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continued - Rehab Group


									Annual Report 2008
The Rehab Group is a leading non-governmental organisation which strives towards a
world where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential, working in
local communities to provide high-quality services and opportunities to people who
need them.

Almost 3,600 Rehab Group staff provide health and social care, training and education,
and rehabilitation, employment and commercial services in Ireland, England, Scotland,
the Netherlands and Poland.

The people who currently use Rehab Group services include young people and adults
with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities, people with mental health difficulties,
people with autism and people with an acquired brain injury. A range of essential
services is also provided to older people, carers and others who are marginalised.

Every year, more than 56,000 people and their families benefit from the supports
provided by the Rehab Group in over 200 locations.

Registered in Dublin No. 14800
The Rehab Group

Legal Status
Company Data
The Rehab Group is a company limited by guarantee having no share capital

Registered Office
Roslyn Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Company Secretary
Mr K Poole, BBS, FCA

Allied Irish Bank plc, Bank of Ireland, Barclays Bank plc, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC

McCann FitzGerald, ME Marren & Co., Withers, McClure Naismith


Front cover: National Learning Network students Donncha O’Donovan, Caoimhe Murphy, Julija Jakovleva and Paulo Segurado.
	                         Chairman’s	Statement	      2	

	                    Chief	Executive’s	Statement	    4	

	                     Group	Boards	of	Directors	     6	

	                                   Staff	Profile	   8

	                        Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	 10	

	                    National	Learning	Network	 14	

	                                    RehabCare	 17	

	                             Rehab	Enterprises	 20	

	                            Rehab	Fundraising	 23

	                                 Rehab	Group		

	                                       Finance	 27	

	                             Human	Resources	 29	

	                       Policy	and	Co-ordination	 31	

	      Service	User	Representation	and	Advocacy	 33	

	                        International	Activities	 35	

	                          External	Environment	 37

	                       Rehab	Group	Addresses	 39
                                                          Chairman’s	Statement

                                                                              Colm	Allen	SC                               The	organisation	is	well	placed	to	meet	this	challenge.	
                                                                                                                          Throughout	the	last	decade	of	growth,	the	Rehab	Group	has	
                                                                                                                          put	in	place	solid	infrastructure	and	has	developed	strong	
                                                          The	Rehab	Group	was	fortunate	to	continue	to	enjoy	a	           corporate	governance.	In	the	more	challenging	times	
                                                          period	of	growth	in	008	against	a	background	of	global	        ahead,	the	Board	is	confident	that	the	services	of	the	
                                                          change.	New	services	and	initiatives	were	launched	and	         organisation	will	continue	to	be	recognised	by	its	funders	
                                                          the	organisation	continued	to	develop	and	adapt	its	range	      and	partners	as	high-quality	and	providing	excellent	value	
                                                          of	services	to	meet	the	evolving	needs	of	its	client	group.     for	money.

                                                          More	than	56,000	people	now	access	the	Rehab	Group’s	           As	Chairman	of	the	Board,	I	would	like	to	express	my	
                                                          services,	in	over	00	locations	across	Ireland,	England,	       gratitude	to	my	Board	colleagues	for	their	continued	
                                                          Scotland,	the	Netherlands	and	Poland.	The	array	of	these	       commitment	to	the	work	of	the	Rehab	Group.	My	particular	
                                                          services	across	health,	social	care,	employment,	training,	     thanks	are	due	to	those	Board	members	who	chair	
                                                          education	and	rehabilitation	is	now	among	the	broadest		        important	sub-committees	–	Liam	Hogan	(Audit),	Don	
                                                          in	any	non-governmental	organisation,	ensuring	that	our	        Tallon	(Best	Practice)	and	Declan	Doyle	(Remuneration).	
                                                          clients	have	access	to	an	unparalleled	range	of	services	to	
                                                                                                                          In	particular,	the	Board	and	staff	of	the	Rehab	Group	join	in	
                                                          meet	their	individual	needs.	
                                                                                                                          our	combined	thanks	to,	and	appreciation	of,	our	long-
Chairman’s Statement		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                          Of	significant	note	in	the	past	1	months	must	be	the	          standing	Board	member	Joe	Treacy,	who	retired	from	the	
                                                          organisation’s	recognition	by	the	Department	of	Education	      Rehab	Group	Board	during	008.	Joe’s	involvement	spanned	
                                                          and	Science	in	Ireland	as	a	primary	school	patron,	and	the	     over	30	years	as	a	Board	member	including	his	two	terms	
                                                          subsequent	opening	of	our	first	school	at	Patrickswell,	Co.	    as	Chairman	from	1988	to	1991	and	from	003	to	006.		
                                                          Limerick.	This	marks	a	new	chapter	in	the	Rehab	Group’s	        His	tireless	efforts	on	behalf	of	the	Rehab	Group	have	
                                                          history	and	we	look	forward	to	further	developments		           contributed	greatly	to	its	success	over	the	last	three	
                                                          in	this	arena.                                                  decades	and	his	Board	colleagues	wish	him	every	
                                                                                                                          happiness	in	his	retirement.	
                                                          As	008	progressed,	it	became	evident	that	the	economic	
                                                          conditions,	and	the	societal	demands	arising	from	these,	       In	addition	to	Joe,	this	year	saw	a	major	scaling-down	by	
                                                          will	challenge	the	organisation	in	new	ways	in	the	coming	      our	long-term	Director	and	former	Chairman,	Des	Cashell,		
                                                          years.	A	tightening	funding	regime	and	the	growth	of	need	      of	his	involvement	in	the	Rehab	Group.	Happily,	he	was	
                                                          in	new	areas,	along	with	the	challenges	already	facing	the	     persuaded	to	continue	as	a	Rehab	Group	Board	Director	but	
                                                          existing	client	base,	will	ensure	that	the	organisation	must	   has	withdrawn	from	his	involvement	both	as	Chair	and	
                                                          continue	to	adapt	and	change	to	deliver	on	its	mission.         ordinary	Director	of	all	other	subsidiaries	with	which	he	

was	associated.	Des	has	been	a	member	of	the	Rehab	                by	staff	and	service	users	to	developing	new	ideas	and	
Group	Board	for	41	years	and	his	contribution	at	every	level	      continuing	to	evolve	services,	and	we	look	forward	to	many	
has	been	quite	extraordinary.	We	are	all	deeply	in	his	debt	       more	innovations	in	009.	
and,	on	a	personal	level,	I	am	pleased	to	acknowledge	his	
                                                                   Our	sincere	thanks	also	go	to	our	voluntary	committees	and	
remarkable	input	over	the	years	and	the	guidance	and	
                                                                   many	volunteers	who	work	so	hard	to	ensure	the	success	
assistance	which	he	has	so	generously	given	to	me	since		
                                                                   of	our	varied	and	imaginative	fundraising	events.	Finally,	I	
I	joined	the	Board.
                                                                   would	like	to	thank	the	people	who	access	our	services	and	
The	partnerships	which	the	Rehab	Group	enjoys	with	                their	families;	we	look	forward	to	continuing	to	work	with	
organisations	in	the	public,	not-for-profit	and	private	sectors	   you	in	009.
are	essential	to	the	Rehab	Group’s	work.	I	would	like,	in	
                                                                   The	Rehab	Group	holds	a	key	position	as	one	of	the	largest	
particular,	to	express	our	appreciation	to	our	funding	
                                                                   not-for-profit	organisations	providing	services	to	people	
partners,	including	the	Health	Service	Executive,	FÁS,	the	
                                                                   with	disabilities	in	Europe.	In	the	changing	times	in	which	
Departments	of	Education	and	Science,	Justice,	Equality	and	
                                                                   we	live,	the	importance	of	organisations	like	ours	which	
Law	Reform,	and	Community,	Rural	and	Gaeltacht	Affairs,	
                                                                   ensure	that	essential	services	are	provided	to	those	with	
as	well	as	Pobal,	in	Ireland,	and	the	Department	for	Work	
                                                                   disabilities	and	who	are	vulnerable	is	further	underlined.	
and	Pensions,	local	authorities,	health	boards,	Primary	Care	
                                                                   The	Rehab	Group	will	continue	to	champion	the	rights	of	
Trusts,	and	Learning	and	Skills	Councils	in	the	UK,	as	they	
                                                                                                                                   Chairman’s Statement		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                   people	with	disabilities,	older	people	and	others	who	are	
continue	to	generously	support	the	organisation’s	work.
                                                                   marginalised	to	bring	real	difference	to	people’s	lives.
On	behalf	of	the	Rehab	Group	Board,	I	would	like	to	
acknowledge	all	those	who	have	given	so	much	to	the	
organisation	over	the	last	year.	

To	the	staff	of	the	Rehab	Group,	under	the	leadership	of	          	
Angela	Kerins	and	the	Group	Management	Team,	I	extend	             Colm	Allen	SC	
our	sincere	appreciation	and	thanks	for	their	motivation	          Chairman
and	dedication	which	produce	such	excellent	results	across	
all	divisions.	During	the	year,	members	of	the	Best	Practice	      May	009
Committee	of	the	Rehab	Group	Board	adjudicated	on	the	
Innovation	Awards	which	recognise	excellence	in	new	ideas	
and	projects	from	Rehab	Group	services.	The	committee	
was	extremely	pleased	at	the	level	of	commitment	shown	

                                                                 Chief	Executive’s	Statement

                                                                                     Chief	Executive	
                                                                                     Angela	Kerins                                severely-disabled	people.	This	is	an	exciting	new	
                                                                                                                                  development	in	line	with	the	Putting People First	recent	
                                                                                                                                  government	initiative	to	transform	adult	social	care.	
                                                                 The	year	008	was	an	exceptionally	busy	one	for	the	Rehab	       Elsewhere,	the	Scottish	Government	supported	the	purchase	
                                                                 Group	due	to	continued	growth	and	expansion	of	services	         of	a	new	head	office	by	Momentum,	through	funding	from	
                                                                 and	increases	in	commercial	activity,	as	evidenced	by	a	five	    the	Scottish	Investment	Fund.
                                                                 per	cent	increase	in	turnover	to	€16	million.	                  In	Ireland,	implementation	of	the	National	Disability	
                                                                 The	year	became	progressively	more	challenging	as	the	           Strategy,	and	monitoring	by	the	National	Disability	Strategy	
                                                                 downturn	in	the	global	economy	began	to	impact,	                 Stakeholders’	Monitoring	Group	of	the	funds	allocated	and	
                                                                 highlighting	the	need	for	prudent	decisions,	clear	strategic	    the	achievement	of	the	strategy’s	objectives,	were	ongoing.	
                                                                 planning	and	prioritisation	of	service	development	at	a	time	    The	Rehab	Group	takes	an	active	role	in	ensuring	that	
                                                                 of	reducing	public	funding	and	increasingly	competitive	         progress	continues	in	this	area.
                                                                 commercial	markets.	It	is	imperative	that	the	great	strides	     The	Rehab	Group	has	made	a	significant	contribution	to	the	
                                                                 that	have	been	made	in	recent	years	in	the	provision	of	         Government’s	employment	target	of	an	additional	7,000	
                                                                 services	to	people	with	disabilities	and	others	who	are	         people	with	disabilities	in	employment	by	010.	In	the	
                                                                 marginalised	are	not	eroded.	The	Rehab	Group	will	continue	
Chief Executive’s Statement		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                                                                                  period	from	the	announcement	of	this	goal	to	the	end	of	
                                                                 to	work	to	achieve	its	mission	and	to	ensure	the	availability	   008,	over	1,545	people	completing	training	with	National	
                                                                 of	services	to	those	who	need	them.	                             Learning	Network	have	entered	employment	on	a	full-	or	
                                                                 In	the	UK,	changes	in	funding	structures,	reductions	in	         part-time	basis,	which	is	an	outstanding	achievement	by	
                                                                 allocations	from	the	European	Social	Fund	and	a	projected	       any	standard.	Furthermore,	there	are	over	0	people	with	
                                                                 slowdown	in	public	service	expenditure	on	contracts	have	        disabilities	employed	by	Rehab	Enterprises	on	the	Wage	
                                                                 had	an	impact	on	the	organisation	and	will	continue	to	do	       Subsidy	Scheme	and	over	00	people	using	RehabCare’s	
                                                                 so.	The	Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	has	been	building	strategic	       services	are	being	supported	in	part-time	work	in	local	
                                                                 partnerships	and	ensuring	further	collaborative	working	         businesses.	
                                                                 across	divisions	to	maximise	opportunities	and	to	drive	         Red	Hill	School	for	children	with	autistic	spectrum	disorder	
                                                                 competitive	bids	for	prime	contractor	positions	and	             in	Patrickswell,	Co.	Limerick	is	a	historic	first	for	the	Rehab	
                                                                 significant	sub-contracting	partnerships.	New	opportunities	     Group.	The	initial	intake	of	six	pupils	is	expected	to	rise	to	
                                                                 to	provide	services	to	those	distant	from	the	labour	market	     60	by	010	and	a	wide	range	of	teaching	methods	is	used	
                                                                 have	continued	to	emerge	since	the	latter	half	of	008	and	      to	support	individual	pupils.
                                                                 these	opportunities	will	be	pursued	to	ensure	that	the	Rehab	
                                                                                                                                  RehabCare’s	reputation	as	a	provider	of	quality	services	
                                                                 Group	can	play	its	role	in	helping	people	back	into	work.	
                                                                                                                                  continues	to	grow	and	its	partnership	approach	with	local	
                                                                 TBG	Learning	expanded	its	range	of	services	and	opened	          communities	led	to	the	commencement	of	new	services	in	
                                                                 new	centres	in	Southall,	Ealing	Common,	Gillingham	and	          008,	including	a	unique	rural	day	service	in	Knocklofty,		
                                                                 Birmingham.	The	Chaseley	Trust	commenced	plans	for	the	          Co.	Tipperary,	resource	centres	in	Bailieboro	and	Shannon,	
                                                                 acquisition	of	semi-independent	living	bungalows	for	            outreach	services	and	residential	services.	
                                       Students	Darren	Burnett,	Michael	Phelan	and	Noel	Delaney	from	the	‘Foundation	’	course,	gather	images	for	a	visual	art	project	with	
                                       course	instructor	Mike	Cronin	(second	right)	in	National	Learning	Network’s	Roslyn	Park	College	in	Sandymount,	Dublin.		

Rehab	Enterprises	operates	a	successful	recycling	and	                      their	time	and	expertise.	I	would	like	also	to	express	my	
logistics	business,	and	had	good	results	in	008	despite	                   gratitude	to	my	colleagues	on	the	Group	Management	Team	
changing	commodity	prices	giving	rise	to	a	very	challenging	                for	their	continuing	leadership,	dynamism	and	support.
environment.	Its	partnerships	with	major	international	
                                                                            While	some	progress	has	been	made	in	Ireland	on	the	issue	
customers,	such	as	Dell	in	Poland	and	Microsoft	in	the	
                                                                            of	standards	for	disability	services,	there	remains	a	great	
Netherlands,	continue	to	develop.	
                                                                            deal	of	work	to	ensure	that	these	essential	markers	of	
Rehab	Lotteries,	which	forms	an	essential	part	of	the		                     quality	are	developed	and	enforced	to	protect	the	
Rehab	Group’s	fundraising	operations,	celebrated	0	years.	                 vulnerable,	and	to	ensure	efficiency	and	value	for	money	
The	division	continues	to	be	at	the	forefront	of	lottery	                   for	funders.	The	Rehab	Group	is	committed	to	the	provision	
innovation,	particularly	through	its	very	successful		                      of	quality	services,	a	fact	recognised	in	the	number	of	
online	gaming	products	at	and		                          prestigious	independent	excellence	and	quality	awards,	and	has	enabled	the	organisation	                       received	both	in	Ireland	and	in	the	UK.	We	continue	to	
to	constantly	develop	and	improve	services.	                                advocate	for	national	standards	to	be	introduced	and	
                                                                            monitored	to	ensure	compliance	and	quality	services		
HeadsUp,	our	suicide	prevention	and	mental	health	
                                                                            across	the	sector.	
promotion	programme	for	young	people	in	Ireland,	

                                                                                                                                                                           Chief Executive’s Statement		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
launched	its	new	interactive	website	supported	by	a	team	                   A	society	must	be	judged	on	the	way	it	treats	its	most	
of	dedicated	youth	volunteers	and	was	well	received.	Its	                   vulnerable	citizens	and	the	Rehab	Group	is	committed	to	
text	support	service	was	also	expanded	to	include	localised	                supporting	people	to	advocate	for	themselves	and	to	
services	available	in	1	colleges	and	universities,	                        assisting	those	who	are	voiceless	in	our	community.		
demonstrating	its	value	to	young	people.	                                   We	will	continue	to	work	hard	to	influence	leaders	and	
                                                                            policymakers	to	deliver	positive	change	in	the	lives	of	
The	nature	of	the	Rehab	Group’s	work	means	that	the	talent	
                                                                            people	with	disabilities	and	others	who	are	marginalised.	
and	dedication	of	staff	is	vital	to	the	delivery	of	quality	
services	to	individuals.	An	employee	engagement	survey	                     It	is	with	a	real	sense	of	pride	that	I	note	that	the	
was	undertaken	during	the	year	by	the	Excellence	Ireland	                   organisation	celebrates	its	sixtieth	birthday	in	009/010.		
Quality	Association	and	this	found	that	colleagues	are	highly	              As	evidenced	over	the	last	60	years,	Rehab	is	an	
committed	and	loyal,	with	the	job	satisfaction	outcomes	                    organisation	which	is	adaptable	and	resilient	and	which,	
exceptionally	positive	and	among	the	highest	seen	for	this	                 with	the	ongoing	support	of	all	of	its	friends,	will	continue	
survey.	The	results	are	a	testament	to	the	dedication	of	our	               to	go	from	strength	to	strength.	
staff	and	the	pride	that	we	all	take	in	the	quality	of	the	
services	provided.	I	want	to	take	this	opportunity	to	thank	
each	and	every	one	of	my	colleagues	for	their	unique	
contribution;	their	commitment	and	enthusiasm	are	
essential	to	the	positive	‘can-do’	culture	of	the	organisation.	            Angela	Kerins	
I	would	like	to	thank	the	Rehab	Group	Board	members	and	                    Chief	Executive
the	Boards	of	all	of	Rehab	Group’s	companies	for	giving	of	                 May	009	
                                                               Group	Boards	of	Directors
                                                               The Rehab Group            RehabCare
                                                               Mr	C	Allen	SC	(Chair)      Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)

                                                               Mr	B	W	Kerr	(Vice-Chair)   Ms	M	Joyce

                                                               Mr	J	Browne                Mr	K	Poole

                                                               Mr	H	D	Cashell             Mr	D	Tallon

                                                               Ms	P	Cremin

                                                               Mr	D	Doyle                 Rehab Enterprises Ltd
                                                               Ms	N	Gildea                Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)

                                                               Mr	H	D	Governey            Mr	M	O’Sullivan

                                                               Mr	J	Herlihy               Mr	K	Poole

                                                               Mr	L	Hogan                 Mr	J	M	Treacy*

                                                               Mr	B	T	Keogh

                                                               Mr	G	Lambert               Momentum Scotland
                                                               Mr	P	Lydon                 Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)

                                                               Mr	M	E	Marren              Ms	S	Boyne

                                                               Mr	D	Tallon                Mr	F	Flannery

                                                               Mr	J	M	Treacy*             Mr	D	Gentleman
Group Boards of Directors 	|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                                          Mr	A	Heron
                                                               National Learning          Mr	J	Houston
                                                               Network Ltd                Mr	K	Poole
                                                               Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)

                                                               Mr	J	Browne

                                                               Mr	K	Poole

The Training and      Rehab Lotteries Ltd
Business Group Ltd    Mr	C	Allen	SC	(Chair)
Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)   Mr	J	Browne
Mr	C	Allen	SC         Mr	F	Flannery
Ms	S	Boyne            Ms	A	Kerins
Ms	S	Gidman           Mr	B	Kerr
Mr	I	Hounslow         Dr	J	McGuire
Mr	K	Poole            Mr	K	Poole
Mr	J	M	Treacy*        Mr	J	M	Treacy*
Mr	I	Welsh

The Chaseley Trust
Ms	A	Kerins	(Chair)

Mr	R	Bugler

Mr	F	Flannery

Mr	J	J	Q	Howes

Mr	P	Salmon

                                                                   Group Boards of Directors 	|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
Mr	I	Welsh

                      *	Mr	J	M	Treacy	resigned	on	0	August	008

                                                   Staff	Profile
                                                   Rehab Group                             Group	Property	Manager	                Human	Resources	Manager,		
                                                                                           Mr P Costelloe, MIPFMA, Dip Proj Mgt   Health	and	Social	Care	
                                                   Chief	Executive	
                                                                                                                                  Ms C McKenna, BA, MCIPD
                                                   Ms	A Kerins, SRN, SCM, LLD              Head	of	Fundraising	
                                                                                           Ms P Crowley, B Comm, MBS              Human	Resources	Manager,	Training	
                                                   Director	of	Finance	
                                                                                                                                  and	Employment	Services	
                                                   Mr K Poole, BBS, FCA                    Head	of	Communications		
                                                                                                                                  Ms M Kearns, MSc, H Dip
                                                                                           and	Public	Affairs	
                                                   Director	of	Human	Resources	
                                                                                           Mr D Delaney, BSc Commun,
                                                   Ms S Boyne, BA, Dip HRM, FCIPD
                                                                                           Adv Dip Comm, MPRII                    RehabCare
                                                   Director	of	Fundraising		                                                      Assistant	Director	of	Health	and		
                                                                                           Divisional	Financial	Controller,	
                                                   Dr J McGuire BSc, PhD, FMII, MICI                                              Social	Care	Services	
                                                                                           Mr E Hardy, FCCA                       Ms L Keane, MSc (Health Services
                                                   Director	of	Policy	and	Co-ordination	
                                                                                                                                  Management), Dip COT
                                                   Ms S J Dillon, MBA, BSc OT
                                                                                           Divisional	Financial	Controller,		
                                                                                           Health	and	Social	Care	                General	Manager,	West	and		
                                                   Director	of	Health	and	Social	Care	
                                                                                           Ms M McEvoy, ACMA                      North	West	
                                                                                                                                  Mr K Clancy, Dip HCM
                                                   Ms M Gillard, RGN, DSN
                                                                                           Divisional	Financial	Controller,		
                                                                                           Training	and	Employment	Services	      General	Manager,	Midlands	and		
                                                   Director	of	Enterprises	
                                                                                           Ms C O’Dowd, ACA                       North	East	
                                                   Mr M Horgan, BSc Mgt, Dip Mgt
                                                                                                                                  Mr P McKevitt
                                                   Studies, Dip Bus Mgt
                                                                                           Divisional	Financial	Controller,	
                                                                                           Fundraising		                          General	Manager,	South	and	Mid-West	
                                                   Director	of	Training	and		
                                                                                           Mr W Doyle                             Ms R Thurlby, BA Eur Bus
                                                   Employment	Services	
                                                   Ms M Kelly, MBA, ACMA, MAAT                                                    Locum	General	Manager,		
                                                                                           Divisional	Financial	Controller,		
                                                                                                                                  East	and	South	East	
Staff Profile		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                   Director	of	UK	Services	                UK	Services	
                                                                                           Mr I Hounslow, BA, FCMA                Mr M O’Connor, BA Mgt, MBS
                                                   Mr I Welsh, MA, MA, DPSE, FRSA

