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					WelcOMe Fall 2012                                                                    GraDUate DivisiOn, University of california, Berkeley

                                                      Welcome to Berkeley
                                                      from the Graduate Division!
                                                      The staff of the Graduate Division are the people who will track your progress from the time
                                                      you are admitted until you complete your graduate program.

                                                      The Graduate Division serves nearly 10,000 students enrolled in more than 100 graduate
                                                      degree programs. While your department is typically your first stop for information, Graduate
                                                      Division can help guide you along the path to your degree. We’re here both to help you com-
                                                      plete your studies and to help you enjoy the most enriching experience possible at Berkeley.
                                                      You will find a wide range of resources on our
Office of the Graduate Dean                           website — —
424 Sproul Hall, 510-642-5472                         including calendars, policies, forms, and useful
Email:                          tips about fellowships, student employment,
                                                      degree progress, and admission. Our “Help
Dean of the Graduate Division Andrew J.               Desk” answers frequently-asked questions and
Szeri, Professor of Mechanical Engineering,           gives contact information for our student service
appointed Graduate Dean in 2007, serves as
                                                      units. You’ll also find publications of interest to
the chief advocate for graduate education and
                                                      graduate students and news about workshops,
research at UC Berkeley. The Dean works with the
Graduate Council of the Academic Senate on poli-      lectures, and other events sponsored by the
cies to sustain the world-renowned excellence of      Graduate Division.
more than 100 graduate programs. He collabo-          Where to find us: Our offices for student
rates with campus stakeholders to ensure equity       services are located on the third floor of Sproul
and fairness across the various disciplines and to    Hall. Service hours are Monday through Friday,
build diverse sources of financial and academic
                                                      9 am to noon and 1 to 4 pm.
support for more than 10,000 graduate students
throughout their studies.                             Drop box: Before or after office hours, forms
The Graduate Dean is assisted by members of the       and correspondence may be left in the drop box
faculty who serve (half-time) as Associate Deans.     on the counter across from 302 Sproul Hall.
They are available for advice and assistance if
you cannot resolve questions in your department
or with one of the Graduate Division units listed
in this newsletter.                                   How We Get the Word Out
Rosemary A. Joyce, Richard and Rhoda Gold-            The Graduate Division, through its
man Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences        Communications and Events office,
and Professor of Anthropology, was appointed          keeps in touch with the entire
Associate Dean in 2011. She oversees exceptional      Berkeley graduate community
admissions matters, policy related to student
                                                      throughout the year.
academic progress, and the offices of Academic
Services and the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.      eGrad, our monthly electronic
She represents the Graduate Division in academic      newsletter, is sent directly to
program reviews and chairs the Interdisciplinary      the email address you’ve given
Committee of the Graduate Council.                    the Registrar. A quick link
Through Fall Semester 2012: Associate Dean            takes you to complete il-
Carlos Fernandez-Pello, appointed Associate           lustrated articles on the web.                                                              It
Dean in 2005, (Almy C. Maynard and Agnes Offield      brings you current information
Maynard Professor of Mechanical Engineering),         that’s vital to all Berkeley gradu-
will oversee graduate student support (fellowships,   ate students, including fellowships
awards, grants) and employment (appointments).        opportunities, helpful facts and tips,
He also serves as the Graduate Division liaison to    policy matters that affect you, and
campus diversity and equity programs as well as to    news of interest about grad students, grad alumni, and faculty. Check out the current issue at
postdoctoral affairs.                       
Beginning Spring Semester 2013: Associate             The Graduate Division website is online 24/7/365 with information every grad student
Dean Susan J. Muller, Professor of Chemical &         needs to know. It features a graduate-oriented calendar of events and deadlines, information
Biomolecular Engineering, served in this position     about fellowships, in-school academic jobs (GSI, GSR, Reader,Tutor), preparing for faculty
2007-2011 and resumes this appointment in 2013.       careers, academic writing, filing your thesis or dissertation, and the new GradNews section.
Her duties include oversight of graduate student      Visit us at Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
support (fellowships, awards, grants) and employ-
ment (appointments), and serving as the Graduate      You will also find other publications with important information for new students online that
Division liaison to campus diversity and equity       you can download as PDFs, including A Guide for New Graduate Students: Where to
programs as well as to postdoctoral affairs.          Begin at
Welcome Fall 2012                                                                  Graduate division, university of california, Berkeley

