done thourg
[06:02] <__learner__> now what should I do.
[06:02] <don-o> how do i find out which package a file (like
/usr/bin/setxkbmap) belongs to?
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> so.....
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> gaim 140
[06:02] <dbw> qt2: is that safe?
[06:02] <no0tic> qt2, Thewarmachine, Burgundavia it probably changed
files and directories owners...
[06:02] <CarinArr> anyone that knows of a good website or something to
guide me to get my sound working? i've googled with my motherboard model
but not come up with any known problems
[06:02] <zwnj> zyga: """cvs co <TAB><TAB>""" doesn't read CVS/Root and
just works if i use the ENVVAR
[06:02] <no0tic> qt2, Thewarmachine, Burgundavia possible?
[06:02] <Burgundavia> no0tic, yes, but not reocmmended
[06:02] <Thewarmachine> I don't think so
=== peterretief [~peterreti@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:03] <Burgundavia> dbw, you can manually remove them from .mozilla
[06:03] <no0tic> Burgundavia: what do you speak about?
[06:03] <Thewarmachine> but it hasn't become a priority of mine
[06:03] <Burgundavia> no0tic, installing FF from source
[06:03] <kotatsu> is there any way to either query Nautilus to see if a
directory is being accessed, or to keep Nautilus in the foreground when
run from a terminal?
[06:03] <no0tic> Burgundavia: I'm not speaking about it
[06:03] <no0tic> Burgundavia: from the installer, not from sources
[06:03] <Burgundavia> no0tic, and, possibly but not recommended
[06:04] <no0tic> Burgundavia: could you say something else?!
[06:04] <dbw> rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions/* -rf ?
[06:04] <Thewarmachine> where can I get gaim 1.4.0
=== pmMike []
has joined #ubuntu
[06:04] <Burgundavia> Thewarmachine, backports has it
[06:04] <no0tic> Burgundavia: I noticed problems with firefox 1.0.6
installer, someone can confirm that?
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> u sure
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> ?
[06:05] <no0tic> Burgundavia: backports hasn't it
[06:05] <dbw> no0tic: complain to firefox, not ubuntu!
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> notic YES
[06:05] <brandon> can someone tell me how to uninstall linux so i can use
my restore disk to get back windows?
=== romulo_ [~romulo@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:05] <no0tic> dbw: I know, but I'm not complaining
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> IT IS AN INSTALLER ISSUE
[06:05] <dbw> brandon: just put the install disk in and restart
[06:05] <no0tic> dbw: I'm in the italian ubuntu community
[06:05] <pmMike> yeah, I be needing a little help. I'm using the live AMD
CD and I need to hook up to the internet, however i'm connected via a
wireless network and i've no idea how to set it all up... would anyone be
able to help?
[06:05] <dbw> no0tic: so don't use the damn installer
[06:05] <Thewarmachine> so where can I get gaim 1.40
[06:05] <dbw> no0tic: good for you
[06:06] <no0tic> dbw: stay calm
[06:06] <dbw> Thewarmachine:
[06:06] <Thewarmachine> you need gtk to complile it
[06:06] <ompaul> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.6)
Gecko/20050720 Firefox/1.0 StumbleUpon/1.999 (Ubuntu package 1.0.2
MFSA2005-56) is what I use, I got my nice upgrade this morning from
[06:06] <__learner__> how can I stop X server?
=== dradul [~dradul@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[06:06] <no0tic> dbw: I would only know if someone else has had this
problem. stop.
[06:06] <__learner__> to install nvidia driers from theyr website.
[06:06] <dbw> __learner__: control alt backspace
[06:06] <no0tic> dbw: I'm not complaining, and I'm not searching for help
of any kind
[06:06] <__learner__> but when I do contr+alt+backspc it restarts
[06:06] <pmMike> any help?
[06:07] <brandon> tried that then after using restore disk and restarted
it said loading grub error
[06:07] <dbw> no0tic: you're looking in the wrong place!! ubuntu does not
produce the firefox installer, we use a package. if you don't use the
package, look for help elsewhere
[06:07] <Thewarmachine> thats enough....
[06:07] <no0tic> dmn, damn, listen please, I'm not looking for help!!
[06:08] <Thewarmachine> dbw relax
[06:08] <pmMike> I'm using the live AMD CD and I need to hook up to the
internet, however i'm connected via a wireless network and i've no idea
how to set it all up... would anyone be able to help?
[06:08] <no0tic> dbw: I'm not complaining with you
[06:08] <no0tic> dbw: or with anyone else
[06:08] <no0tic> dbw: so, please control
[06:08] <Thewarmachine> its not your fault
=== jason [] has joined #ubuntu
=== pmMike adds no0tic to ignore
[06:09] <Antinomy> does ubuntu auto-mount devices?
[06:09] <Thewarmachine> i WAS under the impression that this is where
people come for help....
[06:09] <ompaul> Antinomy, if you let it most of the time yes
[06:09] <__learner__> hey, if I just press alt control backspace the
system eill restart the X server, I need to shut it down so I can install
nvidia drivers.
[06:09] <Antinomy> ompaul: thanks
[06:09] <Antinomy> ompaul: so it will prolly automount new partitions,
[06:09] <__learner__> I aways get help on this channel, people here is
=== juice_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== juice_ [] has left #ubuntu
[06:10] <Thewarmachine> _learner_: yeah thats true
[06:10] <ompaul> Antinomy what kind of partitions
=== datarelease [] has joined
[06:10] <Thewarmachine> and sometimes you come across an elitist
[06:10] <no0tic> Thewarmachine: yes, I think so too
[06:10] <__learner__> yes
[06:10] <__learner__> thats sad
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:10] <Thewarmachine> really sad
[06:10] <Antinomy> ompaul: I'm doing a dual boot, wondering if i will
have to mount the XP partition and fat32 partitions inside ubu, or if it
will do it for me
=== dbw [~dbw@sinope.user] has left #ubuntu []
[06:11] <Antinomy> elitism sucks ass.
[06:11] <__learner__> yes you will need.
[06:11] <Thewarmachine> it totally does
=== TheLight [~icechat5@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:11] <Antinomy> friggin elitists.
[06:11] <Thewarmachine> I HATE it
[06:11] <__learner__> But it is a very simple task rto change fstab.
=== Beret [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:11] <datarelease> anyone wanna explain to me how to install drivers
in ubuntu?
[06:11] <Beret> fabbione, hey
[06:11] <Antinomy> Does ubuntu support Roe v Wade?
[06:11] <Beret> fabbione, wake up
[06:11] <cap_> __learner__, did you figure out stopping X?
[06:11] <fabbione> hey Beret
[06:11] <Beret> so
[06:11] <Thewarmachine> im beginning to think not
[06:12] <fabbione> Beret: sup dude?
[06:12] <__learner__> cap_, no
[06:12] <Beret> I just installed ubuntu for the first time
[06:12] <Thewarmachine> the irc channel at least lol
[06:12] <__learner__> how do I do it.
[06:12] <Antinomy> lol
[06:12] <darkmatter> _learner_:sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
[06:12] <Beret> needed something to throw on a thinkpad
[06:12] <fabbione> Beret: nice...
[06:12] <Thewarmachine> maybe we should call eff
[06:12] <Beret> fabbione, good work
=== gurumeditationer []
has joined #ubuntu
[06:12] <Thewarmachine> LOL
[06:12] <fabbione> Beret: thanks..
[06:12] <Antinomy> heh
[06:12] <__learner__> tx
[06:12] <fabbione> Beret: do you like it?
[06:12] <cap_> __learner__, ctrl+alt+f1 will give you a text console
[06:12] <Beret> most polished, clean distribution I've seen
[06:12] <fabbione> Beret: :)
[06:12] <__learner__> I konw, but I need to stop X, so the NVIDIA
installer will work
=== pmMike_ []
has joined #ubuntu
=== zever [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:13] <__learner__> Ubuntu totally rox.
[06:13] <cap_> __learner__, ok, then at the text console type "init 3"
[06:13] <Antinomy> what is the streaming media playa for ubuntu? that
will play an mp3 stream?
[06:13] <pmMike_> I'm using the live AMD CD and I need to hook up to the
internet, however i'm connected via a wireless network and i've no idea
how to set it all up... would anyone be able to help?
=== mattik_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:13] <cap_> Antinomy, mplayer plays everything
[06:13] <fabbione> Beret: nice to hear, really..
=== kutucape [~zayn@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:13] <Antinomy> cap_: having trouble installing it.
=== qbeek [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:13] <cap_> =(
[06:13] <__learner__> take a look at the unnoficial ubuntu guide, you can
"fix" lot's of things with that
[06:14] <Antinomy> cap_: get all these wierd dependency problems
=== rommer [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:14] <Thewarmachine> _learner_ good point
=== Pixel83 [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:14] <pmMike_> yeah, so anyone prepared to help me with this then?
[06:14] <darkmatter> _learner_: kill x with sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
=== NightLord [] has joined
=== funkyHat [] has joined
[06:15] <ep> With software patents and and other threats, I'm worried
about the future of multi-media on linux. Is mplayer still being actively
[06:15] <NightLord> Can someone help me with a problem i'm having with my
[06:15] <fabbione> Beret: i guess you installed hoary, didn't you?
=== dbw [~dbw@sinope.user] has joined #ubuntu
[06:15] <Beret> whatever iso is on
[06:15] <Thewarmachine> ep: dont be too worried
=== othernoob [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:15] <Beret> so yeah
[06:15] <Beret> I think so
[06:15] <Thewarmachine> you can always uninstall
[06:16] <qt2> brb
[06:16] <Thewarmachine> and last I heard they killed software patents
[06:16] <darkmatter> what's the problem NightLord?
=== beyond is now known as beyond-rango
=== romulo_ is now known as __learner__
[06:16] <__learner__> tx a lot
=== _paul [~paul@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:16] <don-o> ep: The OGG formats help out at lot. at least one codec
will be free to use.
[06:16] <__learner__> now im form a console! 8)
=== datarelease [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== AppleMacFreak [] has joined
[06:17] <NightLord> Well, my monitor has an annoying habit of putting the
viewing area of the screen to the far right of the monitor, with it only
taking up a small amount of the total area, but when i adjust it with the
buttons, it resets when i switch it off, i fixed this in windows by using
the drivers that my card has to aligh in and resize it
=== jason [] has left #ubuntu
[06:17] <NightLord> does anyone know of a ubuntu program that can do
[06:17] <fabbione> Beret: fasten your seatbelt for breezy (due to Oct)
=== stephank [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:18] <Thewarmachine> if all does not go well back to slackware and
solaris for me!
[06:18] <darkmatter> Nightlord: run xvidtune from a terminal
[06:18] <NightLord> ok
=== Ribs2 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Muiske is now known as Muiske_Away
[06:19] <__learner__> nvidia installer gave me lots of errors.
[06:19] <__learner__> that cant be good
[06:19] <darkmatter> use the buttons to adjust (left, right, wider,
[06:20] <Thewarmachine> is there a COMPILED version of gaim 1.40 for us
ubuntu users
=== johane_ is now known as johane
[06:20] <NightLord> thanks dark
[06:20] <NightLord> :)
=== tmt [~ttm@] has left #ubuntu []
[06:20] <darkmatter> hit apply then show once you haave the setting
(trial and error
[06:21] <NightLord> ok, done, thanks for your help
=== aio [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:21] <darkmatter> then copy the output from terminal
[06:21] <pmMike_> I'm using the live AMD CD and I need to hook up to the
internet, however i'm connected via a wireless network and i've no idea
how to set it all up... would anyone be able to help?
[06:21] <sobersabre> are here any make-kpkg masters ?
[06:21] <chrissturm> how do i include a shell script into another shell
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
[06:21] <sobersabre> i cannot find the thing in the manpage!
[06:21] <Thewarmachine> man this is unbelieveable
[06:21] <Thewarmachine> I ask 1 f****** question and it never gets
[06:21] <NightLord> i did it, but this is the only output:
=== blueyed [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:22] <sobersabre> Thewarmachine, what is your q ?
=== joolz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== qt2 [] has joined
=== inemo [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:22] <NightLord> Vendor: , Model:
[06:22] <NightLord> Num hsync: 1, Num vsync: 1
[06:22] <NightLord> hsync range 0: 28.00 - 49.00
[06:22] <NightLord> vsync range 0: 43.00 - 72.00
[06:22] <sobersabre> ah, gaim /
[06:22] <klaym> thewarmachine: sudo apt-get install gaim ?
[06:22] <deFrysk> hmmm gaim..
[06:22] <sobersabre> why don't you f********* compile it yourself ?
[06:22] <Thewarmachine> NO GTK
[06:22] <NightLord> or go to the website and download the .install
[06:22] <deFrysk> apt-get source -b gaim using the sources of breezy
perhaps ?
[06:23] <othernoob> i like you sobersabre ;)
[06:23] <Thewarmachine> sobersabre lol
[06:23] <NightLord> I used to get that
[06:23] <chrissturm> thewarmachine: sudo apt-get build-dep gaim
[06:23] <pmMike_> so... can someone PLEASE answer my question
[06:23] <pmMike_> yes, no, fuck of would be nice
[06:23] <pmMike_> off*
[06:23] <NightLord> use the .install file, if your missing something,
it'll say what to search for with apt-get
[06:23] <Thewarmachine> lol pmMike
[06:23] <sobersabre> pmMike, what's your q ?
[06:23] <Thewarmachine> nightlord ill try
[06:23] <pmMike_> I'm using the live AMD CD and I need to hook up to the
internet, however i'm connected via a wireless network and i've no idea
how to set it all up... would anyone be able to help?
[06:23] <klaym> what's your IQ?
[06:24] <pmMike_> 120
[06:24] <funkyHat> lol
[06:24] <sobersabre> pmMike, what wifi card do you own ?
[06:24] <funkyHat> what?
=== deFrysk has 143
[06:24] <deFrysk> at least thats what penthouse sais
[06:24] <klaym> lol, that's according to some scam iq test
[06:24] <othernoob> penthouse is always right!
[06:25] <deFrysk> othernoob, if you cannot trust penthouse , whats then
to trust ?
[06:25] <othernoob> exactly
[06:25] <teferi> 185, and I have the paperwork to back it up...
[06:25] <deFrysk> teferi, must be a pile
[06:26] <teferi> heh
[06:26] <sobersabre> pmMike, where are you ....
[06:26] <othernoob> teferi: you wanna share your porn ;)
[06:26] <NightLord> I might need some help soon also
=== auk [] has joined
[06:26] <teferi> othernoob: hold still, i'll telepathically put it in
your brain
=== snoupctss [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:26] <othernoob> no gay porn please ;)
[06:26] <darkmatter> Nightlord: How to and example for xvidtune
[06:26] <teferi> YOU GET IT ALL
[06:26] <NightLord> thanks dark
=== fabien [] has joined
[06:27] <NightLord> but my problems sorted now, after some trial and
[06:27] <pmMike_> sorry
[06:27] <NightLord> anyone know if there are linux drivers for the modem
that a broadband service called "Netvigator" use?
[06:27] <pmMike_> i have a linksys wireless-G card
[06:27] <pmMike_> or thats what it says on it
[06:27] <pmMike_> and its not a card, its a little box on a USB wire
[06:28] <sobersabre> pmMike_, is it a supported card ?
[06:28] <qt2> NightLord, wghat brand/model is the modem?
[06:28] <sobersabre> (device)
[06:28] <deFrysk> wireless g-string ? </penthousemode>
[06:28] <Antinomy> lol
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has left #ubuntu []
[06:28] <pmMike_> it is going to a BT Voyager 2100 router
[06:28] <no0tic> is there a script to restore automatically permissions
and owners to system files?
=== jp [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:29] <sobersabre> pmMike_, are you deaf ? ( i mean visually challenged
) ?
[06:29] <sobersabre> is your card a supported one ?
[06:29] <pmMike_> I dont know what modem
[06:29] <pmMike_> I should have said, I've no idea what im doing.
[06:30] <pmMike_> how do I know if its a supported one
[06:30] <sobersabre> NightLord, do you believe they invented their own
protocol ?
[06:30] <sobersabre> pmMike_, have you heard of HCL ?
[06:30] <sobersabre> [hardware compatibility list]
[06:30] <pmMike_> ...
[06:30] <pmMike_> no
[06:30] <sobersabre> go google people like you...
=== lenoxmo [~lenoxmo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ikypakis [t9@] has joined #Ubuntu
[06:31] <sobersabre> i mean figure...
[06:31] <sobersabre> take thyself to see if it is supported one 1st. then
come here...
[06:31] <sobersabre> ok ?
[06:31] <pmMike_> ok
[06:31] <zyga> zwnj: hmm?
[06:31] <asad2005> I have added the normal user manually and now it does
not show in gdmsetup for timed login, any ideas?
=== Chambers` [] has joined
[06:32] <zwnj> zyga: """cvs co <TAB><TAB>""" doesn't read CVS/Root and
just works if i use the ENVVAR
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:34] <__learner__> i will restart X now
[06:34] <__learner__> should I do just startX or init anynumber?
=== VictoR_VK [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:34] <NightLord> sober: its an Ipwireless modem
[06:35] <NightLord> thats all i can find out from looking at it
=== Raptoid [~Raptoid@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:35] <funkyHat> __learner__, sudo gdm?
=== zerboxx [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:35] <funkyHat> someone tell me i'm right :)
[06:35] <__learner__> lol tx
[06:35] <sobersabre> funkyHat, as long as u're happy, yes.
=== carlos [] has joined
[06:36] <__learner__> nvidia logo showed up!
[06:36] <funkyHat> lol
[06:36] <__learner__> now let`s try some openGl!!!
[06:36] <funkyHat> woo 8)
[06:36] <funkyHat> i'm right
=== maddy__ []
has joined #ubuntu
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY []
has joined #ubuntu
[06:36] <aio> does anyone know if i can plug two machines together over
firewire (ubuntu to ubuntu) and have them able to talk to one another?
specifically, share files one to the other? i hear it's possible with
windows and mac.
[06:36] <VictoR_VK> Hello,    - ?
[06:36] <__learner__> Tx a lot! Now I have openGLworking, and great
nvidia drivers!
[06:37] <__learner__> bye bye!
=== jurgonh [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:37] <funkyHat> how did he get them working in the end? i missed that
[06:37] <zwnj> zyga: i'm not sure it's a bug
=== despeeh [] has joined
[06:37] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> is there a program that can "test" the surround
card to see if it's working?
[06:38] <Antinomy> does anyone else have trouble with DLing firefox
[06:38] <funkyHat> i have trouble using firefox! :P
[06:38] <Antinomy> heh
[06:38] <Antinomy> wel..
[06:38] <funkyHat> new version is borked
[06:38] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea
[06:38] <Antinomy> boirked?
[06:38] <despeeh> i have problems gettinh 1.0.6 version firefox with apt
[06:38] <jurgonh> Hello, i am using beep-media-player to play mp3s, does
anyone know how to make the files uncque when i doubleclick, instead of
playing them, or if you could add "enqcue in beep"... when i rightclick
=== _4strO [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:38] <aio> funkyHat what prob you having? mine seems borken too
[06:38] <Antinomy> damn
[06:39] <Antinomy> glad I'm keeping that windows partition
[06:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> seveas you there?
=== retteketet [] has joined
=== tritium [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:39] <Antinomy> funkyHat: My friend, ready for the partition?
[06:39] <despeeh> can you guys download latest firefox version from
[06:39] <funkyHat> won't start, someone who seemed very clever said they
were working on it earlier :)... hopefully they will find out the problem
[06:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> windows >.< i just reinstalled windows after 4
monthes of using inux
[06:39] <funkyHat> Antinomy, go for it
=== don-o [~donp@] has left #ubuntu []
[06:39] <Antinomy> okey-dok.
[06:40] <Antinomy> doke too.
[06:40] <aio> funkyHat hope so. it's whacked.
[06:40] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> linux and it worked for three days and got
=== zeedo [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:40] <Antinomy> i changed the version number and it still wont let me
DL extensions. gr.
[06:40] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> now i just need to figure out how to test the
surround sound and such in ubuntu
=== erchache [~alejandro@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:40] <erchache> hi
=== remix_tj [] has joined
[06:40] <erchache> im trying to install a machine with netboot
[06:40] <funkyHat> Antinomy, where did you change the version number?
=== remix_tj [] has left
#ubuntu ["Mi]
[06:41] <erchache> but when i select mirror
[06:41] <erchache> say
[06:41] <NightLord> does anyone know any free MMORPG for linux?
[06:41] <erchache> debian mirror invalid
[06:41] <erchache> O_o
[06:41] <zyga> NightLord: there is one
[06:41] <Antinomy> about was off of the bug site, workaround
[06:41] <CarinArr> i was just installing the drivers for my motherboard
and it exited the installation telling me i need to specify the kernel
source path
[06:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> erchache is there an easy way to do that?
[06:41] <zyga> NightLord: I can't remember the name
=== VictoR_VK [] has joined #ubuntu
=== pixel_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:41] <jurgonh> Hello, i am using beep-media-player to play mp3s, does
anyone know how to make the files uncque when i doubleclick, instead of
playing them, or if you could add "enqcue in beep"... when i rightclick
[06:41] <erchache> uhmm
[06:41] <zyga> NightLord: it's 1000% free and open source
=== VictoR_VK [] has left #ubuntu []
[06:41] <erchache> church_of _foamy: sorry?
[06:41] <zyga> NightLord: it required 3d card though
[06:42] <funkyHat> Antinomy, yeah, that's the correct workaround there,
it should work after doing that
[06:42] <CarinArr> but the bit it tried to do of the installation killed
my network card, can i install the source from the ubuntu cd?
[06:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: hell no!
[06:42] <NightLord> handy zyga
[06:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: lol
[06:42] <funkyHat> :(
[06:42] <funkyHat> hows the install on the other machine going?
[06:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok funk, the install begins. light a candle,
[06:42] <funkyHat> hehe
[06:42] <CarinArr> anyone?
[06:43] <zyga> NightLord: i can look it up though
[06:43] <Antinomy> <recites lords prayer>
[06:43] <erchache> netboot runs properly?
[06:43] <erchache> because im triying to do it and fails
[06:43] <erchache> when select mirror
[06:43] <Antinomy> funkyHat: should I let the installer detect my
external, or can I plug and play once UbuRoi is running?
=== skora [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:44] <funkyHat> um, i just let the installer do it's own thing until
it asks me a question...
[06:44] <funkyHat> ...what's UbiRoi?
[06:45] <Antinomy> funkyHat: lol sry it's a play by Alfred Jarry
[06:45] <zyga> NightLord: eternal sun
[06:45] <erchache> its strange because i install this laptop now with a
install cd
[06:45] <erchache> and update from internet
=== Sterno [~Sternosta@] has joined #ubuntu
=== robitaille [] has joined
[06:46] <erchache> nobody has information about ubuntu amd64 netboot
=== ahuman01 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== kamil [] has joined
[06:47] <Antinomy> ok
=== zerboxx [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:47] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I'm at the partition settings screen for
[06:47] <sobersabre> do people actually use sylpheed ?
[06:48] <Antinomy> funkyHat: how do I change the size?
[06:48] <despeeh> do you guys using unstable Breezy repositories?
[06:48] <funkyHat> go to the size option, press enter, and type in the
new size
[06:48] <deFrysk> despeeh, nope
[06:48] <deFrysk> not me that is
[06:48] <darkmatter> jurgonh: select open with other application
[06:49] <despeeh> allways download forexample firefox latest version from
[06:49] <erchache> eyyyy netboot fails a lot....i see it on google?! :O
[06:49] <Antinomy> funkyHat: hmmm the screen is blanking out
[06:49] <deFrysk> despeeh, nope never
[06:49] <zerboxx> Is there anyway to get it so clicking down on the
scroll wheel works like it does in windows?
[06:49] <despeeh> then where? not from hoary
[06:49] <despeeh> ?
=== CarinArr [[] has left #ubuntu [".."]
[06:49] <darkmatter> then in the file properties
[06:49] <deFrysk> despeeh, wait till breezy comes out
=== spiral [] has joined
[06:49] <darkmatter> under Open with
[06:50] <qt2> how do i find the hw idea of the sound card currently in
[06:50] <deFrysk> the version of hoary is fine for hoary
=== cami [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:50] <despeeh> do you use only most hoary universe repos?
[06:50] <despeeh> ok
[06:50] <tritium> qt2, look around under /proc/asound
[06:50] <darkmatter> select beep-media-player as the prefered application
[06:50] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I get a question: write the changes to disk
and resize the partition? Yes, No....BUT I HAVEN"T SPECIFIED THE SIZE
YET...this is worrisome...
[06:50] <tritium> zerboxx, does the scroll wheel work for scrolling now?
[06:50] <deFrysk> despeeh, univers and multiverse , and if you like some
updated packages to almost current use backports (not supported)
=== Eleventh [~Eleventh@] has joined #ubuntu
[06:51] <funkyHat> Antinomy, are you sure you're on the right screen?
[06:51] <Antinomy> ok
[06:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat: from the top.