                                                                                           Head	of	Development,	UK	Services	      Principal	Clinical	Psychologist	
                                                   CEO	Programme	Manager	
                                                                                           Mr S Black, DMS, MBA                   Mr A Abrahams, MA Clinical
                                                   Ms C O’Neill, BA (Intl), H Dip DD,
                                                                                                                                  Psychology, MSc Adult Psychotherapy
                                                   Dip LS
                                                                                           Senior	Human	Resources		
                                                                                           Operations	Manager	                    Home-based	Services	Manager	
                                                   Chief	Information	and		
                                                                                           Ms K Fanneran, BBS, MCIPD              Mr K Dhondt, Dip App SS, Dip Mgt
                                                   Technology	Officer	
                                                   Mr G Merrigan, MSc Mgt Ops, BSc                                                Health	and	Safety	Manager	
                                                                                           Resourcing	Manager	
                                                   Comp Apps, MICS, MACM                                                          Ms M Peate-Morgan, MSc, Dip LS,
                                                                                           Ms D Jackson, MMII (Grad)
                                                                                                                                  CMIOSH, MIIRSM
                                                   Group	Financial	Controller	
                                                                                           Human	Resources	Manager,	
                                                   Mr M Cronin, FCCA

                                                   Group	Internal	Auditor	                 Ms N Byrne, MSc, BSc, MCIPD
                 8                                 Mr T Connaughton, ACCA
Rehab Enterprises                    Regional	Director,	Dublin,	Wicklow	    Momentum
                                     and	North	East	
General	Manager,	Rehab	Recycle	                                             Financial	Controller	
                                     Mr C Gibbons, MSc Rehab Studies,
Mr R Rowat                                                                  Mr D Whyte, BAcc, CA
                                     Dip SVR, Grad MII, Grad CIPD

General	Manager,	Rehab	Logistics	                                           Head	of	Community	Health		
                                     Regional	Director,	South	West,	Mid-
Mr P Murphy                                                                 and	Social	Care	
                                     West	and	South	East	
                                                                            Ms R Dorman, RGN, RCOE, Dip SW
Business	Development	Manager	        Mr M O’Sullivan, BE

Mr J McEntee, MMII Grad, PG Dip                                             Head	of	Operations,	Momentum	Skills	
                                     Principal	Psychologist	
                                                                            Mr D Taylor, MA, Dip Ed
Quality	Manager	                     Mr M Coughlan, MA, H Dip CBT, AFPsSI

Mr M Maguire, BSc, Dip Prod Eng,                                            Director	of	Operations,	Haven	Products	
                                     Environmental,	Health	and		
Cert Ind Eng                                                                Mr T Bruin
                                     Safety	Manager	

Environmental,	Health	and		          Mr P Dempsey, BSc, CMIOSH              Human	Resources	Manager	
Safety	Manager	                                                             Mr K Richmond, MSc, MCIPD
Mr J Crummy, MBS, BSc, GMIOSH        TBG Learning                           Programme	Development	Officer	
                                     Regional	Manager,	London		             Ms N Neilson
National Learning                    Central	and	West	
                                                                            Communications	Manager	
Network                              Ms A Osho, ADMS
                                                                            Ms A Lennon, MA, M Phil
Director	of	Operations	              Regional	Manager,	East	London		
Mr J O’Brien                         and	Employer	Division	
                                                                            The Chaseley Trust
                                     Mr D Avery
Manager	of	Learning	and		
                                                                            Chief	Executive	
Assessment	Services	                 Regional	Manager,	Kent	                Ms S Wyatt, RGN
Ms D Duffin, Cert Ed, M Phil         Mr M Burger
                                                                                                                      Staff Profile		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                            Registered	Manager	
Head	of	Accreditation,	Standards		   Regional	Manager,	East	and	West	       Mrs H Barrow, RGN, MCMI
and	Supports	                        Midlands	Employer	Division	
Mr D Muldoon, BComm, M Ed            Mr F Seeley

Regional	Director,	Midlands,		       Regional	Manager,	Derbyshire	and	
West	and	North	West	                 West	Midlands	
Ms L Bird, BA, MA, M Ed, Dip SVR     Mr L Thirlaway, BA

                                     Human	Resources	Manager	
                                     Ms B Read, MA, MCIPD

Rehab	Group	in	the	UK

                              “Strengthening	its	position	as	an	innovative	provider	
                              of	rehabilitation,	social	care,	training	and	employment	
                              services	to	people	with	disabilities	and	socially-
                              disadvantaged	groups	across	Scotland	and	England.”

  Director	of	UK	Services	
  Ian	Welsh

Momentum	client	Robert	Sturgeon	proudly	stands	before	a	30-foot	full-colour	wall	mural,	designed	and	painted	by	participants	
of	the	‘Pathways’	programme	for	people	with	acquired	brain	injuries.	
Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	incorporates	Momentum	Skills,	Momentum	Care,	Haven	Products,	
and	TBG	Learning	and	The	Chaseley	Trust	in	England.	The	organisation	works	in	partnership	
with	the	Department	for	Work	and	Pensions	(DWP),	local	authorities,	health	boards,	
Primary	Care	Trusts,	Learning	and	Skills	Councils,	Community	Planning	Partnerships,	further	
education	colleges,	the	University	for	Industry,	regional	development	agencies,	the	Big	
Lottery	Fund,	insurance	companies	and	a	range	of	trusts	and	individual	donors.

Momentum                                                           undertaken.	Following	on	from	this,	arrangements	are	
                                                                   being	put	in	place	for	brain	injury	services	in	both	the	
Momentum	Skills	is	one	of	Scotland’s	leading	providers	of	         Birmingham	and	Newcastle	centres	to	be	managed	by	
rehabilitation	and	training	services,	empowering	disabled	and	     Momentum.	The	centres	provide	assessment,	training		
excluded	people	to	learn	the	skills	that	they	need	to	live	        and	development	programmes	that	enable	people	with	
independently	and	to	gain	access	to	employment.	Established	       disabilities	to	break	into	the	workforce,	and	have	
in	1990,	the	organisation	now	operates	from	5	locations	          demonstrated	a	consistently	high	average	of	service		
across	the	country,	assisting	around	,00	people	annually.        users	returning	to	work,	education	and	training.

During	the	course	of	the	year,	Momentum	Skills	joined	             Haven	Products	operates	as	a	commercially-viable	and	
forces	with	Glasgow’s	five	Local	Regeneration	Agencies	to	         efficient	business,	providing	employment	opportunities	for	
win	the	contracts	for	delivering	the	DWP’s	Cities	strategy	        disabled	people	–	around	86	per	cent	of	its	employees	are	
and	piloted	new	approaches	to	community	engagement	                disabled.	The	model	is	widely	acclaimed	and,	in	008,	
and	assistive	technology,	working	in	conjunction	with	             Haven	Products	won	STAR	Social	Firm	status	and	a	Social	
Glasgow	Community	Planning.	Momentum	Skills	also	                  Enterprise	Coalition	Enterprising	Solutions	Award,	as	well		
became	the	biggest	recipient	of	European	Social	Fund	              as	a	leading	supplier	award	from	its	largest	private	sector	
monies	in	Central	and	Lowland	Scotland	in	the	first	round		        customer,	the	Edrington	Group.	It	works	with	some	of	

                                                                                                                                  Rehab Group in the UK		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
of	the	007–013	programme.	In	addition,	a	significant	            Scotland’s	largest	blue-chip	companies	which	have	
new	investment	by	the	Big	Lottery	Fund	will	allow	                 outsourced	vital	elements	of	their	production	processes.	
Momentum	Skills	to	develop	a	volunteer	network	which	              Haven	Products	operates	from	a	number	of	key	sites	across	
will	support	people	with	a	spinal	injury	in	accessing	             Scotland,	delivering	business	services	in	a	range	of	areas,	
information	technology	in	their	communities	and	homes.             from	packaging	to	component	assembly	to	print	finishing.	
                                                                   The	majority	of	Haven’s	workforce	is	referred	by	Jobcentre	
Momentum	Care	offers	a	variety	of	social	care	services	for	
                                                                   Plus	through	its	‘WORKSTEP’	programme	which	supports	
people	with	a	wide	range	of	needs.	An	experienced	team	of	
                                                                   disabled	people	in	accessing	employment.	
professional	social	care	staff	provides	flexible	services	which	
support	people	in	their	communities,	enabling	them	to	live	
independently	in	their	own	homes	and	to	take	part	in	              TBG Learning
community-based	activities.	In	008,	new	housing	support	
                                                                   TBG	Learning	continued	to	grow	in	008	and	is	now	one		
and	home	care	services	with	the	Care	Connect	service	in	
                                                                   of	the	UK’s	leading	youth	and	adult	learning	organisations.	
South	Lanarkshire	commenced,	along	with	the	provision	of	
                                                                   The	majority	of	people	accessing	TBG	Learning’s	services	
several	‘Living	Options’	packages	in	Momentum	Care’s	North	
                                                                   come	from	socially-disadvantaged	groups	such	as	people	
and	East,	and	Central	and	West	branches.
                                                                   who	are	long-term	unemployed,	people	with	skill	training	
In	advance	of	potential	restructuring,	a	review	of	brain	          needs	or	basic	skills	needs,	as	well	as	people	who	need	to	
injury	services	within	Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	was	                  upskill	to	improve	their	employability	or	career	prospects.	        11
                                                           Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	continued
                                                           Learners	can	choose	from	a	wide	variety	of	learning	              for	up	to	55	residents,	it	also	offers	facilities	for	respite	and	
                                                           opportunities,	ranging	from	basic	literacy	and	numeracy	          holiday	care,	rehabilitation	for	those	who	are	able	to	return	
                                                           skills	to	computer	engineering,	which	are	delivered	at	TBG	       to	the	community,	and	day	care	services	for	non-residents.
                                                           Learning’s	network	of	18	learning	centres	across	England.		
                                                                                                                             The	Trust	completed	work	on	its	£500,000	Diamond	Jubilee	
                                                           In	008,	new	centres	opened	in	Southall,	Ealing	Common,	
                                                                                                                             project	and	now	has	a	new	therapy	department	with	fully-
                                                           Gillingham	and	Birmingham.
                                                                                                                             equipped	gymnasium,	a	new	computer	activity	centre	and	
                                                           TBG	Learning	continues	to	provide	learning,	development	          newly-refurbished	recreational	rooms	including	a	theatre,	
                                                           and	employment	opportunities	for	a	large	number	of	               cinema	and	conference	suite.	
                                                           socially-	and	economically-disadvantaged	clients,	aged	from	
                                                                                                                             Following	a	decision	of	the	Rehab	Group	Board	in	008,		
                                                           14	to	over	80	years.	The	clients	can	range	from	disengaged	
                                                                                                                             the	Trust	acquired	a	number	of	semi-independent	living	
                                                           school	pupils	to	adult	learners	on	further	education	
                                                                                                                             bungalows	for	severely-disabled	people,	offering	a	chance	
                                                           programmes	wishing	to	learn	IT	skills	for	the	first	time.	Over	
                                                                                                                             for	the	service	user	group	to	live	a	more	independent	
                                                           45,000	learners	accessed	courses,	achieved	qualifications,	or	
                                                                                                                             lifestyle	and	affording	greater	choice,	privacy	and	dignity.	
                                                           progressed	to	employment	or	further	education	in	008.

                                                           During	the	course	of	the	year,	TBG	Learning	continued		
                                                                                                                             2008 Key Highlights
                                                           to	compete	in	the	busy	world	of	UK	skills	and	learning	
                                                           tendering,	winning	Entry	to	Employment	and	Flexible	
                                                                                                                             and Developments
                                                           Routeways	business	in	Birmingham	and	West	Bromwich,	              There	was	a	range	of	other	new	developments	and	
                                                           DWP	logistics	activity	for	Shirebrook	in	Derbyshire,	New	         initiatives	across	Rehab	Group	in	the	UK	in	008:
                                                           Deal	for	Disabled	People	business	in	Colchester	and	Clacton,	
                                                           and	Skills	for	Jobs	activity	for	South	London	and	Tower	          Momentum
Rehab Group in the UK		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Hamlets.	Notwithstanding	the	reducing	availability		              •   A	new	head	office	in	Glasgow	was	purchased,	
                                                           of	funding	for	adult	skills	provision	in	further	education,	          supported	by	a	successful	application	to	the	Scottish	
                                                           TBG	Learning	also	secured	a	new	further	education		                   Government’s	Scottish	Investment	Fund.
                                                           contract	with	Chesterfield	College.
                                                                                                                             •   Momentum	was	invited	to	join	Bighearted	Scotland,		
                                                           Staff	training	and	development	continued	to	be	a	high	                a	consortium	of	seven	Scottish	charities	fundraising	
                                                           priority	for	TBG	Learning	in	008	to	ensure	that	all	                 together.
                                                           employees	have	the	relevant	knowledge,	skills	and	expertise	
                                                                                                                             •   Innovative	programmes	and	services	continued	to	be	
                                                           to	perform	their	work	to	consistently	high	standards.	During	
                                                                                                                                 introduced,	such	as	the	Momentum	Scotland	GP-based	
                                                           the	year,	staff	attended	119	internal	and	external	training	
                                                                                                                                 employability	programme	in	Aberdeen.
                                                           events	and	seminars,	equating	to	707	training	days.

                                                                                                                             Momentum Skills
                                                           The Chaseley Trust                                                •   Momentum	Skills	was	the	top	performer	of	40	
                                                                                                                                 Jobcentre	Plus	‘WORKSTEP’	providers	in	Scotland.
                                                           The	Chaseley	Trust,	a	residential	home	in	Eastbourne	on	the	
                                                           south	coast	of	England,	enjoyed	another	very	successful	          •   Momentum	Skills	secured	three-year	funding	from	the	
                                                           year,	operating	at	capacity.	The	home	provides	treatment	             Scottish	Government	to	assist	in	financing	job	retention	
                                                           and	rehabilitation	services	for	people	with	significant	              support	for	people	with	acquired	brain	injury	within	the	
          1                                               physical	disabilities.	As	well	as	being	a	permanent	home	             Grampian	area.	
Councillor	Peter	Balbirnie,	Chairman	of	Tendring	District	Council,	gets	pampered	by	          Two	of	The	Chaseley	Trust’s	bungalows	in	Eastbourne,	part	of	a	new	semi-independent	
learners	at	the	launch	of	the	new	Nail	and	Beauty	salon	at	TBG	Learning	Tendring.	            living	community	which	has	been	developed	for	severely-disabled	people.	

•    Momentum	Skills’	service	user	assessment	is	now	being	                            •   There	were	high-profile	visits	to	Haven	Products	from	
     used	as	an	example	of	good	practice	by	the	Scottish	                                  the	CEO	of	Standard	Life	and	the	Scottish	Government’s	
     Borders	Council.	                                                                     Minister	for	Enterprise,	Energy	and	Tourism,	and	Deputy	
•    The	Big	Lottery	Fund	awarded	Momentum	Skills’	Spinal	                                 First	Minister.	
     Injuries	Service	a	three-year	grant	for	TECH-NET,	in	                             •   The	Managing	Director	of	Haven	Products	was	
     which	a	network	of	supported	volunteers	assist	people	                                appointed	as	a	Director	of	Social	Firms	Scotland.
     with	a	spinal	injury	in	the	use	of	assistive	technology	
     after	they	have	returned	home	from	hospital.                                      TBG Learning
•    In	partnership	with	Glasgow	Caledonian	University,	                               •   A	TBG	learner	won	the	London	Regional	Learning	and	
     Momentum	Skills	has	developed	the	Momentum	Ph.D.	                                     Skills	Council	Basic	Skills	Learner	of	the	Year	award.	
     which	will	research	best	practice	in	employability	                               •   TBG	Learning	achieved	the	Matrix	Quality	Award	for	
     assessment.                                                                           information,	advice	and	guidance.
                                                                                       •   ISO	9000	monitoring	visits	to	TBG	Learning	centres	
Momentum Care
                                                                                           confirmed	continued	approval	of	the	quality	mark.
•    Momentum	Care	was	awarded	funding	from	the	
                                                                                       •   Ofsted	undertook	a	successful	inspection	of	the	TBG	
     Scottish	Government	to	take	the	lead	across	the	country	
                                                                                           Learning	New	Deal	Prime	Contract	in	Kent.

                                                                                                                                                                           Rehab Group in the UK		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
     in	co-ordinating	activity	with	other	providers,	carers	and	
                                                                                       •   Ofsted	undertook	a	successful	monitoring	visit	of	the	
     service	users	in	the	training	and	awareness	of	the	Adult	
                                                                                           TBG	Learning	New	Deal	Prime	Contract	in	Derbyshire.
     Support	and	Protection	(Scotland)	Act	007.
                                                                                       •   TBG	Learning	conducted	a	Learning	and	Skills	Council	
•    Momentum	Care	took	over	two	private	domiciliary	care	
                                                                                           Pilot	of	the	new	foundation	learning	tier	within	Entry		
     and	housing	support	providers.	
                                                                                           to	Employment.
•    Momentum	Care	achieved	Scottish	Qualifications	
                                                                                       •   TBG	Learning	introduced	and	delivered	a	new	national	
     Association	accreditation	to	deliver	Scottish	Vocational	
                                                                                           vocational	qualification	in	care.	
     Qualifications	for	Care	from	levels	II	to	IV	and	to	deliver	
     Leadership	and	Management	level	IV.                                               •   TBG	Learning	won	London	Regional	Learning	and	Skills	
                                                                                           Council	Provider	of	the	Year	008.
Haven Products
                                                                                       The Chaseley Trust
•    Haven	Products’	Complementary	Workforce	numbers	
     doubled.	                                                                         •   The	Chaseley	Trust	inaugurated	a	series	of	NHS	
                                                                                           consultant-led	clinics	in	partnership	with	East	Sussex	
•    Haven	Products	new	learning	centre	at	Hillington	was	
                                                                                           Out-Patient	Services,	with	clinics	set	to	expand	in	009.
     established,	delivering	IT,	numeracy	and	literacy	
     training	for	employees.

                               “Providing	person-centred,	outcome-focused	training,	
                               with	over	90	per	cent	of	learners	who	complete	their	
                               training	progressing	to	employment	or	to	further	
                               education	and	training.”

  Director	of	Training	and	Employment	Services	
  Marie	Kelly

Adam	Kemp,	a	student	of	‘Multimedia	and	Digital	Graphic	Design’,	just	one	of	the	many	innovative	courses	offered	by	National	
Learning	Network.	
National	Learning	Network	is	an	internationally-recognised	leader	in	the	provision	of	high-quality,	
accredited	training	and	specialist	support	to	people	who	are	distant	from	the	labour	market.	
National	Learning	Network	works	with	a	range	of	key	partners	–	FÁS,	the	Health	Service	Executive	
(HSE),	Department	of	Education	and	Science,	City	of	Dublin	Vocational	Education	Committee	and	
Institutes	of	Technology	–	to	deliver	innovative	programmes	that	assist	learners	in	learning	the	
skills	that	they	need	to	build	lasting	careers	in	jobs	that	reflect	their	interests	and	abilities.	

The	division	also	works	closely	with	a	bank	of	some	3,000	          National	Learning	Network	was	also	delighted	to	
employers	who	collaborate	with	local	centres	in	providing	          receive	the	European	Quality	in	Social	Services	award.	
work	experience,	training	and	learning	opportunities,	and	
                                                                •   ‘Focus’	
full-	and	part-time	employment.	Over	5,000	learners	
                                                                    ‘Focus’	is	a	one-year	person-centred	programme	which	
benefit	each	year	from	National	Learning	Network’s	
                                                                    adopts	a	recovery-oriented	approach	for	persons	
accredited	training	and	support	services	through	a	range		
                                                                    experiencing	mental	health	difficulties.	In	008,	
of	delivery	methods	including	centre-based	training,	
                                                                    programmes	were	completed	in	three	new	locations	–	
employer-based	training,	continuous	professional	
                                                                    Limerick	city,	Carrigaline	and	Macroom.	‘Focus’	is	
development	and	distance	learning.	
                                                                    delivered	in	the	heart	of	the	community	and	offers	a	
                                                                    wide	range	of	modules,	including	personal	development,	
Services’ Growth                                                    community	integration,	exploration	of	physical	and	

Demand	for	services	continued	to	exceed	supply	in	008.	            mental	well-being,	and	vocational	orientation,	with	

By	the	end	of	the	year,	over	90	per	cent	of	those	                  health	and	social	gain	recorded	throughout.	

completing	training	across	all	programmes	progressed	           •   ‘Home	Focus’		
either	to	employment	or	to	further	education	and	training.	         ‘Home	Focus’	is	a	unique	assertive	outreach	programme	

                                                                                                                                National Learning Network		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
These	results	are	without	parallel	in	either	specialist	or	         provided	in	partnership	with	the	HSE	which	aims	to	
mainline	provision	of	similar	training.	National	Learning	          enhance	people’s	mental	health	and	well-being.	It	is	
Network	has	developed	considerable	knowledge	and	                   delivered	in	people’s	homes	by	a	multi-disciplinary	
expertise	in	delivering	training	courses	to	meet	individual	        team	comprising	a	recovery	worker,	a	community	nurse	
needs.	The	division	is	currently	restricted	to	providing	its	       and	a	vocational	instructor.	The	programme	was	
services	to	people	with	disabilities	only,	but	would	               evaluated	by	University	College	Cork	in	008	which	
welcome	the	opportunity	to	offer	access	to	other	learner	           found	substantial	increases	in	participants’	health	and	
groups,	for	example,	those	who	are	unemployed	and	                  social	gain,	independent	living	skills	and	social	
others	who	may	need	specialist	support.	                            engagement,	with	the	number	of	hospital	admission	
                                                                    days	by	participants	cut	by	almost	half.
2008 Key Highlights and                                         •   Internships	with	Irish	Life	and	Permanent	
Developments                                                        A	new	ten-week	internship	programme	was	launched		
•   National	Standards	                                             in	July	in	partnership	with	Irish	Life	and	Permanent’s	
    National	Learning	Network	is	a	FETAC-accredited	                corporate	division.	This	programme	offered	placements	
    organisation,	and	operates	within	a	culture	of	                 to	participants	from	centres	across	Dublin	to	allow	them	
    continuous	improvement	and	best	practice.	During	               the	opportunity	to	practise	the	skills,	knowledge	and	
    008,	National	Learning	Network	was	awarded	the	                competencies	of	their	programme	of	study	and	to	
    prestigious	Recognised	for	Excellence	level	4	award	            experience	the	commercial	world	of	the	financial	
    from	the	European	Foundation	for	Quality	Management.	           services	sector.
                                    Theatre	performance,	theatre	studies,	and	craft	and	design	are	just	some	of	the	exciting	                               A	‘Culinary	Skills’	student	at	National	Learning	
                                    modules	offered	as	part	of	National	Learning	Network’s	‘Performing	Arts’	course.                                        Network’s	Roslyn	Park	College	in	Sandymount,	Dublin.

