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					Mr. (Ms.) Editor, Sir (Mam),
     Enclosed, please find a copy of a newsletter. If you open it to
the center (File C on the George Bailey Rd CD) you will find a
drawing that shows how small steam engines, combined with home
heating systems, could eliminate oil as our automotive fuel and
move us away from fossil fuels and nuclear altogether.
Unfortunately, there is at present, a power struggle over the future
of our country and our planet and there is an unwillingness to free
People from the grip of those presently in control.
     There is also, currently, a plan to invest a trillion dollars into
our failing economy. That’s $1,000,000,000,000.00. Which means
that if we were to allocate $10,000.00 for the purchase and
installation of a boiler, a radiator (condenser), a steam engine and a
generator: we could install them in 100,000,000 homes at no
charge to the owner and they could feed the power grid. Or if we
like we could invest $20,000 in 50 million homes and apartment
buildings. We could create a new, clean industry that would free us
of pollution and gasoline and put thousands of heating, plumbing
and electrical contractors to work for a long time to come. We
could give all our citizens free electricity for home and electric
auto. If we could install a water separator and storage tank within
that budget, all the better: and all the savings from trade deficit
reductions for imported fuel puts money back into the pockets that
feed the economy. Using existing technology, Internal Combustion
engines can also be converted to run on hydrogen and on existing
cars. If we include leaves and waste paper and shrub clippings to
our wood pellets used for existing pellet boilers, we get more jobs
and more fuel and contain more C0² as carbon ash gathered and
stored. I have included a drawing of a simple scrubbing
technology. And don’t forget, we can still use natural gas, propane
and fuel oil as our heat source at the beginning.
     Larger buildings would get larger units. Midwest schools
could build systems modeled after the Scandinavian Country that

burns grass and heats the city with the leftover steam. The grass
could be collected all summer from roadside ditches and the
hydrogen could run the school buses. Hydrogen buses are already
running in Oakland Ca. Allen Alda interviewed a man years ago,
who had developed a solid metal hydrogen tank and a safe fast way
to fill it (“Future Car” on PBS more recently). Police cars could
run using hydrogen made from heating City Hall and ambulances
could use hydrogen from hospitals. As soon as we sort out the
saltwater technology we could begin to replace boilers and the rest
of the system would already be in place. Because it is Government
Sponsored, anyone holding the Country hostage with Patent Rights
could have those rights revoked under “Eminent Domain” statutes.
     Because Hydrogen manufacturing and dispensing components
have yet to be “Miniaturized” for individual dwellings, we may
want to “Centralize” Hydrogen production and distribution.
Regardless of how the Hydrogen is produced to run the city buses
in Oakland California, it is technology that is available today. If
homes and businesses had a steam driven heating system installed,
those systems would “Generate” their greatest outputs through the
night when temperatures drop and electrical demand is low. If
“Filling” Stations were given that peak electricity from the “Grid”
of the Municipality, at or near “Cost”, they could install Hydrogen
Separation Equipment and Hydrogen Storage and Dispensing
equipment with zero interest Government loans and be responsible
for production, storage and dispersement. This would leave monies
for the conversion of existing internal combustion engines from the
$trillion and minimize safety concerns as we usher in this new
technology. After all, the modifications in the relationship between
the grid and homeowners (to feed the grid) under this proposal
have already been addressed by the solar panel industry.
     If we set reasonable specifications for these components and
the Government lends commercial development money to
“ANYONE” who has a viable prototype for any of the needed
components from that original trillion dollars (at little or no
interest): we can reinvent our industrial manufacturing base and