=== mauper [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:51] <Sterno> Hi all. Anyone here that can help with a RAID1 question
(setup of 2nd disk - the mirroring disk?)
[06:51] <Antinomy> I'm at the screen where I choose the partition
[06:51] <funkyHat> Antinomy, you need to highlight hda1, and hit return,
you should then get a menu of options for hda1
=== Ribs [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I choose #1 primary under hda
[06:51] <despeeh> deFrysk : one stupid question, but I dont know these
things . if i have downloaded some updates from Breezy, then can i delete
those all downloaded packages easilly somewhay?
=== chromate [] has left #ubuntu
=== beyond-rango is now known as beyond
[06:52] <zerboxx> tritium: It works for scrolling, but with windows, if
you click down on it it pops a little circle up, which you can then use
to scroll differently (if mouse is above circle it goes up, and vice-
[06:52] <Antinomy> funkyHat: am i right?
[06:52] <deFrysk> despeeh, if they work fine leave them in
[06:52] <deFrysk> no need to remove them then
[06:52] <zerboxx> tritium: Also for some reason, scrolling in Acrobat is
[06:52] <tritium> zerboxx, oh, I've not seen that before (I'm not a
windows user)
[06:52] <qt2> tritium, mind if i pm you for a moment?
[06:52] <zerboxx> tritium: Ah well not a big deal, really
[06:52] <funkyHat> Antinomy, are you on the partition editor? or are you
choosing which partition to install linux to?
[06:52] <Toba> arghhhh
=== smcuser [] has joined
[06:53] <Toba> another london bombing
[06:53] <Toba> wtf
[06:53] <tritium> qt2, sure, go ahead
[06:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: "you are editing partition #1 of IDE1 master
[06:53] <despeeh> ok
[06:53] <funkyHat> ok
[06:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: then it gives me 3 options: use as,
bootable, and size
[06:53] <erchache> netboot fails when triying to download release package
[06:53] <erchache> why?
[06:53] <deFrysk> despeeh, but breezy is not what you can call "stable"
also see topic
[06:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I toggle down to "size"
[06:53] <despeeh> but you say, that I dont neet to install my ubuntu 5.04
Hoary again, there is possibility allways to repair this machine
[06:53] <funkyHat> ok, leave the bootable flag on, go to size
[06:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: hit enter?
[06:53] <despeeh> need
[06:54] <Antinomy> funkyHat: k, hit enter?
[06:54] <funkyHat> yes
[06:54] <Antinomy> funkyHat: ok, it never asks me for a new size, it just
says the following:
[06:55] <despeeh> maybe I should study ubuntu homepages a bit. Just have
installed this ubuntu .. dont even know differences of these versions
[06:55] <deFrysk> despeeh, i dont see the need no , but i would not
upgrade to breezy untill its concidered "safe"
=== liquidten [] has joined
[06:55] <funkyHat> Antinomy, i'm just starting up an install on another
machine so i'm not doing this blind
=== davro [] has joined
[06:56] <Antinomy> funkyHat: "before the resize takes place, the changes
have to be written do disk...write the changes and resize? Yes, No"
=== robitaille [] has left
#ubuntu []
[06:56] <funkyHat> oh right
[06:56] <funkyHat> yes
[06:56] <Antinomy> funkyHat: BUT - it hasn't asked me for the new size
yet. does that come next?
[06:56] <funkyHat> oh :S
[06:56] <erchache> nobody knows why netboot cant download release gz?
=== SteveA [] has joined #ubuntu
=== robotgeek [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:56] <funkyHat> anyone else know? ^^
[06:57] <Sterno> Hi all. Anyone here that can help with a RAID1 question
(setup of 2nd disk - the mirroring disk?)
[06:57] <Sterno> I have 2 SATA disks. I want to use RAID1.
[06:57] <Sterno> Disk 1 is formatted as:
[06:57] <Sterno> 1 100Mb \boot
[06:57] <Sterno> 2 5Gb SWAP
[06:57] <Sterno> 3 60Gb \
[06:57] <Sterno> 4 25Gb \SRV
[06:57] <Sterno> 5 260Gb \SRV
[06:57] <Sterno> How should disk 2 be set up? This disk will be a mirror
of disk 1.
[06:57] <Sterno> The possibilities are: The same way (=same partitions,
and same file formatting) as disk 1, or same partitions + RAID
formatting, or just 1 partition + RAID formatting, or what?
[06:57] <Sterno> Anyone?
[06:57] <deFrysk> same
=== Harold [] has
joined #ubuntu
[06:57] <Antinomy> I dunno, this is worrisome.
[06:58] <Sterno> = no RAID formatting needed?
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[06:58] <Antinomy> funkyHat: should I wait til you see yours?
[06:58] <ArdieM> ive installed ati binarydriver
[06:58] <funkyHat> i'm almost there, i'm loading the installer on a
rather sluggish computer
[06:58] <zerboxx> I have a keyboard with volume control, but when I use
it, I can see a volume bar going up/down, but it's actually turning
up/down my capture volume, how can I make it so it's actually changing
the playback volume???
[06:58] <ArdieM> now i only have 75hz i want 85
[06:58] <Antinomy> funkyHat: k, thanks so much man
[06:58] <ArdieM> what to do?
[06:58] <Antinomy> funkyHat: or woman
[06:58] <funkyHat> hehe, man
[06:58] <ArdieM> in system->prefs->monitorsettings i get an error
[06:59] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I would do it on my desktop, but I'm using
it to IRC now
=== AppleMacFreak [] has joined
[06:59] <Antinomy> system>prefs>gender
[06:59] <ColonelKernel> ArdieM, go into /etc/X11/xorg.conf , in the
Monitor section, turn the refresh rates up
[06:59] <funkyHat> here we go
[06:59] <Antinomy> k
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:00] <qt2> /media is a /mnt replacment, correct?
[07:00] <kamil> yes
[07:00] <funkyHat> well i get the same thing you just described... wants
to write changes before resizing
[07:00] <qt2> ok.
[07:00] <funkyHat> so i assume it's ok
[07:01] <ArdieM> XRandR-Expansion <--- where can i turn that off?
[07:01] <Antinomy> are you doing this on a junk disk, or should I take
the plunge?
[07:01] <funkyHat> can someone tell me i'm right? i don't want to be
responsible for breaking Antinomy's computer :(
[07:01] <Antinomy> lol
[07:01] <Antinomy> All: I am about to resize, but I haven't specified the
new size yet.
[07:02] <Antinomy> does that come next?
[07:02] <Antinomy> funkyHat: "before the resize takes place, the changes
have to be written do disk...write the changes and resize? Yes, No"
[07:02] <mjr> qt2, kinda; it's for removable media, mostly
[07:02] <Antinomy> funkyHat: BUT - it hasn't asked me for the new size
yet. does that come next?
[07:02] <Antinomy> That's the question, all
[07:02] <Antinomy> anyone know?
[07:02] <qt2> mjr, what about for automounting windows filesystems?
=== paulnasca [~nop@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:03] <zerboxx> Anyone have a clue how to change what 'channel' the
audio buttons on my keyboard change?
=== mx|gone is now known as mxpxpod
=== paulnasca [~nop@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:03] <qt2> zerboxx, such as pcm as opposed to master?
[07:03] <funkyHat> i want to do that too!
[07:04] <Antinomy> funkyHat: how else could I edit the size from that
original screen?
[07:04] <qt2> funkyHat, do what?
[07:04] <mjr> qt2, that I'd put under /mnt
[07:04] <zerboxx> qt2: Umm yeah actually, that's it :)
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:04] <qt2> zerboxx, i'm trying to figure that out myself...
[07:04] <funkyHat> Antinomy, i don't think you can, that's the way to do
[07:04] <Antinomy> ok
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[07:04] <Antinomy> here we go
[07:04] <zerboxx> qt2: heh, well if you happen to figure it out, please
let me know :) and I'll do the same
[07:04] <funkyHat> we could check with #debian
[07:04] <qt2> zerboxx, thanks. ;)
[07:04] <Antinomy> brb
=== pixel__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:05] <ColonelKernel> im having a problem with firefox
[07:05] <ColonelKernel> when I click on something to download, it doesnt
download it
[07:05] <ColonelKernel> it doesnt ask me or anything
[07:05] <liquidten> it's one of several bugs in the new firefox
[07:06] <robotgeek> qt2, zeedo if you gimme a minute or two, i think i
have it figured out, (or ler me see if i have it figured out :) )
=== mantass [~Mantas@] has joined #ubuntu
=== HappyFool [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:06] <tritium> zerboxx, only the Master channel
[07:06] <qt2> robotgeek, heh, okay.
=== infox [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <zerboxx> tritium: There must be a way to make it change pcm
(same with my laptop hotkeys)
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <qt2> tritium, heh, same problem i had earlier... ;)
[07:07] <tritium> We looked at that yesterday, and couldn't find a way.
Was that you I was working with, qt2 on taht?
[07:07] <tritium> that
[07:07] <ColonelKernel> new firefox?
[07:07] <robotgeek> zeedo, are you using pbbuttons?
[07:07] <qt2> tritium, indeed.
[07:07] <infox> anyone have any tips for getting a cirrus logic cs46xx
working in ubuntu? I have all the necessary alsa/sound drivers loaded, I
unmuted all the channels and yet I still have no sound
=== Dr00pY [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:07] <ColonelKernel> its version 1.0.2
[07:07] <infox> i'm lost at what else I can do
[07:07] <ColonelKernel> its not even now
=== equuelus [] has
left #ubuntu []
[07:07] <ColonelKernel> its OLD
[07:08] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: It's secure.
[07:08] <tritium> ColonelKernel, read /usr/share/doc/mozilla-
[07:08] <zerboxx> robotgeek: Are you refering to me? or zeedo?
[07:08] <despeeh> 1.0.6 , just downloaded it from Breezy
[07:08] <Dr00pY> re tout lemonde
[07:08] <Amaranth> 1.0.6 is probably the version breezy is going to ship
[07:08] <tritium> robotgeek, you had asked me sometime back about IRC
[07:08] <ColonelKernel> tritium, unfortunately, because firefox no longer
works correctly, I have no way to look at that.
[07:08] <liquidten> ColonelKernel: the version of firefox IS actually
1.0.5, you probably downloaded the update for it today, it's just the
fact that the ubuntu devs for some reason chose not to rename the version
[07:09] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: pitti said it's only broken until you
[07:09] <tritium> ColonelKernel, it's in your filesystem. You should be
able to.
[07:09] <zeedo> zeedo: I beleive its you mate - Im not in the discussion
here atm
[07:09] <jurgonh> Hello, i am using beep-media-player to play mp3s, does
anyone know how to make the files encque when i doubleclick, instead of
playing them, or if you could add "enqcue in beep..." when i rightclick
[07:09] <zeedo> zerboxx: I beleive its you mate - Im not in the
discussion here atm
[07:09] <zerboxx> zeedo: hehe you refered to yourself too, it's alright
[07:09] <ColonelKernel> Amaranth, restart the box or restart firefox?
[07:09] <liquidten> if you search on you will see a LOT
of people are having trouble with the new firefox
[07:09] <robotgeek> zerboxx, sorry
[07:09] <qt2> robotgeek, i'm using System > Prefrences > Keyboard
[07:09] <zeedo> zerboxx: :-P
[07:09] <funkyHat> Amaranth, is that really likely? surely it will have
been updated again by then?
[07:09] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: Wasn't clear.
[07:09] <infox> anyone have any ideas?
[07:09] <Amaranth> funkyHat: well, hopefully not :)
[07:09] <robotgeek> zeedo, sorry
[07:09] <robotgeek> :)
[07:09] <funkyHat> well true, but still :P
[07:09] <Amaranth> funkyHat: but breezy won't have 1.1/1.5
=== robotgeek just got up
[07:10] <zeedo> robotgeek: no worries Im made the same mistake, stupid
tab completion :D
[07:10] <zerboxx> robotgeek: It's alright, no I'm not using pbbuttons
[07:10] <funkyHat> Amaranth, it isn't only broken until you restart
(firefox or system)
=== merhojt [] has joined
[07:10] <Amaranth> have any of you filed a bug report?
[07:10] <infox> hello??
[07:10] <ColonelKernel> yeah, it is just broken - how do I roll back an
[07:10] <Amaranth> oh, right
[07:11] <Amaranth> firefox messed up, can't open bugzilla :0
=== schasi [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:11] <Burgundavia> it seems to be specific extensions are breaking FF
=== Nipohc [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:11] <funkyHat> i would but i don't like filing bugs... i always do it
wrong :(
[07:11] <liquidten> if the package is still on your system you should see
it in /var/cache/apt/archives
[07:11] <Amaranth> Burgundavia: Oh shit, I hope pitti didn't use 1.0.5 to
get patches for hoary.
[07:11] <infox> bah
=== Kamzi [] has joined
[07:11] <infox> has anyone ever got this sound card to work in ubuntu?
[07:11] <robotgeek> zerboxx, pbbuttons gave me options to change stuff,
as in master/pcm, but the gnome tool doesn't
[07:11] <Amaranth> Burgundavia: That was why 1.0.6 was rushed out, 1.0.5
had an API regression caused by a security fix.
[07:12] <liquidten> exactly
[07:12] <Burgundavia> Amaranth, he said he was looking at .6 stuff
[07:12] <liquidten> the version we all updated was to 1.0.5 not 1.0.6
[07:12] <infox> ...
[07:12] <liquidten> you can tell because the extension bugs that caused
1.0.6 to be released are in this build
[07:12] <Amaranth> liquidten: No, you have 1.0.2 + security fixes
[07:12] <ColonelKernel> well, w/o some kind of fix for this, firefox is
pretty much worthless and unusable
[07:13] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: It is being worked on.
=== kbrooks [] has joined
[07:13] <tritium> ColonelKernel, did you look in /var/cache/apt/archives
for the old one?
[07:13] <ColonelKernel> Amaranth, ok , thanks, sorry if I was bein jerky
=== holycow [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:13] <ColonelKernel> the only one i had was the one ubuntu 5.04
installs with
[07:13] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: If you want it to work _right now_ you
can wipe out your profile.
=== retro83 [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:13] <zerboxx> robotgeek: Ah, well should I still use it, even though
all the keys it "fixes" works on my laptop already (ie brightness, volume
(even though it's the wrong one, the bar still moves)...not eject though,
or crt/lcd
[07:13] <infox> anyone have any tips for getting a cirrus logic cs46xx
working in ubuntu? I have all the necessary alsa/sound drivers loaded, I
unmuted all the channels and yet I still have no sound
[07:14] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: You'll lose bookmarks, history,
extensions, saved passwords, etc.
[07:14] <ColonelKernel> Amaranth, ill wait, its being worked on
[07:14] <ColonelKernel> oh I dont care at all about that stuff
[07:14] <funkyHat> any idea how long it will take to fix anyone?
[07:14] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: Ok then, open a terminal and run 'rm -
rf ~/.mozilla'
[07:15] <liquidten> you can backup your bookmarks by doing a "cp
~/.mozilla/firefox/PROFILE/bookmarks.html ~"
[07:15] <liquidten> then rm -rf ~/.mozilla
[07:15] <infox> anyone have any tips for getting a cirrus logic cs46xx
working in ubuntu? I have all the necessary alsa/sound drivers loaded, I
unmuted all the channels and yet I still have no sound
[07:15] <ColonelKernel> I dont have any bookmarks
[07:15] <robotgeek> zerboxx, i'll brb, gotta email :)
[07:15] <zerboxx> robotgeek: heh alright
=== Kevin [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:15] <tritium> robotgeek, did you see my msg?
[07:15] <erchache> well i download netboot install from ubuntu ftp server
and fails.....officially netboot doesnt run :S
[07:16] <infox> anyone have any tips for getting a cirrus logic cs46xx
working in ubuntu? I have all the necessary alsa/sound drivers loaded, I
unmuted all the channels and yet I still have no sound
[07:16] <tritium> infox, please stop repeating
=== Kamzi [] has left
#ubuntu []
[07:16] <ColonelKernel> tritium, it looks like the original versions are
in there...
=== tim1 [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:16] <tritium> ColonelKernel, you can install it, then
[07:16] <infox> well shit, no one seems to even bother trying to help at
[07:16] <tritium> infox, please calm down. If somebody knows the answer,
they'll try to help you.
[07:16] <liquidten> infox: well it's not like everyone knows everything
[07:16] <ColonelKernel> mozilla-firefox_1.0.2-0ubuntu5.4_i386.deb <--- is
this the one that comes with ubuntu?
[07:16] <Amaranth> infox: Because we don't know.
[07:16] <infox> thats all you had to fucking say
[07:16] <Amaranth> ColonelKernel: Doesn't sound like it.
[07:16] <rommer> if i have two p2 350mhz computers, would a page load
faster if apache and mysql were installed on separate computers or the
same one?
[07:17] <infox> instead of wasting my everyones time
=== Kaltzu [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:17] <Amaranth> infox: Please don't swear.
=== infox [] has left #ubuntu []
[07:17] <ColonelKernel> excrement
[07:17] <Amaranth> infox: We aren't wasting anyone's time.
[07:17] <Burgundavia> ColonelKernel, that it the one that pitti just
[07:17] <liquidten> ColonelKernel: that is the one you updated to today
[07:17] <ColonelKernel> liquidten, hence my use of the term excrement.
[07:17] <robotgeek> tritium, yes. sorry...emailing!
[07:17] <tritium> robotgeek, no problem :)
[07:19] <ColonelKernel> well someone please do me a favor and have a chat
w pitti
[07:19] <Antinomy> funkyHat: well, that was a bust
[07:19] <ColonelKernel> cause this firefox is pittiful
[07:19] <Burgundavia> ColonelKernel, we are
[07:19] <pitti> Dudes, I *know* about the issues
[07:19] <qt2> rommer, #apache could probably answer that better. ;)
[07:19] <funkyHat> Antinomy, eek
[07:19] <Antinomy> funkyHat: dont know what to do.
[07:19] <ColonelKernel> Burgundavia, I was just trying to be a comedian
[07:20] <Antinomy> Amaranth: can I ask you a partition/resize ?
[07:20] <rommer> qt2: yea i just pasted it there ;)
[07:20] <Amaranth> Antinomy: wha?
[07:20] <funkyHat> what happens when you go say yes to that question
Antinomy ?
[07:20] <qt2> robotgeek, pbbuttons == ?
[07:20] <Amaranth> Antinomy: get gparted
[07:20] <Antinomy> ?
[07:20] <Amaranth> qt2: a tool to make multimedia buttons on your
powerbook work
[07:20] <qt2> Amaranth, ah.
[07:20] <qt2> so that wouldnt help me :/
[07:21] <qt2> meh... *kicks multimedia keyboard*
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lsuactiafner [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:21] <ColonelKernel> brb
[07:21] <qt2> on second thought... *kicks gnome volume control*
[07:21] <Amaranth> I never knew people actually used those things
=== ColonelKernel [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:21] <qt2> or even better... *kicks gnome shortcuts applet for lacking
[07:21] <Amaranth> err
[07:21] <samu> is this mplayer-custom thing supposed to work?
[07:22] <Amaranth> what does it lack?
=== bagpuss_thecat [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:22] <qt2> Amaranth, heh, the volume keys are hanady. ;)
[07:22] <Amaranth> samu: what processor do you have?
[07:22] <liquidten> ColonelKernel: in the meantime i would recommend you
download the official firefox build with "wget
ux-i686/en-US/firefox-1.0.6.installer.tar.gz" and install it into your
home directory
[07:22] <samu> pentium 3/600
[07:22] <Antinomy> Amaranth: I'm installing Ubuntu. I want to resize my
XP partition (the only one right now) and then add others for linux and
fat32 shared. I select partition one on hda, and then select "size" . But
instead of asking me for the size, it just sends me to a "Write the
changes to disk and rezie the partition?" screen. I havent entered the
new size. Will that come next?
[07:22] <qt2> Amaranth, err, an option to allow the volume control to set
something other than the 'master' channel, for example, allowing the
volume control to set the 'PCM' channel?
[07:22] <Amaranth> samiam: get mplayer-686 (or mplayer-586, can't
remember the name)
[07:23] <mjr> ;3~3~;3~;3~;3~;3~;3~;3~;3~
[07:23] <Amaranth> samu: ^^^
[07:23] <ColonelKernel> liquidten, very nice - thank you
=== murrayc [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:23] <no0tic> evolution doesn't filter spam properly...
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:23] <samu> i tried installing mplayer-586 but i think i must be
lacking some repositories for it
[07:23] <Amaranth> qt2: oh, you mean the slider on gnome-volume-control
[07:23] <bagpuss_thecat> hey all, is there any way in Hoary to get
w32codecs without having to rely on backports from
=== tmt [~ttm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== synd [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:23] <Amaranth> samu: You're on hoary and have multiverse enabled?
=== bagpuss_thecat was hoping they would be in multiverse or universe,
but apparently not
=== skora [] has left #ubuntu
=== crimsun [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:24] <Amaranth> bagpuss_thecat: w32codecs will never be in an official
ubuntu repository
[07:24] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i have a customer thats interested in ubuntu
but they do html/webpage editing
[07:24] <Antinomy> funkyHat: I guess the only way is to try it on a junk
disk and see what happens. No one seems to know the answer...
[07:24] <Amaranth> bagpuss_thecat: They are _highly_ illegal to use and
[07:24] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: nvu?
[07:24] <qt2> Amaranth, no, i can set that to change pcm, i'm talking
about the gnome keyboard shortcut thing, i've got my multimedia keys
mapped to it, and it only chnages the mater slider, and dowsnt allow for
changing of anything else.
[07:24] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and they play on can ubuntu do these
[07:24] <Antinomy> funkyHat: so I will brb, need to do it on my desktop
[07:24] <bagpuss_thecat> no doubt, that's why they're not in Debian :-)
[07:24] <Antinomy> funkyHat: wish me luck (again)
[07:24] <bagpuss_thecat> I guess I just have to specify them manually on
my mirrormax deb line?
=== philwil [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:25] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> Amaranth huh?
[07:25] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: i dunno about
[07:25] <funkyHat> Antinomy, good luck :)
[07:25] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: it might use shockwave, which we
don't have
[07:25] <Amaranth> bagpuss_thecat: not sure
[07:25] <bagpuss_thecat> cos using the deb line from ubuntuguide make the
system want to use samba and a load of others from mirrormax
[07:25] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, nvu is a good html editor.
=== brendan_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:25] <bagpuss_thecat> nw
[07:25] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> really? i thought it requres java?
[07:25] <ColonelKernel> whoah - firefox 1.0.6 is screaming fast
[07:26] <Amaranth> bagpuss_thecat: do not use ubuntuguide
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:26] <bagpuss_thecat> Amaranth: ooh, what's wrong with it?
[07:26] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, if it requires java, then all you need to
do is setup java for firefox.
[07:26] <Amaranth> !ubuntuguide
[07:26] <ColonelKernel> I wish I knew how to make .deb's
[07:26] <ubotu> rumour has it, ubuntuguide is a set of instructions with
no explanation. Please do not advise people to use ubuntuguide. Advise instead. Item 4 on explains why.
[07:26] <qt2> bagpuss_thecat, ^^^
[07:26] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> k the current how to does not let me get java
for firefox
[07:26] <bagpuss_thecat> aaah, fairy nuff :-D
[07:27] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, which is that?
=== SilvereX [t20@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:27] <tritium> ChurcH_of_FoamY, the Java wiki page?
=== Macrobio [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:27] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> can someone paste me the part of there
sources.list so i can get the sun-java
=== SilvereX [t20@] has left #ubuntu []
=== krischan [] has joined
[07:27] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yes
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:27] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY:
[07:27] <tritium> ChurcH_of_FoamY, you used make-jpkg?
=== RabidDog sighs looks like lilo/wallops is at it again on freenode,
all servcies going down to retore a back of a channel
[07:27] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> not recently
[07:28] <darkmatter> UbuntuGuide would be OK if the maintainer actual
explained his instructions in detail.
[07:28] <Amaranth> RabidDog: If you don't like it turn off wallops.
=== darksatanic [] has joined
[07:28] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i want to test this with first to see
if it works
[07:28] <brendan_> I recieve this message whenever i try to install
updates Errors were encountered while processing: gedit-common
[07:28] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> if it does there all for it
[07:28] <brendan_> little help?
[07:28] <darkmatter> the current setup could get newbies in trouble
[07:28] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> and i hope it does cause that will be the 5th
customer to get ubuntu from me
[07:28] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, if it uses jaba, you need to get java
working to test
[07:29] <qt2> *java
[07:29] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea i know thats why i need to get java up and
[07:29] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> that way they can use it if it works
[07:29] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> but i want to get it running on my box first
[07:29] <tritium> the wiki instructions are the best way, ChurcH_of_FoamY
[07:29] <qt2> ChurcH_of_FoamY, then follow the wiki.
[07:30] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok
=== robert_pectol [~rob@cust-ipadvanced-dynnat-232130.d-star-] has joined #ubuntu
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Eleventh [~Eleventh@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:31] <Trackilizer> are there any other good IRC clients out there
other than x-chat?