                                                               •   Suicide	Prevention	                                          •   CDVEC	Disability	Support	Service		
                                                                   A	community-based	peer-support	programme	initially	              The	CDVEC	(City	of	Dublin	Vocational	Education	
                                                                   established	in	Midleton,	East	Cork,	expanded	to	groups	          Committee)	Disability	Support	Service	provided	by	
                                                                   from	other	parts	of	Cork	and	Kerry	in	008.	The	                 National	Learning	Network	continues	to	serve	
                                                                   programme,	which	is	provided	in	partnership	with	the	            significant	numbers	of	students	and	staff	of	the	CDVEC.	
                                                                   HSE,	sees	training	provided	to	community	workers	and	            It	provided	a	range	of	support	services	and	has	assisted	
                                                                   facilitators	within	An	Garda	Síochána	and	the	Traveller	         a	considerable	number	of	people	in	successfully	
                                                                   community	in	delivering	the	programme	to	young	                  applying	to	the	Higher	Education	Authority	for	student	
                                                                   people.	                                                         supports	at	third	level.	

                                                               •   ‘Partners	in	Recovery’	                                      •   Assessment	Service	
                                                                   ‘Partners	in	Recovery’	was	the	title	of	a	community	             The	educational	assessments	service	continued	to	
                                                                   conference	on	wellness	and	recovery,	jointly	organised	          experience	significant	growth	in	008.	It	expanded	its	
                                                                   by	RehabCare	and	National	Learning	Network	in	Galway	            activities	into	screening	and	learning	styles’	services	
                                                                   in	October.	Speaker	Stephen	Pocklington	from	the	                which	identify	learning	and	support	needs.	The	Do-IT	
                                                                   Copeland	Center	for	Wellness	and	Recovery	described	             Profiler	–	a	learning	strengths	and	weaknesses	online	
National Learning Network		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                   how	people	with	mental	health	difficulties	can	prepare	          tool	–	was	launched	in	May	at	the	‘Kaleidoscope	of	
                                                                   for	their	own	recovery	by	focusing	on	the	WRAP	                  Learning’	event	jointly	hosted	with	the	Institute	of	
                                                                   (Wellness,	Recovery,	Action,	Planning)	recovery	tool,	           Technology,	Blanchardstown.	
                                                                   which	has	had	very	positive	results.	
                                                                                                                                •   Continuous	Professional	Development	
                                                               •   School	Leavers’	‘Access’	Programme		                             As	a	registered	FETAC	provider,	the	continuous	
                                                                   ‘Access’	is	a	new	service	which	was	launched	in	October	         professional	development	department	provides	
                                                                   in	National	Learning	Network	in	Tallaght	for	young	              accredited	and	tailored	training	to	a	range	of	external	
                                                                   people	who	require	assistance	in	planning	their	future,	         organisations	and	individual	professionals.	The	various	
                                                                   having	left	formal	education	or	training.	The	main	aims	         training	courses	available	cover	all	aspects	of	disability	
                                                                   are	to	facilitate	the	development	of	skills,	knowledge	          and	equality,	as	well	as	learning	diversity	and	tools	for	
                                                                   and	confidence	in	participants	so	that	they	can	access	          inclusive	teaching.	
                                                                   occupational	opportunities	within	their	local	
                                                                   communities	and	to	support	participants	in	accessing	
                                                                   employment,	higher-level	training,	vocational	training	
                                                                   programmes,	further	education	and	other	options.

                                                                                               Investing in your future

                                “Continuing	to	lead	developments	in	health	and	social	
                                care	services	with	an	increased	emphasis	on	person-
                                centred	planning	and	expansion	of	the	range	of	
                                programmes	available	to	all	clients.”

   Director	of	Health	and	Social	Care	Services	
   Margaret	Gillard

Dale	Casserly	and	Glenn	Keating,	pupils	at	Red	Hill	School,	Rehab’s	new	school	for	young	people	with	autism	in	Patrickswell,	
Co.	Limerick,	enjoy	an	interactive	computer	game.
                                               In	008,	more	than	,700	people	benefited	from	a	range	of	quality	services	provided	by	
                                               RehabCare.	A	number	of	new	services	were	developed	with	the	support	of	the	Health	
                                               Service	Executive	(HSE),	including	a	major	capital	development	in	Kilkenny	and	a	host	of	
                                               accommodation	services.	However,	the	focus	was	on	maintaining	and	managing	the	current	
                                               provision	of	services	in	the	context	of	a	changing	economic	climate	and	reducing	funding.

                                               There	were	further	developments	within	day	services	with	          for	the	development	of	rehabilitation	services		
                                               an	increased	emphasis	on	person-centred	planning	and	a	            in	Ireland.	The	Neurological	Alliance	of	Ireland	is		
                                               range	of	programmes	provided.	Significant	efforts	were	            facilitating	a	sub-group	of	the	main	steering	group		
                                               undertaken	and	achievements	made	in	supporting	clients	            which	comprises	organisations	representing	people	with	
                                               in	accessing	supported	and	part-time	employment	within	            physical	and	sensory	disabilities,	including	the	Rehab	
                                               their	communities,	in	line	with	their	personal	goals.              Group.	The	Rehab	Group	was	also	appointed	as	a	board	
                                                                                                                  member	of	the	Neurological	Alliance	of	Ireland	in	008		
                                                                                                                  and	looks	forward	to	pursuing	the	issue	of	rehabilitation	
                                               2008 Key Highlights and
                                                                                                                  services	in	009.
                                               •   Kilkenny	Development		
                                                                                                                  Resource Centre Services
                                                   A	significant	Rehab	Group	property	development	in	
                                                   William	Street,	Kilkenny,	was	completed	and	opened.	           A	new	rural	day	service	commenced	during	the	year	in	
                                                   This	purpose-built	facility	comprises	a	RehabCare	             Knocklofty,	Co.	Tipperary.	This	is	a	specialist	day	service	with	
                                                   resource	centre,	National	Learning	Network	services,	          a	strong	emphasis	on	agriculture,	horticulture	and	animal	
                                                   regional	offices	and	eight	apartments	providing	               husbandry.	This	unique	service	focuses	on	meeting	the	
                                                   supported	accommodation	to	16	clients.	Phase	one		             needs	of	clients	from	a	rural	setting	or	who	have	expressed	
                                                   of	the	accommodation	services	opened	at	the	end		              a	wish	to	become	involved	in	these	activities	through	their	
                                                   of	the	year.                                                   person-centred	plans.

                                               •   Red	Hill	School,	Limerick	                                     A	service	in	Shannon,	formerly	provided	by	Irish	Country	
RehabCare		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                   Following	the	Rehab	Group’s	recognition	as	patron	of		         Potteries,	transferred	to	RehabCare.	The	service	opened	in	
                                                   a	special	school	within	the	primary	sector,	Red	Hill	School	   new	premises	specifically	designed	to	facilitate	individual	
                                                   opened	in	Patrickswell,	Co.	Limerick,	in	September,	           programmes	that	enable	people	to	develop	independent	
                                                   providing	a	much-needed	specific	educational	                  living	skills	and	greater	integration	with	their	local	community.	
                                                   environment	for	children	with	autism.	The	school	
                                                                                                                  In	November,	the	President	of	Ireland,	Mary	McAleese,	
                                                   commenced	with	an	initial	intake	of	six	pupils	and	aims	
                                                                                                                  officially	opened	RehabCare’s	new	resource	centre	in	
                                                   to	provide	up	to	60	places	by	010	once	approval	is	
                                                                                                                  Bailieboro	which	caters	for		people	and	is	a	satellite	
                                                   received	from	the	Department	of	Education	and	Science	
                                                                                                                  development	from	the	Cavan	resource	centre.
                                                   for	the	construction	of	a	purpose-built	school	building.
                                                                                                                  A	new	day	service	for	adults	with	autism	was	established	
                                                                                                                  in	Tullamore,	Co.	Offaly,	with	the	emphasis	on	person-
                                               Rehabilitation Network
                                                                                                                  centred	planning	and	community-based	programmes.
                                               The	HSE	and	the	Department	of	Health	and	Children	
                                               established	a	joint	working	group	to	formulate	a	strategy	
                                           The	launch	of	a	new	booklet	and	DVD	on	person-centred	planning	as	part	of	the	‘Crossing	the	Line’	project	delivered	by	RehabCare	
                                           and	sponsored	by	Cooperation	and	Working	Together	through	the	European	Union	INTERREG	IIIA	funding	programme.

Residential Services/                                                        In	response	to	the	needs	of	clients	in	Castletownbere,	West	
                                                                             Cork,	who	were	isolated	and	unable	to	access	any	services,	
Accommodation Services
                                                                             RehabCare	developed	a	new	satellite	project	providing	an	
RehabCare	works	in	partnership	with	Newgrove	Housing	                        outreach	day	service	each	week	within	the	local	community.
Association	to	provide	a	range	of	housing	solutions	to		
meet	the	needs	of	clients.	In	this	regard,	a	new	semi-
independent	accommodation	service	for	four	people		                          Respite
was	opened	in	Sligo,	in	addition	to	the	two	supported	                       A	new	sensory	playground	and	garden	at	Red	House	
accommodation	services	already	in	place.	A	new	house,	                       children’s	respite	service	in	Limerick,	funded	by	a	grant	from	
providing	supported	accommodation	and	a	semi-                                the	Department	of	Justice,	Equality	and	Law	Reform,	has	
independent	transitional	living	unit,	was	purchased		                        greatly	enhanced	the	play	opportunities	for	the	children.
for	five	clients	in	Castlebar,	Co.	Mayo.
                                                                             A	new	premises	for	RehabCare’s	children’s	residential	
A	property	in	Ennis,	Co.	Clare,	was	purchased	and	has	the	                   respite	service	in	Navan	was	purchased	with	funding	
capacity	to	provide	support	and	accommodation	for	five	                      support	from	the	HSE.	
clients,	one	of	whom	lives	in	an	independent	living	
apartment	attached	to	the	property.	A	new	supported	
accommodation	service	which	caters	for	four	clients		
                                                                             Home-based Services (CareLink)
was	opened	in	Cavan	town.                                                    A	new	automated	system	was	introduced	across	CareLink	
                                                                             services	in	the	east	region	which	will	enhance	efficiency,	
                                                                             logistical	management,	service	quality	and	provide	a	lone	
Specialist Services
                                                                                                                                                                    RehabCare		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                             worker	system	for	staff.	This	will	be	rolled	out	to	the	
A	new	community	support	service	and	social	club	has	been	                    remainder	of	CareLink	services	in	009.
developed	for	young	adults	with	Asperger’s	syndrome	in	
Galway	city.	Up	to	ten	people	are	accessing	the	social	club,	
with	five	people	being	provided	with	specific	community	
support	each	week.	                                                          The	production	of	a	person-centred	planning	DVD	to	
                                                                             support	training	and	knowledge	of	the	concept	to	people	
                                                                             who	use	RehabCare’s	services,	their	families	and	staff	was	
Outreach Services
Following	a	two-year	review,	the	Costelloe	Outreach/
Community	Support	Service	for	people	with	severe	and	
enduring	mental	health	problems	was	highlighted	by	the	
                                                                             Clinical Supports
HSE	Clinical	Director	in	Galway	West	Mental	Health	Services	                 An	additional	behaviour	therapist	joined	the	team,	
as	an	excellent	and	effective	model	that	should	be	                          providing	a	much-needed	service	to	clients	and	staff		
                                                                             within	the	high	support	services.                                                         19
replicated	elsewhere.	
                                “Providing	sustainable	employment	for	people	with	
                                disabilities	in	leading-edge	businesses,	and	promoting	
                                the	employment	of	people	with	disabilities	through	its	
                                Access	Ability	and	Workability	services.”

   Director	of	Enterprises	
   Michael	Horgan

Rehab	Recycle	is	Ireland’s	largest	post-consumer	waste	recycler	and	recycled	a	record	total	of	300	million	bottles	and	jars	in	008.
Rehab	Enterprises	provides	integrated	employment	for	people	with	disabilities	in	over		
16	locations	around	Ireland,	as	well	as	in	the	Netherlands	and	Poland.	In	008,	the	Rehab	
Enterprises	group	of	companies	developed	and	expanded	services	in	both	the	retail	and	
logistics	areas.	

At	the	end	of	the	year,	a	total	of	433	people	were	              of	bring	banks	in	Ireland,	Rehab	Recycle	operates	an	IT	
employed	directly	by	Rehab	Enterprises,	of	whom	7	were	        equipment	and	waste	electrical	recycling	business	and	
employed	under	the	Government’s	Wage	Subsidy	Scheme	             provides	consultancy	services	to	industry.	Cans,	cardboard,	
(WSS).	The	WSS,	which	is	run	by	FÁS,	provides	financial	         paper	and	plastics	are	also	recycled.
supports	to	employers	taking	on	people	with	disabilities.	
                                                                 Rehab	Recycle	offers	a	full	‘take-back’	service	that	ensures	
Rehab	Enterprises	also	seeks	to	promote	the	employment	
                                                                 not	only	disposal	of	WEEE	(waste	electrical	and	electronic	
of	people	with	disabilities	by	assisting	companies	to	avail	
                                                                 equipment)	but	also	guaranteed	data	destruction	and	a	
of	this	scheme	through	its	Access	Ability	and	Workability	
                                                                 complete	audit	trail.	As	part	of	this	service,	a	yearly	
                                                                 environmental	report	is	provided,	summarising	recycling	
                                                                 activity	carried	out	by	customers.	Rehab	Recycle	is	also	
Rehab Logistics                                                  responsible	for	Dell’s	asset	recovery	business	and	WEEE	

The	Rehab	Logistics	facility	in	Limerick	provides	storage,	      ‘take-back’	of	out-of-date	and	obsolete	products.

‘just-in-time’	delivery,	pad	printing	and	electronic	assembly	   Agreement	was	reached	with	WEEE	Ireland	and	Microsoft	
services	to	a	variety	of	companies	in	the	Mid-West,	             for	Rehab	Recycle	to	supply	every	primary	school	in	Ireland	
including	Dell	Computers.	Arising	from	this	very	successful	     with	a	recycled	computer	as	part	of	a	programme	to	raise	
relationship,	Rehab	Enterprises	was	requested	to	set	up	a	       awareness	about	electrical	and	electronic	waste	recycling,	
similar	operating	process	in	Poland	to	service	Dell’s	new	       with	over	600	schools	supplied	with	in	excess	of	1,00	
facility	there.	In	line	with	the	Rehab	Group’s	mission,	this		
is	being	done	in	conjunction	with	local	disability	service	
providers	and	Rehab	Logistics	Poland	currently	employs	          Rehab	Recycle	operates	an	expanded	polystyrene	plant	in	
eight	people	with	disabilities.                                  Navan,	the	first	of	many	facilities	to	be	opened	around	        Rehab Enterprises		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                 Ireland.	This	plant	can	reduce	expanded	polystyrene	by		
Rehab	Logistics	in	Navan	offers	a	quality	manufacturing	and	     a	factor	of	400	per	cent.
distribution	service	and	is	ISO	9000-approved.	Its	product	
offerings	include	DuPont	Tyvek	protective	garments	and	a	        In	the	Netherlands,	Rehab	Recycle	operates	a	reverse	
range	of	aids	and	appliances	to	the	healthcare	sector.	In	       logistics	system	that	reports	product	‘take-back’	from		
Mountmellick,	Rehab	Logistics	offers	local	assembly	             the	marketplace	for	some	of	the	largest	software	
solutions	to	industry	in	the	Midlands,	and	the	facility		        manufacturers.	
has	ISO	9001:000	approval.

Rehab Recycle                                                    Workability	comprises	Rehab	Retail,	Rehab	Packaging,	
Rehab	Recycle	is	Ireland’s	largest	post-consumer	waste	          Access	Ability	and	Mediability.	The	main	focus	is	the	
recycler.	During	008,	it	recycled	in	excess	of	85,000	tonnes	   employment	of	people	with	disabilities	in	the	workplace,	
of	mixed	waste	–	including	a	record	total	of	300	million	        whether	they	are	employed	by	Rehab	Enterprises	or	by	a	
bottles	and	jars.	In	addition	to	running	the	largest	network	    Rehab	Enterprises	customer.

                                                       Fran	Heffernan	and	Pauline	Brady	refurbishing	computers	in	Rehab	Enterprises		                         Rehab	Retail	operates	from	eight	locations	across	Dublin,	
                                                       in	Tallaght	as	part	of	the	Microsoft	Authorised	Refurbisher	(MAR)	programme.	                          including	Vodafone’s	head	office	in	Leopardstown.	

                                                       Seven	Rehab	Group	employees	became	the	first	people	in	                          •   Access	Ability	
                                                       Ireland	to	receive	certification	in	disability	management	                           Access	Ability	is	a	disability	management	consultancy	
                                                       during	the	year.	The	certificates	provide	practitioners	who	                         company	providing	advice	and	best	practice	in	all	areas	
                                                       deliver	services	for	people	returning	to	work	after	acquiring	                       relating	to	the	employment	and	retention	of	people	
                                                       an	illness	or	a	disability	with	an	internationally-recognised	                       with	disabilities.	Through	five	phases	–	access	services;	
                                                       professional	qualification.	The	Rehab	Group	holds	the	only	                          learning;	recruitment	and	selection;	best	practice;	and	
                                                       licence	in	Ireland	to	provide	this	certification,	which	was	                         Rehab	absence	management	services	–	Access	Ability	
                                                       developed	by	the	Canadian	National	Institute	of	Disability	                          provides	practical	‘one-stop-shop’	advice	on	
                                                       Management	and	Research	(NIDMAR).                                                    employment	issues	and	guidance	on	recruiting	and	
                                                                                                                                            retaining	people	with	disabilities.	
                                                       •   Rehab	Retail	
                                                           Rehab	Retail	successfully	operates	a	wide	range	of	                              Following	on	from	the	Rehab	Group’s	previous	
                                                           convenience	store	retail	services	at	various	locations	in	                       involvement	in	other	awards	initiatives	in	Ireland,	a	
                                                           Dublin	and	opened	two	new	shops	in	008.	                                        new	disability	standard	for	business	–	the	ABLE	Award	–	
                                                                                                                                            was	announced	during	the	year	in	partnership	with	the	
                                                       •   Rehab	Packaging	
                                                                                                                                            Excellence	Ireland	Quality	Association.	This	will	set	the	
                                                           Rehab	Packaging	specialises	in	packaging	solutions	for	
                                                                                                                                            standard	for	Irish	companies	in	demonstrating	their	
                                                           the	electronics,	pharmaceutical,	telecommunications	
                                                                                                                                            commitment	to	people	with	disabilities,	both	as	
                                                           and	food	sectors	and	is	ISO	900-approved.	Plant	
                                                                                                                                            employees	and	as	customers,	in	the	provision	of	
Rehab Enterprises		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           facilities	enable	the	company	to	offer	both	high-		
                                                           and	low-volume	production	of	premium	packaging	
                                                           materials	customised	to	the	needs	of	hi-tech	                                •   Mediability	
                                                           businesses.	Rehab	Enterprises’	strength	lies	in	its	quick	                       Rehab	Media	Enterprises,	trading	as	Mediability,	is	a	
                                                           response,	offering	a	‘just-in-time’	service	to	its	major	                        production	company	funded	by	Pobal	which	employs	
                                                           customers.	In	008	it	saw	the	development	of	new	                                people	with	disabilities	trained	as	journalists,	research	
                                                           business	offerings	in	Kilkenny	with	the	opening	of		                             assistants	and	producers.	It	offers	an	extensive	range	of	
                                                           a	call	centre	as	well	as	the	introduction	of	new		                               in-house	production	services	culminating	in	high-end,	
                                                           services	for	the	customised	supply	of	products		                                 tailored	print	and	audio-visual	solutions	for	corporate	
                                                           to	local	pharmaceutical	companies.                                               and	community	clients.	In	008,	Mediability	expanded	
                                                                                                                                            its	service	to	include	the	evaluation	of	website	

Rehab	Fundraising

                              “Supporting	the	development	of	services	through	
                              flagship	national	fundraising,	local	community	
                              fundraising	and	lottery	activities.”

  Director	of	Fundraising	
  Dr	John	McGuire

 Model	Aoife	Cogan	with	All-Ireland	champion,	Kilkenny	hurler	Richie	Power,	at	the	launch	in	September	008	of	the	National	
 Rehab/Powers	Whiskey	Pub	Quiz	in	association	with	the	Vintners’	Federation	of	Ireland.
                                                       Fundraising	is	a	key	activity	of	the	Rehab	Group	which	helps	to	bridge	the	gap	between	
                                                       income	from	funders	and	expenditure	on	services.	In	particular,	fundraising	income	is	
                                                       important	in	the	context	of	developing	new	projects.	

                                                       The	Rehab	Group	is	engaged	in	a	wide	range	of	fundraising	activities	at	national	and		
                                                       local	levels	as	well	as	being	involved	in	a	number	of	lottery	businesses.

                                                       National Fundraising in Ireland                                  Managers,	Bank	of	Ireland	Asset	Management,	KBC	Asset	
                                                                                                                        Management,	and	Merrion	Investment	Managers,	who		
                                                       The	Rehab	Group’s	flagship	national	fundraising	event	is		
                                                                                                                        were	the	winners.	
                                                       the	annual	People	of	the	Year	Awards	which	give	public	
                                                       recognition	to	individuals	who,	through	their	achievements,	     The	Rehab	Group	also	actively	pursues	donation	income	
                                                       have	made	an	outstanding	contribution	to	the	community,	         from	philanthropic	foundations,	dormant	account	funds,	
                                                       at	local,	national	and	international	levels.	                    business	corporations	and	bequests.	

