6000 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer this year by zhouwenjuan


									 6,000 people will be
diagnosed with mouth
   cancer this year.
                   Without your
                  early detection
                   half will die*.

                                               Mouth Cancer
                                               Action Month 2011:
                                               a professionals’ guide to help
                                               save hundreds of lives.

   Campaign supported by an
 educational grant from Denplan

                                                                                                                            We are once again
                                                                                                                            hugely indebted to
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                                                                                                                            continued support
                                                                                                                            for the Mouth
                                                                                                                            Cancer Action
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                                                                                                                            and producing this
                                                                                                                            year’s UK Mouth
                                                                                                                            Cancer Action

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    Front page: the five year survival rate of mouth cancer is just 50 per cent. But early diagnosis gives patients a 90 per cent chance of survival.
                                                                                                Campaign Guide


foreword                                     However, the fact remains that we need to continue
                                             to take action to reduce the incidence and mortality
                                             of mouth cancer. We estimate that at least 6,000
Hello, and welcome to this                   people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer this year.
year’s campaign. firstly, i                  At current rates of growth, incidence of mouth cancer
want to thank everyone who                   will have doubled within a single generation.
participated and supported
last year’s Mouth Cancer                     The groups of people at risk of mouth cancer are
                                             also diverse. The disease is not just limited to older
action Month. Last year was                  people who smoke or who have drunk alcohol over many years. Younger people
one of our most successful                   face an increasing threat from lifestyle choices including poor diets, alcohol abuse and
campaigns ever, and we were                  exposure to HPV. The disease is no longer predominantly a problem for men – the
overwhelmed by your support.                 proportion of women contracting the disease has steadily increased. And our multi-
                                             cultural society means that smokeless tobacco is common in many communities and
Mouth Cancer Action Month is now             poses a significant threat, especially to South Asian women.
one of the major springboards for raising
awareness of mouth cancer for the whole      Whatever the background of the person contracting the disease, early detection is
year. Indeed, awareness of the disease       crucial to survival. Without it, the survival rate plummets down to 50 per cent, and this
has now grown to unprecedented levels        has not improved over the last four decades. But this does not have to be the case. The
boosted by extensive media interest in the   chance of survival can be increased to 90% through early detection. This year alone we
growing threat of HPV. The BBC has also      could help save and extend the lives of 5,400 people if we work together.
recognised the threat in a programme in
January 2011, called ‘Is Oral Sex Safe’.     We are urging dental and medical practices, pharmacies, health centres and oral
                                             health educators to help raise awareness of the early symptoms and the main risk
                                             factors to the public.

                                             Making sure all risk patients have a thorough full mouth examination, organising
                                             displays and promotions as well as encouragement of smoking cessation are just a
                                             few steps we can take to help reduce the impact of this devastating condition.
  We are confident                           The Foundation would like to thank Denplan for their generous support with this
  that together                              year’s guide and poster, along with thanks to the wider public and members of the
                                             profession for making the campaign the success it is today.
  we can make a                              We are confident that together we can make a difference. This campaign is a call for
  difference.This                            action, so get involved!”

  campaign is a call
  for action, so get
  involved!                                  Dr Nigel Carter
                                             Chief Executive
                                             British Dental Health Foundation
    Mouth Cancer Action Month

the five-year survival rate of mouth cancer patients is
just 50 per cent. But early diagnosis gives patients a 90
per cent chance of survival. it is vital that all healthcare
professionals support Mouth Cancer action Month to                                             30,000 people
increase awareness of the disease, the symptoms and the
risk factors.
                                                                                               could lose their
                                                                                               life to mouth
Between 1997 and 2008, the number of mouth cancer cases has risen by nearly
46 per cent to 5,790. Over 20,000 people have lost their lives in the same period.             cancer over the
Unless we continue to keep awareness high around 30,000 people could lose
their lives over the next decade as a result of mouth cancer. With your support                next decade.
we can make sure thousands of people never have to face the trauma and possible
disfigurement of mouth cancer.

This year’s campaign will again send a clear message to the public, with our
campaign phrase ‘If In doubt, get checked out’. But the ultimate success of the
campaign depends on your support. Prevention is the key.