[07:31] <tritium> irssi
[07:32] <bagpuss_thecat> Amaranth: thanks for the info. A quick google
with 'codecs' solved the problem :-)
=== Rockett17 [~srockett@CPE0011097dafa9-] has joined #ubuntu
=== Crazy [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Crazy is now known as naunau
=== naunau is now known as Naunau
=== aroman [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ^DodGeR^ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== knowledge_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:33] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> hmm must be missing something in my repos
[07:33] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> it can't find the java pacage
=== Naunau []
has left #ubuntu ["Hello,]
=== jaco^ [] has joined
[07:33] <tritium> !info java-package
[07:33] <ubotu> java-package: (utility for building Java(TM) 2 related
Debian packages), section multiverse/misc, is optional. Version: 0.23
(hoary), Packaged size: 18 kB, Installed size: 264 kB
[07:33] <knowledge_> Failed to construct test pipeline for 'OSS - Open
Sound System' <----anyone wanna help with this?
[07:33] <tritium> multiverse, ChurcH_of_FoamY
[07:33] <knowledge_> I screwed something up
=== AlohaWolf [] has joined
[07:34] <Amaranth> knowledge_: System->Preferences->Multimedia Systems
Selector, change input and output sinks to alsa
=== astro76 [] has joined
=== benkong2 [] has joined
=== Antinomy [] has joined
[07:34] <knowledge_> Failed to construct test pipeline for 'ALSA -
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture'
=== tmt [~ttm@] has left #ubuntu []
[07:35] <dbw> that sounds bad
[07:35] <dbw> :P
[07:35] <dbw> </useless>
[07:35] <funkyHat> knowledge_, tried eSound?
[07:35] <knowledge_> ESD works...but here's the thing, yesterday I
installed my USB headset,
[07:35] <Amaranth> esound?
[07:35] <knowledge_> and now I just want everythin to be back to normal
[07:35] <knowledge_> OSS was what worked at first, and now it's esd?
[07:36] <dbw> knowledge_: yu installed it...meaning you just plugged it
=== emuzesto [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:36] <dbw> knowledge_: or did you install sw as well
[07:36] <Amaranth> all i know about that situation is that it's a breezy
goal to make it Just Work
[07:36] <funkyHat> YAY
=== arty [~arty@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:36] <Antinomy> funkyHat: you there man?
[07:36] <knowledge_> dbw,
[07:37] <funkyHat> Antinomy, hi
[07:37] <knowledge_> I just followed that
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has joined #ubuntu
=== l337 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== arty is now known as arty_
=== maddler [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:37] <Thewarmachine> linux games
[07:37] <Thewarmachine> good ones
[07:37] <Thewarmachine> list a few
=== arty_ [~arty@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:37] <qt2> Thewarmachine, tux racer?
[07:38] <Burgundavia> Thewarmachine, there is a good thread in the forum
[07:38] <Thewarmachine> got it
[07:38] <zwnj> crack-attack
[07:38] <funkyHat> here's my list of good linux games:
[07:38] <Thewarmachine> really?
[07:38] <mauper> powermanga ;)
[07:38] <Thewarmachine> mauper I love that one
[07:39] <mauper> quite okay for that type of game it is ...
=== tritium [] has left #ubuntu []
[07:39] <Thewarmachine> true
[07:39] <mauper> (esp. on a zaurus ;))
[07:39] <Antinomy> lol
[07:39] <Thewarmachine> funkyhat im lookin forward to your list
[07:39] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> !java
[07:39] <ubotu> hmm... java is and includes
the Firefox plugin. NOTE: You have to check your sources.list and ensure
multiverse is added.
=== jason__ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:39] <jason__> hello
[07:39] <funkyHat> Thewarmachine, um.... that was it
[07:39] <Antinomy> lollol
=== umarmung [] has joined
[07:40] <Antinomy> I got it, funk
[07:40] <Thewarmachine> lol
[07:40] <funkyHat> 8)
[07:40] <mauper> !bla
[07:40] <ubotu> I haven't a clue, mauper
[07:40] <mauper> ;)
[07:40] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok now i'm lost at the second part of this can
someone help me?
[07:40] <Thewarmachine> hahaha
[07:40] <jason__> just wanted to know why my port 80 could be closed..i
forwarded it, and i know my isp doesn't block it.
[07:40] <despeeh> How do I use "Broken" filter?
[07:40] <Antinomy> funkyHat: My favorite game is trying to resize
=== bina [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:40] <Thewarmachine> lol antinomy
=== Dr00pY is now known as Dr00pY_Ubuntu_Cf
[07:40] <Antinomy> heh
=== Dr00pY_Ubuntu_Cf is now known as Dr00pY_UbuntuCfg
[07:40] <funkyHat> Antinomy, that one has a bug, if you loose, it wipes
all your data. i hope they fix itin the next release
=== lenoxmo [] has joined
=== Gourami [] has joined
=== Hamman [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i'm having trouble underastanding a part of
this howto
=== regeya [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> if i can get past this part then i'll be able
to do the rest
=== setuid [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:42] <Gourami> silly question, what is the command to copy a file in a
terminal ?
[07:42] <setuid> How do I switch the default Ubuntu window manager from
metacity to Sawfish?
[07:42] <Hamman> Do I need to have "fetchmail" and "postfix" running on a
desktop Ubuntu installation?
[07:42] <Seveas> Gourami, cp
[07:42] <funkyHat> Antinomy, how's the install going?
[07:42] <Gourami> thanks
[07:42] <Antinomy> funky lol
[07:42] <Seveas> Hamman, fetchmail not, postfix (or another mta) yes
[07:42] <Seveas> Hamman, for breezy the MTA requirement will be dropped
[07:42] <Antinomy> funkyHat: Testing out the same process on an old junk
desktop HD
=== Gourami [] has left #ubuntu
[07:43] <funkyHat> ok :)
[07:43] <knowledge_> echo "options snd_intel8x0 index=-2" | sudo tee -a
/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base Can someone explain this command?
=== taz_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:43] <Antinomy> funkyHat: although it occurs to me that if I resized
it to 60 GB, basically nothing would change.
=== xTina [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> !java
[07:43] <ubotu> somebody said java was and
includes the Firefox plugin. NOTE: You have to check your sources.list
and ensure multiverse is added.
[07:43] <knowledge_> what does the | mean and what is ?tee -a"?
[07:43] <taz_> Anyone wanna help me with a pretty simple MRTG question?
[07:43] <Seveas> knowledge_, that simply sets an option for a driver
[07:43] <setuid> Anyone?
=== dups [~gary@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:44] <Seveas> knowledge_, | sudo tee -a means: append this to a file
as root
[07:44] <Antinomy> funkyHat: jesus, this sucks.
[07:44] <funkyHat> Antinomy, it could break it just as easily as it would
resizing it smaller though ;)
[07:44] <knowledge_> Seveas, aha I see.
[07:44] <funkyHat> what? taking forever?
[07:44] <dups> has anyone exeperienced firefox crashing after instaling
the libflash plugin when trying to view flash pages?
[07:44] <knowledge_> Seveas, so it doesn't change anything but it does
add a line into alsa-base?
[07:44] <taz_> setuid, well.. somebody then...
[07:44] <Thewarmachine> knowledge thats weird
=== nalioths_dog [] has joined
[07:44] <Seveas> knowledge_, it adds a line to the alsa-base driver
configuration indeed
[07:44] <funkyHat> dups, we've experienced firefox crashing doing
everything :) latest ubuntu firefox release is broken
[07:45] <Antinomy> funkyHat: no, I'm just trying to try it out on my old
desktop crap disks but it can't see them - something about the
master/slave pin arrangements I dont understand
[07:45] <knowledge_> Seveas, I see
[07:45] <dups> funkyhat: is there a version I can downgrade to?
[07:45] <Seveas> knowledge_, it will have effect next time the driver is
[07:45] <Seveas> (like when you reboot)
[07:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> edit /usr/share/java-package/ to
reflect the actual JDK 1.5 release version.
=== SDFH_Linux [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:45] <taz_> setuid, i have sum output from mrtg.log .. an
errormessage.. can i /msg it to you?
[07:45] <funkyHat> dups, don't know
[07:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> does it want me to create that or what?
[07:45] <setuid> taz_: no
[07:45] <knowledge_> now I wonder why my sound is using ESD instead of it originaly did
=== thebunch [~thebunch@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> cause it dosen't exist right now
[07:45] <Hamman> another question about services: Do I need to have booth
"klogd" and sysklogd running? They seem to do about the same thing...
[07:45] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, huh??
[07:45] <Seveas> that instruction is awkward
[07:45] <dups> yeah, it's annoying as hell, I was able to get it to work
by just removing the flash library but I still want to see flash haha
[07:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i'm trying to follow the java how to
[07:46] <taz_> setuid, ok
[07:46] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY: To install java on Ubuntu: download the
.bin file from, sudo aptitude install fakeroot java-package,
chmod +x [the .bin file] , fakeroot make-jpkg [the bin file] , sudo dpkg
-i [the generated .deb file]
[07:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> that ubotu gave me
[07:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> um ok
[07:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> that works
=== WldRbit [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:46] <Seveas> that should work for sun java versions op to 1.5
[07:47] <robotgeek> tritium, sorry i took so long. pine doesn't do well
over wireless connections!
[07:47] <taz_> Have a problem here with MRTG.. The mrtg.log outputs the
following message (since im a n00b i need help with this) -> ERROR: Mrtg
will most likely not work propperly when the environment variable LANG is
set to UTF-8. Please run mrtg in an environment where this is not the
case: env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg ...
[07:47] <robotgeek> zerboxx, did u figure something out?
=== winski_ [] has joined
[07:48] <funkyHat> Antinomy, do you have 2 things on the same IDE
[07:48] <taz_> UTF-8 .. Isent that the time zone settings??
[07:48] <Seveas> taz_, no
[07:48] <Seveas> it's character set settings
[07:48] <taz_> ah
[07:49] <Seveas> <-- if that looks like an e with accent. you have UTF-8
[07:49] <taz_> Seveas, so in crontab can i just enter "env LANG=C" before
the mrtg bin file?
=== qt2 [] has joined
=== levin is now known as leVin
=== leVin is now known as levin
[07:49] <Seveas> you should run mrtg with: env LANG=C mrtg
[07:49] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> Seveas it gives an error message when doing the
jpkg part
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:49] <knowledge_> is there a difference with wether my sound card uses
Alsa, OSS, or ESD? or should I really not care?
[07:49] <Antinomy> funkyHat: no, I keep plugging in different disks
[07:49] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, which error?
[07:49] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> make: *** No rule to make target `jpkg'. Stop
[07:49] <Seveas> knowledge_, on Ubuntu esd is the default
[07:49] <jason__> any idea why port 80 is blocked if its been forawrded
and my isp doesnt block it?
[07:49] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, make-jpkg not make jpkg
[07:49] <knowledge_> Seveas, oh no kidding
[07:50] <Dr00pY_UbuntuCfg> une chose qui me parrait dommage c'est la page
de demarrage de firefox (file:///usr/share/ubuntu-
[07:50] <knowledge_> Seveas, I thought it was oss since that was what
worked before I did that how to
[07:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> oh ok
[07:50] <knowledge_> Seveas, that's good to know
[07:50] <knowledge_> thank you
[07:50] <funkyHat> Antinomy, there should be a setting on all the discs
for 'one drive only'
[07:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> shane@FoamY:~/Desktop$ fakeroot make jpkg jre-
[07:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> make: *** No rule to make target `jpkg'. Stop.
[07:50] <dups> jason__ how so I work for an ISP
[07:50] <Seveas> knowledge_, and there is a big difference: oss is
deprecated, alsa is using the raw sound device and esd is an absstraction
layer using a sound server
[07:50] <Antinomy> single, I know
=== Albaraha [~Albaraha@] has joined #ubuntu
[07:50] <Antinomy> it doesnt work
[07:50] <funkyHat> try master then
[07:50] <Antinomy> that either
[07:50] <Antinomy> LOL
[07:50] <funkyHat> i'm off now
[07:50] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, fakeroot make-jpkg jre-*.bin
[07:51] <Dr00pY_UbuntuCfg> elle est pas en francais
[07:51] <Antinomy> only the slave setting worked lol
[07:51] <setuid> Changing the wm in gconf-editor and restarting X/gdm
didn't help
[07:51] <knowledge_> Seveas, making esd better?
[07:51] <funkyHat> i'll be back at around 11 BST if you're still here ;)
[07:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat: THANK YOU SO MUCH
=== darkmatter [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:51] <zerboxx> robotgeek: Nope
[07:51] <Seveas> knowledge_, esd is the default on hoary, try to stick to
[07:51] <taz_> Seveas, like this then: 0-55/5 *        * * *    root    if
[ -x /usr/bin/mrtg ] && [ -r /etc/mrtg.cfg ] ; then env LANG=C
/usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg >> /var/log/mrtg/mrtg.log 2>&1; fi
[07:51] <jason__> dups, i am just saying that my port 80 is blocked, and
my isp doesnt block it and i forwarded, and yet it cannot be seen.
[07:51] <Seveas> knowledge_, for breezy it will be reverted to alsa +
[07:51] <robotgeek> zerboxx, same here :(
[07:51] <knowledge_> gotcha Seveas
[07:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat:
[07:51] <Seveas> taz_, looks good
[07:51] <dups> jason__, where did you forward it, in ubuntu or from a
[07:51] <funkyHat> Antinomy, no problem, hope you get it working. kudos
for persevering for so long
[07:51] <Antinomy> funkyHat: wait 2 secs you'll hear the answer
[07:52] <robotgeek> zerboxx, but, atleast the volume control works, with
some configuring
[07:52] <taz_> Seveas, thx for beeing supportive :D
[07:52] <knowledge_> Seveas, I keep hearing so much about this
breezy...when's it comming out
=== Muiske_Away is now known as Muiske
[07:52] <Thewarmachine> on that specific intel card you will have to
switch between alsa and esd
[07:52] <jason__> dups, i forwarded it from my router
[07:52] <Seveas> knowledge_, october
[07:52] <knowledge_> Seveas, cool
[07:52] <Seveas> knowledge_, ubuntu has a release every 6 months, so
every october and april
=== _frank [] has joined
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:52] <Antinomy> funkyHat: it asks on the next screen!
=== Thewarmachine [~thewarmac@] has left #ubuntu []
[07:52] <zerboxx> robotgeek: The volume control does work, just not for
pcm which is what i would like (since master does nothing)
[07:52] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> Seavas is it normal to get access denied errors
when your making the file?
[07:52] <dups> jason__, hmm that is strange, you forwarded 80 to your IP
and it doesn't come through, stupid question do you have remote
administration on that may be running on port 80
[07:52] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, yes
=== beezly [~andy@2001:618:400:1ad7:20c:6eff:fee1:a9da] has joined
[07:52] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok cool
=== liquidten [] has left
#ubuntu []
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY gives sigh of relefe
=== RabidDog [] has joined
[07:53] <Seveas> ChurcH_of_FoamY, if you do fakeroot make-jpkg you might
get access denied errors about files in /etc and that's a good thing
[07:53] <knowledge_> and to think that if it wasn't for distrowatch...I
wouldn't have known about Ubuntu
[07:53] <robotgeek> zerboxx, i meant the volume control in the
notification area
[07:53] <Seveas> but to be sure: paste the errors in a pastebin :)
[07:53] <Antinomy> funkyHat: lol and it lets you go back anyway
[07:53] <Antinomy> ehhehe
[07:53] <sobersabre> strange !
[07:53] <Seveas> knowledge_, hehe :)
=== Xannix [] has joined
[07:53] <mridle> a friend has problem setting correct res. for his
flatscreen.. any ideas ? is there some tools fro this?
=== Dr00pY_UbuntuCfg [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[07:53] <Seveas> mridle: To find out how you can change your display
resolution, go to
[07:53] <sobersabre> after upgrading mozilla-firefox, i get it dead each
time i press Ctl+T
[07:54] <sobersabre> why is that!?!?!?!
[07:54] <jason__> dups, no...the weird thing is that i tried out a few
OSs, including debian, winodws, and i finally settled on ubuntu, and
ubuntu is the only one that has blocked it.
[07:54] <mridle> thx
=== guy [] has joined
=== RabidDog sighs guess my gfx card is no good
[07:54] <doonz> hey guys i just installed a amd 64 chip
[07:54] <Seveas> jason__, try sudo iptables -L to see whether it block
[07:54] <Antinomy> brb
[07:54] <doonz> is there something i should install if i used the i386
install cd?
=== Antinomy [] has left #ubuntu
[07:54] <Seveas> jason__, with sudo netstat -tlnp you can see which
program (if any) uses port 80
[07:54] <sean13_> when will firefox 1.0.5 be in Ubuntu?
[07:55] <Xannix> yeah i am getting segmentation fault when entering a web
address after the mozill-firefox upgrade
=== Kaltzu [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:55] <Seveas> doonz, if you want to use the 64bit version of ubuntu
you will have to reinstall
[07:55] <Seveas> sean13_, never
[07:55] <sobersabre> sean13_, ubuntu uses backported firefox.
=== doonz cries
=== unkfer [] has joined
[07:55] <Seveas> sean13_, 1.0.6 is there already
=== clotarius []
has joined #ubuntu
[07:55] <doonz> Seveas is there any real performance benefeit?
[07:55] <Seveas> and for hoary all security fixes are applied to 1.0.2
[07:55] <clotarius> O suis-je ?
[07:55] <Seveas> doonz, depends
=== Muiske [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:56] <clotarius> Ou suis-je ?
[07:56] <doonz> i just do basic office stuff with my comp
[07:56] <Seveas> clotarius, le canal #ubuntu est anglophone...
[07:56] <sobersabre> Seveas, when is firefox 1.0.6 out ?
[07:56] <Seveas> sobersabre, 2 days ago (hit breezy today)
=== Prof_Frink [] has joined #ubuntu
=== unkfer [] has joined
[07:56] <sobersabre> hm... why isn't hoary updated ... ?
[07:56] <_frank> the ubuntu firefox upgrade today is broken though
[07:56] <Seveas> sobersabre, it is
[07:56] <Seveas> _frank, hoary or breezy?
[07:56] <clotarius> Quel canal pour le franais ?
=== gusta [] has joined #ubuntu
[07:56] <_frank> hoary
=== bagpuss_thecat [] has left #ubuntu []
[07:56] <Seveas> clotarius, #ubuntu-fr
[07:56] <sobersabre> where ? which repos ?
[07:57] <jason__> dups, for netstat -tlnp, i get 5 tcp addresses
[07:57] <clotarius> merci
[07:57] <unkfer> why hoary?
[07:57] <Seveas> sobersabre, hoary-security
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Antinomy [] has joined
[07:57] <unkfer> aaam
[07:57] <gusta> hi
[07:57] <qt2> brb
[07:57] <unkfer> hi gusta
[07:57] <jason__> dups, they all are in the state of LISTEN
[07:57] <unkfer> from spain?
[07:57] <sobersabre> Seveas, which section ?! ???
[07:57] <taz_> frensh guys.. cannot speak a WORD english.. lol
[07:57] <Seveas> sobersabre, main :)
[07:57] <sobersabre> am i missing a section ?!
[07:57] <sobersabre> wow...
[07:57] <sobersabre> lemme see
[07:57] <Seveas> sobersabre: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all
official Ubuntu repositories, go to
=== Antinomy [] has left
#ubuntu []
[07:58] <jason__> dups, i do not see port 80 anywhere
[07:58] <Seveas> jason__, have you installed a web server ?
[07:58] <Seveas> jason__, if so, is it running?
[07:58] <jason__> saveas, yes i have..i put on apache
[07:58] <SDFH_Linux> anyone have an opinion on freebsd compared to linux
[07:58] <jason__> saveas, yes i have..i installed the httpd source file
=== robotgeek [] has
joined #ubuntu
[07:58] <Seveas> jason__, put the output of sudo netstat -tlnp on please
[07:59] <knowledge_> that is awesome...I'm happy I found this distro,
maybe it's the gnome default...or maybe it's just better, but mandrake
was NOT cutting it
[07:59] <Seveas> jason__, how did you install apache? with aptitide/apt-
[07:59] <jason__> seveas, okay, but how do i get to
[07:59] <Seveas> jason__, it's a website :)
[07:59] <Seveas>
[08:00] <jason__> Seveas, i sent ti
[08:00] <jason__> Seveas, i sent it
[08:00] <robotgeek> hmm...i like xchat, it's got a very nice easy to use
[08:00] <sobersabre> Seveas, i don't see any 1.0.6 ...
[08:00] <sobersabre> you're bullshitting me.
[08:01] <sobersabre> nice
[08:01] <mumbles> gone
[08:01] <sobersabre> hope it is fun.
=== mumbles is now known as mumbles-out
[08:01] <Seveas> sobersabre, you must have misunderstood me: 1.0.6 is in
breezy, hoary has 1.0.2 with all security patches applied
[08:01] <Seveas> jason__, apache isn't started
[08:01] <sobersabre> is breezy usable at all now ?
[08:01] <Kyral> 1.0.6 isn't in breezy yet
[08:01] <Seveas> jason__, sudo invoke-rc.d apache start
[08:01] <Kyral> I just checked
[08:01] <Seveas> sobersabre, X is still broken
=== Antinomy [] has joined
[08:01] <nalioth> sobersabre: if you are a dev
[08:02] <sobersabre> i am, but not of ubuntu ;-]
[08:02] <Antinomy> hey all - my workspaces and application buttons just
disappeared from my task bar...any ideas
[08:02] <Seveas> Kyral, it is...
[08:02] <Antinomy> ?
[08:02] <robotgeek> Antinomy, your panel disappeared?
[08:02] <sobersabre> anybody seen this strange thing: firefox crashes
after Ctl+T is pressed!
[08:02] <sobersabre> ?
[08:02] <Kyral> Seveas, then why does the firefox entry on the package
list list 1.0.5?
[08:02] <nalioth> Antinomy: put em back
[08:03] <Antinomy> no, it's there, and has trash.
[08:03] <zerboxx> sobersabre: Doesn't happen with my firefox
[08:03] <jason__> seveas, it says "Unknown initscript, etc/init.d/apache
not found
[08:03] <Seveas> Kyral, hang on...
[08:03] <Antinomy> robotgeek: but the apps I have open aren't showing in
[08:03] <_frank> sobersabre: that's because the hoary-security update of
firefoz is broken
[08:03] <robotgeek> sobersabre, it just opens up a new tab for me!
[08:03] <Seveas> jason__, hang on...
[08:03] <sobersabre> _frank, shite! how do i revert ?
[08:03] <Kyral> I should know, I backported it for my personal use last
night :D
[08:03] <_frank> sobersabre: it craps out on alot of extensions ad themes
[08:03] <robotgeek> Antinomy, weird!
[08:03] <jason__> Seveas, so your saying apache2 must be started before
port 80 can be opened?
[08:04] <Seveas> jason__, sudo invoke-rc.d apache2 start
[08:04] <sobersabre> _frank, it did i think.... so ...what can be done to
quickly restore functionality ?
[08:04] <Antinomy> nalioth: any ideas?
[08:04] <Kyral>
[08:04] <_frank> sobersabre: you can force it with synaptic but I think
that would bring you back to the real 1.0.2
[08:04] <Seveas> Kyral,
[08:04] <sobersabre> shit!!!!!
[08:04] <Seveas> brb
[08:04] <sobersabre> i hate such things!
[08:05] <jason__> Seveas, same thing...unknown initscript,
/etc/init.d/apache2 not found
[08:05] <Kyral> Ahh, so it isn't on the Source Repos yet?
[08:05] <nalioth> Antinomy: put them back. right click on the panel and
add notification area and pager
[08:05] <sobersabre> i am downloading vanilla firefox from the mozilla
[08:05] <robotgeek> _frank, was that update today?
[08:05] <Antinomy> All: workspace functions and app buttons have
disappeared from my taskbar panel. Any ideas?
[08:05] <_frank> robotgeek: yeah
[08:06] <sobersabre> this is kinda thing that NEVER can happen in debian
[08:06] <robotgeek> Antinomy, sorry...i don't use a normal gnome, i
[08:06] <Antinomy> Tried it already....perhaps a reboot...
[08:06] <highvoltage> robotgeek: what gnome do you use?
[08:06] <jason__> Seveas, so, your saying port 80 cannot be opened until
a webserver is running?
[08:06] <highvoltage> dropline gnome? is there another one?
[08:06] <robotgeek> highvoltage, i use openbox as the window manager
[08:06] <highvoltage> ah.
[08:06] <robotgeek> highvoltage, and have disabled nautilus
[08:06] <_frank> sobersabre: well, ubuntu is obviously not meant to be
stable by debian standards. but this still shouldn't happem
[08:07] <highvoltage> robotgeek: nautilus can be real evil sometimes.
[08:07] <nalioth> Antinomy: rebooting is only necessary when upgrading
your kernel
[08:07] <sobersabre> _frank, whom shall i email then ? :)
[08:07] <sobersabre> is it you ?