                                                       In	008,	the	Awards,	which	were	sponsored	by	QUINN-
                                                       healthcare,	were	attended	by	800	people	in	Dublin’s	             Local Fundraising in Ireland
                                                       Citywest	Hotel	and	broadcast	live	on	RTÉ	One,	attracting	a	      The	Rehab	Group	employs	regional	fundraisers	who	raise	
                                                       viewership	of	almost	400,000.	An	Tánaiste,	Mary	Coughlan	        funds	locally	to	facilitate	the	development	of	services	in	
                                                       TD,	attended	and	presented	one	of	the	awards.                    their	areas.	Activities	include	the	selling	of	tickets	for	the	
                                                                                                                        Rehab	Bonanza	Draw;	the	development	of	Rehab	Radio	
                                                       Irish	boxers	Kenny	Egan,	Darren	Sutherland	and	Paddy	
                                                                                                                        Bingo	with	local	radio	stations;	and	the	organisation	of	
                                                       Barnes	were	each	honoured	with	an	Award	for	their	
                                                                                                                        local	People	of	the	Year	Awards,	sponsored	walks	and	
                                                       character,	courage,	determination	and	sheer	hard	work,	
                                                                                                                        church-gate	collections.
                                                       over	many	years,	culminating	in	their	success	at	the	Beijing	
                                                       Olympic	Games.	Fr	Shay	Cullen	received	the	honour	of	            In	008,	one	of	the	most	successful	community	fundraising	
Rehab Fundraising		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                       being	named	the	International	Person	of	the	Year	for	his	        events	was	the	National	Rehab/Powers	Whiskey	Pub	Quiz	
                                                       relentless	courage	and	commitment	to	protecting	                 which	was	organised	with	the	Vintners’	Federation	of	
                                                       vulnerable	children	from	abuse,	cruelty	and	exploitation,	       Ireland	and	sponsored	by	Powers	Irish	Whiskey.	This	event	
                                                       and	for	giving	them	the	opportunity	to	rebuild	their	lives	      attracted	,000	teams	to	315	pubs	in	5	counties.	The	team	
                                                       with	dignity.	In	addition,	a	high-profile	winner	was	singer/     from	Farrelly’s	pub	in	Oldcastle,	Co.	Meath,	emerged	as	the	
                                                       actor	Keith	Duffy,	who	was	presented	with	a	People	of	the	       overall	winner.	
                                                       Year	Award	for	his	passionate	commitment	to	the	cause	of	
                                                       children	with	autism.                                            Another	successful	event	was	the	Rehab/Top	Oil	Car		
                                                                                                                        Wash	Day.	This	event	took	place	at	8	Top	Oil	outlets		
                                                       The	Rehab	Great	Investment	Race	is	another	important	            in	14	counties.	Volunteers	washed	cars	for	free	and	car	
                                                       national	fundraising	activity.	This	initiative	sees	teams	of	    owners	made	a	donation	in	return.
                                                       investment	managers	invest	sponsored	funds	over	the	
                                                       period	of	a	year,	with	all	profits	generated	by	the	             Rehab	Radio	Bingo	had	a	successful	year	with	sales	
                                                       investments	being	for	the	benefit	of	the	Rehab	Group.		          increasing	significantly.	This	product	is	promoted	in	
                                                       The	fifth	race	concluded	in	July	and	raised	€160,000	in		        partnership	with	local	radio	stations.	East	Coast	FM	in	
                                                       very	difficult	investment	conditions.	The	participating	teams	   Wicklow	and	Midlands	103	in	Laois,	Offaly	and	Westmeath	
                                                       were	AIB	Investment	Managers,	Irish	Life	Investment	             joined	the	growing	list	of	stations	involved	in	008	and	
                                                                                                                        there	are	plans	to	add	further	stations	in	009.
The	BBC’s	political	correspondent	Nick	Robinson	in	   Staff	from	RehabCare’s	autism	services	in	Limerick,	with	the	minibus	donated	in	008	
the	Parliamentary	Pancake	Race	in	Westminster.	       by	the	Lord’s	Taverners.	Funding	was	also	provided	by	Dóchas.

         In	addition	to	the	national	People	of	the	Year	Awards,	the	
         Awards	are	organised	on	a	county	basis	and	are	a	very	
         important	means	of	recognising	human	achievement	at	
                                                                                   The	Rehab	Group	benefits	from	a	number	of	lottery	
         community	level.	In	008,	award	ceremonies	were	held	in	
                                                                                   activities	–	the	main	activity	being	through	Rehab	Lotteries,	
         11	counties	stretching	from	Donegal	to	Wexford.	This	
                                                                                   which	celebrated	its	twentieth	anniversary	in	008,	where	
         activity	is	a	significant	means	of	building	awareness	of		
                                                                                   the	core	business	is	the	marketing	of	a	range	of	scratch	
         the	Rehab	Group	and	the	services	it	provides	locally.
                                                                                   card	games	through	a	network	of	1,400	retail	agents	
         Fundraising in the United Kingdom                                         Rehab	Lotteries	established	its	new	internet-based	online	
         In	Scotland,	Momentum	has	a	range	of	fundraising	events	                  bingo	activity	at	in	006	and	this	
         including	an	annual	abseil,	a	Ski	Santa	challenge	and	                    business	continued	to	grow	progressively	in	008.	Rehab	
         corporate	white	water	rafting	days.	Other	fundraising	                    Bingo	sponsored	the	Bray	Wanderers	Premier	Division	
         activities	include	private	sector	donations	and	grants	from	              football	team	for	the	008	season	and	this	sponsorship		
         the	Big	Lottery	Fund.	As	well	as	a	major	drive	to	secure	                 will	continue	into	009.	During	the	year,	Rehab	Lotteries	
         funds	from	Trusts	and	Foundations,	Momentum	has	run		                     launched	a	second	internet-based	activity	at		
         an	outbound	telemarketing	campaign	to	recruit	donors		          	
         and	has	a	‘Committed	Giving’	programme.
                                                                                   The	Rehab	Group	continued	to	benefit	from	the	Charitable	        Rehab Fundraising		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
         In	England,	fundraising	activities	include	two	annual	golf	               Lotteries	Fund	in	008	as	a	result	of	sales	generated	by	
         classics	and	the	Parliamentary	Pancake	Race.	‘Name	the	                   Rehab	Lotteries.	The	fund	was	established	by	the	Irish	
         Teddy’	competitions,	nursery	school	pyjama	days,	                         Government	in	1997	to	supplement	the	income	of	the	
         parachute	jumps	and	client	sponsor	days	all	support	                      promoters	of	charitable	lotteries	experiencing	difficulties		
         unrestricted	income.	Additional	revenues	are	generated	                   in	competing	with	the	National	Lottery.	
         from	advertising	in	Renew	magazine	and	the	Brain Injury
                                                                                   In	addition	to	Rehab	Lotteries,	the	Rehab	Group	continued	
                                                                                   to	benefit	from	separate	lottery	activities	where	it	is	in	
         The	primary	source	of	income	for	The	Chaseley	Trust	is	                   partnership	with	other	organisations.	These	include	
         generated	from	grants,	particularly	from	the	Armed	Forces	                Conquer	and	Care	Lotteries,	a	scratch	card	lottery	in	Ireland	
         Benevolent	Funds	due	to	the	presence	of	some	ex-service	                  in	partnership	with	the	Irish	Cancer	Society,	and	the	Care	
         personnel	in	the	home.	Fundraising	events	such	as	garden	                 Trust,	a	lottery	in	Ireland	in	partnership	with	the	Central	
         parties,	art	exhibitions	and	auctions	are	also	held.                      Remedial	Clinic.	

                   •	 Finance
                   •	 Human	Resources
                   •	 Policy	and	Co-ordination
                   •	 Service	User	Representation	and	Advocacy
                   •	 International	Activities
                   •	 External	Environment

People	of	the	Year	Award	winners	and	Olympic	medallists	(left	and	right)	boxers	Kenny	Egan	and	Paddy	Barnes,	with	Ronan	Hayes	
(centre),	Young	Person	of	the	Year,	at	the	People	of	the	Year	Awards	which	took	place	in	September	008.	
                                                                The	Board	and	management	of	the	Rehab	Group	are	
                                                                committed	to	maintaining	a	high	standard	of	corporate	
                                                                governance.	The	internal	audit	function	is	now	well	
                                                                established	and	the	Board’s	Audit	Committee,	chaired	by		
                                                                Liam	Hogan,	oversaw	the	work	plan	for	008	and	formally	
                       Director	of	Finance	
                                                                approved	the	work	plan	for	009.
                       Keith	Poole
                                                                As	a	not-for-profit	organisation,	resources	are	committed		
Finance                                                         to	services	for	people	with	disabilities	and	other	socially-

	In	008,	the	Rehab	Group	reported	an	operating	surplus	of	     disadvantaged	groups.	With	over	3,500	staff	and	more	than	

€.1	million,	representing	one	per	cent	of	turnover	which	      56,000	people	and	their	families	benefitting	from	the	

grew	by	five	per	cent	to	€16	million	during	the	year	due	      supports	provided	by	the	Rehab	Group	each	year,	the	

to	some	new	care	services	coming	onstream	and	an	               organisation	needs	to	create	and	hold	reserves	to	support	

increase	in	commercial	activity.	However,	this	growth	          itself	as	an	independent,	viable	undertaking.

declined	in	the	second	half	of	the	year	as	the	economic	        While	it	is	the	Rehab	Group’s	aim	that	its	core	services	
downturn	began	to	affect	funders	and	customers,	and	            should	be	self-financing,	some	services	are	currently	
significant	challenges	are	anticipated	in	009.	Net	            operating	with	deficits;	in	addition,	the	organisation	
borrowings	at	the	end	of	the	year	stood	at	€3	million,	in	      continues	to	invest	in	a	capital	programme.	
line	with	the	previous	year,	and	the	cost	of	servicing	debt	
was	€750,000.                                                   Historically,	the	Rehab	Group	developed	ancillary	activities	
                                                                such	as	pools,	lotteries	and	fundraising	activities	to	ensure	
The	Rehab	Group	has	adopted	Financial	Reporting	Standard	       that	these	deficits	are	covered,	contribute	income	to	the	
17	on	retirement	benefits.	In	008,	the	liability	in	respect	   capital	programme	and	allow	for	unfunded	innovation	in	
of	the	defined	benefit	pension	scheme	increased	by		            certain	service	areas.	
€18.7	million	to	€30.9	million.	This	was	the	result	of	the	
downturn	in	global	equity	markets	having	a	serious	impact	      During	the	year,	capital	expenditure	accounted	for		
on	the	scheme,	a	common	feature	among	many	similar	             €1.6	million	which	was	funded	in	part	by	way	of	capital	
schemes	in	other	organisations.	Steps	are	being	taken	in	       grants	from	various	agencies,	from	fundraising	and	from	
                                                                                                                                 Finance		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

009	to	address	this	significant	deficit.                       borrowings.	The	Rehab	Group	continues	to	look	at	different	
                                                                ways	of	raising	funds	and	consolidated	its	online	lottery	
Turnover	in	the	UK	services	grew	by	four	per	cent	due,	in	      activity	in	008.	Fundraising	operates	in	a	very	competitive	
the	main,	to	the	inclusion	of	a	full	year’s	activity	for	St	    arena	and	most	of	the	Rehab	Group’s	fundraising	is	now	
Andrew’s	Homecare	in	Scotland,	which	was	acquired	in	           event-driven	rather	than	through	traditional	donations.
007,	while	TBG	Learning	continued	to	perform	well.
                                                                The	Rehab	Group	acknowledges	with	gratitude	the	
The	drop	in	the	€/£Stg	exchange	rate	during	the	year	also	      contribution	by	the	public	authorities	both	in	Ireland	and		
had	a	detrimental	effect	on	the	organisation’s	reserves	of	     in	the	UK	to	the	development	of	its	services.	
€.1	million	and	this,	combined	with	the	increase	in	the	
defined	pension	scheme	liability,	reduced	net	assets	to	
€40.4	million.

                                             The Rehab Group
                                             (Extracts	from	Consolidated	Financial	Statements)

                                             Consolidated Revenue Account to 31 December
                                             	                                                              2008	        2007	
                                             	                                                             €’000	       €’000

                                             Turnover	                                                   15,64		    04,957

                                             Operating	surplus	                                             3,414		     ,495	
                                             Net	finance	costs	                                             (997)		      (167)	
                                             Taxation	                                                      (340)		       (53)	
                                             Minority	interest	                                               (5)		       (38)

                                             Surplus	attributable	to	the	Group	                             ,07		     ,37

                                             Consolidated Balance Sheet as at 31 December
                                             	                                                              2008	        2007	
                                             	                                                             €’000	       €’000

                                             Fixed	assets	                                               11,53		    108,869

                                             Current	assets	
                                             Stocks	                                                        1,115		     1,755	
                                             Debtors	                                                     ,516		     30,957	
                                             Bank	                                                        17,58		     17,097

                                             	                                                            41,159		     49,809

                                             Creditors	–	amounts	falling	due	within	one	year	            (5,750)		   (3,7)

                                             Net	current	assets	                                          15,409		     17,58
Finance		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                             Total	assets	                                               17,93		    16,451	
                                             Provision	for	liabilities	and	charges	                       (,681)		    (1,561)	
                                             Creditors	–	amounts	falling	due	after	more	than	one	year	   (53,880)		   (51,933)	
                                             Defined	benefit	pension	scheme	                             (30,973)		   (1,63)

                                             Net	assets	                                                  40,398		     60,694

                                             Capital	and	reserves	                                        71,371		     7,861	
                                             Defined	benefit	pension	scheme	deficit	                     (30,973)		   (1,63)	
                                             Minority	interest	                                                 0		        96

                                             Total	reserves	                                              40,398		     60,694
                      Director	of	Human	Resources	
                      Shona	Boyne                               •   Employee	resourcing
                                                                •   Learning	and	development
Human Resources
                                                                •   Compensation	and	benefits
The	Rehab	Group	continued	to	experience	growth	in	
                                                                •   Employee	relations
staffing	numbers	in	008,	albeit	at	a	lower	level	than	in	
                                                                Achievement	of	a	range	of	human	capital	objectives		
previous	years,	and	in	specific	service	provision	areas.		
                                                                under	the	above	categories	will	support	and	assist	the	
The	total	number	of	staff	at	the	end	of	008	stood	at	3,569.	
                                                                organisation	in	the	attainment	of	specific	business	
The	changes	in	the	economic	climate	resulted	in	reduced	
                                                                objectives	and	will	challenge	staff	in	a	variety	of	key	
funding	in	some	divisions	and	necessitated	difficult	
                                                                project	areas.	The	HCS	is	designed	to	give	the	Rehab	Group	
decisions	in	the	last	quarter,	including	some	reductions		
                                                                a	much-needed	competitive	advantage,	in	particularly	
in	staff	numbers	in	specific	divisions.	
                                                                challenging	times,	when	the	key	priority	of	the	HR	function	
The	Human	Resources	(HR)	function	completed	a	change	           will	be	to	concentrate	on	what	makes	a	difference	to	the	
management	process	during	the	year,	which	involved	a	           business	and	the	provision	of	services	to	service	users.
range	of	structural	and	policy	changes	including	the	
                                                                Perhaps	one	of	the	most	challenging	areas	of	HR	
decentralisation	of	operational	HR	provision	and	the	
                                                                development	that	commenced	in	008	was	the	planned	
introduction	of	a	Group	HR	policy	framework.	The	
                                                                introduction	of	a	new	management	information	system	to	
resourcing	unit	also	became	fully	operational	in	008	with	
                                                                assist	the	organisation	in	the	management	and	analysis	of	
the	introduction	of	a	defined	candidate	management	                                                                            Human Resources		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                employee	data.	A	steering	group	overseen	by	the	Group	
process,	providing	a	full	recruitment	management	service	
                                                                Management	Team	led	the	initiative	with	a	project	group	
from	advertising,	screening,	shortlisting	and	interviews	
                                                                tasked	with	mapping	system	requirements	and	HR	
through	to	offer	stage,	pre-employment	checks	and	
                                                                reporting	needs.	The	development	of	HR	metrics	will	follow	
appointment.	This	has	greatly	improved	efficiencies	and	
                                                                as	part	of	the	HCS	development	process	and	these	formal	
allowed	recruitment	processes	to	be	streamlined	and	
                                                                measurements	will	support	the	utilisation	of	HR	Key	
modelled	on	HR	best	practice.	The	system	facilitates	online	
                                                                Performance	Indicators	into	the	future.
candidate	applications	via	the	Rehab	Group	and	leading	
recruitment	websites.	
                                                                Health and Safety
Work	commenced	on	the	implementation	of	the	Human	              New	safety	management	structures	were	introduced	across	
Capital	Strategy	(HCS)	of	the	Rehab	Group,	which	consists		     the	Rehab	Group	in	008,	with	a	view	to	supporting	
of	six	components:                                              divisions	and	ensuring	compliance	with	legislative	
                                                                responsibilities.	A	large-scale	review	of	safety	policy	
•   Strategic	HR
                                                                commenced	and	a	number	of	new	processes	were	
•   Performance	management

                                                     Ann	O’Sullivan,	Michael	Noone	and	Mary	Feeney	at	the	                   Hilda	Allison,	Debra	Arthur,	Margaret	Fraser,	Angela	Kerins,	Betty	Denny		
                                                     008	Rehab	Group	Long	Service	Awards	in	Ireland.                        and	Gary	Barron,	at	the	UK	Rehab	Group	Long	Service	Awards	in	008.

                                                           developed	within	a	risk	management	framework.	The	                National	Learning	Network	commenced	a	process	of		
                                                           revised	safety	management	system	will	be	implemented	             re-assessment	against	the	Excellence	Through	People	HR	
                                                           throughout	009	and	the	new	management	information	               standard	in	late	008.	The	assessment	will	review	HR	
                                                           system	will	extend	to	online	accident/incident	reporting,	        practice	across	National	Learning	Network	nationally	and		
                                                           thus	eliminating	the	current	manual	process.                      is	the	largest	application	of	its	kind	in	Ireland.	The	outcome	
                                                                                                                             of	the	process	is	eagerly	awaited	in	early	009.	
                                                           In	line	with	the	commitment	of	the	Rehab	Group	to	
                                                           ensuring	that	managers	at	all	levels	are	aware	of	their	          Within	Momentum,	Momentum	Skills	was	also	successful		
                                                           safety	management	responsibilities,	an	extensive	                 in	the	achievement	of	the	Investors	In	People	HR	standard	
                                                           programme	of	management	training	accredited	by	the	               in	008.	This	achievement	is	a	credit	to	the	efforts	and	
                                                           Institution	of	Occupational	Safety	and	Health	was	rolled	out	     dedication	of	all	staff.
                                                           across	divisions.	This	marked	a	significant	investment	in	
                                                                                                                             Undoubtedly,	the	Rehab	Group	will	face	some	considerable	
                                                           both	safety	management	and	in	overall	management	
                                                                                                                             challenges	in	009	and	it	is	anticipated	that	the	
                                                           development.	Safety	training	for	front-line	staff	is	currently	
                                                                                                                             environment	for	the	organisation	as	an	employer	and	
                                                           under	review	across	the	Rehab	Group.	The	role	of	the	
                                                                                                                             service	provider	will	be	very	different	to	that	experienced	
                                                           health	and	safety	function	will	continue	to	develop	
                                                                                                                             in	recent	times.	Staff	can,	and	will,	play	a	significant	part		
                                                           throughout	009.
                                                                                                                             in	ensuring	that	the	organisation	rises	to	these	challenges,	
                                                                                                                             meets	objectives	and	continues	to	be	a	significant	
                                                           Excellence and Continuous Improvement
Human Resources		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                                                                             employer	within	the	voluntary	sector.
                                                           The	divisions	of	the	Rehab	Group	continued	to	develop	and	
                                                           implement	continuous	improvement	plans	throughout	the	
                                                           year.	The	organisation	is	committed	to	the	achievement	of	
                                                           best	practice	and	continuous	improvement	in	service	
                                                           delivery.	Operational	and	support	management	teams	have	
                                                           defined	responsibility	for	the	achievement	of	specific	
                                                           quality	objectives,	under	the	European	Foundation	for	
                                                           Quality	Management	accreditation	framework.

                      Director	of	Policy	and	Co-ordination	
                      Sarah	Jane	Dillon                           Rare Disorders Research
                                                                  In	008	RehabCare	published	a	report,	funded	by	the	Health	
Policy and Co-ordination                                          Research	Board,	into	the	current	provision	of	information	and	
The	Directorate	of	Policy	and	Co-ordination	has	a	lead	role	      support	services	for	people	with	rare	disorders.	The	report	
in	supporting	the	development	and	ongoing	management	             surveyed	over	30	GPs	and	interviewed	more	than	0	
of	a	number	of	key	activities	across	the	Rehab	Group.	These	      families	affected	by	rare	disorders	across	the	island	of	
include	policy	framework	and	processes,	research,	                Ireland,	and	found	severe	deficits	in	the	information	
advocacy,	international	activities,	knowledge	management	         available.	It	recommended	the	establishment	of	a	centre	of	
and	other	specific	projects.                                      excellence,	providing	information	and	support	to	medical	
                                                                  professionals,	patients	and	their	families.	A	rare	disorder	is	
Significant	development	continued	in	008	in	aligning	all	
                                                                  classified	as	affecting	five	or	fewer	people	in	every	10,000	
Rehab	Group	policies	and	processes	with	international	
                                                                  and	it	is	estimated	that	between	5,000	and	7,000	rare	
standards	of	best	practice.	This	major	project	requires	input,	
                                                                  disorders	exist.	The	Rehab	Group	will	continue	to	work	on	
collaboration	and	the	expertise	of	staff	from	across	all	
                                                                  progressing	developments	in	this	area.
divisions	and	is	proceeding	apace.	The	aim	is	to	ensure	
coherent	policies	that	are	compliant	with	all	relevant	
                                                                  Recovery Research
legislation	and	standards,	and	which	meet	the	diverse	

                                                                                                                                    Policy and Co-ordination		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                  RehabCare	received	funding	from	the	National	Disability	
needs	of	the	entire	Rehab	Group,	its	clients	and	staff.
                                                                  Authority’s	Research	Promotion	Scheme	to	carry	out	
                                                                  research	in	008	into	processes	for	introducing	a	recovery	
                                                                  ethos	to	organisations	that	provide	services	to	people	with	
ProMenPol                                                         mental	health	difficulties.	The	research,	which	is	due	to	be	
The	year	008	was	the	second	of	the	ProMenPol	project,		          published	in	009,	provides	a	set	of	practical	guidelines		
an	EU-funded	initiative	that	focuses	on	mental	health	            for	organisations	wishing	to	develop	a	recovery	ethos	in	
promotion	in	educational	settings,	workplaces	and	older	          mental	health	service	provision.	
people’s	residences.	The	Rehab	Group’s	work	on	this	project	
is	focused	on	the	development	of	a	conceptual	framework	          HeadsUp
for	mental	health	promotion.	This	has	been	achieved	by	           HeadsUp,	the	Rehab	Group’s	suicide	prevention	project,	
using	the	international	classification	of	functioning	devised	    targets	young	people	aged	15–4	years.	It	takes	a	mental	
by	the	World	Health	Organisation	and	a	combination	of	            health	promotion	approach	and	aims	to	enhance	resilience,	
mental	health	promotion	models.	ProMenPol	is	now	in	the	          raise	awareness,	encourage	help-seeking,	provide	
process	of	assisting	organisations	to	implement	field	trials	     information	and	reduce	the	stigma	associated	with	mental	
of	both	the	search	function	it	has	devised	on	its	website	–		     health	difficulties.	In	November,	HeadsUp	Text	expanded	to	–	to	categorise	mental	             include	student	services,	providing	information	on	national	
health	promotion	tools,	and	also	of	the	tools	themselves.         support	services	along	with	localised	services	available	on	           31
                                                                  third	level	campuses.
                 Members of The Blizzards band at the launch of, the new interactive   Angela Kerins (second left) with the Kinne-Coyle family at the
                 website for HeadsUp, Rehab’s suicide prevention project for young people.            launch of the RehabCare report into rare disorders in Ireland.