The more you can do to raise awareness, recognise the symptoms and identify the
risk factors, the better the chance we have of early diagnosis
and saving lives. Promoting better lifestyle choices can reduce
significant threats and make a huge difference, especially
amongst young people. According to research undertaken by
the NHS Information Centre in 2011, nearly one in two (45 per           KnowinG tHe
cent) 11 to 15 year olds have consumed alcohol, while more
than one in four (27 per cent) admitted to smoking.                     warninG siGns
Whether you are a dentist, doctor, nurse, pharmacist or oral            iMproVes surViVaL
health educator make sure you tell all of your patients about
the symptoms and risks during Mouth Cancer Action Month.                Helping to screen for mouth cancer,
                                                                        or helping to educate patients and the
                                                                        public to examine their own mouths,
                                                                        is one of the most positive steps any
                                                                        healthcare professional can undertake
                                                                        during Mouth Cancer action Month.

                                                                        Encouraging people to self-examine also means
                                                                        they can watch out for the warning signs
                                                                        themselves and act quickly. The warning signs for
                                                                        mouth cancer are:

                                                                          •	      Ulcers which do not heal within 3 weeks
                                                                          •	      Red and white patches in the mouth
                                                                          •	      Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth
                                                                                                 Campaign Guide

Around a fifth of the UK’s population smoke and the habit is
still considered the leading cause of mouth cancer. According to
the World Health Organisation, up to half of current smokers
will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease, including mouth
cancer. Smoking helps to transform saliva into a deadly cocktail
that damages cells in the mouth and can turn them cancerous.
Around two thirds of smokers want to quit - Mouth                   The terminology for smokeless tobacco varies, but the main
Cancer Action Month is another opportunity for healthcare           types used in the UK include:
professionals to encourage smokers to give up smoking.
                                                                      •	   Gutka, Khaini, Pan Masala (betel quid), Shammah and
Alcohol                                                                    Maras powder (these are sucked or chewed);
Drinking to excess can increase mouth cancer risks by four            •	   Zarda, Qiwam, or Mawa (chewed);
times. As alcohol aids the absorption of tobacco into the
mouth, those who smoke and drink to excess are up to 30               •	   Lal dantmanjan, Gadakhu, Gul, Mishri, or Creamy Snuff
times more likely to develop the disease.                                  (dental products which are used as toothpaste or
                                                                           rubbed on gums);
                                                                      •	   Nass (can be used nasally, sucked or chewed).
Poor diet
Around a third of cases are thought to be linked to an
unhealthy diet. It is recommended that people eat a healthy,        Smokeless tobacco is used particularly by South Asian
balanced diet including five portions of fruit and vegetables       Communities, especially women. The incidence of mouth cancer
each day. Increasing evidence also suggests that Omega 3,           is significantly greater among South Asian women. Other parts of
found in foods such as eggs and fish can help lower risks, as can   South Asian communities are also more at risk from the effects of
foods high in fibre such as nuts, seeds, whole-wheat pasta and      smokeless tobacco including: people of Bangladeshi origin; those in
brown rice.                                                         older age groups; and people from lower socioeconomic groups.

Chewing or Smokeless tobacco                                        Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Smokeless tobacco is normally defined as any tobacco product        The Human Papilloma Virus, transmitted via oral sex, is
that is placed in the mouth or nose and not burned. Although        increasingly being linked to mouth cancer. Younger people are
some people believe this type of tobacco is safer than smoking,     particularly at risk. A recent study in the USA has connected
the reality is that it is much more dangerous. The types of         over 20,000 mouth cancer cases to HPV in the last five years.
smokeless tobacco products most used in the UK often                Experts suggest it may rival tobacco and alcohol as a key risk
contain a mix of ingredients including slaked lime, areca nut and   factor within 10 years, although some research indicates that
spices, flavourings and sweeteners.                                 people with mouth cancer caused by HPV may have a greater
                                                                    chance of survival. People with multiple sexual partners are
                                                                    more at risk.
     Mouth Cancer Action Month