[08:07] <nalioth> Antinomy: just restart your X (ctrl-alt-backspace)
=== mello6 [] has joined
[08:07] <Antinomy> k
[08:07] <robotgeek> _frank, was this update yesterday night?? or today
morning...i did do some gnome-support firefox updates at abt 2am or so
[08:07] <_frank> what? I'm just repeating what I heard earlier here
[08:07] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> hey Seveas can you please give me those
instructions again they scrolled off the screen >.< sorry to bother you
=== GodFather [~rcc@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:08] <robotgeek> highvoltage, slow machine. no funkiness needed!
[08:08] <_frank> robotgeek: I don't know exactly when this was. and
morning, night might be different for us
=== afonit [~afonit@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:09] <robotgeek> _frank, lemme check if there are any firefox updates!
simple :)
=== hyperbole [] has joined
[08:10] <afonit> how best can i 'share' a folder on my computer, like
that another computer could connect to and put stuff in , or get stuff
out of it?
[08:10] <robotgeek> _frank, oops..i think i have them, unless they have
been pulled out from the repositories, like they shud be :)
[08:10] <_frank> robotgeek: ill check again
[08:10] <robotgeek> _frank, not a problem, i did use firefox all morning
and it dint crash.
[08:11] <nalioth> afonit: do you have a windows infested network?
[08:11] <_frank> robotgeek: no you do have the new one but for alot of
people it crashes
=== MrGardenHoseMan [] has joined
[08:11] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> fire fox has never crashed on me
=== ^_aQa_^ [] has joined
=== ^_aQa_^ [] has left #ubuntu
[08:12] <robotgeek> _frank, as long as it doesn't crash, no probs...and
yeah, i do have konq anyways, or lynx or elinks :)
[08:12] <afonit> nalioth: 4 pc's, 20 mac's, 2 linux box's, so right now
would like to get mac to see the linux box,    but for future will need
windows to see the linux box
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:12] <afonit> nalioth: (for backups)
[08:12] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> nalioth hey man whats up?
[08:13] <nalioth> afonit: samba
[08:13] <nalioth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: nada, et tu
=== RabidDog [] has joined
[08:13] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ditto
[08:13] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ^_^
[08:13] <nalioth> afonit: w/o the window, nfs is great
[08:13] <afonit> nalioth: thankyou
=== pinPoint [~pinPoint@pinPoint.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined
[08:14] <mridle> get rid of windows and use nfs :)
=== mxpxpod is now known as mx|gone
[08:15] <afonit> mridle:(iwish_)
[08:15] <hyperbole> hi, I want to make a simple makefile that compiles 3
separate files and then links 'm
[08:15] <nalioth> afonit: yes, your 2 win boxen are (imho) causing samba
to be used (osx and linux can use nfs natively)
[08:15] <Harold> Where are apt sources located?
[08:15] <hyperbole> and I don't know how
=== Antinomy [] has joined
[08:15] <mridle> hyperbole: not really a linux question ;)
[08:15] <Antinomy> can anyone help me out with a dual boot?
[08:15] <Antinomy> install?
=== Macrobio [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Macrobio [] has left #ubuntu
[08:16] <CapSoft|afk> yes Antinomy
[08:16] <CapSoft|afk> shoot
[08:16] <Antinomy> Capthanks
=== CapSoft|afk is now known as CapSoft
[08:16] <CapSoft> i have a dualboot atm
[08:16] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok
[08:16] <CapSoft> windows xp pro and ubuntu 5.04
[08:16] <Antinomy> CapSoft: Cool
[08:16] <CapSoft> grub as boot loader
[08:16] <Antinomy> CapSoft: Here's my situation
[08:17] <nalioth> Antinomy: there is a wiki article on that
=== blacktooth [] has joined
[08:17] <Harold> What is Ubuntu's package manager called?
[08:17] <Antinomy> nalioth: boy, do I know.
[08:17] <CapSoft> synaptic
=== darkmatter [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== qt2 [] has joined
[08:17] <Harold> CapSoft, thanks
=== lord_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:17] <nalioth> Antinomy: so if you've read it, what is your question?
[08:17] <CapSoft> np
[08:17] <CapSoft> yw
[08:17] <Antinomy> nalioth: believe it or not, they aren't always clear
or well written.
[08:18] <CapSoft> Antinomy, what is your situation???
[08:18] <Antinomy> nalioth: so yes, I have questions.
=== Trackilizer [] has joined
[08:18] <nalioth> Antinomy: ok ask
[08:18] <CapSoft> indeed, ask
[08:18] <Trackilizer> hey guys
=== darkmatter [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[08:18] <Trackilizer> i need your help
[08:18] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok 60 gig HD
=== przem68 [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:18] <knowledge_> Alrighty ladies and germs, I'm out like my ex-girl
at a beauty Pageant...later
[08:18] <CapSoft> i have a 40....
[08:18] <Rockett17> Harold> tehnically it is apt-get and synaptic is the
front end.
[08:18] <Trackilizer> my videos dont have any audio anymore
[08:18] <Trackilizer> but my music still does
[08:18] <CapSoft> later knowledge_
[08:18] <Trackilizer> i tried xine and vlc
[08:18] <Antinomy> CapSoft: I want 1 part for XP, 1 part for ubu, 1 part
for fat32.
[08:18] <nalioth> Harold: did you sneak in here?
[08:18] <Harold> nalioth, Yes, I did
[08:18] <CapSoft> k Antinomy i have it too
[08:19] <Trackilizer> and none of my videos have sound
[08:19] <CapSoft> is there an OS allready installed?
[08:19] <Harold> nalioth, Well, not exactly. I've been here quietly all
[08:19] <CapSoft> or is the disk empty?
[08:19] <Antinomy> CapSoft: cool. Now, I'm just on the step where I
resize the XP part
[08:19] <nalioth> Harold: ah
[08:19] <Antinomy> CapSoft: yes
[08:19] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, which files are you trying to play?
[08:19] <CapSoft> ok so xp is on it
[08:19] <Antinomy> CapSoft: yes
[08:19] <CapSoft> and xp has 60 gig?
[08:19] <Trackilizer> all my vidoes that had audio a few mins ago
[08:19] <nalioth> Antinomy: check out my PM window when you get a minute
(nothin to hurry about)
[08:19] <Trackilizer> they all lost audio
[08:19] <Antinomy> CapSoft: resizing from 60 gig to 20
[08:20] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, try playing a mp3 file in xine/vlc
[08:20] <Trackilizer> but all my mp3 play perfectly
[08:20] <Trackilizer> okie
[08:20] <CapSoft> ok so one 20 gig partition with xp
[08:20] <Harold> nalioth, Actually, I've only been here for about an
[08:20] <CapSoft> then make another partition fat32 for ur data to be
shared with linux
[08:20] <Trackilizer> doesnt work
[08:20] <Antinomy> CapSoft: so i was think 10 GB for ubu, 30 for fat32 -
sound good? this is from advice I got
[08:20] <CapSoft> and leave the rest (20 gig) open, don't partition it...
[08:20] <Trackilizer> but it works with xmms
[08:20] <nalioth> Antinomy: i recommend you reduce to 10gb, and use the
ext2 driver for winXP
[08:20] <Harold> nalioth, Is there any reason I should be using Synaptic
as opposed to apt-get on Ubuntu?
[08:20] <CapSoft> uhm...
[08:21] <nalioth> Harold: personal preference
[08:21] <CapSoft> i'll check my ubuntu size... one moment
[08:21] <Antinomy> CapSoft: thanks
[08:21] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, hmm...check the volume settings :)
[08:21] <Trackilizer> up
[08:21] <DeMi> does anyone has an graphic FTP program for linux like
UltraFXP or FlashFXP ?
[08:21] <Trackilizer> like i said worked only a few mins ago....
[08:21] <Harold> nalioth, For example, yesterday you said I should always
use Ubuntu packages before trying Debian ones.
[08:21] <nalioth> DeMi: gftp
[08:21] <robotgeek> DeMi, gftp
[08:21] <DeMi> its not capable of FXPing right?
[08:22] <Harold> Nakkel, It's all about the repository list, isn't it?
[08:22] <qt2> is there any possible way of getting system sounds after
using this guide?:
[08:22] <DeMi> i'm configuring gftp atm
[08:22] <Harold> nalioth, , It's all about the repository list, isn't it?
[08:22] <DeMi> but i get the idea that its missing a lot of
[08:22] <robotgeek> DeMi, for that I think u need lftp, but that is
command line only
[08:22] <DeMi> mm
[08:22] <Harold> Nakkel, Oops, sorry - that message was for nalioth.
[08:22] <CapSoft> uhm.... Antinomy there is something wrong... cuz it is
only 3 gig...
[08:22] <Trackilizer> any ideas?
[08:22] <DeMi> yeah, pftp is perfect but thats sli aswell
[08:22] <CapSoft> i think that ubuntu takes more space then 3 GB.....
[08:22] <DeMi> cli
[08:22] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, i'm outta ideas!
[08:22] <nalioth> Harold: most debian binarys will not do well, with
[08:23] <qt2> zerboxx, any headway?
[08:23] <Antinomy> CapSoft: I was told 10 would be sufficient
[08:23] <CapSoft> but Antinomy 10 should be enough
[08:23] <CapSoft> indeed
[08:23] <CapSoft> it is
[08:23] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok
[08:23] <Antinomy> cool
[08:23] <robotgeek> DeMi, well i dunno abt pftp, but I love the tab
completion in lftp
[08:23] <Harold> nalioth, There's a new Skype client I wanted to try.
The repos is
[08:23] <Harold> deb stable
[08:23] <FlyingSquirrel32> hey, I'm reading the debian install package
for NIS and it says: "The Linux libc5 does not support shadow NIS maps."
[08:23] <Trackilizer> this sucks
[08:23] <Harold> nalioth, Is that a binary?
=== swarm [] has joined
[08:23] <FlyingSquirrel32> what is libc5?
[08:23] <DeMi> ah ok robotgeek
[08:23] <Trackilizer> oh well i still have win xp
[08:23] <Antinomy> CapSoft: here's what I don't get. I thought that I
would make 3 partitions, 1 for XP, 1 for ubu, one for fat32.
[08:24] <Trackilizer> i guess linux isnt desktop ready afterall
[08:24] <emuzesto> Does anyone here know if theres any good statistic
programmes for linux in similarity to fex. SPSS?
[08:24] <highvoltage> FlyingSquirrel32: it's almost like debc5, except
totally different
[08:24] <HappyFool> FlyingSquirrel32: older libc (core system libraries,
more or less). ubuntu uses libc6
[08:24] <Antinomy> CapSoft: but someone seaid I should do one for "Swap"
[08:24] <CapSoft> ow
[08:24] <CapSoft> lol
[08:24] <CapSoft> he is true
[08:24] <CapSoft> but
[08:24] <Antinomy> CapSoft: and that isnt in the documentation on the
[08:24] <CapSoft> don't bother
=== Fanskapet [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:24] <CapSoft> because ubuntu will fix it for you while installing
[08:24] <nalioth> Harold: any URL beginning with a "deb" is a binary repo
(deb-src beginning a line is a source repo)
[08:24] <FlyingSquirrel32> highvoltage: and debc5 is?
[08:24] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok, but teach me to fish: why no bother
[08:24] <HappyFool> emuzesto: i don't know about fex, but I've heard of
'R', which is supposed to be fairly good
[08:24] <CapSoft> as i said
[08:24] <Antinomy> CapSoft: OK
[08:24] <CapSoft> just on win xp partition
[08:24] <Harold> nalioth, Ah, okay
[08:25] <CapSoft> one for fat32
[08:25] <CapSoft> and leave the rest
[08:25] <Antinomy> CapSoft: got it, Ubunutu will make it
[08:25] <CapSoft> ubuntu setup will handle it
[08:25] <CapSoft> :P
[08:25] <CapSoft> indeed
[08:25] <CapSoft> ubuntu r0x!
[08:25] <highvoltage> FlyingSquirrel32: debconf 5 ;)
[08:25] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, it was a few minutes ago :)
[08:25] <Harold> Anyone here using Skype on Ubuntu?
[08:25] <Antinomy> CapSoft: why am i not making 3 right now?
[08:25] <nalioth> Antinomy: i recommend ext3 for your 'shared' space
[08:25] <nalioth> Antinomy: fat32 has filesize limitations
[08:25] <_frank> fayt
[08:25] <Antinomy> naliothwill it give me that choice? and will bot
systems see it?
[08:25] <CapSoft> true
[08:25] <doonz> how can i manually eject my dvdrom
[08:25] <CapSoft> but windows only has fat and ntfs
[08:25] <emuzesto> HappyFool: Fex. was meant to be a shortening of "for
=== leroj [] has joined
[08:26] <doonz> file explorer gave me some error about not being able to
[08:26] <emuzesto> HappyFool: but I will check out this "R".
[08:26] <CapSoft> ubuntu will make a / partition and a swap one
[08:26] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok, leave that for ubuntu
[08:26] <CapSoft> yup
[08:26] <nalioth> Antinomy: i'm lookin the URL up right now
=== joh_ [] has joined #ubuntu
=== pliebe [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nalioth hates it when he can't find stuff
[08:27] <Antinomy> CapSoft: ok, I'm gonna hit the button and resize this
mofo. then it will give me options to partition what's freed up?
[08:27] <emuzesto> HappyFool: Looks good.
=== Fanskap [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:27] <CapSoft> don't partition the free space
[08:27] <Antinomy> no, I'm talking about right now.
[08:28] <Antinomy> I have to resize XP, right?
[08:28] <CapSoft> yeah
[08:28] <CapSoft> partition magic is the best tool for it
[08:28] <zerboxx> Anyone here able to help me with installing cedega
=== zukalk [] has joined #ubuntu
=== mdlib1 [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:29] <Antinomy> I'm doing it in the install off the x86 disk
[08:29] <Antinomy> CapSoft: off the x86 disk
=== qt2 [] has joined
[08:29] <Antinomy> CapSoft: wiki said that the install disk would manage
[08:29] <FlyingSquirrel32> highvoltage, HappyFool: Thanks, it all makes
sense now.
[08:30] <qt2> interesting.
=== lychar_ [] has joined
[08:31] <Antinomy> CapSoft: began resizing
[08:31] <Antinomy> CapSoft: already defragged and scanned for errors
[08:31] <CapSoft> nice
=== benkong2 [] has joined
[08:31] <CapSoft> good luck
=== h08817 [] has joined #ubuntu
=== kamikazepacman [] has joined
[08:32] <Antinomy> CapSoft: basically, it's going to finish and return me
to the partition menu again, and give me the option to create more,
[08:32] <kamikazepacman> hi ,german guy here?
[08:32] <nalioth> Antinomy: at that point, you'll be done, cuz the linux
installer will use the free space as it sees fit (or you can manually do
[08:32] <CapSoft> yes
=== lychar_ [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[08:32] <nalioth> kamikazepacman: en der #ubuntu-de, bitte
[08:33] <h08817> i why is my ubuntu taking so long to install
[08:33] <CapSoft> when it is finished and you have 10 gig un-partitioned
[08:33] <h08817> it takes forever on the base system install
[08:33] <Antinomy> nalioth: wait. I thought I had to set up a partition
for linux, and another for fat32?
[08:33] <CapSoft> just reboot and insert the bootable ubuntu image
=== kamikazepacman [] has left
#ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
[08:33] <CapSoft> h08817, maybe no inet link?
=== matt_ [~matt@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:33] <nalioth> Antinomy: you can set up the fat32 in teh linux
installer, if you wish
[08:33] <h08817> what is that?
[08:33] <CapSoft> indeed with fdisk
[08:34] <Antinomy> nalioth ok, so it will throw me back to the partition
screen again.
[08:34] <CapSoft> good luck Antinomy
[08:34] <CapSoft> i am gonna reboot
[08:34] <nalioth> Antinomy: i reckon so
[08:34] <CapSoft> have to do some work in visual studio
[08:34] <Antinomy> at that point, I will use the freespace to set aside
10 GB for linux and 30 for fat32
[08:34] <CapSoft> so have to switch to windows
[08:34] <robotgeek> i was trying to get Tiger to dual boot with Ubuntu
yesterday. And it refused to install. The work around was to get rid of
the ubuntu partition. *Middle* finger to OS X
[08:34] <Antinomy> CapSoft: thanks
[08:34] <CapSoft> yuck,....
[08:34] <CapSoft> :P
[08:34] <CapSoft> lol
[08:34] <CapSoft> later folks
=== cmihai [~cmihai@cmihai.user] has left #ubuntu []
=== ihaveanickname [] has joined #ubuntu
=== franklin50 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:35] <mauper> any ideas how to print a webpage (nasty huge table) ?
[08:35] <nalioth> robotgeek: what wouldn't install?
[08:36] <nalioth> robotgeek: i have tiger and ubuntu on the same box, and
it works just fine
[08:36] <robotgeek> nalioth, OS X Tiger
[08:36] <nalioth> robotgeek: it just refused to install? or what?
[08:36] <robotgeek> nalioth, the dvd just pops out saying "can't
[08:36] <ihaveanickname> hi, does anyone else have firefox crashes when
closing a tab, after upgrading ubuntu today?
[08:36] <zerboxx> If I'm using an installer (sh thingy) and it asks for a
root password, what should I enter?
=== xliu []
has joined #ubuntu
[08:37] <lsuactiafner> your username
[08:37] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> Seveas thank you so much that was so much
easyer than the howto was
[08:37] <lsuactiafner> your username's passwd
[08:37] <h08817> why does my install take so long? is it because my
computer sucks?
[08:37] <zerboxx> lsuactiafner: npe, doesn't work
[08:37] <xliu> how to see complete system log?
=== jurgonh [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:37] <robotgeek> nalioth, so i just got rid of my old panther
partition and used it for linux :)
[08:38] <nalioth> robotgeek: tiger wouldnt install over panther?
=== ubernostrum [] has joined
[08:38] <jurgonh> Is there anyway to shrink DVD.isos so they fit on a
reguler DVD-disc, besides using DVD-shrink with Wine? is there any Linux
aplication that is similar to DVD-shrink?
=== NightLord [] has joined
[08:38] <robotgeek> nalioth, most of the things work just fine. I just
need to work on video out, blue tooth with my phone issues. gonna take a
look later though
=== xvlun [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:39] <nalioth> jurgonh: dvdrip
[08:39] <NightLord> Does anyone know how to check if my webcam is
=== crimsun [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:39] <nalioth> robotgeek: so you don't need a sounding board to get
tiger back on?
[08:39] <robotgeek> nalioth, my panther partion got fscked. looks like
the only way is to format/partition and reinstall everything
[08:39] <_frank> jurgonh: I don't think there is any that is as easy as
dvd shrink
=== neriki []
has joined #ubuntu
[08:39] <dups> NightLord: test it locally, then go to the url where it's
running off of, that should be a pretty definiative answer
=== Heart_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:39] <ubernostrum> Anyone who got the new firefox package this
morning, I'd appreciate some help isolating this problem:
[08:39] <NightLord> erm...
[08:39] <Amaranth> ubernostrum: it's caused by an extension
[08:40] <ubernostrum> Some of it seems to be certain extensions, but
there are a couple crashes independent of them.
[08:40] <robotgeek> nalioth, i was just talking about how ubuntu has won
me over :)
[08:40] <NightLord> how do i find the url?
[08:40] <nalioth> robotgeek: and that is doable or not? (burning the HD
and restarting from scratch)
[08:40] <ubernostrum> Amaranth: I can reproduce some of the crashes with
no extensions installed, and so can some other folks.
=== franklin50 [] has left
#ubuntu []
[08:40] <Amaranth> ubernostrum: No one has reported any problems after
uninstalling all of their extensions.
[08:40] <ubernostrum> Amaranth: I have.
[08:40] <Amaranth> ubernostrum: You've filed a bug on this?
[08:40] <benkong2> anyone help with dhcp.conf?
[08:40] <Heart_> where can i find a log from the boot?
[08:40] <ubernostrum> Amaranth: I filed that bug.
=== CyberAnubis [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> anyone know what the media player that can play
windows formats is called?
[08:41] <ubernostrum> Amaranth: some of the nastier crashes only happen
with particular extensions, yes, but with no extensions I still get
crashes on theme installs for example.
[08:41] <crimsun> ChurcH_of_FoamY, mplayer, vlc, kaffeine, ...
[08:41] <robotgeek> nalioth, yeah...i just need to backup my home
directory, and my /etc/
[08:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> thanks
[08:41] <nalioth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: you need codecs
[08:41] <_frank> ChurcH_of_FoamY: you need w32codecs
[08:41] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea i have them
[08:41] <_frank> ChurcH_of_FoamY: then both xine and mplayer based player
can play
=== lakin [] has joined
[08:42] <NightLord> ok, lets try another tactic;
[08:42] <nalioth> robotgeek: i installed from scratch OSX and linux and
had no problems (except Tiger has a taste for yaboot)
[08:42] <NightLord> does ubuntu install the logitech quickcam
[08:42] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: get totem-xine then
[08:42] <robotgeek> nalioth, u installed tiger first though?
[08:42] <Amaranth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: so totem can use w32codecs
[08:42] <h08817> does the hd that has ubuntu must be the master hd
=== FanSkape [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:42] <kafeine> h08817, no
[08:43] <nalioth> robotgeek: no, i installed ydl, got pissed at rpmhell,
and put ubuntu on it back when warty came out
[08:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> where do i get the w32codecs from?
[08:43] <h08817> kafeine, well how for the first boot will it work?
[08:43] <nalioth> robotgeek: when i had 10.3
[08:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> i forgot that was the last install i did had
[08:43] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> >.<
[08:43] <h08817> kafeine, it will probably just go to my master hd
[08:43] <_frank> ChurcH_of_FoamY: backports hoary-extras I think
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[08:43] <h08817> instead of read my linux hd
[08:43] <robotgeek> nalioth, looks like we followed a similiar route,
except i used debian
[08:44] <kafeine> h08817 it will 'go' to where your mbr tells it to
[08:44] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> so i get them through synaptic?
[08:44] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Is there a Java IDE that i can get from the
repositories (NetBeans style)?
[08:44] <h08817> o ok thanks
[08:44] <h08817> well mine install is taking forever
[08:44] <nalioth> robotgeek: upgraded tiger over 10.3 and tiger ate my
[08:44] <robotgeek> and tiger just installed over panther? okay...too
late now :)
[08:44] <ubernostrum> Amaranth: I haven't had a chance to try that yet,
but do you know if the same problems show up on the firefox
[08:44] <_frank> ChurcH_of_FoamY: you have to add the repos to your
[08:44] <Amaranth> ubernostrum: they don't
[08:44] <^DodGeR^> why not use netbeans LuNaTiK^GuY ?
[08:44] <h08817> it has been on 75% for forever but it is still working
though the hd is making noises and the files are still changing
[08:44] <nalioth> robotgeek: and that was the only 'excitement' i had
[08:44] <LuNaTiK^GuY> maybe there is something better...dont know
[08:44] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> damnit i thought i already had them >.<
=== DJ_Mirage [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:45] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> !w32codecs
[08:45] <ubotu> from memory, w32codecs is a set of codecs needed to play
many common audio and video formats, such as WMV. You can install
w32codecs from the Backports repositories (see:
[08:45] <robotgeek> nalioth, i havent had to boot into OS X for anything,
so why have it.
[08:45] <benkong2> where does this go in the file? No subnet declaration
for eth0 ( write a subnet declaration in your
dhcpd.conf file for the network segment to which interface eth0 is
[08:45] <^DodGeR^> ahh , think eally eclipse / netbeans would be best
choices i recon
[08:45] <^DodGeR^> thats just me though
[08:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> eclipse....where do i get that from?
[08:45] <nalioth> robotgeek: i havetn booted into osx (to use it) since i
went to ubuntu
[08:46] <benkong2> LuNaTiK^GuY;
[08:46] <robotgeek> nalioth, :)
[08:46] <TheLight> out of curiosity, has anyone here had any experice
with ATA over Ethernet in Ubuntu?
[08:46] <nalioth> robotgeek: however i bought a new mac yestern and have
had to firewire-target-mode my ubuntu box
[08:46] <Amaranth> ubotu: no, w32codecs is a set of codecs needed to play
many common audio and video formats, such as WMV. You can install
w32codecs from the hoary-extras repositories (see:
[08:46] <ubotu> Amaranth: okay
[08:46] <robotgeek> nalioth, congrats!
=== Night_Lord [] has joined
[08:47] <robotgeek> for the new mac
[08:47] <jp> ?
[08:47] <Night_Lord> Who else thinks the debian guarantee is cool? "If
you break it, you get to keep all of the pieces."
[08:47] <jp> have a mac is motive for congratulate?
[08:47] <jp> I don't think so.
=== vido [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:47] <Computer__Guru> macs rock
[08:47] <jp> ?
[08:48] <jp> OSX ROCKS
[08:48] <robotgeek> Computer__Guru, agreed!