Graduate Division Services and Resources
academic services                                                           procedures, and most of the forms and applications you may need.
The Academic Services unit offers programs and workshops to develop         After consulting staff in your department, you can drop in or schedule
the skills necessary to complete your graduate degree. Workshop topics      an appointment in the Degrees Office to discuss specific academic
include:                                                                    concerns such as the qualifying exam, advancement to candidacy,
    • academic publishing • academic writing                                filing fee, probation, and readmission. Master’s theses and doctoral
    • dissertation writing • editing • grant writing                        dissertations are filed in this office.
    321 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900                                     318 Sproul Hall, CA 94720-5900
    (510) 643-9392 • Email:                       (510) 642-7330                             Email:
The Graduate Admissions staff advises applicants, faculty, and              Fellowships
departments on policy and procedures for admission to graduate              The Fellowships office administers university fellowships, departmentally
study at Berkeley.                                                          restricted awards, departmental block grants, federally funded fellowships,
   318 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900                                 and foundation and corporate awards. A list of available fellowships and
   (510) 642-7405 • Email:                             awards is available on our web pages.
                                                                               318 Sproul Hall, CA 94720-5900
appointments                                                                   (510) 642-0672
The Appointments staff reviews appointments of graduate students     
to academic titles, such as Graduate Student Instructor (GSI),       
Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), Reader, Tutor, and staff titles
to ensure compliance with policy and procedures established by the UC       Graduate Diversity Program
Office of the President, the Graduate Council, and the Graduate Division.   The Graduate Diversity Program staff assists in the recruitment,
They also monitor eligibility for fee and tuition remission programs.       admission, and graduation of students who enrich the diversity
    318 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900                                of the graduate programs on campus. This unit provides students
    (510) 642-7101 • Email:                           with a network of academic and social support. The director of the                             Graduate Diversity Program provides personal advising and strategies
    appointments-guide/                                                     for academic success.
                                                                                327 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900
communications & events
                                                                                (510) 643-6010 • Email:
The Graduate Communications & Events staff produces eGrad, a
monthly e-newsletter for the graduate community, the Graduate
Division website (, The Guide to Graduate Policy,         The American Indian Graduate Program, part of the Graduate
and other publications with important information for prospective,          Diversity Program, helps to promote the participation of American
new, and continuing students.                                               Indians and Alaska Natives in graduate study.
Our office presents two lecture series, the Graduate Council Lectures,          597 Barrows Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900
which brings prominent scholars from around the world to speak on               (510) 642-3228 • Email:
campus each year, and the Tanner Lectures on Human Values series      
sponsored by UC Berkeley. We also host events like the New Graduate
Student Orientation, the Berkeley Distinguished Graduate Fellowship         Graduate student instructor (Gsi)
Reception, and other fundraising events.                                    teaching & resource center
   425 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900                                 This office provides pedagogical support and guidance for new and
   (510) 643-7358                                                           continuing Graduate Student Instructors. Center services include:
   Email:                                                 • fall and spring teaching conferences                                              • workshops on teaching
                                                                               • the online course, Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching
   (510) 643-7413
                                                                               • grants and awards for GSIs and for faculty mentors
                                                                               • confidential consultations
                                                                               • the Language Proficiency Program for international GSIs
                                                                               • a rich array of electronic resources including the Teaching Guide
Degrees                                                                           for GSIs and award-winning teaching ideas by Berkeley GSIs.
The Degrees staff monitors student progress from registration to               301 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900
graduation. Much useful information can be found on the Degrees                (510) 642-4456 • Email:
web pages, including answers to frequently-asked questions, policies,
Welcome Fall 2012                                                                   Graduate division, university of california, Berkeley