      professionals are
      in the perfect
                                                    WHY HEALTHCARE
      position to inform                            PROFESSIONALS ARE
      and educate the
      public about mouth                             SO VITAL
      cancer - during the
      campaign and all                                                        What can Nurses do?
                                                                              Oral heath can sometimes to be overlooked when
      year round.                                                             people are ill, and especially during hospital stays.
                                                                              Encouraging people to maintain their oral health is
                                                                              important and taking a few minutes to enquire about
                                                                              the patient’s oral health could help to identify some of
What can dental professionals do?                                             the symptoms of mouth cancer such as ulcers and red
Dental professionals probably see a bigger proportion of the
                                                                              and white patches in the mouth.
general population than any other healthcare team. And it is
increasing. Over 30 million patients have been seen and given a
dental examination in the last two years – around 56 per cent of              What can Health Visitors do?
the population. This means they are in the ideal position to share            Mouth cancer is often the end result of poor lifestyles.
information about the risks and symptoms of mouth cancer.                     Health Visitors are in the unique position of advising
                                                                              families with young children, schools, the elderly and
In addition to preventative work, Dental teams can play a major role          their carers about how to stay healthy. It’s worth
in detecting the 60,000 cases of mouth cancer likely to occur over            remembering that mouth cancer kills more people
the next decade. If oral examinations are performed on each patient           than cervical and testicular cancer combined, so raising
at regular intervals, especially on high risk patients, this will make a      awareness of the disease with people most at risk is
major contribution to the early detection of the disease. Explaining          likely to save lives. Working in partnership with other
your screening work to your patients will also improve awareness              healthcare professionals, such as oral health educators
with their families and friends.                                              and Speech and Language Therapists, will help to
                                                                              increase coverage across the whole community.

What can pharmacies do?
There are over 70,000 Pharmacy professionals in the UK helping and            What can Oral Health
advising the public.They have a key role in the fight against mouth cancer,   Educators do?
especially advising people seeking over the counter treatment for mouth       Oral health educators have a vital role to play. Making
ulcers or other oral problems. Asking the right questions and giving the      other health professionals aware of the risks and
right advice could help early diagnosis of mouth cancer.                      symptoms, and providing them with key information will
                                                                              help to contribute to early diagnosis of mouth cancer.
The best advice that any Pharmacy professional can give to any                There is lots of literature available from the Foundation
customer seeking help for a mouth condition, which has lasted longer          to share with other health professionals, especially for
than three weeks, is to make sure they know to visit their dentist or         patients who might be at risk of the condition or who
doctor as soon as possible. Pharmacies have a unique public facing            are considering giving up smoking. The Foundation’s ‘Tell
position to promote awareness of the early warning signs and common           Me About...’ leaflets cover a range of topics including
risk factors to the public.                                                   mouth cancer, diet and smoking. The information is
                                                                              broken down into an easy-to-understand format and
What can Doctors do?                                                          covers all the facts patients will need to know.
Doctors are normally the first healthcare professionals that people           When speaking with a patient complaining of an ulcer,
turn to for advice, and will see many of the most at risk groups of           use the opportunity to warn about the risks of mouth
people, especially the elderly. Making sure that your patients have           cancer, and explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Do
access to information about the risks and symptoms of mouth cancer            not be afraid to refer a patient to a specialist if you are
in the waiting room, especially during Mouth Cancer Action Month, will        in any doubt – it is better for a specialist to see a suspect
encourage more people to seek advice before it is too late. Remember,         lesion which proves to be negative, than to be faced with
all Doctors can order free posters from the Foundation to help                a difficult case with poor prognosis.
promote awareness.
                                                                                                   Campaign Guide

                                                                      YOUR SUPPORT IS
                                                                      HELPING TO RAISE
                                                                      AWARENESS IN THE
                                                                      WAITING ROOM...
                                                                      AND THE NEWS ROOM.
                                                                      Mouth Cancer action Month is helping
                                                                      to keep mouth cancer in the news.
                                                                      your continuing support is vital to
                                                                      make sure we constantly remind
                                                                      everyone of the risks, whether it’s in
                                                                      the waiting room or the news room.

