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                                                                                 School of Hotel Administration
                                                                                 G80 Statler Hall
                                                                                 Ithaca, New York 14853-6902
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                                                                                 f. 607.255.0021
Collection Policy                                                                e.
Mission of the School of Hotel Administration
The Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA) is the premier hospitality management school in the
world. The School’s mission is to educate the next generation of leaders for the world's largest and most
dynamic industry.
Faculty research
The SHA faculty is organized into the following areas – Accounting, Facilities Management, Planning &
Design, Finance, Food & Beverage Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems,
Management and Organizational Behavior, Managerial Communication, Marketing & Tourism,
Operations Management, Real Estate, and Strategy.
In addition to teaching and research, faculty is expected to develop relationships and contribute to
management practice in the hospitality industry. The Center for Hospitality Research was created to help
fulfill this goal. More recently, The School has created the Center for Real Estate Finance and the
Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship to enhance it connection with industry and practice.
Graduate programs
MS and PhD
The Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are highly individualized programs
directed toward students who plan to teach and perform research in a university setting.
Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH)
The MMH Program is an AACSB-accredited, specialized business degree offered on two campuses that
covers an intensive three-semester curriculum in one year. This academic program is based on MMH
degree requirements that cultivate strategic thought and quantitative skills. In addition to core
requirements, students choose their own Career Track, a series of courses concentrating in their intended
career path. In 2004 the Hotel School established a joint master’s program in hospitality management
with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Launched in 2006, The Cornell-Nanyang Institute
educates up to 50 students per class who split their time between NTU’s campus and Cornell’s campus in
Ithaca, N.Y. The program is the first joint degree program for both institutions.
In 2006 the Hotel School partnered with The Culinary Institute of America on a collaborative degree
program in hospitality management and the culinary arts. Students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in
Hotel Administration and an Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Culinary Arts.
Undergraduate program
Bachelor of Science
The Hotel School's undergraduate degree in Hotel Administration is a four-year program that covers all
aspects of hospitality management. Faculty have designed a business-management curriculum that
provides a solid foundation in all core business and management functions, along with broad choices in
electives that invite students to explore their specific interests. Students can also choose an optional
concentration to focus intensively in a particular area of the hospitality industry. The curriculum is
balanced between theory and practice—and with many opportunities for case studies and group projects,
students are cultivating not just the necessary knowledge, but the leadership skills and professionalism
that will enable them to assume cutting-edge roles in the next generation of the hospitality industry.

Nestlé Library Collection Policy            DRAFT                                          1/6/10
   Beck Center                                                Specialty Rooms
   Binenkorb Computer Center                                  Statler Auditorium
   Classrooms                                                 Statler Hotel
   Nestlé Library
Nestlé Library collection description and guidelines
The Nestlé Library has one of the finest collections on hospitality management in the world. Our
collection of over 37,000 volumes includes books and periodicals on all aspects of hospitality
management. In addition to books and periodicals, the library holds over 1,500 videos (stored in the
Annex Library.) See the Cornell Library Catalog for specific titles.
The library's collection also includes a large collection of menus and rare books that are held in the
Cornell Library's Rare and Manuscript Collections, located in the Carl A. Kroch Library. Our Restaurant
Menu Database serves as a finding aid for the menu collection. Our rare book collection, known as the
Herndon-Vehling Collection, was developed from gifts-in-kind received from J. B. Herndon, Jr.(1898-
1953) and Mrs. Alice Statler, who purchased the collection of J. D. Vehling for the library.
Our collection also features electronic copies of all of the doctoral theses prepared here in the Hotel
Definition and scope
Materials should have a level of maturity appropriate to the needs of the students and faculty.
Multiple copies of materials are generally not purchased. However, duplicate copies are often added to
the collection if they have been donated to the library and there is a need for additional copies.
Special information needs and resources
Menu donations are always welcomed and appreciated, but the library makes no attempt to actively
purchase menus for the collection.
Special information needs
Business information and data on the hospitality and real estate industries is available to industry
practitioners from a number of proprietary industry information providers (e.g., STR PKF, Horwath,
CoStar…). The Library works with the Centers in the School, faculty and alumni to bring access to this
information to campus.
Special funding arrangements
The Nestlé Library works with other units on campus to fund expensive electronic resources that support
the teaching and research across schools and programs.
Types of materials
A. Monographs (Books)
In recent years the Nestlé Library has become more selective about collecting cookbooks. Overall, we seek to
have a minimal representation of cookbooks in the following areas: International/ethnic cookery, Regional
cookery within the United States, Award-winning cookbooks, World-renowned restaurants’ cookbooks and
World-renowned chefs’ cookbooks

