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Housing Seoul National University


									     Chapter. 1
     Chapter. 1

        Seoul National University offers various types of accommodations for the convenience of
     students and faculty. There are 6 residential complexes housing over 4,500 students and
     faculty including the Undergraduate House, Graduate House, Family House for married
     students, BK International House for international professors and researchers, and Faculty
     Apartments for professors. In addition, there is also the Hoam Faculty House which
     accommodates professors visiting SNU for academic seminars or parents of international
     students visiting SNU for a short period.

                            1. Gwanak-sa (SNU Dormitory)
                             Gwanak-sa is the biggest dormitory on Gwanak Campus.
                             It includes the Undergraduate House, Graduate House and Family House.

                         Undergraduate Dormitory rooms are double rooms with large public restrooms,
                         partitioned shower stalls, and laundry rooms located on each floor. Every room is
                         furnished with a bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, and telephone for each resident. Each
                         room is also equipped with a LAN for free Internet connection. Bed sheets and a
                         laundry basket will also be provided to each resident at the time of check-in. All
                         buildings have air-conditioned lounges furnished with a TV/VCR, community
                         refrigerator, microwave oven, and vacuum cleaner - all free for resident use. Each
                         building also has a reading room, which is usually located on the 4th floor and is open
                         24 hours.
                         The living arrangements at Graduate House vary by building, with double rooms in
                         Building 914, single rooms in Building 918, and clusters (shared accommodations
                         with three double rooms) in the remaining four Graduate House buildings (Building
                         919). For single rooms, priority is given to doctoral and research students. Also, there

                                                                                                      Chapter 1. Housing

are subsidiary facilities such as cafeterias, a weight room, and a track and soccer
Family House accommodates 200 families with children. Each apartment is equipped
with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. For international
students, the apartment is furnished with a refrigerator, gas stove, table, bed, and

New or returning students to SNU (Gwanak Campus) interested in applying for a
room in a student dormitory must meet the following criteria.
Minimum GPA requirement: Foreigners must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher to be
eligible for acceptance (freshmen are exempt from this requirement).
Applicants may NOT have a record of disciplinary action or eviction.
Applicants are required to have a chest X-ray as well as blood and other standard
health tests, and must have a clean bill of health (students with contagious or
infectious diseases will not be admitted).

Application Procedures
1. Applying for the Dormitory : Students can apply online within the scheduled term
   through the dormitory homepage ( Eligibility to apply for
   Family House is limited to married graduate students, and students with physical      1   1. Gwanak-sa
                                                                                             2. Undergraduate House
   disabilities are given priority.                                                      2
                                                                                             2. Graduate House
2. Eligibility : All foreigners are eligible to apply.
3. Procedure
     Applications are accepted once a year and available only online.
     Application : Type in your personal information and GPA on the dormitory website.
     First cut : The first cut is made randomly by computer drawing.
     Document Deliberation: The Dormitory will review the documents of students
     who made the first cut.
     Final Acceptance : Students who pass the document review will be accepted to
     live in Gwanak Dormitory.

Housing Fee
Housing fees cover expenses for the maintenance and operation of the dormitories
and are paid four times a year : spring semester, summer vacation (optional), fall
semester, and winter vacation (optional). Students may choose to stay in their
dormitory during the vacations after paying the housing fee.
Students who do not pay the housing fee within the scheduled term are considered to
have rescinded their acceptance. Gwanak-sa’s housing fees are as follows:

SNU Campus Life Guidebook

                                                                  Housing Fees
                                                    Type                                  Deposit           Remarks
                                                                   (KRW, 2008)

                                               Double Room           435,000
                                    House                                             100,000 Paid at
                                                 Double Room         435,000
                                                                                       (Refunded at
                                                 Cluster Room        503,000            check-out)
1    1. BK International House
                                                 Single Room         663,000
                                                    Type A        100,000/month          4,000,000      Maintenance Fee
                                  Family House
                                                    Type B        150,000/month           450,000        30,000/Month

                                 Additional Comments
                                 1. Students should follow the guidelines of the dormitory. Students on leave for any
                                    reason (leave of absence, withdrawal, etc.) should check-out immediately.
                                 2. There are cafeterias in building 900 and 919 for students’ use.
                                 3. Cooking is allowed only in the Family House.

