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Where is Canada situated?
- Canada lies in North America, its southern neighbour are the United States of America.

What do you know about the countryside in Canada?
- Canada lies between the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. There are
few lowlands in Canada, the biggest is the Arctic Lowland. The most important mountain
range is called Rocky Mountains. There is the Labrador Peninsula in the east. Canada has
many islands in the north. The biggest is called Buffin Island. There are many big lakes in
Canada, including the Great Lakes. The longest rivers are Mackenzie and St. Lawrence.

What area does Canada occupy?
- Canada is the second largest country in the world, occupying the area of nearly 10,000,000
sq km. However, one region, Quebec, wants to become independent.

What is the climate like in Canada?
- Because Canada is so big, there are many different types of climate. The western coast has a
climate similar to Britain´s climate, with a lot of rain and mild temperatures during the whole
year. The remaining regions have very cold winters, but the south part of Canada has quite
warm summers.

How many inhabitants live there in Canada?
- There live about 31,000,000 inhabitants in Canada. About 70% speak English, the rest speak
French. 80% live in towns and cities.

What is the capital city of Canada?
- The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. But it is not the biggest city in Canada.

What are the biggest cities in Canada and where are they?
- The biggest cities in Canada are Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary (in the west), Winnipeg (in
the south), Toronto, Montréal and Québec (in the east)

Who is the formal head of Canada?
The formal head of the country is in fact Queen Elisabeth. Canada became independent in

Canada is a developed country. Which products are typical of Canada? What kinds of
industry are developed in Canada?
- Canada has arable land, so it produces a lot of corn, and exports it (they don´t need so much
corn). There are many forests in Canada, that´s why Canada produces a lot of wood and
paper. The natural resources include gold, silver, and coal.

What does Canadian flag look like? Tell us about Canadian ice-hockey players´ team.
Canadian flag is red and white with a red maple leaf in the middle. It is often seen at ice-
hockey matches. Ice-hockey is Canadian national sport, they have their NHL together with the
Americans, and whenever they fail to win a medal at the Olympic winter games, the whole
nation is pretty angry with them.

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