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                          ~2~
The Nestlé Library does not acquire fiction titles.
Foreign language
Foreign language materials are generally not purchased for the collection unless the material provides
hospitality-related information that cannot be found elsewhere in the English language.
Hotel, bed-and breakfast and restaurant directories
First, the Library relies on internet access to hotel, bed-and-breakfast and restaurant directories. These
materials are selectively purchased for large geographic areas (i.e., United States, Europe).
Market research reports
Because of the expensive nature of market research reports, these items are avoided. The Library provides
access to market research reports through several electronic collections including Mintel, Euromonitor
Passport, IBIS World and Business Source Complete.
Print indexes
The Nestlé Library does not actively collect print indexes. Exceptions will be made to support research and
curriculum needs when hospitality-related information cannot be found in electronic format. Due to the
advent & popularity of electronic indexes, the library has ceased its subscriptions to the majority of its print
Rare materials
Materials deemed as being rare or having significant value are generally not purchased by the Nestlé Library.
The purchase of rare materials would only be made after in-depth consultation with faculty.
Reserve materials
The Library actively pursues curriculum support through the purchase of reserve materials. Added copies are
purchased when warranted by class size and need. These duplicates are withdrawn when they are not longer
needed on reserve.
The Nestlé Library collects textbooks in its core subject areas only.
One copy of all School of Hotel Administration graduate and PhD theses are kept in the Nestlé Library.
Theses are automatically sent to the library from the Graduate Office in the Hotel School. The Library seeks
permission from authors to scan theses and make them available to the Cornell community electronically.
Travel guides
The Nestlé Library limits it purchase of travel guides. The library will purchase guidebooks selectively and by
request. Guidebooks are generally purchased for countries or large geographic areas (i.e. Northeastern
United States, Europe, etc.). The library avoids purchasing city and state guides unless requested. These
guides can be very helpful supporting hotel development course projects.
B.   Serials
The Nestlé Library currently receives to a handful of newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York
Times, Financial Times, Ithaca Journal, and the Cornell Daily Sun. The Nestlé Library retains only one week
of these newspapers. Extensive access to newspapers is available online through Factiva, LexisNexis and
other online sources.

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                             ~3~
Magazines and journals
The Nestlé Library actively collects scholarly journals and trade magazines related to the hospitality industry.
The Library prefers electronic access to journals and magazines, and has moved many subscriptions to an
“electronic only” subscriptions. The Library also relies on intermediary vendors for access to trade
periodicals and recognize that content licenses may change over time. Electronic access to trade publications
is monitored to keep up to date with licensing changes. A small number of business-related journals and
magazines are maintained for current reading. General interest travel magazines are kept to a minimum.
Often newsletters are underused due to their lack of indexing in major databases and indexes. As such,
newsletters should be carefully selected and weighed on the basis of faculty recommendation and unique
contribution to research and teaching.
C.   Microform
With the development of online periodical collections, the library has stopped purchasing materials in
D.    Electronic resources
Students and faculty increasingly prefer electronic access to business & hospitality content. The Library will
purchase electronic materials in preference to print materials where feasible.
Electronic databases/indexes
The Nestlé Library attempts to obtain subscriptions to all electronic resources that provide access to
hospitality literature. In addition, the library contributes funds to Cornell campus wide resources if they fall
within the scope of the collection.
Electronic journals
The Nestlé Library has increased it access to electronic journals and has moved to “electronic only”
subscriptions for a growing number of titles. We rely on JSTOR and individual publisher based electronic
subscription programs. We also rely on intermediate vendor access to licensed electronic publications.
Changes in licensed content from intermediate vendors are monitored for access to important hospitality
Other electronic content (Disks, CD-Roms)
Whenever possible, the Nestlé Library prefers to provide access to electronic resources via a web-based
interface. As this is not always possible, the library will actively purchase materials in CD-ROM and DVD

E. Reference collection
The Nestlé Library’s Reference collection covers most, if not all, subjects covered by the general stacks
collection. Though open to the public, the Reference collection is non-circulating. In general, materials
included in the Reference collection exhibit the following characteristics:
-- they concentrate on facts and are designed by arrangement and treatment to be consulted for specific
items rather than to be read from beginning to end;
-- they are comprehensive in scope, but condensed in treatment;
-- they follow an alphabetical, tabular, classified, geographical, chronological, or topical arrangement;
-- they are needed to regularly answer reference questions
-- they contain the most current facts or statistics.
The library acquires Reference materials in both print formats and electronic formats (CD-ROM, web-based
resources, etc.). Duplication between print and electronic format should be avoided.