Financial Resources
caMPUs Financial aiD                                                         ( sections will help
                                                                             to answer most of your questions.
The Graduate and Professional Unit of the Financial Aid and Scholar-
ships Office administers Federal Direct Loans for UC Berkeley graduate       Questions. If you still have questions after visiting the website, you
students, as well as several smaller federal loan programs and the           can email a counselor at Be sure to include
Federal Work-Study Program.                                                  your student ID number and make sure your email address and
                                                                             phone number are correct on BearFacts.
Graduate students who are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents can
                                                                             Office Hours
almost always borrow what they need to cover the difference between
                                                                             The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office has a combined Undergrad/
their academic year budget (tuition, fees, and living expenses) and
                                                                             Grad Walk-Up Advising area at 211 Sproul Hall. For hours of
the merit-based awards and other resources that are available. The
                                                                             service check the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website at
Federal Direct Loan covers the first $20,500 for most students, and
                                                                    Telephone hours
the Grad PLUS Loan is available in the event of additional need. You
                                                                             are Monday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm, (510) 642-6442. In most
must accept your loans on MyFinAid, UC Berkeley’s online financial aid
                                                                             cases, it will be more effective for graduate students to communicate
system. You will need your CalNet ID to access MyFinAid.
                                                                             with staff through email.
The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office does not administer fellow-        FaFsa
ships, GSI or GSR fee remissions, or department awards, and students         The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available at
should contact their academic department or the Fellowships Office  The UC Berkeley school code is 001312. Our priority dead-
with questions about these merit-based awards. You do not have to            line is March 2, preceding the academic year, but you may submit the
accept these merit-based awards on MyFinAid.                                 FAFSA later (up to mid-spring semester) and still receive a federal loan.
For detailed information about all of the programs, including instructions   emergency loans
on how to apply, information on how funds are dispersed, and a link to the   All registered students may get an emergency loan for up to $775,
Budget Appeal Form, see the Graduate section of the Financial Aid and        interest-free if repaid within 60 days (with a $20 processing fee).
Scholarships Office website at           Apply at the Emergency Loan Office, 220 Sproul Hall, between 9 am
ates/index.htm. The Award Guide (        and 12:15 pm Monday through Thursday. Phone: 510-642-0470 or
graduates/awardguide.htm) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)               email:

FellOWsHiP inFOrMatiOn
What everyone needs to know about funding for Graduate school
What are Fellowships and Grants?                                               numerous opportunities for funding once they begin their careers
• Fellowships usually cover educational and living expenses                  • Applicants must make the deadline! Individuals who do not make
• Grants usually cover expenses related to specific projects                   the deadline lower their chances of obtaining funding by 100% in
• Other types of funding include loans and research/teaching                   most cases
  assistantships                                                             • Applicants need to think ahead! The average turnaround time (from
Where to look for fellowships and grants:                                      application to acceptance) runs six to nine months
• The Web. Visit these sites to begin:                                       What to look for:                    • The full ride: Multi-year packages often cover educational and                                                               living expenses for two to six years.                                                                There are two types:
• University websites. Search specifically for internal fellowship op-          – Institutional – specific to a university, usually part of
  portunities in academic department(s) within your area of interest.             admission package
• Professional associations can also be a source for funding                    – Portable – may be taken to the institution of choice
• Journals and publications in the field of interest often advertise         • Small grants for specific projects:
  funding opportunities                                                         – Travel                       – Summer research
                                                                                – Language study               – Professional development
• Reference books: The Annual Register of Grant Support,
                                                                                – Conference attendance
  The Grants Register
                                                                             • One-year fellowships for specific phases of graduate study:
When to apply for money:                                                        – Research fellowship          – Internship/Mentorship
• Individuals thinking of applying to graduate school should start look-        – Dissertation writing
  ing at least a year ahead of their applications
• Individuals applying to graduate school need to apply for funding          Keep trying! The process of writing grant and fellowship proposals is
  while applying for admission into graduate school                          integral to the development of clear research goals and professional
• Never stop applying! Graduate students will find that there are            objectives. Not only does practice improve grant-writing skills but the
                                                                             more an individual applies, the higher their chances of success.
Welcome Fall 2012                                                                        Graduate division, university of california, Berkeley