                                 The HeadsUp website was also launched during the year,                Other research conducted within the Rehab Group during
                                 following development with a group of youth advisors                  2008 included:
                                 in order to ensure relevance to the target audience.
                                                                                                       •    Brand and customer research by Rehab Lotteries.
                        includes many unique features, including
                                 an online cognitive behavioural therapy-based life skills             •    New product development in both Rehab Enterprises
                                 course, factsheets, articles, ‘Art from the Heart’, reviews                and Rehab Lotteries.
                                 and competitions.                                                     •    Employee surveys.
                                                                                                       •    Review of advocacy services in Ireland.
                                 ‘Raising Boys for Fathers’, a parenting course for fathers
                                 of sons, continued to be delivered throughout the country
                                                                                                       Community Rehabilitation Facilities
                                 and was also given in Mountjoy prison in Dublin. Through
                                 sponsorship from Top Oil, HeadsUp delivered the two-day               The Rehab Group continued to research and advocate
                                 ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) course to        for the development of a much-needed network of
                                 26 people in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, and this partnership is set         community-based rehabilitation facilities in Ireland.
                                 to continue in 2009.                                                  The commencement of a process to develop a National
                                                                                                       Rehabilitation Strategy was particularly welcomed and,
                                 HeadsUp was actively promoted throughout the year at                  through representative bodies, the Rehab Group actively
Rehab Group Annual Report 2008

                                 outdoor music events, on Setanta TV, through the                      participated in informing this work.
                                 distribution of HeadsUp postcards, and in radio interviews
                                 and press articles.

                                 Group Management Advisory Committee
                                 A Group Management Advisory Committee on Research and
                                 Best Practice commenced in 2008. It will help to develop
                                 policy and networks and ensure shared learning of research
                                 activities and practice development across the Rehab

                                 Group. It will also provide for an ethical framework for
Policy and Co-ordination

                                 research and advise on the mechanisms for the
                                 dissemination of best practice and shared learning.

Service User Representation                                      were	put	in	place,	and	proposals	have	been	developed	to	
                                                                 ensure	there	is	particular	emphasis	in	future	on	supporting	
and Advocacy
                                                                 local	committees.	
It	is	a	core	belief	of	the	Rehab	Group	that	its	service	users	
should	play	a	key	role	in	decisions	that	affect	the	services	    National Representative Council
they	use.	Consequently,	the	organisation	places	
                                                                 Local	committees	were	very	active	in	008	and	a	national	
considerable	importance	on	service	user	consultation,	
                                                                 seminar	was	held	in	June	on	the	theme	of	‘Advocacy	and	
representation	and	involvement	at	all	levels.
                                                                 your	Rights’.	A	highlight	was	a	talk	delivered	by	a	learner	
The	Rehab	Group	advocacy	forum	meets	four	times	a	year	          on	the	positive	impact	that	advocacy	has	had	on	his	life.	
to	facilitate	the	exchange	of	best	practice	and	to	enable	       Following	the	seminar,	the	NRC	hosted	a	further	three	
collaboration,	where	appropriate.                                regional	seminars,	which	gave	service	users	the	

                                                                                                                                Service User Representation and Advocacy		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                 opportunity	to	discuss	issues	at	a	local	level.	
The	groups	representing	service	users	include	the		
National	RehabCare	Advocacy	Council	(NRAC),	the		                The	NRC	provided	training	in	advocacy	and	local	committee	
National	Representative	Council	(NRC),	The	Chaseley		            development	to	learners	in	various	National	Learning	
Trust’s	Residential	Forum	and	the	Momentum	Service		             Network	centres	throughout	the	country.	In	addition,	the	
Users’	Council.	                                                 NRC	continued	to	provide	an	independent	advocacy	service	
                                                                 to	a	number	of	designated	National	Learning	Network	
Towards	the	end	of	008	work	commenced	to	review	                centres,	funded	by	the	Citizens	Information	Board.	This	
service	user	engagement	processes	within	the	Rehab		             service	provides	one-to-one	advocacy	supports.	
Group	in	Ireland	with	a	view	to	further	strengthening		
this	important	aspect	of	the	Group’s	work.	This	will	be	         TBG Learning
completed	during	009.	
                                                                 In	008,	learners	and	employers	had	the	opportunity	to	
                                                                 feed	back	comments	and	observations	on	the	quality	of	
National RehabCare Advocacy Council
                                                                 services	through	TBG	Learning’s	easy-to-use	online	system.	
NRAC	had	another	successful	year	in	008.	The	national	          The	feedback	is	monitored	centrally	on	a	monthly	basis	and	
committee	met	regularly,	ensuring	a	close	link	between	          then	made	available	to	managers	so	appropriate	action	can	
clients	and	senior	management	at	a	national	level.	Local	        be	taken	and	improvements	made.	
committees	continued	to	meet	and	resolve	issues,	as	well	
as	meeting	with	management	on	matters	of	importance	             Another	key	focus	for	the	year	was	the	encouragement	of	
and	ensuring	that	service	users	have	a	say	in	their	services.	   learner	involvement	in	programme	design	and	continuous	
The	national	NRAC	seminar	was	held	in	February	and	              improvement.	A	number	of	learner	forums	called	‘Learner	
delegates	at	this	meeting	decided	that	NRAC	should	              Voices’	were	held,	in	which	a	representative	group	of	
develop	new	rules	to	provide	a	clear	structure,	both	locally	    learners	met	centre	managers	to	discuss	their	experiences	
and	nationally.	New	rules	for	the	election	process	for	NRAC	     and	provide	views	on	programmes.	                                    33
                                                                              The	NRAC	national	committee,	outside	Gandon	House	in	                  Members	of	the	advocacy	committee	in	the	Park	House	Day	
                                                                              Sandymount,	Dublin,	at	one	of	its	monthly	meetings.                    Activity	Centre	in	Stillorgan,	Dublin,	enjoy	a	musical	interlude.

                                                                              The Chaseley Trust                                                Momentum Service Users’ Council
                                                                              Within	The	Chaseley	Trust,	resident	representatives	attend	       The	Momentum	Service	Users’	Council	had	a	challenging	
                                                                              management,	trustee	and	senior	management	meetings	               year	in	008.	With	a	clear	need	for	more	involvement	by	a	
                                                                              on	a	bimonthly	basis.	Residents	play	a	very	active	role	in	       greater	number	of	service	users	to	ensure	an	effective	
                                                                              the	recruitment	of	staff	as	they	are	involved	in	the	             voice,	an	action	plan	was	devised	by	the	chairperson	and	
                                                                              interview	process.	                                               vice-chairperson	in	consultation	with	other	council	
                                                                                                                                                members.	This	action	plan	outlined	ways	of	making	the	
                                                                              The	Chaseley	Trust	facilitates	the	work	placements	of	
                                                                                                                                                council	work	more	effectively.	Considerable	preparatory	
                                                                              people	from	a	number	of	key	community	training	courses,	
                                                                                                                                                work	was	carried	out	in	the	second	half	of	008	on	funding	
                                                                              e.g.	police,	doctors,	nurses	and	therapists.	Both	the	resident	
                                                                                                                                                applications,	determining	the	current	level	of	service	user	
                                                                              representatives	and	other	service	users	support	placements	
                                                                                                                                                involvement,	and	interest	in	improving	this,	and	looking	at	
                                                                              by	providing	information	to	the	students.	Representatives	
Service User Representation and Advocacy		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                                                                                                                best	practice	in	the	area.	The	council	now	looks	forward	to	
                                                                              have	also	acted	as	advocates	for	other	less	able	service	
                                                                                                                                                greater	progress	in	009	and	to	a	re-energised	council	to	
                                                                              users	when	required.	
                                                                                                                                                ensure	a	say	for	Momentum	service	users	throughout	
                                                                                                                                                Scotland	and	in	its	new	services	in	England.	

International Activities                                          of	a	network	of	individual	members,	innovative	projects	
                                                                  and	learning	groups,	proactive	input	into	international	
During	008,	the	Rehab	Group	continued	to	grow	and	
                                                                  public	affairs,	professional	development,	research	and	
enhance	its	international	memberships.	These	memberships	
                                                                  innovation,	and	knowledge	management.
enable	the	sharing	of	learning	and	best	practice	and	offer	
the	opportunity	for	synergies	among	organisations	in	             National	Learning	Network	is	involved	in	many	European	
developing	leading,	cutting-edge	services	for	people	with	        projects	through	its	involvement	with	EPR.	One	such	
disabilities.	Over	the	year,	the	Rehab	Group	hosted	a	number	     project,	Equabench,	brings	together	eight	vocational,	
of	international	visits	by	organisations	seeking	to	share	        education	and	training	organisations	from	across	Europe,	
information	and	knowledge,	with	delegates	visiting	from	          each	with	a	proven	track	record	in	innovation	and	
Finland,	Albania,	Lithuania	and	the	United	States.	               continuous	improvement.	It	involves	a	two-year	work	
                                                                  programme	of	sharing	expertise	and	best	business	practice	
A	delegation	from	RehabCare	visited	the	Astley	Ainslie	
                                                                  and	is	funded	under	the	European	Commission’s	‘Leonardo	
Hospital	in	Edinburgh	and	the	Cameron	Hospital	in	Fife	to	
                                                                  da	Vinci’	Transfer	of	Innovation	programme.	
view	their	rehabilitation	services,	including	a	mobility	
service,	disabled	living	centre,	driving	assessment	centre	       RehabCare	participated	in	EPR’s	pilot	in	the	use	of	the	
and	rehabilitation	engineering	service.	This	visit	was	part	of	   international	classification	of	functioning	as	an	assessment	
research	on	best	practice	in	community	rehabilitation	            tool	for	services.	The	findings	were	presented	at	EPR’s	

                                                                                                                                  International Activities		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
services	to	inform	the	Rehab	Group’s	rehabilitation	network	      annual	conference	held	in	Roermond,	the	Netherlands,	in	
proposal.	This	would	see	the	implementation	of	a	strategy	        September.	In	addition,	presentations	were	made	on	
of	locally-based	rehabilitation	services,	provided	in	            RehabCare’s	acquired	brain	injury	services	and	on	person-
partnership	with	other	agencies,	to	respond	to	current	gaps	      centred	planning,	and	by	the	Rehab	Group	on	measurable	
in	service	provision.                                             outcomes	and	evidence-based	practice.	The	conference	was	
                                                                  also	attended	by	Momentum	and	The	Chaseley	Trust.	
European Platform for Rehabilitation
The	Rehab	Group	is	an	active	member	of	the	European	              European Association of Service Providers for
Platform	for	Rehabilitation	(EPR),	a	network	of	leading	          Persons with Disabilities
European	providers	of	rehabilitation	services	to	people	with	     The	European	Association	of	Service	Providers	for	Persons	
disabilities	and	other	disadvantaged	groups.	                     with	Disabilities	(EASPD)	promotes	equality	of	opportunities	
                                                                  for	people	with	disabilities	through	the	provision	of	
EPR’s	membership	has	continued	to	grow	and	now	stands	
                                                                  effective	and	high-quality	services	across	Europe.	Today,	
at	8	organisations	from	17	countries,	with	each	
                                                                  EASPD	represents	over	8,000	service	provider	organisations	
organisation	committed	to	the	provision	of	high-quality	
                                                                  in	Europe	across	all	areas	of	disability.	
service	delivery	in	the	fields	of	vocational	education	and	
training,	reintegration,	medical	rehabilitation	and	social	       During	the	year,	the	Rehab	Group	continued	its	involvement	
care.	The	key	activities	of	EPR	centre	on	the	development	        with	EASPD	and,	specifically,	contributed	to	the	work	of	the	        35
                                      Chiu-Hsiang	SHEN	taking	part	in	a	bread	flower-making	course	with	the	Eden	Social	Welfare	Foundation	
                                      in	Taiwan,	which	provides	opportunities	for	people	with	disabilities	to	work	and	earn	an	income.

                                                              EU	Commission-funded	‘Conversion’	project.	This	project	           Taiwan	and	India,	and	each	project	will	provide	updates	on	
                                                              was	established	to	develop	an	instrument	which	can	be	             progress	in	due	course.	A	new	call	for	applications	to	the	
                                                              used	by	providers	of	vocational	education	and	training	to	         fund	will	be	made	in	009.
                                                              better	measure	the	impact	of	programmes	on	the	quality	of	
                                                              life	of	people	with	disabilities	in	employment.                    United Nations Activity
                                                                                                                                 The	Rehab	Group	continues	to	participate	in	United	Nations	
                                                              Workability International and Workability Europe                   activities	through	its	consultative	status	with	the	Economic	
                                                              Rehab	Enterprises	is	a	lead	member	of	Workability	                 and	Social	Council	(ECOSOC).	During	the	year,	the	Rehab	
                                                              International,	a	worldwide	network	of	over	135	member	             Group’s	Quadrennial	Report	for	the	period	004/007,	
                                                              organisations	in	some	41	countries,	and	actively	                  which	details	the	activities	undertaken	by	the	organisation	
                                                              participated	in	the	Workability	Europe	annual	conference	          in	support	of	the	goals	of	the	United	Nations,	and	which	
                                                              held	in	San	Sebastian,	Spain,	in	May.	                             underpin	its	consultative	status,	was	submitted	to	ECOSOC.	

                                                              As	part	of	this	network,	a	private	limited	company	–	              In	008,	the	UN	Human	Rights	Committee	considered	
                                                              Workability	Europe	Business	(WEB)	BV	–	has	been	                   periodic	reports	submitted	by	both	the	Irish	and	UK	
                                                              established	to	negotiate	and	transact	all	commercial	              Governments	in	respect	of	measures	adopted	to	give	effect	
                                                              agreements	with	external	companies	on	behalf	of	member	            to	the	provisions	of	the	International	Covenant	on	Civil	and	
                                                              social	enterprises.	This	extremely	successful	business-to-         Political	Rights.	The	Rehab	Group	participated	in	the	
International Activities		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                              business	initiative	facilitates	members	in	maximising	cost	        consideration	of	the	Irish	report,	providing	a	written	
                                                              efficiencies	and	in	creating	meaningful	opportunities	for	         submission	to	the	committee	and	attending	its	93rd	session	
                                                              work	for	people	with	disabilities.	                                in	Geneva.	The	UK’s	report	in	respect	of	activities	under	the	
                                                                                                                                 International	Covenant	on	Economic,	Social	and	Cultural	
                                                              A	Rehab	Group	International	Disability	Employment	
                                                                                                                                 Rights	will	be	considered	by	the	Committee	on	Economic,	
                                                              Development	Fund	launched	in	007	for	organisations	in	
                                                                                                                                 Social	and	Cultural	Rights	at	its	4nd	session	in	009.	
                                                              developing	economies,	in	association	with	Workability	
                                                              International,	was	extended	to	010.	This	is	a	pilot	grant	        By	the	end	of	the	year,	neither	Ireland	nor	the	UK	had	
                                                              scheme	that	seeks	to	fund,	or	provide	seed	funding	to,	new	        ratified	the	UN	Convention	on	the	Rights	of	People	with	
                                                              and	innovative	projects	that	support	the	development	of	           Disabilities.	In	Ireland,	work	in	preparation	for	ratification	
                                                              enterprise,	staff	training	and	personal	development	               began	with	the	publication	in	September	of	the	scheme	for	
                                                              projects	for	people	with	disabilities	within	sheltered	and	        mental	capacity	legislation,	an	area	deemed	a	prerequisite	
                                                              supported	employment	settings.	                                    for	ratification.	It	is	expected	that	legislation	will	be	
                                                                                                                                 published	towards	the	end	of	009.	The	Rehab	Group	
                                                              The	successful	organisations	which	applied	for	financial	
                                                                                                                                 continued	to	contribute	to	discussion	on	these	issues	
                                                              assistance	to	the	fund	were	formally	announced	at	
                                                                                                                                 through	its	membership	of	the	Irish	Government’s	
                                                              Workability	International’s	conference	in	Sapporo,	Japan,	in	
                                                                                                                                 Department	of	Foreign	Affairs/NGO	Joint	Standing	
           36                                                 September.	The	first	year’s	pilot	grant	scheme	funding	of	
                                                                                                                                 Committee	on	Human	Rights.
                                                              €50,000	was	awarded	to	three	start-up	projects	in	Nepal,	
External Environment                                              Employment
                                                                  The	Department	of	Enterprise,	Trade	and	Employment	
The	year	008	saw	both	positive	and	negative	developments	
                                                                  commissioned	an	independent	review	of	the	Wage	Subsidy	
for	people	with	disabilities	in	both	Ireland	and	in	the	UK,	
                                                                  Scheme	(WSS).	Rehab	played	a	role	in	this	review,	
with	the	changing	environment	requiring	ongoing	
                                                                  reiterating	its	calls	for	operational	reform.	Following	the	
monitoring	and	input	at	a	government	policy-making	level.	
                                                                  review’s	publication,	the	Department	announced	that	the	
IRELAND                                                           scheme	is	now	on	a	permanent	footing	from	1	October	
                                                                  008.	Employees	already	in	the	scheme	and	new	entrants	
Four	years	into	its	implementation,	the	National	Disability	
                                                                  will	now	retain	their	medical	card	for	three	years.	In	
Strategy	is	firmly	embedded	in	the	work	of	Government	
                                                                  September,	the	Department	presented	its	draft	outline	for	
with	the	support	of	a	robust	monitoring	framework.	
                                                                  the	implementation	of	a	Comprehensive	Employment	
However,	in	comparison	with	the	previous	five-year	period,	
                                                                  Strategy	for	people	with	disabilities.
developments	in	the	disability	sector	slowed.	The	Disability	
Stakeholders	Group,	in	which	the	Rehab	Group	plays	an	
                                                                  Social and Family Affairs
active	part,	welcomed	reassurances	from	the	Government	
that	the	most	vulnerable	will	be	protected	against	the	           The	Department	of	Social	and	Family	Affairs	conducted	a	
worst	effects	of	the	current	economic	recession,	that	            consultation	in	relation	to	the	development	of	a	future	
disability	remains	a	priority	and	that	the	National	Disability	   National	Carers’	Strategy.	A	review	of	the	disability	
Strategy	will	continue	to	be	implemented	subject	to	the	          allowance	scheme	was	also	undertaken	by	the	                      External Environment		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
availability	of	resources.	The	Rehab	Group	will	continue	to	      Department,	but	had	not	concluded	by	the	end	of	the	year.	
play	an	active	role	in	this	area.
                                                                  Law Reform
Health                                                            The	scheme	for	mental	capacity	legislation	was	published	
Following	the	establishment	of	a	National	Working	Group,		        to	provide	for	a	new	approach	to	supported	decision-
on	which	Rehab	is	represented	through	the	Not-for-Profit	         making	for	people	who	require	it,	while	the	Charities	Bill	
Business	Association,	the	Health	Service	Executive	(HSE)	         007	continued	its	progress	through	the	Houses	of	the	
commenced	a	review	of	all	HSE-funded	Adult	Day	Services	to	       Oireachtas	with	calls	for	key	amendments	from	the	sector	
map	out	its	vision	for	progressing	a	modern	person-centred	       accepted	in	many	cases.	
service.	The	HSE	also	began	a	process	to	introduce	Service	
Level	Agreements	and	Grant	Agreements	to	clarify	its	             More Challenging Times
contractual	arrangements	with	voluntary	service	providers.        In	the	second	half	of	008,	the	global	economic	crisis	had	
                                                                  begun	to	affect	the	disability	sector	in	Ireland.	The	Personal	
The	Health	Information	and	Quality	Authority	continued	the	
                                                                  Advocacy	Service	to	be	introduced	under	the	Citizens	
development	of	statutory	standards	for	disability	services,	
                                                                  Information	Act	007	was	delayed.	Budget	008	saw	the	
publishing	the	final	Standards for Residential Services for
                                                                  announcement	of	the	smallest	increase	in	the	basic	social	            37
Older People	as	well	as	a	draft	document	in	respect	of	such	
                                                                  welfare	payment	for	many	years	and	there	were	cuts	in	
services	for	people	with	disabilities.	
                                                          The	Ceann	Comhairle,	John	O’Donoghue	TD,	cuts	the	ribbon	on	‘An	              Minister	of	State,	John	Moloney	TD	(left),	officially	opened	the	‘Partners	in	
                                                          Siopa’,	Rehab’s	new	shop	at	the	Houses	of	the	Oireachtas	in	Dublin.           Recovery’	conference	on	wellness	and	recovery	in	Galway	in	October	008.