Here are some suggestions on how                                       Contact the local press
you can help:                                                          Local press are often keen to cover events in the area, especially
                                                                       ones for a good cause. So once you’ve decided on your event,
Free oral examinations                                                 get in touch with your local newspaper. This is a cost effective
Household budgets are tight for many people at the moment.             way of raising awareness, and promoting your dental practice.
Offering patients or local groups an afternoon of free mouth           You can download a template news release for Mouth Cancer
cancer examinations is a great way to support your local               Action Month at www.mouthcancer.org. For further advice
community. Also it’s a good way to promote awareness of the            contact the Foundation’s PR Team on 01788 539 792 or by
illness, and at the same time help develop the goodwill of your        email at pr@dentalhealth.org.
                                                                       Make patients aware
Create a display                                                       Make a point of discussing the risk factors and symptoms with
One of the best ways to provide information to the public              every patient and carrying out a full mouth examination.
during the month is to set up a display. Use the campaign’s free
posters, alongside other educational resources available from the      Team meeting
Foundation. Balloons are great at drawing attention to any display;    If a patient rang your practice complaining of a non-healing
try combining these with patient information leaflets, a Mouth         mouth ulcer, would all your staff know what advice to give? Hold
Cancer Banner and a Mouth Cancer Self-Examination Checklist.           a staff meeting to ensure all your team are able to advise the
                                                                       public. And why not ask your reception staff to send out letters
The cigarette jar                                                      to patients offering a free examination, and explaining the main
You can do a lot with an empty jar. Encourage staff and patients       risk factors and symptoms. This can be very effective!
to put their cigarettes in the jar in return for an opportunity to
win a great prize draw.

                                            Make a donation to support the campaign.
                                            Justtextgiving MCAM11 £2, £5, £10,
                                            or any amount you want, to 70070.
     Mouth Cancer Action Month


a Journey to recovery - Keith Hern
as part of Mouth Cancer action Month, the                                due to the dry mouth I no
British dental Health foundation is telling the                          longer slept properly so tired
story of mouth cancer survivors across the                               out very quickly. I knew all of
country. Keith Hern, a keen photographer, fell                           this was going to happen, so
                                                                         I chose to have photographs
victim to the disease in 2007 and took time out
                                                                         taken along the way. Some people find solace in writing and
to speak to the foundation about his experience.                         keeping a diary of what they’re going through, but I wanted to
                                                                         see what was going on so photographed the treatment as well
“I have such a vivid recollection of the day I found out”, Keith said.   as keeping a diary. Looking back, I cannot imagine the horror
“It was the last Friday in May when I received the phone call that       my family went through.”
changed my life. When you’re told ‘you have cancer’, I defy anyone
                                                                         After the radiotherapy finished, and having not been able to
not to have pure naked fear running through their emotions.”
                                                                         eat for six weeks, I was in the pub with a couple of friends
Diagnosed with a lump in the side of his neck, Keith lived a             who’d helped me set up my photo exhibition. I ordered the
lifestyle that would put him in the ‘risk’ category. Although Keith      usual mineral water and soup, but for the first time felt like
kept himself fit, he was a regular smoker for 24 years, drank            trying some ‘real food’ so asked if I could try some of theirs.
alcohol regularly and was not very careful about his diet. All of
                                                                         “My first mouthful of real food was Bangers and Mash. It didn’t
these factors are known to contribute towards increasing the
                                                                         go down too well, but I managed it. That was the point I knew
risk of mouth cancer.
                                                                         I was on the road to recovery. It was a small change, but with
Keith was first alerted to the possibility that something                major significance as it was the first sign I was on the up, and
wasn’t quite right after a conversation in the kitchen drew his          what a fantastic feeling that was. This was the incident I used
attention to his neck. It turned out to be the catalyst for life-        to start the book, which by now I was convinced could be of
saving treatment.                                                        help to other people suffering with head or neck cancer, or in
                                                                         fact any cancer as the mental effect of diagnosis is the same
He said: ‘My wife and I were in the kitchen chatting away when
                                                                         regardless of the type of cancer.”
for no apparent reason I touched the side of my neck only
to feel the smallest of lumps. I didn’t think anything of it but         ‘Bangers and Mash’ and the presentation version ‘Out of
my wife suggested it would sensible to get it checked out. I             Adversity’ tells the story of Keith’s journey to recovery. From
had always been a very fit and healthy person. The last time             tales of warmth and adversity, to the hardest times of the
I’d taken any time off work prior to this was in 1983 when I             treatment his book is designed to help others going through the
had Tonsillitis, so as you can imagine, being told I had cancer          same ordeal remain strong and tackle cancer head on. It even
came as quite a shock.” That small lump, it transpired, was the          shows the importance of those rare humorous events in the
secondary tumour.                                                        process. Since going on sale in 2009, Keith hopes to have made a
                                                                         difference to those who find themselves in the same situation as
One of the lasting memories Keith described was the
                                                                         him. Indeed judging by the testimonials his book has received it
uncertainty. He told of how Doctors kept him very well
                                                                         seems many readers have found the book very useful.
informed of the treatment and the need for surgery,
radiotherapy and, in his case, intense Chemotherapy. Yet his             “My advice to everyone is to watch your lifestyle, remain
journey to recovery was an unknown. However, Keith’s love                positive and mentally strong through the experience, and
for photography led him to document his treatment in a very              probably most importantly, live for today, as you don’t know
unique way.                                                              what tomorrow will bring you.”
Keith explained: “I knew I was going to have my throat                   Keith’s book Bangers and Mash can be purchased online and
poisoned and burned for the next six months, and that                    signed copies can be ordered via
the radiotherapy would dry out my saliva producing gland                 www.throatcancersurvivor.co.uk and
therefore making it impossible for me to eat. Sure enough I              www.keithhern.com/books/.
lost my appetite and the ability to taste, and because all I could
consume was liquids, plus having to sip water all day everyday
                                                                                                       Campaign Guide
                                       the importance of
                                       early detection - sally Bragg
                                       sally Bragg has a very different perception of life after being diagnosed
                                       with cancer of the cheek in 1998. at the time, sally had never heard of
                                       mouth cancer.