                                    2. BK International House
                                      BK International House is the accommodation for international professors
                                      and researchers invited by SNU for education or joint research.
                                      The purpose of this facility is to provide them with safe and convenient

                                 There are 316 single rooms and 74 cluster rooms (with two rooms). Rooms are
                                 furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bed, desk, wardrobe, refrigerator, gas stove, and

                                 International professors, researchers, research students and graduate students are
                                 eligible although priority is given to professors and researchers. Faculty or students
                                 who have been offered residence in the Faculty Apartments or Family House are not
                                 eligible to apply.

                                 Application Procedure
                                 Applicants should submit their application forms and other required documents to
                                 their college. After receiving a check-in notice, applicants should pay the monthly
                                 payment along with the deposit, conclude a contract, and then check-in. The term of
                                 residence is between 3 months and 1 year. An extension is possible for a maximum of

                                                                                                Chapter 1. Housing

one additional year. Professors and researchers may extend their term of residence
for yet another year, up to a maximum term of three years.

The deposit will be returned when the resident moves out. If the resident does not
move out after the term of residence has expired, an additional fee will be imposed.

                                    Single Room (KRW)              Cluster Room (KRW)
         Deposit                         1,140,000                      1,800,000
     Monthly Payment               380,000 (12,660 / day)          600,000 (20,000 /day)

Appendix Form
- BK International House Application Form (p. 62-63)

   3. International House
    International House, a dormitory for international students, is situated
    near Yeongeon Campus in Dongsung-dong and accommodates 58 people.

Application Procedure
Students can apply by submitting their application form to the Office of International
Affairs. The selection committee will make a decision regarding acceptance based on
its own criteria. If there is any vacancy due to cancellation or check-out during the
semester, students on the wait list will be offered the room.

Check-in and Check-out
Students who are accepted should pay the maintenance fee during the registration
period and submit the required documents, including a Certificate of
attendance/enrollment, a Letter of Recommendation from their advisor (for research
students), a Health Examination Certificate, a copy of their passport and two passport-
size photos, before checking in.

      Type         Deposit (KRW)        Maintenance Fee (KRW, month)           Remarks
  Cluster Room         560,000                      280,000
   Single Room         340,000                      170,000              Female students only
  Double Room          280,000                      140,000

Students who wish to check out during the semester should submit a Check-out
Form to the Office of International Affairs 7 days in advance of their scheduled check-
out date, settle up the maintenance fee, and return the keys to the Maintenance Office
on the first floor on check-out day.

SNU Campus Life Guidebook

                             Appendix Form
                             - Application for Residence in International House (p. 64)

                                4. Faculty Apartments
                                 The Faculty Apartments were built near the campus to provide professors
                                 employed by SNU with safe and convenient accommodations.

                             There are 236 households in the Faculty Apartments and the sizes of the apartments
                             vary between one room and four rooms. Singles can apply for an apartment with one
                             room (64m2).

1    1. Faculty Apartments   Internal facilities (built with concrete)

                                                                        Bath- Shelves in                Individual
                              Size House Rooms Ward-robe Living Kitchen rooms Dining Balcony Drawers on Heating
                                                         Room                                 Balcony
                                                                                Room                     system
                              64    20     1       1        1       1      1      1      1       1          1
                              96    89     2       2        1       1      1      1      1       1          1
                             127    122    3       3        1       1      2      1      1       1          1
                             136     5     4       3        1       1      2      1      1       1          1

                             Application Procedure
                             Professors who wish to move into the Faculty Apartments should fill out the
                             application form, receive confirmation by the relevant college, and submit it to the
                             Division of Welfare with proper documentation, such as employment related notices,
                             a copy of Alien Registration Card, and a photocopy of their passport. Upon review,
                             residents will be chosen and assigned an apartment by lottery. Residents should then
                             pay the deposit and then move in. The term of residence is up to three years, but one-
                             year extensions are possible upon review and approval by the Committee of Housing
                             Management. Requests for extensions should be made six months before expiration
                             of the current term of residence.