                                                          funding	for	voluntary	service	providers.	Towards	the	end	of	the	      £4	billion	a	year	through	a	new	agency,	the	Skills	Funding	
                                                          year,	implementation	of	Part	II	of	the	Disability	Act	005,	          Agency,	tasked	with	funding	responsive,	demand-led	training	
                                                          which	relates	to	the	Assessment	of	Need,	and	the	Education	           and	skills	programmes	for	adults.	Delivered	in	partnership	with	
                                                          for	Persons	with	Special	Educational	Needs	Act	004,	were	            the	DCSF,	DIUS	and	local	authorities,	the	plans	will	see	the	
                                                          deferred	indefinitely.	                                               dissolution	of	the	Learning	and	Skills	Council	by	010,	
                                                                                                                                transferring	responsibility	for	the	education	and	training		
                                                          THE UNITED KINGDOM                                                    needs	of	young	people	to	local	authorities	and	to	the	new	
                                                                                                                                agency	in	the	case	of	adults.	
                                                          In	January,	the	Government	announced	a	more	flexible	New	             In	Scotland,	establishment	of	a	new	skills	body,	Skills	
                                                          Deal	to	transform	the	labour	market	and	support	people	in	            Development	Scotland,	will	mean	a	comprehensive	review	of	
                                                          building	long-term	careers.	Following	the	publication	in	July	of	     mainstream	training	and	skills	programmes	and	contracts.	
                                                          the	Green	Paper	No One Written Off: Reforming Welfare to
                                                          Reward Responsibility,	the	Department	for	Works	and	                  Health and Social Care
                                                          Pensions	(DWP)	set	out	its	commitment	on	its	review	of	               In	Scotland,	there	is	increasing	pressure	by	local	authorities	on	
                                                          disability	employment	services.	It	also	indicated	that	it	will	       those	providers	who	deliver	building-based	services	and	more	
                                                          introduce	reforms	to	the	way	that	contracts	are	awarded	to	           complex	4-hour	support	packages	in	the	community	to	make	
External Environment		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                          public,	private	and	voluntary	organisations	in	line	with	the	         savings.	In	residential	care,	local	authorities	fund	the	majority	
                                                          prime	contracting	model	to	be	used	in	the	flexible	New	Deal.	         of	placements	although,	in	recent	years,	there	has	been	an	
                                                                                                                                increasing	rise	in	Primary	Care	Trust	funding	in	England.	
                                                          This	move	by	the	DWP	towards	contracting	with	large	prime	
                                                          contractors	resulted,	during	008,	in	a	significant	repositioning	
                                                          of	the	service	providers	in	the	UK,	with	Momentum	Skills	and	
                                                                                                                                Traditional	funding	sources	were	under	pressure	in	008.	With	
                                                          TBG	Learning	forming	new	relationships	with	prime	contractors	
                                                                                                                                demand	high	for	funding	from	the	Big	Lottery	Fund	throughout	
                                                          in	advance	of	the	awarding	of	these	flexible	New	Deal	
                                                                                                                                the	UK,	a	reduction	in	European	funding	compared	to	earlier	
                                                          contracts	in	009.
                                                                                                                                programmes,	changes	to	the	enterprise	networks	and	the	
                                                          As	the	economic	downturn	accelerated	in	late	008,	increasing	        challenges	faced	by	colleges	and	other	educational	providers	
                                                          concern	was	expressed	about	the	design	of	the	flexible	New	           in	Learning	and	Skills	Council	tenders,	the	Rehab	Group	in	the	
                                                          Deal	programme	and	its	potential	inability	to	cope	with	the	          UK	continues	to	work	in	a	challenging	marketplace.
                                                          increasing	numbers	of	unemployed.	
                                                                                                                                Overall,	in	008	the	environments	in	which	the	Rehab	Group	
                                                                                                                                operates	changed	considerably.	It	is	anticipated	that	in	009	
                                                          Training and Skills
                                                                                                                                there	will	be	further	significant	developments,	and	it	will	be	
                                                          The	Departments	of	Children,	Schools	and	Families	(DCSF)	and	
                                                                                                                                important	for	the	organisation	and	each	of	its	divisions	to	
                                                          Innovation,	Universities	and	Skills	(DIUS)	published	the	White	
          38                                                                                                                    keep	all	external	elements	which	influence	its	work	under	
                                                          Paper	Raising Expectations,	which	will	see	the	investment	of		
                                                                                                                                constant	review.	
Rehab	Group	Addresses
                                                           Rehab Group                               Assessment Service
                                                                                                     Educational	Psychologist:		
                                                           Head Office                               Suzanne	McCarthy	
                                                                                                                                                  Assistant	Manager:	Pamela	Clinton	
                                                                                                     Block	A	
                                                           Roslyn	Park	                              Institute	of	Technology	Blanchardstown	      National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Beach	Road	                               Blanchardstown	Road	North	                   Kylemore	Road	
                                                           Sandymount	                               Dublin	15                                    Ballyfermot	
                                                           Dublin	4                                                                               Dublin	10
                                                                                                     Tel:	01	885	1386	
                                                           Tel:	01	05	700	                         Fax:	01	885	1389	                            Tel:	01	66	9980	
                                                           Fax:	01	05	711	                         Email:              Fax:	01	66	1145	
                                                           Email:	                                                                  Email:
                                                           Website:                     Disability Support Service
                                                                                                     Disability	Support	Service	Co-ordinator:		
                                                                                                     Grainne	Delahunt	                            Area	Manager:	Clodagh	Ní	Ghallachóir	
                                                           Red Hill School                           Block	A	                                     National	Learning	Network	
                                                                                                     Institute	of	Technology	Blanchardstown	      7th	Floor	
                                                           Principal:	Bernie	O’Connor	                                                            Phibsboro	Tower	
                                                           Red	Hill	                                 Blanchardstown	Road	North	
                                                                                                     Dublin	15                                    Phibsboro	
                                                           Patrickswell	                                                                          Dublin	7
                                                           Co.	Limerick                              Tel:	01	885	138	
                                                                                                     Fax:	01	885	1389	                            Tel:	01	88	0030	
                                                           Tel:	061	15	760	                                                                      Fax:	01	88	0039	
                                                           Fax:	061	15	753	                         Email:
                                                           Web:                 dubLin, WickLoW and
                                                                                                     north east
                                                                                                                                                  Area	Manager:	John	Costello	
                                                                                                     Regional	Director:	Cyril	Gibbons	            National	Learning	Network	
                                                           National Learning                         Regional	Manager:	Geraldine	Columb	          Balheary	Industrial	Estate	
                                                                                                     National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Network                                   77	Broomhill	Road	
                                                                                                                                                  Co.	Dublin
                                                           Director	of	Operations:	Joe	O’Brien	                                                   Tel:	01	840	410	
                                                                                                     Dublin	4
                                                           National	Learning	Network	                                                             Fax:	01	840	8175	
                                                           The	Tanyard	                              Tel:	01	45	5777	                            Email:
                                                           Tullamore	                                Fax:	01	45	641/459	719	
                                                           Co.	Offaly                                Email:	                Tallaght
                                                           Tel:	057	93	09	                                                                     Area	Manager:	John	Doolin	
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Fax:	057	93	11	                                                                     National	Learning	Network	
                                                                                                     Roslyn Park College
                                                                                                                                                  77	Broomhill	Road	
                                                           Web:                           Head	of	College:	Paul	Coulter	               Tallaght	
                                                                                                     Roslyn	Park	                                 Dublin	4
                                                           Learning and assessment                   Beach	Road	
                                                                                                     Sandymount	                                  Tel:	01	45	5777	
                                                           services                                  Dublin	4                                     Fax:	01	45	641	
                                                           Continuous Professional                   Tel:	01	61	3406	
                                                           Development                               Fax:	01	61	3403	                            LOUTH
                                                           Head	of	Learning	and	Assessment	                                                       Area	Manager:	Michael	O’Callaghan	
                                                           Services:	Dawn	Duffin	                                                                 National	Learning	Network	
                                                           National	Learning	Network	
                                                                                                                                                  Coes	Road	
                                                           Park	House	                               Area	Manager:	John	Rooney	                   Dundalk	
                                                           Stillorgan	Grove	                         National	Learning	Network	                   Co.	Louth
                                                           Stillorgan	                               Cootehill	Road	
                                                                                                     Cavan                                        Tel:	04	93	8913	
                                                           Co.	Dublin
                                                                                                                                                  Fax:	04	933	807	
                                                           Tel:	01	00	010	                         Tel:	049	433	1544	                           Email:
                                                           Fax:	01	00	0156	                         Fax:	049	436	188	
                                                           Email:                         Email:                          National	Learning	Network	
                                                                                                                                                  The	Ramparts	
                                                                                                                                                  Co.	Louth
                                                                                                                                                  Tel:	04	93	8441	
          40                                                                                                                                      Fax:	04	93	0970	
MEATH                                Regional	Manager:	Adrian	Stewart	   National	Learning	Network	
                                     National	Learning	Network	          Maynooth	Business	Campus	
Area	Manager:	Keith	Killeen	
                                     The	Tanyard	                        Maynooth	
National	Learning	Network	
                                     Tullamore	                          Co.	Kildare
Mullaghaboy	Industrial	Estate	
                                     Co.	Offaly
Navan	                                                                   Tel/Fax:	01	610	6488	
Co.	Meath                            Tel:	057	934	1044	                  Email:
                                     Fax:	057	93	11	
Tel:	046	90	1975	                                                       National	Learning	Network	
Fax:	046	90	1478	                                                       Kilcullen	Road	
Email:                                                      Naas	
                                                                         Co.	Kildare
Fresh Start Navan                    Centre	Manager:	Mura	Herron	
National	Learning	Network	           National	Learning	Network	          Tel:	045	871	74	
Kennedy	House	                       Rossview	Business	Park	             Fax:	045	894	088	
Kennedy	Road	                        Port	Road	                          Email:
Co.	Meath                            Letterkenny	
Tel:	046	90	364	                   Co.	Donegal                         LAOIS
Fax:	046	90	1478	                   Tel:	074	916	888	                  Area	Manager:	Emer	McCarthy	
Email:                  Fax:	074	916	8451	                  National	Learning	Network	
                                     Email:           Dublin	Road	
MONAGHAN                                                                 Portlaoise	
                                     GALWAY                              Co.	Laois
Assistant	Manager:	Miriam	McQuaid	
National	Learning	Network	           Area	Manager:	Richard	Casburn	      Tel:	057	86	163	
The	Diamond	                         National	Learning	Network	          Fax:	057	86	0961	
Monaghan                             Horizon	Business	Park	              Email:
Tel:	047	83031	                      Ballybrit	
Fax:	047	8309	
Email:                                                   Area	Manager:	Sean	D’Arcy	
                                     Tel:	091	756	650	
                                                                         Assistant	Manager:	Sharon	Thornton	
                                     Fax:	091	75	34	
                                                                         National	Learning	Network	
WICKLOW                              Email:
                                                                         Hilldrum	House	
Area	Manager:	Deborah	Coughlan	                                          Leitrim	Road	
                                     Quest Brain Injury Services
National	Learning	Network	                                               Carrick-on-Shannon	
                                     Centre	Manager:	Brian	Hefferan	
Beechwood	Close	                                                         Co.	Leitrim
                                     National	Learning	Network	
Boghall	Road	
                                     Unit	9A	                            Tel:	071	965	0693	
                                     Liosban	Business	Park	              Fax:	071	96	3404	
Co.	Wicklow
                                     Tuam	Road	                          Email:

                                                                                                               Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
Tel:	01	8	9643	                    Galway
Fax:	01	8	9904	                                                        LONGFORD
                                     Tel:	091	778	850	
                                     Fax:	091	778	868	                   Area	Manager:	Tom	Flanagan	
Access/Link Arklow                   Email:                 National	Learning	Network	
National	Learning	Network	                                               Dawn	Learning	Centre	
Briggs	Lane	                         KILDARE                             6	Grafton	Court	
Ferrybank	                           Area	Manager:	Vincent	Kelly	        Longford
Arklow	                              National	Learning	Network	          Tel:	043	455	
Co.	Wicklow                          1st	Floor	                          Fax:	043	456	
Tel:	040	31370	                     Naas	Town	Centre	                   Email:
Fax:	040	33944	                     Dublin	Road	
Email:                 Naas	                               MAYO
                                     Co.	Kildare
                                                                         Area	Manager:	Peter	Dooley	
midLands, West and                   Tel:	045	988	400	                   National	Learning	Network	
north West                           Fax:	045	988	410	                   Breaffy	Road	
                                     Email:               Castlebar	
Regional	Director:	Lucianne	Bird	
                                                                         Co.	Mayo
National	Learning	Network	           National	Learning	Network	
Breaffy	Road	                        Friary	Walk	                        Tel:	094	90	770	
Castlebar	                           Duke	Street	                        Fax:	094	90	6190	
Co.	Mayo                             Athy	                               Email:
Tel:	094	904	3095	                   Co.	Kildare
Fax:	094	904	3099	                   Tel:	059	864	004	
Email:                                                                                         41
                                     Fax:	059	864	005	
                                                           OFFALY                                south West, mid-West                     Focus Programme
                                                                                                                                          National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Lexi	Kennedy	           and south east                           Macroom	Environmental	Park	
                                                           National	Learning	Network	
                                                                                                 Regional	Director:	Michael	O’Sullivan	   Bowl	Road	
                                                           The	Tanyard	                          National	Learning	Network	               Macroom	
                                                           Tullamore	                            Seward	House	                            Co.	Cork
                                                           Co.	Offaly                            Cork	Business	and	Technology	Park	
                                                                                                                                          Tel:	06	0553/087	677	48	
                                                           Tel:	057	934	1044	                    Model	Farm	Road	
                                                                                                                                          Fax:	06	398	
                                                           Fax:	057	93	11	                    Cork
                                                                                                 Tel:	01	434	1019	
                                                                                                 Fax:	01	434	101	                       Distance	Learning	
                                                           ROSCOMMON                             Email:            Freefone:	1800	40	400	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Tom	Flanagan	                                                    Tel:	01	41	0983	
                                                           Assistant	Manager:	Helena	Finneran	   Regional	Manager:	Pat	Murphy	            Fax:	01	485	4708	
                                                           National	Learning	Network	            National	Learning	Network	               Email:
                                                           Millstream	House	                     Raheen	Business	Park	
                                                           Williamstown	Road	                    Limerick                                 Seward House
                                                           Castlerea	                            Tel:	061	9	777	                        Area	Manager:	Eoin	Kelly	
                                                           Co.	Roscommon                         Fax:	061	9	048	                        National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Tel:	094	96	0374	                    Email:                   Cork	Business	and	Technology	Park	
                                                           Fax:	094	96	0335	                                                             Model	Farm	Road	
                                                           Email:               CARLOW                                   Cork
                                                                                                 Area	Manager:	Mary	Nolan	                Tel:	01	434	108	
                                                           SLIGO                                 National	Learning	Network	               Fax:	01	434	1035	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Sean	D’Arcy	            Killeshin	Road	                          Email:
                                                           National	Learning	Network	            Graiguecullen	
                                                                                                 Carlow                                   Focus Programme
                                                           Bridge	Street	
                                                                                                                                          National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Sligo                                 Tel:	059	913	1696	
                                                                                                                                          	Hayfield	House	
                                                           Tel:	071	914	5391	                    Fax:	059	914	1788	
                                                           Fax:	071	914	5393	                    Email:
                                                           Email:                                                            Co.	Cork
                                                           WESTMEATH                             Hollyhill
                                                                                                                                          Tel:	01	437	540	
                                                                                                                                          Fax:	01	437	7545	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Sheila	Buckley	Byrne	   Area	Manager:	Noel	Shannon	              Email:
                                                           National	Learning	Network	            National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Belhavel	Training	Services	           Hollymount	Industrial	Estate	            West Cork
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Golden	Island	
                                                           Athlone	                                                                       Area	Managers:	Patrick	Murphy		
                                                                                                 Co.	Cork
                                                           Co.	Westmeath                                                                  and	Fiona	Murray	
                                                                                                 Tel:	01	430	0144	                       National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Tel:	090	647	993	                    Fax:	01	485	4708	                       Donemark	
                                                           Fax:	090	647	990	                    Email:                  Bantry	
                                                                                                                                          Co.	Cork
                                                                                                 Pathways Programme
                                                           National	Learning	Network	                                                     Tel:	07	5107	
                                                                                                 National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Blyry	Industrial	Estate	                                                       Fax:	07	51497	
                                                                                                 Youthreach	Building	
                                                           Garycastle	                                                                    Email:
                                                           Athlone	                              Kilavullen	Road	
                                                           Co.	Westmeath                                                                  Campus	Accommodation	
                                                                                                                                          Drumleigh	South	
                                                           Tel:	090	647	597	                    Co.	Cork
                                                           Fax:	090	647	368	                    Tel:	0	55743/087	667	48	             Co.	Cork
                                                           Email:                 Fax:	0	55743	
                                                                                                                                          Tel:	07	51414	
                                                           National	Learning	Network	            Email:
                                                                                                                                          Fax:	07	51497	
                                                           Presentation	House	                                                            Email:
                                                                                                 Focus Programme
                                                           Harbour	Street	                       National	Learning	Network	
                                                           Mullingar	                            Old	CBS	Monastery	
                                                           Co.	Westmeath                         Rosary	Place	
                                                           Tel:	044	934	5117	                    Midleton	
                                                           Fax:	044	934	5619	                    Co.	Cork
          4                                               Email:        Tel/Fax:	01	463	9459	
Focus Programme
National	Learning	Network	
                                        Area	Manager	(Rehabilitative	Training):	
                                        Lisa	Haugh	                                Rehab Enterprises
Unit	6	                                 National	Learning	Network	
Great	Island	Enterprise	Park	           Jutland	Hall	                              Head Office
Ballincollig	                           Steamboat	Quay	                            Roslyn	Park	
Co.	Cork                                Dock	Road	                                 Beach	Road	
                                        Limerick                                   Sandymount	
Tel:	01	41	4651	
Fax:	01	41	4650	                      Tel:	061	314	84	                          Dublin	4
Email:                Fax:	061	481	093	                          Tel:	01	05	700	
                                        Email:                   Fax:	01	05	711	
                                        Focus Programme
Area	Manager:	Pat	O’Neill	                                                         Web:
                                        National	Learning	Network	
National	Learning	Network	
                                        Church	Road	
Clash	Industrial	Estate	
                                        Limerick                                   Rehab Logistics
Co.	Kerry                               Tel:	061	305	7	                          General	Manager:	Paudie	Murphy
                                        Fax:	061	305	308	
Tel:	066	71	533/71	19	                                                        Rehab Logistics (Castlebar)
Fax:	066	71	608	
                                                                                   Breaffy	Road	
                                        TIPPERARY SOUTH                            Castlebar	
The	Retail	Training	Outlet	             Area	Manager:	Kitty	Galvin	                Co.	Mayo
Regional	Hospital	                      National	Learning	Network	                 Tel:	094	90	1144	
Tralee	                                 Roseville	                                 Fax:	094	90	397	
Co.	Kerry                               Western	Road	                              Email:
Tel/Fax:	066	71	533	                  Clonmel	
Email:                    Co.	Tipperary                              Rehab Logistics (Limerick)
                                        Tel:	05	81555	                            Raheen	Industrial	Estate	
Focus Programme
                                        Fax:	05	8151	                            Limerick
National	Learning	Network	
The	Education	Centre	                                                              Tel:	061	303	306	
Dromtaker	                                                                         Fax:	061	303	307	
Tralee	                                 WATERFORD                                  Email:
Co.	Kerry                               Area	Manager:	Kitty	Galvin	
Tel:	066	718	0769	
                                        National	Learning	Network	                 Rehab Logistics (Mountmellick)
                                        Unit	7	
Fax:	066	718	0771	                                                                 The	Mill	
                                        IDA	Industrial	Estate	
Email:                                                             Irishtown	
                                        Cork	Road	

                                                                                                                      Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
KILKENNY                                                                           Co.	Laois
                                        Tel:	051	359	0	
Area	Manager:	Mary	Nolan	                                                          Tel:	057	86	4940	
                                        Fax:	051	357	897	
National	Learning	Network	                                                         Fax:	057	864	417	
Regent	House	                                                                      Email:
William	Street	
Kilkenny                                WEXFORD                                    Rehab Logistics (Navan)
                                        Area	Manager:	Eimear	Bergin	
Tel:	056	779	7500	                                                                 Athboy	Road	
                                        National	Learning	Network	
Fax:	056	779	755	                                                                 Navan	
                                        The	Faythe	
Email:                                                             Co.	Meath
                                                                                   Tel:	046	90	7935	
LIMERICK/CLARE/                         Tel:	053	914	779	
                                                                                   Fax:	046	907	065	
                                        Fax:	053	914	7303	
TIPPERARY NORTH                                                                    Email:
Area	Manager	(Vocational	Training):		
Val	Real	                                                                          Rehab Enterprises Ltd (Poland)
National	Learning	Network	                                                         Sp. z o.o.
Raheen	Business	Park	                                                              Plant	Manager:	Robert	Kowalczyk	
Limerick                                                                           Oddział	w	Polsce	
Tel:	061	9	777	                                                                  ul.	Pabianicka	184/186	
Fax:	061	9	048	                                                                              z
                                                                                   93-40	Łód´ 	
Email:                                                             Poland
                                                                                   Tel:	48	4	680	15	50	
                                                                                   Fax:	48	4	680	15	03	                   43
                                                           Rehab Recycle                                 Rehab Packaging                             North East
                                                                                                         General	Manager:	Pat	Fitzpatrick	           Regional	Manager:	Aveen	Toner	
                                                           General	Manager:	Bob	Rowat	
                                                                                                         Hebron	Road	Industrial	Estate	              Dundalk	House	
                                                           Rehab	Building	
                                                                                                         Kilkenny                                    Carroll	Village	
                                                           Kylemore	Road	
                                                                                                                                                     Church	Street	
                                                           Ballyfermot	                                  Tel:	056	776	043/776	54	
                                                           Dublin	10                                     Fax:	056	776	5764	
                                                                                                                                                     Co.	Louth
                                                           Freefone:	1800	661	551	
                                                                                                                                                     Tel:	04	93	9467	
                                                           Tel:	01	66	084	
                                                                                                         Rehab Retail                                Email:
                                                           Fax:	01	66	0549	
                                                           Email:                   AIB	Bankcentre,	Dublin	4	
                                                                                                         Blackrock	DART	station,	Co.	Dublin	         south and mid-West
                                                           Ballymount	Avenue	                            Dáil	Éireann,	Dublin		                     General	Manager:	Rachael	Thurlby	
                                                           Dublin	1                                     Eircom,	Dublin	8	                           Mary	Rosse	Centre	
                                                           Tel:	01	46	7401	                             Trinity	Hall,	Dublin		                     Holland	Road	
                                                           Fax:	01	46	740	                             Ulster	Bank	Ltd,	Dublin		                  National	Technology	Park	
                                                           Email:   Vodafone,	Dublin	18                         Limerick
                                                                                                                                                     Tel:	061	334	530	
                                                           Unit	77	
                                                                                                                                                     Fax:	061	334	856	
                                                           Broomhill	Road	
                                                                                                         RehabCare                                   Email:

                                                           Dublin	4
                                                                                                         east and south east                         South
                                                           Tel:	01	45	8119	                             General	Manager:	Michael	O’Connor	          Regional	Manager:	Neil	Tobin	
                                                           Fax:	01	45	813	                             (Locum)	                                    Bruach	
                                                           Email:                   Kylemore	Life	House	                        Bachelors	Quay	
                                                           Monahan	Road	                                 Kylemore	Road	                              Cork
                                                           Cork                                          Ballyfermot	
                                                                                                                                                     Tel:	01	490	7610	
                                                                                                         Dublin	10
                                                           Tel:	01	431	7195	                                                                        Fax:	01	490	7615	
                                                           Fax:	01	431	550	                            Tel:	01	66	3436	                           Email:
                                                           Email:     Fax:	01	66	1145	
                                                                                                         Email:         Mid-West
                                                           Parkmore	Industrial	Estate	                                                               Regional	Manager:	Sinéad	Butler	
                                                           Galway                                        South East                                  Mary	Rosse	Centre	
                                                           Tel:	091	705	660	                             Regional	Manager:	Pat	McPhillips	           Holland	Road	
                                                           Fax:	091	773	564	                             Regent	House	                               National	Technology	Park	
                                                           Email:                   William	Street	                             Limerick
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           General	Manager:	Roy	Reerink	                                                             Tel:	061	334	535	
                                                                                                         Tel:	056	779	7555	                          Fax:	061	334	856	
                                                           Hooge	Zijde	15A	
                                                                                                         Fax:	056	779	7560	                          Email:
                                                           566	DC	Eindhoven	
                                                           The	Netherlands
                                                                                                                                                     West and north West
                                                           Tel:	31	40	904	793	                          midLands and north east                     General	Manager:	Kevin	Clancy	
                                                           Fax:	31	40	904	794	
                                                                                                         General	Manager:	Peter	McKevitt	            Unit	5B	
                                                                                                         Coes	Road	                                  Liosban	Business	Park	
                                                                                                         Dundalk	                                    Tuam	Road	
                                                           Workability                                   Co.	Louth                                   Galway
                                                                                                         Tel:	04	933	7418	                          Tel:	091	756	653	
                                                           Business	Development	Manager:		
                                                                                                         Fax:	04	933	807	                          Fax:	091	770	490	
                                                           John	McEntee	
                                                                                                         Email:          Email:
                                                           Roslyn	Park	
                                                           Beach	Road	
                                                                                                         Midlands                                    West
                                                           Dublin	4                                      Regional	Manager:	Lavinia	Stronge	          Regional	Manager:	Mark	Logan	
                                                                                                         4	Main	Courtyard	                          Unit	9B	
                                                           Tel:	01	05	700	                             Headfort	Demesne	                           Liosban	Business	Park	
                                                           Fax:	01	05	711	                             Kells	                                      Tuam	Road	
                                                           Email:               Co.	Meath                                   Galway
                                                                                                         Tel:	046	94	1665	                          Tel/Fax:	091	755	686	
                                                                                                         Fax:	046	94	1661	                          Email:
          44                                                                                             Email:
North West                             Drogheda Supported                      Longford Supported
Regional	Manager:	Barry	Sweeney	       Accommodation                           Accommodation
Lakeview	Business	Centre	
                                       Community	Services	Manager:		           Residential	Services	Manager:		
Aughamore	Far	                         Deirdre	Quinn                           Sally	Budd
                                       Tel:	041	983	10	                      Tel/Fax:	043	4511	
Tel:	071	915	0385	                     Email:          Email:
Fax:	071	917	000	
                                       Dundalk Supported                       Monaghan Supported
                                       Accommodation                           Accommodation
Accommodation                          Community	Services	Manager:		           Community	Services	Manager:		
                                       Caitlin	McKinley                        Anne	McFarland
                                       Tel:	04	933	3491	                      Tel:	047	81115	
Ballinamore Supported                  Email:           Email:

Accommodation                          Galway Supported                        Nenagh Supported
Community	Services	Manager:		
Sheila	O’Dowd
                                       Accommodation                           Accommodation
                                       Community	Services	Manager:		           Residential	Services	Manager:		
Tel:	071	964	5765/964	548	
                                       Rory	Douglas                            Jonna	Goranson
Fax:	071	964	4133	
Email:       Tel:	091	755	517	                       Tel:	067	43046	
                                       Fax:	091	771	574	                       Email:
Bantry Hostel                          Email:
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                                               Sligo Supported Accommodation
Alison	Steeds
                                       Galway Supported                        Community	Services	Manager:		

Tel:	07	51414	
                                       Accommodation                           Eamonn	Wheeler

Email:             (Acquired Brain Injury)                 Tel:	071	914	590	
                                       Residential	Services	Manager:		         Fax:	071	917	000	
Bray Supported Accommodation           Shona	King                              Email:

(Ripley Hills)                         Tel:	091	755	836	                       Stepaside Supported
Community	Services	Manager:		          Email:
Clara	McAuliffe
Tel:	086	809	1153	
                                       Kilkenny Supported                      Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                                               Rebecca	Power
Email:    Accommodation

                                                                                                                    Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                       Community	Services	Manager:		           Tel:	087	41	3070	
Castlebar Supported                    Siobhán	Powell	                         Email:

Accommodation                          Regent	House	
                                       William	Street	                         Thurles Supported
Community	Services	Manager:		
Lorraine	Gibbons
                                       Kilkenny                                Accommodation
                                       Tel:	056	779	7555	                      Residential	Services	Manager:		
Tel:	094	90	506	
                                       Fax:	056	779	7560	                      Geraldine	Egan
Fax:	094	904	3056	
                                       Email:      Tel:	0504	746	
                                       Lifford Supported
Cavan Supported Accommodation
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                       Accommodation                           Tralee Hostel
Bernard	McVeigh                        Community	Services	Manager:		           Community	Services	Manager:		
                                       Loretto	Gillespie                       Mike	Barton
Tel:	049	433	1161	
Email:    Tel:	074	914	568/914	8569	             Tel:	066	719	0559	
                                       Fax:	074	914	1188	                      Email:
Deansgrange Supported                  Email:

Accommodation (Kill Abbey)
Community	Services	Manager:		
Clara	McAuliffe
Tel:	086	809	1153	
                                                           Acquired Brain Injury             Home Support                        Slán Abhaile
                                                                                                                                 Care	Planner:	Laura	Quinlan	
                                                           Galway Acquired Brain             Dublin Home Help                    Roslyn	Park	
                                                           Injury Service                    Manager:	Nicky	Scudds	              Beach	Road	
                                                                                             Roslyn	Park	                        Sandymount	
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                                             Beach	Road	                         Dublin	4
                                                           Shona	King	
                                                           Unit	9B	                          Sandymount	                         Tel:	01	05	756/087	86	0433	
                                                                                             Dublin	4                            Fax:	01	05	7384	
                                                           Liosban	Business	Park	
                                                           Tuam	Road	                        Tel:	01	05	7367/087	850	9075/	     Email:
                                                           Galway                            087	49	07	
                                                                                             Fax:	01	05	7384	                   Waterford Home-based Respite
                                                           Tel:	091	755	836	
                                                                                             Email:    Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Fax:	091	771	574	
                                                           Email:                                        Donal	O’Brien	
                                                                                             Dublin Home-based Respite           Unit		
                                                           Galway Transitional Living Unit   Care	Planner:	Craig	Linke	          Tramore	Road	Business	Park	
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		   Roslyn	Park	                        Waterford
                                                           Shona	King	                       Beach	Road	                         Tel:	051	378	880	
                                                           Unit	9B	                          Sandymount	                         Fax:	051	378	885	
                                                           Liosban	Business	Park	            Dublin	4                            Email:
                                                           Tuam	Road	                        Tel:	01	05	738/087	659	0596	
                                                           Galway                            Fax:	01	05	7384	                   Wexford Home Support
                                                           Tel:	091	755	836	                 Email:     Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Fax:	091	771	574	                                                     Donal	O’Brien	
                                                           Email:    Limerick Home Support Service       Unit		
                                                                                             Home	Support	Co-ordinator:		        Tramore	Road	Business	Park	
                                                                                             Barbara	Kelly	                      Waterford
                                                           Acquired Brain Injury             Mary	Rosse	Centre	                  Tel:	051	378	880	
                                                                                             Holland	Road	
                                                           Outreach and                      National	Technology	Park	
                                                                                                                                 Fax:	051	378	885	
                                                           Community Support                 Limerick

                                                           Service                           Tel:	061	334	534	                   Wicklow Home-based Respite
                                                                                             Fax:	061	334	856	                   Care	Planner:	Craig	Linke	
                                                           Galway Outreach and Community     Email:   Roslyn	Park	
                                                                                                                                 Beach	Road	
                                                           Support Service
                                                                                             Mayo Personal Assistant/            Sandymount	
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		                                       Dublin	4
                                                           Shona	King	                       Home Support
                                                           Unit	9B	                          Co-ordinator:	Deirdre	Fahey	        Tel:	01	05	794/086	045	575	
                                                           Liosban	Business	Park	            The	Parish	Centre	                  Fax:	01	05	7384	
                                                           Tuam	Road	                        Chapel	Street	                      Email:
                                                           Galway                            Castlebar	
                                                                                             Co.	Mayo
                                                           Tel:	091	755	836	
                                                           Fax:	091	771	574	                 Tel:	094	903	4980	                  Outreach Services
                                                           Email:    Fax:	094	904	4974	
                                                                                                                                 Athlone Outreach Service for
                                                           Asperger’s Residential                                                People with Physical and Sensory
                                                                                             Monaghan Home Support               Disabilities
                                                           Service                           Co-ordinator:	Linda	Moore	          Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Galway Asperger’s Residential                                         Veronica	Cullinan	
                                                                                             Rockcorry	                          Crescent	House	
                                                           Service                           Co.	Monaghan                        The	Crescent	
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		   Tel/Fax:	047	81115	                 Railway	Road	
                                                           Shona	King	                       Email:     Athlone	
                                                           Unit	9B	                                                              Co.	Westmeath
                                                           Liosban	Business	Park	
                                                           Tuam	Road	                                                            Tel:	090	649	145	
                                                           Galway                                                                Fax:	090	649	1454	
                                                           Tel:	091	755	836	
          46                                               Fax:	091	771	574	
Castlerea Assertive Outreach         Tralee Outreach Service                Knocklofty Residential Service
Service                              Community	Services	Manager:		          Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                     Mike	Barton	                           Pat	McPhillips	
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                     3	Fortfield	                          Kilnamack	West	
Miriam	Mannion	
Church	Road	                         Killarisk	                             Kilmanahan	
                                     Tralee	                                Clonmel	
                                     Co.	Kerry                              Co.	Tipperary
Co.	Roscommon
                                     Tel:	066	719	0559	                     Tel:	05	3881	
Tel:	094	96	97	
                                     Email:        Fax:	056	779	7560	
Fax:	094	96	043	
                                     Tullamore Outreach Service for
Costello Assertive Outreach          Children with Autism                   Lean Ar Aghaidh Residential
Service                              Residential	Services	Manager:		        Service (DEE House)
                                     Mary	Conroy	Thoms	                     Residential	Services	Manager:		
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                     Charleville	Cottage	                   Laurence	Collins	
Brendan	Folan	
                                     Charleville	Road	                      	Beech	Park	
Unit	7	
Industrial	Estate	                   Tullamore	                             Old	Bray	Road	
                                     Co.	Offaly                             Cabinteely	
                                                                            Co.	Dublin
Co.	Galway                           Tel:	057	93	9991	
                                     Fax:	057	93	9819	                     Tel:	01	8	898	
Tel:	091	57	10	
                                     Email:   Fax:	01	8	899	
Fax:	091	57	370	

RehabCare Outreach Swords            Residential Care                       Longford Autism Service
                                                                            Residential	Services	Manager:		
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                     Clare Children’s Residential           Sally	Budd	
Amy	O’Malley	
                                     Service                                Highfield	House	
Balheary	Industrial	Estate	
Swords	                              Social	Care	Manager:	Grainne	Palmer	
                                                                            Co.	Longford
Co.	Dublin                           Inis	Grove	
                                     Lahinch	Road	                          Tel:	043	44043	
Tel:	01	66	9979	
                                     Ennis	                                 Fax:	043	44045	
Fax:	01	840	8175	
                                     Co.	Clare                              Email:
                                     Tel:	065	689	73	
RehabCare Outreach Tallaght          Email:
                                                                            Mid-West Children’s Unit

                                                                                                                       Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                            Social	Care	Manager:	Christina	Hennessy	
Community	Services	Manager:		
                                     Clare Residential Service              The	Glen	
Amy	O’Malley	
77	Broomhill	Road	                                                          Ballyneety	
                                     Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                            Co.	Limerick
Tallaght	Industrial	Estate	          Lars	Schabelski	
Dublin	4                            	The	Willows	                        Tel:	061	450	000	
                                     Oakleigh	Wood	                         Fax:	061	15	899	
Tel:	01	66	9979	
                                     Ennis	                                 Email:
Fax:	01	45	641	
Email:      Co.	Clare
                                     Tel:	065	684	6108	
                                                                            Navan Autism Residential Service
Thurles Outreach Service             Fax:	065	684	6106	                     Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                     Email:    Kieran	O’Sullivan	
Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                            0	Balreask	Manor	
Geraldine	Egan	
                                     Fernhill Children’s Autism Service     Trim	Road	
3B	Hazelwood	Estate	
Thurles	                             Social	Care	Manager:	Janet	Gunning	
                                                                            Co.	Meath
Co.	Tipperary                        3	Beech	Park	
                                     Old	Bray	Road	                         Tel:	046	90	80	
Tel:	0504	746	
                                     Cabinteely	                            Email:
                                     Co.	Dublin
                                     Tel:	01	39	0748	
                                     Fax:	01	8	899	

                                                           Nenagh Children’s Residential              Tullamore Autism Residential            Bantry Resource Centre
                                                           Service                                    Service                                 Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                                                                                                              Alison	Steeds	
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		            Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                                                                                              Drumleigh	South	
                                                           Rita	Coffey	                               Chiara	Glynn	
                                                           Rockfield	House	                           Ballard	House	                          Bantry	
                                                                                                                                              Co.	Cork
                                                           Clare	Glens	                               Clara	Road	
                                                           Newport	                                   Tullamore	                              Tel:	07	51414	
                                                           Co.	Tipperary                              Co.	Offaly                              Fax:	07	5390	
                                                           Tel:	061	373	06	                          Tel/Fax:	057	936	0763	
                                                           Email:            Email:
                                                                                                                                              Blennerville Resource Centre
                                                           Nenagh Residential Service                                                         Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		            Resource Centres                        Mike	Barton	
                                                           Jonna	Goranson	
                                                           Carrow	House	                              Athlone Resource Centre                 Tralee	
                                                                                                                                              Co.	Kerry
                                                           Capparoe	                                  Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Nenagh	                                    Veronica	Cullinan	                      Tel:	066	719	0559	
                                                           Co.	Tipperary                              Crescent	House	                         Fax:	066	719	0560	
                                                                                                      The	Crescent	                           Email:
                                                           Tel:	067	5931	
                                                           Email:         Railway	Road	
                                                                                                      Athlone	                                Bray Resource Centre, Phoenix
                                                           Prader Willi Syndrome Service              Co.	Westmeath                           Service and Lean Ar Aghaidh
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		            Tel:	090	649	145	                      Day Service
                                                           Laurence	Collins	                          Fax:	090	649	1454	
                                                                                                                                              Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Graifin	House	                             Email:
                                                                                                                                              Rebecca	Power	
                                                           Leopardstown	Road	                                                                 Southern	Cross	House	
                                                           Foxrock	                                   Bailieboro Resource Centre
                                                                                                                                              Southern	Cross	Business	Park	
                                                           Dublin	18                                  Community	Services	Manager:		           Boghall	Road	
                                                           Tel:	01	89	9347	                          Bernard	McVeigh	                        Bray	
                                                           Fax:	01	89	9371	                          Bailieboro	Business	Centre	             Co.	Wicklow
                                                           Email:       Shercock	Road	
                                                                                                      Bailieboro	                             Tel:	01	76	5764	
                                                                                                      Co.	Cavan                               Fax:	01	76	5765	
                                                           Seoidín Children’s Residential                                                     Email:	
                                                           Service                                    Tel:	04	967	5819	            
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Social	Care	Manager:	Christina	Hennessy	
                                                           Red	Hill	                                                                          Bruach Resource Centre
                                                                                                      Ballinamore Resource Centre
                                                           Patrickswell	                                                                      Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Co.	Limerick                               Community	Services	Manager:		           Brian	Desmond	
                                                                                                      Sheila	O’Dowd	                          Bruach	
                                                           Tel:	061	15	771	                          New	Golf	Links	Road	                    Bachelors	Quay	
                                                           Fax:	061	15	86	                          Ballinamore	                            Cork
                                                           Email:     Co.	Leitrim
                                                                                                                                              Tel:	01	490	7610	
                                                           Thurles Residential Service                Tel:	071	964	413	                      Fax:	01	490	7615	
                                                                                                      Fax:	071	964	4133	                      Email:
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Geraldine	Egan	
                                                           Garraun	                                                                           Carlow Resource Centre
                                                                                                      Ballyfermot Resource Centre
                                                           	Mile	Borris	                                                                     Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Thurles	                                   Community	Services	Manager:		           Eamonn	McSteen	
                                                           Co.	Tipperary                              Amy	O’Malley	                           Killeshin	Road	
                                                                                                      Kylemore	Life	House	                    Graiguecullen	
                                                           Tel:	0504	44345		                          Kylemore	Road	                          Carlow
                                                           Email:         Ballyfermot	
                                                                                                      Dublin	10                               Tel:	059	913	66	
                                                                                                                                              Fax:	059	913	730	
                                                                                                      Tel:	01	66	9979	                       Email:	
                                                                                                      Fax:	01	66	1145	             

Castlebar Resource Centre             Douglas Resource Centre                Galway Resource Centre
Community	Services	Manager:		         Community	Services	Manager:		          Community	Services	Manager:		
Lorraine	Gibbons	                     Brian	Desmond	                         Rory	Douglas	
Breaffy	Road	                         Brandon	House	                         Units	5B	and	9B	
Castlebar	                            Dosco	Industrial	Estate	               Liosban	Business	Park	
Co.	Mayo                              South	Douglas	Road	                    Tuam	Road	
                                      Cork                                   Galway
Tel:	094	904	3055	
Fax:	094	904	3056	                    Tel:	01	436	701	                     Tel/Fax:	091	755	517	
Email:         Fax:	01	436	183	                     Email:
Castlerea Resource Centre                                                    HOPS
Community	Services	Manager:		         Dun Laoghaire Resource Centre          Community	Services	Manager:		
Miriam	Mannion	                       Community	Services	Manager:		          Nessa	Canavan	
Church	Road	                          Clara	McAuliffe	                       Block	7	
Castlerea	                            Clarence	House	                        Unit	C	
Co.	Roscommon                         Clarence	Street	                       Westland	Square	
                                      Dun	Laoghaire	                         Dublin	
Tel:	094	96	97	
                                      Co.	Dublin
Fax:	094	96	043	                                                           Tel:	01	673	0150	
Email:         Tel:	01	0	0440	                      Fax:	01	673	0151	
                                      Fax:	01	0	0441	                      Email:
Cavan Resource Centre                 Email:	
Community	Services	Manager:	           Kildare Resource Centre
Bernard	McVeigh	                                                             Community	Services	Manager:		
Drumalee	                             Dunboyne Resource Centre               Amy	O’Malley	
Cootehill	Road	                       Community	Services	Manager:		          Unit	C	
Cavan                                 Ann	Moran	                             Kildare	Business	Park	
                                      Rooske	Road	                           Melitta	Road	
Tel/Fax:	049	433	1161	
                                      Dunboyne	                              Kildare	
                                      Co.	Meath                              Co.	Kildare
Clonmel Resource Centre               Tel:	01	85	5641	                      Tel:	045	530	35	
Community	Services	Manager:		         Fax:	01	801	3954	                      Fax:	045	530	310	
Harry	Keskinen	                       Email:          Email:
Bridgewater	House	
Old	Waterford	Road	                   Dundalk Resource Centre –              Kilkenny Resource Centre and
Clonmel	                              Carroll Village                        Day Service

                                                                                                                        Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
Co.	Tipperary
                                      Community	Services	Manager:		          Community	Services	Manager:		
Tel:	05	817	                       Caitlin	McKinley	                      Siobhan	Powell	
Fax:	05	87	                       Dundalk	House	                         Regent	House	
Email:    Carroll	Village	                       William	Street	
                                      Church	Street	                         Kilkenny
Costello Resource Centre              Dundalk	
                                                                             Tel:	056	779	7555	
Community	Services	Manager:		         Co.	Louth
                                                                             Fax:	056	779	7560	
Brendan	Folan	                        Tel:	04	93	8766	                     Email:	
Unit	7	                               Fax:	04	93	8769	           
Industrial	Estate	                    Email:	
Costello	                             Knocklofty Rural Day Centre
Co.	Galway
                                                                             Community	Services	Manager:		
Tel:	091	57	10	                     Dundalk Resource Centre –              Harry	Keskinen	
Fax:	091	57	370	                     Coes Road                              Kilnamack	West	
Email:                                                 Kilmanahan	
                                      Community	Services	Manager:		
                                      Deirdre	Quinn	                         Clonmel	
                                                                             Co.	Tipperary
                                      Coes	Road	
                                      Dundalk	                               Tel/Fax:	05	38799	
                                      Co.	Louth                              Email:
                                      Tel:	04	933	476	
                                      Fax:	04	933	807	
                                                           Lifford Resource Centre                 Park House Day Activity Centre        Tullamore Resource Centre
                                                           Community	Services	Manager:		           Community	Services	Manager:		         Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Loretto	Gillespie	                      Anne	Johnson	                         Marie	Hensey	
                                                           Finn	Valley	Enterprise	Park	            Park	House	                           Kilcruttin	Business	Park	
                                                           Letterkenny	Road	                       Stillorgan	Grove	                     Tullamore	
                                                           Lifford	                                Stillorgan	                           Co.	Offaly
                                                           Co.	Donegal                             Co.	Dublin
                                                                                                                                         Tel:	057	93	4613	
                                                           Tel:	074	914	1430	                      Tel:	01	10	8567/88	5463	            Fax:	057	93	910	
                                                           Fax:	074	914	1188	                      Fax:	01	1	1539	                     Email:
                                                           Email:   Email:
                                                                                                                                         Waterford Resource Centre
                                                           Limerick Resource Centre                Portlaoise Resource Centre            Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Community	Services	Manager:		           Community	Services	Manager:		         Donal	O’Brien	
                                                           Philip	Atkinson	                        Luke	Van	Erwegan	                     Unit		
                                                           11	John	Street	                         	Lower	Main	Street	                 Tramore	Road	Business	Park	
                                                           Limerick                                Portlaoise	                           Waterford
                                                                                                   Co.	Laois
                                                           Tel:	061	31	876	                                                             Tel:	051	378	880	
                                                           Fax:	061	31	643	                       Tel:	057	866	046	                    Fax:	051	378	885	
                                                           Email:            Fax:	057	868	54	                    Email:
                                                           Monaghan Resource Centre                                                      Wexford Resource Centre
                                                           Community	Services	Manager:		           Shannon Resource Centre               Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Anne	McFarland	                         Community	Services	Manager:		         Gordon	Rochford	
                                                           Mall	Road	                              Patricia	Davern	                      Whitemills	Industrial	Estate	
                                                           Tirkeenan	                              8/10	Caiseal	Daire	                   Clonard	
                                                           Monaghan                                Brú	Na	Sionna	                        Wexford
                                                           Tel:	047	81115	                         Shannon	                              Tel:	053	91	448	
                                                           Fax:	047	84037	                         Co.	Clare                             Fax:	053	914	5447	
                                                           Email:      Tel:	061	719	500	                     Email:	
                                                                                                   Fax:	061	719	50	           
                                                           Navan Resource Centre                   Email:
                                                           Community	Services	Manager:	
                                                           Martin	McLaughlin	                      Sligo Resource Centre                 Respite Services
                                                           Mullaghboy	Industrial	Estate	           Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Athboy	Road	                            Eamonn	Wheeler	
                                                                                                                                         Kilbane Respite Service
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Navan	                                  Lakeview	Business	Centre	             Community	Services	Manager:		
                                                           Co.	Meath                               Aughamore	Far	                        Phil	Atkinson	
                                                           Tel:	046	907	0497	                      Sligo                                 35	Kilbane	
                                                           Fax:	046	907	8978	                                                            Castletroy	
                                                                                                   Tel:	071	917	0045/915	0385	
                                                           Email:                                         Co.	Limerick
                                                                                                   Fax:	071	917	000	
                                                                                                   Email:    Tel:	061	335	994	
                                                           Nenagh Resource Centre                                                        Email:
                                                           Residential	Services	Manager:		         Thurles Day Service
                                                           Jonna	Goranson	                         Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                                                                                         Limerick Autism Respite Service
                                                           1	St	Conlon’s	Road	                     Geraldine	Egan	                       Social	Care	Manager:	Michelle	Walshe	
                                                           Nenagh	                                 Unit	1	                               Red	House	
                                                           Co.	Tipperary                           Rosemount	                            Red	Hill	
                                                           Tel:	067	43046	                         Thurles	                              Patrickswell	
                                                           Fax:	067	43047	                         Co.	Tipperary                         Co.	Limerick
                                                           Email:              Tel:	0504	5895	                      Tel:	061	355	15	
                                                                                                   Email:    Fax:	061	30	049	