  “From the moment I was diagnosed, I knew my life would                 “From the beginning of the treatment I never really knew what
  change forever. I’ve been fortunate to be given another chance         was around the corner”, she said. “It was almost as if I had been
  in life, and I’m determined to take it.”                               drip fed the information. I made an early decision that I wanted
                                                                         the more radical surgery that could give me a better chance of
  For someone who didn’t smoke, exercised regularly, had a fantastic
                                                                         seeing my little boy grow up. I had to rely on my support around
  diet, had regular dental check-ups and only enjoyed the occasional
                                                                         me to take me back and forth from Birmingham every day, and
  glass of wine, Sally’s experience at the age of 37 provides a
                                                                         to this day I cannot express how important that was for me.
  harrowing reminder that mouth cancer can affect anyone.
                                                                         “I had to remain as positive and as strong as I possibly could, but I
  “There’s a culture within society that’s crept in today where
                                                                         also knew when I had to rest. For anyone going through an ordeal
  people think it won’t happen to them”, Sally said. “If anything,
                                                                         like I did, or have done so in the past, then you will know who
  I’m a prime example of how that simply is not the case. When I
                                                                         your true friends are and the value of the support around you.”
  was told I had cancer, you could have knocked me down with a
  feather. You just can’t help but be petrified when someone tells       In Sally’s case, early detection saved her life. Although she hasn’t
  you that you have cancer.”                                             been given the all-clear, Sally hopes she can put this journey behind
                                                                         her and has fully recovered. With a new-found vigour for living for
  Sally, a Rugby Borough Councillor, initially had an ulcer that
                                                                         today and embracing tomorrow, Sally is fully enjoying life. “I’ll never
  wouldn’t go away. Having paid a visit to the dentist and the
                                                                         forget the pain I went through”, she said. “However, life is too short
  doctors to get their qualified opinion, both said it was nothing
                                                                         to deal with superficial problems. I’ve been given another chance,
  to worry about. Having got the all-clear from them, she
                                                                         and I fully intend to make the most of it.”
  went on holiday, but the ulcer did not heal. She recalls: “I just
  wasn’t happy. I knew I had to persist, and it was probably that
  persistence that led to the dentist finally referring me to a
  specialist that saved my life.”
  Sally was diagnosed on 31 July 1998 and remembers vividly
  the ensuing ‘madness’ that followed between that date and                   CLyde footBaLL CLuB
  when she was scheduled for treatment at Selly Oak Hospital in
  Birmingham three weeks later.
                                                                              is supportinG MoutH
  “Those three weeks were absolutely terrifying and manic in the              CanCer aCtion in 2011
  same breath. I had to make arrangements to ensure my six year
  old son could live his life normally, as well as the very sobering
  task of making a will. Without the support of my friends and family,        the British dental Health foundation is
  particularly my husband, I don’t know how I could have coped.”              delighted to announce that Clyde football
                                                                              Club will be generously sponsoring Mouth
  After a 10-hour operation which involved having her lower
                                                                              Cancer action throughout the 2011/12 season.
  back teeth removed, part of her jawbone sawed away, an
  artery from her arm implanted in her face, skin from her                    Director and club dentist of Clyde Football Club and owner
  stomach grafted on her arm and the whole tumour on her                      of Whitemoss Dental Practice David MacPherson said:
  cheek removed, Sally couldn’t muster the courage to look                    “It’s always been an aim of mine to be pro-active when it
  at herself in the mirror. A four week course of radiotherapy                comes to spreading the message of prevention. When the
  ensued, although this was merely her ‘insurance policy’, her                opportunity to work with the Foundation arose to promote
  specialist had told her.                                                    Mouth Cancer Action Month, it was one we simply could not
                                                                              turn down.
                                                                              “As a ‘Community Interest Club’, it gives me great delight
                                                                              in knowing that wearing the blue ribbon on our shirts and
Start a conversation about mouth                                              raising awareness of the disease that we’re giving something
                                                                              back to the community. We are particularly looking forward
cancer action. Visit our website at                                            to start of the campaign itself, as there will be plenty of
                                                                                activity around that time.”
www.dentalhealth.org and
follow the links to ‘Forum’.
            CAMPAIGN RESOURCES                                                         Desk Pen