Campus Services and Resources
Berkeley international Office’s                       port, and education on sexual and relationship        Cal Rentals office can assist you with making
mission is to enhance the academic experiences        violence and hate crimes.                             informed choices.
of international students and scholars by providing       202 Cesar Chavez Student Center, MC 2440              Phone: 642-3644
the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in          Phone: 510-642-4786/                Email:
advising, immigration services, advocacy, and pro-                          
gramming to the UC Berkeley campus community.         Graduate assembly (Ga) provides                       library services
    2299 Piedmont Avenue, MC 2321                     resources and advocacy for the graduate stu-          The UC Berkeley Library offers world class col-
    Phone: 510-642-2818                               dents at UC Berkeley. The Delegate Assembly is        lections and resources in over 20 subject-based                  the legislative and authorizing body, composed        libraries on campus. Visit Information for Graduate
Berkeley Parents network                              of representatives from all graduate academic         Students & Graduate Students Instructors (GSIs)
Created by Berkeley graduate students in 1993,        units, departments and schools. The GA funds          (
the Berkeley Parents Network is an independent,       graduate student groups, works with the admin-        dents.html) to learn about services that support
free, volunteer-run online community for more         istration, and has its own independent projects       your teaching and research and how to contact
than 30,000 Bay Area parents, providing parent-       that support graduate student communities by          your department’s library liaison. The Library’s
to-parent advice and local referrals via email        creating a space for students to socialize and        extensive collection of Electronic Resources (lib.
newsletters, including childcare, pediatricians,      discuss issues pertinent to their lives.    
schools and more. To sign up for the newsletters,         Anthony Hall, MC 4500                             is viewable by subject, type and title. 24/7 online
visit         Phone: 510-642-2175,              research assistance and much more is available
                                                      Housing options for graduate students fall into       via the Library web page at
career center offers confidential appoint-
                                                      three categories: University owned and oper-          the Ombuds Office for Students and Post-
ments with PhD career counselors, an MS/PhD
                                                      ated, group housing alternatives and off-campus       doctoral Appointees is a resource for informal
Career Fair, workshops on the academic job
                                                      rental housing (     conflict resolution. For neutral, confidential
search, and expanded professional options for
                                                      graduatestudents.html). Most grad students live       assistance with a campus-related issue or
graduate students. Find the workshop schedule
                                                      in off-campus rental housing in Berkeley or one       concern, please call 510-642-5754, or visit:
and other helpful information on our website.
                                                      of the surrounding communities. The University’s
   2111 Bancroft Way, MC 4350
   Phone: 510-642-1716
Disabled students’ Program
provides students with disabilities a wide               University HealtH services
range of services, accommodations, and         
auxiliary services. Student grants are available
for disability-related assistive technology.             Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS)
Staff can advise students about other types              Graduate Student Workgroups
of special aid, scholarships, and vocational             • Graduate Student Support Group
rehabilitation benefits.                                 • Graduate Women’s Support Group
    260 Cesar Chavez Student Center, MC 4250             • Health and Wellness Skills Group
    Phone: 510-642-0518/TTY: 510-642-6376/               • Understanding Self & Others Therapy Group
    FAX: 510-643-9686,                  Workshops for All Students
                                                         • Mindfulness Meditation Group • Transgender Support Group • API Student Support Group
early childhood education                                • Women of Color Support Group • Overcoming Shyness Skills Group
Program (ECEP) offers space for about 100
children (ages 3 months to 5 years) of student           All groups begin in late September or early October. Call CPS at (510) 642-9494 to register for the
parents. Fees (from zero to full fee) are on a           groups. For more information, visit
sliding scale set by the State Department of             Dependent Insurance Workshops — Insurance workshops for students with dependents
Education and are assessed based on family               A variety of insurance coverage options are available for spouses, partners and children of
size and gross monthly income. Enrollment is             students, including a separate insurance plan for dependents of students enrolled in UC SHIP.
limited and cannot be guaranteed. Since wait-            For details and resources visit, RSVP by
lists are common, please register your interest          emailing or calling Kathy Gage at (510) 642-5742.
as early as possible.
    2339 Haste Street                                    Breastfeeding Support Program serves faculty, staff, students, and their spouses/domestic
    Phone: (510) 642-1827                                partners who choose to breastfeed after returning to work or school. The program includes                           breastfeeding classes with a lactation consultant, lactation rooms on campus with hospital-
                                                         grade breast pumps, sales of breast pumps, and personal kits for use with the pumps in the
Gender equity resource center
                                                         campus lactation rooms at a discounted price. Please contact Health*Matters at (510) 643-
provides support and services for women, and
                                                         4646,, or
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer
                                                         shtml for more information.
(LGBTQ) students, as well as advocacy, sup-

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