[08:48] <TheLight> <sarcasm> yeah we all know that mac moving to intel is
proof of their poor hardware </sarcasm>
[08:48] <Computer__Guru> solid boxen with a VERY solid OS
[08:48] <jp> mac? I don't think that :)
[08:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and for C/C++ ?
[08:48] <Amaranth> OS X is crap
[08:48] <nalioth> gettin way off topic fellas
[08:48] <jp> I can say bmw rocks, but?
[08:48] <nalioth> there is #ubuntu-offtopic for that
[08:48] <Amaranth> It's better crap than most, but it's still crap. :)
[08:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> wow it must be so easy to teach ubotu things
[08:48] <_frank> TheLight: well technically its IBM that makes the poor
hardware for macs
[08:49] <Computer__Guru> jp: well, the computing community in general
will disagree with you on that one, especially those who have a clue
=== vido [] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== gianni [] has joined
=== mirak [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:49] <Amaranth> ubernostrum: Can you join #ubuntu-devel please?
[08:49] <TheLight> So, I guess noone knows anything about ATA Over
Ethernet (AOE)?
=== hyrax42 [] has joined
[08:50] <Amaranth> TheLight: Never heard of it.
[08:50] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok well that backports page is really confusing
[08:50] <nalioth> TheLight: try back later, we have all the worlds
timezones in here
[08:50] <jp> Computer__Guru ?
=== hyrax42 urge to kill... rising
[08:50] <TheLight> heh, k
[08:50] <TheLight> thanks
[08:50] <hyrax42> is this mozilla-firefox update causing trouble for
[08:50] <hyrax42> I can't close tabs
[08:50] <hyrax42> it crashes
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY heads gonna explode
[08:50] <hyrax42> middle click on tab or close button
=== FanSkape is now known as Fanskapet
[08:50] <hyrax42> using Tab-Browser Preferences is the only nonstandard
[08:50] <Computer__Guru> jp: what im saying is anyone who knows their
shit is gonna tell you that macs are damned nice machines and macosx is
the best thing apple _ever_ did
[08:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> What IDE do u suggest for C/C++ on Linux?
[08:51] <robotgeek> maybe we shud add firefox broken , don't panic to the
topic ?
[08:51] <hyrax42> I panic
[08:51] <hyrax42> !
[08:51] <ubotu> hyrax42: I give up, what is it?
=== nico_32 [~nico@2002:5477:7843:5:2e0:18ff:fef4:bdd7] has joined
[08:51] <hyrax42> huh?
[08:51] <_frank> robotgeek: we should
[08:51] <nico_32> re
[08:51] <robotgeek> Computer__Guru, OS X is very nice...doesn't suit my
requirements though
[08:51] <hyrax42> ubotu, what you say
[08:51] <ubotu> hyrax42: I don't know, could you explain it?
=== chickenman [] has
joined #ubuntu
[08:51] <_frank> who can?
[08:51] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> ok how do i use this backports thing it's
really complicated
[08:51] <hyrax42> explain what?
[08:51] <nico_32> is firefox fixed ?
[08:52] <hyrax42> ChurcH_of_FoamY, don't
[08:52] <Amaranth> nico_32: Not yet.
[08:52] <nalioth> ChurcH_of_FoamY: its really easy
[08:52] <Amaranth> nico_32: Probably not until tomorrow.
=== xTina [] has left #ubuntu []
=== eliUbuntu [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:52] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> kk
[08:52] <nico_32> Amaranth, what is the problem ?
[08:52] <hyrax42> oh, I was talking to a bot
[08:52] <Amaranth> nico_32: Not quite sure.
[08:52] <hyrax42> bleh mcblah
[08:52] <Amaranth> nico_32: For now you can get firefox from backports,
it should work.
[08:52] <chickenman> A little problem people, i was going to compile
Fluxbox but when running configure i got this error : configure: error:
Your libstdc++ doesn't have the sstream or strstream classes ,, how do i
fix it ?
[08:52] <jp> Computer__Guru I think OSX is perfect, but I think that for
me, their hardware aren't so _amazing_
[08:53] <hyrax42> did nobody test this or what?
[08:53] <Computer__Guru> agreed
[08:53] <hyrax42> I noticed the problem within about 0.23 seconds of
starting it
[08:53] <Computer__Guru> but there's still something to be said for risc
processors :)
[08:53] <nico_32> Amaranth, i currently use epiphany
[08:53] <Amaranth> nico_32: That works too.
[08:53] <Sonderblade> how do you enable dri in ubuntu?
[08:53] <Amaranth> hyrax42: It was tested, the testers didn't have the
extensions that break things.
[08:54] <Computer__Guru> okay, gotta go help a friend with his pc and
smoke some weed.. bbl
[08:54] <hyrax42> tab-browser preferences?
[08:54] <hyrax42> or is it down to something else
[08:54] <chickenman> Help please ?
[08:54] <Amaranth> hyrax42: Lots of them do it.
[08:54] <hyrax42> hom hoom
[08:54] <Amaranth> hyrax42: For now use epiphany or get firefox from
[08:54] <hyrax42> is 1.0.6 broken
[08:55] <hyrax42> or just the mozilla-firefox in hoary
[08:55] <robotgeek> with linux, i can choose the way I want things. with
OS X, I gotta work the way Apple thinks is best for me.
[08:55] <Amaranth> just hoary's version, afaik
[08:55] <Amaranth> robotgeek: #ubuntu-offtopic :)
[08:55] <hyrax42> robotgeek, but if OS X works how you want, it's a hell
of a lot easier
[08:55] <chickenman> A little problem people, i was going to compile
Fluxbox but when running configure i got this error : configure: error:
Your libstdc++ doesn't have the sstream or strstream classes ,, how do i
fix it ?
[08:56] <Amaranth> chickenman: Please don't repeat. If someone knows they
will answer.
[08:56] <Amaranth> chickenman: ubuntu has fluxbox, why are you compiling?
[08:56] <Computer__Guru> chickenman: apt-get build-dep fluxbox
[08:56] <chickenman> it does ??
[08:56] <nalioth> chickenman: you have the libstdc++ dev files?
[08:56] <Amaranth> !info fluxbox
[08:56] <ubotu> fluxbox: (Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window
manager), section universe/x11, is optional. Version: 0.9.11-1 (hoary),
Packaged size: 626 kB, Installed size: 1988 kB
[08:56] <chickenman> i think so
[08:56] <robotgeek> Amaranth, i am there, no one else is :) will stop!
[08:56] <Amaranth> chickenman: It's in universe.
[08:56] <Computer__Guru> then it will compile
[08:56] <Computer__Guru> bye
[08:56] <nico_32> !info gcc4-base
=== Cooner750 [] has joined
[08:56] <chickenman> ahhhh ok, Thank you :D
[08:57] <Cooner750> i'm baaaaaaaaaaack
[08:57] <Amaranth> !addingrepositories
[08:57] <ubotu> Bugger all, i dunno, Amaranth
[08:57] <Amaranth> hrm
[08:57] <robotgeek> chickenman, i wud recommend openbox, it is very nice
[08:57] <Amaranth> !repositories
[08:57] <ubotu> somebody said repositories was at
[08:57] <Amaranth> there you go
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> ubotu Computer__Guru is a pimp. Plain and
[08:57] <ubotu> Computer__Guru: okay
[08:57] <Amaranth> ubotu: forget Computer__Guru
[08:57] <_frank> lol
[08:57] <ubotu> i forgot computer__guru, Amaranth
=== bjv [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:57] <Amaranth> ubotu: lock Computer__Guru
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> heheh
[08:57] <Computer__Guru> okay i quit
=== chickenman [] has
left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[08:58] <eliUbuntu> is there a good partitioning program on the ubuntu
live cd?
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> i do use it for all kinds of actually useful
things you know
[08:58] <_frank> Amaranth: how about mentioning the firefox problem in
the topic?
[08:58] <nico_32> eliUbuntu, gpart ?
[08:58] <Amaranth> Computer__Guru: lock locks the factoid from being
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> ah
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> gotchya
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> nice bot, btw
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> gtg
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Amaranth] : Official Ubuntu Help channel | FAQs &
User Documentation: | Have a
question? Just ask! | Please don't paste in here; use | X still broken in Breezy - DO NOT USE
BREEZY YET | Support information: | Wiki: | Ubuntu #1 on all distrowatch boards! | Firefox
is broken in hoary; use backports or epiphany
[08:58] <eliUbuntu> ok, getting ready to redo my dual boot system (ready
for cleanup and adding more memory to ubuntu)
[08:58] <Computer__Guru> peace, love, and chicken grease
[08:59] <Amaranth> _frank: thanks, forgot
[08:59] <Amaranth> bye Computer__Guru
[08:59] <_frank> np
[08:59] <Amaranth> hehe
=== regeya [] has joined #ubuntu
[08:59] <ubernostrum> I hate to bring up another Firefox problem... but
is anyone else seeing problems with sites which dynamically set the
title, e.g., Gmail? Suddenly the titlebar isn't always updating when it
ought to.
[09:00] <xliu> my laptop can shutdown itself automatically. Does anyone
have some suggestions? I have checked /var/log/syslog, nothing related to
it found.
[09:00] <nalioth> eliUbuntu: yes, parted and maybe qtparted or gparted
(both frontends to parted)
=== qeed [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:00] <Cooner750> booting ubutnu. brb
[09:00] <Toba> erg, why don't I see a firefox upgrade?
[09:00] <Toba> I see it says "broken" in the topic
[09:00] <ColonelKernel> ubernostrum, seriously, just install the one from
the firefox site to run locally (install it as user) and use that until
the ubuntu firefox is fixed - they know its screwed up
[09:00] <Toba> but WHY
[09:00] <Toba> eh
[09:00] <Toba> whatever
[09:00] <Toba> I'll just wait
[09:00] <eliUbuntu> ok, thanks for the info nico_32, and nalioth
=== clotarius []
has joined #ubuntu
[09:00] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> !backports
[09:00] <ubotu> I guess backports is at
[09:00] <eliUbuntu> off to partitioning
[09:00] <eliUbuntu> adios
[09:01] <ubernostrum> ColonelKernel: I know they know there are issues. I
reported one of them and have been following it closely. I just wondered
if this specific issue was also known.
[09:01] <ColonelKernel> ubernostrum, Firefox is broken in hoary; use
backports or epiphany
[09:01] <ColonelKernel> I dont know what backports is
[09:01] <ColonelKernel> but 1.0.6 is installed locally here, works well,
and is screaming fast
[09:02] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> is this backport ok to use?
[09:02] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> deb
hoary-backports main universe multiverse restricted
[09:02] <ubernostrum> ColonelKernel: I know that. Please stop repeating
things I've acknowledge I'm aware of.
=== terrex [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:02] <ubernostrum> <-- some useful
[09:02] <bjv> ok, my su behavior is all messed up, because somebody *may*
have performed a recursive chown on root.. -_-
[09:03] <bjv> for this distro to work properly, what does root need to
own, and which directories do i own?
[09:03] <Kyral> You basically own /home
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[09:04] <Kyral> root owns everything else
[09:04] <ubernostrum> bjv: you want to own /home/yourusername.
[09:05] <bjv> well, ive gotten very good at recursive chowns, so lemme
just reset everything to root. :p
[09:05] <Kyral> and possibly addon storage
[09:05] <Kyral> like for me I set /media/anime to everyone :D\
=== marcin [] has joined #ubuntu
=== nxv_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:06] <Kyral> hmm
[09:06] <Kyral> that reminds me
[09:06] <Kyral> if I added another SATA HD
[09:06] <nalioth> Kyral: you know you want to share
[09:06] <Kyral> how would I RAID it so that it functions as one big
[09:06] <Amaranth> bjv: If you've changing owners of large portions of
the disk you're basically going to have to reinstall.
[09:07] <Amaranth> err, changed
[09:07] <Kyral> ie, one mountpoint
=== slushpupie [] has joined #ubuntu
=== rasputnik [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:07] <Amaranth> Kyral: I know that has something to do with LVM, not
sure how to do it though.
[09:07] <Kyral> nalioth, I just set it that way so I wouldn't have to
hassle with permissions
[09:07] <Kyral> I'm the only one that uses this thing..
[09:08] <Kyral> watch me in 2 years have a 1 TB RAID for anime
=== mantass [~Mantas@] has left #ubuntu []
[09:09] <Kyral> Hell, I'd build server just to host my anime :D
[09:09] <nalioth> steppin a minute
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_wrkn
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[09:10] <Kyral> and anyone know when FireFox 1.0.6 is gonna be added to
the Breezy Source Repos?
=== Servo888 [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:10] <ColonelKernel> add it to the heaory repos, its sweet
[09:10] <ColonelKernel> hoary
[09:10] <Kyral> I'm not an official backporter :P
[09:10] <ColonelKernel> its hard for me to type that with a straight face
=== m0rphx [] has joined #ubuntu
=== lionel_ [] has joined
[09:11] <Kyral> I can build a 1.0.5 deb for you, for you to use at your
own risk (works for me :D)
[09:11] <bjv> i guess i will just reinstall. :(
[09:11] <ColonelKernel> is there a howto for building debs? Ill build one
of 1.0.6
[09:11] <Kyral> bjv, ain't like you have to reinstall Gentoo :P
[09:11] <ColonelKernel> reinstall gentoo = OUCH
[09:11] <Kyral> it isn't in the breezy source repos yet...
[09:12] <Kyral> last I checked
[09:12] <ColonelKernel> what is the current breezy kernel?
[09:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot C/C++ IDE can i use plz?
[09:12] <Kyral> NFI
[09:12] <Kyral> LuNaTiK^GuY, Anjuta
[09:12] <crimsun> ColonelKernel, 2.6.12.+
=== atlas95 is now known as Atlas95|Pas
=== Atlas95|Pas is now known as Atlas95|Pas_la
[09:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10x
[09:12] <Kyral> I'll prolly stick with the 2.6.10 kernel even after
[09:12] <ColonelKernel> nice - where can I fetch its kernel source from?
=== cap__ [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:12] <bjv> network config is /etc/network/interfaces right? :P
[09:12] <crimsun> linux-source-2.6.12
[09:13] <Kyral> :P
[09:13] <bjv> would suck not to be able to come back in here, after the
=== Detten [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:13] <ColonelKernel> crimsun, yeah - how do I get that
[09:13] <Amaranth> cafuego: I've forgotten my password again. :)
[09:13] <ColonelKernel> vanilla sources dont work on ubuntu
=== jbm_ [] has joined
[09:13] <crimsun> ColonelKernel, use apt-
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cmatheson [] has joined
[09:15] <ColonelKernel> crimsun, no way, I would rather just download the
deb, its just a source package anyhow
[09:15] <ColonelKernel>
[09:15] <ColonelKernel> this is gonna be sweet
=== miscz [] has joined #ubuntu
=== daryle [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:15] <ColonelKernel> crimsun, thank you VERY much
[09:15] <Kyral> Hooray! time to install the source for FF 1.0.6
[09:16] <bjv> where does apt store the packages it downloads?
=== JKR [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:16] <bjv> id like to move that to my home directory too, before i
[09:16] <Kyral> If I build this from the vanilla source outta the Breezy
Tree, I shouldn't screw up my Breezy Upgrade later, right?
=== HappyFool [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:16] <Muiske> Has someone also tried to run Shareaza in Wine? I tried
it, it installs just fine, but when I try to run Shareaza it hangs at
"Starting GUI" in the startup screen... any help?
=== bkinman [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:17] <bkinman> how do i test whether my soundcard is working in linux?
[09:17] <JKR> can you hear sound?
[09:17] <JKR> :P
[09:17] <bkinman> no =)
[09:18] <JKR> then its not working.
[09:18] <JKR> ;)
[09:18] <bjv> (16:15:55) bjv: where does apt store the packages it
[09:18] <bkinman> so how do i set it up?
[09:18] <JKR> Does anyone know if the nvidia linux drivers support SLI?
[09:19] <slushpupie> anyone have any idea what an error of this sort
might mean?
[09:19] <slushpupie> /usr/bin/ssh: /usr/lib/ no version
information available (required by /usr/bin/ssh)
[09:19] <bkinman> it really seems as if it should be working
[09:19] <bkinman> the equalizer is bouncing up and down and whatnot.
=== MrGardenHoseMan [] has joined
[09:19] <bkinman> err, spectrum anylizer
[09:19] <gianni> in what program?
[09:20] <bkinman> xmms
=== jatos [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:20] <jatos> hi
[09:20] <JKR> is the volume control next to time turned up?
[09:20] <zerboxx> I'm trying to get cvscedega working, but I'm getting
this error "err:font:ReadFontDir Can't open directory
"/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype/" any help??
[09:20] <bkinman> yu
[09:20] <slushpupie> JKR: the readme dosnt mention anything explicitly,
but I dont see why it wouldnt
=== admin0 [~admin0@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:20] <jatos> just a quick question, can anyone see what username I am
logged in with over IRC?
=== daryle [] has left #ubuntu
[09:20] <Kyral> I want to get the Forum Rank "Wannabe Backporter"
[09:20] <nilsL_> Could any one mention a good Direct-Connect client?
[09:20] <JKR> thanks slushpupie
[09:20] <bkinman> JKR: yup.
[09:20] <bjv> jatos []
[09:20] <^DodGeR^> your speakers turned on bkinman ?
[09:20] <ColonelKernel> I need gcc 3.4???
=== _eric [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:20] <jatos> right
=== ^DodGeR^ hides
[09:20] <jatos> ok...
=== quique [] has joined
[09:20] <bkinman> ^DodGeR^, yup
[09:20] <Kyral> jatos, type /mode jatos +i
[09:20] <quique> #ubuntu-es
=== black-whisp [] has joined
[09:21] <^DodGeR^> hrmm
=== quique [] has left
#ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
[09:21] <jatos> done
[09:21] <gianni> bkinman> what sound card do you have?
[09:21] <Kyral> they won't be able to see you unless they know your nick
or are in a channel with you
[09:21] <^DodGeR^> might just be set super soft ?
[09:21] <^DodGeR^> or muted ?
[09:21] <JKR> try earphones bkinman
[09:21] <bjv> did bkinman make sure his sound out, etc are toggled in
whatever mixer program he is using?
[09:21] <bkinman> gianni: i have 2 in here, one is a soundblaster audigy.
[09:21] <bjv> like kmix or whatever
[09:21] <jatos> is there any risk of me being hacked, I may add I am
behind a windows proxy with firewall(or is that more of risk?)
[09:21] <ColonelKernel> I love my audigy
=== admin0 [~admin0@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[09:22] <jatos> from what I know audigy are very good sound cards
[09:22] <ColonelKernel> bkinman, are you seeing your sound card with
alsamxer and all and not getting any sound of it no matter what you do?
[09:22] <JKR> jatos, unlikely
[09:22] <jatos> ok, good
[09:22] <JKR> depends tho, just a home pc?
[09:22] <jatos> been logged is a root I wanted to be careful
=== Bubbling_Zombie [] has joined
=== Crafty-Catcher [] has joined
[09:23] <jatos> just a home pc but as I say I am behind a windows based
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:23] <bkinman> ColonelKernel, I see my sound card with alsamizer, yes
=== jatos is now known as jatos-got_root
=== jatos-got_root is now known as jatos
=== ricosuave17 [] has joined
[09:24] <jatos> hi ricosuave17
[09:24] <ricosuave17> hey how do i get java for opera
[09:24] <jatos> goto and download java - I think
[09:24] <jatos> anyone here used kubuntu?
[09:25] <ricosuave17> but i want a package dude
[09:25] <bjv> :(   can someone plz find where apt caches its packages for
=== MrBiscuit [] has joined
=== seb128 [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== LychaR [] has joined
[09:25] <bjv> im pwned remember?
[09:25] <MrBiscuit> HI all
[09:25] <gianni> jatos> yea
=== LychaR [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== h08817 [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:25] <jatos> bjv, apt gets its packages from I
[09:25] <bkinman> Im so very confused about this sound business? is there
an automated tool i can run in debian to try to get it to work?
[09:25] <jatos> and from the CD from
[09:25] <jatos> gianni, what do you think of it?
[09:25] <bjv> but it stores them on the local disk, before installing
them. i think
=== RemoteViewer [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:25] <MrBiscuit> What do you think it would take to reconstruct the
open source darwin for mac and rebuild the entire os by hand?
[09:25] <jasoncohen> heh, so the security update for firefox broke
[09:26] <jatos> yeah
=== jesus-franco [] has joined
[09:26] <slushpupie> bjv: /var/cache/apt/archive
[09:26] <jasoncohen> so much for the stability of backporting security
[09:26] <jatos> prolly in the temp folder
[09:26] <gianni> jatos> i like it
[09:26] <bjv> thx
[09:26] <gianni> jatos> but i prefer kde anyway so im biased
[09:26] <jatos> @gianni, so do I, much better than Gnome, and I am biased
[09:26] <^DodGeR^> nite all
[09:26] <jatos> @gianni, a lot of people are biast towards KDE, wonder
[09:27] <gianni> lol
=== m0rphx [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:27] <jatos> btw gianni, do you have any experience with irssi?
[09:27] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i downloaded the netbeans binary....but it says i
can't run it
[09:27] <LuNaTiK^GuY> To open the file, rename the file to the correct
extension for "executable",
=== CarlFK [] has joined
[09:28] <gianni> jatos> cant say i do sorry
[09:28] <jatos> kk
[09:28] <jatos> also gianni, are the msg's your sending private or
public, that would answer what I want to know
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:28] <gianni> public
=== kroh [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:28] <jatos> k
=== Panzerboy [~stelu@panzerboy.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:29] <jatos> just wondered because sometimes when you send me a
message your username comes up yellow and I am trying to work why
[09:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i downloaded the netbeans binary....but it says i
can't run it plz help me ;S
[09:29] <black-whisp> whats best samba or nfs?
[09:29] <Amaranth> jatos: like this?
[09:29] <Amaranth> jatos: it's because i said your name
[09:29] <jatos> yes amaranth
[09:29] <jatos> ah
=== Obladi [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:29] <slushpupie> black-whisp: depends on what you want to do
[09:30] <jasoncohen> so, what broke in hoary's firefox? i read the
complaints on the forum but everyone seemed to complain of a different
problem on all 3 architectures
[09:30] <Heart_> hm, whats wrong when i try to burn with k3b ->
[09:30] <jatos> btw, snakebit are you in the UK
[09:30] <black-whisp> slushpupie: share a folder in hope a windows
machine can see it.:S
=== Jurgonh [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:30] <slushpupie> black-whisp: most windows systems will not ever see
an NFS share
[09:30] <slushpupie> black-whisp: so you will want samba
[09:30] <djp> anyone know how to get ogg123 to playback streaming ogg
=== Jurgonh [] has left #ubuntu []
[09:30] <djp> ogg123 returns the
message Error opening using the
oggvorbis module. The file may be corrupted.
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
[09:30] <jesus-franco> Heart_: try running k3d in the terminal
[09:31] <jatos> djp, your best jsut to kaffeine
[09:31] <jesus-franco> heart_: this way you can see the output
[09:31] <jatos> *just to get kaffeine
[09:31] <jatos> oh djp, are you behind a firewall?
[09:31] <djp> jatos: no
[09:31] <jatos> ah
=== RetroMan [] has joined
[09:32] <jatos> well thats not the problem
=== bjv [] has left #ubuntu []
[09:32] <jatos> btw anyone here visit the ubuntu forums?
[09:32] <black-whisp> slushpupie:could you help me? i need this windows
machine to see my share. :S
[09:32] <RetroMan> hey everyone - quick problem.. im on the phone with my
buddy whos trying to install Ub on his sole hard drive that is completely
taken up by windows
[09:32] <RetroMan> I cant see the escreen, but does ubuntu installation
let you chop a partitition in half?
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sh1ft [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:33] <Heart_> jesus-franco: <- thats all (no
new line appears in terminal when the error in k3b comes..)
[09:33] <jatos> black-whisp: try entering the name of the computer with
the samba share in the explorer address bar
=== sh1ft [] has left #ubuntu
[09:33] <JKR> RetroMan, yes
[09:33] <RetroMan> JKR - do you know what the name of this option is
[09:33] <JKR> cant remember how tho..
[09:33] <jesus-franco> Heart_: then try burning a cd using sudo k3d in
the terminal
[09:33] <Obladi> JKR are you sure? Fedora and Mandrake dont
[09:33] <black-whisp> jatos: then he sees my apache server.
[09:34] <kroh> could anyone help me? Im new to the whole Linux-scene!
[09:34] <jatos> right \\computer-name
[09:34] <jatos> with the slash's...
[09:34] <nalioth> kroh: have you asked a question?
[09:34] <jesus-franco> linux is a REVOLUTION get it right :p
=== marcin [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:34] <jesus-franco> I say that to all to my friends ^_^
[09:34] <jatos> jesus-franco: lets narrow that down to kubuntu
=== troglodyt [] has joined #ubuntu
=== Orzel12 [] has joined
[09:35] <jatos> jesus-franco: most of linux if you ask me with ubuntu
been one of the exeptions to the rule
[09:35] <black-whisp> jatos: then it propts for a username.. and the one
formy system doesnt work???