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                            ~4~
Geographical guidelines
English language materials are collected from around the world. Foreign language materials are only
purchased by special request.
Chronological guidelines
Current purchases are focused on current information and research with a preference for electronic /
internet access where practical and affordable. Older materials are purchased to support specific research
and curriculum needs.
Since the Nestlé Library is a unique collection, most print materials are kept indefinitely. Older materials
are moved to the Annex Library when possible.
Related Cornell Library collections
The Nestlé Library’s collection is mainly focused on the Hospitality Industry and Real Estate. We rely on
campus wide access to content and print collections in other Cornell Libraries in the business disciplines
including accounting (MGT), finance (MGT), marketing (MGT), organizational behavior (ILR), human
resources (ILR), management science (MGT, ENGR), operations management MGT, ENGR), business
and labor law (ILR, LAW). Additional subjects of interest include food science (MANN), food culture
(OLIN), nutrition (MANN), real estate development (FINE ARTS)
Library of Congress Classes (Cornell Conspectus)
                                                                                        Collection Level
    Call Number            General Description                     Notes
A                       General Works
                                                       Meetings, conventions and
          AS 1 – 945    Academies, Learned Societies                                            4/3
                                                       special events (MICE)
                        Philosophy, Psychology,
                                                       Etiquette related to the
          BJ 1 – 2195   Ethics                                                                  2/2
                                                       hospitality industry.
                                                       Travel guides only (Fodor and
D, E, F                 History                                                                 2/2
                                                       Let’s Go publications)
                        Geography, Recreation
                                                       Travel and tourism research
          G 149 - 156   Geography, Atlases, Maps                                                4/4
                                                       and management
          G 550         Ocean Travel                   Cruising                                 4/3
                                                       Cultural traits and customs
          GN            Anthropology                                                            3/1
                                                       Food habits, eating and
          GT 2850       Manners and Customs                                                     3/2
                                                       drinking customs
                                                       Relevant to the hospitality
          GV 1 - 199    Recreation and Leisure                                                  4/3

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                      ~5~
                                                     Relevant to the hospitality
        GV 400         Sports Facilities             industry (in hotels and          4
        GV 800 –                                     Relevant to resorts and resort
                       Winter Sports, Ball Games                                      3
        982                                          management
                                                     Relevant to casinos and
        GV 1301        Gambling                                                       4
                                                     casino hotels
        GV 1851        Amusement Parks               Management of parks              3/2
H                      Social Sciences
                                                     Statistical data by region or
        HA             Statistics                                                     2
                                                     country, demographics
H continued            Social Sciences
                       Economic Theory and           Statistical demographic and
        HB                                                                            2/0
                       Demography                    economic information
                       Economic History and          Economic conditions
        HC                                                                            2/0
                       Conditions                    statistics
                                                     General management,
        HD 28 –        Management of
                                                     communication, leadership,       3/2
        88             Organizations
        HD 251 –                                     Commercial real estate only,
                       Real Estate                                                    4
        1395                                         not residential real estate
        HD 2709 –                                    Relevant to the hospitality
                       Corporations                                                   4
        2930.7                                       industry
        HD 4906 –                                    Relevant to the hospitality
                       Wages                                                          4
        5100.7                                       industry
        HD 5106 –                                    Relevant to the hospitality
                       Labor Issues                                                   4
        7256                                         industry
                       Timeshare and Vacation
HD 7287 – 7289                                                                        4
                                                     Relevant to the hospitality
HD 8038 – 8039         Professions, Trades                                            4
HD 9000 – 9495         Special Industries            Food and beverage                4
        HD 9980        Service Industry                                               3
        HE             Transportation                Cruises, Airlines                4
                                                     International marketing,
        HF 1001 –
                       International Business        doing business in foreign        3
                       Vocational Guidance, Career
HF 5381 – 5386                                       Resumes and cover letters        3/2
        HF 5387        Business Ethics                                                2

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                            ~6~
        HF 5410 –
                       Marketing                                                         3
        HF 5428 –                                       Franchising of hospitality-
                       Retail Trade                                                      4
        5429.6                                          related facilities
        HF 5429.7
                       Shopping Centers                 Food courts                      3
        – 5430.6
H continued            Social Sciences
        HF 5437 –
                       Selling                                                           2/0
        HF 5548.7
                       Industrial Psychology                                             2/0
        – 5548.85
        HF 5549 –      Personnel/Employment             Human resources relevant to
        5549.5         Management                       the hospitality industry
        HF 5601 –                                       Relevant to the hospitality
                       Accounting                                                        3
        5689                                            industry
        HF 5717 –                                       Business report writing and
                       Business Communication                                            3
        5746                                            correspondence
        HF 5801 –
                       Advertising                                                       3/0
                                                        Financial management,
        HG             Finance                                                           3/0
                                                        Human interactions,
        HM             Sociology (General)                                               3/0
                                                        dynamics of groups
        HS             Societies                        Club management                  4
        HV             Social Pathology                 Relevant to gaming (casinos)     3
K                      Law                              Hospitality law only             4/3
                                                        Relevant to the hospitality
        KF             Law of the U.S.                                                   4
L                      Education
                                                        Relevant to the Hotel School
        LD             Individual Institutions (U.S.)                                    3
                                                        and Cornell University
N                      Fine Arts
                                                        Design of hotels, restaurants,
        NA             Architecture                                                      4
                                                        bars and clubs
                       Drawing, Design and
        NC                                              Hospitality graphics and logos   3
                                                        Relevant to the hospitality
        NK             Decorative Arts                                                   3
Q                      Science