the money spent to purchase the components will provide the
newly established companies with the orders needed to pay back
their loans and to pay taxes and the “Money Masters” can hold the
money they have extorted from us between their knees if they like,
but they won’t defeat our Economy and our Democracy or enslave
our children in debt.(That would include the “solar reflection
boilers” that the Governor of California wants to put in the desert,
but we will put them on Southwest rooftops.)
     While banks wait to see where the value of houses held within
their portfolios will bottom out, it should be obvious that it is the
cost to construct those individual houses that is their truest value. If
we end up spending two trillion to achieve this goal, it is value
added to a depreciated housing market rather than the “Write
Down” of bad assets, converted to more taxpayer debt with
     The People say that they want change. But as you can see from
the Newsletter, some of those who profess to want to lead us to
change are really in the business of keeping things the same so that
they can retain their grip on power and wealth. Nevertheless,
change is coming. Not because we want it or even “will” it, but
because God has ordained it. It is my hope that you can see your
way clear to being a catalyst for that change rather than just
another roadblock. I know your readers would be interested to hear
about this. But you’re probably saying to yourself, “He really had
my attention and then he had to throw in GOD.”
       As an editor, I shouldn’t have to tell you about plagiarism,
the act of taking credit for someone else’s work. So I ask you,
“Which is hardest?
   1. To explain a Unifying Theory of the Universe that reconciles
       Creation with E=MC²?
   2. To give sight to the blind concerning The Secrets of the
       Mysteries of God?
   3. To give the world an endless supply of clean, inexpensive
       (nearly free), environmentally friendly energy?

      You needn’t choose. You’ll find a short introduction to the
Mysteries on the first page of the Newsletter. It’s about the “Law”.
It was the Levite Tribe, from among the Hebrew People, who were
given the task of being the caretakers of the Temple in Ancient
Jerusalem, just as they had had charge over the care of the Temple
when it was a tent in the desert. The Temple housed “The Ark of
the Covenant” and in the Ark was housed the “Ten
Commandments, which signified the “Law”, which was “The
Covenant”. But God also made an additional and special covenant
with the Levites: the caretakers of the LAW. It was the covenant of
“Salt”. You may have wondered at my earlier reference to
saltwater concerning the boiler. If you use your “Windows Media
Player” Software to view the enclosed “File” entitled “Saltwater” it
will bring things a bit more in focus for you when you realize that
free fuel was promised long ago, to those who turn to God and His
Law. When you have finished I would like you to ask yourself how
you would go about sharing the three afore mentioned gifts with
the world if they had been given to you. Do you suppose that you
would be so bold as to take credit or would you be obliged to give
credit to He to whom all credit is due? And if you gave credit to
God, how do you think your gifts would be received in a corrupted
and skeptical, secular world?
      When King Solomon built the Hebrew Temple, which
contained the Ark of the Covenant, he enlisted the help of the King
of Tyre. In return, King Hiram was given twenty cities in Galilee
for all his help. But Hiram was displeased with the gift that he
would name “Cabul”, which means displeasing, dirty. If you want
to “Pipe” oil or natural gas from Russia to Pakistan and on to the
burgeoning economy of India without passing through China, you
must control the mountain passes in Afghanistan or go through
Iran. Given the way in which Russia is “Turning the screws” on
Europe with its natural gas monopoly in the winter of 2009, it
supports the idea that their failed quest to control Afghanistan
might have been part of that equation. That would explain our
Government’s fascination with a place that doesn’t seem to have

anything to fight over except for the fact that by bombing their
women and children we seem to create a nursery for terrorism,
rather than the adulation of the people we afflict, that we claim to
strive for. If we were to build a “State of the Art” steel mill in the
middle of Afghanistan and another in the “Lawless Regions” of
Pakistan and allow the men of those regions to own them and to
bring the debris of war to be beaten into plow shares and wood
fired cook stoves that were also boilers: if we gave them the
expertise to build the steam systems outlined in this letter, rather
than dead children and parents to burry, we could withdraw from
them without the worry of retribution. We could convert to an
energy system that would make a pipeline irrelevant and we could
“Be” the Country we tell the World we aspire to be. North Korea
and Iran would have no need for enriching uranium that could be
explained away as a concern for energy production and China
would have no need to “Play Bad” for oil. No one would be able to
“turn out the lights” with cyber sabotage that could be blamed on
“anyone” that the powerful wanted to pick a fight with. But the
People must be educated to the possibilities and galvanized to
demand these changes.
      At this point, I’ve given you enough for five pages of
newsprint or more. It is yours to do with as you see fit. I’ve come
for the children’s sake and for the sake of the world, to deliver a
message that is not mine. It is my hope that you will forward all I
have sent you, as best you can, through publication or by E-Mail or
Website, to those on your subscription list as soon as you can. Do
with it what seems right to you.
                              Thank you for your consideration,
                                                George Bailey

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