[09:35] <black-whisp> any ideas
[09:35] <jatos> enter the username for your linux system
[09:35] <JKR> RetroMan, do you want to make a windows/linux partition and
dual boot? make 2 linux partitions on a single drive? or split an already
partitioned partition? :P
[09:35] <Orzel12> hey guys quiestion has anyone picked up a compaq
presario v2311us yet
[09:35] <virgule> I want to compile 'kweather' (a very old version from
KDE 1.1 days) and want to give it another name so it woll not interfere
with current kweather. I want to know what I need to change
[09:35] <djp> jatos: just leaving off the m3u extension gets ogg123 to
work! :)
[09:35] <jatos> and password too
[09:35] <black-whisp> jatos: for the user on my system?
[09:35] <jatos> djp, good goood
[09:35] <Heart_> jesus-franco: ... the same i
[09:35] <thechitowncubs> Hey everyone, i just had an idea and am starting
to draft it up right now, what would you guys think of a google type
search for the wiki/forums so that you can find solutions to problems
[09:36] <jatos> your username on the system with the samba share
[09:36] <thechitowncubs> here is a draft i made:
[09:36] <black-whisp> mm.. it doesnt acept it.:S
[09:36] <jatos> see if it works
[09:36] <jatos> right...
[09:36] <nalioth> thechitowncubs: go for it
[09:36] <jatos> how have you set up samba?
[09:36] <jatos> brb btw black risk
[09:36] <jesus-franco> Heart_: have you actually tried burning, most
warnings are safe to ignore
[09:36] <black-whisp> hmm.. just used apt.
[09:36] <kroh> im trying to install xmms on the computer, but it says
that im not root, soo i try to type in the root pass but i says that its
the wrong pass. Im sure of what pass i typed in during the installation.
[09:36] <thechitowncubs> for example: jatos could search that right now
[09:36] <jatos> I will be back just as soon I have started KDE
[09:36] <thechitowncubs> and possibly find an answer
[09:37] <nalioths_dog> kroh: You can read all about root/sudo issues on
[09:37] <Heart_> jesus-franco: ?!
=== palmi [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:37] <kroh> thanks
=== madis [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:37] <thechitowncubs> lol nalioths dog
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:37] <madis>
[09:38] <jesus-franco> Heart_: try burning a real cd or iso in k3d with
sudo, just because it opens up with errors doesnt mean the burn process
with fail
[09:38] <Heart_> you think i should burn a data cd instead of the video
cd to test if it's working actually!?
[09:39] <slushpupie> does ubuntu have OpenAFS packages?
[09:39] <jesus-franco> Heart_: hmm, it wouldn't hurt
=== ebsap222 [] has joined
=== slask3n [] has joined #ubuntu
=== _root [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:40] <_root> back
=== dadou [] has joined
[09:40] <Kyral> and Firefox 1.0.6 compiling
[09:40] <_jatos> that better...
[09:40] <Kyral> don't use XChat as root...
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== d-man__ [] has joined
[09:40] <_jatos> black-whisp, any nearer to fixing your prob?
=== ulisse [] has joined
[09:41] <black-whisp> _jatos: nope
=== Obladi [] has left
#ubuntu []
[09:41] <_jatos> right
=== d-man__ [] has left
#ubuntu []
[09:41] <black-whisp> _jatos: cant even find the ***n config file. :S
[09:41] <_jatos> find the samba config file black-whisp
[09:41] <_jatos> right...
[09:41] <_jatos> just gimme a sec
[09:41] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i just installed netbeans....forced to install it
to my Home folder....and a shortcut got created...but i cant launch the
program :(
[09:41] <hyrax42> well I think I might have found the offending extension
in my firefox at least
[09:41] <_jatos> I will find the config file in konqueror so I can tell
you where it is
[09:42] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Details: Failed to execute child process
"/home/andrea/Applications/Net" (No such file or directory)
=== RetroMan [] has left
#ubuntu []
[09:42] <ulisse> Hi there
[09:42] <_jatos> btw black-whisp, do you have msn or similar?
[09:42] <HappyFool> looking for the samba config file?
[09:42] <_jatos> thanks happyfool
[09:42] <black-whisp> _jatos: msn yup
[09:42] <ulisse> Is there anyone that knows something about CIFS mounts?
[09:42] <_jatos> could you add please
[09:43] <_jatos> black-whisp, are you ro....
[09:43] <_jatos> ?
=== troglodyt [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:43] <black-whisp> yup
[09:43] <black-whisp> ro2star
[09:44] <_jatos> you might have just added me but fidning on my
[09:44] <slask3n> anyone know of a program to mix music in? real simple
with samples and etc, like eJay maybe..
[09:45] <nalioth> slask3n: audacity
[09:45] <slask3n> :)
[09:45] <HappyFool> ulisse: what do you want to know?
=== zeedo [] has joined #ubuntu
=== mebaran151 [] has joined
[09:45] <ulisse> HappyFool, what should be the correct fstab entry to
mount a cifs at startup?
[09:46] <mebaran151> hey
[09:46] <mebaran151> ever since I got a new Firefox update
[09:46] <ulisse> HappyFool, I already can mount the cifs, but at startup
i get an error
[09:46] <mebaran151> I can't dll anything?
[09:46] <mebaran151> what do I do?
[09:46] <nalioth> mebaran151: see the /topic
[09:46] <HappyFool> ulisse: what mount command do you use ? (remove any
passwords, if necessary)
[09:46] <mebaran151> nalioth
[09:46] <mebaran151> ah I see
[09:46] <mebaran151> where might I find backports for AMD64
[09:47] <nalioth> mebaran151: same place you find bp for x86 and ppc
=== Kyral looks at the code scrolling past his screen as he compiles FF
1.0.6 for Backporting
[09:47] <mebaran151> really? all included
[09:47] <Kyral> Reminds me of my Gentoo days :P
[09:47] <ricosuave17> what program do u use to play videos
[09:47] <Kyral> Totem, VLC, Xine...
[09:47] <ulisse> HappyFool, mount -t cifs //
/mnt/mountpoint user=XXX pass=XXX (I'm not sure about the double slash,
at this moment...)
[09:47] <ricosuave17> totem doesnt play mpgs
[09:48] <Kyral> it will if you install w32codecs :D
[09:48] <JKR> VLC.
[09:48] <Kyral> and Totem-Xine
[09:48] <HappyFool> ulisse: hmm. ok, and what's your fstab line?
[09:48] <nalioth> mpgs require w32codecs?
[09:48] <ricosuave17> how do i install w32codecs?
[09:48] <klaym> sudo apt-get install w32codecs
[09:48] <nalioths_dog> ricosuave17: Go to to find out all about
mp3/dvd/flash/java/realplayer etc... support
[09:48] <Kyral> Enable all the Official Repos (INCLUDING BACKPORTS!) and
then apt-get it
[09:48] <JKR> just use VLC, plays everything
=== socomm [] has
joined #ubuntu
[09:49] <klaym> I use totem, vlc and gxine. together they play all
[09:49] <klaym> gxine plays the most :)
[09:49] <nalioth> ricosuave17: but disable backports and extras after you
get what you want, cuz using them regularly may cause your system to not
[09:49] <ricosuave17> why not?
=== yahalom [] has joined
[09:50] <ulisse> HappyFool, i don't recall exactly (I'm not on that
machine now) but something like // /mnt/mountpoint cifs
defaults,user=XX,pass=XXX 0 0
[09:50] <yahalom> how many of u guys actually use gnome?
[09:50] <Kyral> nalioth, I think the package names now get around that
[09:50] <Kyral> yahalom, I do
[09:50] <lsuactiafner> i used vobcopy -l now i have a .vob file, now i
want to write it do a dvd so that a dvdplayer can play it used k3b.. or
something else if it would be less hassle
[09:50] <_jatos> looks like I going to have a long night helping black
=== PIANIST [~root@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:50] <lsuactiafner> ideas ppl?
=== ep [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i cant Uninstall netbeans!! plz help me out!!
[09:50] <Kyral> didja see jdong's post on the MB to all us wannabe
[09:50] <yahalom> Kyral, how long u been using linux?
[09:50] <PIANIST> good evening
[09:50] <socomm> yahalom: I'd go out on a limb and say that the majority
of Ubuntu's users use Gnome.
[09:50] <HappyFool> ulisse: let me see if i can get samba going here
[09:50] <Kyral> 2-3 years
[09:50] <mebaran151> is Mozilla Regular broken?
[09:51] <_jatos> good luck happyfool...
[09:51] <ep> How long do things stay in the pastebin?
[09:51] <Kyral> I was a KDE man until a haitus during which I uses GNOME
on the school computers
[09:51] <yahalom> socomm, do u?
[09:51] <socomm> yahalom: Sometimes, fluxbox at the moment.
=== jesus-franco [] has left
#ubuntu []
=== highvoltage [~Jono@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:51] <yahalom> Kyral, ah :)
=== black-whisp [] has joined
[09:52] <yahalom> i just got the impression that many ubuntu users use
[09:52] <dataw0lf> I sure do.
[09:52] <dataw0lf> (use xfce)
[09:52] <Kyral> Jeez, compiling. The only reason to o/c your processor on
[09:52] <socomm> yahalom: Ubuntu's defaults to Gnome.
[09:52] <PIANIST> lsuactiafner: what problem do yo have?
[09:52] <dataw0lf> Kyral: It's called 'distcc'
[09:52] <yahalom> socomm, i know
[09:52] <zerboxx> Hey, I'm looking for a program that will act as an
alarm, so when a it reaches a time (say 7am) it runs a
command/program/whatever, anyone know of one?
=== Mafi [~mihai@] has joined #ubuntu
[09:52] <Kyral> dataw0lf, hey I forgot about that..
[09:52] <dataw0lf> Of course you did.
[09:53] <thechitowncubs>
[09:53] <socomm> zerboxx: Cron.
[09:53] <dataw0lf> thechitowncubs: I'm replying currently.
[09:53] <Kyral> Anyway, anyone who wants the latest Firefox I'm compiling
it right now..
[09:53] <PIANIST> lsuactiafner: what problem do yo have?
[09:53] <thechitowncubs> dataw0lf: 10-4
[09:53] <PIANIST> cause I read any ideas?
[09:54] <socomm> zerboxx: Run `man cron' in a terminal for more indepht
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:54] <lsuactiafner> PIANIST : need to write a .vob file i made by
using vobcopy -l to a dvd so that the dvd play in a dvd player
[09:54] <_jatos> @thechitowbcubs, like that idea of yours
=== Sputn1k [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:54] <Gerriall> Hey guys. How do I get Ubuntu to come up in CLI Run-
level 3? Instead of starting X.
[09:54] <Sputn1k> ubuntu dont have arial font?
[09:54] <lsuactiafner> Kyral : you will run into errors if you try
compile it (:
[09:54] <PIANIST> oh i c..... man.... sorry.... i cant help.. but i just
came in and hoped to help someone
[09:54] <mjr> arial is an MS font
[09:55] <dataw0lf> thechitowncubs:
[09:55] <mjr> so, no
=== troglodyt [] has joined #ubuntu
[09:55] <lsuactiafner> !dvdrecord
[09:55] <ubotu> Bugger all, i dunno, lsuactiafner
[09:55] <Sputn1k> how can i install arial? From apt-get?
[09:55] <lsuactiafner> !dvd
[09:55] <ubotu> rumour has it, dvd is There are many good free players
for linux. Totem is installed in Ubuntu by default add totem-xine and
voila! - Mplayer, XINE, VLC (Cross platform) are also very good.
[09:55] <Kyral> lsuactiafner, like what? Its going good right now
[09:55] <lsuactiafner> Kyral : i ran into an error
[09:55] <lsuactiafner> forgot what it was
[09:55] <HappyFool> ulisse: hmm. i presume your original command was
supposed to look something like this: sudo mount -t cifs -o
user=guest,pass= // mnt ?
=== Kyral shrugs
[09:56] <Kyral> We will see :D
[09:56] <lsuactiafner> think it said something with the characters xp in
[09:56] <zerboxx> socom: So I can use this as an alarm type program, to
start playing music at a given time?
[09:56] <Kyral> I have had freeky compiles before
[09:56] <ulisse> HappyFool, yes, it could be...
[09:56] <HappyFool> ulisse: although that's not working. bah
[09:56] <Kyral> stuff that shouldn't have worked that did
[09:56] <Kyral> and vice versa
[09:56] <mjr> Sputn1k, there's an installer named msttcorefonts in
[09:56] <zerboxx> socomm: Put wrong name above, I can use cron as an
alarm to start playing music at a given time?
[09:57] <Mafi> I need help with nvidia drivers. when I replace by script
the nv driver with nvidia I get a no screen error when trying to boot x.
please help
[09:57] <Sputn1k> mjr where i can found multiverse?
[09:57] <socomm> zerboxx: Yes, just have mplayer play a certain file at a
given time.
[09:57] <nalioths_dog> Sputn1k: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all
official Ubuntu repositories, go to
[09:57] <nalioths_dog> Sputn1k: Adding Repositories:
[09:57] <socomm> zerboxx: Also, xmms has an alarm plugin if you want a
quick band aid solution.
=== puddy [] has joined #ubuntu
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
=== puddy is now known as Puddy_
[09:58] <HappyFool> ulisse: do you have the smbfs module installed?
[09:58] <zerboxx> socomm: Ok, and just offhand, what is a good mp3
player, I've been using rythmbox, but I've heard of xmms, and amarok
[09:58] <HappyFool> ulisse: i meant, package. as in, ubuntu package
=== Beret [] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
[09:59] <ulisse> let me check, HappyFool
[09:59] <ulisse> HappyFool, yes, it is installed
[09:59] <Mafi> why do I get a no screen found error with nvidia drivers
for x?
[10:00] <socomm> zerboxx: xmms is good, if you find xmms ugly try beep-
media-player which is essentially xmms using gtk2.
=== qt2 [] has joined
=== andril [] has joined #Ubuntu
[10:01] <zerboxx> socomm: Alright, thanks! Would the xmms alarm plugin
work with bmp?
[10:01] <andril> hello all
[10:01] <socomm> zerboxx: amarok is new on the scene and a QT app, so
unless you don't mind installing some of the QT libs.
[10:01] <andril> anyone know what happened to smeg?
[10:01] <socomm> zerboxx: Dunno, probably not.
[10:01] <zerboxx> socomm: QT = quicktime?
[10:01] <nalioth> andril: nothing happened to it
[10:01] <zyga> zerboxx: qt, the toolkit used by kde amongst others
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
=== niran [] has joined
=== aeho [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:02] <zerboxx> zyga: Oh, ok, thanks
[10:02] <andril> nalioth, i just reformatted and tried to add it - no go
[10:02] <socomm> zerboxx: No, it's the GUI
toolkit that KDE is built upon.
=== levander [] has joined
[10:02] <zerboxx> socomm: I'll give beep a try, I see they have their own
alarm plugin
[10:02] <nalioth> andril: did you use the script on Amaranth's homepage?
[10:02] <socomm> zerboxx: Good luck.
[10:03] <HappyFool> ulisse: ok. I'm having no luck with '-t cifs', but '-
t smbfs' is working
[10:03] <socomm> " Qt is a comprehensive C++ application development
framework. It includes a class library and tools for cross-platform
development and internationalization."
[10:03] <andril> nalioth, the Starer Guide?
=== Mafi is now known as MihaiM
[10:03] <nalioth> andril: hang on for the URL
=== WebMaven [] has joined
[10:04] <ulisse> HappyFool, it should be the same, cifs is the new smbfs,
with support for encryption
=== Elerosse [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:04] <WebMaven> Firefox broke when I updated, what do I do?
=== simakas [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:04] <ulisse> HappyFool, but I can't get the *fs mounted at startup...
=== clotarius []
has joined #ubuntu
[10:04] <Kyral> WebMaven, use the backports
[10:05] <HappyFool> ulisse: this line in fstab works for me :
'//   /mnt/share smbfs   guest,rw        0       0'
=== aarcane [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:05] <WebMaven> Kyral: I don't know what that means, and I can't
google for the answer.
=== maddy__ is now known as Maddy
[10:05] <socomm> !backport
[10:05] <ubotu> socomm: I don't know
[10:05] <HappyFool> ulisse: maybe cifs isn't working because of some
smb.conf issue; hopefully not relevant
[10:05] <dbw> is there a way to install a deb without having it check for
dependencies, and without bugging me about it later?
=== Dr_Willis [] has joined
[10:05] <socomm> !backports
[10:05] <ubotu> extra, extra, read all about it, backports is at
[10:05] <aarcane> How do I install irssi ? sudo apt-get install irssi
does naught
[10:05] <Kyral> that :P
[10:05] <aarcane> !irssi
[10:05] <ubotu> somebody said irssi was
[10:05] <HappyFool> ulisse: anyway, as far as i can tell, your /etc/fstab
line ought to work
[10:06] <socomm> dbw: `man dpkg'
[10:06] <nalioth> andril: here is a link to the latest smeg, you can use
the installsmeg script
[10:06] <HappyFool> ulisse: what error do you get?
[10:06] <WebMaven> Kyral: that *still* doesn't help me, I can't open the
URL. :-(
=== lenoxmo [] has joined
[10:06] <ulisse> HappyFool, tomorrow I'll be on that machine, if you'll
be online I'l tell you further informations...
[10:06] <Kyral> sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
=== ArdieM [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:06] <slask3n> anyone know of a program to mix music in? REALLY simple
with samples and etc, like eJay maybe.. not audacity, thats not easy, and
it doesnt have samples either
=== Nard [] has joined
[10:07] <HappyFool> ulisse: maybe tomorrow night ( ~ 18h00 onwards, GMT
time, though i might be out)
[10:07] <Kyral> add these two lines to it
[10:07] <Kyral> deb hoary-
backports main universe multiverse restricted
[10:07] <Kyral> deb hoary-extras
main universe multiverse restricted
[10:07] <Kyral> then save and do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get
=== matt__ [~matt@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:08] <ulisse> ok, thanks HappyFool, anyway Ill find a solution...
[10:08] <Kyral> and get Epiphany as backup :P
[10:08] <din> :p
[10:08] <Kyral> or links2
[10:08] <din> my fvwm setup
[10:08] <Kyral> or lynx
[10:08] <Kyral> or Galean
[10:08] <Kyral> or Opera
[10:08] <Kyral> or Mozilla
[10:09] <zerboxx> socomm: Umm when I attempt to play an mp3 with bmp it
freezes, any idea why?
[10:09] <Kyral> or Konqeror
=== anders__ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:09] <Dr_Willis> Hmm.. anyone else find the way the Search feature on
the Ubuntu Forums to work -- to be.. well annoying? :P
[10:09] <aarcane> How do I install irssi ? sudo apt-get install irssi
does naught
[10:09] <mjr> irssi-text
[10:09] <socomm> zerboxx: No idea.
[10:09] <aarcane> mjr, thankee
=== LuNaTiK^GuY [~andrea@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:09] <kolcvk> aarcane, i thought that irssi installs by default ..
[10:09] <socomm> zerboxx: Check that you are using the esd plugin as
opposed to the oss one.
[10:10] <LuNaTiK^GuY> where is the development subfolder in gnome?
[10:10] <Kyral> Not there until you install an IDE
[10:10] <dbw> socomm: i can get it installed, but now synaptic always
says i have a broken package
[10:10] <dbw> socomm: can't it just ignore all deps?
[10:10] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i installed Ajunta
[10:10] <Kyral> and then its Programming
[10:10] <LuNaTiK^GuY> nothing happened
[10:10] <aarcane> kolcvk, I tried to run it a few times resulting in
failure >,.,<
=== qt2 rubs his eyes.
[10:10] <qt2> ARGH! >_<;
=== smurfix [~smurf@smurfix.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
[10:10] <ulisse> Good Night Everybody!
[10:10] <kolcvk> :(
[10:10] <Kyral> LuNaTiK^GuY, killall gnome-panel
=== ulisse [] has left
#ubuntu ["Grazie]
[10:10] <kolcvk> aarcane, thats strange
[10:10] <zerboxx> socomm: That did it, not sure why though
[10:10] <qt2> suck a simple problem, suck a complicated process to figure
out how to fix it! >_<;
[10:11] <qt2> i cant handle it! :(
[10:11] <socomm> dbw: You can with dpkg -i --force-all, which would in
effect ignore all the deps and warnings.
[10:11] <kolcvk> i have no problems with it
[10:11] <kolcvk> :)
[10:11] <dbw> socomm: okay, i'll try
[10:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> nothing
=== suzann [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== rubenv [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:11] <Kyral> No "Programming" Menu in the Applications Menu?
[10:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how can i know if it really is installed?
[10:11] <andril> nalioth, got it how to install - sorta-noob - use to
running "sudo apt-get install smeg"
[10:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no
[10:11] <anders__> hello
[10:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no "Programming"
[10:11] <rubenv> is it a known fact that firefox segfaults after the
security upgrade?
[10:11] <Kyral> open a terminal and type Anjuta
[10:12] <Kyral> yes, this is why there are backports
=== megg [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:12] <socomm> dbw: It ignores warnings and deps and forces install,
just to clear it up.
[10:12] <andril> nalioth, are Backports required to run the old command?
[10:12] <_frank> rubenv: yeah check the topic
[10:12] <dbw> socomm: yes, i can do this several ways
[10:12] <WebMaven> Kyral: Ok, it's updating 86 MB.
[10:12] <dbw> socomm: but when i do apt-get check
[10:12] <rubenv> I assume a fixed package is on the way?
[10:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i typed: # anjuta
[10:12] <dbw> socomm: i get lots of complaints
[10:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> coz thats wot it said on the manual
[10:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> it took the command ...but nothing happened
[10:12] <socomm> zerboxx: That's because esd is controlling your audio
card blocking all other applications from accesing it.
[10:12] <Kyral> WebMaven, ehh, there is a lot of upgraded backages in
Backports :P
[10:12] <LuNaTiK^GuY> when i type: anjuta....its a bad command
[10:12] <zerboxx> socomm: this good?
[10:13] <nalioth> andril: i installed mine using the script
[10:13] <dbw> LuNaTiK^GuY: log in as root, then type "anjuta"
[10:13] <socomm> zerboxx: It's the UNIX way.
[10:13] <dbw> LuNaTiK^GuY: the "#" means you should be root
[10:13] <nalioth> andril: i stay away from backports
[10:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ohhhh...........
=== qt2 sighs.... anyone care to wate some time helping me with ac97
=== Markrian [] has joined
[10:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i installed it that way too :)
[10:13] <aeho> I'm having really weird problem with firefox: I can't
download anything by clicking download links, like files
always have download link, when I click that, nothing happens
[10:13] <andril> nalioth, i agree where can I add this script
[10:13] <LuNaTiK^GuY> then i need to re-install
=== yuacht [~zth@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[10:13] <Markrian> Do all USB 2.0 hard drives act as USB mass storage
devices, i.e., will work on linux?
[10:14] <qt2> ack
[10:14] <LuNaTiK^GuY> can ijust use sudo and not root?
[10:14] <qt2> anyone care to wate some time helping me with ac97
[10:14] <socomm> aeho: Any warning or error dialogs?
[10:14] <Kyral> Why are you against Backports nalioth ?
[10:14] <lsuactiafner> Kyral : compile fscked off yet?
[10:14] <aarcane> dbw, I make my normal prompts look like a root prompy,
and my root prompt look like a rocket, lol
[10:14] <Kyral> lsuactiafner, nope
[10:14] <anders__> ? i are thinking too set up and net radio but can
ubutu bee uset at the head sever ??
[10:14] <aeho> socomm, no error dialogs or anything, nothing just happens
[10:14] <lsuactiafner> marienz : depends on the the file system on the
[10:14] <WebMaven> Kyral: any downside to using the backports?
[10:14] <Kyral> WebMaven, not in my experiance
[10:14] <lsuactiafner> Kyral : 1.0.6 source?
[10:14] <socomm> aeho: You might want to double check firefoxes download
[10:14] <dbw> aarcane: huh?
[10:14] <nalioth> andril: here is a link to the latest smeg, you can use
the installsmeg script
[10:14] <aeho> I can download using "save link as", but that doesn't work
on sites which use php redirection or something like that
[10:14] <ricosuave17> i need the plugins for mpeg for totem. i have the
codecs already
[10:14] <Kyral> lsuactiafner, the one from the Breezy tree
[10:15] <aeho> socomm, that started singe todays firefox update
[10:15] <aeho> I just reinstalled ubuntu, and I have the problem still
[10:15] <aarcane> dbw, PS1 customizaton.. you DO know how to change your
prompts, right ?
=== WldRbit [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:15] <lsuactiafner> oh but thats not the same as compilin clean source
from mozilla
=== Kien [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:15] <Kyral> lsuactiafner, I know :D
[10:15] <zerboxx> socomm: Should I change it so it's using alsa or oss,
or is esd good (and why are there 3?!)
[10:15] <Kyral> lsuactiafner, its basically what Breezy users are running
right now
[10:16] <DeMi> is tightVNC better then vnc4 ?
[10:16] <socomm> zerboxx: Just stick with esd, for now.