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BALST100             £14.30          £16.62
                                                                                                  Dip & Decay Model
Campaign T-Shirt                                                                                  Healthy teeth and gums ‘magically’ appear to
Wear the blue ribbon logo and raise awareness                                                     develop cavities, gum disease, leukoplakia and
with our campaign T-Shirt.                                                                        cancers after being submerged in simulated
                                                                                                  tobacco juice. 18cm diameter.
                     Member          Non
                £3.99                £4.99                                                                             Member          Non
CANTSM (chest 35”-37”)                                                                            MODDIP               £111.24         £123.60
CANTME (chest 38”-40”)
CANTLG (chest 41”-43”)                                                                            Teeth in Tobacco
CANTXL (chest 44”-46”)                                                                            Sealed in a plastic jar of simulated tobacco juice
                                                                                                  containing tobacco flakes, this model contains
Blue Ribbon Mug                                                                                   damaged and decayed teeth and gums caused
                                                                                                  by smokeless tobacco. 9cm x 15cm.
Made from clear acrylic, the attractive mug is an
important reminder to check for mouth cancer.                                                                          Member          Non
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CANMUG               £2.36           £2.95
                                                                                                  Smoking Chart
Early Detection and Prevention                                                                                         Member          Non
                                                                                                  WALLSMO              £21.00          £27.00
of Oral Cancer CD
This interactive multimedia CD-ROM updates
“Screening for Oral Cancer and Pre-Cancer in                                                      The ABCs of Smoking Flip
general dental practice. Includes 2 hours verifiable                                              Chart
CPD.                                                                                              Medical photography and detailed text
                                                                                                  combine to describe conditions and diseases
                     Member          Non
                                                                                                  associated with tobacco use. 6 panels. Large
CANEAR               £25.00          £29.00
                                                                                                  30 x 43 cm.

Oral Cancer                                                                                                            Member          Non
                                                                                                  CANABC               £58.50          £65.00
This book covers the key areas of diagnosis,
managing and rehabilitating patients, surgery,
treatment, therapy, counselling and preventative                                                  Dangers of Smoking Wall
action.                                                                                           Chart
                     Member          Non                                                          Detailed illustrations depict the health
BKCAN                £50.40          £56.00                                                       consequences of smoking, including stroke,
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Tobacco and Your Oral Health
This patient information book explains conditions                                                                      Member          Non
easily and accurately. Place in your waiting room or                                              CANWAL               £16.80          £21.00
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                                                                                                  Oral Cancer Screening Chart
BKTOBACCO            £14.40          £16.00                                                       A visual aid to help inspect patients’ mouths.
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Mouth Cancer CD
Sympathetic and factual explanation providing                                                                          Member          Non
information about ‘at risk’ groups, early detection                                               CANSCR               £5.24           £6.55
and tissue examination. Last 10 minutes.