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                               ~7~
                           Natural History, Botany, and
         QH – QL                                             Relevant to the travel industry            2
R                          Medicine
RA                         Public Aspects of Medicine        Travel health, spas                        3
                                                             Cookbooks related to disease
RM                         Therapeutics, Pharmacology                                                 2/0
                                                             (heart, diabetes, etc.)
S                          Agriculture
SB                         Plant Culture                     Herbs and spices                         2/0
T                          Technology
                                                             Relevant to the construction
TH                         Building construction             of hotels, resorts restaurants,            3
TP                         Chemical Technology               Beer and wine                            4/2
TX 1 - 341                 Home Economics                    Nutrition, cookery                         3
TX 341 – 641               Nutrition                         Relevant to cookery                        3
TX 642 - 840               Cookery                                                                      3
                                                             Table decoration, napkin
TX 851 – 885               Dining Room Service                                                          4
TX 901 - 946               Hospitality Industry              Hotels, restaurants, etc.                  5
TX 950 - 953               Taverns, Bars, Saloons                                                       4
                           Building Operation and
TX 955 - 985                                                 Hotel property management                  4
                                                             Bibliographies, general
Z                          Library Science                                                              2
                                                             reference works
Levels of Collecting
Out of Scope:
                The Library does not collect in this area.
Minimal Level
                A subject area in which few selections are made beyond very basic or introductory texts.
Basic Information Level
                A collection of up-to-date general materials that serves to introduce and define a subject and to
                indicate the varieties of information available elsewhere. It may include dictionaries,
                encyclopedias, selected editions of important works, bibliographies, handbooks and other
                reference tools, a few major periodicals, in the minimum number that will serve the purpose.
Study Level
                A collection which is adequate to support upper undergraduate level and graduate level courses;
                that is, adequate to maintain knowledge of a subject required for limited or generalized purposes
                of less than research intensity. It includes a wide range of basic monographs both current and
                retrospective as well as complete collections of the works of more important writers and

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                             ~8~
             selections from the works of secondary writers. It should also include a collection of journals
             supporting faculty teaching interests and local curricular strengths as well as the various general
             aspects of the subject. Reference tools and fundamental bibliographic apparatus pertaining to
             the subject should also be collected.
Research Level
             A collection that includes published source materials required for dissertations and sustained
             independent research. It contains all important reference works and a wide selection of
             specialized monographs, journals, scholarly reports, and other materials reporting research.
             Older material is retained for historical research.
Exhaustive Level
             A collection in which a library endeavors, so far is reasonably possible, to include all relevant
             sorts of recorded knowledge, manuscripts (in all applicable languages) and ephemera. This level
             of collecting intensity is one that maintains a “special collection,” the aim of which, if not the
             achievement, is a nationally recognized exhaustiveness.
Journals where SHA faculty publish most frequently
In process
Worldcat Selection Tool – Hotel Library Call Number Ranges

             Call Number Ranges                                           Call Number Ranges

 Area            Start          End                            Area         Start             End

 HOTEL           E151          E169                            HOTEL       GV77              GV92
 HOTEL           G149          G155                            HOTEL       GV93              GV94
 HOTEL           GT2850        GT2850                          HOTEL       GV95              GV95
 HOTEL           GV1           GV72                            HOTEL       GV96              GV96
 HOTEL           GV109         GV118.F54                       HOTEL       GV97              GV108
 HOTEL           GV118.F55     GV118.F553                      HOTEL       HD1361            HD1389
 HOTEL           GV118.F554 GV181                              HOTEL       HD1390            HD1394
 HOTEL           GV1301        GV1301                          HOTEL       HD1395            HD1395
 HOTEL           GV182         GV182                           HOTEL       HD251             HD1360
 HOTEL           GV183         GV199                           HOTEL       TX                TX
 HOTEL           GV1851        GV1851                          HOTEL       TX341             TX985
 HOTEL           GV73          GV73                            HOTEL2 TX                     TX
 HOTEL           GV74          GV76                            HOTEL2 TX341                  TX985

Submitted 6/2/2010

Nestlé Library Collection Policy                                                                            ~9~

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