[10:16] <DeMi> what should i install?
[10:16] <socomm> zerboxx: If for some reason you want to change it later,
just do some research.
[10:16] <Sputn1k> nalioths_dog, when i trying to update i got this
i386/Packages.gz: Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)
=== losty [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:16] <ricosuave17> ? hello?
=== mrdavid [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:16] <nalioth> Sputn1k: so run your command again, your bzip2 errored
[10:17] <losty> hello
[10:17] <aeho> Am I the only one having this "download" problem with
[10:17] <ricosuave17> what do u use to play videos??
=== Plnt [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:17] <andril> nalioth, Thanks again - is the Starter Guide good to
[10:17] <lsuactiafner> nalioth : gunzip (:
[10:17] <WebMaven> Kyral: generically speaking, what are the backports
[10:17] <nalioth> andril: if you mean, ubuntuguide, i don't recommend it
for new users
[10:17] <nalioth> lsuactiafner: ??
[10:17] <LuNaTiK^GuY> checking for XML::Parser... configure: error:
XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool
[10:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> wot does that mean?
[10:18] <Kyral> WebMaven stuff from Breezy, but I gotta go. I suggest you
look in the Ubuntu Backports Forum
[10:18] <mrdavid> I'm running ubuntu hoary. the version of xmms is
1.2.10. When listening to streaming music stations the artist name is
not displayed. on a regular debian box running the same version of xmms,
it shows the artist. Does anyone know howh to enable that?
[10:18] <nalioth> andril:
[10:18] <lsuactiafner> .gz files are gunzip not bz2
[10:18] <losty> hi, i was wondering if there is a complete newbie guide
to dual booting with windows XP?
[10:18] <ricosuave17> losty: ill have ya
[10:18] <nalioth> lsuactiafner: read Sputn1k's error msg
[10:18] <socomm> LuNaTiK^GuY: You probably need to install intltool, or
[10:18] <aeho> I found
a bugreport of it, I have that kind of problem
[10:18] <losty> thanks ricosuave17
[10:18] <lsuactiafner> heh i see
[10:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> doint that now ;)
[10:19] <lsuactiafner> shouldnt it be gunzip tho?
[10:19] <ricosuave17> losty: what do u need help with?
[10:19] <lsuactiafner> thats an error in the error code..
[10:19] <socomm> aeho: Well keep an eye out for fix on that page.
[10:19] <losty> i tried the Live! CD and loved Ubuntu
[10:19] <dbw> aarcane: of course
=== suzann [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:19] <dbw> aarcane: what do you mean "a rocket"
[10:19] <losty> im using WIn XP
[10:19] <nalioth> losty:
=== Ba2 [~ba2@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:19] <losty> and want to dual boot
[10:19] <lsuactiafner> Sputn1k : just apt-get upgrade again
[10:19] <ricosuave17> it should do it automatically
[10:19] <losty> but im completely a newbie to partitioning etc..
[10:19] <losty> thanks nalioth
[10:19] <aarcane> -=A ROCKET>
[10:20] <dbw> aarcane: wow, that's lame. :P
[10:20] <suzann> Customizing prompts is fun, heh..
[10:20] <suzann> and yeah, the rocket thing is kinda lame aarcane
=== mrdavid [] has left #ubuntu []
[10:20] <suzann> you should get a thought bubble or something
[10:20] <socomm> suzann: I'm thinking of modifying my prompt to look like
a rocket.
[10:20] <aarcane> but I use the lame one for the prompt least used
[10:20] <LuNaTiK^GuY> configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in
$PATH ---->>> how do i fix this
[10:20] <losty> ricosuave17: do you mean that when i install ubuntu it
automatically will allow me to dual boot ?
[10:20] <ricosuave17> yes
[10:21] <dbw> *dbw@erebus:~$
[10:21] <aeho> LuNaTiK^GuY, maybe you should install C compiler
[10:21] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: install "build-essential"
[10:21] <socomm> LuNaTiK^GuY: `apt-get install build-essential'
[10:21] <dbw> that's my ps1
[10:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10q ;)
[10:21] <suzann> socomm: you Shouldn't make it look like something you
[10:21] <dbw> the first character indicates the last exit status.... the
guy who wrote the ps1 HOWTO likes it :)
[10:21] <lsuactiafner> root@infant-finite ~
[10:21] <lsuactiafner> 4926
[10:21] <lsuactiafner> heh
[10:21] <dbw> the best is my logon message:
[10:21] <dbw> dbw@erebus ___| on /dev/pts/8
[10:21] <dbw>    \    \_______| load: 0.49 0.41 0.36
[10:21] <dbw>      \__________| at 8 locations
[10:21] <losty> ricosuave17: so i dont have to use any partitioning
programs or do anything before installing?
[10:22] <lsuactiafner> lol
[10:22] <dbw> yeah, you know that's sexy
[10:22] <ricosuave17> well it depends on how ur HD is divided
[10:22] <losty> its never been partitioned
[10:22] <losty> its 40gb
[10:22] <lsuactiafner> export PS1='\d \t
(\l)\n\e[01;31m\u\e[08;34m@\e[00;37m\h\e[08;34m \w\e[01;32m\n4926 '
[10:22] <lsuactiafner> echo -e '\033[?17;0;64c'
[10:22] <lsuactiafner> try that
=== nickrud [] has joined
=== jeran [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:23] <socomm> suzann: I dunno my Lamborghini is pretty fast. :^/
[10:23] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm getting a lto of such errors: configure:
error: Library requirements (        glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6
[10:23] <dbw> lsuactiafner: what is 4926?
=== Mafi [~mihai@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:24] <lsuactiafner> my prompt (:
=== EnsignRedshirt [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:24] <lsuactiafner> instead of $
[10:24] <dbw> ...why?
[10:24] <poningru> can someone pleace check out
[10:24] <EnsignRedshirt> Hello, world.
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[10:24] <poningru> the site seems to be down
[10:24] <poningru> but can someone check?
[10:24] <lsuactiafner> dbw : my name is iwan, spell it on a cellphone,
you get that number
=== Mafi is now known as MihaiM
[10:24] <suzann> socomm: congrats for making up for other inequities and
shortcomings with a fast car :)
=== scaroo [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:24] <aeho> poningru, seems to work fie
[10:24] <dbw> lsuactiafner: i see
[10:24] <aeho> fine*
[10:24] <socomm> suzann: Hmmmm?
[10:24] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how can i fix it?
[10:24] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm getting a lto of such errors: configure:
error: Library requirements (        glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6
[10:25] <jeran> poningru: I can't get it either
[10:25] <dbw> lsuactiafner: i'd show you my PS1, but it requires a whole
script to set
[10:25] <nalioth> poningru: the site is responding to pings
=== Rugmonster []
has joined #ubuntu
[10:25] <EnsignRedshirt> poningru: I tried, and my browser is still
[10:25] <Rugmonster> afternoon all
=== swarm [] has joined
[10:25] <socomm> suzann: There's always a critic, or as the kids say
[10:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> plz i really need to get this working :S
=== R_de_re-evolucio [] has joined
[10:26] <suzann> socomm: and there's always some guy in a linux chat room
flirting with me. your point?
[10:26] <poningru> hmm ok thanks guys
[10:26] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm getting a lto of such errors: configure:
error: Library requirements (         glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6 etc etc
etc..........wot now?
[10:26] <EnsignRedshirt> I have a newb question about burning a CD-RW.
In k3b, there are "start", "continue" and "finish" multisession options.
Presumably I start with "start" :)
[10:26] <Rugmonster> what's the best way to disable gdm/xdm on normal
boot? I upgraded to Breezy without reading the forums (like an idiot) and
now, my system hangs hard when trying to start X.
[10:26] <socomm> suzann: Dunno, what is yours?
[10:26] <poningru> EnsignRedshirt: yep
[10:26] <R_de_re-evolucio> is firefox broaken.. meaning that it does not
havce the last upgrade or that it is actually broken?
[10:27] <suzann> socomm: don't claim to have something you don't. be a
man and be yourself instead of using a car to make up for a tiny.. well,
lets keep it G-rated.
[10:27] <EnsignRedshirt> ...and then to add stuff later, I use
"continue"? And then "finish" must mean no more data can be written to
the CD?
=== niran [] has joined
[10:27] <poningru> R_de_re-evolucio: firefox is not broken
[10:27] <socomm> suzann: What does this have to do with anything?
[10:27] <EnsignRedshirt> poningru: finally came up.
=== MihaiM [~mihai@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:28] <scaroo> hi ppl! my hoary 's xkb setup is still all f***ed up
even with the xkeyboard-config package installed, so i m looking for some
compation and help :p
=== simakas [] has left #ubuntu
[10:28] <lsuactiafner> dwa : upload somewhere
[10:28] <poningru> yeah ic
[10:28] <MihaiM> can someone who knows something about x and nvidia
driver look at this please: I am stuck
[10:28] <lsuactiafner> and paste a direct link to wget
[10:28] <poningru> ok thanks EnsignRedshirt
[10:28] <R_de_re-evolucio> thanX
[10:28] <aeho> poningru, for me it is, after the latest update I can't
download anything using download links of most sites
[10:28] <poningru> R_de_re-evolucio: there are some security probs that
have not been fixed yet
[10:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> socomm, i'm getting a lto of such errors:
configure: error: Library requirements (         glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6 etc etc
etc..........wot now?
[10:29] <poningru> aeho: are you talking about the trunk or 1.0.6?
=== decaf [~mehmet@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:29] <R_de_re-evolucio> MihaiMlet me have a look... i use nvidia, does
it refer to hoary or breezy?
[10:29] <socomm> LuNaTiK^GuY: You'll need to install the dev libraries.
[10:29] <poningru> R_de_re-evolucio: I am talking about the ubuntu
[10:29] <poningru> not the 1.0.6
[10:29] <aeho> poningru, firefox from ubuntus apt repositorys
[10:29] <suzann> socomm: nothing at all that comes to mind. I'm just
tired of discussing this with some pervert who things that having a big
so called rocket will lure me into some semblance of an R movie with him.
[10:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how?
[10:29] <scaroo> MihaiM, you are using the nv driver withnvidia glx libs
[10:29] <scaroo> so :(
[10:29] <poningru> aeho: when was your last update?
[10:29] <LuNaTiK^GuY> socomm, how?
[10:29] <aeho> today
[10:29] <MihaiM> R_de_re-evolucio, hoary
[10:29] <scaroo> repace nv by nvidia in your xorg.conf
[10:29] <socomm> suzann: Umm ... we were talking about prompts, right?
[10:30] <socomm> suzann: You got issues ...
[10:30] <poningru> wow did not know it was out today
=== poningru goes to upgrade
[10:30] <poningru> hold on brb
[10:30] <suzann> as I knew it, we were, then you twisted it subtlely into
discussions of other things.
[10:30] <socomm> LuNaTiK^GuY: apt-get the library.
[10:30] <scaroo> MihaiM, NV(0) <= xorg opensource driver
[10:31] <R_de_re-evolucio> poningru: I get you now about the ff thing ;)
[10:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> socomm, wots the name of the library?
[10:31] <ricosuave17> how do i make kaffeine full screen
=== rubenv [] has
left #ubuntu []
[10:31] <socomm> LuNaTiK^GuY: I don't know.
[10:31] <LuNaTiK^GuY> lol
[10:31] <MihaiM> scaroo, sorry, don't understant. what sould I do?
[10:32] <R_de_re-evolucio> this is the first i am here and i feel so
welcomed.. I really love Ubuntu and this: us, the ubuntu community. You
are inclusive, not like other communities...
[10:32] <LuNaTiK^GuY> any1 knows wot the name of the dev libraries is?
=== Nard is now known as Nard|job
[10:32] <MihaiM> scaroo, I use the nvidia driver from repositories
=== mameluke [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:32] <scaroo> replace the line          Driver         "nv" by
[10:32] <scaroo>          Driver         "nvidia"
[10:32] <lool> LuNaTiK^GuY: libglib2.0-dev
[10:33] <lool> LuNaTiK^GuY: use "apt-cache search" to find out the other
[10:33] <MihaiM> scaroo, did that and with nvidia as a driver x does not
start anymore
[10:33] <scaroo> in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[10:33] <MihaiM> scaroo, yes, in xorg.conf
[10:34] <R_de_re-evolucio> anyways.. my question is: Does any of you guys
know anything about a project or some fix for an agfa snapscan 1212p (not
the 1212u)? It seems not to work under sane at the moment.. I've googled
a lot without finding much else.. anyone?
[10:34] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10q lool
[10:34] <scaroo> MihaiM, and what does the log says when using the nvidia
=== lamp_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:34] <MihaiM> that's the problem. for some reason the driver does not
work for me. I have a NV18
[10:34] <nickrud> I just restablished dsl service; I'm wondering if
anyone is currently getting packages from and has
better than 164KB
[10:34] <MihaiM> scaroo, now I think I've submited a newer log
[10:35] <nickrud> bytes per sec :)
[10:35] <Rugmonster> nickrud: nope
=== EnsignRedshirt [] has
left #ubuntu []
[10:35] <MihaiM> scaroo, 1 second
[10:35] <Rugmonster> only about 130Kb/s here
[10:36] <nickrud> Rugmonster, the last connect I had, it ran at 212; I'm
trying to determine if that's available for anyone at the moment
=== weitao [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:36] <MrGardenHoseMan> anyone know of any bittorent clients
[10:36] <MrGardenHoseMan> besides azureus
[10:36] <dbw> MrGardenHoseMan: bittorrent
[10:36] <dbw> MrGardenHoseMan: and bittornado
[10:36] <Rugmonster> MrGardenHoseMan: bittorrent...gnome's BT client
[10:36] <nickrud> ah, well, that still beats dialup :)
[10:37] <MrGardenHoseMan> i was thinking of something along the lines of
bitcomet that can run 20+ torrents at once without sucking up too much
[10:37] <nalioth> nickrud: are you stirring shtuff in here?
[10:38] <MihaiM> need help on with nvidia driver. please look at this
=== xtanium [~alec@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:38] <nickrud> nalioth, no, just testing the dsl I had installed
today; consistently got the best throughput for me.
[10:38] <LuNaTiK^GuY> all dev libraries should be put in one single pack
[10:39] <LuNaTiK^GuY> to apt-get them
[10:39] <xtanium> i need help... i am trying to install ubuntu on a
powerbook (ppc) with os x already installed. the problem is- i dont want
to erase my os x partition but still want to install ubuntu. i basically
want to dual boot and resize my os x partition w/o erasing it
=== qpid [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:40] <R_de_re-evolucio> nobody know about a sane related project for a
device driver (Agfa SnapScan 1212p)?
[10:41] <xtanium> please help me
[10:41] <xtanium> :(
[10:41] <MrGardenHoseMan> anyone know hwo to install a .jar file?
[10:41] <mridle> u dont really
[10:41] <mridle> java *.jar
[10:41] <MihaiM> R_de_re-evolucio, can you look here, please?
[10:42] <supernix> anyone here running a dns server ?
=== omaru [~omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:42] <poningru> xtanium: there is an experimental partitioning thing
for ppc
[10:42] <poningru> the problem is its experimental
[10:42] <poningru> as in you could lose your data
[10:42] <poningru> I can give you the link if you are brave enough to try
[10:42] <R_de_re-evolucio> ok.. a better one gimpshop... is that just a
proof of concept project or is there people working on it (parallel, of
course, to the excelent work of the gimp-project)?
=== robotgeek [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:43] <R_de_re-evolucio> any info on gimp shop in repostories for
=== Trackilizer [] has joined
[10:43] <Trackilizer> hey guys
[10:43] <poningru> xtanium: dude keep it in the room
[10:43] <Trackilizer> i really need your help
[10:43] <nalioth> poningru: tell me, i'm a lab rat
[10:43] <xtanium> where is it?
[10:43] <xtanium> where can i find it
[10:43] <poningru> ok let me go dig it out
[10:43] <LuNaTiK^GuY> how does apt-cache search work?
[10:43] <Trackilizer> my videos dont have any sound anymore
[10:44] <Trackilizer> only my videos dont have sound
[10:44] <MihaiM> need help on with nvidia driver. please look at this
[10:44] <Trackilizer> my mp3s do have sound
[10:44] <MrGardenHoseMan> what's a bittorrent metal file?
[10:44] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, still hunting?
[10:44] <mridle> LuNaTiK^GuY: what do you mean? apt-cache search
[10:44] <ubernostrum> LuNaTiK^GuY: type 'apt-cache search foo' and it
gives back a list of packages which match 'foo'.
[10:44] <Trackilizer> the thing is i do "killall esd"
[10:44] <LuNaTiK^GuY> thing is
[10:44] <Trackilizer> then my vidoes have sound
[10:44] <Trackilizer> but xmms doesnt
[10:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm getting a lto of such errors: configure:
error: Library requirements (         glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6 etc etc
etc..........wot now?
[10:45] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and there are lots of packs
[10:45] <mridle> MrGardenHoseMan: dont think that #ubuntu covers
bittorrent ;P
=== decaf [~mehmet@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[10:45] <MrGardenHoseMan> heh
[10:45] <HappyFool> Trackilizer: tell your video player to use esd for
sound output
[10:45] <mridle> Trackilizer: try the esd+alsa howto and use the
[10:46] <MrGardenHoseMan> well technicaly i'm using the default ubuntu
bittorrent client so it should :OP
[10:46] <Trackilizer> erm... im a noob
[10:46] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, maybe you can run only one stream at a
[10:46] <MrGardenHoseMan> :P
=== Kien [] has left #ubuntu []
[10:46] <ubernostrum> LuNaTiK^GuY: those errors show up when you type,
say 'apt-cache search foo'?
[10:46] <mridle> that way you should have sound both in xmms,
ubuntusystem and videos (vlc,mplayer etc)
[10:46] <robotgeek> Trackilizer, we all learn :)
[10:46] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no no
[10:46] <Trackilizer> i dont know how do to any of the stuff you guys
[10:46] <poningru> found it
[10:46] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm trying to ./configure
[10:46] <poningru>
[10:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> is there a way to video chat in msn?
[10:46] <xtanium> thanks :)
[10:46] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> in linux
[10:46] <mridle> Trackilizer: which videoplayer are you using?
[10:46] <poningru> there is an experimental ppc version of that
[10:46] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and then those erros come up
[10:46] <Trackilizer> well it worked this mornig
[10:46] <poningru> but again I would reccomend against using it
[10:46] <ubernostrum> LuNaTiK^GuY: so you're wanting to use apt-cache to
find the packages you need to install?
[10:46] <Trackilizer> it stopped working after i installed Amarok
[10:46] <poningru> because you can lose your data
[10:47] <Trackilizer> xine
[10:47] <Trackilizer> and vlc
=== quidam [~quidam@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:47] <zerboxx> Any help here?? I'm trying to install a plugin for bmp,
and I'm getting the following error: "...This usually means GLIB is
incorrectly installed. configure: error: *** GTK+ >= 2.4.0 not installed
- please install first"
[10:47] <LuNaTiK^GuY> hopefully yes :S
[10:47] <MihaiM> need help on with nvidia driver. please look at this
=== highvoltage is now known as test
=== test is now known as highvoltage
[10:48] <slask3n> ChurcH_of_FoamY: No, at least not as i know of... But
if you find a way, please tell me! ;)
=== socomm [] has left
#ubuntu [":wq"]
[10:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> there r so many???
[10:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ie
[10:48] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> k
[10:48] <LuNaTiK^GuY> there are so many!!!
[10:48] <_frank> MihaiM: which drivers did you install?
[10:48] <Trackilizer> so anyone have suggestions?
[10:48] <Trackilizer> xone or vlc
[10:48] <ubernostrum> LuNaTiK^GuY: it may be that you'll need to tell
'configure' where glib is located on your system.
[10:49] <ubernostrum> zerboxx: same for your problem, too.
[10:49] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and how do i do that?
[10:49] <zerboxx> ubernostrum: and how woul..
[10:49] <slask3n> ChurcH_of_FoamY: Do you get your webcam to work in
[10:49] <MihaiM> _frank, finaly someone :) I have done step by step what
I have found in ubuntu guide
[10:49] <ubernostrum> LuNaTiK^GuY: usually programs you have to compile
will come with a README or INSTALL file which tells you what flags you
can pass to the configure script.
[10:49] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> yea i can if i want it i haven't tryed it
though yet
=== kotatsu [~kotatsu@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
[10:50] <Rugmonster> LuNaTiK^GuY: you can check the options for a
configure by passing it the --help flag
[10:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> check that you have the latest libgnome and
[10:50] <LuNaTiK^GuY> thats wot the manual says ;S
[10:50] <_frank> MihaiM: I'm not sure what the problem is
=== Cooner750 [] has joined
[10:50] <Rugmonster> you probably need the dev packages that go along
with those packages
[10:50] <MihaiM> _frank, nvidia-glx
[10:50] <Trackilizer> any one please!!!!
[10:50] <Cooner750> i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack (again)
[10:51] <MihaiM> _frank, what can I do next/
[10:51] <zerboxx> ubernostrum: Do I want to disable glib test?
[10:51] <slask3n> ChurcH_of_FoamY: what webcam do you have?
[10:51] <robotgeek> Cooner750, sounds like Deja Vu!
[10:51] <Cooner750> And I'm going to try my steps to install audio codecs
and see if they work again
[10:51] <Cooner750> lol
[10:51] <ubernostrum> zerboxx: no, you probably want to find the
configure flag to tell it where glib is on your system.
[10:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> Rugmonster, do i do that?
[10:51] <ubernostrum> zerboxx: like Rugmonster said, try './congfigure --
[10:51] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok
[10:51] <ubernostrum> But without the typo :(
[10:51] <_frank> MihaiM: well if you just it to work again, edit
/etc/X11/xorg.conf and change nvidia for nv as the driver
[10:51] <Rugmonster> apt-get install libgnome-dev libgnomeui-dev
[10:52] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> a little ge deal
[10:52] <Rugmonster> LuNaTiK^GuY: or, go in synaptic and find them
[10:52] <MihaiM> _frank, I need hardware acceleration. that's the problem
=== ColonelKernel [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== SpecialBuddy [] has joined
[10:52] <MihaiM> _frank, now I use nv as the driver but I need somehow to
figure out how to use nvidia
[10:52] <ColonelKernel> how do I switch my systems gcc version from 3.3
to 3.4?
[10:52] <Cooner750> ok. Adding repositories
[10:52] <robotgeek> ColonelKernel, what do u mean switch?
[10:52] <_frank> yeah I'm not sure how to help though
=== torkiano [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:53] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok i'm installing the packages ;)
[10:53] <Cooner750> running apt-get update
[10:53] <zerboxx> ubernostrum: I've done that...but I don't see anything
about glib other than disabling the test
[10:53] <MihaiM> can someone else help me with this?
[10:53] <ColonelKernel> robotgeek I had 3.3, I installed 3.4, but the
system still uses 3.3 to compile with
[10:53] <Rugmonster> ColonelKernel: make sure it's installed and then
either remove the /usr/bin/gcc symlink and remake it to point to 3.4
[10:53] <_frank> MihaiM: can you paste your xorg.conf in the pastebin?
[10:53] <MihaiM> 1 sec
[10:53] <ColonelKernel> Rugmonster that
[10:53] <robotgeek> ColonelKernel, do what Rugmonster said
[10:53] <ColonelKernel> Rugmonster that sounds good - thanks
[10:53] <Rugmonster> ColonelKernel: or, if you just need 3.4 for one
thing, type CC="gcc-3.4" before your command
[10:53] <Cooner750> updating.../|\|/
[10:53] <Cooner750> done
[10:54] <Cooner750> installing ffmpeg
[10:54] <MihaiM> _frank,
[10:55] <MihaiM> it's exactly the same xorg.conf, but just that with
nvidia instead of nv it does not work
[10:55] <Cooner750> I tried installing codecs on my laptop and it
=== Praetorian1986 [] has joined
[10:55] <robotgeek> Cooner750, it must be the windows component which did
=== zenlunatic [] has
joined #ubuntu
[10:55] <ColonelKernel> NICE - that worked wonderfully - thank you
[10:55] <ColonelKernel> am I going to have to recompile anything else?
[10:55] <aeho> to hear sounds I have to use "killall esd", but how I can
start esd again=
[10:55] <aeho> ?
[10:55] <zenlunatic> aeho: esd
[10:55] <aeho> to hear enemy territory sounds*
[10:56] <_frank> MihaiM: the only thing I can suggest is to comment out
Load   "dri"   which is suggested in the nvidia readme
[10:56] <ColonelKernel> you know what?
[10:56] <^thehatsrule^> start esd? heh
=== torkiano [] has left #ubuntu
=== xhaker [~xhaker@] has joined #ubuntu
[10:56] <MihaiM> _frank, do you know what dri stands for?
=== torkiano [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:56] <jasoncohen> aeho, did you follow the sound multiplexing howto?