CDCANCER             Member          Non
                                                                                                  Alcohol Abuse Can Kill Chart
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Tell Me About… Patient                                                                                                 Member          Non
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information leaflets
Every leaflet is written by qualified dental
professionals, in an easy to understand question and                                              Toothpaste Tube Pen
answer format. Pack of 100                                                                        Set of 5             Member          Non
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Mouth Cancer LEACAN
Smoking and Oral Health LEASMOKING
Dry Mouth LEADRY

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                     £9.38           £12.50
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                                                             Some shocking statistics
FACTS AND                                                        •	 1,822 people died from mouth cancer in 2008.
                                                                 •	 Under half of those diagnosed survive beyond five years of
FIGURES                                                             diagnosis.
                                                                 •	 Over two thirds of mouth cancer cases are detected at a late
                                                                    stage, reducing chances of survival.
                                                                 •	 Early detection transforms survival chances to more than 90%.
 How many cases?                                                 •	 Mouth cancer kills more people than cervical cancer and testicular
 •	 Latest recorded figures (2008) show 5,790 new                     cancer combined.
       cases of mouth cancer a year are diagnosed in the UK.
  •	   The number of annual mouth cancer cases increased by a
       staggering 45.9% between 1997 and 2008.                          What are the risk factors?
                                                                        •	 Tobacco use and drinking alcohol are the main risk
  •	   In the UK, Scotland has the highest mouth cancer                       factors and account for around three in four cases of
       incidence rate of all the countries.                                   mouth cancers.
  •	   Worldwide, an estimated 405,000 new cases are                     •	   People who both drink and use tobacco to excess are up
       diagnosed each year.                                                   to 30 times more likely to develop the condition.
  •	   The latest figures show that cancer of the lip is three           •	   Non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke
       times more common in men than in women.                                at home or at work are two thirds more likely to
  •	   87% of cases in the UK occur in people aged 50 or over.                develop the disease.
                                                                         •	   Mouth cancer is more likely to affect people over 40 years
                                                                              of age, though an increasing number of young people are
                             Useful websites:                                 developing the condition.

                                                                                                                                             (Source: Cancer Research UK)
                             •	 www.mouthcancer.org           •	              50 years ago mouth cancer was five times more common
                                                                              in men than women. Now it is only twice as common.
                             •	 www.cancerresearchuk.org
                             •	 www.savingfaces.co.uk         •	              US studies relate the human papilloma virus (HPV) to
                                                                              more than 20,000 cancer cases in the past five years.
                             •	 www.heads2gether.net          •	              The possibility of mouth cancer remains higher for
                             •	 www.mouthcancerfoundation.org                 ex-smokers for 20 years or more after quitting when
                                                                              compared to non-smokers.

                                 ORDER THE OFFICIAL BLUE
                                 RIBBON APPEAL KIT TODAY!
                                             Thanks to your support 75,000                    Your kit will be posted out
                                             Blue Ribbon Appeal kits have                     to you and will include:
PLEASE contact us to                         been distributed in the past                      •	   One collection box.
order your 2011 Blue                         two years, raising funds to:                      •	   25 x enamel blue ribbon lapel badges.
 Ribbon Appeal kit                             •	   Set up and maintain the                    •	   An official Mouth Cancer Action
                                                    mouthcancer.org website.                        Month poster for your waiting room.
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                                               •	   Create hundreds of media stories           •	   Full set of instructions.
Make a donation and                            •	   Launch the campaign from the               •	   You can either sell the badges
receive your appeal kit                             House of Commons.                               (suggested £1 each) and retain the
and help fight cancer now!                     •	   Lobby Government on anti-smoking                money - or give them away to help
                                                    legislation and oral screening                  raise awareness.
I wish to donate £ …………. to                         programmes.
the campaign and receive a Blue
Ribbon Appeal kit with 25 badges                                                    Phone: 01788 546365
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