Limerick Physical and Sensory
                                         Newgrove Housing                          TBG Learning Ashford
Respite Service                                                                    Manager:	Nicholas	Cole	
Community	Services	Manager:		            Association                               Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	
                                                                                   The	Bull	Yard	
Orla	Kennedy	                            Housing	Development	Officer:		
                                                                                   High	Street	
Cairdeas	                                Kevin	Lunny	
Clough	Keating	                                                                    Ashford	
                                         Newgrove	Housing	Association	
                                                                                   Kent	TN4	8SN
Red	Hill	                                Roslyn	Park	
Patrickswell	                            Beach	Road	                               Tel:	0133	634	476	
Co.	Limerick                             Sandymount	                               Fax:	0133	68	573	
Tel:	061	30	075	                        Dublin	4                                  Email:
Fax:	061	498	079	                        Tel:	01	05	7397	
Email:                                                       TBG Learning Aylesham
                                         Fax:	01	05	785	
                                         Email:           Manager:	Nicholas	Cole	
Navan Children’s Respite Service                                                   Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	
                                                                                   C/O	Aylesham	and	District	Community	
Residential	Services	Manager:		
Louise	Tinne	(Locum)	
The	Meadows	
                                         Rehab Lotteries Ltd                       Workshop	
                                                                                   Aylesham	Community	Project	
                                         Rehab	House	                              Ackholt	Road	
                                         Blackhall	Court	                          Kent	CT3	3AJ
Co.	Meath                                Dublin	7                                  Fax:	01304	841	813	
                                         Tel:	01	679	7088	                         Email:
Tel:	046	903	1505	
Email:         Fax:	01	679	150	
                                         Email:	            TBG Learning Barking
Thurles Respite Service                  Web:                Manager:	Mina	Mistry	
                                                                                   Regional	Manager:	Darren	Avery	
Residential	Services	Manager:		
                                                                                   Monteagle	Court	
Geraldine	Egan	
76	Cluain	Glas	                          The Care Trust Ltd                        Wakering	Road	
Templemore	Road	
Thurles	                                 Chief	Executive	Officer:	Senan	Mullins	   Essex	IG11	8PD
Co.	Tipperary                            College	House	
                                                                                   Tel:	00	8507	1377	
                                         71–73	Rock	Road	
                                                                                   Fax:	00	8507	196	
Tel:	0504	746	                         Blackrock	
Email:       Co.	Dublin

Tullamore Autism Respite Service         Tel:	01	00	0060	                         TBG Learning Camden
                                         Fax:	01	00	0061	                         Manager:	Frank	Xavier	

                                                                                                                           Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
Residential	Services	Manager:		          Email:	              Regional	Manager:	Abi	Osho	
Mary	Conroy	Thoms	                       Web:                  Unit	A	
Charleville	Cottage	
                                                                                   Linton	House	
Charleville	Road	
                                                                                   39–51	Highgate	Road	
Co.	Offaly                               TBG Learning                              Camden	
                                                                                   London	NW5	1RS
Tel:	057	93	9991	
Fax:	057	93	9819	
                                         Head Office                               Tel:	00	7485	1677	
                                                                                   Fax:	00	7485	1911	
Email:   Lombard	House	
                                         145	Great	Charles	Street	
                                         Birmingham	B3	3LP
                                                                                   TBG Learning Chesterfield
Polio Fellowship                         Tel:	011	00	1140	
                                                                                   Manager:	Cherry	Brooks	
                                         Fax:	011	33	0573	
of Ireland                               Email:	
                                                                                   Regional	Manager:	Lawrence	Thirlaway	
                                                                                   Block	A	
Park	House	                                                                        1st	Floor	
Stillorgan	Grove	                                                                  St	Mary’s	Court	
Stillorgan	                              TBG Learning Alfreton                     St	Mary’s	Gate	
Co.	Dublin                               Manager:	Cherry	Brooks	                   Chesterfield	
                                         Regional	Manager:	Lawrence	Thirlaway	     Derbyshire	S41	7TD
Tel:	01	10	8567	
                                         10	High	Street	
Fax:	01	1	1539	                                                                  Tel:	0146	07	500	
Email:                                                   Fax:	0146	07	00	
                                         Derbyshire	DE55	7BN
                                         Tel:	01773	51	91	
                                         Fax:	01773	51	81	                                                                    51
                                                           TBG Learning Colchester                 TBG Learning Kent                  TBG Learning Tendring
                                                           Manager:	Andrea	Pawsey	                 Manager:	Kellie	Major	             Manager:	Rob	Fitt	
                                                           Portal	House	                           Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	     103–105	Carnarvon	Road	
                                                           7	Southway	                            3–5	King	Street	                 Clacton-on-Sea	CO15	6QA
                                                           Colchester	CO	7BA                      Gravesend	
                                                                                                                                      Tel:	0155	430	053	
                                                                                                   Kent	DA1	DU
                                                           Tel:	0106	366	341	                                                        Fax:	0155	688	40	
                                                           Fax:	0106	366	358	                     Tel:	01474	566	588	                Email:
                                                           Email:          Fax:	01474	569	100	
                                                                                                   Email:      TBG Learning Tower Hamlets
                                                           TBG Learning Derbyshire                                                    Manager:	Kim	Keane	
                                                           Manager:	Fiona	Connelly	                TBG Learning Kent                  Regional	Manager:	Darren	Avery	
                                                           Regional	Manager:	Lawrence	Thirlaway	   Manager:	Kellie	Major	             Truman	Building	
                                                           St	Peter’s	House	                       Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	     91	Brick	Lane	
                                                           Gower	Street	                           nd	Floor	                         London	E1	6QL
                                                           Derby	DE1	1SB                           193B	Parrock	Street	
                                                                                                                                      Tel:	00	747	0036	
                                                           Tel:	0133	0	88	                                                        Fax:	00	746	0560	
                                                                                                   Kent	DA1	1EW
                                                           Fax:	0133	0	804	                                                        Email:
                                                           Email:        Tel:	01474	369	108	
                                                                                                   Fax:	01474	569	100	                TBG Learning West Bromwich
                                                           TBG Learning Ealing                     Email:      Manager:	Jaswinder	Kaur	
                                                           Manager:	Ashok	Kumar	                                                      Regional	Manager:	Lawrence	Thirlaway	
                                                           Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	          TBG Learning Newham                3rd	Floor	
                                                           Ealing	House	                           Manager:	Aggrey	Mango	             Lanchard	House	
                                                           Hanger	Lane	                            Regional	Manager:	Darren	Avery	    Victoria	Street	
                                                           Ealing	                                 46–50	Romford	Road	              West	Bromwich	B70	8ER
                                                           London	W5	3HJ                           Forest	Gate	
                                                                                                                                      Tel:	011	55	5498	
                                                           Tel:	00	8998	7144	                     London	E7	9HZ
                                                                                                                                      Fax:	011	55	419	
                                                           Fax:	00	8998	413	                     Tel:	00	81	4656	                Email:
                                                           Email:           Fax:	00	81	4644	
                                                                                                   Email:      TBG Learning West Midlands
                                                           TBG Learning Folkestone
                                                                                                                                      Manager:	Janice	Januszewski	
                                                           Manager:	Nicholas	Cole	                 TBG Learning South London          Regional	Manager:	Lawrence	Thirlaway	
                                                           Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger           Manager:	Maria	Behrendt	           Lombard	House	
                                                           Folkestone	Enterprise	Centre	           Regional	Manager:	Abi	Osho	        145	Great	Charles	Street	
                                                           Unit	0	                                Cranmer	House	                     Birmingham	B3	3LP
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Shearway	Business	Park	                 39	Brixton	Road	
                                                                                                                                      Tel:	011	00	646	
                                                           Shearway	Road	                          London	SW9	6DD
                                                                                                                                      Fax:	011	33	9567	
                                                           Folkestone	                             Tel:	00	774	4106	                Email:
                                                           Kent	CT19	4RH                           Fax:	00	774	0764	
                                                           Tel:	01303	98	98	                     Email:
                                                           Fax:	01303	98	99	
                                                           Email:            TBG Learning Southall
                                                           TBG Learning Gillingham
                                                                                                   Manager:	Ashok	Kumar	              Head Office
                                                                                                   Regional	Manager:	Abi	Osho	
                                                           Manager:	Nicholas	Cole	                 Units	1	and		                     Pavilion	7	
                                                           Regional	Manager:	Mike	Burger	          Iron	Bridge	House	                 Watermark	Park	
                                                           nd	Floor	                              Windmill	Place	Business	Centre	    35	Govan	Road	
                                                           Kingsley	House	                         –4	Windmill	Lane	                 Glasgow	G51	SE
                                                           Balmoral	Road	                          Southall	UB	4NJ                   Tel:	0141	419	599	
                                                           Gillingham	ME7	4NT                      Tel:	00	8893	5389	                Fax:	0141	419	081	
                                                           Tel:	01634	855	69	                     Fax:	00	8813	8656	                Email:	
                                                           Fax:	01634	854	04	                     Email:      Web:

Brain Injury                         Pathways Ayrshire                      Momentum Care Ayrshire
                                     Manager:	Anne	Riddell	                 Co-ordinator:	Cora	McCartney	
National	Brain	Injury	Development	
                                     Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	           Regional	Manager:	Cathy	Bell	
Manager:	Dorothy	Strachan	
                                     Eglinton	Disability	Resource	Centre	   1	Wellington	Square	
South	Wing	
                                     Pavilion	9	                            Ayr	KA7	1EN
Migvie	House	
                                     Ayrshire	Central	Hospital	
3	North	Silver	Street	                                                     Tel/Fax:	019	6	00	
                                     Kilwinning	Road	
Aberdeen	AB10	1RJ                                                           Email:	info.momentumcare@
                                     Irvine	KA1	8SS
Tel:	014	65	580	
                                     Tel/Fax:	0194	311	433	
Fax:	014	65	581	
                                     Email:	info.pathwaysayrshire@          Momentum Care Central and
Email:	dorothy.strachan@
                                     Pathways Glasgow                       Regional	Manager:	Cathy	Bell	
Birmingham and Midlands Brain                                               Clydeway	House	
                                     Team	Leader:	Liz	Burke	                813	South	Street	
Injury Centre                        Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	           Glasgow	G14	0BX
Regional	Manager:	Suzanne	Ashby	     7th	Floor	
58–7	John	Bright	Street	            Savoy	Tower	                           Tel:	0141	1	655	
Birmingham	B1	1BN                    77	Renfrew	Street	                     Fax:	0141	1	316	
                                     Glasgow	G	3BZ                         Email:	info.momentumcare@
Tel:	011	616	3900	
Fax:	011	616	3909	                  Tel:	0141	333	0567	
Email:          Fax:	0141	333	1678	
                                                                            Momentum Care East Kilbride
                                     Email:	info.pathwaysglasgow@
Integrate and Pathways                        Co-ordinator:	Doreen	Lawrence	
                                                                            Regional	Manager:	Cathy	Bell	
Manager:	Harry	Wood	
                                     Transitions                            Room	E30	
Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	
                                                                            Edinburgh	House	
Unit	5	                              Team	Leader:	Sallie	Sorry	             Town	Centre	
Abbotsford	Court	Business	Centre	    Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	     East	Kilbride	G74	1LS
Kelso	TD5	7BQ                        43B	Skene	Terrace	
                                     Aberdeen	AB10	1RN                      Tel:	01355	571	6	
Tel:	01573	9	78/01573	9	730	
                                                                            Fax:	01355	36	38	
Fax:	01573	9	79	                  Tel:	014	6	61	                    Email:	info.momentumcare@
Email:	info.pathwaysborders@         Fax:	014	65	581	
                                                                                   Email:	info.transitions@
                                                                            Northumberland Day Centre
Newcastle and North East Brain
                                                                            Manager:	Paul	McKay	
Injury Centre

                                                                                                              Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
                                                                            Regional	Manager:	Dawn	Craig	
Team	Leader:	Kim	McMaster	           Care and Supported                     101	Waterloo	Road	
Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	   Living                                 Blyth	
Melbourne	House	                                                            Northumberland	NE4	1BY
Melbourne	Street	                    Let’s Go                               Tel/Fax:	01670	353	787	
Newcastle	Upon	Tyne	NE1	JQ          Regional	Manager:	Dawn	Craig	          Email:	info.momentumcare@
Tel:	0191	3	034	                  Momentum	Care	Morayshire	    
Fax:	0191	30	4307	                  Unit	6	
Email:       Douglas	Centre	                        Teach na hÉireann
                                     Marchburn	Crescent	
                                                                            Manager:	Monica	Whitehurst	
Pathways                             Buckie	
                                                                            Regional	Manager:	Cathy	Bell	
                                     Aberdeenshire	AB56	4BX
Manager:	George	Robertson	                                                  Irish	Elders’	Resource	Centre	
Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	   Tel/Fax:	0154	839	081	                5	St	Columbus	Close	
South	Wing	                          Email:	info.momentumcare@              Coventry	CV1	4BX
Migvie	House	              
                                                                            Tel/Fax:	0476	1	600	
3	North	Silver	Street	
Aberdeen	AB10	1RJ                    Momentum Care Aberdeenshire
Tel:	014	65	580	                  Regional	Manager:	Dawn	Craig	
Fax:	014	65	581	                  Banchory	Business	Centre	
Email:	info.pathwaysaberdeen@        Burn	O’Bennie	Road                 Banchory	AB31	5ZU
                                     Tel:	01330	86	545	
                                     Fax:	01330	86	546	
                                     Email:	info.momentumcare@                                                     53
                                                           Community                                   Work Prep Fife                          Mental Health
                                                                                                       Manager:	Eddie	King	
                                                           Rehabilitation                              Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	            ESTeam (Employment
                                                           (Substance Misuse)                          11	Carberry	Place	                      Support Team)
                                                                                                       Mitchelston	Industrial	Estate	
                                                                                                                                               Manager:	George	Robertson	
                                                           Catalyst                                    Kirkcaldy	
                                                                                                                                               Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	
                                                           Manager:	Eileen	Kennedy	                    Fife	KY1	3AQ
                                                                                                                                               53	Market	Street	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	                Tel/Fax:	0159	654	618	                 Aberdeen	AB11	5PZ
                                                           65	King	Street	                             Email:
                                                           Kilmarnock	KA1	1PT                                                                  Tel:	014	587	777	
                                                                                                                                               Fax:	014	589	599	
                                                           Tel/Fax:	01563	549	377	                     Work Prep Glasgow
                                                           Email:   Team	Leader:	Sharon	Coyle	
                                                                                                       Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	            Fresh Start
                                                           Link Programme (part of STAR –              7th	Floor	
                                                                                                                                               Team	Leader:	Sharon	Coyle	
                                                           Supported Training And                      Savoy	Tower	
                                                                                                                                               Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	
                                                                                                       77	Renfrew	Street	
                                                           Rehabilitation – partnership)               Glasgow	G	3BZ
                                                                                                                                               7th	Floor	
                                                                                                                                               Savoy	Tower	
                                                           Manager:	John	McMahon	                      Tel:	0141	333	0567	                     77	Renfrew	Street	
                                                           Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	          Fax:	0141	333	1678	                     Glasgow	G	3BZ
                                                           3	Merryton	Avenue	                          Email:	info.workprep@	
                                                           Drumchapel	                                                                         Tel:	0141	333	0567	
                                                           Glasgow	G15	7PS                                                                     Fax:	0141	333	1678	
                                                                                                                                               Email:	info.freshstart@	
                                                           Tel:	0141	944	6649	                         Work Step
                                                           Fax:	0141	944	6518	                         Team	Leader:	Sharon	Coyle	
                                                           Email:       Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	            Work Matters/Starting Point
                                                                                                       7th	Floor	                              Manager:	John	McMahon	
                                                                                                       Savoy	Tower	                            Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	
                                                           Employment                                  77	Renfrew	Street	                      The	Charleston	Centre	
                                                                                                       Glasgow	G	3BZ                          49	Neilston	Road	
                                                           Access To Work                                                                      Paisley	PA	6LY
                                                                                                       Tel:	0141	333	0567	
                                                           Team	Leader:	Sharon	Coyle	                  Fax:	0141	333	1678	                     Tel:	0141	84	3410	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	                Email:	info.workstep@	                  Fax:	0141	84	3418	
                                                           7th	Floor	                                            Email:	info.workmatters@
                                                           Savoy	Tower	
                                                           77	Renfrew	Street	                          Workability
Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008

                                                           Glasgow	G	3BZ
                                                                                                       Manager:	Stephen	Kidd	
                                                           Tel:	0141	333	0567	
                                                           Fax:	0141	333	1678	
                                                                                                       Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	            Pan-disability
                                                                                                       The	White	Studios	
                                                           Email:	info.accesstowork@                   Room	06	                               Assist
                                                                         6	Templeton	Street	
                                                                                                                                               Team	Leader:	Geoff	Orry	
                                                                                                       Glasgow	G40	1DA
                                                                                                                                               Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	
                                                                                                       Tel:	0141	554	88	                     Queen	Elizabeth	National	Spinal	Injuries	Unit	
                                                           Team	Leader:	Sandy	Orr	                     Fax:	0141	550	559	                     Southern	General	Hospital	
                                                           Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	                Email:	info.workabilityglasgow@         1345	Govan	Road	
                                                           Room	F.01	                                            Glasgow	G51	4TF
                                                           1–15	Main	Street	
                                                           Cambuslang	                                                                         Tel:	0141	01	05	
                                                                                                                                               Fax:	0141	01	991	
                                                           Glasgow	G7	7EX                             Job Retention                           Email:	momentumscotland@	
                                                           Tel:	0141	646	550	                                                       
                                                           Fax:	0141	646	880	                         Get Back Plus
                                                           Email:	info.workability@                    Team	Leader:	Sharon	Coyle	
                                                                         Area	Manager:	Alistair	Kerr	
                                                                                                       7th	Floor	
                                                                                                       Savoy	Tower	
                                                                                                       77	Renfrew	Street	
                                                                                                       Glasgow	G	3BZ
                                                                                                       Tel:	0141	333	0567	
                                                                                                       Fax:	0141	333	1678	
          54                                                                                           Email:	info.getbackplusglasgow@
Manager:	George	Robertson	
                                     Retail                               The Chaseley Trust
Head	of	Operations:	Dougie	Taylor	   Café Momentum                        South	Cliff	
53	Market	Street	                                                         Eastbourne	
                                     Manager:	Stephen	Kidd	
Aberdeen	AB11	5PZ                                                         East	Sussex	BN0	7JH
                                     Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	
Tel:	014	587	777	                  Toryglen	Resource	Centre	            Tel:	0133	744	00	
Fax:	014	589	599	                  179	Prospecthill	Circus	             Fax:	0133	744	08	
Email:	info.energiseraberdeen@       Glasgow	G4	0LT                      Email:                                                      Web:
                                     Tel:	0141	613	3094	
                                     Email:	info.workabilityglasgow@
Energiser and Inclusive    
Manager:	Liz	Day	
Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	         Café Momentum
Open	Gate	Community	College	         Manager:	Stephen	Kidd	
44	Hecla	Square	                     Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	
Drumchapel	                          Yoker	Community	Centre	
Glasgow	G15	8NH                      Kelso	Place	
Tel:	0141	949	4885	                  Yoker	
Fax:	0141	944	63	                  Glasgow	G14	0LL
Email:	info.energiserdrumchapel@     Tel:	0141	435	756	               Email:	info.workabilityglasgow@

Energiser and Inclusive              Social Enterprise
Manager:	Liz	Day	
Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	         Haven Products
9	Kelso	Place	                       Business	Manager:	Matt	Harley	
Yoker	                               Operations	Director:	Tommy	Bruin	
Glasgow	G14	OLL                      Sentinel	Court	
Tel:	0141	95	6494	                  3	Atholl	Avenue	
Email:	info.energiseryoker@          Hillington	Park	Industrial	Estate	               Glasgow	G5	4UA
info.inclusiveyoker@	                Tel:	0141	88	575                 Fax:	0141	88	5471	

                                                                                                           Rehab Group Addresses		|		Rehab	Group	Annual	Report	008
Inclusive East
Team	Leader:	Colin	Baird	            Haven Products
Area	Manager:	Gail	Sinclair	         Manufacturing	Manager:	Lisa	Ross	
The	White	Studios	                   Operations	Director:	Tommy	Bruin	
Room	03	                            1	Harbour	Road	
6	Templeton	Street	                 Longman	Industrial	Estate	
Glasgow	G40	1DA                      Inverness	IV1	1SY
Tel:	0141	550	49	                  Tel:	01463	38	11	
Fax:	0141	554	8049	                  Fax:	01463	710	97	
Email:	info.inclusiveeast@           Email:
                                     Haven Products
                                     Business	Manager:	Iain	MacLeod	
                                     Operations	Director:	Tommy	Bruin	
                                     1	Springhill	Drive	South	
                                     Glasgow	Business	Park	
                                     Glasgow	G69	6GD
                                     Tel:	0141	771	300	
                                     Fax:	0141	771	5490	

The Rehab Group
Roslyn Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4, Ireland

Telephone: +353 1 205 7200
Fax: +353 1 205 7211

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