[10:56] <desrt> direct rendering infrastructure
[10:56] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: read /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-
[10:56] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: comment out Load "dri", add Load "glx" and
change your driver from nv to nvidia
[10:56] <Rugmonster> nevermind, you have load glx
[10:56] <jasoncohen> aeho,
[10:57] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: ATI uses it, but nvidia does not
=== anne [~anne@] has joined #ubuntu
=== A[D] minS [~Whisky@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== Madeye [~Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu
[10:57] <A[D] minS> Guys
[10:57] <A[D] minS> hello ppl
=== Ba2 [~ba2@] has left #ubuntu []
[10:57] <robotgeek> A[D] minS, hi
[10:57] <A[D] minS> can i know how i can disable artsd cause i want to
ues Alsa only
[10:57] <MihaiM> /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README.txt: No such file
or directory
=== weitao [] has left #ubuntu [""]
[10:58] <anne> where can i find a firewall for ubuntu that is easy to
[10:58] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: how did you install the driver?
[10:58] <Rugmonster> anne: firestarter
[10:58] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, by synaptic
[10:58] <othernoob> anne: use iptables ;)
[10:58] <Rugmonster> okay...that is an old driver, but whatever
[10:58] <desrt> firewalling ubuntu isn't really worth it
[10:58] <_frank> anne: in syanptic, install firestarter or guarddog
[10:58] <Rugmonster> desrt: you're on crack
[10:58] <desrt> Rugmonster; ?
=== Yvonne [] has joined #ubuntu
[10:59] <desrt> Rugmonster; what tangible benifit does firewalling your
ubuntu box have?
[10:59] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: did you get the kernel module too?
[10:59] <desrt> *benefit
[10:59] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I use a N18 card anyway. that's a geforce 4
mx I think
[10:59] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, yes
[10:59] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I think it's a dependince
=== SteveA [] has left #ubuntu
[10:59] <Rugmonster> desrt: same reason you would want a firewall on any
=== Blissex [] has joined
[11:00] <Cooner750> YES! My instructions work on this system too
[11:00] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: I don't use the ubuntu package, so I don't
=== doko [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:00] <desrt> Rugmonster; except that an ubuntu system has no outward-
facing listeners
[11:00] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, ok. I have the kernel module too
[11:00] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: yeah, once you change your config, it should
[11:00] <desrt> Rugmonster; i guess it's good if you want to prevent
people from pinging you....
=== nadjyla [] has joined
[11:00] <nadjyla> Bonsoir :)
[11:01] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I've comented dri and changed nv to nvidia
[11:01] <A[D] minS> how i can disable artsd cause i want to ues Alsa only
[11:01] <LuNaTiK^GuY> oh darn.....
=== knj [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:01] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, glx is already loaded
[11:01] <desrt> A[D] minS; try a kubuntu or kde help channel... i don't
think anyone here knows
[11:01] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, that should be enought?
=== maddy_ [] has
joined #ubuntu
[11:01] <Rugmonster> desrt: I run samba and an internal webserver. I run
a firewall on there to make sure only stuff from my network can get to
[11:01] <LuNaTiK^GuY> I Did this.....sudo apt-get install libgnome-dev
libgnomeui-dev and its ok.........but i still get the same error msgs!!!
[11:02] <desrt> Rugmonster; fair enough
=== n3C [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:02] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: sorry, i havent been paying attention,
what are you trying to install?
=== phixion []
has joined #ubuntu
=== cpdiety [] has joined
[11:03] <LuNaTiK^GuY> the Anjuta IDE
=== nadjyla [] has left
#ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== IFRFLYR [] has joined
[11:03] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I'll restart now. I will give you the result
rigth away
[11:03] <LuNaTiK^GuY> and i'm trying to ./configure
[11:03] <A[D] minS> desrt, ok thx
[11:03] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: DRI is what's messing you up, I believe
[11:03] <LuNaTiK^GuY> but i get an error msg mid-way
[11:03] <jasoncohen> !multimedia
[11:03] <ubotu> I heard multimedia is
[11:03] <LuNaTiK^GuY> configure: error: Library requirements (
glib-2.0 >= 2.0.6       gtk+-2.0 >= 2.0.8 etc etc
[11:03] <jasoncohen> ubotu multimedia repositories is
[11:03] <ubotu> okay, jasoncohen
[11:03] <jasoncohen> !multimedia repositories
[11:03] <ubotu> I heard multimedia repositories is
[11:04] <A[D] minS> desrt, working by alsa?
[11:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> not met; consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH
environment variable if your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so
pkg-config can find them.
[11:04] <Rugmonster> I swear, i think my cell phone interferes with my
wireless connection
=== root_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:04] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: you are using source code for a newer
[11:04] <IFRFLYR> hiI I have installed gtkwifi and can't seem to add it
to my panel because it doesn't appear in the list when I click Add To
Panel. . . .Any ideas?
[11:04] <A[D] minS> !artsd
[11:04] <ubotu> A[D] minS: Wish i knew
[11:04] <coobra> root :P
[11:04] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: have you tried the backports or extras?
[11:04] <A[D] minS> lol
=== mic_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:04] <LuNaTiK^GuY> all repos are available
[11:05] <robotgeek> Rugmonster, happens to me too
[11:05] <jasoncohen> ubuto multimedia is For information on adding
multimedia codecs and about the available audio & video programs in
Ubuntu see
[11:05] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> why is firefox busted?
[11:05] <LuNaTiK^GuY> what should i do now?
=== boo_boo [] has joined
[11:05] <Rugmonster> IFRFLYR: have you restarted gnome-panel?
[11:05] <IFRFLYR> Ah, no. Thanks
=== MihaiM [~mihai@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:05] <jasoncohen> ubuto multimedia is "For information on adding
multimedia codecs and about the available audio & video programs in
Ubuntu see"
[11:05] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: installing the glib it's asking for will
break your system, i believe
[11:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> so i shouldnt do that ok :)
[11:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> yet i need a C/C++ ide
[11:06] <robotgeek> nalioth, do u know how we add PKG_CONFIG env
variable, though
[11:06] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I've got a "module nvidia not found"
[11:06] <Rugmonster> LuNaTiK^GuY: vi isn't good enough?
[11:06] <nalioth> robotgeek: in your ~/.bashrc
[11:06] <IFRFLYR> Rugmonster - is there a menu to do it from or must I
use terminal? I just don't want to do it rudely and have never restarted
the panel
[11:06] <robotgeek> vim rocks!
[11:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no no no i need a friendly IDE
[11:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> no editors plz :)
=== din [~din@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:06] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i need something NetBeans like
[11:06] <mridle> LuNaTiK^GuY: eclipse
[11:06] <robotgeek> LuNaTiK^GuY, vim is very friendly :)
[11:06] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, but I see the nvidia-kernel-common package
in synaptic
[11:06] <robotgeek> oh okay
[11:06] <Rugmonster> IFRFLYR: if you just do killall gnome-panel at a
term, it will start back up
[11:06] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> when will they fix firefox?
[11:06] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, what's wrong?
[11:07] <mridle> eclipse or gvim :)
[11:07] <IFRFLYR> Thanks, Rugmonster!
[11:07] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: when you type sudo modprobe nvidia, what do
you get?
[11:07] <mridle> but eclipse is good JDT, and CDT and you got java/c/c++
[11:07] <jasoncohen> !multimedia
[11:07] <ubotu> rumour has it, multimedia is
[11:07] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, FATAL: Module nvidia not found.
[11:07] <robotgeek> Rugmonster, kdevelop? never used it though
[11:07] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: then you haven't gotten the kernel module :)
[11:07] <LuNaTiK^GuY> eclipse looks nicer
[11:08] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, reinstall nvidia-kernel-common should do the
[11:08] <andril> what's the verdict on Backports?
[11:09] <nalioth> andril: keep them disabled unless you are actively d/l
[11:09] <robotgeek> LuNaTiK^GuY, eclipse is huge!
=== angryce [~angryce@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:09] <boo_boo> could anyone pls point me in a good direction to learn
the basics of linux, totally new to the linux world and I am lost thanks
in advance
[11:09] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: just a second, I think I can find you a link
for step by step
[11:09] <andril> nalioth, so they are oonly good for installing -
otherwise have them disabled during regular updates
[11:09] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, ok
=== [1] Quest-Master [] has
joined #ubuntu
[11:09] <nophix> how do you deny a specific user to log in via ssh?
[11:09] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i dont mind long as its a good IDE
=== gigaclon [] has joined
=== nomis_ [~nomis|] has joined
[11:10] <nalioth> andril: correct
[11:10] <aeho> boo_boo, best way is learning by doing ;)
[11:10] <nalioth> andril: backports are to become official, but it will
take time after that for the software to sync
[11:10] <gigaclon> how is firefox broken in hoary?
=== Shachaf [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:10] <anne> i have located firestarter on tucows download, but they
ask to order a cd copy not download directly, is it possible to download
directly from the web site, or isnt it for free
[11:11] <andril> nalioth, cool - BTW that wasmy previous problem - solved
[11:11] <LuNaTiK^GuY> btw....can't i install NetBeans anywhere other than
my home????
[11:11] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: have you seen this
[11:11] <nalioth> andril: great!
[11:11] <gigaclon> MPlayer doesn't work
[11:11] <Rugmonster> anne: sudo apt-get install firestarter
[11:11] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, that's the guide that send me into this
problem :)
[11:12] <Rugmonster> oh
[11:12] <nalioth> anne:
[11:12] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, the only possible solution my now is
reinstalling the driver. ok?
[11:12] <nalioth> anne: you can find a link to the homepage from there,
(i hate d/l from tucows, they try to tack on all kinds of unwanted stuff)
[11:12] <ChurcH_of_FoamY> so anyone know when there gonna fix it?
[11:12] <anne> ok i have to write those commands in terminal, is that so
[11:12] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: you could get the kernel headers and
download the driver from Nvidia
[11:13] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I've made a kernel update after I've
installed the nvidia driver. could that be the problem?
[11:13] <anne> i am new at this, very glad you are here
=== aeolist [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:13] <nalioth> anne: are you terminal-only?
[11:13] <gigaclon> New_Face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. Please
supply the text font file (~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf) any help?
[11:13] <MihaiM> Rugmonster, I try to stick with deb packages. I don't
like source compiling for ubuntu because I'm not in control of
[11:14] <Rugmonster> MihaiM: brb
[11:14] <anne> what do you mean,
[11:14] <nalioth> MihaiM: use "checkinstall" instead of "make install"
and you will be in charge
[11:14] <LuNaTiK^GuY> i'm trying to Uninstall net beans....but i get the
following error: Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: run
=== [1] Quest-Master is now known as Quest-Master
[11:14] <MihaiM> nalioth, I'll remember that
=== cmatheso2 [] has joined
[11:15] <nalioth> MihaiM: checkinstall makes a deb when you invoke it
(and then installes it for ya)
[11:15] <aeho> gigaclon, have you installed a .deb package or compiled it
[11:15] <nalioth> MihaiM: you can then use apt to remove it (or synaptic
or whatever)
[11:15] <gigaclon> aeho: .deb package (from Synaptic)
[11:16] <anne> what do you mean with terminal only, i have installed
ubuntu from a cd
[11:16] <robotgeek> okay..i've got an irritating problem, sound skipping
when i open a new tab/switch do i increase priority for my
media player?
[11:16] <MihaiM> nalioth, very nice. did not know that untill now. thanks
[11:16] <aeho> gigaclon, I don't know about that then
[11:16] <LuNaTiK^GuY> HEY! i'm trying to Uninstall net beans....but i get
the following error: Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: run
=== ColonelKernel [] has
joined #ubuntu
[11:16] <anne> sorry, some language problems to, i am from norway
[11:16] <ColonelKernel> how do I configure my locales?
[11:17] <gigaclon> seems lots of people have the same problem
[11:17] <nalioth> anne: i recommend you avoid tucows, freshmeat or
sourceforge is noncommercial
=== noddaba [] has joined
[11:17] <aeho> gigaclon, maybe you
have to install fonts manually, STEP5??
[11:18] <LuNaTiK^GuY> HEY! i'm trying to Uninstall net beans....but i get
the following error: Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: run plz plz plz plz plzzzz
=== panickedthumb [~travis@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:19] <aeho> Anyway, mplayer is easy to compile yourself, and when you
compile it yourself it should work
[11:19] <gigaclon> also RealPlayer freeze when i try to run anything
=== hajiki [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:19] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: give us a break! wait a few minutes tween
the same question. if some1 knows, they will answer you
=== gigaclon is trying to listen to npr from
[11:19] <LuNaTiK^GuY> nalioth, sorry :S
[11:19] <gigaclon> neither the wma or rm is working
[11:20] <MihaiM> nalioth, one last solution. reinstalation of the
packages did not work. where are the modules found in ubuntu?
[11:20] <nalioth> MihaiM: what pkgs?
[11:21] <MihaiM> nalioth, I have the k7 kernel now, not the old 386 one.
and I guess that the module nvidia is installed under the old modules
kernel directory
[11:21] <aeho> gigaclon, do you have w32codecs installed?
[11:21] <aeho> it is needed to play windows media files
[11:21] <MihaiM> nalioth, nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-common
[11:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> nalioth, i found a solution :)
[11:21] <LuNaTiK^GuY> 10ks ;)
[11:22] <nalioth> MihaiM: i'm sorry, im not familiar with video stuff.
you can use "locate" to look for them
[11:22] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: great!
[11:22] <R_de_re-evolucio> doesn't ubuntu come with iptables by default
as firewall?
[11:22] <R_de_re-evolucio> hoary 5.04 ?
[11:22] <MihaiM> nalioth, I did this because modprobe nvidia give me
module not found
=== ColonelKernel [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Madeye [~Jad@] has left #Ubuntu ["Knowledge]
[11:22] <nalioth> MihaiM: have you been to the wiki for nvidia
[11:23] <MihaiM> nalioth, it's in /lib/modules
[11:23] <nalioth> R_de_re-evolucio: iptables is default with all linux
distros that i know of
[11:23] <MihaiM> nalioth, yes. no good
[11:23] <kyncani> R_de_re-evolucio: no ...
[11:23] <Cooner750> ok. my codec instructions workd
[11:23] <Cooner750> work
[11:23] <kyncani> R_de_re-evolucio: i mean not set up
[11:23] <MihaiM> nalioth, I'll copy the module form the 386 kernel to the
k7 kernel and this will work
[11:23] <_frank> no
[11:23] <nalioth> MihaiM: again, i run PPC machines and have no
experience with nvidia, ati or other drivers
[11:24] <MihaiM> nalioth, ok
[11:24] <slask3n> Where is the startup-script located so i can load
modules at startup? i want to run "modprobe quickcam" at startup to load
my webcam, but i dont know where to find the script, or the syntax of the
script.. can anyone please help me?
[11:24] <_frank> MihaiM: you need to install the k7 restricted modules if
you haven't already
[11:24] <R_de_re-evolucio> ok... i see... see you soon then peace out
(fre ut!)
[11:24] <R_de_re-evolucio> fred
[11:24] <gigaclon> aeho: yes
[11:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> reinstalling netbeans.....cant get it to install
anywhere but HOME :(
[11:25] <Cooner750> anyone here need to be able to play MP3d?
[11:25] <MihaiM> _frank, I install them know. what are those good for?
[11:25] <Cooner750> MP3s*
[11:25] <nalioth> LuNaTiK^GuY: use "sudo"
[11:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> ok i'll try
[11:25] <nalioth> Cooner750: you have the codecs?
[11:25] <_frank> they contain the nvidia module
[11:25] <Cooner750> nalioth: I made my own instructions, that work.
[11:25] <LuNaTiK^GuY> WOWWW nalioth....u've made another proud ubuntu
user out of me ;)
[11:25] <robotgeek> slask3n, create a text file in /etc/modprobe.d/
[11:26] <MihaiM> _frank, the solution I have found was copying the module
=== Sputn1k [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:26] <Sputn1k> how to update firefox?
[11:26] <Cooner750>
[11:26] <MihaiM> _frank, I don't know why nobody thougth about this from
the start
[11:26] <_frank> MihaiM: from i386 to k7?
[11:26] <MihaiM> _frank, yes
[11:26] <anne> now i am downloading firehol 1.2... and choosed to save on
disk, what do i do from there
[11:27] <robotgeek> say u want to load the "modulex', create a text file
"module x" in /etc/modprobe.d/
[11:27] <_frank> I don't know if that makes sense
[11:27] <MihaiM> _frank, that might work
[11:27] <robotgeek> slask3n, say u want to load the "modulex', create a
text file "module x" in /etc/modprobe.d/
[11:27] <MihaiM> _frank, I did not know about that restricted modules so
I would copy manualy the module from 386 to k7
=== root_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:27] <nalioth> anne: did you look in synaptic for that program?
[11:27] <Cooner750> i'm going to probably add my instructions to my
website ( soon
[11:27] <ElBarono> michael edwards is going to get carpal tunnel
[11:27] <slask3n> robotgeek: ok :) but should anything be written in the
[11:28] <robotgeek> MihaiM, that would not work
[11:28] <anne> no, i can do that now
[11:28] <MihaiM> _frank, anyway on a tbitd 1700+ does the k7 kernel have
a real spead increse?
=== Snagledorf [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:28] <_frank> MihaiM: probably a bit of an increase
[11:28] <robotgeek> slask3n, either that /etc/modules ...add ur module to
the end
[11:28] <nalioth> anne: it is always best to look in synaptic first,
before downloading from a website
[11:28] <MihaiM> robotgeek, that would be my last option after
reinstalling the driver, tweaking the config, etc
[11:28] <nalioth> anne: using synaptic sets up the program for you
=== rking [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:29] <anne> ok thank you
[11:29] <MihaiM> _frank, do u use 386 or a processor specific kernel?
[11:29] <robotgeek> MihaiM, so u already recompiled against your new
[11:29] <rking> so, i have an in-house apt repository, and all my hand-
made packages get the "WARNING: The following packages cannot be
authenticated!" warning - what tools do I need to use to eliminate this?
[11:29] <_frank> MihaiM: I use k7
[11:29] <MihaiM> robotgeek, not recompiled kernel. I've downloaded with
synaptic a k7 kernel
[11:29] <MihaiM> _frank, with nvidia?
[11:30] <_frank> MihaiM: yes
[11:30] <nalioth> rking: you need to sign the pkgs with a valid gpg key
(that is available from a keyserver)
[11:30] <anne> ok but what do i look for in synaptic
[11:30] <MihaiM> _frank, and you folowed the exact steps as me?
[11:30] <slask3n> robotgeek: now ive made a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ and
its empty, or should it contain any text? i see the other files there
have some text inside...
[11:30] <_frank> yeah
[11:30] <rking> nalioth: and that's it? that's not too bad. =)
[11:30] <Sputn1k> how to upgrade firefox 1.0.2 to 1.0.6?
[11:30] <The_Vox> rking: gpg is my guess...I'd look at the debian-policy
documentation (install the package) and see how it's supposed to be
[11:30] <MihaiM> _frank, and why didn't you helped me from the start? :)
=== kb00heda [] has joined
[11:31] <nalioth> rking: i'm sure it's more detailed, but in a nutshell,
[11:31] <robotgeek> slask3n, my bad...if you want to alias that module to
something, you would add the text "alias modulex
more_friendly_name_for_modulex" in the file
[11:31] <MihaiM> _frank, succefully installed the restricted modules
[11:31] <_frank> well I helped you for a while
[11:31] <robotgeek> slask3n, to just load the module, just add it to
[11:31] <MihaiM> _frank, it worked
=== vladuz976 []
has joined #ubuntu
[11:31] <MihaiM> _frank, thanks a lot
=== Fidelio [] has joined
[11:32] <vladuz976> does anybody know how to upgrade to oo 2.0 beta with
=== root_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:32] <_frank> sure thing!
[11:32] <slask3n> robotgeek: Ok :) should i delete the file in
/etc/modprobe.d/ ?
[11:32] <anne> what tool in synaptic do i have to use, its a lot to
choose between
[11:32] <MihaiM> _frank, modprobe nvidia works now
[11:32] <robotgeek> slask3n, yeah
=== SloMo_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:32] <sri> MihaiM: is this on breezy
[11:32] <sri> MihaiM: ?
[11:32] <MihaiM> sri, no
[11:33] <kb00heda> Does anybody know whether it is possible to change the
window title for applications? (It is easy enough for terminals.)
=== epsas [] has joined
[11:33] <nalioth> vladuz976: ooo2 is broken, be wary
[11:33] <sri> MihaiM: ah.
[11:33] <Fidelio> can anybody give me a checklist of things to check for
when setting up a wireless connection in hoary?
[11:33] <epsas> hey - is there a way to get all of Ruby's libs in one
[11:33] <sri> nalioth: don't you need java to make it work?
[11:33] <epsas> i don't undestand why the 1.8 libs were split into all
these seperate files
[11:33] <vladuz976> nalioth: oh ok. so better to wait then huh. right now
i have 1.3 only
[11:33] <othernoob> nalioth only in the annoying repos ;)
[11:33] <nalioth> epsas: use synaptic to search for "ruby"
=== i3dmaster [] has joined
=== kakalto [] has joined #ubuntu
=== root_ [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:34] <othernoob> vladuz976: you don't have to wait.. just don't get
the one from the repos.. are you on broadband?
[11:34] <slask3n> robotgeek: thanks alot for the help =)
[11:34] <nalioth> sri: i don't believe java is required (but don't run
[11:34] <epsas> nalioth - uhhhh... n/m
[11:34] <Fidelio> anybody have any wireless experience in hoary?
[11:34] <vladuz976> othernoob: yes
[11:34] <epsas> /ignore nalioth
[11:34] <anne> someone that speaks norwegian here
[11:34] <rking> thanks!
=== rking [] has left #ubuntu
[11:34] <robotgeek> slask3n, hope that works :)
=== ptlo [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:34] <slask3n> :)
[11:34] <epsas> why were all of the ruby libs sepereated in the first
=== epsas [] has left
#ubuntu []
[11:34] <robotgeek> sri, java is used only for the wizards
=== Mafi [~mihai@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:35] <nalioth> anne: try #ubuntu-no
=== claas [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:35] <LuNaTiK^GuY> does gnome have automatic window placement like in
[11:35] <othernoob> vladuz976: did you get the query?
[11:35] <vladuz976> othernoob: so just remove oo with apt-get and get the
new one from their website?
[11:35] <Mafi> _frank, it works now. thanks a lot. 1600fps in glxgears
[11:36] <vladuz976> othernoob: what query?
[11:36] <Mafi> _frank, do you play eternal lands?
[11:36] <othernoob> vladuz976: yea i'll tell you what to do
=== blmartin777 [~blmartin7@] has joined #ubuntu
[11:36] <gigaclon> ive installed mplayer and w32codec and still can't
open windows media streams
[11:36] <_frank> Mafi: 1600fps.... incredible!!! lol I don;t know that
[11:36] <gigaclon> .wax file
[11:37] <othernoob> vladuz976: the one where i sent you the link to
precompiled OOo2beta debs
[11:37] <Fidelio> anybody in here using a d-link wireless card?
[11:37] <Mafi> _frank, it's just a geforce 4 mx...
[11:37] <_frank> i know....
[11:37] <nalioth> gigaclon: the newer wmv wont play under linux
[11:37] <Mafi> _frank, thaks a lot
[11:37] <concept10> Fidelio, what the problem?
[11:37] <gigaclon> .wax?
[11:38] <Mafi> _frank, bye
[11:38] <Fidelio> I can't connect to my wireless network with hoary and
my d-link card
=== claas [] has left #ubuntu
[11:38] <concept10> Fidelio, have you set it up?
[11:38] <Fidelio> checked the card, and it is apparently supported
[11:38] <robotgeek> Fidelio, what's the model #?
[11:38] <robotgeek> Fidelio, using ndiswrapper or normally?
[11:38] <Fidelio> D-Link DWL-G520+
=== Pixel83 [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:39] <Fidelio> robotgeek : normally
[11:39] <concept10> Fidelio, well you are in luck
[11:39] <slask3n> robotgeek: another question: i have quickcam messenger
(yes, the one that should not work in linux at all) andnow ive got the
picture working now, i can see myself live trough xawtv :) but ive read
that "The standard usb mic driver in the kernel works for the built in
microphone as well.".. Where can i find this driver and enable it? if its
not loaded already.. can you help me with that to maybe?
[11:39] <gigaclon> well could you help me getting RealPlayer media to
[11:39] <Fidelio> I am?
[11:39] <gigaclon> I have installed the RealPlayer 10 Linux from
=== NeoChaosX [] has
joined #ubuntu
=== Velcan [] has joined #ubuntu
[11:39] <concept10> Fidelio,
[11:40] <supernix> anyone here running a dns server ?
[11:40] <gigaclon> but it freezes on playing an .smil
[11:40] <nalioth> gigaclon: have you been to the restricted formats page?
[11:40] <NeoChaosX> hm
[11:40] <robotgeek> slask3n, cool...i need to look for that driver too,
never bothered to check my mic on the momento!
[11:40] <gigaclon> yeah
[11:40] <NeoChaosX> I see
[11:41] <slask3n> robogeek: thanks again! :) your a great help for n00bs
like me! :)
[11:41] &