                             To reduce foreigners’ burden regarding initial housing costs, foreigners pay three
                             monthly payments (in a lump sum) as a deposit and make monthly payments every
                             month thereafter. This monthly payment does not include the maintenance fee. The
                             deposit will be returned when the resident moves out. If the resident does not move
                             out after the term of residence has expired, an additional fee will be imposed.

                                                                                                          Chapter 1. Housing

                              Size( )      Rooms    Deposit (KRW)   Monthly Payment (KRW)
                              64.0            1       1,350,000            464,000

   Faculty    Bldg. #122      96.0            2       2,010,000            690,000
 Apartments      (A~I)        127.0           3       2,520,000            866,000
                              136.0           4       3,300,000           1,134,000

Appendix Form
- Application Form for the Faculty Apartments (p. 65~69)

   5. Hoam Faculty House
    The Hoam Faculty House is a facility located near Gwanak Campus. It has
    Korean and occidental restaurants, a comfortable guest house, convention
    halls and rooms for international conferences and seminars for faculty to
    use at a low cost.

The Hoam Faculty House is equipped with a large convention hall, medium-sized
convention hall, eight seminar rooms, 126 guest rooms, and two restaurants.

Recommended Users
The Hoam Faculty House is operated for the faculty of SNU and international faculty
visiting SNU for conferences or seminars as well as parents of SNU students visiting SNU.
                                                                                            1   1. Hoam Faculty House
                                                                                                   Convention Hall
Reservations                                                                                2
                                                                                                2. Hoam Faculty House Guest
Reservations can be made by calling 880-0300 or 880-0301 (5572 on campus) or online                House
through the Hoam Faculty House homepage,

An HFC membership card held by a staff member of SNU allows for a discount of
10~30%, with a 40% discount being allowed for long-term lodging of 1~6 months.

SNU Campus Life Guidebook

                                   6. Neighboring Areas

                                 Types of Accommodation
                                 Hasook is a boarding house where the house owner provides you with a room,
                                 breakfast and supper, and does your laundry. For international students, hasook may
                                 provide chances to experience Korean culture up close and to make lasting
                                 friendships with other students in the house. Bathrooms are shared. Payment is
                                 made monthly, which is around KRW 400,000 including utilities.
                                 Studios are generally the most favored type of housing for students. Studios are
                                 furnished with all the furniture and appliances needed for comfortable living. Granted
                                 this is the most expensive housing option, the price varies according to the size,
                                 location, and amenities provided such as air-conditioning and washing machines.
                                 Payment is based on a yearly security deposit called key money (“Jeonse” in Korean)
1    1.
     2.   with prices ranging from 30 million to 50 million won, excluding utility fees. Monthly
                                 payment or a combination of deposit and monthly payment may also be available.

                                 * Useful Websites
                                    Seoul National University Co-op :
                                    Students’ Web Community :

                                 * Caution
                                 When looking for housing, you should contact a real estate agent. Be sure you are
                                 aware of all the relevant instructions and precautions before concluding a contract.

                                 Appendix Forms
                                 - Real Estate Lease Agreement Form (p. 70)
                                 - Real Estate Deal Agreement (p. 71)
                                 - A Reference for Foreigners (p.72)
                                 - Registration of Seal Impression (p. 73)
                                 - Certificate of Seal Impression (p. 74)
                                 - Letter of Attorney (For Certificate of Seal Impression) (p.75)
                                 - Application for Certificate of Seal Impression (p. 76)


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